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Click on this link and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris--Bible style.

Click on this link and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris–Bible style.

Those of you who have read my book Messiahs are aware of two new words I coined to describe a syndrome of projecting a prophecy meant for a present-day time into the future and hypnotizing people into self-fulfillment of that prophecy. I called the syndrome “From Propheganda to Armageddonomics.” You can read the entire chapter under that title about it in the above book. Propheganda is the act of turning a prophecy into a tool to propagate a certain interpretation above all others as gospel. The act of Armageddonomics defines the moment when a generation has bought the propheganistic line and is subconsciously programmed to make elements of that prophecy happen. After 2000 years of prophegandizing, many in the Judeo-Christian mind-set are absolutely convinced that the signs in our times prove that Revelation was about our future. The programming is so deep now that they are not aware they are slaves of self-fulfilling prophecy. Armageddonomics means they are mindlessly making doomsday happen, without even conscious awareness of it. People can persuade others to make a prophecy about the past happen in their near-future through deep and collective hypnotic suggestion.

This, I believe, is what happened to St. John’s Book of Revelation. His eschatological rant was meant for his near future — his generation’s fulfillment. The name of the Beast of Revelation hidden in the code number 666 is not some antichrist of the future but for an antichrist that is now 2,000 years back in our past. 666 stands for Neron Kaisar, which is Nero Caesar in Greek. A similar conclusion can be found spelling Nero’s name in Hebrew letters adding to 666. Ever since that time, doomsayer prophets and interpreters have overlooked these facts and used their wild imaginations to project Book of Revelation’s prophecies into their generation. One bit of objective proof to why this is wrong use of prophecies is the fact that Christianity has anticipated over a hundred dates of doom — all of which have been utter prescient failures. It is easier for Christians to assume, as per the direct “prophetgating” of their priests and preachers, that the Lord their God either postponned doomsday or it is still in the future. These believers are programmed as an act of blind faith to reject another possibility: that doomsday is never going to come in the future because it was supposed to come in the times when the ink from St. John’s pen had recently dried on parchment.

The mark of the beast maybe symbolic of a form of coinage used by Roman emperors of the First Century who were popularly condemned by early Christians as the Antichrist. The tribulations of seven seals, plagues and trumpets in the Book of Revelation may encompass St. John’s more elaborate vision of plagues taking down antichrist Imperial Rome and delivering Christians, that is akin to the plagues Moses foretold to tame stubborn Pharaoh and Ancient Egypt, delivering the people of Israel.

Stars falling out of the sky may be just that — stars, nothing more. Locusts may not be helicopters but some phantasm imagined by even a good prophet gone insane. The Beast is not some future president of the European Union but a Roman Emperor like blasphemous Caligula (Beast number 616 in less known surviving editions of the Book of Revelation). He tried to place a statue of Jupiter on sacred ground in the Temple of Herod in Jerusalem. Then there is Emperor Nero (Beast number 666 in other editions), who ordered the suppression that lead to the apocalyptic destruction of Jerusalem in 69 AD, to which man believe this symbolic book of St. John foretold and not something set to happen in our near future.

One reader shares with us an insight all prophecy detectives should remember:

Having been raised in an uneducated family that believed in the literal meaning of the Bible, I can truly appreciate the excellent, recent scholarship that concludes something I have believed for a while. Most of the literal readers miss truly relevant wording such as, this will come to pass while the ‘current’ generation is alive. It also has struck me as odd that they also miss the “channeling” aspect of all this, yet denounce psychics and mediums. It also seems to me that writing down information for people so far in the future makes no sense because there is no guarantee that documents will exist that long.

The human mind, as it is, under the influence of conditioning made to seek the false before the true, will carry the Book of Revelation prophecy from generation to generation as a horrid marvel of retribution of mankind that is always coming, never arriving, for two millennia and counting. To achieve this state of prescient hypnosis one must ignore a repetitive truth drummed by St. John into his readers throughout the prophecy:

How many references to fulfillment in the Book of Revelation make it ubiquitously clear that St. John was talking about his own times, not ours?

Check the references yourself: 1:1, 2:5, 2:16, 3:11, 22:7, 22:12, etc.

Finally, at the end of Revelation we are reminded once again from the angel St. John channels that Jesus is coming post haste:

He who gives this testimony speaks: Yes, I am coming soon!” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation, Chapter 22:20)

Two thousand years later is not “soon.” Nero (666) or Caligula (616) are beasts of the First century. This prophecy may be 20 centuries and counting off the “mark” of the Beast.

John Hogue
(06 May 2009)

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  1. Posted 25 December 2013 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    I don’t thnk Nero Caesar was the Antichrist in 13:13-17 because he did not force anybody to receive any mark in their right hand or forehead during his time I stand to be corrected.

  2. Posted 12 February 2013 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

    Beware those who cause confusion amongst my children with false explanations. If you do not know then rather refrain from misleading others.
    Nero was never involved in the destruction of Jerusalem.
    He died in 68AD when Hadrian was the Roman Emporer.
    People like you who bend history to make predictions work are doing Satan’s work.

    Get your history straight and free from your dogma. Before he died, Nero sent the Romans legions under the command of Vespasian to put down a Jewish rebellion . His legions fought the Jews in 68 and then sacked Jerusalem in 69. The number 666, is the mark of the beast and it spells out the Greek letters with numerical values adding up to 666 the name “NERON KAISAR”. The book of Revelations was written in Greek. “Neron Kaisar” is Greek for Nero Caesar. The only one suffering from being misled, Andre, is you and millions of souls who have been hypnotized to believe these 20 centuries since, that the Book of Revelation is a prophecy about our times. It is not.

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