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War in Ukraine Report: Week by Week! 2/22/2: End and Beginning of an Era. Brief History of the 8-year Donbass War of which this Ukrainian War is the Climax. Russian von Clausewitz Diplomacy. Russian Invasion “Light.” Future of the US-NATO Propaganda War. The World War of Sanctions Rebound on the West! Western Sanction Remorse towards the Greatest Depression. Second Cold War Begins and American Imperial Isolationism in a Crisis of Historical Ignorance, an Empire of Lies. And Finally, Putin Started a War and Killed the Covid.

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DATELINE: 7 – 14 March 2022

The aftermath of a Russian Kalibr hypersonic cruise missile attack on a Ukrainian barracks and staging ground outside of Mykolaiv (Nikolaev in Russian) at the start of Week Four of the Russo-Ukrainian War when large areas of the Azov and Black Sea provinces and cities of Ukraine fell to the methodical Russian advance. Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed and wounded. You can see the dead here tangled and mixed with twisted wreckage lying in heaps.

The aftermath of a Russian Kalibr hypersonic cruise missile attack on a Ukrainian barracks and staging ground outside of Mykolaiv (Nikolaev in Russian) at the start of Week Four of the Russo-Ukrainian War when large areas of the Azov and Black Sea provinces and cities of Ukraine fell to the methodical Russian advance. Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed and wounded. You can see the dead here tangled and mixed with twisted wreckage lying in heaps.


Prescient Musings from Day Seven through
Day 14 of the War

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

I’ll start this epic second wave of articles with something short and sweeping, answering regular subscriber Sean’s question that many of you have also asked. In answering it I will present a number of themes and give you a feel for the big picture of the Ukrainian crisis and war and an overview of where this war seems to be going. I started this first article’s account on 1 March and will take it up to the end of the Second Week of this war (circa 9 March). The next three articles will expand on week two give each further week a running account that you will not find on the Western Media, about the war in Ukraine and the world sanctioning war up to the posting of this eMagazine to my subscribers, starting on 27-28 March. With the free postings hopefully up before I appear on Coast to Coast AM on 30 March.

Now to Sean’s statement/question and my opening answer:

I suppose you will mention this in the new wave, but I guess the question is what exactly are Russia’s objectives, are they planning to take Kiev and try to remove Zelensky for example.

I’ll do my best to cover as much as I can in this fluid Ukrainian “Missile” Crisis (without the “missile” part, but that could be coming later making this equal to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 in dangerousness). Not only will I look into the future but give my readers a fresh perspective removed from the gathering fog of war and gathering fog of Western-media-hyped hysteria over the war. I might as well begin by reminding us all that this war breaking out between Russia and Ukraine over the Donbass breakaway republics is not a week old at all or how many weeks I might add to take stalk of. Whatever we’re adding to it since 24 February is only the karmic frosting upon a hell cake the West baked out of Ukraine in a war now EIGHT YEARS and two-weeks-old!

It is the selectively forgotten war that US and EU media rarely covered. It almost never wished to confront the fact that the cancer of Ukrainian Nazis in office and in the military have had a major part to play in its beginning and potentially soon, this long war’s dramatic climax.

I no longer call them Ukrainian neo-Nazis. They are old school, fierce fighters, racists too, given the evidence I will show you of mass graves of ethnic Russian Ukrainians. What a Nazi without a genocide? And the West has been supplying them cover, arms and media propaganda masking as support.

The masks will come off here at

There are many lies being told to us, for when war comes to us, as this war has come to global attention AT LAST, one lie that’s key here will be drum beaten out of our noggin “meat”—stop calling Ukraine a “democracy.”

What has existed in Kiev hasn’t been a democracy for eight years and counting. That Ukrainian democracy was overthrown by Ukrainian Nazi’s of Right Sector and Svoboda and what later became called the swastika flag-flying, SS rune wearing, Nazi occult black sun brandishing Azov Brigade now called the Azov Battalions are the enemy of Ukrainian democracy.

After coming to power these Nazis earmarked Eastern Ukrainian Russians as targets for genocide because the ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the eastern provinces, who believed in democracy, rightly were dead set against the violent overthrow of Ukrainian democracy on 22 February 2014 that unfortunately Washington had a big part in promoting and replacing as we will see. That’s why the ethnic Russian Crimea seceded and shifted its allegiance to Russia. That’s why the Russian provinces of Lugansk and Donetsk formed militias to defend their freedom against the new fascist menace, the Kiev regime, that violently disposed of the democratically elected President Yanukovych.

The US, starting with the Obama Administration backed the violent coup, and Obama’s State Department officials picked which Ukrainians would sit in its interim government that would establish the new government and its rules, which had a fascist sheen. For instance, there was no voting it in by Ukrainians. It took power with a cabinet that was a “who’s who” of Ukrainian fascists and extreme nationalists in seats of power, eight long and bloody years ago. The first thing they did was ban the Russian language being spoken in government offices. Over the years tyranny would enact wider bans including not allowing children to speak or learn Russian in school. We’re talking about the mother tongue of 70 percent of Ukrainians being banned. Then came threats of purges and pogroms of Eastern Russian Ukrainians.

First the violent coup and then these threats lowered on all Russian Ukrainians is why the provinces with the largest ethnic Russian speaking populations like the Crimea, broke away to secede back into the Russian motherland. Before the Russian Revolution the farthest eastern coal and industrial provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk were never culturally part of Ukrainian-speaking Ukraine. Like Crimea they have always been Russian, but it was harder geographically to break away. That’s why these provinces faced with the malice of a new US puppet government in Kiev that hated Russians, first tried to petition Kiev for more autonomy.


Hundreds of thousands of Donbass citizens in a rally on 6 April 2014 prior to the Civil War’s beginning. Plus long lines of them going to vote in the referendum.

Kiev’s reply?

The tanks and APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) and heavy artillery rolled east. The Ukrainian Army was mobilized to attack the 4 million people of Lugansk and Donetsk, labeling all of them as targets of an “Anti-Terrorist mission.” The Nazi militias and battalions of Right Sector, Dnipro 1 and 2, Donbas and Azov marched with them. I can tell you from the chatter of right-wing Ukrainians on my Facebook page back in 2014 that a purge of the Donbass region of all Russians was what they desired. The Ukrainian fascists on my Facebook page called the Russians a rabble of gangsters, dogs or vermin. It was over the top visceral hatred boiling out of my Facebook threads.

It reminds me of the collective hatred, especially being expressed in Western Europe right now, for all Russians. The Russians have become the new Jews to be cast out, the new “Russian question” to be solved in violent ways, the new whipping-boy scapegoat for all that’s wrong in Europe’s world. We will go deep into this theme of bigotry, trying to sort it all out, in further articles.

The people of the Donbass had offered their hand in a non-binding referendum in spring 2014, petitioning for more autonomy and all they got in reply from Kiev was a civil war and a not too veiled threat of genocide. Hence for eight years and counting the Donbass people have heroically fought back literally for their lives, thousands of which were lost, over 14,000 before this new escalation became a world crisis on 24 February 2022. At least 3,083 of those killed were civilians from years of indiscriminate terror barrages upon towns and cities of the Donbass by a Ukrainian Army and their Nazis auxiliaries since 2014.

A lot of you have been saying, “but President Zelensky of Ukraine” is a Jew, how can this be a fascist government?”

It can.

I lay that all out in articles below in a history lesson taken from the Jewish Holocaust in the 1940s, how prominent Jewish leaders were exploited by the German Nazis before they were the last to enter the gas chambers. We’ll go deep into this.

There is something I want to make very clear about President Zelensky of Ukraine. He is far from democratic in his actions as the mainstream media (MSM) gushes, lionizing him. Before this war escalated into a Russo-Ukrainian conflict, Zelensky had pulled the plug on all Russian speaking Ukrainian TV stations stifling free speech. He has marked the previous President Poroshenko for trial as a traitor and before the war began put him under house arrest.

I say again, the instruments of government and voting which put Poroshenko and Zelensky in office were founded upon a provisional government established by Washington in a violent overthrow by fascists in 2014, making both presidents illegitimate as per the peaceful settlement of the Maidan Revolution in February 2014 that had all parties, Western Ukrainians and Eastern Russian Ukrainians agreeing to have new elections and to have restored reforms set after the Orange Revolution of 22 November 2005 to 23 January 2005. The fascists were not on board with that, shut it down with guns and fire, and with US help established the structures of government in Ukraine that is a mockery—Zelensky is a mockery—of democracy.


Right Sector demonstrators at the Maidan Square. Skin heads of Right Sector with their emblem.

Right Sector demonstrators at the Maidan Square. Skin heads of Right Sector with their emblem.

The day of the fascist overthrow on 22 February 2014, Ukrainian Nazi group “Right Sector” thugs paced snipers shooting from the rooftops aimed at the celebrating crowds in Kiev’s Maidan Square after the agreement was made the day before. They shot that democratic solution down, taking out hundreds killed and wounded, targeted indiscriminately. The Right Sector snipers shot and killed even their own followers crowding the square before they attacked and burnt down the presidential palace hoping to catch and murder the democratically elected President Yanukovych and his cabinet members. These fortunately escaped to Russia.

That’s just a little taste of what I will attempt to share with my readers and give you the other side, the history, the grounds for tensions that I’ll explain later in more detail in these 18 articles.

You need context.

And context is in very short supply if your news sources are the mainstream media.

Without it, how can one form an intelligent understanding of what is happening? Without knowing all sides, one joins just another herding of sheeple by the sheepdogs of war running the herd off a cliff eventually.

I will expose the barrage of Western media lies fueling the trajectory of this crisis in articles covering the events of each week of the war.

What had been the Donbass War for eight years in Week One became the Russo-Ukrainian War in Week Two. In Week Three we might see a dramatic escalation. It would start with the West turning Ukraine into a killing ground of a NATO proxy war with Russia that might not remain “proxy” but devolve into a direct NATO-Russian clash. It may not go there if the Russians get their operational goals fulfilled to first make this occupation of Ukraine temporary so that Russia can de-Nazify and demilitarize Ukraine and established a government there friendly to Russia that will pledge and sign an iron clad new constitution that makes neutrality permanent with the country never becoming part of NATO or any other military alliance.

Sounds like a tall order.

I sure think so.

I will try to give you the context why these demands have been set, first by great efforts of diplomacy for eight years that, when clearly were ignored, forced the “diplomacy” of war as another means to resolve this. More on that below!

Angel of Death by Nina Paley, c. 1968, © Creative Commons.

Angel of Death by Nina Paley, c. 1968, © Creative Commons.

We’re not at World War Three yet.

Instead we have a war that is THREE wars in one so far.

One that Russian is winning, one that Russia is losing and one that Russia and US-NATO are equally losing but Russia is holding its own for now while US-NATO may rue the day it launched this third war.

The first is a conventional war on the ground in Ukraine.

Russia is winning that. I will explain in detail just how far the narrative on the MSM is straying from reality in the following week-by-week article reports. You may be very surprised, even shocked, to what extent the Russian war on the ground does not match what you’re being told in the media.

The West is winning that propaganda war big time in the battlefield of the human collective mind. The Russians suck at propaganda wars and winning the hearts and minds of primarily the Western world. But then, maybe they don’t care. Putin has won the hearts and minds of his own people. Although the Western media likes to make this all about “evil POO-tin,” the sanctioning and outright bigotry people are showing in the West for all things and all people Russian has united 150 million people behind their leader. Putin’s polling 80 percent and rising. Our runaway hatred has done that.

The passions in the West have been manipulated and whipped up to fever pitch, to a hysteria embracing Russian subhuman stereotypes and calling Putin their thug dictator. It has a visceral and collective loathing and hatred I haven’t seen since Nazi Germany’s brilliant propaganda war successfully framed the Jews as subhuman, evil and the cause of all that went wrong in Western civilization.

The Russians in effect have become what I warned would happen back in 2014. The Russians are the “new Jews” of this new Fourth Turning which is the return after an 80-year cycle of worldwide crises not seen since the Great Depression climaxing in the Second World War. And might I dare also add, the Jewish Holocaust of those days might end up the Russian holocaust if nuclear weapons get involved.

I’m hearing NATO and EU leaders like Josep Borrell, the ersatz foreign Minister of the EU, openly talk about setting up a “no-fly” zone over Ukraine’s airspace already swarming with Russian jets. This Borrell is a boob! But he’s not alone. The Western leadership in this time of history is a gathering of some of the most childish, immature, and mediocre people I’ve ever seen wield nuclear power of life or death over all life on Earth. And the French prophet Nostradamus seems to be indicating a war between “eagle kings of the North” is upon us, the eagles being the US bald, and the Russian Federation’s double-headed eagle kings of the North, for these kings, these presidents, display these eagles on their seals of office. (I have a whole article about the prophecy to show you below.)

The propaganda has achieved its greatest victory in European countries. Strangely enough, not so complete is the Reverend Jimmy Jonestown jive making cult followers out of Americans. They are surprisingly more skeptical of the war. They see it as a greater distraction taking people away from pressing issues for which the ever more unpopular Biden Administration seems to have no leadership skills or solutions, like lowering inflation, skyrocketing gas and food prices.

So the three wars in one has the war on Russia, the propaganda war against Russia which brings me to the third, a world war of the West on Russia via economic sanctions cutting Moscow off the Swift banking system and freezing the foreign assets of the Russian Central Bank itself.

Think of it! An unprecedented move in history.

This is not the US going after the little economy of Iraq or Venezuela or sanctioning Iran. This is an attempt to suppress a major G20 economic power—a nuclear weapons superpower no less—which happens to be a chief source of natural gas used by 40 percent of Europe and pumps 20 percent of its oil needs. Even now America still imports much needed Ural heavy crude oil to keep fuel pump prices relatively stable. They talk about it being cut off while they’re sending envoys to heavily sanctioned Venezuela and Iran to find replacements for it first. Biden is bargaining to rapidly restore the JCPOA treaty with Iran. Tehran and Caracas have been politely diplomatic but unless ALL the US sanctions are lifted, no deal, Mr. Biden.

Russia is also the chief source for much of the world’s industrial raw materials. What could go wrong in the economic world war if Russia under economic sanction, then counter-sanctioned by ending export of all these desperately needed raw materials and affordable gas to the West?

They haven’t retaliated yet, but it could be coming.

