Noah’s Ark Of Consciousness

“Man is now living in his most critical moment and it is a crisis of immense dimensions. Either he will die or a new man will be reborn…It is going to be a death and resurrection. Unless human consciousness changes totally man cannot survive. As he is right now he is already outdated. …During this period there will be every kind of destruction on Earth including natural catastrophes and man manufactured auto-suicidal efforts. In other words there will be floods which have never been known since the time of Noah, along with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and everything else that is possible through nature. The Earth cannot tolerate this type of mankind any longer. There will be wars which are bound to end in nuclear explosions, hence no ordinary Noah’s ark is going to save humanity. …The Holocaust is not going to be confined to certain places, it is going to be global so no escape will be possible. You can only escape within and that’s what I teach. I do not teach worship of God or any other ritual but only a scientific way of coming to your innermost core.” (OSHO (1983))

The mother of all travails is unavoidable. There will be famines, plagues, and global disasters, whether seers have used the gift of true providence to forewarn us of signs of the end times, or have conditioned us to make the end times happen. A tribulation is coming, whether it is the end of the world or the birth pangs of a new age. The year 2012 will come and soon be forgotten in as we advance deeper into a century of revolution and upheaval. The 2010s will pass into the Roaring 2020s that will see unprecedented stress brought to bear on human civilization and Earth’s ecology. There will be wars, global warming and unrest. By the 2020s there will be billions of young people expecting a better future, but they will be disenfranchised by their own excessive numbers. They will see the job market and the world’s resources collapse. The basics for happiness in life will be denied them. They will not enjoy a good education, or a roof over their head. They will be denied food, water and hope. The young will be prime targets for the harangues and hate mongering of not one but dozens of messianic Hitlers preaching an apocalyptic solution.

If only they could catch a ride on a Rapture cloud – if there were one. The more practical person might dig a survivalist’s ditch and wait out the tribulation to come, but escape may not be possible when the whole world is going to feel the pain of this multifaceted travail. If food runs out during a protracted global famine, the survivalists will be the first doomsday moles rooted out of their holes by the desperate who are rooting out the last of the hoarded supplies.

No one will escape.

You may choose to abandon the rising, flooding coastlines of California for a religiously pure and safe area like the desert town of Sedona, Arizona; but rather than drown from rising oceans, you may desiccate when the potable water in that New Age Mecca runs out.

The coming decades of the early 21st century could see all of us writhing under an Internet of history’s first global emergency. No region, no nation and no person on Earth will be exempt from the effects of another person’s misuse or overuse of the planet. The next 30 years will endure floods not seen in recorded history – if not directly from weather, then from rising coastlines.

Prophets foresee earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even many scientists predict natural disasters of a scope and magnitude never before encountered. It will be as if the earth were rebelling against a humanity that chooses to remain retarded while it waits for the saviors to fix them.

Nostradamus and other seers have predicted a plague of 70 wars across the world, triggered by the breakdown of water and food resources caused by rampant overpopulation. Many of these wars will end in nuclear explosions and the unleashing of biological and chemical-weapon plagues.

Attempts to escape may not only be futile but also result in a missed opportunity. A major theme promoted by more renegade redeemers – those mystics who do not toe the mainstream anti-life and pro-afterlife line of the Second Coming Syndrome – is that you cannot escape from yourself. No matter how high the Rapture carries you into the clouds, no matter how many Himalayan mountains you pull over your head to escape the disasters, the problem comes along for the ride.

You are the problem.

And you could be the answer.

The answer to averting the tribulations to come may arise out of each individual understanding and transcending the problem he or she has become.

Individual salvation requires something else entirely, a totally new vector. Whole some continue to wait for rescue in the form of a new ark of a New Jerusalem to mother-ship them out of harm’s way, there are visions that act like irritating flies dancing on the nose of such deliverance dreams, disturbing their reverie. These visions buzz with images of a travail from which there’s no escape. They say that the coming disasters will force all people to stand face to face with a heartbreaking and dream-breaking reality: No saints or saviors are coming to save us from ourselves.

We will have to become our own saviors.

One of the renegade mystics, Osho, believes the next Noah’s ark needed to save humanity is a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. It is not a UFO mothership of nebulous construction built for one to wait out the seven years of tribulation behind a comet’s tail. It isn’t a cave city for survivalists. It is a hideaway so secret that you’d never guess how close it nudges against where you live even at this moment. It hides right behind the source of your existence.

This safe haven is a place that spiritual survivalists retreat to.

It is the ark of consciousness within each of us.

The pathway to this ark can be found by remaining silent and centered exactly in the middle of the cyclone of the coming times.

Therapy for Madhouse Earth

While watching the changing world outside and the movement of thoughts and emotions within, I become more aware of a presence that doesn’t change. It is impossible to define in words what this is, but I do know that it is always the same presence; that when it comes, it is everywhere and nowhere at once; that nothing I’m thinking or feeling can connect with it; that it is so still it doesn’t exist and so subtle that at times it is too alive to bear.

I remember first encountering this presence as a child. Then I lost touch with it. The losing was a gradual process called growing up. I experienced it as walling up. Gradually Pink Floyd’s bricks piled up around me, blocking out the limitless view of the innocent and unnamable wonder that a child feels by just being alive. I was taught to hold on to thoughts and possess emotional expectations; in short, I was given recipes for accepted adult behavior. I painfully learned to live in a world where beauty and the art of being alive are pushed lower and lower on life’s laundry list; I was taught to survive in a culture where cars, money, face-saving at all costs, and manipulation of others are the primary values. I had come into the world as a cosmos and it looked like I would leave the world as a spent commodity.

When it got too much, I got pushed to the edge of a nervous breakthrough. There were only two alternatives: rediscover what I had lost, or lose myself.

How can I tell you about this journey inward to find my self again, without tarnishing it with judgments, dialectics, words?

If I ever greet you beyond the veil of these words, we might find a way to share this mystery called meditation. I will not speak of it, I will sing it to you, dance it; we will hug meditation, we will silent meditation. Our sutras will be giggles. I’d rather not use words, but this is the Kali Yuga after all — an age that uses the least adequate media to express the deepest truths.

With that said, let’s stumble ahead in the darkness of print:

I do not yet know who I am but meditation allows me to often see how I am.

