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THEMES OF THIS eMAGAZINE: •Queen Elizabeth II is Dead. Long Live King Charles III? •Nostradamus and the Future of the Royal Family Revealed. •Saturn-Uranus Square, the Nastiest Square in Astrology Closing a very Nasty Year 2022. •A Blind March of Insanity and Folly: Ukraine’s Desperation Offensives Thus Far. •The Tale of Two Flag Raisings at Mt. Suribachi in February1945 and at the Ukrainian Village of Vysokonillya in September 2022. •Ukrainian Victory Stolen by Incredible Domestic Corruption. •The Ukrainian State Assassination of Russian Journalist Daria Dugina: Are you also on the Ukrainian State’s Hit List? •How Zelensky’s Reality-Show Government may Face a Coup because of Bad TV Ratings. •The Final Ukrainian Offensives from September into November: Zelensky plays Pyrrhus to Putin Playing Kutuzov. •Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962? Meet Ukrainian Missile Crisis of 2022 where the NATO Proxy War with Russia ends. •A “Samson” Option Looms as Losers of Conventional Conflict Consider Atomics? •“And ye shall hear of Dirty Bombs and Rumors of Dirty Bombs…come to pass.” •The Winter of 2022-2023: An Ecomedy of Economic Errors! •Comparing Apple-to-Orange World Wars. •Who Bombed Nord Stream I and II: who benefits? •“It’s Done!” James Bond Style. •How Far will the Biden White House go: US Boots on Ukrainian Ground? •And finally, this is a “Dry Ice” HOT Cold War.

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