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Did Hogue’s Scottish Referendum prediction fail?

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I will be writing an article for HogueProphecy later this week. Being that this is a prophecy news agency, I already spoke at length back on 23 August how Obama’s new war in the Middle East required a refreshing of Nostradamus’ “Crusaders invading Iraq” and his “Black Tyranny invading Iraq” prophecies seeing how they apply to ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a new candidate for Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist. Please read my 23 August article “ISIS Fearing the Military Hand from the Sea.” by clicking here on ISIS. Scroll for it after the Ferguson report.

DATELINE 19 September 2014

In the Scotland Vote:
Old won over Youth
Fear won over Hope
The Habitual won over the Inspirational
But this is only temporary

Fear is a powerful political tool. It usually always trumps hope, because fear sits in our hearts encaged by familiarity. We are conditioned to prefer even a prison cell over freedom because of our greatest blessing/curse being human: our ability to adapt and even accept a limited, oppressive, binding and unchanged reality rather than life unchained. Fear, therefore has an ally in “oldness” of mind and heart. So often, when we become old, we become set in our ways, in our fears. Surrender to the prison life, accepted. Take for instance the Twitter report on the Scottish referendum. A sizable majority voting “no” in Scotland were 55 and older, the pensioners, the people most susceptible to the fear mongering and lying of Westminster fighting for the United Kingdom’s life as the last hang nailed toe hold on fading Empire. They didn’t want the elderly to know that independence would bring more capital to Scotland, more oil revenues, an economic boom at the fading Britain’s expense.

A New Cold War soars in the rankings again: Number three bestseller in prophecy at Amazon. Sample the free chapter and see why.

A New Cold War soars in the rankings again: Number three bestseller in prophecy at Amazon. Sample the free chapter and see why.

Scotland leaving the United Kingdom would deny London a sizable share of the trillions of dollars worth of North Sea oil for sustaining their faltering Fiat economic state of dis-array and lead to Scotland enrichment. That was a risk the young were ready to embrace but the majority of the old did not. For instance, the Twitterers under the age of 55 tweeted “yes” to independence by three to one. The 45 “Yes”, 55 “No” vote revealed demographically a similar swing of old and fearful “No” to young and hopeful “Yes” votes with the 55-and-over crowd swinging the vote to a five-percent “nada!” victory, against a vast majority of Yes voters who were the younger generations.

The future does not belong to the fearful, and what I said in my previous article last week on the future of the Scottish Referendum has not changed. I began making predictions about it possibly passing nearly two years ago, at a time when the polls in Scotland were three to one against independence. My forecast of a slim “Yes” victory nearly was achieved. Even so, I added the following caveat last week:

It looks like the long shot prophecy has a shot. I do feel that the Scots will go independent whether the “no” vote does squeak by Thursday. I don’t feel that will happen but if it did, it would only delay the breakup of the Union until 2016. The days when there are blue fields in the Union Jack are numbered.

Hogue’s Scottish Referendum Prediction
(, 14 September 2014)

Paul’s letter is indicative of the emails I’m receiving in the aftermath of the “No” vote victory:

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded "Fire and Ice Prophecies" edition.

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded “Fire and Ice Prophecies” edition.

Hope you are well—apologies for contacting you for this selfish cause. Although close, I’m sure you’re aware that the Scottish referendum didn’t end with a ‘yes’, although it was very close since the time of your first predicting where ‘no’ had a heavier lead. You mentioned that if it were a ‘no’ your oracle gave a timeline of 4 years. Scottish independence means a lot to me (I have studied the argument non-stop for 2 years to come to my clear approval), not from an overly nationalistic point of view but a political and moral one to some extent. I was wondering if anything had changed or whether you still ‘felt’ that we are on track. I know that with conservatives ahead in the general election polls (who Scotland does not very much like or vote for) and UKIP looking for an in-out referendum on EU (which Scotland wish to remain a part of), that there is potential for another stir-up within your given timeline. I realise you’re extremely busy – any hope you could provide (or info if anything may have changed) would mean a lot. Kindest re-realizend looking forward to your next book. Your grasp of politics and economics throughout the world would be impressive enough, even without your gift of foresight.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history’s water broke.

