Predictions for 2007 – Part 1

I began setting down predictions for this new year back in November of the last. Much has already happened and keeps happening at such a velocity that I cannot keep pace with the changes. Thus, before feverish history runs ahead too far for my frantic fingers to fore-chronicle on by keyboard, here are my predictions.

There are so many things about to happen that some might call 2007 more than the year of the century but rather the “century of a year!”

Beginning with this year and running through 2008, we cross a line drawn in time between the “late afternoon” and the “night” of one very long “day” in cosmic time. This “day” also marks the end and the beginning of two great ages. Many are quite enamored with signifying the year 2012 as the end of time and history as we know it by purported calculations and prophecies attributed to the Mayan Calendar. I tell you sincerely, that events in 2012, however earth shaking for good or ill, will weigh in as an afterthought or a continuance of what began to take shape from events for things to come in 2007–2008.

The events for which those of you into the Mayan Calendar anticipate in a few years are happening right now. Choices are being made, or avoided by nations and individuals alike reverberating in karmic consequences, both good and evil, guiding destiny in the short term in cosmic history of the next 36 years, the next 2,000 years in the medium term, and finally, for the long term in the next 26,000 years as a grand revolution of Earth’s cosmic history!

I plan to issue a full-sized eBook about this two-year period marking the multiple revolutions of the centuries on my new and improved in the first half of 2007. This bulletin is but a foretaste of what it will contain.

Starting with this month (January 2007), the next 24 months will see destiny take new turns for the entire human race. We now enter the cusp or verge in past and future history. You will see in the next two years the influence of the passing Piscean Age begin its shift into the vibrations and destinies ever more dominated by the coming Aquarian Age. These 2,000-year periods are but “months” in what is called in prophecy, The Grand Cosmic Year. That is the time it takes the Vernal Equinox to precede backwards from our point of view on Earth in a complete circle through the twelve constellations of the Zodiac. It is, in Western Prophecy at least, the largest of all time cycles. Not only are we about to pass into a new cosmic month-long “age” but also the next 24 months is the New Year’s Eve “party” celebrating a New Cosmic Year. We are now entering a new cycle of nearly 26,000 normal years. The next 24 months will mark the shift away from the old, prehistoric and childish humanity of the past grand cycle in favor of the birth of a mature and spiritually balanced humanity shining with enlightenment in the coming grand cycle. Human potential encased in 26,000 years of the savage, will at last flower to Human “reality.”

If we can come back to earth, prophetically speaking, there is a more pressing shift taking place that will have direct and personal consequences in our lives. Starting in 2007, we enter what is a sunset of the cosmic day passing into cosmic night through 2008. Near future history goes through this 72 year cycle of 36 year “day” and 36 year “night” in a 24 cosmic hour period. Putting it another way, the rhythm or heartbeat of history beats every 36 years.

We have lived history in the sunshine of sowing and husbanding history, for the last “beat” of 36 years. Now the onset of 36 years of “cosmic night” approaches. The masculine planting phase is over, the feminine reaping and harvesting phase begins. For better or worse, we will nourish and grow what is born from the previous sowing of the fields of history. How it is reaped will in great measure be defined by the individual and collective choices and actions committed in the next 24 months of the “twilight” between cosmic day and night.

So with that said, I will push forward and give you my predictive take on events taking place mostly in the first half of this two year sunset into the “reaping” stage of world history. That harvest defined and propelled by history in the next 24 months will last until the year 2044 when Cosmic Day begins anew in a new dawn.


The dominant spirit of the Piscean Age was faith-based religion. In its unconscious and unloving application it has blood stained the last two thousand years of history with thousands of Crusades, Jihads and religious civil wars fought over who is righteousness incarnate and who is righteously wrong about the true nature of God and his only begotten messengers. Time cooks misunderstanding when the master catalysts of new religions become a memory interpreted by those who never knew them in the flesh. The unenlightened translators of faiths and belief systems of Piscean Age religions have all too often subverted and twisted the call to prayers for peace and enlightenment of their founders.

In the next two years you will see the first quiet glimmerings of a renewal of all that is good in the past 2,000 years of religious striving even though it comes packaged in the culmination of a very loud and strident, blood-soaked wrapping of all that was bad. Have you noticed how religious extremism dominates the political and religious discourse of our lives? It divides Americans in political elections on religious and secular grounds. It is dividing and rending the Middle East in civil wars between those of the same faith, such as Sunni against Sunni in Palestine, Shia against Sunni in Lebanon and Iraq. A mother religion fights against their offspring. Judaism, politically endowed and made nationalist by the existence of Israel, fights with sects of Islam–a faith that has its roots in myth as well as lineage to the Jews. Arabs, mostly Islamic, believe, like Jews that they share the same first ancestor, Abraham, and lay claim to the so-called Holy Land.

