Saddam Hussein Gets Death – Is He Mabus, “soon to die”?

The pace of destiny quickens in the Middle East and in America, after the US mid-term elections produced what was in essence a no-confidence vote on President Bush’s Iraqi war policies. The long anticipated report from former Secretary of State Jim Baker’s Iraq Study Group has come out with a grim assessment that vindicates many of my dire predictions about the war in Iraq. I have allowed a few weeks to pass so I could take the necessary time oracularly capturing history’s new course from current events. Now I am ready to disseminate. Be prepared for a flurry of HogueProphecy Bulletins as the year 2006 ends. We enter with the New Year a 24 month long boundary between two eras–the Piscean and the Aquarian ages. The 2007–2008 period will see good and evil choices made that are far more significant and historic than anything popularly anticipated at the end of the current Mayan Calendar cycle in 2012. (More about the coming events inside this cusp in time are forthcoming, a few bulletins down the road.)

If you have been following my prophetic detective work since the early 1990s you will have seen me peg the deposed Iraqi dictator,

Saddam Hussein, as my first and foremost candidate for Nostradamus’ enigmatic leader called “Mabus” foreseen in Century 2 Quatrain 62 of his prophecies.

Others have stepped ahead into the cue, after 9-11, such as, the founding guru of Al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen (aka Mahmoud Abbas), and the late head of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Even George W. Bush is ahead of Saddam on the list these days.

Saddam Hussein has been overshadowed but never completely eclipsed as a candidate for the following prophecy:

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing (destruction) of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Nostradamus (1555)
“Les Propheties,” 2 Q62

In brief review of my interpretation, the death of the enigmatic “Mabus” marks the beginning of a world war using weapons of mass destruction killing animal and man either sometime after a great comet transits the sky, such as Hale-Bopp did in 1997. The “comet” can also be Nostradamus’ poetic description of the first of many ballistic missiles launched after the death of Mabus.

The most popular decoding of Mabus uses the anagram law of reverse mirroring to capture the name: Saddam. For those uninitiated in the technique, you spell Mabus in lower case:


Reverse the spelling:


Reverse any letters that could make a new letter, such as “b” to “d”:


The laws of anagramming allow for one letter replaced, especially if the letters phonetically match the pronunciation of a known name, such as “suh”-dam:


Redundant letters can be removed or added:


Saddam Hussein as of 5 November 2006 has been condemned to death by the Iraqi courts under the protection of US security forces at Camp Cropper–the US military base protecting Iraqi courts that cannot guard themselves. Cropper is also the home of a high security cell for an Iraqi dictator and henchmen who in the hands of their own police force, might escape. The trial of Saddam therefore resided behind US barbwire, safely beyond the outskirts of Baghdad and the mean IED-laced streets of Iraqi civil unrest. According to Iraqi law, Saddam’s lawyers can appeal the death penalty verdict to a special tribunal of similarly US protected Iraqi judges. These magistrates have unlimited time to consider the appeal; however, once their decision is made, and if they concur with the judgment of the court, Saddam by law must face execution exactly 30 days later.

Associated Press reported recently what Shia rumor mills at the highest level of the Iraqi government predict the ruling will come soon and Saddam could hang between mid-January to mid-March 2007. It would seem that even the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, is confident that pressure will be brought to bear to put Saddam on the fast track for liquidation even sooner.

“The way I understand the law that we passed,” said al-Maliki to the British Broadcasting Corporation in early November 2006, “the execution of the sentence should happen within a month.” He at least expects execution will happen before the “end of this year.”

Saddam Hussein is judged as many things, mostly ugly, yet he is also a survivor. It would not be surprising if political pressures from Sunnis delayed a finding indefinitely. It may be thought more prudent to execute Saddam later, when perchance–“God willing,” as they say in Muslim lands–the deepening religious civil war between Sunnis and Shia blows over, and the execution-cum-martyrdom of Saddam could not be used by Sunni insurgents as a rallying cry for combat against Shias.