Through understanding the hows of my happiness-sadness-love-and-hate, I observe their rough-and-tumble within me with greater distance. Meditation helps me to watch the movement of my thoughts and emotions. I become more a spectator than a participant in stress, pain, and denial. Through meditation I have been able to uncover the root cause of all my misery: The fear of change, and lurking behind that, the ultimate fear — the fear of death. Meditation has helped me observe the mechanics of misery and fear.

There’s a Sufi metaphor about identification. Misery doesn’t come to us, we unconsciously seek it out and hold on to it, like flinging our arms around a pillar. As we squeeze tighter we yell, “Oh, if I only could be rid of this misery and pain!”

This misunderstanding is our choice. As American mystic Adi Da Samraj once remarked, we do misery, we do expectation.

Hell is not a place. We do it.

We do predictability.

We make prophecy work because we are so damned predictable. Caught in the cycles of time and unconsciousness, we have repeated again and again the behaviors that make it easy for the seers to prophesy us unto doomsday.

The crossroads in time where we find ourselves now demands a spiritual rebellion that can prevent us from doing an apocalypse of doom in all dimensions. The first decades of this new century require that a significant number of people get some distance from themselves to see how they tick.

There is a need for a global awareness of how, from the moment we emerge from the womb, we are programmed from birth onwards to imprint concepts that are totally divorced from our deepest natural understanding of life. Only when there are enough people ready to rebel against this ancient circle of programmed misery and predictability can it be broken.

The spiritual rebels will certainly be in the minority. Most of us are bound to avoid encountering the raw revelation that we actually love our misery and hold its pillar fast to our breasts while we wish and wail for a new age. In the coming decade, billions will discover that misery and fear is all they know. But unlike most people, the spiritual rebels will break out of their prison of conditioning and become the new humanity arising out of the rubble of the old.

The spiritual rebels will not pander to the death cults of current religious thought; they will live this life so fully that heaven will exist inside them, not somewhere in the afterworld. They will escape from their jail-keeper called God. And they will slip from the bonds of national identification to become citizens of the world.

Meditation is the method to uncover all the illusions that keep humanity in bondage. It is the only hope this planet has to avoid the collision course so many seers down the centuries have predicted for us. Every misunderstanding and distortion of truth that has blindly dragged us to the brink of the precipice will have to be jettisoned, if we are not to plunge over the edge at the end of this decade.

This is why the emergence of the new breed, Homo novus — the true strangers among us, is viewed with suspicion and fear. The priests or the politicians cannot control these people. They do not pray for happiness, they are happiness. In the midst of a suicidal world, their way of life exposes the death wish society must encounter and transcend if it is to survive.

The spiritual rebels are the soul and spirit of the new Golden Age. And meditation is their new science.

My own journey into meditation and spiritual rebellion began from a nasty experience I had as a seven year old, when I moved to a new school in a new neighborhood.

I was in love with the little girl sitting next to me in my second-grade class. When she was moved to another spot in the classroom, I was brokenhearted. The teacher, like many adults I knew then (and now), liked to hide her fears behind a façade of power. She looked as big as her fear, and when she demanded to know what was the matter with me, I didn’t speak in words but in pain, and sobbed into my hands. My expression of naked feeling elicited from kids and teacher alike an immediate wave of hostility and derision. For weeks after that event, I was treated with disgust and fear as some kind of thing.

During an atomic air raid drill for World War III — so common in the years following the Cuban Missile Crisis — I accidentally bumped into the largest kid in the class while groping in the dark classroom for my place to duck and cover myself.

His immediate reaction was to slug me in the stomach.

Crying, doubled over in agony, I asked him why he hit me. Still a kid and not yet completely formed into the proper masked and label-loving adult, he was struck by the blow of my existential question.

“I don’t know!” he blinked, bewildered. “It’s what dad told me to do. When you’re hit, hit back.”

That was my first hard lesson in programming.

It got worse. When he and a gang of kids would chase me off the playground every recess with tetherballs and stones, I had to run my little ass into a nearby storm drain trench. As I huddled there, I was forced to face the reality that people were neither sane nor loving; they only pretended to be. The children would forget about me and wander back to the swings and sandboxes, but I could never forget this heartbreaking truth, heartbreaking because it set me apart from people. It made me aware that I am alone.

But no bitter experience is without its sweetness. Crouching in the trench, chin buried in the pungent grass, with tearful, wide eyes gazing at dancing clouds in a silent sky, I also became aware that Nature did not — could not — reject me. It was more than a friend, it was a beloved. As I became aware of my aloneness, Nature accepted it. Was it.

After that I could not see fear in Nature, only innocence. There is no judgment in Nature’s stases and catastrophes. It is unnatural man, divided against the Self, who judges them. There is life, death, violence and peace flowing from animals, earth and plants. They don’t judge or feel divisions like we do. The rosebush doesn’t compare itself to the lotus and commit suicide. In fact, no animal except man commits suicide or indiscriminately slaughters its own kind. We compare, and throw our minds and hearts into the turmoil of division. This division becomes projected onto all of our relationships with other human beings and with the Earth. As we become more and more split off from our fellow humans and from the planet, we create all the conditions that draw us closer to death — personal and global.

The insights of my personal apocalypse made it hard for me to buy into all the ways people suppress the natural within and destroy the ecology of Earth with their fearful greed. A new and tender consciousness arose that at the time had no words. Looking back on it years later, I realized it was then I made the commitment that has forever sabotaged my efforts to embrace life as it is socially presented and commonly accepted. That is why I never succeeded in opera or fit with anyone’s projections and expectations.

I somehow understood in my child-mind that a truly natural, spiritual person would be as silent as that sky, as playful as those eddying clouds, as rich with the fragrance of wisdom as the grass cushioning my chin. A natural human being, like the grass, could not dictate or push his or her fragrance on others but would simply be unable to contain it.

