Nostradamus 2012: The End of End Times



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Do you remember 2012? What a year that was! We all lived it a very long while ago. Not just a few weeks ago when 2013 dawned. Way back over a dozen years ago when 2012 really happened, the quickening of history and the fever of climate change began. In 2013, we are well into the death and renewal of ages. The 2012 winter solstice came and went. All those silly fools who wrote 3,000 books about that have overlooked the real year that was “2012” and Nostradamus’ direct connection to it.

The Post-Mayan Apocalypse has come! Time to sort out the “Great Went” of another apocalypse doom or bloomsday that fizzled.

In this PDF and fully illustrated version of this e-Book, I will take you back to the future, dispelling 25 years of doom and bloomsday myth so that what Nostradamus and the Mayan prophecies actually intended can have a last word in this aftermath of popular obsession with the Mayan Calendar shifting in 21 December 2012 set to anticipate a change of ages. Gone then, are cosmically required dates to grow up. I will also share a secret that can help one celebrate and live each moment galactically aligned and harmonically converged, ever NOW. No date on a calendar or galactic line up, required.

This book is my  LAST WORD on 2012 and FIRST WORD on the many other significant and ongoing reboots of prophetic time cycles that fixation on 2012 overlooked and neglected. It also reveals reveals Nostradamus’ unique association with  Mayan Prophecy that has yet to be understood or covered by any 2012 or End-Time related books written so far. It is the “afterward.” Wake up from dreams and see prophecy’s reality.


2 0 1 2: Is this the Real Millennium

Are We Going Chicken Little’s Way?
The End of the World as we know it is Late
The Maya behind the Mayan Calendar

Nostradamus (1503-1566).

Nostradamus Traveling through Time

Life of the Prophet
Afterlife of the Prophet
Nostradamus Target Dating the Future

Nostradamus Practiced Mayan Magic?

Nostradamus taken back to the “Barrios”
Remarkable Men with a Meeting?

The Land of the Lost
Book of Nostradamus

Lost Dog-Eared Prophecy Book Found?
A Work of Father Prophet Envy?
Television projecting Flaming Castles in the Clouds
A “Bridges” Too Far
Gilligan’s Apocalypse Island

1999 was 2012 to Nostradamus

Ugly Stretch marks on Linguistic License
The New Age Born from Two Labors of the  Sun
And the Photonic Band Played On

Many Crossroads in Time

Cue the Proph-arazzi
Time’s “Reboots” are made for Walkin’
The Final loud Flush of the Mayan Orb

Towards the Roaring 2020s

The Doomsday Decade ahead
Nostradamus’ Tribulation of Quickening History
Entering Catastrophe with Eyes Wide Shut

The End of Stupid
And the Critical Mass of Now

The Sum of All Fads of Forecast Fear
Enlightenment Entitled-meant
Ever Now is the Time to Harmonically Converge
From iPhone, to iPad, to iEnd Time?


12 December 2012:
The End of End Time?
Too Chicken Little Too Late?





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  1. Linda
    Posted 5 August 2014 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    Hi John,
    I enjoyed listening to you on coast to coast with George Noory ( every morning) this morning Aug 6,2014.

    I live Toronto, Canada, I would like like to know what is the donation for? I am also a fan of Nostradamus. I have already read quite a few books about him and his predictions…since I am able to read old French.



  2. Posted 1 March 2014 at 6:03 am | Permalink

    I really want to thank you big time John as even couldn’t afford too much, worked all my life for everything and anything I wanted or needed and then had to retire into poverty, why don’t know but having a little have kept up with you and truly enjoyed listening to your talks, etc., because in a way have kept me centered, thanks. Peace and light forever. JackieO

  3. Posted 26 October 2013 at 6:50 am | Permalink

    Friends, I’m having a delema about a Jesus’ return. I get
    many conflicting answers, but I know someone must have an answer that makes sense.
    The question is, if the year of Christ’s first coming was
    given, why wouldn’t the year of his sencond coming also have been given?

    Matt. 24:36 say’s that no man would know a day or an hour, but it says nothing about a year.
    And, Dan. 12, in answer to Daniels question in verse 8, really seems to give a year for
    his second coming. In fact, all of chapter 12 describes what
    happens at the very end, giving a scene right out of II Thessalonians on the second coming.
    Read it.
    Please leave your comments, or visit FinalTimeProphecy.Com where this prophecy is, I believe, well explained.

    The author of, The Final Time Prophecy, DW, the time prophecy ends
    a matter of years.
    Looking for truth.

  4. paul macdonald
    Posted 18 February 2013 at 7:43 pm | Permalink

    thank you for your time on coast to coast and your prophecy. as you know. {why me}. prophets come in all shapes and sizes. I think you have a gift from god and from your website link quoted on the radio show. you are right about how meditation and love from good people can change the world outcome. very bad people are in charge behind the scenes right now desperately doing things to try and trigger and bring about the cumming Apocalypse. because they are prepared for it and are foreseeing a huge profit from it . I think you are jumping on that boat too you need to stop trying to extract every cent you can from all your books maybe combine it all into one book or do something for the benefit of the world ( other like minded people ) not just yourself . The end of the world will not come untill god thinks it is time . and right now good people are still learning about gods plan . I like your cynical sense of humor it is very refreshing. you have been given a great gift . please do not abuse it by turning people away with aggressive money making tactics. help other prophets realize , see and put meaning to their visions or dreams by helping them to learn about what other prophets of old have foretold . like what you said about comets signifying meaningful events in history I did not know that. Remember all it takes is one person to change history God bless and God Speed to you

  5. Posted 23 January 2013 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    Do you also have a hardcover book as my computer is small anyway would love to have a hardcovr book personnally, thanks. Love and Light.

    Hi, Jackie. There’s no hardcovers or dead tree books for me now. The printing industry went “dinosaur” on me in 2003. Not how I would have wanted it, but then, what to do. Every 500 years or so, the vector for information changes. The drawn and hand scribbled books 500 years ago had to surrender to the printing press. Now, the printer press folk subside before the CD and the electronic vector for communication. I suggest you get a computer that can facilitate your reading books riding on photons and electrons. I have since written 11 eBooks after 2003 when the dead tree book industry abandoned me.

  6. Gina Eaker
    Posted 28 October 2012 at 9:08 am | Permalink

    Hi John,

    I plan on securing myself a copy of your ebook, The End of End Times, shortly. When reading through the chapters, I happened to notice chapter 7:

    “CHAPTER 7
    1999 was 2012 to Nostradamus”

    I have followed you for over 20 years. I am also a student of Edgar Cayce. I have been blessed with the vision of prophecy as well. I have seen many things, natural diasters mostly.

    It has always bothered me that Edgar Cayce predicted all his Earth Changes to take place starting in 1998. According to the future maps of the US with the east and west coast under water and the Mississippi floading the center of the US, these events as of today have not occurred.

    Is it possible that Edgar Cayce was seeing 2012 rather than 1998, similar to your chapter 7?

    With this huge unprecedented storn hitting the east coast, my intuition is telling me that now is the time all these events that have been “seen” by myself included starts now, with the Full Moon in Taurus (Earth).

    If you could take the time to respond, I would be delighted, but if you are too busy, I understand 🙂

    In the New World, I hope we can meet someday 🙂

    Oklahoma City (former NYer, Long Island), apparently now in a safe zone, lol

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