Religious intolerance is coming to a head between now and November 2008.

This is a consequence of the Old Piscean Age negativity passing into the Aquarian, that it will not go softly into that new age. The good of Piscean faith based religiousness will begin its death and rebirth into a more scientific “Aquarian” path to religious truth. However, the negative and dark side of Piscean religion will grasp and try to destroy the world that is passing it by. The force of negative religiousness of the old era will try taking the world down with it, so to speak.

We could harvest in 24 months a long and protracted world war instigated by religious difference if our leaders are not careful and wise. To prevent this holocaust in the name of God, people must write and demonstrate to their leaders their desire for careful and foresightful new directions in diplomacy. It is time to talk with our enemies and find common ground or we will find ourselves piled together in common graves of the next world war.

The people must compel their leaders–Western, Islamic or Israeli, to stop feeding sectarian fires. Now, in American politics, there are the first hopeful signs that a new course may be taken. A new and Aquarian light flickers in Congress–the political left and right seek the center and a centering in new ideas mutual to all.

There is a call to assess and review America’s part in fanning and spreading the fires of conflict in the Middle East. And yet, as a reaction, the pinch of darkness of a dying Piscean Age possesses the US president and those who think for him. The new awakening in US Congress is politically handicapped by decisions made under a previous rubber stamp Congress of this president. They surrendered most congressional power to the Executive Branch.

They surrendered to the Chief Executive, President G.W. Bush, the power to obscure mistakes made in the Iraqi invasion and occupation by failing and flailing forward in a precipitous air and sea strike on Iran.

He will go to war in 2007 with Iran unless Congress as a bi-partisan body can stop it.

Look to March 2007 as the earliest potential window for war. Bush’s attack on Iran will create the American version of a military blunder comparable to Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union during the Second World War. He thinks a brief and devastating air and sea attack will punish Iran into submission and overthrow its Ayatollahs. The air strike will only widen the reach of a religious civil war in Iraq like a plague across the Middle East and South Central Asia, down into the horn of Africa, before the first half of 2007 is over, or by the end of September 2007 at the latest.

President Bush for all his self-righteous reasons is a closet Christian Apocalyptist (those who openly or unconsciously believes they are players in the foretold end times). He could do things in the next three to six months of 2007 that will take the world on a course of religious world war between the Western dominated lands versus the Islamic lands that Nostradamus predicts could last up to and beyond a quarter century.

Men and women of reason in Congress, be they Democrat, Republican or Independents, must dissuade this president and his cult cabinet of apocalyptists from lighting off this war–this last gasp of Piscean religious negativity at the dawn of the Aquarian Age.

They will have to be strong. They will have to evoke hard love. Willingly and methodically stripped of their powers over the last six years, the Congress are armed with all but a fig leaf of remaining congressional power against this dictatorial King George of a US president.

They have the power to withhold money to finance his current and future military disasters.

If need be, they have the power to throw the president and the vice president out of office.

Before this happens, Speaker of the House Pelosi will have to eat her words. Further presidential blunders and disasters will force her to risk rescinding the funding of soldiers in Battlefield Iraq and later compel her to convene proceedings for the impeachment of President G. W. Bush.

Impeachment proceedings could happen this year, by summer or autumn of 2007.

Let it be noted for the record, that the president’s fellow “Republican” representatives in Congress will tip the vote towards impeachment. Even his own party will abandon him for the sake of their political survival. That’s how bad his coming blunders will be in 2007.

With this said, the dye is cast on history’s crap table, America. It has fallen in the slot called “Middle East.” You are there now, entrenched for a long time.

America, you cannot leave as much as you desire it. Learn as a nation how to swim in quicksand of your own making.

Years ago I predicted that when Bush had finally blundered into the heart of Middle Eastern sectarian darkness that I would find myself in the ironic situation. I would begin defending his policy of widening US presence there because there comes a point when once one blunders in, one cannot retreat. Unlike Vietnam, there IS a domino effect playing in the Middle East. There was no spread of communism throughout Southeast Asia because the US forces retreated from Vietnam, but this time there WILL be nations falling one by one, consumed by radical Islam in the Middle East.

Last time America got in a quagmire to stop a domino falling. This time the US tipped the first domino (Iraq), now it must stay and stop the rest from falling.

For the first time in the life of this nation, America will experience the mistake other great powers had not learned until it was too late to go back. Once certain courses of action are taken and found to be mistaken, the survival of a nation caught in its own bear pit can only do greater harm trying to scratch and bite its way out. It cannot retreat.