In the intensity of that terrible moment of rejection, Nature showed me how to sniff out an authentic member of the genus Homo novus. These flowers in humanity’s manure field would possess the silence of Nature and an equanimity in the face of Nature’s two polar complementaries — destruction and creation. I would instinctively recognize these members of the new human race by their laughter and celebration uncaused, by the gleam of a second and consciously recognized childhood sparking in their eyes. I would know them if their silent gaze and presence were not disturbed by fame or infamy, riches or poverty, life or death. They would remain inwardly blissful, unaffected by life’s vagaries or any attempts by those outside of their silence to abuse and disturb them. The Homo novus would be happy in a palace or in the dirtiest holding cell. And if sadness on rare occasions came to their doors, they would watch it rather than indulge it, until sadness moved on.

I have spent the last sixteen years traveling around the world in search of such men and women. I have found them. They are my criterion for saying you and I are unnatural. They have also showed me — in their unique ways — that meditation, the science of self-observation, is the only medicine that can cure the insanity we have become and give us back a future.

I do not ask or expect you to believe me. In fact, there is no point in either believing or debunking what I’m saying without a sincere and intimate investigation on your own.

I am satisfied with the ongoing process of my own apocalypse. I have met a few members of the genus Homo novus and their fragrance is meditation.

The words meditation and medicine have the same ancient root. One heals the body, the other the soul. If we look from a more occidental angle, the words meditation and mechanic also have the same roots. If you can watch your entire mental-emotional engine without getting caught in its grinding gears, if you can see it as the dispassionate and watchful mechanic, you will then find ways to fix your engine. It will start working for you rather than disturb your ride through life.

I can thank the apocalypse of meditation for pushing me out of an operatic career. Nine months before I had my nervous breakthrough, I became interested in meditation as a way to relieve stress and refresh my body-mind. But I soon found out that meditation was more than a mere exercise in positive thinking or an exercise in creative visualizations to find new and improved love and abundant money and health. Taking twenty minutes a day to watch my breath turned my outward focus in. This turning in did more than slow the heartbeat and ward off high blood pressure of the upwardly mobile professional I had become. It reminded me of childhood’s timeless time when trees fall and nobody is there to hear, when flowers grow with nobody there to see, and feelings flow with nobody there to feel. Through watching the simple witnessing of life’s infinite movements I unearthed the pleasure in paradox.

I rediscovered moments when life became poetry again.

When roots of silence sink where I sit so still soaking earth softly. And deep silence dives in skies caught cavorting behind closed eyes.

Meditation started washing my looking with eternity’s twinkle. After a few months of practicing simple Zen exercises of watching the breath, I couldn’t understand why something so pleasurable and revitalizing wasn’t universally practiced. Then a moment came when the new awareness reached deeper into my unconscious and threw a shattering light on my illusions.

It can happen at any moment. Especially if you watch your breath, if you are still, waiting. Something trips the existential switch and the screen of your personal id soap operas blinks out. A void fills the void, wiggling through a brief crack in the noise of the mind. It is the apocalypse of truth breaking the sliding bolt that locks away all the lies from one’s sight. It is a thief in the night, stealth-like and silent, a wave, invisible, undermining one’s cliff of solid ego.

In one unguarded moment I became transparent. And though the guard of moments — the personality — instantly returned, I could not completely forget the void’s abiding and spacious sky of silence.

For me, this was and is the threshold of meditation. It is as much a death as a delight. Meditation’s techniques of self-observation showed me my thoughts were no more mine to possess than a wind racing through empty dreams.

At meditation’s first penetration, I became aware that this “John Hogue” was a fiction written by many hands — none of them my own. A name, a religion, a country, and finally a personality had been applied like bricks, imprisoning the authentic being my mother and father had brought into the world.

Early on, the label bricks were of soft and pliable mud, easy for a child to break free of, but between the ages of seven and fourteen, the bricks turned into unyielding stone. I had become my own memorial statue while still living.

The child seized these brick labels as greedily as he seized the tit. What else could he do? That child needed the grown-ups, and the grown-ups felt they needed to condition him for the coming life of lies and limitations. The child of silence became a gullible youth who listened to society’s learned hypocrites — the priests of impossible horizons — who, save for the noise of their roaring, have never encountered the things they taught: gods, heavens, and hells.

The youth became imprisoned in adulthood’s emotional and psychic castle. At the age of twenty-one, meditation’s taste of disidentification made John aware that his buddha had atrophied. The Enlightened One reduced to enlightened once. Fear had become his bedmate, denial, the sheets.

Like medicines, meditation can be bitter. Initially, it can give you worse pain than the disease itself. Cancer patients would like to escape the only therapies that might possibly save them, but if they chooses to fight for life, painful chemotherapy or radiation will be risked.

After abandoning an operatic career, I began taking risks. I again started asking all those questions children ask and adults avoid. Essential questions: Why am I unhappy? Why do I fear? Who am I?

At first I tried the usual New Age assortment of meditations that heightened psychic powers. After four years of this, I could see auras, read minds, etc. Still, the essential facticity of my being was hidden. While astral traveling I had many fascinating experiences, but they didn’t make me any more aware of who was zipping in and out of the astral realms. Who was seeing auras? Who indeed was opening his chakras? Who was reading minds? Who was this mystery that sometimes accurately saw the future?

Whether I am looking at a cup of coffee or seeing my past and future lives, how can any of these experiences be me?

Who, after all, is the watcher?

Frustration led me away from the psychic seeker-sucking game to an exploration of many Eastern techniques of classical meditation such as Yoga and Vipassana — which is Buddha’s technique of sitting watching the suchness of thoughts and emotions. I also had direct experiences with some new and radical seeds of Eastern meditation set to sprout in the West sometime in the next century.

Over the last decade, I have encountered what in my opinion were many charlatans and also a handful of authentic masters. An account of these spiritual examinations, meditation therapies and teachers would be too vast to describe here. A detailed account will be forthcoming in future books.

Here, on this web page, I can only touch on some of the radically new ideas about meditation that have been introduced in the latter half of this century. For instance, if you fly to the town of Poona, India, just 100 kilometers from the labyrinth city of Mumbai (Bombay), you will encounter the most striking examples of this. Nestled in the town that gave Tantra one of its greatest ancient centers, the birthplace of one of India’s most significant twentieth-century mystics, Meher Baba, is the Ashram (spiritual campus) that used to be known as Osho Commune International and currently goes by the name Osho Meditation Resort.

