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Hillary’s Electoral College, Russian Hack Hysteria—The Last Scream. Separating Circumstantial from “Established” Facts about Hacks. The Aleppo Siege is over, the Western Media Myopia continues. GOP John Kennedy gets elected giving Republicans a narrow US Senate majority of 52-to-48

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DATELINE: 19 December 2016

Facebook Fake News Patrol and Hillary Clinton’s Last Chance to Drum up scares of Russian Hacking towards a Constitutional Crisis or at least a Rebellion of Electors in the Electoral Collage voting 19 December

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out around Inauguration Day.

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out around Inauguration Day.

So much is happening! So little time. Even my clones can’t keep up with the writing load. 🙂 I’m going to take as short a break as I can spare from my intense work on two new books: the first, President Trump Predictions and the second, the long-awaited epic that care-giving and tending to my mother’s beautiful death and post-mortem financial issues delayed in completion, Predictions 2017-2018: Years of Crisis and Breakthrough. Trump, the book, and Trump the man are on schedule to be published and inaugurated on time come 20 January 2017. The 2017-2018 tome then gets published some time in February.

Yes indeed! Trump is going to be the next president of the United States whether we like to think the GOP denied enough voters in Republican-held swing states to deny Clinton her destiny or not. Trump is going to be the next president whether Progressives and Democrats can tip a few dozen members of the Electoral Collage to vote for her later this evening and throw the vote to the House of Representatives where they’ll just vote for Trump then and there.

Click on the cover to read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get on the list to get the expanded edition.

Click on the cover to read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get on the list to get the expanded edition.

It’s time for Progressives to stop disempowering themselves by throwing blame and start looking in the mirror and looking at what a sub-standard, blundering campaign Hillary Clinton ran. And please, don’t think a gremlin named Vladimir had anything to do with it. If you want to blame someone who did hurt her poll standings, look no further than at two people: first and formost, Hillary Clinton, for her idiotic use of unsecured email servers open to hacks; and two, Director James Comey of the FBI for his politically “timely” reopening of her EmailGate investigation just a few weeks “before” the election happened. Even then, the main fault is on Hillary’s shoulders because she created the opportunity for Comey and the FBI to take her down. A good leader doesn’t open themselves to that. We’ve reached a point in our American history when a presidential hopeful being blithely computer illiterate should disqualify him or her from running. (I read that in a Trump tweet–I kid! I kid…)

If you have substandard players, you’ll lose the game to the better team-cum-political party. Whoever those hackers, who were more likely leakers in her own campaign team where. They did a service to the Truth. They showed how far Clinton and her corporate-fawning DNC party machine went to suppressed and rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders. With him suppressed, you Democrat voters do what you always do and never learn, no matter how much I warn. A majority of you picked the lesser of two evils by choosing the greater of two mediocrities, Hillary Clinton, to run a status quo establishment campaign in a year when people wanted outsiders like Trump and Sanders. I will only cite a handful of the many stupid things Clinton did on the campaign trail that did most of the damage to her chances. If you want to look at my articles spanning the last year, you’ll read all the times I anticipated how she could screw up seizing this second sure-bet destiny handed to her since 2008. The best forebodings will be inserted in the Introduction of my new Trump book along with my predictions of how he could pull off an upset, written back in October of 2015.

I’ve come to know the shallowness of Hillary Clinton’s myopic, mediocre political instincts. Her own husband, the former president, a political genius, tried to tell her not to forget the people in the rust belt states that nearly helped her beat Obama in the DNC primaries of 2008. He was offering her pearls of political wisdom but she tossed that advice away before the “swine” advisers that had her tin ear. Bill Clinton was explaining to her why Trump was hitting the rust belt states the most during his campaign, because he hadn’t forgotten those poor, mostly white, working class folks who used to be Hillary followers in 2008.

She ignored the smartest politician in her team, went with her Hillary hacks, ignored her old supporters in the rust belt states and that helped Trump win the electoral votes he needed to beat her to the White House. She didn’t even set foot ONCE in Wisconsin. This is illuminating what kind of “president” she would be had she won. A President Hillary Clinton would be a magnet for power-hungry mega-egos giving her poor political advice that she would blindly take over intelligent people like her own husband. Indeed we might not have physically survived her. More on that in articles below.

