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John Hogue standing in the liquid sunshine of his island village somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, first week of January 2015.

On this website you can explore the meeting of current events with prophetic trends. See the future from a vantage point that is free of the blinders of religious, political, and corporate dogmas. Every year I produce on average, and for free, 100 articles of 150,000 words. My articles and books cover all subjects prophetic, embracing all traditions of forecasting with a fair, balanced and meditative approach that looks beyond the limitations of nationalism, scientism and religious-ism. What we cover includes my own forecasts, plus interpretations of Nostradamus and hundreds of seers, both ancient and modern. We cover all topics influencing our common future such as global warming, politics, economics, science, inventions, wars, revolution, human evolution, new religions and meditation.

Please click on the covers below to sample free chapters of my eBooks and printed books:

p2015-2016-Cover-300x450-43kPREDICTIONS 2015 – 2016

2015 is the year of last chances to reform the systemic corruption of many of civilization’s imperiled supersystems, such as the economy, finance, banking, politics, civility and what is our role in sustaining ecological balance and life on this planet. By 2016 we may enter a year of war and crisis. It could become Year One in a decades-long “Unraveling” of the world of humans and animals foreseen by Nostradamus.

This book is a prophetic reality check, laying before the reader solutions and the consequences of actions taken, postponed or avoided in the years 2015-2016. This global crisis will be the womb of revolutions and new people movements that empower the the individual and local community over the corporate and centralized world order, which is set to crumble before a new age and a new humanity rises. This book shows how you can be a part of that positive future.

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  Click on the cover to find out more.A NEW COLD WAR
The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce

Prophets, such as Nostradamus, Stormberger, and others introduced in this new and topical book by world-renowned prophecy scholar John Hogue, accurately dated, detailed and forecast the coming of the First, the Second, and perhaps have anticipated a Third World War. They never foresaw the last cold war ending in Armageddon; yet, they do predict a new cold war between America and Russia “in our future” would merely be a short prelude to the threat of a civilization-ending nuclear war that no one saw coming. This book sounds a prophetic alarm while there’s still time to stop the Third World War from happening. Explore these prophecies. Let them open your eyes wide with an awareness that can yet save humanity from walking, with eyes wide shut, into its greatest catastrophe.

Order the Printed Edition HERE.

Essential-Nostradamus-300x450-39kTHE ESSENTIAL NOSTRADAMUS

Nostradamus, the 16th-century physician and prophetic giant, has a lot to say about the 21st century and beyond. The man who hundreds of times accurately foresaw Napoleon, Hitler, the world wars, and the American, French and Russian revolutions and men walking on the moon, did not lay down his pen after seeing the events leading up to the year 2012. His history of the future continues for at least another 1,785 years!

This is a rare little book giving you the low-down on a big subject: Nostradamus, the man, his magical practices and a brief but comprehensive overview of his greatest past, present, near future and distant future prophecies. It presents for your attention a quick exploration of those prophecies that will directly affect you sooner than you can imagine.

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10P-2015-Cover-300x450-40kTEN PREDICTIONS FOR 2015
The Future of Richness

A quick and comprehensive look at the year 2015 and the great changes overtaking the old world order in what world-renowned prophecy scholar and Nostradamus expert John Hogue coins as “The Year of Last Chances.”

In ten short essays, Hogue takes on key, history-changing forecasts, including:

*Economic Power Shifting East
*The rise of alternatives to the Fiat Economy
*An American Intifada spreading
*The Decentralization Revolution empowering the Individual
*A World War against an invisible enemy: Global Warming
*The Ukrainian Missile Crisis
*Who is the next American President
*A New Humanity can Awaken Inside of You

This prediction-packed booklet climaxes with an essay on the Future of Richness. In a world being grievously divided into haves and have-nots with one percent of humanity in control of half of humanity’s wealth, it has never been more timely to peer into the future and redefine what is value and wealth in all dimensions.

Obama-Prophecies-Cover-300x450-43KTHE OBAMA PROPHECIES
The Future of U.S. Politics: 2015-2016

The dome of the U.S. Capitol building is encaged, or so it seems. The scaffolding set up for major renovations of the grand cupola could stand as an architectural metaphor for the state of the U.S. Republic and its Congress. Centuries of wear and tear have revealed dangerous, systemic cracks needing a concerted effort to repair before it all collapses. The question put forth in this little book by one of America’s most accurate political forecasters is whether the scaffolding stands as either an omen promising future restoration of a polarized and nearly broken political system; or, it is a sign that the Republic will fall behind the prison bars of a corporate coup d’état.

What role does President Obama play in that future?