If it happens it could send the US and NATO nations into Deep Recession three to six months from now by autumn of 2022, only to dive further into the Greatest Depression in history by early 2023. That is something I’ve long predicted and documented in articles and books would happen in 2022 through 2023!

Now we have the catalyst in sight: the world war of sanctions.

I’ve been warning you for months about a coming global food and food price crisis. Do you know who are the number one and number two grain growers and exporters of the world? Number One, Russia, a few weeks ago just crossed the borders to do battle with Number Two, Ukraine!

The danger coming down the next few weeks of fighting arises from far too much success for the “winners” of the psychological media-propaganda war. Our media and leaders are believing their own fantasies too. They’re talking themselves from capitols in Brussels to Washington into fighting and winning that proxy war between NATO and Russia using Ukraine as a NATO field of combat to the cynical disregard of the Ukrainian people.

Think “Afghanistan” Kiev! You’re Kabul.

Our western leaders want to keep the war going because they are brain-frozen into this impossible idea that “POO-tin” will be overthrown and the Russian Federation will collapse.

Even if it takes the last killed Ukrainian and it takes years. And what’s the goal? The collapse of the largest nuclear superpower with the most nukes falling into chaos.

Now is that a sane thing to want happen?

Not just Ukrainians, NATO is waving the flag inviting thousands of volunteers and mercenaries to stand for “democracy” side by side with Ukrainian soldiers, perhaps one out of ten being a Ukrainian fascist that the media never talks about, or worse, they tolerate Nazis in Ukraine. They tolerate the only European country that officially, legally and openly established the creation of extreme nationalist units in its ranks such as Nazi-saluting units like Azov, Dnipro 1, Dnipro 2, Aidar, Donbas, the Ukrainian National (read Nationalist) Guard and the many units of Right Sector.

Didn’t Europeans and Americans together with Russians fight the Second World War to destroy Nazis?

Are we going to look the other way and tolerate Ukrainian Nazis who might light a false flag that lights up a nuclear World War Three?

Let’s pretend the guys with Wolfsangel and Totenkopf Death’s Head symbols from Hitler’s SS army formations and operators (many of them Ukrainians) of his death camps are just extras from a World War II movie that lost their way to the commissary and ended up in Ukraine by accident.

Let’s let the media convince ourselves the Nazis are the good guys winning, and that the Russians are the bad guys losing. We want to believe that! (You’re not given much space to believe otherwise.)

So let’s talk ourselves into actually starting a Russian-NATO war.

Let’s send hundreds of NATO fighter jets over Ukraine!

Let’s then ignore the move of Russian’s Strategic mobile ICBM rocket launchers up to the Russian and Belarus borders aimed at European capitals as Moscow’s response to NATO fighters over Ukraine downing a Russian jet or two. Let’s move our NATO mobile nuke launchers up to the Russian border in the Baltic States, place them in Poland, in Romania when the Russians shoot down a lot of our NATO jets over Ukraine.

World War Three won’t happen!


Because we believe it won’t happen!

What could go wrong?

YouBoobTube WARNING! Move on! Don’t read Hogue’s eMagazine any further ladies and gentlemen. This is a human sheeple DANGER ZONE. There are TRUTH BOMBS and many “MIND” fields in the following pages. Turn back while you can…

Still reading? As Morpheus said to Neo as he woke up in the Nebuchadnezzar after taking the red pill, “Welcome to the real world.”

DATELINE: 10 March 2022

Russian cruise missile bombardment of the telecommunication tower in Kiev. © Creative Commons.

Russian cruise missile bombardment of the telecommunication tower in Kiev. Photo: Міністерство внутрішніх справ України © Creative Commons.

(4 March – 10 March 2022)

I’ll start my report on this second week with what I’ll call the “Kiev distraction” of the Western Media, reporting the opening days of the war from the rooftops and balconies of their posh Hotel digs. They’re all hanging out in the center of the Ukrainian capital, far away from the real fighting, and only one truth teller is filming them hanging out in Maidan Square all miked and camera’d up with nothing to do. I tried to find that video he shot saying loud enough for all the mainstream media standing around in Maidan Square could hear. I do have another link still active of same source, Gonzalo Lira (aka Coach Red Pill) online, teasing the media at breakfast in a similar way, a tease of truth (see it here). One of the things he said while panning his camera 360 degrees around the eating area was, “These are the people who are pushing the narrative…And the best part is they’re all staying at a Five-Star hotel. A comfy 5-star hotel, while they led Ukraine up the garden path.”

Let’s go hundreds of kilometers east from these pudgy reporters piling on the pounds, privy to next-to-nothing about this war as long as they stay relatively safe and sound in Kiev.

Week Two’s events mark the opening stages of what I predict will eventually be the defeat and capture of the Ukrainian Army in Eastern Ukraine in a great encirclement by Russian and Donbass forces into an in encirclement. It’s a term the Russians took from experiencing first-hand the great encirclements achieved by the Nazis in the initial two years of their invasion of Soviet Russia in the Second World War.

No military in the history of war suffered greater losses having dozens of armies at a time surrounded and “boiled” from all sides from air, artillery, tank and infantry attack than the Soviet Russians did. No one learned the lesson from their catastrophic mistakes better when applying cauldron encirclement to their enemies.

There are 15 of Ukraine’s best brigades of motorized infantry, tanks and artillery holding the Line of Contact in the Donbass. It could be a third of Ukraine’s entire forces, their best units, maybe 75-to-80,000 men holding the line as the Russian encirclement begins while the 34,000 members of the Donbass militias hold them on the Line of Control motionless. So far it looks like there is no Ukrainian retreat yet out this trap.

It also appears that the Donbass port and large city of Mariupol is a target for surrounding by Donbass soldiers from the north and east, Russian regulars coming out of the West from Crimea. Media reports say the main contingent of the Ukrainian Nazis of the Azov Battalion hold Mariupol and have had eight years to honeycomb it with defenses. Some say several thousand Nazis are there but for the record I sense, I feel, the presence of over 10,000.

Western media constantly say the Russians are bogged down but Putin stoically says everything is going methodically on schedule. I’ll provide more details in articles below about how the Russians are going in slow on purpose.

It appears that the Russians are only taking down military infrastructure. The Ukrainian Air Force and its airfields, given the lack of Ukrainian air strikes after two days, tells me most of their jets, helicopters and bases no longer exist. I haven’t yet seen a Ukrainian helicopter attacking the Russians, like they’ve attacked the Donbass military and civilians regularly over eight years. Seems their copters are destroyed, perhaps most on the ground when the invasion started.

That was another thing the Russians learned the hard way from the Germans in June 1941 in the first hours of their invasion: seize air superiority in the first hours of the war. And I would add today that those airfields not destroyed are now occupied by Russians, mostly paratroopers. The Jewish warriors of the Israeli State also learned, taking out the combined air forces on Syria, Jordan and Egypt in the first hours of the Six Day War in June 1967.

Vladimir Putin’s “Special Operation” is indeed that!

Where Americans invade a country like Iraq with “shock and awe!” obliteration of the government, military and even the civilian infrastructure, the Russians preserve the government, and civilian infrastructure. The power is on, the phones work, the Internet is up and running. Russia is not seeing its Ukrainian Slavic brothers and sisters as enemies. They are pulling what I’ll explain in articles below as a “super” Georgia scenario when it comes to Putin’s goal of taking down the military and its infrastructure similar to what they did in the Five-Day War against Georgia in August 2008.

Georgia shelled and attacked Russian held and populated South Ossetia leading to the counter-invasion of Russian forces occupying Georgia temporarily until all captured NATO equipment and NATO constructed infrastructure was thoroughly destroyed before retreating back into South Ossetia and the disputed Abkhazia province then went over to the Russian sphere of influence, just as the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics have done at the onset of Russia’s demilitarization and de-Nazifying operation in Ukraine.

So, that means when facing Ukrainian regulars, the Russians will try to get them to surrender promising good treatment with honor and respect to fellow soldiers to disarm allowing them to return to civilian safely. The Nazi Ukrainians, however, are treated like a cancer that has metastasized especially since the Maidan Square revolution in February 2014 spreading all across the Ukrainian military, government and parliament funded by Ukraine’s oligarchs who are the real bosses of this nation known as the most notoriously corrupt in Europe.

I’m getting my first reports of Ukrainian regulars surrendering without a fight from real journalists not eating donuts in Kiev but are embedded with the advancing Donbass militias going into battle. My sources tell me that the Nazi units stand and fight, usually to the death. When you’re in a Death Cult, you live and die for death whether you were in the old-school German SS units or the present-day old-school emulating Ukrainian Nazi units.

On the 3 and 4 of March, the first major cities fell to Russian arms advancing north out of Crimea, the strategic southern Ukrainian hubs of Kherson and Melitopol. To prove the point that this Russian special operation is not a conquest, but a temporary occupation, the Russian’s have openly supported and interacted with the Ukrainian government of these cities and their police forces to keep the peace and continue flying the Ukrainian flag at least for now. Russia is eager to protect and preserve the bureaucracy. It wants to help elements in the Ukrainian government sympathetic to the danger of the Nazifying of Ukraine to purge from Ukraine those politicians, those oligarchs and those swastika and SS rune-emblazed Nazi brigades.

I must say again for the record, that’s a tall order.

By 3-4 March it is clear now that the Ukrainian army is not only being slowly encircled but the Azov fascists holding and terrorizing the citizens of the Donbass port of Mariupol for eight years are also encircled and a hard house to house fight has begun in the outer suburbs. According to my estimates that would bring the trapped Ukrainian soldier count in Eastern Ukraine around 90-to-100,000 because I predict the numbers of dug in Azov forces are far higher than estimated.

Some of my better sources say that Russian land forces began making their first moves that could end up sometime in the future opening another encirclement, this time on the port of Odessa, Ukraine’s third largest city starting 4 March. The word is Russian naval units are approaching and prepared to shell military targets there. An amphibious landing is most likely next. Odessa is a Russian speaking city that recently had a change in mayors to that of what I hear is one of the nastiest Nazis of the Azov Brigade leaders.

Also on 4 March a Ukrainian saboteur unit attempted to storm into the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant. The US media went ape sh*t trying to blame the Russians shelling the nuclear plant as an attempted false flag. It makes no sense. The released radiation would saturate the skies of Russia and Crimea.

Now in the second week we have proof why the Russians to precautions in Week One surrounding and guarding Ukrainian nuclear plants like Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant. Attacks may have been attempted in the first plant. At Zaporizhzhya a strong Russian guarding force were ready to take on the sabotage units, most likely Ukrainian Nazis, trying to invent an international nuclear disaster and blame it on the Russians. All saboteurs were destroyed, so report the Russian Defense Ministry. By the way, as in Chernobyl, the Russians collaborated with the Ukrainian engineers to keep the reactors pumping out energy to the Ukrainian people. Zaporizhzhya’s six reactors were undamaged. Frankly the reactors and their containment domes built in the Soviet era are strong enough to withstand a conventional ballistic missile attack.


US weaponizing of the media has steamrolled over alternative voices and Russia media trying to share both sides of the narrative on Ukraine by Week Two. The top casualty was RT America. In my experience it was one of the last fair and balanced news outlets in Europe and America. It’s motto “Question More” was not some cute advertisement but authentically what I came to experience after vetting them and taking note of their accuracy over 10 years of broadcasting.

Frankly, I am surprised they haven’t had the plug pulled on them years ago, or that their mother station RT International hadn’t been equally marginalized, before the eyes of their global viewing audience of 800 million people. Such truthful journalism shines a light on the utter bankruptcy of US and EU journalism we have today that are merely propaganda organs for Cancel Culture, the Military and the Sickness Industrial Complexes and the fascist-corporate interests that fund the US and European networks to propagate their world and globalist views. If truth be the first casualty of war, RT America and the RT outlets across Europe managed to stay alive into the Second Week of the war before Truth was shot down from the airwaves.

The Western media at the end of Week Two were winning the hearts and minds war of fantasy playing fact, but Russia is winning the war that matters, the REAL war on the ground. Soon the pictures they might never show you are going to begin appearing across the alternative media of hundreds of still artillery guns, hundreds of Ukrainian tanks sitting idle, out of gas, parked for demolition by the Russians in far off eastern Ukraine battlefields that no Western war correspondent comfy in their 5-star hotel under their bed sheets seems willing to report.

I predict in coming weeks visons of thousands upon thousands of Ukrainian soldiers being respectfully herded off the Eastern Ukrainian battlefields, will effectively end major military engagements turning this war into a mop up affair for the rest of the Russian “special operation” to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine.

Take a look at them in that link I just posted—the Ukrainian National Militia (more like “national socialist”)—see this link and shudder at what the Western media doesn’t want you to confront that the US and NATO is on the side of Nazism. In this BBC video this new version of German Nazi Stormtroopers gives the same rationalizations for the necessary violence being outside civil laws because the chaos, corruption and economic decline overtaking Ukraine in its streets requires their disciplined, vigilante iron fist of order and Ukraine’s Security Minister, one of the leaders of the Azov Battalions, has given fascist vigilante justice the green light with no due process but the club, the crowbar and a good gangland beating.

Here is a further BBC report from 2015 how Ukrainian Fascism started to spread to what it is today: BBC NEWSNIGHT: Far-Right Group (Right Sector) threatening to overthrow Ukraine’s government. And this NEWSNIGHT segment from a year before right after the Maidan coup. This one clearly shows Right Sector’s racist policies seeing Russians and Jews as the same vermin to purge to make clean the Ukrainian nation. It is Germany of the 1920s and 1930s repeating itself in the 2010s and 2020s in Ukraine. I wasn’t projecting it in my opening statements. Here it is!

The events of the weekend of 5-6 March clearly support the views of two oracles. The two Oracles in question are, myself, who is often called by people “The American Nostradamus” (not my appellation but what to do?) The other is someone whom I and other viewers lovingly call “The Oracle of London” Alexander Mercouris of The Duran website.

For my part I have been writing and documenting my prediction on 28 February (see the article below) about the Nazification endgame crowding the Ukrainian Nazis politicians and military members into the the extreme Western half of Ukraine in the Lvov region, becoming a kind of “NAZI-Land.”