All she’s got left is one more pathetic, sore-loser’s ploy: playing the “Russians made me lose my self-sabotaging campaign!” blame game

She’s using her sympathizers who lurk in the NSA, FBI and CIA to talk up suspicions with no evidential substance that the Russian’s hacked the DNC emails. They try as best they can to sustain these slanders with their mainstream media news contacts like CNN (the Clinton News Network) and MSNBC (The “More Shit Network Broadcasting Clinton”).

What her gaggle of Bill Clinton “tossing pearls of wisdom to swine” advisers want is a pig slop of innuendos, hearsay, and credible sources unnamed that you’re supposed to blindly put your faith in and thus, “un-think” without question, is fact. I bet most of you who watch only the mainstream news are unaware that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks the recipient of what were leaks more than “hacks” has divulged categorically that the Russians hadn’t been involved. It is an unprecedented admission from him. That’s the first time he’s mentioned any details directly about any of his sources–a thing that WikiLeak religiously hides to protect their credibility with Whistleblowers. To say anything about a source from them is quite significant. Secondly the mainstream news barely, if at all, kept in your attention Assange’s equally-unprecedented strong hints about who the whistleblowre inside the campaign was that leaked those Podesta, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Clinton emails was Seth Rich. Shortly thereafter, Rich was violently murdered in a purported street robbery a couple days after the Democratic Convention ended. His parents believe it was foul play. Did the news stay on that story digging deeper day and night like it was Kim Kardashian’s weight wobbles up or down the scales? Nope.

Your media in America cry hack-havoc and let slip the dogs of misdirection. You’re meant to forget how those leaks already exposed irrefutable proof that the woman who would presently be crying “foul” about rigged elections, had already crushed the Sanders movement in her camp’s rigged primary election, overseen by DNC operatives, like Wasserman Schultz and including the head of her campaign, John Podesta, .

You’re also not reminded that hacking is happening all the time, all over this wired world. Nor does the news rub it in about Clinton camp’s computer illiteracy spreading beyond the candidate. Podesta clicked on a link that was a “phishing spear.” That’s a malware trick that a sends emails to your junk box every day, if you have basic security software correctly functioning. The malware embedding itself in Podesta’s cellphone and computers is a crude kind so ubiquitous and rudimentary that ANYONE could have been the hacker from Moscow to Moose Dong, Montana. Imagine what comes next if Podesta had become the computer boob Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff?

I’ve long predicted and documented, starting back in early 2007, a year before she bungled her 2008 run, how she would screw that up and could screw up 2016 too. I’m going to predict something that you’ll have to let sink in for now and let time and events be the judge. Please do not let shock and horror shut closed you’re your minds, especially if you are Democrats or Clinton supporters:

Whatever Trump messes up as president, it won’t be as bad as the disaster President Hillary Clinton would have been.

What Trump may destroy, whatever social progress Trump may even turn back 30 years, can be rebuilt and healed. Clinton losing this election, for whatever unfair rigging may have been played, might just have saved your life and the lives of billions. You now have a far better chance surviving the short countdown advent window of Nostradamus’ prophecies. He foresaw a new cold war with Russia going nuclear hot either in November 2017 or in the year 2027.

We are not out of the danger just yet with Trump. It could still happen by accident as I’ll detail how in my forthcoming book about him. Yet with Hillary, you had a better than 60-percent chance of being collectively killed in a thermonuclear war!

You would have also suffered a return of McCarthyism during her presidency. I had a whole chapter outlined for the book on her potential presidency that I’ve scrapped call “McClintonism.” She was already rehearsing her version of a Russian Bear “commie” scare, calling any critic or skeptical journalistic source a possible Russian spy. As president, she’s have her critics blacklisted like Senator McCarthy did from 1950 to 1956 in his witch hunt for commie sympathizers just after the first cold war had begun, destroying the lives of thousands of innocent people.

I’m began writing this article on 19 December and did the final rewrites on the evening of 18 December. You’re now seeing this posted before the big Electoral College vote later on Monday, 19 December 2016. I’ve already predicted back on 6 December’s wave of HogueProphecy articles that the Jill Stein recount would go nowhere mainly because Pennsylvanian courts would deny her the recount in the third state needed to swing the Electoral votes from Trump to Clinton. The courts blocked her as I predicted. Until the Trump campaign lawyers went to court to put a halt on votes in Wisconsin and Michigan, the recounts, which had been half to three-quarters finished in those states, did not show any wide variance in the ballot counts. Jill Stein’s lawyers had nothing categorically indicating voter fraud, thus Trump lawyers won their cort injunctions on the recounts. My other forecast logged on 6 December holds. The Electoral College won’t succumb to Clinton’s last desperate attempt at fanning “McClintonism” fears of Russian conspiracies to sway enough electors to prevent Trump’s certification as your next president later today (19 December).