There you will find the disciples of the late Osho carrying on their master’s vision of providing a Club Meditation for the creation of the new humanity. It is a sixty-eight-acre resort of luscious gardens, black granite and marble buildings and pyramids, a strange contrast to the surrounding squalor of a bustling Third World city.

It has undergone many alterations since I first entered its gates back in 1980, when it was known as the Poona Ashram of the notorious sex guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I had gone there two years prior to my longer stay at the Rajneeshee Ranch in Oregon. While the later experiment allowed me the opportunity to sample social experiments in future living, the Poona Ashram offered me a taste of life at the frontiers of the Human Potential Movement.

In Nostradamus and the Millennium (1987), the first volume of my Nostradamus prophecy trilogy (the second and third volumes are Nostradamus, The New Revelations [1994] and Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies [1997]), I examined predictions of Nostradamus regarding the loose fellowship of therapists and meditation movements of the last fifty years known as the Human Potential Movement. Nostradamus pegged this movement as the source of tomorrow’s spiritual rebellion. I was determined to find out what it was all about. Frankly, when I did, it shocked me. Up until I became acquainted with these new therapy movements, I never knew that screaming, pillow beating, or openly exploring my sexuality in a therapy group could be the beginning of treading an authentic spiritual path. When I first heard about the ashram, I was told they practiced the most cathartic meditation technique in the movement. At first it was called Chaotic Meditation; then the name was changed to Dynamic Meditation. I was about to find out what it was, firsthand.

Osho is famous in meditation circles for his controversial claim that we moderns, particularly the Westernized variety, are the most restless and neurotic human who have ever existed. With enough forceful discipline, we may be able to keep our body still, but we cannot still our minds. Vipassana, Yoga, and all the rest of the 112 techniques from the East are made for simpler people of more innocent and less complex times.

Before sitting in silence can happen, the accumulation of stress, anger, and repression packed away behind modern people’s happy-face masks has to be creatively and safely expressed. Osho claimed to have a meditation technique that, if practiced all over the world every morning, could be used as a release valve for all the pent-up collective angers that periodically erupt in a binge of global slaughter — what I’ve coined as the will to catharsis.

The meditation has five sections and is done to especially composed music by the New Age composer Deuter as conceived by Osho. During the first part, of ten minutes duration, you breathe rapidly, chaotically and deeply through the nose. This is supposed to build up the energy that can help you release the flame of pent-up repressions.

Then, at the sound of a gong, the music changes into waves of sonic wildness. For the second ten minutes you are to undergo catharsis, release emotions, anger, gibberish, fear, rage, madness — whatever comes up. You are to dance it, shake it, scream it, sing it, but you are absolutely not allowed to hurt others in the hall.

The third gong brings on a ten-minute hop of heaven-hell. You stop releasing emotions [or stop undergoing catharsis] and reach your arms straight over your head and jump to the pulsing synthesizers and drums. Every time your feet hit the ground you yell Hoo! with all you’ve got, as if it meant life or death. This is a variation of a Sufi technique designed to bring your energies up out of your sex center and take them through the rest of your body.

At the last hop and Hoo! the pre-recorded voice of Osho yelling Stop! cuts the music like splitting a thunderbolt. You then freeze in place like a statue for fifteen minutes and watch within.

Finally, there is fifteen minutes of dancing and celebrating.

The first three sections are consciously constructed to completely exhaust you. In this way, Osho’s techniques are similar to those of George Gurdjieff and the meditation schools of central Asia who believe that man had deeper and deeper layers of energy — second winds, if you will — that first have to be expended before real meditation can happen. The more total your exhaustion, the deeper the plunge within your being.

Many mystics, past and present, say that only when one reaches a crisis can an authentic spiritual journey begin. A state of extreme urgency is a must. Totality is the ultimate credential. Only when the inner search becomes a life-and-death issue can the tension be brought to the breaking point and send you into an altered state of deep relaxation.

Dynamic Meditation uses the first three sections to prepare you for the state of dispassionate witnessing that is the final preparation for meditation. The rapid breathing brings up the repressed tensions; the catharsis stage then activates a good spiritual vomit; the hopping nearly exhausts you, bringing the body to the limit of its endurance, and then you can fall into an altered state — a meditator’s version of a runner’s high, so to speak.

My understanding of meditation techniques is that they relax you into witnessing. These techniques themselves, however, are not true meditation, nor are all those so-called spiritual experiences one has through being still and silent. Meditation is not an experience. Meditation is not a thing one does to get something, but it does seem that some preparation for meditation is needed. The silent witnessing of meditation only blossoms from the waiting, the allowing, the parking of the body-mind, the deep relaxation without a goal or expectations, because to have goals and expectations is to be tense.

Back in 1980 when Dynamic Meditation was first described to me, it was enough to stir a volcano of rage and fear underneath my spiritual façade. The night before doing my first Dynamic Mediation was one of the darkest in my life. I experienced the essence behind the terrible words of St. John’s prophecy about people trying to pull the mountains over themselves to escape facing the revelation of truth. That night moments passed like the peeling of skin. I tossed and turned, then ran to the bathroom and saw the puffy face and slit eyes of a man stunned by his own terror.

I never felt so stuck. I could not go back and I did not want to go forward into the unknown that a cathartic meditation would reveal. I writhed about in the damp fishing net of my bed covers in a tropical-fever night, cursing myself, Osho, meditation, and all the mystics that disturb people’s sleep.

I could sense that if I went too far with this meditation experiment I would reach a point when I could no longer return to that deep sleep. I tell you, reader: since my experience of that night I see a terrible revelation about everyone — we don’t want to wake up. We don’t want happiness, we don’t want real freedom because to attain it we must confront all that is false in us, chaining us down. To be a meditator is to be mother to the birth of our own inner child. The master or the meditation technique is the midwife. They can help, they can hold your hand, they can indicate what you have to do, but the pain of giving birth to yourself is encountered alone. No one else feels the contractions of your womb like you do.

When 6 a.m. came, I somehow managed to drag myself out under the wide, wall-less dome of the meditation hall. There I mingled with several hundred groggy meditators. We blew our noses and blindfolded ourselves, digging bare feet into the cold cement floor. All braced themselves for the first gong, which would strip the predawn air of its silence with Deuter’s apocalyptic muzak.

