Teherananmen all a Twitter

The first twitter-attempted revolution is ventured. Armed with this powerful new tool of social community power in cyberspace, an effort is made by masses of people to make perception become reality for the majority population in Iran and they may succeed too. I have written about this future revolution more than once. Perhaps I was incorrect to say that it is coming soon but not just yet. Such is the power of twittering and cell-phone camera clicking to influence a change of prescient opinion.

(Well, not just yet actually.)

For now. a wave of this Aquarian Age wired mass-mob appeal may eventually bring on a chaotic real revolution though my oracle still says not just yet: soon. I have more than once predicted that coming, if Ahmadinejad was reelected; moreover, I like what the cyber mob mentality is propagating. Citizens in cyberspace are thronging like a crowd made of electronic impulses blinking through the atmosphere (Aquarius just loves atmospheric mass mob revolutions). They are trying to effect change over there in Iran with all their twittering of freedom and reform. They dream it, they text the reality as they imagine it is.

One can almost be persuaded that Mousavi did win his election, even though he didn’t. You can almost imagine he will be a great reformer, even though he isn’t. Quite conservative, actually. But hey! Don’t ruffle my twittering feathers with facts, Mr. Hogue.

If the coming cyber-connected world is to become just as fixated as the Middle Eastern region on perception — and not facts — being synonymous with truth, then prepare yourselves for a future that gathers and disseminates information with all the Aquarian Age subjectivity and passion of a Muslim fundamentalist or a Zionist Israeli.

Beware of old-fashioned mob psychology flocking into Twitter.

Isn’t it wonderful that even I can twitter from Langley, Washington, as if I too am posting from Teheran amongst the real people twittering and demonstrating there. If enough of us outside of Iran do it, it will “appear” to be a fact that this movement in Iran is vast. Of course, people pretending to be Iranians in Teheran can also twitter from a blackberry, cell or iPhone from that “other” Langley. You know, Langley Virginia, home of the Central Intelligence Agency, next door to that “other” Washington, Washington D.C.

When the facts are subordinated to propagating what you think is really happening around you, just remember, the mob psychology of twitterers can be manipulated for good, or by governments for their own ends.

My meditation teacher, Osho, predicted the 21st century would become more and more “irrational” than any other time before it. He was not negatively judging the future — just stating a prescient fact as he saw it that seems to be chirping and twittering into the present.

Onward with Cybermiopia to Cyber-hyperbole we go. Facts will be less important in our social interactions. We will live in a world where bending perception and soldiering passion will rule. Never was discovering a still and abiding intelligence, wrapped in a silence beyond fact or emotion, beyond reason or the irrational, more important than now.

John Hogue
(21 June 2009)

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