Could Trump have his own version of McCarthyism waiting for you to rise up against? Certainly. The potentials are high. Now that she’s out of the picture there are a lot of similar future hurdles Trump would encounter that Hillary would have faced, crashed and then burned from before finishing her first term in office, but with a difference. Trump has more “tools” of positive potential to draw from than her.

That doesn’t mean he will, but on that front, he’s a far more positive choice of chaos maker as president than she was. Whatever happens, most of you reading this today will still be alive and breathing a year from now to rally your political power as a people to watch and influence a man who must be a winner and that means win your love and gratitude. He does that by listening to you. You make that happen by being politically active, while remaining respectful and clear on your issues rather than disempowered by hurling your negativity at Trump. Do the latter and you will actually create in reality the sum of all your fascist fears. Partisan behavior led us over 30 years to the threshold of fascism in this land. Don’t go partisan, trying to defeat Trump at every step. Win him over. You can do this.

DATELINE: 19 December 2016

The Known Knowns and the Bozo No-Nos of Assumptions about Russia hacking the USA: a Review of Sean Gallagher’s Ars Technica article

One of my sources for changing trends in the Internet/Computer tech world gave me one of the best articles yet published about the purported Russian hacks of the DNC emails. It aimed to collect what “facts” we know or bits of actually data about who and when the DNC was hacked and leads to who the hacker was. It tried to find the needles of fact embedded in cow dung-in-hay-BS storms of hearsay, pitchforked by the media, flinging it on Putin “personally” overseeing the takedown of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

I hope all of you will read Sean Gallagher’s ArsTechnica article. I read it. Although, I wouldn’t take what Gallagher “found” as “established fact” to court. Still, it has inspired me to write a hogueprophecy article because unlike all the crap that’s flying out everywhere on Internet and the mainstream, chest thumping media, he at least tries to list the assumptions, “almost” like a journalist ought to. Still we don’t come closer to objectively knowing the “who” that did the hack, and only list the maybes about “what”, was a hack and not a leak. We know pretty much already “when” the hacks started happening at the DNC in May-June.

Then comes discovering the “where”—the source of the hacks. And most importantly, the “whys.” Gallagher leaves us hanging in space with quite an open-ended rendering of speculation, so I contend. His grasp of straw man conclusions hits a firewall about the “whys,” and the motivations for that hack.

That’s why I’m a hawk pouncing on this article. Even Gallagher is under the spell of assumptions and runs with them like most people do when reading or watching the news.

I want to help my readers be mindful of the signs of false givens and premises that can come even from a sincere author. He, like so many of us stuck objectively wanting in this dumbed down and mewing news media era, may be technologically savvy but lack basic rational and skeptical inquiring capabilities.

It appears the education system doesn’t adequately teach these intellectual skills anymore. For instance, Gallagher has build his article on a given that presumes his investigation has presented the “established facts” as the title promises yet after reading the article, it doesn’t, for me, deliver.

He gives his article the title: “Did the Russians ‘hack’ the election? A look at the established facts.” The surfacing of certain phishing spears and malware traps having possible code identities that look similar to Russian sourced hackers does not make looking an “establishing fact” that they “are” Russian sourced or Kremlin sourced. “Established facts” is a misleading phrase in the title. It should have read that facts “could point to a circumstantial conclusion of a Russian hack.”

Present objective evidence, otherwise, anything anyone “establishes” circumstantially is just creating and perpetuating a myth of potential half-truths and lies that spread and strengthen after time with a radioactive half-life that won’t die.

Sean Gallagher’s subtitle was, “No smoking gun, but evidence suggests a Russian source for the cyber attacks on Democrats.” OK first off, the subtitle contradicts the sexier main title. Promising “Established facts.” Established equals promising you have a “the smoking gun” revealed in his article.

