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–And Antichrist Prophecies
(October 7, 2008)

So much is going on these days that my weekly bulletin will be three quickening prophecy quickies in one:

The Tale of Two October Votes

In a Casino-style economy, the “House” rules can be changed to protect the guilty, keep the illusory Polly Anna dream of inflated prices in the housing and business loaning markets flying with piggy wings. No need for this pork barrel deal with lipstick to bail out without a right and a left wing of bipartisan, bipolar flutter in the chambers of the House of “Mis”-Representatives. They passed the bailout today (Friday, 3 October 2008).

The Speaker of the House, Pelosi’s Congress, pilloried the American taxpayer out of $700 billion to cover toxic loans and business boondoggles. These clowns of commerce metaphorically threw pork barrels full of cash off the extended fire truck ladder — like in the movie “It’s a Mad Mad World” — at a mob of degenerate banking investment industry firms below. They chased that with an extra $100 billion pigs’ earmarks. They sweetening the ham with the honey of tax break extenders for, among other things, wooden arrows for kiddies, wool product relief, bicycle commuter helpers and the upkeep of NASCAR-to-demolition-derby racetracks across the “yeehaw” belt. Last but not least, Pelosi, the Godmother who made an offer no pork barrel spender could refuse, presided and approved the vote for tax protections for imported Puerto Rican rum. (Hey! Whad-da-bout us gin-and-tonic drinkers?)

The vote passed this Friday morning 263-171. I believe 35 more Democrats and 28 Republicans changed their “no” vote for this second stab at the bill — the last try failed on Monday.

Having passed, did this stimulus dump of billions excite the pigs to fly home to the floor of the Wall Street Stock Exchange? Did the huge slice from the taxpayer’s pie in the sky come out of the clouds to be sawed and shared to marketers on the wooden floor? Did the Dow Jones rally in the anticipated opiate rush in the hundreds of plus points on the big board?

There had been a rally on the market of nearly +250 points. T hen the bill in the Casino House of Representatives passed. Pelosi opened her mouth at a hastily pushed press conference. She talked, but what I really heard her say, was how necessary it was to throw the taxpayer’s money first then ask questions in congressional hearings later to probe how of Bush-Republican abuse over seven years in office got us here to this ugly bailout. (She didn’t mention that it included two years of congressional Democratic majority indolence under her watch.)

When Pelosi quacks, investors listen.

The market tanked.

The Dow Jones eventually closed at MINUS 157 points!

Bailout Friday effectively ended the week sustaining the trillion-dollar, seven-percent US Stock Market value loss incurred the last time Pelosi opened her mouth in a press conference after the first House vote failed on Monday. Back then she had praised and patted backs of fellow Democrats who nobly tried but flunked passing off the clunkier ambulance of the bailout proposal on “Black”-berry Monday, 29 September 2008.

Boy! That -777.68 Dow Jones point drop made 999.9 in a pure block of gold look like a more profitable post-Dows-doomsday disaster investment.

Speaking of numbers, why does a day numbered “29” get financial markets in trouble? The Stock Market takes it in the shorts on September 29, 2008. The Stock Market crashed on October 29, 1929. Things that make your 4-K go “Four-Ket it!”

Friday’s 3 October “surprise” bailout bill was a better horse trade amongst gip-zies than Monday’s mange. Or, to put it in another horse-power metaphor, Friday’s ambulance swerving to the rescue didn’t have the oil leak and seizing engine block of that Ghost Buster Ambul-hearst with specter-wining razz sirens squealing through the emergency room door of Congress last Monday.

Once the House of Reps had been slimed with econ-ectoplasm on Monday, the peerless Senate by midweek strode in like great geese and went ambulance shopping. When they found a “keeper” they stood up to the plate and with a convenience store-to-shoplifter bat at the ready, started swinging it at the American people and voted for a better stretcher barrier on unbolted wheels to economic rehab. They glazed the vehicle sticky with extra main-street-sweet bailouts to get more votes for the upcoming House ratification. The senatorial geese were seemingly deaf to millions of their constituents back home. The American people were making an historic flood of phone, text, cell calls, sharing their blackberry-Monday reactions and pushing hard the “sent” button on a host of hot and bothered e-normously large number of emails to legislators, most of which polled on average a resounding 85 percent “NO” to the bail-out vote.

It’s not just the 29s but also the October surprises that keep repeating. From the October crash of 1929, we move to legacy votes by the House and Senate this first week in October 2008. They are as significant to the future of political careers as the notorious vote six years ago cast in October 2002 to give President Bush the power to make war on Iraq.

This is the tale of two Octobers and I predict that ALL who voted in favor of this bailout will be struggling in the coming years to explain, wheedle, or avoid apologizing, as Senator Hillary Clinton did, to her political detriment this year, for being in favor of a historic vote that lead to an American disaster.

