Nostradamus: 2012 in South America

Dear readers, especially those of you who hail from Mexico, Central and South America, beginning on the week of 2 March, History Channel will broadcast across these regions a documentary in which I recently appeared, Nostradamus 2012.

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to do a press conference by phone with Argentinean, Brazilian, Chilean, and Mexican journalists. I want to share some of their questions (translated into English) with you and my answers:

Why is 2012 a special year? What predictions did Nostradamus make for this year?

There is nothing specific in the prophecies of Nostradamus dating 2012 as an important year. However there are a lot of astrological predictions that date this very month (February 2009) and many others point to the coming decades after 2012 as the most significant in passing tripping points in climate change, overpopulation, economic and social instability requiring humanity to undergo either a nervous breakdown or breakthrough.

As I’ve often stated in the past (see Predictions), the Mayan Calendar Long Count ending on 21 December 2012 is just one reboot of a prophetic time cycle in a crowd of many renewing their cycles in the coming 30 years.

There is no exact moment when a great age is renewed. It is gradual, like the gradual process of a seedling becoming a great tree.

There is one exact point in time when the transformation of human individuals expected in 2012 CAN happen. Consciousness lives in the eternity of the present. Why wait for some idiotic date foisted by Chicken Little or Pollyanna? You can transform yourself right now, every now.

In my experience, the predictions of Nostradamus are somewhat vague, how do you manage to catalog and organize them in a modern context?

How deep is your experience? Have you read all of them?

Is predicting the fall of French kings and the Church in France “in the year 1792” vague?

Is predicting back in the 16th century that man will walk on the moon, or sail underwater in “iron fish” or fly in air fleets of “half-pig” men (describing oxygen masks) vague?

Is describing a great underground fortress on the eastern frontiers of France dissected in 15 places by water vague when the Maginot Line of underground fortresses built in the 1920s and 1930s to stop a German invasion is the only fortress line in the world divided by 16 rivers?

Certainly there are many prophecies that “appear” vague to our minds for the following possible reasons: 1.) they are wrong; 2.) they describe alternative futures that will never happen because free choice has sent history in another direction; or, 3.) they provide clues for people or events we cannot unlock until their times come near to the present.

For instance: Up until the US Presidential Elections in 2000, no one could understand who was the man “those of the Capitol will not want to rule at all” in one of his prophecies. The man was called “Un Dubieux” (a Doubtful One). Then in 2000, we had a candidate emerge with a unique nickname — “W” (Dubya or double-u). Dubieux = W Bush.

Although many quatrains of Nostradamus are vague, what we project upon on nebulous and cryptic verses ultimately says more about “yours” or my depth of study and state of mind rather than what Nostradamus hid. Still, one who has done more than idle skimming of the prophecies knows that there are hundreds of prophecies that are quite clear in naming names, details, dates, time periods, even famous last words.

Why should people not miss the broadcast of the documentary Nostradamus: 2012?

Because it takes its time to present all the theories concerning 2012 with some of the finest cinematic effects yet seen on television, and, unlike many television documentaries it does not rush the audience through an overload of images and data but carefully, deeply takes you through the mystery that is the Mayan Calendar prophecy.

Your last book is about Predictions for 2009. Are these predictions put forward by Nostradamus or the fruit of John Hogue’s own wisdom? (Because, you are a prophet too, right?)

They are mostly my predictions.

Would you tell us about one of your own prophecies that materialized for January-February of this year?

It is important to note that these predictions where written and documented in early December 2008:

1.) That the Republican Party would pick an African American as their new chairman.

2.) Netanyahu would form a government as the Prime Minister of Israel

3.) Obama Administration would throw an estimated 3 trillion dollars at the economic crisis in America.

And many more…

Would you share one or two predictions for the balance of 2009?

1.) The Obama recovery plan will only keep the US economy treading in dangerous waters. It may stop the collapse but it will not bring recovery, tempting Obama by the year’s end to use unprecedented dictatorial powers to nationalize industries such as the auto industry.

2.) The karma of ill conceived and rushed partitions cut in 1947 in Palestine and India will come home to roost in the two most dangerous international crises of 2009: Israel-Iran and India-Pakistan (caused by the radicalization and collapse of the latter).

3.) Mexico runs the danger of descending into civil war reminiscent of those fought by the Colombian State against drug cartels.

4.) The great hope for a new economy will see its first hopeful glimmer shine in the rise of a new ecologically nourishing and profitable green economy.

5.) World leaders and economists will begin to tackle the systemic reasons why the economy is dysfunctional. If the right course is taken by the end of 2009 then an international inflationary depression not seen since Post-First World War Germany will be averted in the autumn of 2010 and the world will slowly move forward out of deep recession by the end of 2012.

John Hogue
(22 February 2009)

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