The article can only report the established about what the FBI said they had in possession of “proof,” the computer code evidence. Now then, if I say I have this smoking gun in my possession and I don’t show it to you. I want you to believe in me because you should blindly believe your FBI authority figures like good little citizens, how do you feel about my established act?

The article goes into how the DNC called upon the anti-Hacker firm Crowdstrike using their Falcon endpoint technology to detect who and where the hack came from. You’re told it looked like it “maybe” was from a Russian group calling themselves “Fancy Bear.” You don’t know if it was someone else using that name spear phishing for DNC information.

Gallagher says Crowdstrike concluded thatt “while the hackers may have been caught in the act digitally, the details by themselves don’t offer definitive proof of the identity of those behind the anti-Clinton hacking campaign.”

And so the backtracking from “Established” facts keeps going to a lot of “maybes” and “perhapses.”

“The Evidence” segment only lines up those possible hackers who are “thought” to be the culprits, behind much-touted cyber space mask of “Fancy Bear”—a kind of Russian WikiLeaks whistleblower hacker clan, or at least one posing as this.

Buns but no “beef” in this article’s served-up brain sandwich.

Where’s the Russian missiles on the photo of Cuba moment?

Look, I can play US Ambassador Adlai Stevenson at the UN Security Council declaring the Soviet Union has placed medium and intermediate range nuclear tipped missiles in Cuba all I want.

Want to get the world on you side in the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962? Present solid, irrefutable, “established” evidence.

I’ll show you a smoking gun, or better, fuming Soviet rocket fuel teams fueling the actual missiles on the ground in photographs taken from US U-2 spy planes at stratospheric altitudes.

Circumstantial claims silenced. Hearsay, hear today, gone the next moment!

I don’t know, maybe Gallagher’s editors wanted him to sex up the article’s title making it sound declarative, like “we have the goods on the Russians.” It worked on me. It certainly made me want to read the article but what is “factual” is circumstantial, like saying, “I have this bull for sale, check it out!”

I then check it out and find the Bull had no balls. Yes, yes, a bullock is a neutered bull before he was dis-established of his bullishness. In other words, Mr. Gallagher, don’t tell me you have a bull by the balls with that title, unless they’re attached to the bull.

Establish fact will be revealed when the Fancy Bear fellow or others are clearly identified in the flesh and blood in the EXACT locale in a detected time tags in a time zone that not only includes Moscow, but cities across a large part of the planet earth. The article kicks the flat tires of flabby facts better than most but really doesn’t tell us anything more about clear source and motivation.

I’m presuming the facts even Trump got in his briefings are this vague. That’s why he’s blown off the CIA’s suggestions of a Russian hack. If I’m correct, that’s a good sign the president elect might be less gullible than John Kennedy was about the CIA’s reasons for saying the Bay of Pigs invasion of Castro’s Cuba by CIA trained Cuban nationalists would be a slam-dunk success in 1961. Maybe Trump won’t be duped like Lyndon Johnson jumping on erroneous Pentagon reports of a military incident in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 that never happened and got hundreds of thousands of American troops needlessly stuck in a jungle military quagmire in Vietnam. Trump won’t be G.W. Bush invading Iraq, WMD’eed by dumb, politically tainted, neocon Intel.

What the article doesn’t go into is how sloppy and somewhat obvious where these technologically simple spear phishing hacks, like someone wanted to be found. The Kremlin hackers are much better than that. This could even have been some CIA operative in Russia or the “near abroad” pretending to be the Russian government “source” setting up Russia. He could even be a mole in the Russian government. Maybe that’s why the CIA doesn’t want to mention sources.

I find the timing of this explosion of “Russian Hacked us!” news coming just before the electors vote on 19 December, very telling of political motivations behind this “intelligence” push. Clinton has her friends in the ranks of the CIA, NSA and FBI and the “credible sources” unnamed are even getting borderline hysterical. Just a few days before the Electoral College vote coming today, the major networks and newspapers actually passed along without question the story that Vladimir Putin personally oversaw the hacks!

A head of state pushing the keys. No evidence provided.

The Clinton political machine inside of government and out is on a sinking ship of credibility throwing a propaganda hacking tantrum in the media to stop Trump from being electorally certified president in the last way they “impossibly” can–19 December.

Is it true that the Russian State, from the highest authority cyber attacked and tampered with the US Elections of 2016? That’s a very serious, go to war with Russia, accusation!