At the sound of the gong, the knotted rubber band of my pent-up terrors released its prop and off went my model-plane personality into the predawn darkness.

By the end of the third stage of dynamic, if I had any ambition for nirvana left, the hopping and hooing was squeezing it to the relaxing point. When the recorded blast of STOP! cut the sweaty air, I froze-fell to the cold floor. For fifteen minutes, I became a stillness floating on the waves of a gasping-for-breath — too tired to think, too cleaned by catharsis to be afraid.

What can I say to you about this heap of John Hogue lying on the cement floor? What words can convey the down-down-down, deeper-deeper-deeper he had become for those eternal minutes?

Clear, because nothing obstructs.
Soundless, because it has no end of depth.
No bottom for the sounding,
No surface for the sounder.
IT — looking without eyes and dying

without death.
A cloud of darkness, I gave my self in rains,
Letting fall showers of sorrow,
Until a burning sky of joy remains.

The delicate notes of the flute heralding the final stage of Dynamic Meditation brought the first awareness of that inner sky to me. Drained limbs made an effort to move, twitching like a fresh corpse. The music caressed more movements out of my still pool of exhaustion until I was able to lift my heavy, blindfolded head. At that moment, I was drowned in an explosion of white light as bracing as a cold mountain stream. The light took me up in its embrace. Where one exhausted man lay a moment before, there appeared a dancing fool.

In my veins fired life, dyeing the darkness in countless fire clouds. To dance was to touch gold with eyes and bathe the world with sight. By the end of the celebration music, and as the rising sun cut shafts of light through birdcalls and the tropical plants surrounding the hall, I had become the blue-viewing of sky.

Now when the world’s misery pours tears out of my eyes, they are not only of suffering or the grieving spawn of expectations and desires, they are the realization that sanity is possible. Humans suffer because they cannot completely return to an animal’s innocent state. I am one human who is convinced that all humans suffer life on Earth because to one degree or another they have sand chaffing their dreams. They hurt because they have the destiny — mostly ignored and repressed — to make within themselves a pearl called Homo novus, the New Humanity.

Prophecy indicates that time is running out for the birth of this new humanity. The birth has to happen this very moment through a spiritual rebellion against the past. Humankind is destined for a catharsis, a psychic breakdown that can also become a psychic breakthrough. The choice is ours.


Meditation can gain each of us access to a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. If what I’ve confessed here about meditation resonates with you. If Osho’s eyes mirror a beckoning from the beyond to you, then, like me, you might try experimenting with some of his meditation techniques, not only Dynamic Meditation. Osho has many active and passive techniques specifically tailored for people living in our fast pace times. And these techniques will not make one an escapist. They simply help one live fully engaged in the world without being of the world and its troubles.

As I understand it, meditation is not religion. It is a technique to tune in and become more quiet inside, blissful, alert and undisturbed by the gathering storms on the horizon of humanity’s future. I would say that whatever your religion is now, be it theist, atheist, Eastern or Western, mainstream or pagan, meditation will bring to your religious experience deeper insight – revelation.

If you permit me, I can freely share with you information about and links to the meditations I use. Simply Contact Me.

I close with these insights foreseen a quarter-century ago by a prophet for a new humanity. He understood our dire times and what we each can do to turn the dark future before us into a golden future:

Just as death faces an individual, similarly death shows its dark face before the collective consciousness of an entire civilization. And that civilization’s collective mind becomes ready to go deep into the realms of religion and the unknown…This can repeat itself again; there is a complete possibility for it.

Osho (1971), Dimensions Beyond the Known

Never before was the search so acute, so intense, because never before was man in such an anguish as he is today. The search always comes out of anguish. Whenever there is great anguish, the anguish becomes a challenge, one has to search for something which is so meaningful that the anguish can be dissolved through it. When the darkness is very very deep, only then does one search for light.

And the darkness is really deep. This is one of the darkest ages: never before has man been in such a disturbed, confused chaos. Because all the old values have disappeared. Man is no more rooted in the past, there are no more any goals in the future, all utopias have failed. Man is utterly desperate now to know what to do and where to go.

In the past it has happened many times that a certain value became valueless, another value took its place, it was substituted. One religion died, another took its place. One idealism was found futile, another better vision, more golden, was immediately available. What has happened this time is that all the ideals have failed and there is no more any substitute. It is not that one value has failed and another has come into being: that is not much of a change. This time, value as such has failed and there is utter darkness, nowhere to go. This is the greatest challenge to human awakening. Hence I say, for the first time in history, the time is right for a great Buddhafield.

Osho (1978), Let Go!

A great, unheard-of experiment has to be done, on such a large scale that at least the most substantial part of humanity is touched by it—at least the soul of humanity, the center of humanity, can be awakened by it. On the periphery, the mediocre minds will go on sleeping—let them sleep—but at the center where intelligence exists a light can be kindled.

The time is ripe, the time has come for it. My whole work here consists in creating a Buddhafield, an energy-field where these eternal truths can be uttered again. It is a rare opportunity. Only once in a while, after centuries, does such an opportunity exist…don’t miss it!

Osho (1979), The Dhammapada: The Way of Buddha



I don’t think my comment went through on your blog on the ” Noah’s ark of consciousness” I found the article very moving and beautiful expressed. I am actually a christian prophecy researcher explorer on my own but i really enjoy reading other views of prophecy, including the Mayan. I found your writing very beautiful, moving, sad and prophetic all flowing in at same time on my thoughts. The news media information on your guru back in the days did not show him in favorable light so I never really allowed myself to explore him in a prophetic sense till tonight. thanks for the article.


Thanks Denise for your lovely letter and for your openness and understanding. As you know, from the life of Christ, the mainstream “press” of his time and the Establishment too, shined an unfavorable light.

Such is the situation with those of great truth and enlightenment. Jesus was Crucified, Muhammad was poisoned as was Buddha. Zoroaster was stabbed. Socrates poisoned. Plythagoras burned alive with his disciples and the Sufi mystic al-Hillaj Mansour was cut to pieces bit by bit as he laughed. Osho was also killed by poisoning in jail. It took Muhammad seven years to die from poisonning. It took four years for the poison to take him. Such is the way of unconscious masses when faced with the flowering of individuals like these who are the awakening of our greatest potentials.

