Nostradamus Predicts McCain win? NOT!

To paraphrase a Monty Python skit, “And now for something completely and prophetically different.”

CAP News, a tongue-in-cheeky cyber journalism web site, proclaimed Dr. Hubert Evans used a prophecy from Nostradamus to prove Senator John McCain would become president. This fellow is touted to be some Professor in Renaissance Studies at Yale University and author of the best-selling book: Nostradamus: Prophesize This!

Looking at his conclusions I believe he is more “spoof”-fessor than professor and rather than Yale University, he hails from James Randi U., brandishing his “Pen” to be a “Teller” of tall Nostradamians tales.

This Evans fellow (who I assume is not a man with three buttocks) declared, “Conventional wisdom picks Obama. Nostradamus, four and a half centuries ago, picked John McCain.”

“Quatrain 78, Century 10 in particular seems to indicate that Obama had better not be measuring the White House windows for curtains quite yet, at least by my interpretation,” boasted Dr. Evans.

Here is his translation

At the war’s end
The Feeble Kept-One will strike down the Night
And his Imbecile Queen will rise from the snow
Bedecked in finery and the pelt of a wolf.”

Here now is the actual Renaissance French followed by a literal translation of 10 Q78:

Subite ioye en subite tristesse,
Sera Rome aux graces embrassees:
Dueil, cris, pleurs, larm. sang excellent liesse
Contraires bandes surprinses & troussees.
Sudden joy into sudden sadness
Will be at Rome for the graces embraced.
Grief, cries, tears, weeping. Blood, excellent mirth
Contrary groups surprised and trussed up.

Whatever Doctor Hubert Evans is, his knowledge of Renaissance languages has been protected by teacher’s tenure far too long.

The article is clearly a fling of mud slung by punked-journalism. It is an attempt at sophomoric humor from cynics putting on airs of skeptical inquiry, trying to set up a Nostradamus credibility buzz kill for Chip Manheim, who we are told is a “renowned skeptic and paranormal debunker.”

Segue now to a bit of bullish Chip:

“Whenever current events cough up a notable historic chapter, like on 9-11, the Nostradamus nuts are right there, twisting text to make the prediction meet the event,” Chip chafed.

“Just in terms of comparison, take a look at the next quatrain from Century 10, Quatrain 79. This, incidentally, was the last quatrain that Nostradamus ever wrote:

“In five moons, the Feeble Kept-One is no more
In addition, his Imbecile Queen sees the Great Bear
From her backyard, almighty, and flings giant poison arrows
In addition, the Great Bear responds in kind, and, well, The End.

“What the f**k does that even mean?” Manheim exclaimed.

The answer, Chip, without need to wax vulgar is that you are perhaps severely impaired intellectually, or perhaps a less than stellar researcher and investigator, or most likely just doing your part in a propaganda campaign to belittle a fair and balanced study of Nostradamus by uttering false information as fact for a fib.

For one thing, Century 10 Quatrain 79 was not the last verse Nostradamus wrote or published. Anyone who has actually READ his book ‘Les Propheties’ (The Prophecies) knows that he wrote 21 quatrains after Quatrain 79 to finish Century 10 at 100 quatrains.

Chip Manheim’s grasp of Nostradamian French is even farther removed from diddling Dr. Evans persona. Here is the original words and spelling:

Les vieux chemins seront tous embellys,
Lon passera Memphis somentree:
Le grand Mercure d’Hercules fleur de lys,
Faisant trembler terre, mer & contree.

And the translation into English:

The old paths will be all improved,
One will travel on them (to a place) similar to Memphis:
The great Mercury of Hercules, fleur-de-lys,
Causing to quake land, sea and country.

It would seem that the “Nostradamus’ nuts” are the Nostradamus debunkers.

Certainly, we should train a truly skeptical eye on the prophecies of Nostradamus. The root of skepticism in ancient Greek is “to investigate.” Notice that the word does not qualify bearing a preconceived prejudice for or against what is about to be investigated.

I like a good joke at Nostradamus’ expense; however, this one is spiced to sharply with negative agendas. I “predict” CAP will do better next time. (I did laugh at the book title: Nostradamus: Prophecize This!)

There will ever be new generations of con-artists, cynical propagandists, parlor magicians beyond their prime seeking new employ as debunkers, Nostradamus comedy writers, etc., that will use their negative skills to deceive, to twist and help people idly laugh off serious investigation into Nostradamus’ prophecies.

They don’t seem to get it. These fake critics never do as much harm to the study of Nostradamus, but they do do grievous harm to true skeptical inquiry.

John Hogue
(3 November 2008)

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PS–After the election tomorrow, I will explain Quatrains 78 and 79 to you. They are a foggy trip and I will tell you why cynical wolves in the fleece of skeptical inquiry clothing prey on them.

PSS–Will McCain still win, according to Nostradamus? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Election Day bulletin.

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