Nostradamus Coronavirus and the Pandemic Prophecies

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Everyone entering the 2020s, whether they like it or not, is seeing that future literally climbing over the event horizon of the present and into our lives. The abstract has morphed inot our present reality. Science Fiction stories depicting boulevards of great teaming cities emptied of people, New York’s Time Square empty and echoing the wind. It isn’t science fiction anymore. It is caused by a pandemic of science fact.

Nostradamus' Hallowween costume, the leather bird mask, hat and cape of a plague doctor of his day.

Nostradamus’ Hallowween costume, the leather bird mask, hat and cape of a plague doctor of his day.

This Great Coronavirus Pandemic threatens our livelihoods, our lives, all we know, including what we thought we understood about ourselves. In its wake we will have to change, adapt, or possibly die. Nostradamus, the most famous plague doctor of his day—afterwards becoming the most well-known seer of our times—tried to forewarn us of these latter days of war, chaos, economic upheaval and something only he could comprehend so intimately, the future advent of great plagues and pandemics in our times.

ThePlagueDoctor-RussianFilmMontageInformation revolutions from present to past have cited his name, published his prophecies. The invention of the printing press helped Nostradamus become one of the earliest, international bestselling authors. The invention of the Internet Revolution has exponentially spread his fame in our time

Time and again the world turns to Nostradamus to gain some prophetic insight a moment after hijacked jets in 11 September 2001 attacks took down New York City towers, live! He was summoned again on 15 April 2019, the day a suspicious fire consumed Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris—Live!

Once again in early 2020 a global pandemic has demanded Nostradamus long dead come forth like Lazarus, back to the whole world’s attention. This is the most comprehensive and complete book on the Plague Doctor’s rarely examined personal account of his fight against the Bubonic Plague outbreak in Southern France in the 1540s. We then look at his prophetic successes identifying great pandemics to come over the last 4.6 centuries up to his very clear forecast of COVID-19, detailed in this book, as well as potential pandemics coming in our future.



The Man Who Saw Tomorrow’s Pandemics

Tales from a Plague Doctor
And His most Famous Medical Prophecy

From Fulfilled Predictions of Plagues Past
To Plagues by Any Other Name

Separating Fact from Fallacy
When Prophecy is Infected
By the Virus of Lies

The Coronavirus Pandemic
Was Indeed Foreseen
By Nostradamus

Several Manmade Plagues
Will Overtake the Earth

A World Crisis of Global Pestilences,
War and Famine has Arrived

The Epistle of Plague’s
Great Unraveling

One Strange Bird “Flu”
Over the Human Cuckoo’s Nest

The Coronavirus Pandemic:
An Early Blessing in Disguise
A Rehearsal for Things to Come

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