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Predictions for 2007 – Part 2

I hear history’s reverb. I hear lessons unlearned resounding across history’s musical measure of 40 years in a karmic echo. Some say history repeats itself. Today, lessons playback forward, back to the future. Pass past forward with me. The orchestration may be different, indeed the themes may play upside down, but you will recognize the melody of reoccurrence replayed.

We will practice the “song” of karma until we get history right.

Lots of practicing is coming in the years 2007 and 2008 for they reverberate with lessons turned upside down from 40 years earlier in 1967-1968.

Last time there was a Democrat Texan President stuck in the Vietnam quagmire. This time a Republican Texan President gets us stuck in an Iraqi quagmire. The jungle green hell turned into a desert sandy hell.

Forty years ago, the Democrats held the House, Senate and Presidency. They fought with each other how best to stay or get out of Vietnam. Forty years later, the Republicans who until recently had the same political hegemony, will now divide and rend apart their party over what to do about Iraq.

Eugene McCarthy in 1968 became the anti-war Democratic candidate against Democratic President Johnson’s policy in Vietnam. Forty years later the focus of discord shifts to the Republicans. Senator Hegel will become the anti-war candidate against Republican president Bush’s policy in Iraq.

President Johnson assessed his chances of being reelected in 1968 as grim. Especially when Senator’s McCarthy and Robert Kennedy clearly could and would ride public anti-war feelings rough shod over his re-election attempt. Johnson understood he was a lame duck president because of Vietnam. His “Great Society” domestic policies were in jeopardy. He therefore decided that he would not seek or accept his party’s nomination for a new term.

Forty years later, President G.W. Bush is in his second term, and rapidly becoming a lame duck president because of his failed Iraq war. His domestic “compassionate conservative” policies are in jeopardy. Leading senators from his own party are in revolt and may run against or away from the policies of his presidency while they run against Democrats for president. The karmic echo will be more strident with Bush. He will not seek to change course, and he will not accept the Congress and his own party’s “nomination” for his impeachment. Where Johnson could decide not to run for office in 1968, Bush, the lame duck, could find himself “run out” of office in 2007-2008.

Bush will rule as Lone Ranger against Congress in 2007. He will use the power they surrendered to him. The Congress just after the 9/11 terrorist attacks had given him the most dictatorial Chief Executive powers in US history. He will use his powers tenaciously. The new Democrat controlled Congress will have to make motions for impeachment. He will dare them to do so. Where Johnson would not run for a new term, for the sake of preserving the unity of his Democratic Party, Bush will not be run out of office even if it destroys his Republican Party. He will make the Oval Office his political Alamo. If impeachment comes, he will not recognize Congress’s authority. Where Nixon knew better to resign and save his country, Bush will not be “resigned” to save his country.

Johnson recognized his follies in Vietnam too late. He could not stop his Democratic Party from losing the Executive Branch in the elections of 1968. Forty years later, Bush’s follies in Iraq, recognized too late, will not stop his Republican Party from losing the presidency in the election of 2008.

Forty years ago, the minority party rehabilitated and renewed their support for Richard Nixon as prodigal scion returned from better political times. He served up the myth of the good old days of the Eisenhower era in the 1950s, and people bought it. Today a Democrat party emerging out of minority status, taking back Congress, will embrace the new “Hillary” as the prodigal First Lady, and Americans will buy her new myth about the good old days of the Bill Clinton era of the 1990s.

This time around, a charismatic “Kennedy” figure will run for president, but could become a vice president instead. Fade from a white Kennedy to a “black” Kennedy 40 years later.

Clinton-Obama in 2008.

Forty years ago, the Young Generation talked about flower power. Today they will stop talking and start fueling their industry with flower power.

In 2007, the green bio. fuel revolution will finally take hold in America, because of destabilization of oil producing regions and a marked up tick of climate disasters caused by global warming.

It is time to sing “America the Beautiful” once again.