This is the most important thing to prove, because it could be grounds for starting an escalating cyber war between the two greatest nuclear powers in the world. That’s why I think it’s time for that “show the photographs in the UN Security Council in October 1962” moment.

You’re life may depend on it.

It’s potentially that serious, if it’s true, and that might mean the CIA must show its Cyber hand.

It would blow cover, something you rarely do in the espionage game. It would damage your clandestine efforts. It’s what happened when the Soviet Union and the world saw those Soviet missiles in Cuba and realized how extensive and comprehensive was America’s U2 spy plane surveillance of Cuba and the world. The cover was blown, but necessary to prevent a third world war.

We are marching head on toward the short of Nostradamus’ two countdowns for a Third World War. Although I appreciate the irony of a subjective prophecy expert like myself saying it, the truth is that which works, wherever it comes from or, whomever it is is who utters the truth. This is the time for objective, rational investigation into any claim of hacking that might start a cyber war that escalates into a full-scale nuclear confrontation between now and next November.

DATELINE: 19 December 2016

Aleppo Siege is Over—Aleppo’s people are celebrating in the Streets while US Media is stoking up the Russian Scare Hysteria

It would seem that the first casualty as well as the last is Truth when wars erupt and their sieges begin or end. The same could be said about the Western media reporting on the final days of the largest scale siege of the Syrian Civil War in Aleppo. It is the largest city in Syria and its now-devastated, industrial heart. It looks like Stalingrad after the great battle of 1942 between Nazi Germany and the Soviet forces defending Stalingrad. It has joined the Syrian city of rubble and ruin that once was Homs, I wrote about years ago (See Nostradamus’ Syrian predictions). Aleppo has become Syria’s second Arab Stalingrad.

I want to express something to you, and then I will give you links as examples. I’m going to give you a glimpse of a world at war that the mainstream corporately compromised Western media doesn’t want you to see. I’m going to give you a glimpse of two examples, out of hundreds more I could cite, how US news is outrageously lying to the world and unless this standardized misinformation isn’t exposed, it is threatening you directly and your future existence.

You are being lied to and upon a path of bunk made by these lies an ambush is waiting for you in the future. It’s poised to flame and irradiate you around the temporal timeline corner of November 2017. This path of lies takes you to a potential of a nuclear war. If you keep walking on this trail with open eyes blind, guided by the US and European media, you will become a victim of the sum of all propaganda woven by those special interests that would have you play pawns and pay with your taxpayers’ hard-earned money, their military adventures.

They’ve already faked you into financing their cold war containment of Russia since April 2014. If you are an American, they have turned your beloved land into the most dangerous country ever to threaten the future of this planet. You belong now to a superpower led blindly by its war profiteers in Washington into war after war. These bellicose billionaires gain more boldness with each swindling of your tax dollars to push the infernal envelope farther and farther.

We are heading right to a point in future time foreseen by some of the greatest prophets in history. The American Military Surveillance Industrial Complex has overreached and underestimated its made-up Russian enemy.

The Russians don’t start wars. They end them.

Your warmongers in Washington and their Russian-baiting media hype will make you the victim of a thermonuclear war you never imagined was possible and certainly your leaders or media forgot willfully to warn you was possible because they are in collective denial of where their threats and tightening actions of Russian containment are going.

I said in the previous article that these neo-liberal supremacists and neocons lost their main medium for such wars in Hillary Clinton and that’s why such a noise is rising in their media organs about Russian hacking this, that and anything, just to get enough people worked up in the Electoral College to change their votes.

They don’t want Trump to be president for very important reasons for which you hardly are told, if told at all. Trump will be a chaos, an upheaval as president, but a few important things Trump is not.

He’s no neo-liberal or neocon. They are terrified that he’ll end “their” perpetuated wars.

We should consider ourselves lucky that the president elect has a BS meter with US intelligence sources and is doubtful the Russians had anything to do with hacking the US elections. Indeed, as you will see in the linked videos at the end of this article, President Obama is officially on record declaromg there was no influence or tampering with US elections by the Russians. You tell me why that objective televised statement is ignored by the media up to the Electoral College vote?