It will become the EU’s bitter karmic pill to take after all their support and aid to the Nazification of Ukraine since 2014. Mercouris was also beginning to see that after February 28, but I’m happy to inform him and you all that Alexander has far better grasped the details and the parallels in this Russian Special Operation plan than I have. The Russian “soft” invasion strategy according to Mercouris is a variation on what Russia did to help the Syrians win the Syrian Civil War. Yesterday they succeeded in “de-Islamist-terrorism” in Syria, eventually crowding the survivors into a small Syrian province called Idlib, just as perhaps the Russians might be planning to crowd all the Ukrainian Nazi terrorists into Ukraine’s province of Lvov, as the new Idlib, near the polish border. There are other scenarios that we’ll later consider.

In Ukraine we have two strategic models working here. The first is the Georgian model of demilitarization I earlier mentioned. The second is what the Russians and Syrians did in the Siege of Aleppo repeating it in Ukraine. The Russians aren’t charging into urban battlefields blasting everything that moves. They hang back, methodically surrounding the Ukrainian cities of Kiev, Kharkov, Melitopol, Kherson, Mariupol and perhaps go as far west as encircling Odessa later on. They do not fire on the civilians if possible. They do not take out the government from the air. They wait out the besieged forces within. They negotiate ceasefire corridors where civilians can peacefully leave. Unfortunately, like in Syria, the Nazi Azov battalions in Mariupol are firing and trying to kill civilians desperately trying to run or drive down these ceasefire corridors, see eyewitness reports.

The US press so indoctrinated with the way the US just blows cities up to save them, never thinking of talking to the enemy out of a siege, can’t fathom what’s going on in this Ukrainian War. Diplomacy equally used alongside firepower.

This isn’t a bogged down invasion but is intended by plan to be a creeping, stoic, time-consuming process of weeks, even many months for all I know, slowing the war down by slowing the general violence, especially that which harms and kills civilians, while tightening the circle around a city. Always applying negotiation to get the people safely out of the city down humanitarian corridors.

That’s what Russian and the Syrian Arab Army did when tightening the ring around Aleppo, while ramping up negotiations to give the Jihadists safe passage to their stronghold in Idlib. In the end the Russians brought in humanitarian organizations in to oversee the bussing of thousands of Jihadists, their families and those sympathetic to their cause, such as the White Helmet ER people safely to Idlib. And thus the eastern part of Aleppo that the terrorist occupied for over two years peacefully departed and thousands of grateful Aleppo citizens greeted the Syrian Army and Russians as liberators. (Scroll down to the third article at this link.)

Like Alexander Mercouris I understand this is the hopeful ending of this plan, but let’s be clear, this is a much more ambitious version of the Georgian and Syrian operations. One can hope it will have the same effect. Russia did get the Ukrainian government representatives in mid-Week Two to agree to these safe corridors out of the cities for civilians “and” military elements.

The corridors are being open around the Kiev encirclement down a broad road heading southwest which would make an easy turn right for the cars and buses heading to Lvov province to the city of Lvov and ultimately to a peaceful crossing at the Polish border. And I would also add, a place for the neo-Nazis to rally and wallow in all the NATO arms being shipped and piled high there.

They may be waiting for the coming attack but Lvov, I predict, is not a place to be attacked, Lvov is a repeat of Idlib province and that’s where the past precedent warrants future concerns because like the ISIS and al-Qaeda remnants that dwell to this day in Idlib from there perhaps strengthen later on and spread again their terrors.

Same may be the potential post-Ukrainian war situation with a national socialist “Banderastan” as some waggishly call Lvov in a post Ukraine-as-we-knew-it period following. The wags name it after the founder of Ukrainian Nazism, Stephan Bandera, a Nazi Ukrainian collaborationist with the German SS.

(Dateline 8 March 2022) From March 5 to March 8 (Day 9 through Day 12 of the war) I can report two important developments. The first was an interview on Face the Nation Sunday 6 March where US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken gave the green light to any NATO nation who wants to use Poland as a landing place for their collection of Soviet-era MiG’s and fighter bombers to land and prepare air bases for Ukrainian pilots to fly into Ukrainian airspace to police a “no-fly” zone.

Blinken is not the sharpest knife in the State Department’s kitchen drawer. World stock markets went crazy the morning after on Monday 7 because the markets know what this could cause. At least one US media anchor, FOX News’ rare and consistently good source for the right-of-center view, the Libertarian-leaning Tucker Carlson, who is brave enough to let one of the few levelheaded military experts on Cable news drop some inconvenient truth bombs on air about what this blinkin’ Blinken just potentially exposed the world to. He is retired Colonel Doug MacGregor. This is what he said that Monday night on Tucker Carlson:


COL. MACGREGOR: We are in a very dangerous position right now. The President of the United States who wants Ukrainian pilots to come to Poland on the ground in Poland and then fly them into Ukraine to join the fight against the Russians. He made a very good decision against the No-Fly Zone (rejecting the idea a few days ago, that is). He needs to reverse this decision immediately. This is the first decisive step across the line into what could make us a co-belligerent in the war in Ukraine.

Moscow will not take this lightly. They have exercised great restraint towards us even though we have continued to pile great quantities of military arms into the people they are fighting. But this is a step too far. And there are a whole range of responses, from tactical ballistic missiles and cruise missiles to destroy all the airports and all the airfields of Poland, or frankly, anywhere else in Europe where we have US aircraft potentially, all the way up to a nuclear strike. The good news is, Putin will not launch a nuclear strike unless we use one. I can’t imagine the president doing that. But nevertheless it’s a great danger and this seems to escape everybody’s attention.

The other point that’s very important about the Russians. For the Russians this is an existential question. They will not allow Ukraine to join NATO or any other alliance that is aimed at Russia. They want a nonaligned, neutral Ukraine. That is the first condition, and it is one we should accept. We should be de-escalating in this, not escalating it. That’s very important. As far as what the Ukrainians have to say, we should treat whatever we hear right now with a grain of salt. You cannot know with absolute precision in my experience what is happening on the battlefield unless you are there. And we’ll know a lot when this is over but right now, we should be very careful to assume much of what we’re hearing from both sides may not be accurate.

TUCKER CARLSON: Can you sum up as you understand it what the mission here now is? I mean many people would be willing to take some measure of risk on behave of this country if they understood what the plan was. The pan seems to be prolonging the fighting in Ukraine to what end? I mean I honestly don’t understand it. Do you?

COL. MACGREGOR: Well, it’s a damned good question and its one worth answering. I do think the plan is to prolong the fighting on the assumption that over time the Russians can be driven out of Ukraine. And if the Russian Army cannot be driven out, which I think many people realize is not going to happen, then the plan is to complete the destruction of Ukraine by turning it into a quasi-Afghanistan. That’s also not going to happen.

These things won’t happen because the Europeans will not go along. The Germans have already made it very clear they’re going to continue to buy energy and food from Russia. So will other European states. The sanctions as you rightly point out will do a lot of damage to us. They’re not going to make much difference to Russia.

China will stand with Russia.

It knows it must.

Russia has an abundance of food and energy. China will take it all. Russia will not suffer as a result of our sanctions in fact it may break down the financial system that we have set up to punish everyone in the world we don’t like.

TUCKER CARLSON: What a tragedy it is to see all the people of good will I know personally, a lot of conservatives that are supporting this stuff, don’t understand how malicious the intent is and don’t understand how destructive the effect on our country is.


Unfortunately, as it later turned out, Col. Macgregor was completely wrong, because he applied, reason and measured intelligence to assess what Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany and his people would do, keeping their intention to buy food and energy from Russia. That’s an absolute must if they aren’t going to fall into a shared economic and political decline.

There is a pattern, however, that is very disturbing developing in this Ukrainian Crisis. The weakness of reason is that it knows its limits. Mediocrities in power, however, can one day pull back from the idiotically impossible move, but days or weeks later, do it anyway.

Olaf Scholz and his government again and again would say they would not do something irrationally crazy like the various things their American handlers demanded of them. For instance the cancelling of the Nordstream II pipeline. Impossible! Forty percent of German natural gas from Russia gone? Nearly half its people shivering next winter? The dynamo German economy without that cheap gas to keep prices competitive rapidly declining. Say “No!” to America, Germany.

But Germany later complied.

Scholz sheepishly detached Germany from Nordstream II. Then Biden demanded Scholz and Europe decant from the last pipeline left of Russian gas to German and much of Western Europe, Nordstream I! The “No!” crumbled just 24 hours later on Tuesday 8 March. No Russian oil. No satisfactory replacement for it to power Europe at the time of this writing. As Week Two of the war was coming to an end my inner premonition psychic monitor began to rise anxiously fast. Just how long would “no” to No-fly zones be taken as an answer, like Nordstream II?

Monday, 7 March, the day after Blinken’s green lighting of the no-fly zone idea, the Russian State media, Channel One, for the first time presented a map of the full special operation in Ukraine’s military maneuvers. It’s from The Saker, one of my consistently accurate sources of reports on the ground. What is significant is that this map sourced to an Israeli website should appear on Russia’s number-one most watched channel nationally. I know from firsthand experience that it would have a very large audience.

I’ve also done two appearances on Russia Channel One, back in 2005 as a prophecy expert looking at the change of popes on the channel’s version of the Sunday night show like we have in the US called “60 Minutes” on CBS. I was told the audience was 42 million Russians. (I have a link of it, but the US government has rendered it dead.) The second time was New Year’s Eve 2017 when I was the only Western guest forecaster, predicting events for 2018 to an audience of 62 million. (This link so far still works, because it was a custom compilation of my segments.) So I imagine, given the seriousness of the situation Channel One might have had over 100 million Russians, many of them looking for the first time at a Saker map of the military situation that the Russian Ministry of Defense would not have publish across Russia until it could verify from its own reports that the Saker map corroborates factually the real situation on the ground in Ukraine.

What it showed was significant: the developing “cauldron” of encirclement one-third of Ukraine’s armed forces cut off from the rest of Ukraine and Kiev military control. What Putin said over the weekend of 6-7 March is indeed in effect. The military dimension of the Special Operation is “75 percent” completed in its de-militarizing all land, air and sea branches and their infrastructure of the Ukrainian military. And with that admission broadcast across 11 Russian time zones it explains “why” Secretary Blinkin is desperate to escalate NATO’s direct involvement in this war on CBS Face the Nation. I’m concerned that we will have entered a tremendously dangerous Week Three where what US-backed Islamic terrorists did in Syria might be repeated. Every time Assad with Russia’s assistance the Syrian Civil War, that’s the time Islamic terrorists committed false flag gas attacks that brought some, not all, US-NATO allies directly into kinetic contact with the Syrian state in April 2017 and again in April 2018.

Russia is winning?

Time for False Flag events. The attempted sabotage of Ukrainian nuclear reactors was already thwarted by Russians guarding it. Why not a false flag event using another weapon of mass destruction?

RT International reports that there are biolabs in at least 11 Ukrainian cities. The US Department of Defense confirms they belong to its Biological Threat Reduction Program but that the US only “collaborates with partner countries to counter the threat of outbreaks” of infectious diseases.”

In short, they aren’t US funded, so protests the US Embassy in Ukraine saying the story is “disinformation.”

One can easily surmise though that to have the pathogens and nerve agents in stock is required to play doctor trying to anticipate an attack and see if one can make cures, right?

I don’t know, but it all sounds a bit like a variation on a CIA theme of rendition sanctuaries where terrorists in US hands could be secretly shipped out of bounds of legal scrutiny to distant lands for illegal torture. If the CIA can perfect its torture interrogation free of legal scrutiny in some undisclosed land, could US bio and chemical weapons research also be removed from the public eye to, let’s say, 11 cities in Ukraine?

The three faces of Victoria Nuland at the Senatorial hearing on 8 March 2022.

Then came Victoria Nuland the day after Monday to a hearing under oath on 8 March 2022, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida ending with what seemed to be a staged question as he seemed to look down reading it before looking her in the eye, last phrase memorized like reading a paper while making a speech. Her words in reply were also carefully set out, almost too careful. She seemed a bit nervous, maybe hoping to play her part right:

SENATOR RUBIO: I only have a minute left, let me ask you. Does Ukraine have biological or chemical weapons?

DEPUTY SECRETARY OF STATE VICTORIA NULAND: (haltingly with her pads of her hands pressing the table at each utterance) Uh… Ukraine has… Uh…bi-o-logical research facilities, which we are now quite concerned that Russian troops, Russian forces … (now Nuland unconsciously starts twirling the nose and end of her pen nervously between her hands unto the finishing of her answer) … maybe seeking to (pause) uh, gain control of. So we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those…research materials from falling into the hands…of uh, Russian forces, should they approach.

SENATOR RUBIO: I, I’m sure you’re aware that Russian propaganda are putting all kinds of information out there about how they’ve already recovered a plot by the Ukrainians to release biological weapons in the country and with NATO’s coordination. If there’s a biological or chemical weapon incident, or attack inside Ukraine is there any doubt in your mind that 100 percent it would be the Russians that where behind it?

NULAND (with the slightest, fleeting, opening smile, doubles down on nervously twirling her pen even faster than before!): There would be no doubt in my mind, Senator, and it is a CLASSIC…Russian, uh…technique … to blame on the other guy what their planning to do themselves. (At the word “technique” she suddenly let her left hand accidentally release the twirling butt-end of her pen for only an instant, but gains command of it and continues rolling and turning it in her fingers as she finished her sentence.)

But what does Captain Queeg played by Humphrey Bogart have to add about this, with no pen to control his nervousness as he speaks but the smooth and metal little oriental wakka balls in his right palm.

Captain Queeg from the movie The Caine Mutiny rolling his Wakka Balls in his palm clickity-clackity with his fingers in the Court-Martial scene. Shown: Humphrey Bogart

Captain Queeg from the movie The Caine Mutiny rolling his Wakka Balls in his palm clickity-clackity with his fingers in the Court-Martial scene.