The fuel crises and ecological disasters befalling this land, “from sea” to shining greenhouse rising “sea” will at last bring Americans to their senses about global warming. As the poles begin to melt, they will go to the “polls” in 2008 and make their new ecological sympathies be known to their politicians.

As the song, America the Beautiful, goes:

Once Beautiful smog hazy skies
With amber flames of fires
O purple chem. catastrophe
Across the blighted pyres
America, Get-real-ica
Stop shedding waste on three
And end thy blight by doing right
Awake your genius be!

What else reverberates in either a karmic eco from the sixties, or sounds in the 36-year “beat” of Cosmic Day’s sunset into Cosmic Night?

Varied subjects of soothsaying come to no-mind…

Back in the 1960s, the decade began with America behind the Soviets in the space race. Forty years later it is now America falling behind again, in a military version of the space race, this time America lapses behind China, who has just recently fired a test missile to explode one of their own satellites. It proves that they can knock out all the GPS and spy satellites in low orbit over their land. Without them a modern US armed force could not win a war against China.

The Chinese test is the new “Sputnik” scare though few journalists report of it. It will militarize space in our bellicose times. America will have to move fast to catch up and arm their satellites because the first military crisis with Mainland China may be but one-and-a-half years away. I have been forecasting for years the danger of a Sino-US confrontation in 2008. It comes from a sudden declaration of independence by the Taiwanese government from Mainland China just before or during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The good news is a new space race 40 years later has also the same unexpected positive outcome as the last one. That race to the Moon actually hid another military space race to perfect ICBM missiles for possible nuclear warfare between the US and USSR during their Cold War. This time around, the race starts with the true intentions exposed–a military space race. However, this run to militarize space will also give birth to a fortunate future, a rebooting of man’s peaceful exploration of space. As China makes good its promise to land a man on the Moon in the next decade, Americans will do the same in the coming ten years. Forty years ago, it was Russia and America racing to the Moon–with America winning the race. Now it will be America and China going there. China will win this race, but America, unlike Russia in the past, will follow the winner and stay. They build permanent bases on the Moon. She is a “moon child” a Cancer in astrology. She will build a new home there.

In 2007, the president’s poll numbers will plummet into the teens. He will serve as president with lower poll numbers than Nixon endured before resigning. He has aged rapidly, just like the last Texan president did. Military quagmires age presidents faster than anything else.

Bush is under ill-favored stars from being elected president by the Supreme Court during the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction of 2000. Astrologers believe this conjunction is responsible for a US president dying in office in his first or second term every 20 years, staring with President Harrison elected in 1840. Only Ronald Reagan barely survived his wounds from an assassination attempt in 1981, because, as some astrologers say, the conjunction of 1980 was the first to transit an air sign–a sign of softest influence on fate.

Bush will endure his most physically dangerous year as president in 2007. Health problems from stress and a heart that has extremely low blood pressure may ensue. If he survives this year, he may survive the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction curse. This would mean that he was an illegitimate keeper of the White House. The one “assassinated,” therefore, was only figurative. Al Gore was the politically “assassinated” president of the country, denied his term in office.

If Bush survives dying or being thrown out of office it could mean that the conjunction curse has evolved to something more sinister. Rather than losing a leader every 20 years we now begin to loose a major portion of our democratic freedoms every 20 years.

Will the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020 presage the death of a president, or will democracy die?

Speaking of elections…

The current crowd of Republican candidates for president in 2008 run the danger of repeating what the Democrats did in 1968. The better candidates to run against H. Clinton will be cancelled out if Republicans seek a one-political-size fits all solution. Republicans could vote in primaries the same way Henry Ford chose colors for his Model T cars. Ford used to say, “You can chose any color you like as long as it is black.” Republicans can pick their candidate saying, “He can be any political color he wants, as long as the color is my brand of conservative Republican red.”

