A New Year’s Resolution: Seek a Real Harmonic Concordance

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Worldwide interest in Nostradamus’ 500-year birthday this month has swamped me with TV, Radio and print interviews. Thus my report today will have to focus briefly on answering the two current themes generating the most queries and comments from you all: 1.) Saddam Hussein’s capture (and how this relates to the Mabus/Third Antichrist prophecies); and, 2.) The significance, if any, in the Harmonic Concordance in November.

Does Saddam Hussein’s capture take him out of the running for Nostradamus’ “Mabus“?

In my opinion, it has put him back in the running. The American occupying forces might rue the day Saddam Hussein did not fight and die like his two sons, when cornered. If Saddam Hussein faces a very public trial the Americans will need to find some way to save themselves from being viewed and accomplices in many of his crimes against humanity in the 1980s. Saddam on the witness stand could talk about the years the US provided him with the satellite targeting intelligence and the materials to make his weapons of mass destruction. The same weapons that gassed five thousand civilian Kurds “and” hundreds of thousands of Iranian soldiers during the Iraq-Iran War. He could implicate Donald Rumsfeld and many others in the current Bush administration who had a hands-on relationship with supporting the Iraqi dictator in the past as their surrogate foe against the Ayatollahs of Iran. Saddam could weave lies with truth and successfully propagate the illusion that he is a martyred hero of the downtrodden Arabs and stir radical elements across the Islamic world. Finally, Saddam might face a public execution that could make his name a rallying cry of Islamic fundamentalists for the coming 27 years of terrorism. Thus as quatrain 62 of Century 10 in Nostradamus’ prophecies states: “Mabus [Saddam] soon dies” and he becomes the rallying cry for “a terrible destruction of people and animals.” Or, as Quatrain 77 of Century 8 adds, “The third Antichrist is very soon annihilated.” The Arab/Islamic world   could remember Saddam’s trial as a farce of western Crusaders and their puppet Iraqi government. His public execution becomes martyrdom. Moreover, his martyrdom triggers the war of the Third Antichrist: “Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last…”

There are other scenarios, of course–other candidates who may fall early in their war, such as President Bush or Usama bin Laden and trigger a generation of new fighters and conflict. We shall have to see. If American leaders wish to avoid a scandal of historic proportions, they should block public access to the courtroom and keep Saddam Hussein sedated and mentally compromised throughout the coming trial.

The Harmonic Concordance came and went. Many in the New Age movement defined it as a new paradigm shift in consciousness. They eagerly awaited this spiritual shift to come heralded by a total lunar eclipse on 8/9 November coinciding with an astrologically auspicious alignment of stars. It seems the moon and stars had little or no effect on our consciousness. Why is that, in your opinion?

To me the reason it is not working is simple. It is the same reason why the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987 did not change anything, even though it was a wonderful day for many to gather in silence, love and meditation.

Harmony does not “converge” or “concorde” from without. It is not something influenced by stars. It is not something you can hope for or expect from others, or phenomena outside of yourself.

Harmony only arises from within.

Even the act of gathering people for one seemingly auspicious day sabotages the effort to perceive and be harmonious every regular day, every precious moment.

Harmony comes ever from within. And it comes to us in this sacred moment. Every moment is the Harmonic Convergence. All we have to do is become aware of it.

If you can be watchful and meditative the morning after a harmonic concordance, and every moment after for the rest of your life, then there is a possibility that harmony will flower in this world.

Meditation is the only way I know to obtain a glimpse of this harmony. My New Year’s wish to each one of you is that you become that meditative, blissful, witnessing consciousness–beyond mind, emotion or forms.

Beyond life…or death.

Happy New Era!

John Hogue
(31 December 2003)

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