Thank you, Paul. One of the most important themes in my next book of predictions about the new year is to further expand on a vision already proffered by my “Oracle” in Predictions for 2013 and Predictions for 2014. Stepping back from the immediacy of the fray, or better, the “fraying” national borders of so many potential secessionist moves afoot in Europe and later, states in the US, is a phenomenon I call the Revolution of Decentralization. It is one of the few positive trends I’m happy to forecast that witnesses people power rebelling against the gathering and very corporately fascist, centralized authorities trying to make the global civilization a police state with a smile.

As I’ve stated in earlier books, we have returned to the collective, generational challenges of Pluto’s returned transit of Capricorn. The last time that happened, new architectural systems of philosophy, politics and economics arose that questioned the aristocratic model of society—the One Percenters of the past cycle—who controlled the middle and lower classes by the right and might of blood royalty. When the middle classes spread and rebelled, the kings and aristocrats tried to suppress them and failed. What followed first in America and thereafter in France and Europe was a century of revolutions that dismantled the aristocratic order. Now, 248 years or so after entering Capricorn the last time, Pluto had entered again in 2008, bringing once again a time of a One-Percenter aristocracy trying to suppress the people, only now the middle classes are spreading all over the world and the aristocrats are attempting to usurp a global hegemony upon the 99 percent on a worldwide scale. They do not own power by blood but by bottom-line wealth, a new “blood flow” if you like that now lies stagnant and hoarded in the hands of too few. This then, makes the atmosphere ripe for people rebellions to rise again and you will certainly see revolutions, secessions and demands for autonomy on the rise from 2015 through 2025.

You will behold a move to make politics local to preserve democracy against corporate fascism. The power grids, the political grids will be localized. Federal banks will eventually vanish as currency does go electronic and individually empowered by the new gold standard of numbers and codes. You see the cracks already emerging in the US Federal government’s hold on the states. The Marijuana movement in America, which my Oracle did correctly predict would enjoy acceptance, state by state in Obama’s second term in office (see March 2009 article: Marijuana predictions). The centralized federal law that makes Marijuana illegal is being ignored by the states. They make their own laws and the Feds are powerless. The same goes with the coming irrelevance of the Electoral College in America. States legislators are simply deciding that all electoral votes will go to the candidate who got the popular vote. By the time 2016 presidential cycle comes around there will be no “Florida” chad counts ever again.

A political watcher in the UK, John White, today said that the aftermath of the referendum has “kicked over a constitutional hornet’s nest for the United Kingdom. Westminster will try to renege on their promises to the Scottish people for more economic and political autonomy virtually making them independent in fact if not in name. The Scottish people as early as 2016 will be “there and back again, Bilbo Baggins” in the voting booth and this time full independence will succeed. It will be likewise played out in other decentralizing secessionist movements with their federal cores in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy and last but not least the blood-soaked Novi Russia (eastern Ukraine). The centralized mindset will not easily give way to decentralizing freedom movements. They will promise autonomy, but you will have to watch them like hawks with talons exposed. You will have to fight for your autonomy with teeth and either stay inside the old centralized borders as part of the union in name only; or, let Hope and youth trump habit, old age and a comfort with the known, the fearful and take back power and freedom for individual and local governance.

We live in the Aquarian Age, the era of revolution. It’s an epoch of twenty centuries ruled by unpredictable Uranus working in paradoxical ways, using mass movements to enhance local and individual freedoms. A global society, to work, must be made up of a great number of locally governed citizens.

(UPDATE: 21 September 2014) I notice a new story developing: complaints of voter fraud across Scotland. Perhaps this is another Florida moment in forecasting. Perhaps I read the popular vote intention that criminal activity of British secret services tampering with ballot boxes had suppressed? Click on Scottish Vote Fraud to look at the evidence.

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Probability might happen Scotland going impedance was fairly prediction and but fate always changes outcome of events and no campaign won proves future not is set.