So it comes to this, there are too many “pinkos” running for President for red-blooded Republicans to support en mass.

What does this mean for Senator John McCain? He is too “pink” for social conservatives and evangelicals and too conservative for most Democrats. In addition, McCain will not win the presidency, let alone a candidacy from his party, if he does not reconcile and celebrate himself as that angry Irish guy. This thin voiced suppression of his life force makes him appear like a little white haired mouse rather than the lion he really is.

We need lions in the White House. Become a lion again, Mr. McCain.

Rudolph Giuliani, the former and heroic mayor of New York City during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has the best chance winning the presidency against Hillary Clinton. He may actually win his party’s nomination, like Hubert Humphrey did, 40 years ago, but at what political cost. Back then, Humphrey won, or better, was the last man standing, and perhaps not the best man running for president after the assassination of Robert Kennedy and the meltdown in the Democratic Convention held in Chicago in 1968. He was a consolation choice but too liberal for conservative leaning Democrats. They voted for Nixon who won in 1968.

In 2008, a Giuliani bid could win at the Republican Convention but echo a similar political Pyrrhic victory that will lose him the presidential bid. He could be the consolation choice during a Republican meltdown, a color of red that does not suit all for its liberal leaning pinkishness. His secular, liberal views could and will win him votes from conservative Democrats, but they will not counterbalance the loss of the right wing, evangelical and social conservative voters in his own party. They will not cross over and vote for Hillary, like right wing Democrats did for Nixon. They just will not vote.

One Republican can beat Hillary Clinton, but he cannot run because the US Constitution has an amendment that prohibits foreign-born citizens from running for US president.

Yes, friends…I “am” talking about Conan the Barbarian, the Governator of California.

If ever that amendment is overturned, see a future Republican president named “Schwarzenegger.” I just haven’t figured out how to create a title for president that sounds as nice as that “Governator” jingle yet. Maybe future history will call his first term in the White House his “first Terminator” or “Terminator 1.” The next term could be “Terminator 2.”

All seriousness aside…

There is one dark horse Republican to consider in 2008. The president’s brother, Jeb Bush. If given national attention, people would soon see that he is definitely not a bump on the same woodenheaded Bush family log. Jeb Bush is quite formidable, has a broad appeal with moderate, right wing Republicans and social conservatives. He has run Florida as its former governor efficiently and ably. He has no Katrina contrition. FEMA worked in Florida better than anywhere else global warming sent hurricane disasters in the southern states. Jeb Bush might be the right man with the wrong name in 2008. The abilities of one brother Bush will be overshadowed by the mounting political disabilities of the other Bush in the White House.

The presidency will go to the Democrats in 2008, as I have been predicting since 1998, when I said H. Clinton would be a New York Senator that year, and then a president in 2008. Some of you may remember me making that prediction live on national TV to Star and the coffee clutch of hostesses on ABC’s “The View” on 30 October 1998.

People thought I was being silly predicting that then. Not so silly now…it would seem.

However, there is a lot of time left for that prediction to go wrong. I sense it will not be wrong, though. That sense is still constant and strong. It is not based on my personal feelings, because I will make them pain–I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. However, my “oracle” says she is our next president.

I wrote this bulletin on 5 February 2007. Exactly one year from the date of this writing, the primary campaigns will have effectively chosen their candidates for the presidential elections in November 2008. I predict we will know exactly one year from today who the candidates for president will be.

Now, let us expand the vistas of political prophecies farther into the future…

What will the cosmic “night” of the American body politic look like in the next 36 years?

Starting in 2007-2008 Americans will experience a 36-year shift of power from the federal government back to the states. It will be seen that democracy cannot be adequately sustained in an overpopulated country approaching 400 million people by the dawn of Cosmic Day in 2044.

States rights will have a renaissance the likes of which has not been seen since before the US civil war. We are heading back to the future.