John Hogue warned in early 2007, nearly a year before the primary elections of 2008, that only one candidate had the slightest chance of defeating Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president—Barack Obama. Hogue explained correctly how he would achieve it, but then handed down a caveat: If Obama became president in 2008, he would arrive at his destiny “too soon” and not ready for prime time History. It is better to be too early than too late; however, with less than two years left in his presidency, success is not assured.

In this fiery and captivating book, Hogue will forecast whether President Obama will, or will not, enjoy a late-blooming greatness. It also anticipates the next steps in a corporate takeover of the U.S. Republic. These include a pair of presidential candidates picked by an emerging plutocracy in a rigged 2016 Presidential Election. Who will be the next president? The choice may be “theirs.”

With forecasts spanning the next two years of American politics, this book will present in great detail an alternative future the American voter can access. Real flesh and red-blooded American citizens of all political persuasions can come together and take back their country from corporations masquerading as “people.”

War-with-Iran-Cover-800x533-42KBNOSTRADAMUS: THE WAR WITH IRAN
Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse

Never has Nostradamus “come into the clear” like this, naming names, accurately dating events and places outright about a war in the Persian Gulf between America and Israel against Iran. Ships will be “melted and sunk by the Trident”! Is he speaking of US trident nuclear missiles, or, the mysterious trident hidden in the Iranian flag? This war is dated to happen after an interlude of peace negotiations in 2014 lead to the worst region-wide conflict the Middle East has ever seen. Armageddon, perhaps? That depends on accessing Nostradamus’ alternative future hidden in prophecies written over 450 years ago. Peace is possible, dated for the last dark hour before a war that will change the live of every human being.

Order the Printed Edition HERE.

hogues-astro2015-cover-300x450-40kJOHN HOGUE’S WORLDWIDE

Astrology reads the stellar road map of individuals “and” nations. It can read The World.

This eBooklet by prophecy scholar and noted Nostradamus expert John Hogue gives a quick and comprehensive overview in astrological predictions about the oncoming, history-changing events of 2015, a year he defines as the “year of last chances” to begin systemic reforms in politics, the economy, and get serious about ending climate change.

The stalemate of the Pluto-Uranus Squares of the past few years, pitting ordinary people in a tug of war with establishments of authority, is ending. History is on the move again. This little book presents the celestial signs of what to avoid and what can help kick start a people empowering and peaceful revolution in all dimensions of life.

The End of End Times

Read John Hogue’s last—and often satirical—word on Mayan doomsday or “bloomsday” and first word on the many other significant and ongoing reboots of prophetic time cycles that a fawning paparazzi obsession with the Mayan Calendar had overlooked and neglected while they are still transforming human destiny.

Order the Printed Edition HERE.

A Life and Myth

John Hogue published the first full-bodied biography of one of the most famous and controversial historical figures of the last millennium. He traces the life and legacy of the French prophet in fascinating and insightful detail, revealing much little known and original material never before published in English.

 Order the Printed Edition HERE.

p2014-cover-350x525-42kPREDICTIONS FOR 2014

In the lengthy process of birthing a new historical era, it’s easy to forget the opening, catalytic incident. History’s water broke 100 years ago in the year 1914. Starting on 1 August, a 1,000-year cruise of an unsinkable civilization of monarchial-ruled, world-dominating, European colonial empires stoked its boilers and surged pell-mell into the First World War, like the HMS Titanic hitting an iceberg only two years earlier. The “Unsinkable” sank.

2014 will be just like that. History’s water will break again and carry us down the next four years in a tidal wave of breathtaking change. Watch the very nature of systems of politics, society, power grids and economics sustained for 5,000 years, be upended and reinvented in the coming revolution of decentralization. There’s a planetary crisis and world war coming like nothing we’ve seen before. The future will call it, World War STUPID.

Cover2013-2014-20kbPREDICTIONS FOR  2013-2014

May 2013 through December 2014 is a breath before the plunge of quickening history. Reform is possible. Read prophecies for a change in human history’s course away from systemic failures in economy, politics and an approaching planetary disaster of global warming. Be an important part in changing future history.



kamikaze-cover-thumbKAMIKAZE TOMORROWLAND
A “ScryFy” Future Fiction Story

Akio Sarazawa, a Kamikaze pilot, dives his bomb laden fighter 90 degrees through a gauntlet of anti-aircraft fire. His target is the rectangular mass of a US Carrier swerving through the Pacific to avoid his crash. Maneuver as it might, it can’t escape. The flight deck rising rapidly before him floats on a wall of ocean, beckoning, as if it is a doorway. But moments before the pilot meets this portal out of life, he thinks how good it would be not see the future death of his homeland. He is wrong. A devil’s sea has other shocking, touching and altogether absurd surprises waiting on the other side.

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