Who will be Mabus, Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist

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Here is an update of clues used to decipher Nostradamus’ name for the Third Antichrist:

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,
De gens& bestes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main*, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Nostradamus (1555), Century 2, Quatrain 62

* In classical poetic terms “main” in Renaissance French stands as a symbol of power, authority; a government of a nation or organization.

On Friday night, 1 June 2001, a young Palestinian man stood in a cue of young Israelis waiting to enter a popular seaside disco in Tel Aviv. He reached into his pocket and pulled out sudden death. He pressed the switch on explosives hidden under his clothes blowing himself to bits, taking 20 mostly teenage Israelis with him and injuring nearly a hundred more. The days that have followed see a long precession of Mogen David draped caskets lowered one by one into the disputed earth of the so-called Holy Land. Arab and Israeli alike hold their breath. Has the death of one more Palestinian and twenty more of his victims buried the peace process?

The Israeli Cabinet declares an ultimatum to the Chairman of the Palestinian People, Yasser Arafat. They demand he makes mass arrests of Palestinian terrorist cells within his own jurisdiction or face a devastating military response to the disco bombing. Arafat, who seems unable to control his extremists any better than his opposite, the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, pledges to do his best to hold an unconditional cease fire. Both sides faced with the dire consequences of what just one more Arab sniper shot or Israeli missile attack could do, back away from the abyss to pause and reflect. People on both sides pray for peace but few expect that this pause in the smoldering urban war of the last eight months means the nightmare will soon come to an end. Indeed, most feel that a full military response of the Israeli armed forces is inevitable. It is coming. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week, next month, or even next year. It can be suppressed and postponed, but, it is coming. Most Palestinians and Israelis expect a day will arise when the war drum’s deep tattoo of helicopter blades backs the shrill roar of jet engines heralding the overwhelming Israeli counterattack that may fan this smoldering conflict into a region-wide conflagration.

A new week begins. The Middle East holds its breath. As I write this on Monday, 4 June 2001, the BBC reports that a gun battle rages in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. I wonder if I shall finish this essay and send it to you all before one or the other side in this conflict unleash the dogs of war? What could be more likely is a postponement of the unthinkable, but for how long? Whatever the outcome, be it war or yet again another uneasy suppression of war, I have decided to release the following prophetic report. It concerns my decoding of the possible candidates for Nostradamus’ prophecies concerning Mabus — the enigmatic and coded name he gives for the third and final “Antichrist” recorded in his history of the future.

I have been withholding my report on this matter ever since the current Palestinian Intifada began back in October of 2000. I was waiting for signs of when this long and smoldering urban conflict might see its combatants pull back from the brink to consider one more concerted effort for peace before their rage pushes them beyond the threshold of restraint, thus setting both on a path of living and dying by the sword.

I believe that point of final forbearance has arrived.

The time has come to reexamine the 16th-century prophet’s dire warnings if full-scale war should be the next step. Such a war could trigger the fulfillment of certain important predictions that will enable us to clearly name who Nostradamus intended to be this third and final “man of evil.” We may also discover how the death of this man, early in the next conflict between Arab and Jew, may scourge the world with a twenty-seven year war of terrorism.

A number of Nostradamus’ prophecies infer that the first Antichrist was Napaulon Roy (Napoleon King), the second Hister (Hitler). The third is code named Mabus. His fate in the prophecy mentioned above possibly implicates him as one of the first to fall in a devastating war that only begins with his death. The reference to the “undoing” of people and animals not only suggests war but also a plague — perhaps one caused by the use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. The undoing or unraveling of civilization in a future 21st-century Balkanization of the world is a common theme in Nostradamus’ prophecies. Such a world civil war comes as a result of a possible breakdown of the climate and the human food chain (“thirst, famine”). The stress of these added to the demands of an exploding population drags a hundred “powers,” or nations, into a world war “free-for-all” fought over dwindling resources no later than the 2020s.

Nostradamus chases home the theme of a long and devastating war coming “after” the early death of its perpetrator in Quatrain 77 of Century 8, when he says: “The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated. Twenty-seven years his war will last. The heretics dead, captives exiled. Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.”

