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Debunker James Randi attempted Debunking the Top Ten Most Famous Nostradamus Prophecies from the Mid-1550s. John Hogue will now Debunk the Debunker all Ten Times. The Visions will include, True or False: Henry II of France being killed in a Jousting Accident in 1559. Was the Invention of Human Travel by Air Balloon in the 1790s foreseen? Were intimate details of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s daring escape and their flight from Revolution—ending in arrest at “Varennes” in 1791—named outright? Did Nostradamus describe their Fate: Death by Guillotine in 1792? Did he predict the Execution of English King Charles I and the Year in 1649? Has he conjured the name of Napoleon Bonaparte in an Anagram? Did he name the Pope Napoleon imprisoned in 1797 and the place? Is Adolf Hitler the dreaded “Hister” hiding a Name underneath a famous River’s Ancient Name, or is that Prophecy all Wet? Did he Date the Death of a French Emperor 317 Years before it took place? Did Nostradamus Name President G.W. Bush “the Doubtful One” and mention the US Capitol Building? And Finally, a Vision James Randi avoided confronting: the Assassination on a Moonless Night in 1820 of the Duke of Berry, the Bourbon Heir to the Throne. Did Nostradamus Date the Assassination 265 years before happened set for the Night of February 13? Check it out!

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