CAPTAIN QUEEG (breathless with wakka balls banging and rolling): I tried to run the ship properly, by the BOOK. But they all fought me at every TURN! The crew wanted to walk around with their shirt tails all out, well, that’s FINE! LET them. Take the tow line, defective equipment no more, no less! But they (his officers) encouraged the crew to go around and disrespect me and SCOFFING at me and spreading WILD rumors about…STEAMING IN CIRCLES and calling me “Old Yellow Stain.” I…! w-was to blame for lieutenant Merrick’s incompetence. Lieutenant Merrick was the perfect officer but NOT CAPTAIN QUEEG! (smiling brightly suddenly) Ah! But the strawberries…THAT’s where I had them. They laughed at me and they made JOKES, but I proved beyond a shadow of a DOUBT by using wuh-wi-with geometric LOGIC, that a duplicate key to the wardrobe room DID EXIST, and I would have produced that key if they hadn’t pulled the Caine out of action. Uh-uh-ah-I know now that they were only trying to protect some fellow officer…

Queeg becomes aware of the military judge, the jury, the attorneys silently stunned at his ranting and his rolling wakka balls in his hand banging. That’s the moment when John Hogue asked Captain Queeg).

JOHN HOGUE: Would you like to try twirling a pen?

For further detailed commentary about the bio-labs check out this report from Glenn Greenwald on Ukrainian bioweapons on

I don’t know if the labs were among the first installations going down when the war started from missile fire and thermobaric bombs, but what if some of the agents are already in the hands of Ukrainian neo-Nazis to let loose in Kiev to kill a few thousand civilians same as the Jihadist militias unleashed in the eastern suburbs of Damascus in al-Ghouta in August 2013. It killed nearly 2,000 people and injured 7,000 more. The Obama-Biden administration came very close to a full-scale aerial attack on Syria’s remaining infrastructure until Obama’s intelligence officers discovered that the remains of the missiles were not of a range that could have been fired from behind the Syrian lines. The missiles were turned on al-Ghouta within the Islamic terrorist lines!

If you’re going to blame something big on the Russians like an aerial missile attack killing thousands of Kievites, do it where all the western media is lounging around near the Maidan Square, make sure you drive them there to photograph heaps of dead men, women and children, perhaps stage it where multitudes are crowding in train stations trying to escape the city. Stage it in the far West in Lvov.

Gas the people there, blame it on the Russians, the US and EU media goes ape over it, and the Biden-Harris (sans Obama) Administration crosses the line Obama avoided in Syria because he waited to get confirmation.

We’re not in those sober times anymore. Feel first—think about it later! And who’s in charge here?

Even cognitively stumbling Joe Biden was against the no-fly idea. He said the next stop was “World War III!” That didn’t stop Blinken giving his green light a few days later on national TV Sunday 6 March. Imagine if the green light made Poland go there, lets the Ukrainians use its airfields to attack Russian jets over Ukraine. The Russians swiftly knock out every airstrip and airport in Poland, a NATO ally. Perhaps even more dramatic options, Russia’s conventional warheads attached to their new hypersonic weapons systems put huge bomb holes in every US and NATO ally’s military airstrips across the European continent within five to ten minutes rendering them inoperable as a message to relent.

(Dateline 15 March 2022) I have a question that is shared by my sources, like Alex Christoforou of the Duran.

What is the logic of Russia, winning this war on their plodding-along schedule as they keep calmly stating, already in possession of many of the 11 bio labs they have not destroyed and in one mad act blow all that military progress away by releasing their captured pathogens on the Ukrainian people?

Why would you walk right into a NATO wish to the Good Fairy of Armageddon?

The Ukrainians are losing this war, just like the ISIS and al-Qaeda affiliates were losing the Syrian Civil War, and badly losing it. Who in Moscow has a reason to turn the tide of the war they are losing with some rash act?

So, consider this. When the chemical or bioweapon attacks begin, this is a sign of desperation of a losing side, blaming it on the winning side. Soft media power’s weakness and its greatest enemy is FACT. In the coming weeks the facts in the physical war will be hard to deny that Russia is winning it. So escalation of this conflict in the coming few days or few weeks is the only way the Media world war on Russia can keep ahead of FACT with its lies, but it does so at its peril.

Why peril?

Because the next escalation would turn the proxy NATO war into a direct NATO war with Russia. That’s what “soft media power” can talk the West into, like talking and lying yourself into doomsday.

Then where does Week Three go…?

DATELINE: 17 March 2022

Aftermath of a strike on NATO’s International Peacekeeping and Security Center (IPSC) near Yavoriv and just miles from the Polish border. Thirty long-range Russian cruise ballistic missile utterly destroyed this main NATO staging area for years of inter-military NATO-Ukrainian training and joint maneuvers. The biblical Russian blow shocked the NATO leaders and sent a warning to all Western mercenaries and all those who would pile their weapons high safe and sound in Western Ukraine: we know where it all is, and where you mercenaries are, and as we warned, our response will be harsh and total.

Aftermath of a strike on NATO’s International Peacekeeping and Security Center (IPSC) near Yavoriv and just miles from the Polish border. Thirty long-range Russian cruise ballistic missile utterly destroyed this main NATO staging area for years of inter-military NATO-Ukrainian training and joint maneuvers. The biblical Russian blow shocked the NATO leaders and sent a warning to all Western mercenaries and all those who would pile their weapons high safe and sound in Western Ukraine: we know where it all is, and where you mercenaries are, and as we warned, our response will be harsh and total.

(11 March – 17 March 2022)

There are so many details to cover as this war widens and the Russians widen their theater of operations across the southern Ukrainian coastal provinces on the way to Odessa while they surround and start destroying the largest assortment of the best Ukrainian units encircled next to Donbass. The war in Week Three quickens requiring more brevity from me. Still two things need some detailed attention because they press heavily on what could be coming next in Week Four making a proxy become a direct NATO war with Russia.

The week started with some 16,000 volunteers apparently on their way to Western Ukraine to join the fight. I saw five former United Kingdom soldiers in their UK gear interviewed in a Lvov train station, so I’ve seen them. A lot of them were heading to a long-standing NATO training area where thousands of NATO instructors and troops rotated over the years training Ukrainian regulars and (Ukrainian Nazi units too—I’ve seen the Azov badges of them next to NATO instructors). The training center is just outside of the far western Ukrainian town of Yavoriv, in the province of Lvov. Yavoriv is just eight miles from the Polish border beside which the main highway M10, grants easy passage of mercenaries coming in and the choked masses of 2 million Ukrainian refugees, possible approaching three million-and-counting on the way to Poland. The training camp northeast of the town and only 12 miles from the Polish Border is otherwise known by its euphemism International Peacekeeping and Security Center (IPSC).

Peace has been kept.

The peace that follows great and thunderous explosions of a hornet’s cloud of Russian long-range cruise missiles brought the peace of a cemetery overnight on 13 March 2022. The Russian’s warned all mercenaries not to enter the war or they would be targets. NATO head Jens Stoltenberg made one of his headless threats that if one bullet, or one piece of NATO property was hit by Russian arms it would invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter, that is, “The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all…”

However, individual NATO members can choose not to send their military in or respond by non-military means. I’m more concerned by Article IV which gives more loopholes to engage “some” of NATO forces for regime change. It was used to destroy Gaddafi and Libya in 2011.

Stoltenberg made an idiotic threat since Ukraine is not a NATO member and there are no NATO members officially in country, they all bugged out before the war started just so Article 5 wasn’t invoked with NATO people dead. Military hardware flooded into Ukraine on NATO’s own whim is their responsibility and for a defensive organization could be already seen as an offensive act of war because NATO now is killing Russians with those weapons in Ukrainian hands. The Russians are not hotheads but they’re also unmoved by Stoltenberg’s threats.

Anyway, Stoltenberg threatened Article 5 that Saturday 12 March. On Sunday 13 March the Russians gave him their answer. They launched upwards of 30 cruise missiles on the NATO installation and training area—mind you, all NATO forces had left that training area before the war started, unless a few creeped back in to train the volunteers “unofficially.” Whoever was there they and the installation with its red roofs one can still see on Google in happier times were mostly obliterated with a massive missile strike, but not 40 kilometers from the border as some reporters in the West incorrectly say. The satellite shots I examined put in around 12 miles from the border.

That freaked the Pentagon out, given that if some missile had strayed, or some they had hit with anti-aircraft missile fire could have strayed, it might hit something in NATO ally Poland’s territory. Any moment that might happen we’ve got this Ukrainian War becoming what I’ve called it for months—years actually—before it happened, a Ukrainian Missile Crisis. What perhaps scared them even more was the accuracy of Russian missiles fired from an extremely long range.

Russia’s decisive reply may have strengthened the resolve of more levelheaded brass in the Pentagon to further exert pressure to shoot down any wacky “you’re living in the twilight no-flying zone” ideas coming from Blinken, Nuland and the neo-con wing of Biden’s white house.

I saw photos of the devastation. IPSC looked like it had been carpet bombed by some big ballistic ordnance. It is reported by the head of the Ukrainian Regional Military administration Maxim Kozitsky that fires raged over the Yavoriv military range and forests that couldn’t be put out until noon. We learn also that the Russian missiles were launched a long way away, hundreds of kilometers from ships in the Black and Azov Seas.

Ukrainian officials first said 6 then upwards of 35 “heroes” died. I had to tragically laugh at that given the devastation I saw. Later, the Russians responded by saying, think upwards of 200 or more died. And since that time I’m getting reports that the Ukrainian press is slowly raising the death toll adding that the 35 were confirmed Ukrainian servicemen. Kozitsky wrote on Telegram that another 134 were injured. Not a high wounded to killed in action ratio showing how deadly was the strike.

It sends a clear warning to Brussels, to the Pentagon who might still have professionals with brains to match their brass to hear it.

It sends a message to the Ukrainian Nazi leaders in Lvov. Fill your province teaming with thousands of volunteers training and at any moment comes the time to fill it full of body bags from missile strikes on all infrastructure and training camps they may set up.

Why was this missile attack so shocking to the British and EU media? That was a question considered by three of my sources, Mercouris, Christoforou and Lima on one of The Duran broadcasts they did shortly after the strike. My sense is Lima is correct, there were NATO people in the target area, even though NATO immediately broadcast otherwise to the media. Mercouris who lives in London pushed the fact that anyone who understands the British media in the right way would see it sent shocks through it.

That reminded me of those five ex-British marines, just a few days earlier coming “in country.” I don’t know what happened to them, but it makes me think that if not “active” NATO forces, former NATO members could have been at that training camp on their own volition in their NATO uniforms and red berets.

Mercouris in a similar train of thought added that he didn’t think any were probably there, but NATO has lots of non-NATO military contractors, trainers, etc., that could have been there. He concluded that we probably won’t know until this war is over, but the missile hit must have hit a whole lot more targets of significance than reported.

I foresee that it was more than a training camp but a depot for much of the NATO weaponry that’s been passing into Lvov since the war started, and it just went up in fire, smoke and a rain of shredded streel. If it ain’t raining unless we’re NATO training, then it might have been raining shredded metal and composite materials of trucks, artillery, tanks even, along with mountains of javelins and sadly, body parts that once constituted human beings who Russia had warned not to enter the war zone.

Russian Defense Ministry sent a clear message to anybody wanting to volunteer and fight the Russians in Ukraine. RT International reported on 13 March:

Western governments encouraging their citizens to enlist in Ukraine will be responsible for their death, the Russian Ministry of Defense said Monday, vowing to continue the strikes such as the one that destroyed the Yavorov (Yavoriv in Ukrainian) base and show no mercy to mercenaries.

“All locations of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine are known to us,” Russian military spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement on Monday. “I want to warn you again – there will be no mercy for the mercenaries, no matter where they are on the territory of Ukraine.”

Konashenkov said a number of Western governments have encouraged their citizens to fight against Russian troops as mercenaries, adding that “all further responsibility for the death of this category of foreign citizens in Ukraine rests solely with the leadership of these countries.”

“Targeted strikes will continue,” Konashenkov said, specifically referring to Sunday’s cruise missile attack on the military bases in Yavorov and nearby Starichi in western Ukraine.

The missile strike has indeed been a major buzzkill to volunteers. I’ve watched videos on Twitter of many of them stuck in Ukraine saying they tried to get back over the Polish border but also many were blocked from leaving at the border and their passports shredded. The border guards ordered them to go back to fight and die. That might do more to keep the volunteers from entering than Russian missile strikes when meeting their new “friends” the Ukrainian National militiamen who are mostly extreme right-wing goons.

More developments on other fronts farther east. I’m hearing from sources that in the March 13-14 period, 5,000 Chechen soldiers have moved into Mariupol to render the coup de gras on the surviving Nazi Ukrainian soldiers. This happened when a very large convoy of civilian cars made it unharmed by the Nazi artillery down one of the humanitarian corridors.

Gonzalo Lira made it back from Kiev to Kharkov a while back, reported on 14 March from somewhere in the center of Kharkov that he can hear the Russian guns coming ever so closer, reasoning that the surrounding Russian army is tightening the circle around the city. Lira for more than a few weeks of the war is now hiding from Ukrainian government elements in the city that want his voice silenced. I do not know how he managed to leave Kiev for Kharkov, possibly an adventure that he might share with us once the war is over.

It looked at first like significant negotiations were going on in Israel to bring a general ceasefire. Mainstream western media isn’t reporting it much up to March 14, but it is all over the Israeli Press. Not so much now after March 14. It was another tried but ultimately diplomatic dead end.

Ukrainians are slowly moving in that direction on the Russian issues, demilitarization and neutrality as reported by the Financial Times in London, the only western media reporting the Israeli diplomacy. I give the breakthrough three more weeks. It’s just an intuition of mine. (Probably more a projection than a prophecy from me.) What seems to be coming into play on the ground in Ukraine is more humanitarian corridors opening to evacuate civilians.

On 13 March I posted a specially HogueProphecy Bulletin where I made the following predictions about Week Three moving into Week Four:

In the next few days the Propaganda war will not be able to explain away the Donbass port city of Mariupol which is a major base for Ukrainian Nazi forces within the Ukrainian Army could fall to the Russians. They won’t want the stories of the terror of civilians under Nazi hands reported then. They have avoided even mentioning that there are Nazis terrorizing civilians there—using them has human shields. Later in the week, much of the mopping up of a third of the Ukrainian forces will be complete. This massive force of Ukraine’s best 14 brigades was intended to start their planned invasion of the Donbass breakaway republics on 22 March (correction: plans captured by Russian forces date the attack for 8 March, see article 7). I am collecting the evidence of their plan and invasion orders. The media will not want you to know about those plans, or that the Donbass militias caught the Ukrainian strike forces still assembling off guard on 24 February forcing them to launch it with a vast artillery barrage into Donbass killing civilians and making armor and infantry probing attacks on the Donbass militia side of the Line of Control. The Donbass forces then held them at that line as other Donbass militia and Russian regular units began surrounding one-third of the Ukrainian Army cutting it off from its logistical support.

