Twitterpated Palin and Teheran: Part 2

Before I venture further into Twitterpation in Teheran, the prophetic significance of yesterday’s twitterpation of Sarah Palin must be mentioned. Yesterday in a rambling and dislocated press conference, Palin declared that she would resign from her elected post as Governor of Alaska a full 1.5 years before her term — a term she swore to finish — has ended.

Lady Tarzan of the Tundra has completely lost it. I concur with Ed Rawlins on Lou Dobbs Friday (one of the last rational political operators in the Republican Party, it seems) that her decision was, “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” She has fallen into the bear trap for political “civilizing” as I described it metaphorically in my previous Sarah Palin blogs: her AC electric live wire personality caught in the plug of Washington handlers will soon completely short out.

Tarzan, in the Tarzan of Greystroke novel took a little longer to lose his noble savage virtues and become a Victorian fop flop when saved and civilized. Being Governor of Alaska was the only thing Sarah Palin did well. It gave her poltical gravitas. Now she’s out of the noble spruce jungles of the 49th State heading for a hilarious political end as some female Rush Limbaugh on Radio. Eeeoooh! (Wink!) It is clear to me she chucked the Alaskan people and her responsibilities for brazen national ambitions.

Nixon famously said, “I’m not a quitter.” Sarah Palin is a quitter and her abandonment of public elected office when the going got a little bit hot will haunt her run for president in 2012 all the way to a buffoon’s political obituary after 2012 is over.

Now to Twitterpated Teheran, part two:

If I were to risk sharing some public description of how my oracle functions, I would only say that it inwardly peers down into different regions as if in some state of astral projection. It isn’t in practice actually like this at all because it doesn’t “do” anything. It is a happening unsought, unconjured. The “window” in me lies open and “it” either comes in or doesn’t come into the silence. Still, in the darkness of print and prison of the dialectical language burning your retina on the computer screen, cell, or iPod before you, that’s as close a metaphor as I can conjure to describe its remote view.

After the “session” of my oracle, I then try to corroborate what has been impressed as the pure waters of subjective insight. The vision that can’t avoid being siphoned through the natural taint of mind-strainer conditioning all prophets and their interpreters possess. Whether what next I say is a testament of my mind-strainer bias or true prophetic insight will, as ever, be judged by time and real events. I am astonished how many times what I’ve picked up intuitively about “reading” the world parallels what the people working at STRATFOR will later report.

STRATFOR is a key Internet source for global intelligence reports. To gain full access to their articles and findings on the web site ( you have to pay a fee.

When my “Oracle” started tuning into the post-Iranian election results and popular reaction in Teheran from 12 June onward, the message remained firmly rubbing against my own conscious desires or feelings as it often does. I personally very much wanted Mousavi to win and the reformers to change Iran. One thing is consistent about my oracle. It does not care what I want to be so. I must submit to its certain track record of prescient telescopic glimpses across time’s far future shore at impossible-to-achieve conclusions: the oracle’s “destination” without a bridge. The crossing reveals itself. A bridge made out of the action and reaction to and of events that I cannot see right away will extend to the other shore in time.

The message at the end of the road for this Iranian popular uprising was absolutely clear to my oracle:

1.) The street rebellion was based on passion, not reality and was — is — doomed to collapse.

2.) Ahmadinejad actually DID win the election by a landslide, and even if we did recount it, that’s what the conclusion would be: a landslide.

3.) His victory is NOT one the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei likes but he must support it for sound political reasons or face a real revolution if he denied Ahmadinejad the presidency.

Why was the rebellion doomed? Because captivating appearances of it being a national rebellion cutting across all different communities in Iran is false, despite how much CNN and other networks have gotten all twitter-palpitated with an outsourced tsunami of cell phone tweets, phone snap shots and You Tube home movies. It is a rebellion of upscale, Teheranian urbanites and college kids — the professional class mostly isolated in the capital. Though other people power democratic movements have been spawned by one region or one class of society and spread to all sectors, such as in the French, the American and the Russian revolutions, my oracle made it uncompromisingly clear that this rebellion in Iran was not the forthcoming second Iranian Revolution it still foresees. That is coming “soon” but not obviously soon enough for you, me, or for most of the rest of the outside world.

In the next four-part blog series Revolution in Iran, I will take you through the evidence supporting this intuition. We will look at why the Green Revolution could not sustain itself, why the voter fraud arguments of Mousavi supporters are not as clear-cut as tweeted or amplified by the Western media. I will also list when my oracle’s intuition agrees or disagrees with the intelligence gathered by Internet outlets like STRATFOR.

John Hogue
(4 July 2009)

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