The Thanksgiving of Dark Times Approaching

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

I am a practitioner of the Science of Self-Observation. It is because of this inner discipline of watching the movements and changes of the body, the thoughts of the mind and the ever-changeable weathers of emotion that I have discovered what is the engine that makes prophecy so “predictable.” You have read over the years my forays from time to “tome” inserting views, visions and values rediscovered through a life of active meditation begun 28 years ago when I received instruction from my meditation teacher in India.

A common feeling arises in us, in times of trial, in uncertain times, when what we thought and had as “the good life” is crowded out by a new life gripped by financial, emotional or spiritual crisis. And we must confront an inner confession:

“I no longer want to be here in this world.”

One hears confessed this feeling often from people on the path of meditation too. My fellow travelers on the path to self-awareness will say, indeed I have said it more than once, “I don’t want to be here anymore. I’d like to leave this mortal coil with all its strifes and struggles, its injustices and just be eternity’s light sparkle.

“Ah! To exist here no more. To go to sleep and never again wake up here but be instead blissfully delivered to Nirvana.”

You can replace mine with your favorite label for blissful elsewhere whatever your projection of enlightenment or paradise might be: delivered to heaven, to Jesus, to whatever suits your mind.

Most may not admit to themselves this desire for worldly egress or certainly not to others, and loved ones, for the alarm it might ring, for its bitter taint of a suicidal-sounding tendency. Probably more than ever people around the world in the grip of new and uncertain times regard the gathering darkness approaching over the near future’s horizon and wish to be delivered from what is coming, or what is becoming of this world they once understood. The times of plentiful resources, bubble credit, a stable climate, bountiful food and fresh water sources and the days dwindling of gainful employment that builds bridges to one’s life goals and dreams, all feel as the holiday season of thanksgiving approaches, like they hearken more from times left behind than times approcahing before us.

Rather than be alarmed that I might harbor an existentially depressing desire to no longer be here in this darkening world, I celebrate this feeling as the emergence, the first indication of a reawakening spiritual intelligence inside, long suppressed and dormant, that not only knows but “IS” the kind of intelligence, love and consciousness that perceives a different, better world is possible. As the age of uncertainty overshadows the future, I lighten my eyes with this feeling to be liberated. I make intention to live liberation’s possibility and in so doing make real in my own small part, in my own little life an oasis of that better world view in actions, in words and in deeds. The deed of writing this to you now is a herald of such messages and deeds to come.

If I no longer want to be here, if I want to be released from being here, I know now the way out is to really “be” here.

When we are here and now, with our full life force, love, intelligence, wisdom, celebration of this life, that is the way beyond this life.

We don’t want to be here because we have not been here enough.

We have not been totally here-and-now enough to move on.

If you desire to be elsewhere then be HERE, completely, fully, as an effect of bliss without a cause. Elsewhere never comes. It is ever “here.”

This state of witnessing “here” consciousness is what my meditation teacher used to call the Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.

No better vessel of inner peace I know exists to calmly sail the storms of the coming two months of historic lightning shocks. By the end of January 2009, the world that we knew, economically, globally perhaps for some of you spiritually too, will be overtaken by terrifying and equally exciting evolutionary times.

More on this inner ark in later messages as the events of the next eight weeks sunder us from much of what we once knew as economics, politics and society’s past.

John Hogue

(27 November 2008)



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Go ahead, click on it.  What could happen? This future or something better?

Go ahead, click on it. What could happen? This future or something better?



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