Obama or McCain?


The Democratic Primaries ended in early June 2008. I sensed the victor in the delegate, and superdelegate count, Senator Barack Obama, was about to make his first significant political mistake. He would choose a vice president on his ticket that would make the outcome on Election Night, 4 November 2008, far closer than it needed to be. There is, indeed, an outside chance his opponent, Republican Senator John McCain, could win.

Rumors ran rife of a “dream team” ticket in the works back in June and July, uniting presidential candidate Obama (who won a majority of delegates) with Hillary Clinton as a VP candidate, who won a slim majority in the Democratic primary voter turnout. Early June 2008, I looked into Obama’s aura and saw shades of hubris that I new locked H. Clinton out. The dream tream was impossible. Here’s why.

It is important now for all American citizens to be aware of an egoistic pattern influencing the man most likely to be our new president for the coming four years. Greatness or tragedy will hinge on how this man deals with his tendencies to make decisions unconsciously influenced by a predilection to passive-aggressive narcissism. I don’t think he’s conscious of this reflex habit, but Barack Obama’s ego has a subconscious need to win people over solely through its own powers to seduce, to inspire or to bargain. This ego trait is very possessive of its turf and objects of desire: the American voter. It can’t tolerate acknowledging the need of another charismatic partner to help it woo a nation.

Obama was caught in this egoistic tendency back in June after winning the primaries. There was no way he could let Hillary Clinton be the one to court a significant voting block despite the hard political fact that she could easily draw to his candidacy millions of centrist independent voters and the blue-collar conservative democrats that would make his ascent to the presidency an unstoppable mandate by landslide.

His tendency to narcissism would run on the audacious hope that he could win over those conservative, working-class voters by himself. To enlarge his pride, this Leo-the-Lion president to be would risk making this election a squeaker. He’d even lose, rather than be sworn in on Inauguration Day, 20 January 2009, if grabbing the pantsuit coat tails of the woman who beat him by a slim majority in the popular primary vote was what significantly helped him get there. Obama will have victory because “HE” and no other, convinced enough Americans to love “HIM.”

I have written and talked on radio about a vision of Obama as the coming “Black” Kennedy since the summer of 2006. I initially thought he would attain his destiny first under the tutelage of H. Clinton as her vice president and then run for office in 2012 or 2016.

Destiny is hard to peg on rigid timeline.

People often come too late or surge too soon to their destinies. For instance, Senator McCain has come to his destiny too late. He was meant to be the “War” president in 2000 who would successfully wage and quickly defeat al-Qaeda after they attacked America on 11 September 2001. Now he comes, playing the war president who will “fight for you” and me eight years too late. History has moved beyond al-Qaeda conflict for now. What had ripened in McCain in 2000 has begun to discolor, shrivel and rot in 2008. It saddens me to say such harsh things about a good and courageous man. The eye of prophecy can be pitiless.

Back when I was writing Predictions for 2008, I documented, dated and sealed the following passage in December 2007, but chose not to publish it. Now I must share it because it defines the essence of why McCain will loose his bid to become president in 2008. The brackets are from today and are added for grammatical clarity on account of this passage being an early rough draft:

“Since the oracular presence is lifting light invisible through stillborn future timelines, what about Senator McCain [as president in 2008]? There, is a great president too. One I might have voted for, whose life force is waning. Everyone has a certain amount of fuel of life. Some burn it at both ends wastefully. Others let it go stale by holding it in. Fearful of life’s risks. Some have shallow reserves, others see their deep resources spent as players in one of history’s great tragedies. McCain had far too much of his life force beaten and tortured out of him at the Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner of war. It has shortened his lifespan and brought old age on early. These are hard words, I know. It hurts me to write them. I admire this man very much. Prophecy doesn’t care whom I admire or wish to be president. His moment comes too late with too little life force to achieve his dream.” (Written in December 2007.)

Obama, though he is by outer nature a cool and measured man, underneath he burns with a great and powerfully impatient ambition. That ambition is strong enough to have changed destiny.

Thus, McCain is late where Barack Obama is coming to his destiny too soon.