Do not read sadness in my words when I say this. I celebrate their light and understanding that passeth our understanding and our attempts to render pain.


  1. Posted 30 November 2015 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

    The Ark of consciousness is revealed in the Gospel of Thomas in L. 22 where Jesus says that one must make manifest the Image and the Light. This has been sought by many but discovered by few since the Gospel has been written. Jesus says further that he will pick one out of a thousand, two out of ten thousand. I have discovered the secret and have given it to a small number. Every time I mention it nobody wants it, so it appears that Jesus was right, few will be picked. Sincerely. Michael.

    Hi Mike, this is a better place for you to put your comments rather than on my Facebook page, because I can vet whether they are pertinent. This passage is, so I’m happy to print it here and comment on it. The Mustard Seed of St. Thomas is the purest gospel of Yeshua. It avoided all the manipulation of the Council of Nicaea when they turned Christianity into a big-business religion. In your passage, I’m reminded about Buddha saying basically the same thing 500 years earlier in the Dhammapada. This passage may be another instance–like Yeshua quoting Buddha’s golden rule–that Yeshua in the unrecorded years in the Bible actually did travel east to Tibet and India where records in certain monasteries still exist pointing to “Yesu’s” visit from the West.

  2. Marilyn Wilson
    Posted 18 August 2015 at 5:35 am | Permalink

    Hello ~

    Listened to you last evening on Coast. I’ve just gone through all your web site. I don’t know who this Ark of consciousness guy is: but he certainly needs the Lord Jesus to order his steps and straighten out his doctrine. Every knee shall bow and tongue confess the Jesus is Lord. There is no where to run, hid or change events coming upon the earth. Our only safety is to run to Jesus.
    Those that do not believe will find out soon enough~

    Have a bit more of the Christ truth in your presentations John.

    Best today,

    OK, Marilyn, let’s start with some real truth about your Jesus myth. That is a phony name “Jesus Christ.” Your Son of God was never called that. Nor was there anyone following him called a “Christian.” These are all reconstructions of Imperial Rome. The Romans loved to “Romanize” religions they embraced. Yeshua’s Jewish reform, Messianic movement got the same treatment as the religion of ISIS or Mythras. Indeed, I would say Imperial Rome-the-“Antichrist” did its best and has achieved the longest sustained desception in the name of their false “Christ” put in the way of Yeshua’s ministry. It’s so complete that 99.9 percent of Christians like you don’t even notice that you are worshipping a lie imposed by Roman Emperors, like Constantine, on your founder. Did you know that Constantine declared himself the fulfillment of the Second Coming of Christ? Then he institutionalized your religion, melding it as part of his pagan monotheisitic religion called Sol Invictus. Did you know that your Christian saints have halos because its a pagan sign of the Sun God shining upon them? Your worshiping heathen symbols and you don’t even know it.

    Your so-called Holy Eucharist is stolen almost verbatim from the popular Roman/Persian religion of Mythras. Your Cult actually stole a whole lot of ideas from the Mythras religion, including your “Jesus” being born of a virgin, dying and being resurrected from the dead. Then there’s your two most sacred holidays, Christmas and Easter. These are pagan holidays for the Winter Solstice Yule Tide and the Spring Fertility holidays of pagan peoples.

    As long as all these lies are imposed and suppressing your intelligence, dirtying your mind, how can you recognize a real enlightened man, like Osho?

    Marilyn, you have my sincere sympathies. Why don’t you put a little more “Yeshua” in your presentations. Try washing your brain clean of all this junk the Romans buried your idea of a savior in. Otherwise the sad fact is, you wouldn’t recognize Yeshua if he passed right by you, because this Jesus H. Malarkey is programmed like a wall, in the way.

  3. Posted 27 June 2014 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

    I just want to tell you that I enjoyed reading your books on Nostradamus. I read other authors’ work on Nostradamus but I found none like you. Personally, I am a Unificationist, a follower of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and I loved reading your take on Nostradamus prophecy and the eight clues you had on the new teacher/messiah, which placed Rev. Moon at the top chart.(Nostradamus & the Millennium, page 174). I am very much interested in dreams since childhood and it was through dreams that i was guided to meet Rev. Moon’s missionaries, one of the dreams told me that date i would meet the Unification movement and it came true. I met the missionaries exactly the very day i was told in the dream. See website I posted few of the dreams I had.

  4. Mark
    Posted 8 February 2014 at 12:13 am | Permalink

    I enjoyed this article very much but I disagree with your view that the Buddha’s meditation techniques are outdated. They work for me and millions of other people. His techniques are timeless. My suggestion to you is you quit believing in a soul or Self as the Buddha has pointed out is just an illusion. We all must eradicate greed, ill-will, and delusion through meditation and mindfulness. I detect an “us and them” mentality in many of your other articles which is the product of ill will. Can I suggest to you Metta meditation so you can remove the ill will you have towards certain people. Remember that had you gone through their experiences you could be just as hateful and unskillful as they are.

    • Arp
      Posted 13 March 2014 at 4:48 pm | Permalink

      I agree, the self is an illusion, the soul is an illusion. You can only develop real unselfishness, if you fully understand that you, as an individual, are completely nothing.

  5. Fellow Human Being
    Posted 27 June 2013 at 5:10 pm | Permalink

    Perhaps the most important statement of the article:

    “At meditation’s first penetration, I became aware that this “John Hogue” was a fiction written by many hands — none of them my own. A name, a religion, a country, and finally a personality had been applied like bricks, imprisoning the authentic being my mother and father had brought into the world.”

    Amazing how much language and labels, and the media shape our perceptions of reality, our level of consciousness, and keep us from experiencing reality, truth, moment by moment, for ourselves.

  6. Amjad Marikar
    Posted 16 April 2013 at 12:39 am | Permalink

    Beleive in ALLAH (SWT) and practice ISLAM in full, whole heartedly, with a good intention in action and thought, everything will turn out well.
    That is all there is to life. We have been created for a purpose, we are therefore obliged to fulfil what is required of us.

