Al Gore, the Unpresidented Update

Many of you are asking me for an update on prophetic developments concerning who in the final reckoning will become president of the United States. You will certainly get an eye-full on your computer screens from me when it is clear who legitimately won—or illegitimately seized—the presidency.

For now, I will say that I expect the Supreme Court ruling scheduled for release early next week will not see the end of this drama. Gore himself predicts a solution by mid-December. I believe he is wrong and it will go on even later.

Some of you might remember the prophecies of political astrologer, Robert Wilkinson, who appeared with me on Ian Punnett’s weekend Coast to Coast AM show on 12 December. If Wilkinson’s interpretation of the stars is correct then we may see a dramatic reversal of George W. Bush’s fortunes any time now, and especially towards the end of this coming week. I would imagine that would entail the Supreme Court giving a ruling that is either split or unanimously against overriding the Florida State Supreme court. I would also imagine it would see Gore get his way and have the dimpled, pimpled, or whatever disputed ballots, counted. Yet even if Gore loses in the Supreme Court, or does not get satisfaction with the ballot counting, never underestimate the power of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction to pull off a sudden and unexpected reversal of fortune in his favor. Even as late as the latter half of December, when electors gather in their state capitol buildings to vote for G.W. Bush, a court in Seminole County Florida could still throw out thousands of Bush’s votes effectively giving Gore the edge and the presidency.

I would, however, point out that Gore’s positive stars for December, as foreseen by Wilkinson, may reflect the positive potential of his “not” being allowed to be the legitimate president by popular vote. Rather than die in office, Gore’s good stars in December 2000 have saved him from that fate. Indeed, his present-day loss of the presidency may very well set the stage for his election as president in 2004 after America has endured the afflicted presidency of G. W. Bush.

John Hogue
(3 December 2000)

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