Many historical facts support the prescient clues of Nostradamus that the present day is slotted for Mabus and his war to appear. A “great comet” did pass through the skies as a harbinger of things to come—Comet Hale/Bopp in 1997. The turn of the millennium saw human population cross the threshold of 6 billion. There are over 100 nations that one could say are suffering the widespread distresses of malnutrition and a lack of fresh water (“famine, thirst”) that could lead to a plague of civil and national wars. Worldwatch Institute reported in the 1990s that in the coming decades over 100 nations could go to war over water disputes alone. These nations include Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and also the West Bank region which at any time could declare its nationhood as Palestine. The eight months of fighting so far in this new and more deadly chapter of the Intifada is indeed a war of vengeance and counter vengeance. The “hundred hands” or “powers” could stand for Middle Eastern nations, terrorist factions (be they Jewish, Arab and Iranian) that spring to action if “Mabus” the Third Antichrist should fall.

Who is Mabus?

According to my interpretation of this enigmatic code name in such books as Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies and Nostradamus: The New Revelations, I posed that Mabus is a North African or Middle Eastern Arab terrorist. I base my theory on Nostradamus’ habit of hiding his messages in classical cryptograms. To me, Mabus stands for Thurbo Majus, the classical Roman name given to the “infernal God of Hannibal” referred to in Quatrain 30 of Century 2 (See pages 177-179 of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies). Majus (Mabus) is the Romanized name for the city God of Carthage in North Africa. The ruins of Carthage, in Tunisia, are but a few miles from what was once the chief headquarters for the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) for much of the 1960s and 70s. Thus any number of shadowy figures of Arab terrorism have spent their time near Thurbo Majus, hiding their true identities under code names beginning with “Abu” (Arabic for “father”).

The wide use of Abu fits the prophet’s rules of anagram decoding. You can drop one or two letters in a word, for instance, the “m” and “s” from “mABUs” and you get “Abu.” The Majus-Mabus link implies those individuals or organizations using that PLO North African base or those organizations and their operatives who are code named “Abu” — such as Abu Amar, Abu Nidal, or Abu Abbas, etc. — as candidates for the Third Antichrist.

Beyond the PLO connection, Nostradamus scholar, Bardo Kidogo, uses classical Persian metaphors to unveil Mabus as a modern-day Iranian Ayatollah. He sees Mabus as a cryptogram for Gobrayas Megabyzus who was one of several conspirators who overthrew a Zoroastrian priest (or magus) who had usurped the throne of Persia (Iran) in ancient times. Megabyzus (Mabus) later helped Darius become Emperor of Perisa. Later, as a governor of Persian holdings in Europe, Megabyzus showed himself to be a real tyrant with a flair for terrorism. His favorite modus operandi was to attack enemy states from within. I would add that currently leading Ayatollahs in Iran’s Islamic fundamentalist leadership are encouraging and financing fringe Palestinian terrorist organizations such as Hamas, as well as the Shi’ite-Lebanese Hizbullah. Hizbullah regularly shells Israeli targets from Lebanon and more than once has nearly triggered a widening Middle Eastern war in the last eight months of the new Intifada. Spokesmen for Hamas have stepped forward and claimed responsibility for the recent Tel Aviv disco bombing.

Mabus could also be currently hiding out in Afghanistan. The Saudi terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, who commands his war of jihad on America and Israel from a base camp in remote Afghanistan, often sees Western reporters phonetically misspell the Arabic pronunciation of his first name. It is “Usama.” Thus a true phonetic spelling makes his name a classic fit for Mabus if one follows Nostradamus’ rules of wordplay. “Usama” = maaus. Drop the redundant “a” and replace with a single letter allowed by the rule and Insert a “b” = Mabus.

Then there is Saddam Hussein of Iraq. You can find his name matching that of Mabus by using a simple occult word game. First spell m-a-b-u-s backwards; then turn any letters around that can represent a new letter once reversed, such as “b” turned to a “d.” Thus, Mabus spelled backwards is “Sudam.” Use the law of replacing one letter and you get “Sadam.” Phonetic redundancies allow you to spell it with an extra “d” and it becomes “Saddam.”

Despite the current bellicose climate between Israelis and Palestinians, I still hold that Saddam Hussein of Iraq is the chief candidate for Mabus, to date. He considers himself the protector of extremist Palestinian aspirations—namely; the deep rooted desire to push Israelis into the sea and take back all Palestinian lands seized in Israel’s 1948 war of independence. He has pledged a force of up to 5 million armed Iraqi Mujahadeen poised to assist their Palestinian brethren in the coming conflict. Intelligence reports indicate that Saddam Hussein is rapidly rebuilding his chemical and biological weapons arsenals. He may yet produce atomic bombs — either smuggled from former Soviet sources or through manufacturing a crude bomb of his own. The most conservative Pentagon estimates say Iraq could build or procure an atomic weapon in less that five years.