    Future people will look at such statements, borrowed from others, based on “believing” (an unqualified faith in one’s ignorance) and wonder at the dark ages of humanity’s spiritual retardation, finally ended. They will marvel at how little people in their past, our present, put believing over “knowing” Allah, or God or something far bigger and beyond theist and atheist mind-prisons. These people of the future will apply science to the exploration of themselves — the “subject” witnessing the mind, emotions, the changeability of life. They will become aware of that which “doesn’t” change inside of them. Some kind of mysterious portal in consciousness is inside them and through becoming a witness of that portal, they pass into the eternity of the present, where all light paradise and bliss is ever here, ever now. You all could be a part of this process because if eternity is ever in the present and not of time, there is no past or future. You can never be too early or too late to live the bright and golden eternity of this “now”.

    How about “now”?

    • Quicksilver
      Posted 21 September 2013 at 4:12 am | Permalink

      In regards to believing in Islam. If for an instance one could affirm that nothing but love and peace came out of that religion, one might could consider it. But we know that is not true.

      Hubris always uses “we” when judging another human being’s religion. Do not assume that I or any other people reading this are part of your “we we” on Islam. Say “I”. Stand alone with your truth. Don’t hide behind unwilling objects of cover your pronoun makes of “us”.

    • sarah rodrigues
      Posted 10 April 2014 at 9:14 am | Permalink

      Something inside of us is the glimmer of light in the darkness… whatever anyone wants to call it is their choice… following “allah” or “god” or “jesus”… won’t cut it when the time comes. That will be outdated thinking. Heresy???? So be it…the advancement of the human soul will be the only thing that will save us. Look where dogmatic religion has gotten us

  7. Tom
    Posted 15 February 2013 at 1:25 am | Permalink

    I believe in the Jesus that lives in my spirit, but I also believe that what my church teaches is very limited… Please send meditation links! I am FULL of inner turmoil…

  8. Jakob Jude
    Posted 4 January 2013 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

    Hi John,

    Please send meditation techniques when possible.

    Thanks and regards,

    Jakob Jude
    You are welcome, Jakob. To everyone else reading this, I sent Jacob the links and information to the meditations I use. You can also freely receive this information by going to the “Contact” button on my Home page menu and writing the following in the subject line: Meditation

  9. Joan
    Posted 27 December 2012 at 10:50 am | Permalink

    Thank you for your beautifully written insights. This is very helpful.

    Posted 16 August 2012 at 4:00 am | Permalink

    I first heard you a few weeks ago on C2Cam and was interested in your predictions the same way we watch the evening news. Addicted to bad news, I found your website and started reading the negative outlook that you project for humanity. Then, suddenly, the other shoe dropped and I read some of your ideas on God and religion. I was floored! I have always felt the same way but never been able to word it in such an inoffensive understandable way. I have read your entire website like a junkie cooking a spoon. I cant get enough! I am interested in your meditation techniques so that I too might join the living. Please send me the techniques at your convience. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Humanity has enough leaders but we could sure use a good coach.

  11. Venkat
    Posted 27 July 2012 at 12:17 pm | Permalink

    Hi John:

    You and I have similar child experiences: becoming conscious of the programming that the society does in terms of the labels.

    I did also go through the pains of consciously dissolving the labels, and reaching a state of awareness where observer and observed seemed to be one and the same. No dualities of the mind for some time. I did not know how to interpret such experiences. Went around to figure out who else is talking about such experiences.

    Finally, and reluctantly adopted to the philosophy of Adi Shankara, circa 700AD. As per that philosophy, God is non-dualistic, Whole and Part are one and the same.

    I floated on the delusional/illusional interpretations of label-less state of the mind based on Shankara for 4 to 5 years. Even then, things sounded incomplete. The idea of God in anthropomorphic sense was not accepted, as it showed a conditioning of the mind, that see things as though we anthropomorphic entities.

    Finally, I landed up at the doorsteps of Brahma Kumaris ashram in London, UK. I could complete their free introductory course on Raja Yoga Mediation. It explained who I am, Who God is?, Where have we come from?, What has been our History on the earth?, What is to come in the future?. The role of God in transformation of old world to new world.

    Your experiences are about unraveling the consciousness. But you have not addressed, what causes consciousness? What is in the mechanics/process of consciousness. Certainly you addressed how to strip the process of its concepts, and their labels.

    The first step for spiritutal journey is to face the questions on Who am I? The kind of answer you give for this question determines the kind of God you would propose or seek. If the clarity on who am I is not there, there will not be clarity on who is God.

    Mind allows for some kind of transcendental experiences as it allows for breaking its relations with labels, and their concepts. Quite a few meditation techniques deal with breaking the relations between the labels and their concepts.

    No doubt, many folks have not got a clue to breaking such relation between labels and their concepts. They are struck in the value system for these relations in their society.

    I think, unless you figure out clearly who you are, the discovery of God in your spiritual journey will not be possible.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  12. Evan Mulvaney
    Posted 13 January 2012 at 1:24 am | Permalink

    Dear John,
    Words could not express the depth of appreciation I have for your


  13. Asantewaa Asare
    Posted 12 January 2012 at 5:36 am | Permalink

    Dear John,
    could you please share with me the links to to the meditations that you use…Pema Chodron says “just start where you are.” And so I would like to start, just where I am.
    Thank you so much for your honesty, and your insight.

  14. ginny
    Posted 16 December 2011 at 1:29 am | Permalink

    Am I to take all that I have read about your article on meditation
    that you don’t believe in God? For I’ve always felt that true meditation is what I call true Spiritualist; we really get to know
    that there is a higher power (we call God) and we search our true
    selves within.

    To believe in God is not to know God. “Believe” is just another word for qualifying your spiritual life based on ignorance. You don’t really know if God exists, so you believe what others tell you and have faith that he does. What if this belief in an imaginary friend actually stands in the way of experiencing what you personify as “God”? What if the mystery goes deeper? What if both your stances on “believing” and “knowing” God separate you from the God reality? Meditation strips the labels, the myths, the imaginary friend projected. It can help one leave all of this behind, floating on the surface as you relax deeper and deeper with each exhaling breath into the oceanic mystery of “godliness.”