Some of you may recall my predictions made shortly after Saddam Hussein’s capture by US forces three years ago in December 2003 wherein I anticipated Saddam Hussein’s last act in life would be to twist his trial into a farce and make himself the personification of a compelling myth as an Arab martyr. I said on Coast to Coast AM and Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland programs that Saddam would try to repeat Adolf Hitler’s successful manipulation of judges and prosecutors by the force of his bullying will. He would belittle and badger them, like Hitler did at his trial for high treason as ringleader of the “Munich Putsch”–a failed coup on 8 November 1923 aiming to seize the Bavarian state government before marching on Berlin.

In Hitler’s case he used the court proceedings to effectively redefined himself in the eyes of the German public not as a terrorist and traitor but as a fire breathing patriot, set to be unjustly martyred with incarceration at Landsburg Prison. So effective was his relentless emasculation of the prosecution that the judges became sympathetic to his cause. They reduced his sentence to five years. As it turned out, the magistrates released Hitler after serving only one year. During that time he lived in relative luxury almost as a pampered guest within Landsburg’s walls. He later observed that the pleasant vacation from revolution allowed him time to collect his thoughts and compose his manifesto, the Nazi bible–“Mein Kampf.” In a few short years after his release, Hitler would become dictator of Germany.

I do not believe Saddam the Sunni mass murderer has any illusions that he will cheat death or rise again after imprisonment to resurrect his dictatorship once the US forces cut and run. US occupiers with their guns and ballot boxes put into power a government and judicial system controlled by Shiite Iraqis, the people he brutalized the most during his nearly a 25-year reign of terror. Hitler did not face capital punishment and many in the German justice system and government were more than sympathetic and primed to embrace his right wing, anti-Semitic views even before he rose to defend himself. To be in a fix similar to Saddam Hussein’s, Hitler would have to stand before judges and jury at the Nuremberg trials after his fall from power, trying to cajole, bully and convince the Nuremberg court that he should not hang for crimes committed against humanity–that indeed his crimes were necessary, patriotic and noble. If Hitler were in Saddam’s perdicament, he would not fight to survive, but fight to propagate a myth of the martyr. Coming generations of radicals would call out his name as a war cry in future Reich revolutions.

As it turned out, Saddam Hussein did try to turn his trial into a farce. He had a lot of help from the Iraqi judicial system. One Shia chief judge after another faced his tongue-lashings and was replaced because they could not shout him down. At one point the trial was adjourned for a month to allow Saddam’s decimated defense council to search for new lawyers to replace those murdered or those wounded fleeing the country. The tribunal officially charged Saddam of crimes against humanity on 18 July 2004. The first crime for consideration was the mass killing of Shia inhabitants of the village of Dujail in 1982. Shia Iraqi’s sympathetic to Iran ambushed his motorcade while he visited the town to make a speech praising those who fought the Iranians in the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988). The three-hour firefight ended with 150 men of Dujail killed or executed. Saddam then signed orders (later used as key evidence in the trial) for his security forces to round up, 1,500 men, women and children for torture and incarceration in desert concentration camps. Then he had the village raised to the ground and laid waste 250,000 acres of adjacent farmland. The land by order remained untilled for a decade.

Saddam’s trial proceedings went forward and actions in the court soon descended into a dark comedy of the absurd with his defense lawyers storming out of proceedings more than once in protest, or at other times, as stated above, the murder of members of his defense council stalled proceedings until they could be replaced. Day after day, came scenes broadcast across Arab and Western television of Saddam and petulant fellow accused lieutenants of his regime in the dock popping up and down from their chairs hurling insults interrupting proceedings or clearing out back to their cells for hunger strikes. It all magnified international concerns that the Iraqi’s were unable to hold a credible trial. Saddam added fatal injury to judicial incivility the day an important witness, a survivor of the atrocities committed at Dujail and the concentration camps stared down Saddam Hussein glowering in his chair while he testified for the prosecution. Saddam bid his time waiting for the light on a camera lens trained his way to turn on and record his live reaction. When the light went on, and the whole Iraqi and Arab world was watching, he made a slow and deliberate slash with his index finger across his throat. Within days, Sunni insurgents murdered that Shiite witness.