One cannot rule out that Nostradamus intended Mabus to be a thing rather than a person. There is possibly one of Nostradamus’ complicated double entendres working in this enigmatic code name. Mabus the “thing” then is Saddam the “person’s” weapon of mass destruction, hurled at Israel. One of the Iraqi leader’s arsenal of “al-Abbas” (Mabus) scud missiles could be the payload for a future chemical, biological, or even nuclear attack on Tel Aviv. In such a scenario the famous “Mabus” prophecy could describe the launch of an al-Mabus missile that “soon dies” in the flames of its own successful explosion after its seven minute supersonic journey. If the target is Israel, she may reply with one of her own 200 nuclear weapons. The last Gulf War clearly demonstrated how scuds or other intermediate-range missiles are perfectly designed for surprise in the compact theater of the Middle East. The chemical or nuclear extermination of just one of the region’s cities would set alight “all at once” the Holy Land’s ancient vengeances in an “undoing” of men and animals” in a region-wide Armageddon. Mabus the missile and/or the person would be instantly consumed in a World War III in miniature that erases the land where Moses wandered, Jesus walked, and Muhammad drove his camels.

Although I deem Mabus to be Saddam Hussein, there is one last important candidate who at this very moment may hold the key to peace or Armageddon waged between Israeli and Palestinian, Chairman Yasser Arafat. Before he became a peace broker for his people, his PLO secret code name was “Abu Amar.” Drop the last two letters “ar” and replace with “s” to get Maabus. The “aa” phonetically stands for one “a” = Mabus.

Given the volatile situation in the Middle East, an observation I made back in late 1997 deserves review. It speculated on how the successor to Pope John Paul II may be drawn into collapsing Middle Eastern peace efforts to play a significant part as a peacemaker in the near future. On page 334 of my book The Last Pope [a study of the Latin papal prophecies attributed to the medieval Irish St. Malachy], I said the following:

“Arafat and the Palestinian leadership are preparing for a defensive war they cannot win code-named Field of Thorns. The pope’s role as peacemaker may be set in motion after Israeli troops get bogged down in bloody warfare and negative global public opinion when they fight an intifada of lead bullets rather than stones in street wars with West Bank Palestinian police.”

If, in the coming days, Yasser Arafat where to “soon die” in Israel’s expected retaliation — or he dies in subsequent fighting as the current intifada becomes a full fledged war — the vengeance sought for Arafat’s martyrdom could trigger a 27-year war of terrorism.* The same could also be said if in the coming conflict missiles find their mark in one of Saddam Hussein’s bunkers as retaliation for drawing Iraq into such a war.

If I am reading these prophecies correctly the clues unlocking who Mabus is requires the following facts and events to transpire:

1.) He is a figure from the North African/Middle East axis of nations using desperate acts to achieve his goals.

2.) He will be one of the first to fall in the coming war.

3.) It will only appear that his death ends hostilities. Decades of vengeance attacks by means of terrorism will follow.

4,) He could be a known leader of an organization or state that is overwhelmed and destroyed by an overpowering counterattack.

5.) Unlike the first two Antichrists, Mabus could be a minor political figure — even the terrorist bomber himself — who, in detonating his weapon, vaporizes himself and triggers 27-years of warfare as a repercussion of his one violent act. For example, if peace cannot be found, the mystery bomber who detonated his lethal explosion in the cue of a Tel Aviv beach side disco on 1 June 2001, may yet be remembered as the one who was soon annihilated by his own explosion, yet triggered the next great slaughter of people and animals in the Middle East.

I await events.

I pray that none of my interpretations of Nostradamus’ fearsome and shadowy “Mabus” come true.

*UPDATE 30 June 2001: So far both sides continue to stare at the abyss rather than jump in as they try to sustain a cease fire. The Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, in a recent interview for Newsweek made what sounded to me like a veiled threat to take Yasser Arafat out of action in the near future. Clearly he believes Arafat is in the way of achieving at least his idea of peace terms. I cannot help sensing that the Israeli government is contemplating some kind of assassination or bombing “accident” that could take out the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority. And, if they do, then Arafat’s death as “the first to fall” in the coming conflict will make him a martyr and a means for others to wage a 27 year war of terrorism on Israel and the world.

John Hogue
(4 June 2001)

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