    • gregory alan mckown
      Posted 30 December 2011 at 8:45 pm | Permalink

      Tell me your not a communist? Is this the expression of Communist seeking an ideal of man without a God as a moral standard? Other than man being an image of God unto their own immoral proclivity for violence? Mankind as a beginning that were NOT THE CREATION of THEMSELVES? Be a fool to say otherwise: and your teaching is of a lunatic. Reach for God: or be subjected to hell from the Judgment that 2/3’s of Heaven with Angels that have lived for 12 billion years without suffering the humiliation of death. We are the scourge cast out of heaven violating the belief of God in honor: that you continue in the curse of death on earth without salvation from recognizing a God other than yourself; and you will not stop your event of death: of which you had not created yourself from the existence of life from within your being out of non-existence. A fool refuses to consider. Communist raping the children that they may not be married as virgins in the honor of God in virtue. How can an editor publish his own condemnation? War of the Law. Free speech is dead to rights in your meditation of communist hatred for the truth in God.

      • Jane Sloan
        Posted 25 May 2013 at 5:22 am | Permalink

        Whaaat? You poor thing. WAKE UP! You are a prime example of what Mr. Hogue is talking about. Try thinking for yourself!

    • graeme johnson
      Posted 16 September 2013 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

      i am reminded of ramana maharshi who said “everything you’ve ever learned has to be unlearnt, before you can know the self. thanx for sharing all the above john.

    Posted 12 November 2011 at 11:36 am | Permalink




  16. Posted 4 September 2011 at 5:33 am | Permalink

    Wonderful summary… of both future trauma and hope, and of Osho’s contributions and perspective!
    His Blessings,

    (aka Kent Welton,

  17. Gabe
    Posted 30 August 2011 at 10:41 am | Permalink

    Thanks John. That was the most profound example of enlightenment I have ever read. I am surprised I have not read this before. I frequent your site on a regular basis ever since contacting you in anguish over the gulf oil spill. TYVM for listening.

    Thoughts can be switched off (and on). I know as only a true dreamer would. You are truly a gifted writer and are a blessing to humanity as a whole for allowing us glimpses of yourself. Everything you said is so true. All one need do is take the first step into the light, leaving behind all feeling, thought, and form. Like dreaming but better because you are awake. Hopefully one day I will be with ones such as yourself creating a future only a god could dream of.

  18. Ra
    Posted 27 August 2011 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

    Thank you! I have read much with many thoughts of death, starting with the JPN quake. My 45 yr old neice has decided to stay in Tokyo taking care of her 20 yr business while raising funds for those who need it most.

    We are all JPN. Meditation is something I have felt a strong pull toward and I have put myself down internally for not following thru. Resistance is futile – ha! It is and always will be… internal thoughts bring external results. Starting today.

    Thanks John for your positive, healing direction!

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will now peace”. Jimi Hendrix, Guitarist, 101 Airborne

  19. Tara Matthews
    Posted 19 August 2011 at 6:05 pm | Permalink

    Thank you, John, for your Truth. I admire your courage to speak it and to live it. I am moving into this space of no space more and more and human beings like you guide me like beacons in this foggy illusion we all pretend is real. It is a game. And we can also pretend it is serious. However, mostly, it just is. May we turn this great experiment toward the Light more and more each moment… with each breath and in the end come to the place where we see in each other ourselves absolutely.

  20. Clarence Gillispie
    Posted 15 July 2011 at 8:27 pm | Permalink

    John I have followed your writing over the years. thank you for invaluable work like this article. I was a Jack Kennedy idealist and knew one person could change the world.

    I attempted to do what I could at great personal cost and yet I am proud of my meager accomplishments. Now due to serious health issues I must heal myself. I must be a bit selfish for the first time in my life. I would appreciate your and other reader’s kind intentions and prayers or whatever healing you can put out in the universe on my behalf. Thank you for so much for so little on my part!!!

    May you continue to be guided on the path of positive world awareness, change, and success.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Clarence Gillispie

  21. Thieron
    Posted 10 July 2011 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    Thank you for this astounding post. It cuts right to the heart of what is really happening in our lives now. I appreciate so much how you are not only opening up and letting us know what the potential events of our tribulation will be, but also giving us a road map for true spiritual survival. I believe that each and every one of us can make a difference, by becoming whole. To remain in our conciousness, calm and present in the midst of an earth change where our family might be lost, to face death squarely with a light heart, almost seems insurmountable, but if indeed it is possible, that would be the most precious gift we could give ourselves. And so we must proceed.

  22. Allan Collison
    Posted 2 July 2011 at 3:59 am | Permalink

    The Way of Buddha is Truly Common Sense for World . My Dreams keep having earth turn to Left . At 2:45 pm Meditation each Day . Thanks for Link . My Body is in Change Blood & Skin Infection from Past . Meditation is Healh for Body & Spirt . John , Skins growing to end of Fingers acup a week I cut off . Plus Drain Blood every 4 weeks 400 c.c.. Is The Planet Pluto rule Blood . Doctor have No Idea what I Have.

      Sorry to hear you are feeling ill, Alan. I will keep you in my meditation. Some of Osho’s meditations will help. I would suggest Nadabrahma (humming) meditation. It is physically low impact and the vibration of humming is a way to send energy from beyond the body into the body to heal the body mind that witnessing consciousness watches. What works for me is a golden light, held in the humming that slowly slowly spreads over your body in warm, amber colored comfort. See if this helps and get back to me when you can.
    • Jason
      Posted 7 August 2011 at 7:49 am | Permalink

      Thank you for sharing John. The memories of your childhood, your mortal fear that grasps at an identity that can never be, because we are impermanent in our physical state. It’s a universal message. Liberating the soul can be traumatic to the mind, because it sees itself for the first time, bound within its limitations.
      Thank you as well for the memories and teachings of your master Osho.

      You’ve always inspired me, John. Thank you for your brilliance!

      • Jon
        Posted 30 April 2012 at 10:19 am | Permalink

        Brilliance is allways undermind by the intel hat produces it.ones actions can be dictated by information.John.

        I didn’t know hats produced intel. Hats are empty inside. Then again, maybe a “hat” wrote this. This message is vacuous, like an empty hat without a head to warm — to think. The spelling is pathetic. There is no “brilliance” in this incoherent, mediocre statement. Go back to school, Jon. Learn how to spell and construct a basic sentence.

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