Even on the last day of the trial when he heard the verdict, Saddam kept working the myth that a puppet government of an American occupation of an Arab state had tried and condemned the legal leader and father of the Iraqi people. Clutching a big green and gold embossed Koran in one hand, a finger knifing the air with the other, he tried shouting down the verdict of death and was soon after ushered away, spent and shrunken.

Throughout the trial Saddam played on the darker dysfunctional collective conditioning of Arab peoples, so long habituated to follow a reflex admiration for a strongman leader as father figure of the nation. As Dalal el-Bizri, a Lebanese sociologist and political columnist has recently said, “No matter how despotic a leader is, he becomes a symbol of his country, or even synonymous with it.” Despite his cruelty, and bloodthirsty crimes, seeing Saddam a prisoner, caged in the dock, on the defensive, in rancorous debates with prosecution lawyers and judges, is a deeply disturbing sight to many Arabs in and beyond Iraq’s borders. I imagine it would as uncomfortable for those programmed by American conditioning to see their president making a scene while on trial for crimes against the US Constitution. (Perhaps Americans will yet share the disquiet Iraqis endure watching “their” president undergo an impeachment trial. It may be coming sooner than they think. More on that in upcoming bulletins.)

Other “father figures” of Arab nations, with dubious democratic credentials, but stalwart allies of the US no less, such as the Egyptian President Mubarak, have come forth cautioning against hanging Saddam Hussein. Mubarak no doubt felt compelled to say openly what most Arab leaders around the region believe. The Iraqi President’s upcoming execution could push that nationalistic Arab button–the father-figure-symbol as the nation–and galvanize Iraqi Sunnis, at least, into a frenzy of greater violence than that already feeding an Iraqi sectarian civil war. Mubarak need not add what even many Sunni and Shiite victims of Saddam’s crimes feel. They are troubled by the prospect that–love him or fear him–Saddam Hussein was one of their most defiant Arab nationalistic leaders. He stood up to the West and the Americans for decades. A few weeks or months from now he will swing from the gallows like a common thief because Westerners–unbelievers of Allah, Christian crusaders–unilaterally invaded and subjugated an Arab country like neo-Imperialists.

It would have been almost better had the Shia dominated government of al-Maliki acceded to popular demand and built Saddam’s gibbet on the field of Baghdad’s largest sports arena, Shaab Stadium. An audience of tens of thousands of Iraqis could witness his public hanging and satisfy a communal need, as Kirk Semple of the New York Times said, for public closure. However, with each week the civil unrest in the land intensifies, and such a gathering might be too tempting a target for al-Qaeda operatives or other Sunni insurgents to slaughter what could only be a multitude of mostly Shia spectators.

Public safety in the end may work in part to accomplish Saddam’s goal to be remembered as an Arab martyr killed by the hands of Western infidels and their Arab lackeys. Officials in the Iraqi government disclosed that Saddam Hussein would be hung from a gallows built by US soldiers at Camp Cropper. It is a place as far removed from Arab public assembly as possible, near Baghdad International Airport on the outskirts of the fractionalizing capital.

When death comes to him, it will be incumbent upon me and all prophecy watchers to ponder whether Nostradamus “had” always intended Saddam Hussein as Mabus. The fall of his regime through US invasion, and the execution of his person in our near future, could act either as a milestone presaging–or as the flash poin launchin–a collapse of Iraq into full-scale civil war. If Saddam Hussein is the man who would be Mabus, expect after his hanging, as the prophecy says, a “terrible undoing of people and animals.” Expect civil war spreading rapidly across the Islamic Middle East as it metamorphoses into a hecatomb of religious civil war between the Sunnis and Shia. Next after Mabus “soon dies” comes an air strike on Iran by Israel. Then we will know if the hanging of “Mabus-Sudam” may at least coincide or stand in Nostradamus’ mind as a marker for the coming “terrible undoing (read ‘death’) of people and animals” across the region…

John Hogue
(09 December 2006)

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