He had quite a specific prediction about Isis and the U.S. outcome, but that sure appears to have changed.

My view of ISIS hasn’t changed, Zeke. Obama is dragging the US back into Iraq for a greater quagmire and defeat. As for the Scottish election outcome, the hardest thing to predict is the exact time a change in destiny happens. The essence of that destiny, though, often happens a little sooner or a little later. The “independence” of Scotland might have a different face value than predicted. Underneath the mask is destiny’s essence. Scotland will “in essence” be all but independent of the UK in the next few years. The English dominating the United Kingdom cannot go back to a reality of controlling the lesser kingdoms like it had before 19 September 2014. The English will try but they will fail. No one may literally leave the “union” of the Union Jack, yet the flag will flutter over an ever growing political and economic irrelevance, just as the Electoral College in America will never be banished, even though it soon will have no power and influence to decide presidential elections.

I notice a new story developing: complaints of voter fraud across Scotland. Perhaps this is another Florida moment in forecasting. Perhaps I read the popular vote intention that criminal activity of British secret services tampering with ballot boxes had suppressed?


Maybe, just maybe, most are just content.

Most? Is this not wishful thinking that ignores the stark mathematics? Forty-five percent are discontented. That’s a sizable minority, nearly half of those who voted. Moreover, it is the younger generations that voted yes in significant numbers. That’s a core change in the making. Time is not on the side of the United Kingdom. The UK will never be the same after this referendum.


Arjun John Hogue as much as I respect your ability to make predictions and interpretations of Nostradamus, on this topic and some other previous topic I observe that you have a case of conspiracy pareidolia. Just as a Christian might see the face of Jesus in the pattern of a burned toast, or a Buddhist would see a Buddha, you seem to see conspiracy everywhere.

Hi Samudro. When I look at such statements and conclusions made from just reading this topic and “some other topic” I simply shake my head and shrug my shoulders at the programmed habit of the mind to jump to conclusions with only the shallowest reading of my 26 books and 500 articles and counting. Moreover, in the case of the Scottish referendum, I have provided my readers with “evidence” of irregularities in the voting process.

If there is someone here suffering from pareidolia it is “Samudro” who looks at the body of my work, like it was some cloud in the sky. He can only see—using sweeping generalities—that the writings of John Hogue/Arjuna are entirely in the shape of conspiracy “everywhere.” Nothing else can be seen by Samudro’s mind. These habits can only be exposed to the light of consciousness through a deeper understanding of self-observation, where one looks first at oneself and one’s premises before drawing conclusions.

Unconsciousness is the ultimate conspiracy. It expresses itself in snap, button-pushed judgments, robotic behavior, and a habit to borrow other people’s thoughts, ideas, moralities and identities as one’s own. We were trained by our societies to follow the programmed habit of wearing a mask of personality over our original faces of soul.

You don’t have to look at clouds and project conspiracy everywhere. Your eyes and mind are that ultimate conspiracy filter, and YES! I do acknowledge THIS conspiracy as real because meditation has revealed it to me, working in me and in everyone else except for very few human beings who have become free of its chains.



That is not supposition on my part. I knew and deeply love a man named Osho who showed me how to recognize what it looks like when a human being becomes free of the Antichrist Unconscious conspiracy. His meditations are helping me snap out of this pareidolia of mind filtering the cosmos according to its own limited, programmed, mechanical-ego ends.

All you need to do, Samudro, and the rest of you reading this, is to look inwards through meditation and see the truth of this ultimate conspiracy, how it works to divide you, enslave you, and make you live a life that’s more like sleepwalking than living. In the seeing of this, in the watching of your habit, moment to moment, waking, sleeping, you become illuminated to this conspiracy of unconscious life. Follow that light…

I can share with you links and information about the meditations of Osho that I’ve been applying to understand this “conspiracy of mind” since 1980. Just Contact me and put in the subject line: Meditation. I’ll send you the information. These meditations are the most important gift I can give any of you and I give it freely.



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