Will there be civil wars because of state versus federal rights issues in the next 36 years? The answer is yes, if we stay on the current dysfunctional political path. You will have civil war no later than the end of the next decade, into the 2020s.

Another destiny embarked by 2008 could bring Americans a renaissance of Jeffersonian values–a Thomas Jefferson-style peaceful rebellion and revolution that will refresh American vows and interest in their own democracy. The Constitution by 2026 will be renewed if that path is chosen in 2008.

The Cosmic Night period to come (2008–2044) could see the American people’s political pendulum swing either towards a slightly left-centrist swing, or move from its current right of center swing to a fascist far right of center swing. Both possibilities in extremis, the fascist or overtly too socialist paths, could lead to a second American civil war or revolution by the 2020s. Still, in the verge of time between two ages–the years 2007-2008–we can choose the destiny of a peaceful renewal of all things American in the coming 36 years. America is a Cancer in astrology, a moonchild, a ruler of hearth and home. That is why we insert “mom” in our “apple pie” slogan as Americans. Cosmic night is mother night. A good time to support, nourish and heal the “motherland.” If we all each help tap into that mother wisdom energy then the next 36 years will see our motherland give birth to a new and better nation.

When that better nation arises, look for the coming unions growing within the federal union of states in America. America will still be a national body but it will have three or four regional-centric interacting groups of states. You will see the Eastern states, the Central and the Western States doing more interstate economic and political commerce. There will be less focus on Washington D.C. and federalism will weaken a bit. It could be for the best. It will be understood in the future that democracy works better with immediacy. Democracy is a neighbor-to-neighbor reality. The smaller the population, if merged with wealthier per capita income, makes them more efficient at governing themselves. Dare I say it; America in 36 years will feel politically more like present day Holland.

One area in this scenario will not have as rosy a future unless immigration policy changes. Look for the balkanization of the American Southwest if fair and realistic aims of illegal aliens and native citizens do not arise to solve the invasion of illegals across the southern US borders. The first signs of violence will begin in 2007. The next American civil war most likely to happen will be ethnic in nature, breaking out in the Southwest. Americans on their own soil in the coming decades could experience what happened in the Balkans. Native white and black American militias will gang up on Hispanic Americans and a tidal wave of illegal Hispanic aliens crossing into America in an invasion of Gothic, Ancient Roman proportions.

Now to another kind of “invasion…”

What I said for predictions made for the year 2006 still holds about the Bird Flu. Its mutation into a human form of plague will not happen in 2007, although bird migrations might bring the first report of the avian strains into America this autumn.

I said the following posted on 31 December 2005. I still hold to it: “There are signs that a successful use of prophecy as an agent of prevention greatly modifies the effects of the Avian Flu when it comes. We have already seen the apocalyptic warnings of seers goad mainstream science and technology to prevent the potential of a computer Millennium Bug shutting down the cyber and electrical grid of the world in 2000.

“The longer the Bird Flu delays fluttering down into human kind, the better will be the chances that developing nations will also avert its worst effects. There could come in time a new vaccine regimen that will make a shot of bird flu anti-virus serum one cell at a time, rather than one cumbersome egg at a time in inadequate numbers stored in vast warehouses. “

Before we move to the third and final part of my prophetic discourse for 2007, I want to close by saying that Time Magazine got it right about the Person of the Year in 2006.

It “is” you. All of you with face forward to the window of the future to public concord. You use the window of the computer screen to “see,” read, and “hear” fellow human beings all over the world. Perhaps it is through these luminous screens that the sutra thread of peace will be woven into a golden network of a golden age of interface and interaction.

The democratization of the internet will be the greatest revolution to take place in the next two years. How you browse and reach out, how you are “reached” in the next 24 months may define for better or worse the shape of a cyber download of revolutionary breakthroughs in all things human. You are and you can be the living template of love and consciousness upon which a virtual light of the coming cyber-civilization will be built in the next 36 years of cosmic night.

John Hogue
(06 February 2007)

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