News of major Russian and Donbass successes are coming. The Russians are winning the war big, so like in Syria, I see the Ukrainian Nazi units will behave like the Islamic State fighters. They will unleash false flag attacks. The media to save face and distract you who watch it will tell you it’s all a Russian false flag.

A propaganda war must set flying an escalation of lies in the coming several days. Hence we enter a very dangerous time perhaps repeating what was done in Syria. Punitive US and NATO missile strikes swiftly came with no investigation into the images of dead and dying civilians. The false flags chemical attacks by ISIS were blamed on the Syrian government as they will be blamed now on the Russians perhaps causing NATO to launch missiles and turn their proxy war with Russia into a real one…!

I think we are facing some hard weeks ahead, but I have some hope actually in the generals of the West, especially in the Pentagon, that will not let these foolish political leaders get us into a nuclear war over this. The Ukraine crisis is a strange karmic echo to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Back then the military brass pushed Kennedy and his advisers hard to blast the Russians and Cuba off the map never thinking about what would come next. Today, everything is coming into focus topsy-turvy. Today it is the Pentagon’s brass trying to cool down the hot heads in the White House and in Congress.

I wish the professional soldiers good luck. They’ll need it because they’re up against neocon cult ideologues like Victoria Nuland and Anthony Blinken. They are pushing for aggressive war, and the puppet president will simply squint in the prompter and announce we are in it. Biden’s already saying just a few days ago that a chemical weapons attack in the Ukrainian theater is automatically going to be blamed on Russia and he says the next stop is “World War III.”

Who can hopefully grasp the puppet strings of the empty-headed president-in-dementia-chief away from the neocons this coming week? Perhaps the military heads of today can and then will pull his strings to make the wooden Biden step back from a hot war with Russia that could go nuclear because remember, mediocrities have boundaries. Time for a military genius that knows its limits, save the human future.

The Latter Half of Week Three marks
Very Dangerous Days Ahead for a Major Escalation
(HogueProphecy Bulletin: 13 March 2022)


Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. With a preview of the new cover for my third edition update that includes three new chapters, including a chapter on MBS. I hope to have it out this year, if quickening history will slow enough to buy me time to finish the update.

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. With a preview of the new cover for my third edition update that includes three new chapters, including a chapter on MBS. I hope to have it out this year, if quickening history will slow enough to buy me time to finish the update.

Tuesday 15 March three EU Prime Ministers from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia were given passage by the Russians to go to Kiev and visit President Zelensky to show “their undying support” blah blah… Alex Chritsoforou of the Duran thinks they’re really errand is to pressure Zelensky to capitulate and stop the war. Instead it turned out to be more morale boosting to stay the course and keep fighting. Maybe the war could suddenly come to an end in the Fourth Week oncoming? I’m writing this feeling the fatigue of long hours, constant efforts to source information in what in cyber terms is a bombed-out Internet with many roads and places in cyberspace once easy to access blasted out of existence. The testimony of our dark times is expressed by decades of my archived articles with embedded source links now all disconnected mostly by governments who call themselves democracies, bastions of free speech.

Big news in Week Three affecting the World Economic War on Russia put a knife into the US dollar’s hegemony plunged quick and deep. It was metaphorically held by the man most likely to become Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist, Mabus.

We know him as MBS, the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. He is upset with the Biden White House for not giving him enough military support in the other forgotten war like in Donbass, and for the Crown Prince a quagmire that he forecast in 2015 would be won in Yemen in three months. It is entering its seventh year and still grinding away with nearly 400,000 dead, mostly Yemeni civilians. Mabus candidate number one is further alarmed and insulted realizing that Biden and his cabinet clearly hadn’t thought out their sanctioning moves, preparing for the blowback they created. While Russia still ships to the US all the Ural heavy crude it needs and pays for getting around the official cut off through using a loophole of intermediates.

The US “blinkin’” State Department has sent carrier-pigeon-headed emissaries to fly down to Venezuela pleading for help. They want them to send America the heavy crude it had earlier shut down and sanctioned—other bird-brained diplomats flocked to Iran asking the severely sanctioned for some oil.

What a US petrol cluster “buck”!

Add to that Biden trying to resurrect the JCPOA with Iran. That sent Third Antichrist candidate number one bristling, not picking up any of Biden’s direct calls to him in Riyadh. Crown Prince MBS (Mabus) is in a vengeful mood. He’s setting something in motion that might be more significant to every American and every human being’s future than all that’s changed already because of the Ukrainian war. Prince Muhammad bin Salman and Saudi Arabia are crossing the Rubicon, or better the Ruble-con. Or better, MBS is going RMB. He is doing big oil business with China and not with the US petrol dollar but in Chinese yuan backed by the Renminbi (RMB) as a new global answer to the US dollar as sole global reserve currency. Now Saudi Arabia will do business in a Eurasian reserve currency!

Where other observers understandably have been seeing the end of the US dollar coming in 10 years or 20 years, my inner “augury” has stood fast on the USD’s global currency collapse coming as soon as 2025. Now Alex Christoforou of the Duran have climbed aboard with a similar forecast, shocking as it is to all three of us whether long seeing it or new to this future dollar fate coming. I’ve been getting over my shock about this forecast since 2006 when it first arose in a vision of the Chinese “Money Bomb” concept that I first published in spring 2007 in the first edition of Nostradamus and the War with Iran.

The Battle for Mariupol.

The Battle for Mariupol.

Back to the war.

On 16 March I got confirmation of what had only been a remote-viewed sense that there were a whole lot more Azov Nazis holed up and under siege in the Azov Donbass seaport of Mariupol, city of half-a-million people. Not a few thousand but more than 10,000 was my psychic take. Personally I thought that couldn’t be possible. I learned on the 16th of March that there are as many as 14,500 Ukrainian Nazi fighters making a last stand to the death in Mariupol. The Battle of Mariupol should hopefully be over in the early days of Week Four, it is terrible! And so many civilians have been held by the Nazis as human shields.

Western media tries its hand at forecasting on 16 March. They predict the Russian military is set to collapse in ten days. They are constant in one regard, whatever they augur about the Russians, when reading the entrails it is consistently upside down from the coming future’s fulfilled facts. Since they can’t grasp reality on the ground, they project the fate of Ukraine’s war effort on the Russians. But don’t believe me. Let’s put my statement to the test. So mark my words, a complete collapse of the Russian army in this war will not happen around 26 March.

Ukraine’s armed forces? The unravelling has already begun.

What can the Western media spin otherwise when on 16 March Zelensky fired his top general commanding the nearly encircled Ukrainian army in the east and put a new one in command. So Zelensky is switching generals but both new commands have the same failures to amend, the breaking of encirclement around Kiev and encirclement east in the Donbass.

Week Three draws to an end and I am thinking about what the Kremlin’s chief spokesman Dmitry Peskov declared to TASS on Monday, 14 March:

With ensuring maximum safety of the civilian population, the Defense Ministry does not rule out the possibility of bringing under full control large settlements which are already practically surrounded today, with the exception of the zones used for humanitarian evacuation,” Peskov said.

The Russian Armed Forces are using advanced high-precision weapons, hitting only facilities of military and information infrastructure, Peskov reiterated.

Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is proceeding in accordance with the original plan and will be completed on time and in full, Peskov stressed.

Russia has a sufficient potential for conducting the special military operation in Ukraine. The operation is proceeding in accordance with the original plan and will be completed on time and in full, Peskov stressed.

175px-Zelensky_looking right_pensive(cropped)SRC-cc4.0


(Left phto) President Zelensky. (Center photo) Former Azov logo featuring a combination of a Wolfsangel and Black Sun, two symbols associated with the Wehrmacht and SS over a small Tryzub. (Right photo) Chaim Rumkowski, Jewish leader of the Lodz Ghetto. To the right is his Nazi handler, Hans Biebow. Source of Zelensky photo © Creative Commons.

(Left phto above) President Zelensky. (Right photo above) Former Azov logo featuring a combination of a Wolfsangel and Black Sun, two symbols associated with the Wehrmacht and SS over a small Tryzub. (third photo) Chaim Rumkowski, Jewish leader of the Lodz Ghetto. To the right is his Nazi handler, Hans Biebow. Source of Zelensky photo, © Creative Commons.

On 16 March President Zelensky of Ukraine read out from his prompter speeches to the assembled US Congress, then the assembled parliament of Canada and later the 17th the assembled Reichstag in Germany, speeches that put words in this former comic and actor’s mouth spouting the jargon of globalists. Significant to what will transpire in the next two weeks was his final hard lobby to all three assembled representatives and MPs of the US, Canada and Germany was his request for a no-fly zone and air assistance from NATO. The US congressional members beat their pro-war gorilla chests about finding a way, beyond just giving the Ukrainians a mountain of small arms weapons, anti-tank Javelins and man-pad “shoot’em down” those pesky Ruskey jets and find some way bi-partisan congressional warmongers can git fighter jets to Ukraine.

They just keep trying to talk themselves into this madness that can only end up in a direct war with Russia. Even if there is no nuclear crisis, the emotional release whatever the consequences of thousands of stingers, man-pads sent down the pipeline to Ukraine will see many of them sold on the way to Ukraine in the black-market deals to organized crime elements in Ukraine and in Poland. Many of these will end up in the hands of neo-Nazis, or any assortment of jihadist organizations. And sadly, I promise you, the Russian jets that are shot down by these today, will also be aimed by terrorists at commercial airliners all over the world tomorrow.

America is arming worldwide crime organizations to the teeth with this move, not only the Ukrainians. Anti-air missiles will flood the military black markets of the world! Imagine how they might be used when lawlessness spreads from the coming Greatest Depression by 2023.

Zelensky can speak falsely from his teleprompter about things he knows nothing about such as summoning the American people to rally together with the Ukrainians like it was “Pearl Harbor” or fight the Russians like it was 9/11 all over again. Thousands of man-pad anti-aircraft missiles missing on their way to Ukraine might just start new Nine-One-Ones in American and European skies from Islamic terrorists tomorrow not hijacking airliners but shooting a bunch of them down across the world on some prescribed date. The plan was thought out by al-Qaeda at one time, somehow taking down dozens of US airliners over the Pacific. Man-pads shot at landing or taking off airliners might bag more foul deeds.

Since we’re talking here about Zelensky who is a Jewish Ukrainian I notice the western media ever attempting to win the propaganda war by giving its viewers simplistic—binary 0 or 1, white or black, Putin Evil, Zelensky “good”—brain pablum to ingest. I’ve received a number of emails from people saying, “Zelensky is a Jew, how could Nazi’s be working with him?”

This is my answer:

German Nazis worked with Jews, even supported important Jewish leaders of Jewish communities during the Holocaust. The German occupation of Poland initially established Jewish Ghettos in Cracow, Lodz and Warsaw. They organized police forces and commanders of such that were all Jewish to keep the Ghetto populations under German SS law and order. The most prominent Jew in power of a ghetto was Chaim Rumkowski whom the SS and the Nazi Administrator of the Lodz ghetto, Hans Biebow, granted Rumkowski the status of dictator/overlord of the Lodz ghetto.

The overbearing Rumkowski was a perfect SS choice for head of the Lodz Judenrat (Jewish Council). Rumkowski turned Lodz Ghetto of 164,000 souls into the most efficient factory, making German uniforms and arms under the Rumkowski’s false hope that by serving the Germans, he could protect his people from deportation. As he had seized all the cash inside the ghetto, Rumkowski and his Nazi overseer Biebow made a pretty pfennig getting rich on their black-market gains.

By August 1944 Rumkowski had served his SS purpose. He was on the last train from Lodz to Auschwitz for gassing but didn’t reach the gas chambers. Rather, he was beaten to death instead by former sonderkomandos, now in concentration striped pajamas, the same Jewish cops in the Lodz Ghetto he oversaw.

Rumkowski, a Jew, made a deal with the Nazi devils. Zelensky is doing the same. Moreover, in this topsy-turvy world one of the richest Ukrainian Jewish oligarchs Ihor Kolomoyskyi finances many of the Nazi Ukrainian forces. He abandoned his home in Kiev when the war began and currently oversees their support from neutral Switzerland.

So, if one can put aside assumption based on historical illiteracy and black and white conclusions to challenge one’s mind to entertain more complex questions, both Jews and Nazis found rationales for work together for mutual benefit, like President Zelensky must work with and get along with the pervasive cancer of Nazism in Ukrainian politics. However, make no Rumkowski-like mistake. As soon as Zelensky’s usefulness to Ukrainian Nazis is over there will be a final solution even for the most powerful Jews that served Nazism, like Rumkowski. Zelensky knows this. Before the war he had already faced threats of death from his Nazis handlers and some of these assassination attempts reported by the Western press were planned by Nazi Right Sector and Azov elements in his government and military. By the way Right Sector financed the campaign of Zelensky’s predecessor, Poroshenko. If anything, Dmitro Yarosh and his Right Sector militias are more hardcore anti-Semitic than the Azov people.

The Ruble. And all of us might be using it someday as a new Eurasian reserve currency anchored to the Chinese RMB.

The Ruble. And all of us might be using it someday as a new Eurasian reserve currency anchored to the Chinese RMB. (Public domain.)


240px-Ruble_-_The_Noun_Project.svg-1Zelensky’s adversary, Russian President Putin, also delivered a speech to the Russian nation on 16 March. At the time of writing (17 March 2022) hacks of the Kremlin’s website by the so-called free speech democracies, make it impossible to give you the direct link or the transcript of this perhaps most important speech in Vladimir Putin’s life. It was delivered with neither prompter nor script but eye to eye into the video camera to his people. Some of my sources like Alexander Mercouris described it with brevity as his “We’re out” speech for the Russian people.

If I were to be briefer than Mercouris the points were these: after all the years of effort, Russia is severing ties with the West, with its wokishness, with its direct and globalist-driven threat to the Russia’s sovereignty. Russia will turn its back on the West’s lying diplomats, its banking and economic systems that can’t be trusted, that doesn’t honor contracts, and even will brazenly break international law by freezing the foreign assets of a nation’s sovereign central bank of a G20 economic power like Russia, an unheard of and abjectly illegal move.