It’s been drummed into you that the Syrian regime with Russia is bombing hospitals and neighborhoods indiscriminately. However, if you track the ACTUAL sources, and not just the hearsay issued on television or nebulously sourced in press releases by the US State Department, you’ll find what I’ve found out over the years. Moreover, you’ll also find out why the State Department, the US president and former Secretary State Hillary Clinton and current Secretary of State Mr. Ed (I mean that Yale graduate and Skull and Bonesman, John Kerry), have gotten their panties and jockey shorts in a bind over RT (Russia Today) reporting.

It’s good. Some of the best out there. It’s documented. They back up their sources. They check the sources of both sides too.

I know something about state-sanctioned or politically sanctioned self-censuring of the news. When I lived in Rajneeshpuram (Rancho Rajneesh) in Eastern Oregon in the early-to-mid 1980s, I got to know the Oregonian journalists who visited us and stayed with us for days, weeks, even months. They would spin their stories off fact and into a source of prejudice outside of our community about who Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho) and his disciples were. I also know how many times the stories didn’t match what actually happened because I was an eyewitness. Indeed they were as bad as what I’m seeing in reporting about the final death throws of the Eastern Aleppo siege: one sided on purpose, for an effect.

I remember cornering Oregonian reporters I personally knew. I challenged them to explain why that pack of lies about this or that story was changed in the final edition. They would sheepishly tell me the same tale, “The editorial board at the Oregonian clearly orders the reporters not to publish anything positive about you Rajneeshees.”

I know first hand where false reporting, weaving a falsely and altogether negative narrative leads. It is an attempt to make the majority pubic fear and stereotype peaceful people who have a different culture, color of skin or religious path than the mainstream.

Call me a “Rajneeshee”? That soon became synonymous with being an African American being called a “N*gger”, or a Jew in Germany condemned as a K*ke” with all the negative intention of causing persecution and even violence to that group of stereotype-cast people. That’s what the Oregonian did to disciples and devotees of Osho.

The full and objectively balanced story wasn’t told. The American people were so influence by the hate veil cast over my people by the Oregonian that government officials on air and in print had no qualms admitting they had abused and broke constitutional laws of freedom of speech and religion to “find a political solution to get the Bhagwan and his people out of America.” That’s what essentially the chief Federal prosecutor Charles Turner told the Oregonian after our commune city was destroyed, my master poisoned and my people scattered to the four corners. He admitted, in print, that after four years of seeking to nail “the Bhagwan” on immigration fraud, the state and federal prosecutors had no case. Thus they sought other means. (Read more about the audio taped, transcripted and objectively-documented conspiracy to destroy Osho’s commune in Max Brecher’s book A Passage to America. It covers both sides.)

passagetoamerica-maxbrecherEver since my experiences with the news media at the Ranch, I’ve incorporated advances of access to raw footage and contacts the media also sources to question and find all sides of a story in in this current media era after the turn of the century that has since exponentially declined in credibility even from pathetic, 1980s levels.

Thus I’ve been watching all the US news outlets and have my own contacts inside Syrian cities held by both sides. In the last weeks siege warfare, the mainstream media has been crowded with video tweets from “citizens” of the rebel-held Eastern Aleppo under attack. You’ll see them in the video below. The US media rebroadcasted them with nary a skeptical comment about who they actually were, which anyone on social media can easily identify if they wanted to. Moreover, there’s no mention made about how their long beards, and clothing are what is commonly seen worn by jihadis fighters, but the media is happy to have these potential propagandists and jihadist soldiers, play civilian describing massacres and atrocities committed by Russians and Syrian government forces. When did the American media just readily accept bloggers that could belong to the same al-Qaeda source that murdered 3,000 people on 911?

What you won’t see, but I’m going to give you a glimpse below, is how such people are not what they seem. Many of them are fighters in al-Nusra and other jihadists groups, or jihad activist reporters well known for their pro-al Qaeda world views, posing without vetting on ABC, NBC, the US cable news networks as “credible” civilian journalists.

You won’t see these thugs launching their indiscriminate rocket, mortar, and chlorine gas bomb attacks into Western Aleppo, hitting the very same hospitals that the US State Department say are in rebel hands being attacked by Russian and Syrian planes.

It is true that thousands of people in Aleppo are dying. It is also true that you’re only hearing sketchy at best reports from the rebel held side. Now, that the jihadists are dead, captured or escaping to city of Idlib, you will mostly not hear how that the UN is very happy with the collaboration they’re getting from the Russians and Syrian Army to help feed and or evacuate the traumatized and starving civilians held by the rebels in their hundreds of thousands.