Bush is perversely right. America CANNOT leave the snare of Iraq. American forces will not leave for a decade at least. Windows of opportunity often arise in history, but they close rapidly to the inattentive leaders and nations. In this case, there never was a window for leaving Iraq because someone opened a window in time to invade Iraq in 2003.

What has Bush’s mission accomplished? His precipitous invasion of Iraq on false pretenses will keep generations of American soldiers fighting and dying across sands and urban battlefields under which their richest and cheapest oil sources lie.

Adolf Hilter by invading the Soviet Union threatened his Nazi Empire with annihilation. Once he had crossed into Soviet territory, there was no turning back. There could be no retreat. Either Germany would win or lose the Second World War fighting and defeating communist hordes on the Russian Steppes. In Nazi Germany, one dared not argue that he caused the disaster, but equally one could not argue that, once engaged, the German armed forces should not “cut and run.” That was impossible. Germany needed the resources of the Soviet lands to survive and any retreat from that quagmire would bring the Bolsheviks rampaging into the Fatherland.

The same analogy applies to America’s historic blunder in the Middle East under the leadership of Bush. He, like Hitler invading Russia, will go down in history as the author of this catastrophe, and like Hitler, he is now right to argue that greater disasters will befall America if a Democratic controlled Congress and a majority of Americans get what they want, a rapid withdrawal from Iraq.

Of course, Bush has given the American people a self-fulfilling prophecy. The president is like an impudent brat who set his house on fire and predicts that the whole structure will go down in flames if the rest of his family does not “stay the course” and contain the fire.

America cannot leave Iraq, or abandon all those permanent bases for at least a decade. At last, in this year’s coming events, the true reasons for America’s invasion will be exposed to all. America is in Iraq and is about to punish Iran with war to secure the last, cheap resource of fossil fuels that keep our high-energy wasting, Western-centric civilization sustained.

The dominoes begin falling in 2007–2008. First the Middle East, then other oil producers Nigeria, then Venezuela. Fallen to rebellion. Exporting elsewhere to rising superpower China and India their oily wares.

In 2007, this catastrophic reality will give birth to a fortunate opportunity. Already there are signs in the US body politic–left or right winged, that they need to fly with both wings towards an eventual state of independence from fossil fuels coming from habitually dysfunctional and potentially apocalyptic regions.

America cannot get out of the Iraqi/Mideast tar pit in which President Bush stuck them. Salvation will have to wait while it is drained over the coming 30 years or so. When a window of change is missed, one has to follow the course of a historic mistake to its conclusion, its entropy. Everything tires out eventually. Even wars or Jihadists will, after a generation or two wear themselves and their blood-soaked religious slogans thin. Things that seemed impossible to end have ended: Apartheid in South Africa, the Cold War between the US and USSR for instance. The civil war in Iraq will resemble the civil war in Lebanon, only ten times worse in destruction and loss of life. Like Lebanon it will grind on for a generation and people will see no end to it, but like Lebanon, the Iraqi Civil War will expire by consuming its own source of sectarian hate fuel to exhaustion.

Across the wider Near Eastern region, you will see Arab, Turkish, Kurd, Jewish and Persian enmity and temptations to unleash doomsday also end one day. Perhaps it will end soon if right choices from all sides towards tolerance can be had. Sooner perhaps than later, if the devastation wrought by intolerance and war comes this year, making a diplomatic solution more appealing to all sides. All sides eventually will be lessened, and humbled into seeking a humane solution. In the worst-case scenario, a lasting peace in the Middle East will be delayed unto the dawn of the new cosmic day in 2044.

When then will America get out of its crude oil, tar pit trap?

Americans can leave any time after they temper their addiction to oil with alternative fuels. Perhaps 2007 will see presidential candidates for 2008 compete to define the boldest and most far reaching vision for America’s fossil fuel freedom. A karmic echo resounds from the 1960s. There will be calls for a decade long national effort not unlike the space race to the moon. From past crusades from earth to the moon will come a national call to stop mooning and come down to earth about energy use and waste. One small step for a future presidential candidate could call for a giant leap for mankind in a decade’s deadline to discover new alternatives to fossil fuels. The next president of the United States will run on this campaign and win. From 2009 to 2019, you will see not a space race but a grace race out of fossil fuel addiction. Not a drop of crude should be desired or burden Americans if yearning for it makes a single American hostage to the unstable and political whims of radical states in the Middle East, Nigeria or Venezuela.

From Hegel to Hillary, you will see candidates for president make their J. F.

Kennedy-like declarations for a Free-from-Fossil Fuel Race, either this year or during the presidential campaign of 2008. It will become a chief issue of debate on the road to the 2008 elections.

John Hogue
(04 February 2007)

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