Obama can still fulfill his higher potential despite the fact that unconscious forces in his own ego and forces outside of his control have more power to turn his destiny into a tragedy because he has not matured and ripened at the right time.
As much as you have all heard and read my often forbearing and exceedingly critical views about the man, including calling him a demagogue with messianic tendencies, I have also foreseen that Obama has the potential not only to succeed where John F. Kennedy failed, but accomplish even more. I am on prophetic record for a few years now declaring that Obama could even transcend Kennedy’s destiny, becoming America’s next Abraham Lincoln. He could be one of America’s greatest presidents. Patience would have assured this destiny if impatient hubris hadn’t influenced Obama to rush too fast, too high and too soon.

Now achieving his Kennedy/Lincoln destiny is going to be harder. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Success and greatness coming harder to him will have more value. It is the forge of his sharpened wisdom; if only he can survive the coming hammer blows in the next two years. We will have time to examine his success for failure in bulletins spanning the next two years because Obama will be America’s next president.

Ten days ago, on 7 October 2008, I appeared on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and made my official presidential predictions about what we’ll see happen on Election Night, 4 November 2008.

Here are the predictions:

1.) The following is categorically going to happen: Barack Obama will win the electoral collage and thus win the presidency.

2.) He will win the Electoral College vote early that night. We will know who was elected president of the United States by no later than 11 pm Pacific Time.

3.) The future of the popular vote is murkier. Because Obama DID NOT choose Clinton as a running mate, he has made this a close election — one in which there’s an outside chance the McCain/Palin ticket could even win a slim margin in the popular vote that hasn’t been seen since Nixon lost a potentially disputable election against Kennedy in 1960.

4.) If this election is disputed, the hubris of Obama is responsible. If Clinton had been his running mate it wouldn’t even be close. Read this carefully. If there is one iota of potential remaining that Obama could even LOSE this election, it will come from his bad political choice in running mates. He needed a centrist to win big, not someone like Senator Joe Biden, who is nearly as left leaning as himself.¬¨‚Ć Biden might make a good Vice President (he may even “become” president) but first things first. You have to win the election.

5.) Personally, I confessed to George Noory on Coast to Coast that I thought the election would not be that close in the popular vote. I added that if I’m going to be wrong it could be about the election being close.

6.) Beyond my personal feelings are those mysterious “revelations” of my oracle that after 40 years of successful presidential predicting cannot be discounted. My Oracle says this is going to be a close popular vote. The race over the coming few weeks will tighten. The best Obama can hope for is a popular vote count between 4 and 8 percent. Nothing higher, and certainly even lower than 4 percent is possible.

7.) Still, he will win the Electoral College, no matter how many calls for state recounts there may be.

8.) I don’t recall if I said this on Coast to Coast, so I’ll make sure it is recorded here for posterity. There’s a potential return to the days of Florida 2000 in more than one state, only this time around, the burden of defending themselves against cries of voter fraud, bungled ballots and miscounts will be on operatives of the Democratic Party and special left-wing interests more than on the Republicans. The Left will no longer be able to uphold the myth that only the Right steals elections and tampers with voting machines or those computers that record the tallies of such.

9.) In the end, it matters not, for Obama will be elected president on 4 November 2008. Even though he threw away a popular mandate by not picking Clinton as his running mate, Obama will enjoy a mandate in the Congress. I predict the Democratic Party will have two-thirds majorities in BOTH the House and the Senate. That means in the Senate, Democrats could win even a few more seats than 60.

10.) After Election night the Democratic Party will be standing naked. It will no longer be able to pretend it can’t act because it is clothed in a Republican straight jacket made of the fabric of Senate filibuster or the confining corset of a Republican president’s veto power. The Democratic Party elect will no longer hide their warts, cellulite flab and hypocrisies under a cloak of excuses. The American people will vote them the Executive Branch and both houses to do the people’s business unimpeded. Do not take this as a mandate to take American government out of the frying pan of one ideological extreme into the fire of another ‚Äö?Ñ?¨ from Right Wing extremism to Left.

The American people will speak on 4 November and their vote will say it really IS time for a change.

What kind?

They expect balance, fairness. They seek a purple American government, not dark blue after eight years of deep red. So listen well, Democratic Party elect. After Election Night, you will stand exposed.

You are on a two-year probation granted by a slim majority of your judges and parole officers, the American voters.


Or suffer dire political consequences in the mid-term elections that could isolate President Obama and rob him of his destiny.

Tune into Coast to Coast AM on Election Night, 4 November (10 pm until 2 a.m., Pacific). See www.coasttocoastam.com for more information. I will be part of a panel of guests, which I’m told will include Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. We will put my predictions (above) to the fire test.


John Hogue
(17 October 2008)

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