An Online Private Reading with John Hogue

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

Book a 90-minute online, astrological and divination reading with me by locking down these new times by emailing your time at this email: Put Hogue Reading on the subject line and I’ll write back to you.

Here are the times and below the list is full information about the reading, how we do it, the payment and divination options.

The time I’m available for one reading each day is 5:00 pm Pacific Time for all who live in the Western Hemisphere (North America, Central, and South America). Please adjust your time zones to that time.

My Europe and UK time is 11 am Pacific (19:00 GMT, 20:00 CEST). For Australia it is 5pm Pacific (for you, that is 10:00 am AEDT the morning after the days listed below.) For any other region not mentioned, I’m open to arranging any individual time that works best for both of us.


MARCH 2021


TUESDAY 16 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm

WEDNESDAY 17 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm

FRIDAY 19 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm

SATURDAY 20 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm


MONDAY 22 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm

FRIDAY 26 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm

SATURDAY 27 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm

SUNDAY 28 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm


MONDAY 29 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm

TUESDAY 30 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm

WEDNESDAY 31 MARCH (Pacific Time)
5:00 pm


The fee is $149.00 per reading.

Paid via my link to the PayPal page. Click on the link here.

When you go to this link you’ll see it’s my pink donation page for HogueProphecy website. Click on the DONATE yellow button. That takes you into my PayPal payment/donation page where you can use your credit card to send your $149.00 reading fee.

Please note that the advanced payment is non-refundable.

State in the PayPal memo line which Pacific time slot you want and calculate accordingly for your own time zone what that time would be or send it via this email address:

Put Hogue Reading in the subject line.

Once advance payment is made and we settle on the time, I’ll be sending you the invitation link at the top of your planned hour to join the one-on-one Zoom conference meeting. No need to be a member of Zoom. The link will take you right to me online.

During the reading you’ll be seeing me in my office where I do all my writing and radio interviews, and I will also be able to show you the Osho Zen Tarot cards pulled and positionings of them online.

If you wish me to include some astrological observations, I will explain in a email what is needed to send as a PDF well in advance of the reading.

I’m looking forward to seeing you Online and sharing!


John Hogue



Go to’s home page.

1.) You go to the top line on the home page where it says “free horoscopes”

2.) go to Drawings & Calculations

3.) Click on “Natal Chart & Ascendant”

4.) You’re on the free chart page. Click on “click here to go to the data entry page”.

5.) put in your “Birth Data Entry”

Then click continue…

6.) Then you’ll see the pie chart I’m talking about as a png file. Don’t make a screen shot ot this. It will be blurry.

7.) now I suggest you take your cursor (mouse), click to grab this png file and drag it to a file on your device.

8.) then attach it to an email and send it to me. That’s the best way to get a clear image of your chart to me without a hitch.

9.) if that doesn’t work for you, go to the email box to the upper left of the chart. Click on the email icon and a box is there to send your email to me notifying the chart is up. This chart will only be up for a 24 hours before it disappears.