That’s because the Syrian Army with Russian help defeated and expelled from Eastern Aleppo the al-Nusra forces that were “firing” on humanitarian efforts and convoys in previous attempts to open up corridors for civilians to flee Eastern Aleppo. The civilian hostages are now leaving the battle zone safely by the hundreds of thousands.

Who was keeping them there? The jihadist forces that have been defeated.

You will not hear the hundreds of stories on tape of the atrocities and terror under which these East and West Aleppo civilians endured for years from these vicious rebels.

You will not see on US media Eastern Aleppo multitudes flooding out of the ruins dancing and celebrating their liberation by the Syrian Government forces, nor the meetings of families divided by the siege for years and denied access by the rebels to leave the war zone.

You will not hear about how those jihadists firing on civilians in government held Western Aleppo would then run to the basements of buildings to safely hide, kicking out the apartment dwellers who were then exposed to returned shellfire. You won’t see shots of the White Helmets, the West-touted emergency teams taking part in executions and waving black jihadist flags with their al-Qaeda friends. Indeed most of you haven’t yet seen these helmets in one shot armed displayed by Western Media, until they block images of the same men dressed in terrorist black as soldiers in other shots, executing people and celebrating.

I have seen this. So could you if you look beyond the fake cloak of news reporting dispensed from your nightly network anchors.

The jihadists “playing” civilians on twitter feeds won’t show you how real civilians in East Aleppo, never got the UN aid. It went to the solders. So did most of the food. Just look at how emaciated the children and woman are coming out of East Aleppo. I have watched hundreds of documented video reports of mostly non-combatants, women, teens and children and old men, relate horror stories of being systematically beaten and terrorized. It was common for the jihadist to parse out meager food handouts just once a week.

The US media won’t show you how they forced children by gunpoint to fight and die for them. I have. I’ve seen footage of civilians trying to escape Eastern Aleppo being gunned down by snipers in black, in ruins decorated by al-Qaeda’s black flag.

I’ve come to understand this: Russia doesn’t perpetuate wars like America. Russians fight to win them. It’s because they fought and aided the Syrian forces to victory in Aleppo that the suffering, the hostage taking and the forced starvation of a quarter million people has ended. And if given a chance by the next President of the United States, Russia and the Syrian State will destroy al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and bring peace at last.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump's upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump’s upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

They will end this war the only way you can, fighting them totally. Men will die, civilians will die. That’s war. It’s violent and terrible and when they happen you fight them decisively, quickly, lethally against your enemy. You don’t wait years to bomb and strafe convoys of thousands of oil tankers crossing the border into Turkey giving Islamic State a huge black market cash flow to sustain its occupation of Iraq and Syrian lands. Trump is right. That’s the first thing you bomb, the source of oil revenue that sustains their ability to pay their mercenary-based army. No money, no warriors, except the worst of the worst and you kill those, up close and personal, street to street, basement to basement. This is how you win a war!

For two years US and NATO jets just flew over those thousands of oil tankers in their pseudo bombing of ISIS. Russia’s air forces fly into the theater in October 2015, and promptly sets thousands of those oil tankers on fire, seriously hurting ISIS. Apparently Moscow wants to end something the people in Brussels and Washington find profitable to continue for many more suffering years. The NATO and US Military Industrial Complexes don’t want these wars to end. Death is their business, not peace.

Enough said. Now I’m going to give you a little taste of reporting you won’t see in your Western Media. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Want to know why the US government is officially attacking media outlets like RT?

Test RT out. Watch them regularly for at least a year. They back their journalism with footage, with looking at both sides and revealing their sources. I’ve been watching and vetting their work since 2013. They are consistently on top of it, and I’ve verified their sources.

The first video is from RT’s “In the Now.” It shines an alternative light on just who are these “civilians” in Eastern Aleppo talking about purported massacres in the final days of the siege.


The next is a presentation of the work of Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett. I rarely do Info Wars reports unless I can verify their stories through more credible sources. I apply the same skeptical discipline watching all networks, Western or Russian, Al-Jazeera, freelancers on Internet and other online news sources. This overview of Bartlett’s work by an Info Wars reporter is actually on the money.

