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Decrees of Intelligence-the Future of Learning

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Some of you have sincerely asked me to explain why I have called the American president-elect an “intellectual lightweight” in a recent HogueProphecy Bulletin (Beyond Hoax-tradamus- 21 Dec. 2000). In particular there are some of you in your letters who reason that George W. Bush cannot be an intellectual lightweight because he has a “BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard.” That deserves an answer.

Degrees do not, an intelligent man, make.

Saying you have character—and saying it dozens of times—indicates a man who does not have much character. Having your chief advisers picked from your father’s cabinet does not indicate a man intelligent enough or mature enough to pick his own people. By being unable to express himself to the press, beyond repeating rehearsed lines several times in the span of several minutes, our president-elect reveals himself to be a Harvard and Yale graduate who does not possess a fresh and tactile mind.

Only actions, not degrees or rehearsed boasts about character, reveal a man of depth and character. Real crisis management cannot be rehearsed.

I would also add, that I would not gauge intelligence by how long your list of degrees may be. Buddha was intelligent—he had no degrees. Socrates had no BA from Yale. A hundred years ago, an uneducated Scottish immigrant named Carnegie became a multi-millionaire without an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Harvard.

If a degree from any college really represented wisdom and intelligence, then why is the world in such a mess?

It seems to me that we have produced many millions of degreed people who boast about their degrees, but have they solved the world’s problems with their so-called intelligence? Until they do, all of their D.lits, PhD’s and MA’s are just varying degrees of “BS.”

I would like to close with a few prophecies on the future of learning from Nostradamus:

“I find that letters [educaton] will suffer a very grand and incomparable loss.” (Nostradamus [1555], “Preface to Les Propheties.”)

“Thereafter the blood of the innocents will be spilled profusely by the guilty ones recently elected; then because of great floods, the memory of things contained in such instruments [TV? or computer chips?] will suffer incalcuable loss, even letters [and learning]—this will happen to the Northern People by the will of the Divine…” (Nostradamus [1558], “The Epistle to Henry II”)

“What a great loss, alas! there will be of learning, before the cycle on the Moon is completed. Fire, great floods [caused] more by ignorant rulers. How long the [lunar] cycle will not see itself restored.” (Nostradamus [1555], Century 1 Quatrain 62; “Les Propheties.”)

The grand lunar cycle Nostradamus describes here started in 1889 and will end in 2243. Back in 1997 I published the following interpretation concerning the loss of learning during the current 354-year cycle:

“This [prophecy] means that a loss of respect for learning and the lessons of the past will create a mediocrity explosion to parallel the exploding birth rates and pollution, until the climate and the seas rise up against us at the onset of the 23rd century. This date [AD 2243] is close to the actual date inaugurating the full influence of the Aquarian Age, a time when the worship of excellence and consciousness will return.” (Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies, p.118.)

John Hogue
(23 December 2000)

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