The Future is Alive and Multiplied

I received this email from “Bert” on Sep 26, 2008. Because I have at any one time a monster pile of emails to answer in the many thousands I could not get to this with my response (below) until 9 November 2008. Because Bert’s question is a common one, I thought it would be good to answer it on the open blog page.

Now I don’t mean to sound disrespectful to you in any way. After all, I am a big fan and avid reader of your works. But I would like to remind you that none of your recent predictions have come to fruition; particularly with regards to an imminent attack on Iran or the political landscape of the US election.

I am curious about your opinion on these developments or lack thereof?

Dear Bert, I got the economic recession right. And after the Clinton affair, I’ve been quite accurate about the outcome, popular vote ratios, etc., of the National Elections. And, if you go back into Predictions for 2008, I did say Obama could win the election. That was a potential scenario.

Please take this in the right way as well. Often my readers suffer from a habit of linear thinking. The future is not linear. They grab onto one of my predictions for whatever reasons, and forget that I often give several future scenarios. For instance I did predict Hillary Clinton would be president in 2008, however, as far back as early 2007 in “Hillary Clinton’s Albatross” I predicted that just one misstep of hers could take that future away: her vote to give Bush the war powers to get into Iraq.

That’s giving two scenarios. The future is a fourth-dimensional realm of alternatives that we access in the eternity of the present. You can see un-accessed alternate futures often arise in the quatrains of Nostradamus. And most famously, he gave his king two alternative futures: one where he became the Second Charlemagne, the second, his life cut short in a jousting accident.

Henry II followed his blind love of dangerous sports, jousted and died, cutting short his life and cutting off his destiny to be the Second Charlemagne.

The future is in motion. When we talk about it, and when a prognosticator talks about it to millions on radio, TV and is read by hundreds of thousands all over the world reading his blog entries, one has some influence already in changing that future. To what extent no one yet can measure.

Anyway, your letter was important to me and will inspire a blog article in the future about this issue of linear expectations verses divining a non-linear future.

John Hogue
(9 November 2008)

Some additional observations from today:

On Obama-Clinton. As it turned out, the Obama-Clinton partnership did happen, albeit not in the President-Vice President scenario I misread. Instead, the partnership is far more formidable at President-Secretary of State. See Nostradamus Obama

On Iran. I’ve been predicting Netanyahu would become the next Prime Minister since I wrote Nostradamus: The War with Iran (see Nostradamus Iran prediction) back in the spring of 2007. Fortunately, we have seen many astrological time windows for war come and pass, but now we enter the last and most dangerous year of time windows for a war between Israel and Iran. Netanyahu has made his position clear over the years, and with Iran achieving a dangerous milestone this week of manufacturing enough fissile material on its own to construct a Hiroshima-sized atomic weapon, we have critical days and months ahead in 2009 that may yet see Israel strike Iranian nuclear facilities. In Predictions for 2009 I wrote in detail about the possible scenarios a Netanyahu government might consider to end what has been a proxy war between Israel and Iran since 2006 and make it a direct confrontation.

John Hogue
(27 February 2008)

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