INFO WARS, Eva Bartlett:

Finally, I’ll give you an example of what I do when researching the news. My rule of thumb is, always go back to the uncut or raw footage source. This is becoming ever easier to do in this information revolution if you know where to look. If NBC tells me what Vladimir Putin said in his speech, I find the speech online and watch the whole thing. Same with any leader. As I am myself a celebrity guest often appearing on documentaries, I’m just too used to having words put in my own mouth in the interviews I’ve taped, or being misquoted. From long experience, I am not one who will blindly, lazily, trust any news network, including RT, unless I can verify it myself in real time, on the raw video record. So after you’ve seen the Info wars segment showing Bartlett’s UN press conference, I ask you to take the time to watch and listen to her entire UN press conference here:

DATELINE: 18 December 2016

As Predicted, John Kennedy is Elected “again” in Louisiana and Hillary Clinton’s popular vote approaches three million more that Trump

The final count of the US Senate for 2017-2018 is in. We’ve had the final Senate tally: 52 Republican to 48 Democrat and the Independents caucusing with them. How did my forecasts do? This is what I documented on Election Eve, 7 November 2016 for Hogueprophecy:

Rather than take back the Senate, Democrats and Republican’s might find themselves—like the nation—in almost a perfectly divided Senate of 2017 with a 51-to-49 seat spread at the most or even a 50-50 seat Senate. The Republicans, I predict have the edge to gain a razor thin majority of 51 seats.

This is what I additionally assessed on 16 November (see US Senate runoff 2016):

The Republicans did keep the Senate with the divide closer than before. Looks like we’re heading for a runoff election in Louisiana between Republican John Kennedy and Democrat Foster Campbell after the vote was parsed out to a platoon of 13 candidates. It’s possible my predicted number will hold but only if there’s a low Republican voter turnout. I think Kennedy will win his seat by 35 percent of the next vote. I can’t call this one officially until the runoff election. We’re either ending on my predicted ratio of 51-to-49 or 52-to-48. It makes no difference. The Republican’s retain the Senate for at least two years but no one has a supermajority of 60 to get much done through large enough partisan-caucus paths. Remember how Obama got so little done with control of US Congress for his first two years. I do think Trump will do better because his cabinet will be better organized, focused and disciplined. Moreover, unlike Obama, Trump will work to bring together and strengthen his base rather than waste two years trying to woo the opposing party, like he was playing an obsessive seducer of a woman impossible to win.

First off, the Kennedy win. Votes are still coming in. Kennedy doesn’t have 35 percent but with 61 percent of the vote, he’s achieved a sizable lead against Campbell with 39 percent. So far, Kennedy got 22 percent more votes than his Democrat competitor.

Now to something not being mentioned much, just yet, but wait until the mainstream news pick this up in January next year. You have the same gridlocked US Congress you had before, but even tighter locked. Neither side is close to a 60-super-majority vote.

Now then, the GOP controlled Senate “could” change Senate floor rules. It is allowed in the US Constitution. Will they actually risk a strait-up majority vote what with only a 4-seat Republican majority—5 seats, if you count Vice President Pence sent in from the White House to end a tiebreaker as President of the Senate?

I don’t think so.

Trump will do better with this tight Senate majority than Obama because of what I said in mid-November and for more reasons. He’ll get Democratic help with some votes because he can sometimes ally with the progressives and the Our Revolution movement of Bernie Sanders when they have a meeting of minds and anti-establishment hearts. Be prepared for some Trump-Sanders, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer deal making surprises.

Clinton won’t be your president as I predicted but she did win the popular vote I did predict, keeping my popular vote-winning streak alive through 13 presidential elections.

After the election on 16 November I went on to predict that Hillary Clinton would go down a loser winning the largest popular vote in US history, declaring she’d clear three million more votes than Trump when the counting is finally over. At this moment she’s standing at a difference with Trump of an extra 2,864,978 votes. She’s just 135,022 votes away from clearing the big three million mark.

Clinton is also coming close to winning “more” votes losing in 2016 than Barack Obama “won” in 2012. Obama was elected with 65,915,795 votes. Clinton currently has 65,844,954. She has a 70,841-vote difference to clear. She may not get 3 million over Trump, but I believe she’ll get more votes losing than Obama got winning.

I’ll keep you posted about the final count when it is in. We can then assess whether I predicted the popular vote high-end percentage correctly.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.


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