Nostradamus’ Fate for HAMAS: Part 3

Thank you for all the letters in response to my controversial entry about the Gaza Strip battles being a marriage of victims to victimizers.

I will take a short break from writing Predictions for 2009 (planned release date: 30 January) and respond to Kathleen and Chris.

John, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

If I am being bullied, starved, held prisoner in my home with no running water, if all attempts to provide me with aid is being blocked by my imprisoners, do you not think that, given the means to do so, I would hire the biggest, baddest bully on the block to fight back for me when I couldn’t?

Hi Kathleen,

The Palestinians in Gaza overtly or passively did allow or directly choose the biggest bully on the block. Look what he’s done for them? He has brought full-scale fighting in their streets, in their homes.

The path of the sword is not the answer. Nor is the path to pacifism. War and peace are two sides of the same unconscious, reactive victimizer-victim mind set.

The path of consciousness shows another way to those ready to understand their mechanical and reactive minds conditioned into them by their societies from birth onwards. Until then, all that we do is done from an unconscious, reactive mind-set.

This is why the Hamas was elected in Gaza – yes, they are extremists, however the Israeli’s have been more than extreme in their manner of dealing with both the Palestinians and Gaza for far too long.

Has Hamas helped? Except make the people of Gaza more victimized?

And they have been able to act in this manner thanks to the full support of a self interested US government, a biased American media, the UN (which does not want to admit what a huge mistake was made and therefore accept responsiblity for that mistake). Is Hamas right? Of course not.

You are defending the right of people to pick a bully who can’t fight the bigger bully without destroying those who picked him. This kind of circular unconscious and reactive thinking is the very stuff in us that makes Gaza Strip tragedies.

Is Israel right in its reaction? Absolutely not.

But children are dying. The blood of innocents is running in the streets. Isn’t that all that matters?

So the answer is we help those innocent children by picking the biggest baddest bully on the Gaza Street. He then lobs hundreds of rockets at the innocent children of the regional superpower bully neighbor. Our Israeli neighbor then has enough of that and in comes Hell, cranking on tank treads sending a rain of artillery and missile fire upon our children. Then comes along you, defending the bullies, who are absolutely wrong but worthy of your defense. The very same bullies who set this mess off and thus make our children bleed, and their suffering and bleeding is all that matters.

Don’t laugh at Kathleen, laugh at yourselves.

In this line of thinking hides the core of human misery to those who can look into themselves and see it with a witnessing consciousness.

I assure you, you all have the same programmed mind running around inside your heads to various degrees. Kathleen’s conditioned mind shows a reactive reasoning that exists in all our reactive minds so be compassionate to her and to yourselves. Understand this mind. That’s how you eventually stop the bleeding of children.

With some awareness and understanding, perhaps helped along by practicing a science of self-observation, perhaps you, me, Kathleen and all the other 6.5 billion sleepwalkers can understand their waking-nightmares, and with that understanding be changed into something wonderful.


CHRIS (Quoted Hogue excerpt used by Chris to make his point):
“The state of Israel would have been a very different place if most of the Palestinians had risked staying as a sizable minority at nearly a parity in number with the Jews. Owning land is empowerment in the Middle East. All rationalizations aside, when a land owner becomes a refugee he has chosen disenfranchisement. Choose the path of a refugee and you choose the life of a victim.”

John imchallange you to show any proof of ownership of land of palestinians!!!

Sure thing, Chris. Go to the records departments of any Palestinian refugee camp. Go to the households of many Palestinian refugees and you will find the tattered deeds to lands they had evacuated from in 1948. Of course, you could perhaps find as many deeds of proof in the records and households of those East Prussians who vacated that region in the final terrible months of World War Two.

Much is risked when taking up the sword of war. The Germans under Hitler, if they had won would have taken other people’s lands all the way east to the Ural Mountains. Nevertheless, they lost, and completely. Those East Prussian lands to which deeds are established were lost on the path of war.

Palestinians hold deeds to lands they lost because they openly or passively supported the decisions of their leaders, primarily their chief religious elder, The Grand Mufti, to push the Jews to the sea and as the Mufti, a Nazi sympathizer liked to say, finish the job Hitler started.

Well, if they had won, we might be having Jewish survivors waving their deeds instead, but the Palestinians chose — or had chosen for them — the sword and it was struck from their hands by an enemy that proved to be no pushover. Those lands are lost and the deeds are worthless now, but they are testimony to land once owned by Palestinians.

you are correct about the age old batle but simply cannot get by your own anti religious bias to see the root cause of this situation.
from the nile to the euphrates is israeli land -promised and written about 2500 years ago. i think we might be seeing thew beginnings of the reestablishment of this covenant.


The root cause of all of this tragic silliness is what people for the past 5,000 years have called “religion.” A great example is the above assumption, borrowed and hypnotized into each new generation from the distant past all the way down to believers of today. We are trained to drink these ideas up blindly, without question, no matter how poisoned laced. All the so-called religions do this.

In the name of religion, love, a Prince of Peace, etc, more blood has been spilled than for any other reason. They are doing it now in Arab Gaza. They are doing it now in Jewish towns and villages with their rockets. The mesmerized and mechanicalized minds of conditioned human beings are trained to borrow their revelations and doctrines from others. These priestly mafias are as unaware as ourselves, but more authoritarian, charismatic. They dream the nightmare of the “overlord” whilst we are programmed to dream the nightmare of the “overwelmed” rather than seek religious revelation alone, upon our own merit and the pure authority and power of our experience.

There is a New Humanity coming. Their religiousness will be grown up and free of all of this false dogma and holy hypocrisy.

When they will look back at us from that golden future, they will wonder at and feel pity for our eons of stupidity committed in the name of religion. They will understand something we as of yet cannot see in your hypnotic blindness: that the greatest curse befalling us, hindering our spiritual evolution, was our so-called religions. In the name of the noblest ideas of enlightenment, revelation, love, peace and forgiveness, our mafias of the soul, our religions and their priests and priestesses preached unconsciousness, hate, war and condemnation of our fellow man and woman.

John Hogue
(10 January 2009)

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