Conclusion, Russia is turning away from the West, reconfiguring its economy into the Eurasian growing sphere of economic power and influence and there is no turning back. Putin also promised the Russian people that this was not going to be a slide back into the mistakes of the Soviet Union. Capital might be more controlled than before and the Russians prefer a more stable economy than a wildly speculative, unstable economy.

Though it might be impossible for western thinkers to get their projecting brains around it, Russia hasn’t been a communist country for 30 years. It runs a capitalist free market economy and Putin promises that will continue to thrive. Private property will be respected, no collectivization in the future to worry about. Even though Russian foreign assets in the hundreds of billions of dollars frozen in Western banks were actually stolen, Putin said Russia would not seize the assets or holdings of any Western businesses in Russia, because Russians “are not thieves.”

Finally, this very busy Week Three of the war, each exponentially more intense than the last, ends with a number of further reports coming from the Russian Ministry of War and mounting evidence of more biolabs in Ukraine being captured. Read the following detailed reports if you want to discover what they claim to have found:

US-FUNDED LABS IN UKRAINE DEALT WITH BAT CORONAVIRUS, MOSCOW CLAIMS: Russia’s Ministry of Defense cited documents it claims it captured at the facilities, while the US denies developing bioweapons.

RUSSIA PRESENTS NEW EVIDENCE FROM US-FUNDED UKRAINE BIOLABS: Pentagon-backed facilities made “biological weapons components” and tried to cover it up, Russian military says.

RUSSIA PROMISES MORE DISCLOSURES ON UKRAINE BIOLABS: Human samples from a Kharkov lab were evacuated to the UK and other European countries, the military claim.

DATELINE: 29 March 202

Hunter Biden caricature by DonkeyHotey, © Creative Commons.

Hunter Biden caricature by DonkeyHotey, © Creative Commons.

18 March – 24 March 2022
25 March – 01 April 2022

(DATELINE 18 March 2022) Week Four begins with rumors, even confirmed by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that a ceasefire in the war is coming. Their just rumors as it turned out. What no longer is a rumor was exposed by the New York Times after two years of saying the Hunter Biden laptop, with a whole lot of what looked like hard evidence of his deals in detail with some pretty corrupt Ukrainian operators, is not “Russian misinformation” but true.

The Russian Defense Ministry has just released a huge, captured data dump of information on Ukraine’s biolab experiments on pathogens to which Slavic people are particularly vulnerable. The papers have the authenticated signatures of well-known Ukrainian bureaucrats signed upon them as well as Ukrainian government stamps. And last but not least, sources in the Pentagon are telling the US press that the Russian forces starting week four of this conflict have already suffered 7,000 dead and 25,000 wounded. This is being used in the Western dominating world propaganda war to bolster the idea that the Russian Army is about to collapse by around 26 March, meaning Putin will be overthrown around that time.

There’s a quality of capitulation in the New York Times pulling a one-eighty on Hunter Biden’s laptop and I think they might be anticipating that more than chemical and bioweapon documents are about to flood the airwaves and I’m not talking about selfies of Hunter Biden’s bimbos and M&Ms decorating his dick and scrotum relaxing after some sexual pushups. I think the Russians have a copy of all the data on it. They also have a lot of stuff on the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation which consistently got its biggest donations from Ukrainian oligarchs. Why else during Week Three did Moscow officially sanction Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and “Hunter” Biden?

It would seem that the incredible victories propagated by the Western Media are going to receive the first big blows of facts on the ground. I can think of a lot of uncomfortable possibilities, like one-time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doing deals while working in the Obama administration at the highest levels of the White House. Pay to play perhaps, or some money to influence State Department policy perhaps. Maybe a lot of Russian connections Clinton had when doing Russian uranium deals in Russia years ago.

And what about the ”Big Guy”? Joe “Obiden” Biden“bama” returned as president. The “Big Buy” as Hunter called his dad always got 10 percent. Maybe that was going on when he was “Vice” president in the Obama Administration playing “Viceroy” of Ukraine charged with its rebuild. Ten percent of the Big Burisma deal with Hunter on the board of directors. Joe Bidening his time to be president then, looking the other way when much of what he build of Ukraine became saturated with Nazis after Obama’s coup on 22 February 2014 overthrew the legally elected president of Ukraine. That’s one of his legacies along with US Congress being on and off funding the arming and training of Ukrainian Nazi forces (see Global Times).


Now, about those numbers of Russian dead and wounded reported by the Pentagon.

Let’s say this war does end as Gonzalo Lima believes around the end of April after it finished up by clearing ALL Nazi forces out of Ukraine flushing them into Europe with the final battle in Lvov before sealing the border. What would be the total losses? Not the bloated Pentagon numbers for the first three weeks of 7,000 dead and 25,000 wounded and injured. Those numbers might be closer to the reality of a 10-week war.

Russian Ministry of Defense reported to TASS on 2 March 498 deaths and 1,597 wounded equally 2,095 casualties in the first seven days. Multiply these numbers by 10 weeks up to the end of April, we’re looking at 9,800 Russian dead and 15,970 wounded and injured. That’s a total of 25,770.

TASS also reported on 2 March the Russian Defense Ministry’s report of at least 2,870 Ukrainian troops killed and more than 3,500 wounded. Kiev disputes this but those numbers but let’s calculate these by 10 weeks of war. We’re talking about 28,700 Ukrainian dead with 35,000 wounded, a total of 63,700 killed and wounded. I would add to that more than a hundred thousand prisoners of war and another 50 to 100,000 desertions because I’ll say it up front, in the next ten days the Mariupol Azov Brigade of 15,000 will be dead or captured.

The glory days of the World War of Western Propaganda are soon to end with the “gory” realities on the ground.

When it’s all over perhaps a large part of these losses will come as a result of urban street fighting in Mariupol. It will be the only Ukrainian city so far to really suffer an extensive and bloody urban battle in this war. It was the only city the Russian strategy had to ignore von Clausewitz’s dictum to ignore the cities and focus on beating armies in the field and defeat their will to fight. By the way now that the human corridors there are wide open as many as 130,000 people fled the city’s fighting on the first day of Week Four, a good sign the battle is reaching its end for they’re running out of Azov Brigade troops left standing to shoot and shell them.

The Russians at the checkpoints do have all men of military age strip off their shirts. I’m told there’s a lot of military age men being taken prisoner because they are stamped with all kinds of Azov and Nazi tattoos. Old-School Nazis of the SS in World War Two only put the “SS” tattoo on the underside of their upper arms, but they were still caught. These Old-school younger generation Nazis cover themselves in runes and swastikas and the occult black sun symbol tattoos thinking they can get away masquerading as civilians.

Nazis get dumber every generation it would seem.

A huge explosion at a Ukrainian Army barracks outside of Mykoliev may have killed and wounded hundreds of soldiers. I saw photos of them far too gruesome to display here twisted together with steel and building debris piled in heaps! You can see in this picture how the force of the blast has plowed and seeded the ground mixed thick with the bodies of men. The Russians are beginning to use their hypersonic weapons now. This strike was from a Kalibr hypersonic cruise missile. A bad start for a week which I predict will end with many Ukrainian military disasters and defeats.

A huge explosion at a Ukrainian Army barracks outside of Mykoliev may have killed and wounded hundreds of soldiers. I saw photos of them far too gruesome to display here twisted together with steel and building debris piled in heaps! You can see in this picture how the force of the blast has plowed and seeded the ground mixed thick with the bodies of men. The Russians are beginning to use their hypersonic weapons now. This strike was from a Kalibr hypersonic cruise missile. A bad start for a week which I predict will end with many Ukrainian military disasters and defeats.

(DATELINE 19 March 2022)
There are definitely signs that Week Four will turn out to be a rough one for the US Media propaganda war because its greatest enemy is not the Russians. It is REALITY. What is the reality? This is the week that Ukrainian military resistance in the east begins its collapse. Already the day began with the Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense declaring that the Sea of Azov area and its coasts are no longer in its control. What’s left of the 14,500 Azov Battalion is making its last stand in the huge steel works eastern center of Mariupol. The Western propaganda that had Ukraine halting Russian advances everywhere for weeks has even brainwashed the Azov units encircled in Mariupol to believe their troops are winning everywhere else. A mass of them gathered for a photo op underneath the broad roofs of some sprawling and empty warehouses of the Azov Steel complex to stage their call upon the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to relieve Mariupol and themselves. There was no answer from Kiev, but their was an answer from the Russian Defense Ministry. The Guardian showed that spread of vast hangars strafed by a barrage of powerful Russian cruise missiles explosions days later.

President Zelensky like the Muppet’s Kermit the Frog is finding that it sometimes isn’t easy to be green, as in having to use a green screen to broadcast himself with a backdrop of the front area of the presidential palace in Kiev. The trees stood still and the way he walked closer to the camera looked odd to me. Perhaps he’s not even in Kiev anymore. Maybe in Lvov? Maybe Warsaw?

RT reported on Saturday that the Russian Ministry of Defense “has said it used its state-of-the-art Kinzhal (dagger) hypersonic missiles to destroy an arms depot near the city of Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine.”

The strike was air-launched from a MiG-31BM supersonic interceptor taking place on Friday. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said the Kinzhal took out a large underground depot containing aerial munitions and missiles in the Carpathian foothills near the village of Deliatyn.

I would add that this is the first time a hypersonic delivery system was used in a shooting war and that it was timed to also take out a very large shipment of munitions and weapons from NATO that had just been packed in the underground cave depot. Western media, trying to sustain its “Russian force collapse by 26 March” story, believes it shows “mad-dog” Putin is resorting to his “wonder” weapons as an act of desperation. It’s just another misread of this man by propagandists that are starting to believe their own copy which they write and read out to us.

This week is marked by an escalation of missile fired, kinetic warmings to NATO. It started three days ago with a long range, accurate and devastating strike with 30 conventional ballistic missiles, close to the Polish (NATO) borders, hitting the NATO built training camp in Western Ukraine. Next a hypersonic missile moving at ten times the speed of sound that no anti-aircraft technology can stop takes out the mountain covered ammo dump. So the first warning is don’t send mercenaries to their death, and don’t send masses of NATO weaponry to its destruction.

More training centers, fuel and ammo dumps will soon be lit up later this week across Western Ukraine killing and wounding hundreds more Western mercenaries.

Viktor Medvedchuk seen here in September 2019 when he was an MP of the Ukrianian Rada and leader of the largest pro-Russian and opposition party. We may be looking at Zelensky’s replacement once this war is over. © Creative Commons.

Viktor Medvedchuk seen here in September 2019 when he was an MP of the Ukrianian Rada and leader of the largest pro-Russian and opposition party. We may be looking at Zelensky’s replacement once this war is over. Source: Office of the President of the Russian Federation,   © Creative Commons.


Viktor Medvedchuk seen here in September 2019 when he was an MP of the Ukrianian Rada and leader of the largest pro-Russian and opposition party. We may be looking at Zelensky’s replacement once this war is over.

(DATELINE 20 March 2022)
President Zelensky extended martial law for another 30 days and has additionally, though we’re told “temporarily,” banned 11 Ukrainian political parties accusing them of being pro-Russian with “ties with Russia.” Zelensky, the darling of democracy in his Zoom speeches a few days ago has suppressed all political opposition. Does that sound like a leader who is “winning” this war? Rather, I should ask, is this puppet leader conveying the will of a shadowy nationalist government in Kiev, counseled by NATO intelligence, winning this war?

By the way, Ukrainian parliamentarian Viktor Medvedchuk is Zelensky’s main political opponent. On 28 February, four days into the war, he escaped Z’s imposed house arrest that started many months before the war began. Medvedchuk was arrested for having supported the Minsk Agreement that would give less power to the central government in Kiev for a federalist new constitution that would grant all provinces of Ukraine more autonomy.

I would predict that this is a form of government likely to replace the current one, that Russian force of arms has made possible wherein such autonomy would possibly see many Russian speaking provinces with that freedom move into Russia’s economic and political influence. So Medvedchuk, the one-time head of the pro-Russian “Ukrainian Choice” party and now leader of the now suppressed but largest opposition party in the Rada, the Opposition Platform-For Life with 47 seats. Oh were oh were has my little Medvedchuk gone?

I must admit I understand why the Zelensky-run Kiev government had good reasons to keep him under house arrest. Try to silence political opposition in Ukraine because it may be moving over to the Russian invaders seen as liberators. I’ve long sensed this possible future would happen, but we’ll see if the future sees many referendums of autonomy or outright independence of Russian-speaking provinces of Ukraine beyond Crimea and the Donbass republics.

Who knows? Medvedchuk may have escaped to Russia, and we could be looking at him being the next President of Ukraine sometime after the war if the Russians have their way. US intelligence in January 2022 during the massive Russian buildup to the war tapped him as the Ukrainian most likely to be president of a puppet Russian government.


Russian Ukrainian refugees hiding in a basement as the battle between Russian Chechens and DPR militias with Azov Fascists rages above them.

(DATELINE 21-22 March 2022)
Half of city center of Mariupol is now firmly in Russian hands with an estimated half of the 14,500 Ukrainian forces, including a regular Marine brigade and 13,000 Azov Battalion Ukrainian Nazi units killed or captured. The main body of survivors are making their last stand in the abandoned Azov Steel factory. Ukrainian Greek refugees are pouring into the Greek homeland. Some of them appeared on Sky News, a popular television show watched by the Greek people. The hosts were shocked by the tales of Greek refugees of the atrocities of Nazi units terrorizing Mariupol, they couldn’t believe it, even as the refugees pressed their points. Greek television no longer interviews Greek citizens from Mariupol.

Russian Ukrainian refugees hiding in a basement as the battle between Russian Chechens and DPR militias with Azov Fascists rages above them. © Creative Commons.

Russian Ukrainian refugees hiding in a basement as the battle between Russian Chechens and DPR militias with Azov Fascists rages above them. © Creative Commons.

American Patrick Lancaster is a brave war correspondent source. He’s been living and covering the War in Donbass for 14 years. Here are four of his Mariupol reports of the fighting, devastation, and refugee accounts:

1) First Western Journalist In Russia & DPR Controlled Mariupol (Special Report)

2.) Shelling Intensified In Mariupol (GRAPHIC 18+) (Special Report)

3.) Church & School Targeted By Militants in Russia – Ukraine War (Lancaster speaks to refugees about their ordeal in Mariupol.