This bailout vote will be remembered as the economic version of the, “Let’s rush to war in Iraq,” vote.

Not only did H. Clinton find a new way to make a bad judgment call (she voted “yes” to the bailout), this time she’s not alone. Senator Barack Obama, who will most likely be our next American President, actively lobbied, cajoled, blackberried, celled his sale, land-lined his leanings, pleaded, charmed and bargained hard to push a majority in the House of Representatives in favor of this economic quagmire maker.

McCain, the other guy running for the oval office also held his nose to the offal bill and pushed Republicans to vote for it. McCain’s vote, however, will be forgotten after Election Day, 5 November. Not Obama’s.

Obama voted in favor of his own economic “Iraq” disaster. He’ll be holding the $700-billion money bag when he’s president. This bailout will not help the economy but perpetuate its inflated, greed-driven ways.

I predict what former Governor or Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, said shortly after the vote will be regarded as sage. The US economy has become “Bail-out-aholic.” It will now continue to tantrum, DT freak out and demand bail-out fixes like a drug addict from a US government, which Huckabee said, “has become co-dependent” in a dysfunctional relationship with, what I would add, is, from this bailout vote forward, a socialistic-substance abusing economy.

We have a man currently in the White House, responsible for his Treasury Secretary Paulson’s chicken-little freak on Congress. This fear-mongering president advanced to ultimate places of influence and power through a lifetime of bailouts. G.W. Bush avoided fighting for his country in skies over North Vietnam by laying low in an Air Force squadron famous for keeping rich kids and the spawn of the politically influential in the military reserves. Bush used his presidential powers to secret away all records from his 1992 SEC fraud investigation. His “daddy” while in office as president at the time had stuffed the Securities and Exchange Commission with cronies to bail out his son for suspicion of insider trading. Bush the Younger sealed hearing records away because evidence might exist implicating him bailing out his stock in Harken Oil just before his company “coincidentally” went bankrupt. This, by the way, was the THIRD oil company CEO George W. Bush piloted before pushing the ejection button when his business acumen crashed it in bankruptcy.

Now the “Bailout” Bankruptcy Bush has moved to higher peaks of precipitous possibilities: the entire US economy, with majority Donkey-Cratic help from “Blarney” Frank, Pilloried-Pelosi and Obama: the “promise then anything, but give them a Bush bailout” next president, no less.


I made the following observations in an email written to me on August 21, 2008. “Jast” the “Dreamland/Hogue Listener” made me aware of Third Party Candidate Ralph Nader’s comment about widespread speculation that Senator Obama’s choices for Vice President on his ticket were down to Sens. Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, or Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.

“I don’t think he’s that dumb,” said Nader, believing that Obama would be a fool not to choose Senator Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

This was my reply to the email the following day. It bears some prophetic significance now:

“Nader took too much stock in Obama’s political experience. Biden might be a good VP but you have to get to the White House too, and without Clinton in the ticket Obama has staked his claim on the prize with a slide to the left. Like it or not, Democrat leaders on the left must win what is essentially a slightly right-of-center US population. That’s why B. Clinton won two terms. The demographics haven’t changed.

“McCain is not to be underestimated, yet [Obama’s] people go on underestimating him and the power of the Republicans to win national elections.

“Nader is a good man but not a good prophet. I saw the Clinton bid for VP end in early June. Obama has a seducer’s ego. It is impossible for him to surrender to another to carry his seduction for him. He is challenged to convince and charm those unhappy Clintonites himself, without H. Clinton’s help. It’s an ego trip with him.

“The Black Kennedy of today is four-years surging too soon to his destiny. He has made the Biden choice out of inexperience. I imagine it would have been the same immature choice Kennedy would have made if he had run in 1956 than 1960 when he was ready.”

(My reply was posted on 22 August 2008, the day Sen. Joe Biden was chosen to be Obama’s VP on the ticket.)

For almost one year and seven months, I’ve been calling H. Clinton’s legacy yes-vote on Iraq “Hillary Clinton’s Albatross” strung and rotting around her neck, destined to be the one thing that would prevent my prediction of her becoming president in 2008.

Barack Obama’s albatross is Hillary Clinton.

By not choosing her as his running mate, he forfeited his chance at a landslide victory in November. His strategic political inexperience may yet have handed the McCain-Palin ticket a real chance to win in a close and closely disputed election echoing what happened between Nixon vs. Kennedy (1960) or more recently with Gore vs. Bush (2000).

Now what was a sure victory has been compromised by the hubris of Obama: his narcissistic need to win people over by himself. He, a left-leaning candidate and not the centrist H. Clinton, must win over the right-of-center voters without which no Democrat can win the White House. The centrist Bill Clinton understood this need. That’s why he’s the only Democrat since Franklin D. Roosevelt to achieve more than one term in the White House.

The Democrat Left doesn’t get it — to their political peril.


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