4.) Mariupol Refugees share accounts of the horrors of being in a city occupied by Ukrainian Nazis.

Now to another good source Graham Phillips about the Azov forces shooting at people trying to escape Mariupol down the humanitarian corridors set up by the Russians. Proof that the Russians are definitely not shooting at the civilians they are trying to help escape the Nazis. Graham Phillips in this next video interviews Russian soldiers giving and people receiving food and medicine.

More sanctions—China this time! US Unexpectedly Sanctions China Officials Hours After Demanding Beijing Condemn Russia. This is the beginning of the sanctions regimen that was used on Russia. This is a significant move!

(UPDATE 28 March) Also before we publish, some more videos from Robert Lancaster of an abandoned Azov/National Guard HQ in Mariupol where they come upon a young woman who had been tortured and knifed to death. Warning, it is very graphic. The Azov bared her belly and drew a swastika upon her belly in her own blood!

Behold the Zelensky regime reality. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the YouTube boobs take it offline at any moment, although it is going viral all over the world now. They can’t let you see the truth that’s happening in this war. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

Lancaster is filming as he walks deeper into Mariupol, now he’s passing dead civilians along the roadside waiting for burial in the middle of city streets and semi-ruined apartment high-rises. The shell-shocked living huddle trying to cook some food. The dead beside them.

Alexander Christoforou of The Duran felt the need to put out some rumors that he’s skeptical about being true but… Perhaps some there is there about Biden’s meeting with NATO and his visit to Warsaw might be some move to make a larger escalation using Poland. There are stories floating about a new invasion from Belarus to sweep Russian and Belarussian forces in a pincer just east of the Western border of Western Ukraine to Poland as a way to cut off all NATO weapon transports. What is more backed up by fact is the Carpathian Rus wanting to join the Russians. They live in an enclave along the Carpathian Mountains that mark the southern boundary of the Western Ukrainian region. And finally rumors are rising that, put in my own words indicate that the Nazi Ukrainians given their setbacks in Mariupol are extremely angry with the “Jewish” Ukrainian president and that a right-wing coup may be coming. Now how to you try to spin “that” mainstream media? Maybe you get Zelensky to take the “bugout” option to Miami with US special forces to start government in exile. Maybe he’s already buggered out to Poland.


(DATELINE 23 – 24 March 2022)
Twenty-five days into this war, Russian and Donbass Russian force of arms have found a groove, slowly, steadily and inexorably grinding down Ukrainian regular and Nazi forces. The missile copter and fighter-bomber attacks have doubled their sorties to 300 a day. That means 300 Ukrainian targets, mostly at night are being destroyed each day. The Azov survivors in Mariupol are now numbered to only 6,000 left out of 14,500. They’ve retreated into the massive, abandoned steel Azov Steel works as I mentioned before.

Russian soldier advancing, © Creative Commons.

Russian soldier advancing, © Creative Commons.

I’ve learned today of the agenda set forth in NATO’s meeting of all its leaders scheduled on Friday 24 March in Brussels on the last day of Week Four, that they are going to collectively condemn China. A new front perhaps? You can poke the Russian bear but look out if you poke the greater power, the Chinese dragon. (UPDATE: 27-28 March: As it turned out at the time this finally gets published to my subscribers, they didn’t make their collective announcement “yet. The NATO leaders are still working on their collective declaration to China. It’s a big move. A big line to cross!

Again, as I’ve said so often, quoting Einstein’s words on mediocrity and genius, know dumb people with nukes are ready to widen this war into a world economic war with kinetic consequences that will catastrophically blow back later this autumn not just into a Deep Recession but what I’ve long forecast to be the Greatest Depression in human history by taking on the Eurasian powers, first in economic war that only brings the kind of destabilization that ends up in a kinetic World War. If China’s going to get the same economic sanction war than expect that Greatest Depression coming far sooner than next year. There could be a new war front too. A new military crisis, the Taiwan Missile Crisis by October.

As Einstein said, the difference between genius and mediocrity is that genius knows its limits. There is no genius at play in Washington, or in Brussels in these times, just fools and idiots with potential and overwhelming economic and military sanctioning powers completely mindless to how these powers will do so much more damage to their Western civilization than harm the Eurasian bloc to the point of revolutions from the economic pain, cold, and hunger they will blow back upon their people. We’re already seeing this in Spain this Week Four, where the nation’s truckers have gone on strike because of the economic pain just four weeks into this conflict from their own sanction blowback. No countersanctions yet from Moscow, just self-inflicted.

The truckers simply cannot survive financially these inflationary rises. If truckers around the world can’t deliver the goods, who do you think will be next not surviving? All of us who need goods to survive. This is the formula for revolution in the streets around the world by autumn at the latest because the western leaders do know their limits of Stupid. They do not have a brake pedal or a reverse gear. Mediocrity incarnate!

I’ve always said, the true name of the true Antichrist is Stupid with a capital “S.”

I have warned since 1990 of the dangers coming when supersystems like transport, or oil deliveries or gas deliveries shut down, causing an implosion of global society. I’ve warned you since the early 1990s that the 2020s is the time of this great unraveling of supersystems collapsing.

Here we are, and 2022 is the beginning of it.

Some good news. The NATO meeting concluded that the no-fly zones and peacekeepers options are voted down. That means certain forces in Ukraine don’t get what they want. That means the biolab Russian false flag attack option is still there for NATO heads to use or be compelled to use to escalate this war.

President Putin’s first major countermeasure to the US-EU sanctions was to declare all sales of Russian oil and gas must be in rubles. The ruble’s value soared as European banks are in a panic how and where to buy rubles. The ruble by the way did not crash as the West anticipated. It’s holding its own.

Hunter Biden is in big trouble. On 24 March the Russian government held a press conference leaking more material evidence that the president’s son helped finance a US military “bioweapons” research program in Ukraine. See the article.

The Week of the Ukrainian Military Collapse
(DATELINE 25 – 01 April 2022)

Something you will NEVER see in the Western Media’s propaganda. A third of Ukraine’s finest forces, stranded and encircled near the Donbass Line of Control are lining up their vehicles in huge parks and abandoning them because they have run out of gas and ammunition.

Something you will NEVER see in the Western Media’s propaganda. A third of Ukraine’s finest forces, stranded and encircled near the Donbass Line of Control are lining up their vehicles in huge parks and abandoning them because they have run out of gas and ammunition.

The Russian grind continues to eat away at Ukraine’s military forces and infrastructures, especially over the forces once tagged to invade Donbass on 8 March that are running out of ammo and fuel in tightening encirclements. The Russians aren’t stalled. It is becoming clear that they are fighting one of the most methodical invasions in military history. I don’t know why the Ukrainians don’t make a breakout from the Line of Control position. Perhaps they are paralyzed by lack of fuel more than a lack of military leadership.

This SouthFront report says they are running out of fuel.

This has been an ongoing problem for the Ukrainians for several weeks now. Here’s a spread of photos and videos ending with the full video taken of an entire 5,000 man Ukrainian Mechanized Brigade that literally walked away from their tents, tanks, APCs uniforms piled high in the tents with their military ID cards tossed to the ground. The documents shown at the end indicate the records jotted stopped at 7 March. I saw this video around that time and it was RT’s war correspondent Murad Gazdiev reporting. They cut the part where he went into the tents to show the piles of discarded Ukrainian uniforms and kit with ID cards scattered everywhere. The video was showing the cards so I think that part was taken out in this current edit of the video, mainly because if Ukrainian Nazis saw it, they’d be tracking down and killing those Ukrainian deserters.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reports Ukrainian losses at 30,000 with 14,000 of these killed, the rest wounded and captured between 24 February and 25 March. One of the reasons you’re seeing so little footage of thousands of Ukrainian prisoners stems from the Russians honoring the Geneva Convention’s rules not to photograph or videotape prisoners. Conversely the Ukrainians are filming and photographing Russian prisoners. They’re also filming their abuse of them, such as shooting men with their hands tied behind their backs in the knee caps, and in the groin! The videos are blocked in the West but have gone viral across Russia, China and the rest of the world. These vids have deepened the Russian nation’s resolve in this conflict. This will only make the fighting between soldiers more brutal with less quarter given. It’s also true that once, early in the war Ukrainian prisoners were filmed. In a second video they were driven into the city of Donetsk where a large caliber ballistic missile had just hit the center of town. Bodies were sill sprawled in the street. The prisoners were sent to look at this atrocity. A mob formed to shout abuse at them.

A few days ago a high officer in the Ukrainian medical corps openly ordered that his medical teams castrate Russian prisoners because they are only animals. The public outrage had this cold faced man apologize saying he was gripped by the passions of the moment. He said that with as little passion and coldness as he threatened castration earlier. He even needs to apologize to animals for only human beings with the ability to awaken to their enlightenment, to rise higher than animals equally have the more often utilized potential to fall into depths of barbarity below animals.

The Ukrainians still sometimes enjoy tactical successes. They did hit the Orsk, a Soviet era military munitions cargo ship with a ballistic missile while it anchored at the Russian seized Ukrainian port of Berdyansk on the Sea of Azov. You can see a Russian war vessel pulling away being showered by shrapnel from the explosions of the Orsk. That warship later sunk the Orsk to pour sea water into it to protect the dock from further explosions.

The Ukrainians in this war have had many successful tactical victories but strategically the Russians by surrounding cities have trapped their superior numbers forcing them to guard them and prevented Ukrainians from amassing larger attack forces giving them room to maneuver and make counterstrikes. That is why, one by one, the brave Ukrainian forces are being systematically defeated. Brave men so terribly led!

Another battle is happening on the other side of the world in Washington DC that is more important. It just might save your life if one side in the Pentagon wins its fight with Blinken, Nuland and the neocons that control the US State Department. Consortium News reports that the Department of Defense is openly contradicting the US media and State Department’s false and propagandized read of events in Ukraine, especially the rant that Russians are purposefully targeting civilians. And they have an influential ally, President Joe Biden, who for now is siding with the Pentagon not to take this proxy war into a direct clash between NATO and Russia in Ukraine.

The no-fly zone is dismissed by the president who says, “that’s called World War III, okay? Let’s get it straight here, guys. We will not fight the third world war in Ukraine.”

Department of Defense head Lloyd Austin is hosing down the hot heads in the US press, the State Department “and” Zelensky too, who would save his country by ending the world.

The Pentagon up do 25 March sees no evidence that a chemical or biological attack is coming. There’s good reason why. The Russians never planned such attacks and are trying to capture or destroy and sterilize stockpiles of such with thermobaric ordnance.

With each day the danger of a Ukrainian Nazi unit creating a false flag only increases. Note how as March winds down the international press is changing the narrative taking a few steps back from round the clock reports on the Ukrainians “winning” this war. Notice how Covid-19 is coming back into the forefront. That’s a tell of two things, time to distract the public from Ukraine rapidly losing this war in Week Five, and second, getting the public ready for a false flag event they can falsely blame on the Russians in Week Five… Complete reading this and get full access to all eighteen articles by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 29 March 2022


Caricature by DonkeyHotey, © Creative Commons.

18 March – 24 March 2022
25 March – 01 April 2022

A word about Nasty Surprises. Some false-flagged Ukrainian Nazi chemical attack attributed to the Russian is highly likely and may be used to pull NATO into a direct war with Russia in the coming ten to twenty days. Another nasty surprise is the Hunter Biden-Biolab-Gate scandal about to beset his father the US president. There’s talk of Poland considering occupying Western Ukraine. Also the defeated Nazis might take over the Zelensky government meaning that Russia might have to go into Kiev and Kharkov to fight people that want to take those cities with them like they did the ruin that was Mariupol. There’s greater chance that the Russian “Syrian” strategy in Aleppo relieving it of threatened civilians down humanitarian corridors that later bussed away ISIS fighters might work with the Ukrainian Nazis. More on that in the following articles concerning Russian strategies and tactics. I heard over a week ago that half of Kiev’s citizens have left the city down humanitarian corridors. Other reports estimate that now FOUR million Ukrainian refugees have entered the EU. Moscow has told a list of “unfriendly” EU countries and the US that all purchases of oil and gas by 31 March will be only paid by them in Russian rubles. The US and NATO countries have refused. Russian oil and gas will be cut off to all of them as March ends. This is a huge economic counterattack by Russia and I imagine it will eventually extend to all commodities and raw materials next. Germany’s economy will be immediately and catastrophically impacted. Now we’ll see if the German leaders will find their misplaced spines and find a way to buy gas in rubles no matter what Washington threatens. Where Germany goes or stays to be economically flushed down the toiled following the US sanction global war, so will go, ore stay the EU… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 01 March 2022

The Planet Pluto, Astrological Ruler of generational and de-generational change.

The Planet Pluto, Astrological Ruler of generational and de-generational change. NASA.


The End/Beginning of Ages:
The Transit of Pluto on 2/22/22

The moment everything changed for eight billion people on this troubled planet all began on the first of Pluto’s seven final passes forward and backward and forward again in its exact transit over the US Pluto birth position from 21-22 February. It doesn’t end there. The slowest moving planet that rules Scorpio, the death and resurrector sign will take its time passing back and forth over the US natal Pluto position down the next two years before this death into rebirth of ages is over.

Look how world upending has been just the first transit!

It is only the beginning of things to come and a world we knew undone. And there is no turning back. One must go forward into that uncertain future, like Orpheus venturing down deep into and out of Pluto’s Underworld for the next few years.

It’s Pluto time!

Like a pendulum Pluto going direct course (Dc) then swinging back retrograde course (Rx) mark these passages stirring great Plutonian upheavals that America’s misdirection will spawn and completely change the world as we’ve known it from February 2022 to February 2025… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 24 March 2022

Protesters during the Maidan Revolution in Maidan Square, Kiev, Ukraine, throwing stones at the police on the other side of a constantly replenished barricade of flaming tires from November 2013 to February 2014. A coup of Ukrainian fascists violently broke with the peaceful resolution of the revolution on 22 February 2014, taking Ukraine on an infernal journey down an eight-year war in the Donbass to a new and expanded Russo-Ukrainian War in early 2022 that could escalate into a NATO-Russian War in the near future. Photo: Mstyslav Chernov, © Creative Commons

Protesters during the Maidan Revolution in Maidan Square, Kiev, Ukraine, throwing stones at the police on the other side of a constantly replenished barricade of flaming tires from November 2013 to February 2014. A coup of Ukrainian fascists violently broke with the peaceful resolution of the revolution on 22 February 2014, taking Ukraine on an infernal journey down an eight-year war in the Donbass to a new and expanded Russo-Ukrainian War in early 2022 that could escalate into a NATO-Russian War in the near future. Photo: Mstyslav Chernov, © Creative Commons.


Of the War the World
Unconsciously Chose to Ignore Until Five Weeks Ago
When that War the World Ignored
Became the War the Whole World Watches

How did We Get Here
Starting Eight Years and One Week Ago?

Back in April 2014 I saw the Ukrainian Civil War start in the Donbass as a sign that a second cold war was coming. It prompted me to produce in a few weeks a book entitled A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce. I want to share with you excerpts from Chapter 3: Th Great NeoCON of a Second Cold War. In brief, this chapter covers the overt attempts of the Obama-Biden administration’s to use key neo-Conservative elements in the State Department to basically aid Ukrainian Nazis to violently overthrow the democratically elected President Yanukovych and the peaceful resolution to the Maidan Revolution on 21 February 2014. The coup happened on the following day, 22 February 2014, with the aid of the Ukrainian Nazi organization of Right Sector, after which a provisional government, that was hand-picked by influential neo-con elements in the US State Department of the Obama Administration. The current Biden deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was then Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Nuland was caught eight years ago on her now infamous “F*ck the EU!” Russian wiretap arranging the swap of governments, no democratic election! Half of this new Ukrainian cabinet she picked with Obama’s tacit blessing were well known Ukrainian Nazis.

It is because of this cancer of Nazism in Ukrainian politics, causing a civil war with ethnic Russians in the Donbass for the last eight years, that Russia has lately recognized the independence and came to the military aid of, the Donbass People’s Republics of the Donetsk and Lugansk, militarily retaliated against a Ukrainian invasion on 24 February, and spread its armed forces across much of Ukraine in what President Putin of the Russian Federation calls a “Special Operation” to “de-Nazify” Ukraine.

The following excerpts written nearly eight years ago explain why. This is an important story the western media wants you to ignore:… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 15 March 2022


A battery of Russian artillery firing 9K57 Uragan MLRS missiles. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, © Creative Commons.


It is a Climax of an Eight Year War
Ukraine Fought Against the Donbass!

How Russia’s Move to Recognize Donbass
As the West propagated it would be since November

In the ten days after I released my last Emergency Sending on the Ukrainian Crisis on 14 February, something that held Putin back from the war option had snapped. Finally there is an effortless clarity. Diplomacy by peaceful means must now switch to violence as an end to get a real negotiation talk going. As the Bible says, “there’s a time for peace” but also “a time for war” and Putin, a devout Russian Orthodox Christian, saw in old King Solomon’s words that war time had come… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 February 2022

Prussian General and military theorist Carl von Clausewitz

Prussian General and military theorist Carl von Clausewitz.


At his Carl von Clausewitz Wit’s End?

I will write about them at a later date perhaps, if this computer and these hands have not turned to melted plastic and skeletal ash in a nuclear exchange. Peace is not the mood of the moment in the Western leadership. They hunger for war. They want to fight Russia. Sometimes men can’t be diplomatic until they get the fight beaten out of them. I knew it would come to this. The Russians sincerely want peace, but they’ll first have to change their diplomacy, restoring to a Clause von Clausewitz “militarily kinetic” Zen stick. Not just with Zelensky and Ukraine.

Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 22 February 2022


Think “Russian Incursion Light”
See from two Respected US Military Experts

Scott Ritter, has coined this term “Russian Invasion Light.” And over the days since he labeled it, the Russian invasion is indeed showing a unique signature, unlike the artillery pounding, overwhelming Russian steamroller ways this great military force of arms has been unleashed in invasions past. The West hasn’t been watching but the Russians have been experimenting kinetically with invasion-light strategies before. I’m thinking of the Second Chechen War in 1999 when Vladimir Putin came to power and began turning Russia around from its dark days after the collapse and complete US exploitation of Russia that they called The Time of Troubles, the 1990s. What’s happened strategically to end the terror and wars with the Chechens was further tinkered with in the Georgian invasion scenario prosecuted in the Russo-Georgian Five-Day War from August 2008. (See Article 2 Week Two’s account of the current Ukrainian War)… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 12 March 2022


Seven Observations Debunking the Western Media Illusion
That Russia is Losing the War in Ukraine

Why do we only get Western press watching the war from their posh hotels in downtown Kiev when the major battles of this war rage farther east in the Russian Army’s grand encirclement of 60,000-to-75,000 Ukrainian soldiers? Is it because there’s no way these reporters can drive to the main front because the Russians are already advancing on the roads they’d need to take, or the press can’t fly into airports that the Russians have either destroyed or now occupy across three-quarters of Ukraine…? Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 February 2022

This Russian Blue cat named Mandoo was sanctioned by Western Boohoos. I guess that would make this discrimination of all things Russian a four-legged CAT-Astrophe even for Russian cats named after Nepal’s capital of KAT-Mandu! (Full disclosure, I don’t know this cat’s name, I just like that name for a cat, if I should ever have one again.) ©Wikimedia Commons.

This Russian Blue cat named Mandoo was sanctioned by Western Boohoos. I guess that would make this discrimination of all things Russian a four-legged CAT-Astrophe even for Russian cats named after Nepal’s capital of KAT-Mandu! (Full disclosure, I don’t know this cat’s name, I just like that name for a cat, if I should ever have one again.) This Russian Blue cat named Mandoo was sanctioned by Western Boohoos. I guess that would make this discrimination of all things Russian a four-legged CAT-Astrophe even for Russian cats named after Nepal’s capital of KAT-Mandu! (Full disclosure, I don’t know this cat’s name, I just like that name for a cat, if I should ever have one again.). Author, Flor de Azur, © Creative Commons.


And Idiotic Acts of Cancel Culture’s move to Cancel
Great and Ancient Civilizations

At a Cost of the Decline of the Western Civilization
Through a Rise of its In-Civility

The Western leaders against all advice from their economists and experts has been carried away by emotional extremes and I would add the crystalized fulfillment of something I warned could happen in this new Fourth Turning period. Such collective ethnic hatred hasn’t been seen since the last Fourth Turning that witnessed the Great Depression climaxing in the Second World War. Russians have replaced the “Jews” as scapegoats for everything that is wrong with the Western world.

These sanctions hurled at the Russian leader and targeting all Russians harbors exactly that kind of visceral, even racist, hatred boiling out of people in the West for the person of Putin and the 150 million people who are Russians. Cancel culture has undergone an escalation. It seeks to shut out entire nations and their contribution to civilization… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

UPDATE: 12 March 2022


Will they Grow a Spine and Tell Washington
To Blow it Out their Gas?

Germany’s already having “sanction’s remorse” losing Nordstream II. It won’t for now unplug Nordstream I. We have the EU’s top diplomat and neocon, Josep Borrell, the fellow who summoned up the idea of a No-Fly Zone, even though he’s not the head of a military defense organization and should keep out of NATO’s business. Be that as it may, he’s had a bit of brain left in his brain pan glimmering regretfully that… Goodness… Uhhhh… Could it be possible? That all of this sturm and drang that’s led us to the threshold of World War III just might stem, just a little bit, from leaders like himself steadfastly ignoring years, decades of Russia’s diplomatic attempts to end and turn back NATO’s advance and conversion of East European nations right up to Russia’s front door?

Do you think Mr. Borrell at last, that promises kept to Ukraine to someday let Ukraine and Georgia become NATO members might have been “errors”…? Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 07 March 2022


Is the Greatest Depression in History the Result
As Hogue Predicted would Start in 2022?

The Ukrainian war becoming a distraction cynically exploiting the American populace to rally around their US president, it will NOT happen around Biden. What will be rallying is a deficit of declining popularity in the polls as the price of gas, food and commodities double and even triple by mid-summer into the Autumn when the midterm elections approach. I would predict Biden’s popularity poll sinking deep into the low twenties making him the most unpopular president in US modern history… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 February 2022

“Come home, Uncle Sam!”

“Come home, Uncle Sam!”


How Russia’s Move to Recognize Donbass
Is not an Invasion. It has Prevented an Invasion

And that brings me to something unique to what has been a most unique American Imperium and why it is on its way out, not solely from hubris. All empires are ego trips of hubris. But all empires before ours have for a time either subjected or absorbed successfully their minions by responding or reacting to their cultures and needs. They might have listened to them and got to know their cultures and their sides on things only as a cynical way to know thy enemy to conquer him, but America does something else that has a certitude of a cult, so blind to what person is standing before it.

One of the biggest failings of Americans is that we view the world we try to control with our 1,000 bases through the eyes of our home grown and natural state of being isolationists.

In short, I see what is happening in how America and Americans react and miss what Russia is, what Putin actually is. Both go through the filter of American-isolationist projection upon a screen called “Russia and Putin-projection” and not a regarding of the actual man.

American media and politicians down to its MSM-propagating people, are trying to cram Ukraine, Russia, and Putin’s round peg into an All-American Isolationist programed square hole. And they just can’t square that circle, nor can they objectively see what they are doing.

I’ll state it again, the western news reports are constantly anticipating that Russians will lay waste to Ukraine and Kiev, blast its government and bureaucracy to kingdom come, destroy civilian as well as military infrastructure in a shock and awe campaign.


Because Americans project their isolationist ideas of how a military campaign should be prosecuted and are dumfounded by Putin going in light, not taking out the government, not conquering the capital in blood and fire, because Russians ARE NOT AMERICANS but Americans unconsciously project, they should ACT LIKE AMERICANS and Americans cannot see reality, otherwise… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 February 2022



How Long will it Last?

Nostradamus may give us
Its Two Potential Long and Short Timelines

Nostradamus wrote:

The rule left to two [Russian and America in 1989]. They will hold it for a very short time. Three years and seven months having passed, they will go to war. Their two vassals rebel against them. The victor is born on Armorinque [American] soil. (4 Q95)

The two [America and Russia] will not remain allied for long: within 13 years they will give in to Barbare power [Barbary Corsair: read modern Islamic barbarian pirates = Jihadi terrorists?] There will be such a loss on both sides, that one [perhaps America in this case] will bless the bark of Peter and the cape of the pope. (5 Q78)…

And John Hogue wrote before the 2020 US Presidential Election:

“Of all potential men and one woman standing to become a president in the next four years, none of them have such a badly afflicted True North that implies Joe Biden’s life has long ago lost its course to success and truth in life by descending into politics. The more he rose in power and prestige the more he went against his soul’s true course. And finally it ends in a tragedy impacting the future course of the wrong man at the head of the most powerful nation on Earth, descending down history’s wrong course…

“Biden’s potentially violent end could be as a consequence of unconsciously getting into a war with China or Russia if he is the empty medium of all the neo-conservative foreign policy experts that his handlers plan to surround him with. It is clear at least to my Oracle’s eyes that if president he will get the United States into a new war. Let it be a backwater endless war remaining small. Let it not be one not anticipating its potential and sudden escalation into a Third World War in the next four years. His death in office could be shared by his American nation and democracy’s death in a nuclear exchange with Russia and China…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 21 February 2022


Is how the West is Stepping into
A Cuban Missile Crisis Moment in Ukraine
With Russia

Time for a History Lesson Before It is Too Late
From none-other than Vladimir Putin

I would like you to read the transcript of a speech that history will remember, for it was the speech that American President Biden just scoffed at and dismissed the day after Putin had explained his momentous decision that would change our world. Biden made a momentary mistake of going off prompter to explain his answer to that speech but got in a mind tangle, blinked, and retreated from the trap of actually having to answer Putin’s speech full of brilliant points because with or without dementia, Biden was out of the Russian president’s mental capacity league. So he just did what all sorry mediocrities, cognitive or in cognitive decline, can only do when faced with intelligence, perhaps even genius. Biden just answered Putin’s speech with a dismissive shrug with his trademark toothy, over bitten harlequin clownish smile being the appropriate answer… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 24 February 2022


Russian Federation President’s
Historic Speech Critical of the Declining State
Of Western Leaders and Culture

(Delivered on 24 February 2022)

Vladimir Putin said in this excerpt:

“Incidentally, US politicians, political scientists and journalists write and say that a veritable ‘empire of lies’ has been created inside the United States in recent years. It is hard to disagree with this – it is really so. But one should not be modest about it: the United States is still a great country and a system-forming power. All its satellites not only humbly and obediently say yes to and parrot it at the slightest pretext but also imitate its behavior and enthusiastically accept the rules it is offering them. Therefore, one can say with good reason and confidence that the whole so-called Western bloc formed by the United States in its own image and likeness is, in its entirety, the very same ‘empire of lies.’

“As for our country, after the disintegration of the USSR, given the entire unprecedented openness of the new, modern Russia, its readiness to work honestly with the United States and other Western partners, and its practically unilateral disarmament, they immediately tried to put the final squeeze on us, finish us off, and utterly destroy us. This is how it was in the 1990s and the early 2000s, when the so-called collective West was actively supporting separatism and gangs of mercenaries in southern Russia. What victims, what losses we had to sustain and what trials we had to go through at that time before we broke the back of international terrorism in the Caucasus! We remember this and will never forget…

“Despite all that, in December 2021, we made yet another attempt to reach agreement with the United States and its allies on the principles of European security and NATO’s non-expansion. Our efforts were in vain. The United States has not changed its position. It does not believe it necessary to agree with Russia on a matter that is critical for us. The United States is pursuing its own objectives, while neglecting our interests…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 01 “April” 2022

Putin photo, © Creative Commons.

Putin photo, © Creative Commons.


Vladimir Putin Wins the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Afred_Nobel-LeftI actually didn’t go into the future to write this on April Fool’s Day. By the time you read this closing article, I conjured it into my iMac back on Saturday 12 March 2022. An important and festive day it was for all. That last day of wintery “standard time” making afternoons dark and evenings up here in the Pacific Northwestern village of Langley on Whidbey Island so moody and gloomy. I came down the hill to meet an author friend from the edge of the village into village center and… Goodness me!

Everyone was NAKED!

Naked-faced that is, except for a few holdouts wearing masks to ward off the Covid-19… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.


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