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Evidence doesn’t Russian Hack it! Meditation undermines the Bridge of Attachment when Attacked. Commens about my Recent Coast to Coast AM interview and the overlooked Great Russian “novelists” who use musical notes as words in their Symphonic Epics

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DATELINE: 14 May 2017

Russian Hacks Nine Months later, still a stillborn accusation without objective fact the Dedicated Believers in it cannot see: What is the Nature of this Blindness?

Over the last nine months I have shared in several articles many of the untested and unscrutinized accusations coming mostly from the losing party in the November National Elections of 2016 that are trying to blame Hillary Clinton’s defeat by Donald Trump on the Jews. Oops! I’m sorry, I mean “the Russians”—it kind of has the same old ring to other historical scapegoating of the past. Blame everything that’s wrong with your candidate, your campaign, and your mistakes on “the Jews.” A scapegoat is so much more appealing to our ego’s self-esteem. What ego in us wants to face facts, like, we lost because we didn’t run a very good campaign. We lost because our candidate had some serious credibility poll numbers and couldn’t seem to find a way of showing herself to be a person enough people could trust to be the next president. This was especially so in 2016 in the Rust Belt states, which in 2008 where Hillary Clinton’s core, working class white base, and with them, she almost defeated Barack Obama in the Democratic Primaries to become the 2008 Democratic nominee for president.

Then, inexplicably she abandoned that base with its key electoral votes needed to win, as per the laws of the US Constitution, which DO NOT allow a candidate for president to be chosen by the majority popular vote unless it satisfies the Electoral College vote. This time in 2016 like 2000, it didn’t. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like that outcome or not. Until you proceed to change that onerous law, a throwback to placating southern slave states, as an American you have to abide by that law, which made Donald J. Trump your president.

As I’ve stated in earlier articles (read them here: Russian Hacks; Russian Hackers; and Gone Phishing) there is a lot of tangible as well as circumstantial evidence that at least should make those who believe in Russia as the source of all their failures some pause to re-examine their premises. That perhaps Hillary Clinton lost her own campaign by not taking the right advice. For instance in earlier articles I pointed out how her husband, the former president Bill Clinton, a winner of the presidential election not once but twice, a political genius, told her to fight harder to win back her Rust Belt State core of voters. That he recognized exactly what Trump was doing working those same states so hard in the campaign, trying to take her base away and win the election by the Electoral College edge he might achieve in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, to add to his edge in Florida, his second home and win the election. Hillary Clinton showed herself to be a mediocre politician by ignoring his golden advice, so she lost. There was nothing “Russian” about it.

In the last several days on my Facebook page there’s been a vigorous discussion going on triggered by someone calling me “a liar” for saying that the Russian hack story is a hoax and predicting that it would be proven so in the future. Many of my readers than flooded my Facebook Friends page with the evidence and links and sources—many of which I’ve already provided you in earlier articles—indicating at the very least, two things: 1.) There is a lot of evidence indicating another conclusion beyond the Russian Hack being responsible for Hillary Clinton’s loss that neither the believers of it, or the mainstream press that’s promoting it like a rant for nine months will even consider, as should be their journalistically ethical job to do.

Feeding for months stories with no objective evidence proving the source was from the Kremlin, smacks of what Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf as a government and willing media promoting what he called “The Big Lie” tactic. Say something loud and often, skip over doubts, ignore a call for evidence to prove it, and just keep selling it, selling the lie, until finally the masses of people, who Hitler said were akin to a “hysterical woman” in their mass mob mindset, will adopt as the truth. And when they do, in a state of emotional passion and hysteria, no call to reason, no presentation of evidence that might refute their locked in belief can suffice to change their emotionally driven mindset.

This whole “Russians are responsible for everything” litany is turning millions of Americans into a kind of cult-following mob. Even in my little seaside island village in the Pacific Northwest, a stanchly blue-democrat town, I run into educated friends who, when on the subject of Russia and hacks, abandon their objective intelligence, their eyes glaze over like they are members of Jonestown, lost in the jungles of French Guiana, standing in the cue to receive their cyanide-laced Kool-Aid refreshment. The intellect under the emotional sway of belief becomes a generalizing simpleton and out of those blind eyes and ranting mouths comes an accusation, often laced with abuse, that to question the Russian Hack story is an act of blindness.

This brings me to an interchange on Facebook this morning as an example of the things hurled by those who believe beyond all question at those who question:

You people who think the Russian Hack was a hoax, you must be totally blind and not listening!

What do you have against the Russians? Asking for a friend.

The truth is Hillary won the vote not Trump………it was the Russians and other Republican assholes that got him in office.

How did the Russians get Trump into office? I am still not clear on that.

First off, a few facts. Fact: Hillary won the “popular” vote. Fact: the popular vote is not how we elect our presidents and Russia has nothing to do with that. The US Constitution requires presidents are elected by what the popular vote in each state is voting for, not the president, but the Electors who vote for the president. If your popular state vote wins a majority in your state for one of two candidates then the electors will vote for that candidate. It doesn’t matter if millions more people voted across the nation for the other candidate, their vote only picks electors by state majority, not a national majority. I don’t like the arrangement any more than most of you but that has NOTHING to do with the Russians. It has something dysfunctional to do with us in the U.S.

You simply cannot blame that on the Russians or the Republicans. Your candidate didn’t make much of an effort to win those key Electoral College states and no Russians prevented her from doing so. No Russians made her ignore the prescient advice of her husband, Bill Clinton. The Russians didn’t use some KGB ray gun, James Bond device to make her close her mind to the greatest political genius in her camp and Bill was bouncing off the walls about it afterwards.

She lost the Electoral College herself.

FACT: you cannot hack electronic ballot boxes from the Kremlin, because they aren’t on the Internet or email systems.

FACT: Obama’s former NSA chief, Clapper, admitted under oath before US Congress that there was no objective evidence of Russians hacking the US vote.

FACT: the “assholes” as you call 62 million Americans mailed their ballots or went to the voting stations just like the other nearly 65 million Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton just like you did. That makes them no more or no less a potential asshole than any Democratic voter. They are Americans, just like you, practicing their US Constitutional right to vote their opinions, whether you don’t like their opinion or they don’t support yours. If we don’t respect that basic right, then the totalitarian is not in the Kremlin, but hiding in our secret heart.

FACT: Hillary Clinton turned her back on the core voters, the white, working class, high-school educated, blue collar US workers that were her base in the Democratic Primaries of 2008. Trump recognized that and very shrewdly appealed to them, thus winning over even a usually blue-voting state like Wisconsin, a state Clinton didn’t even set foot in, just assuming it was in her pocket. He also won other blue blue-collar states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio with only Illinois going to her, thus giving “The Electors” who vote for president, the 270 votes Trump needed to win, according to the US Constitution, and not according to any presumed friendship with Putin, Russian hacks, etc.

This leads me to a deeper matter, something existentially important for all of us to consider, whatever our opinions might be. It is the righteousness of “Belief” when it is emotionally locked in and has locked us down from listening and seeing any other possibility. We’ve all done it. No one is better or worse here, so what I’m about to share with Betty is shared equally to me and to everyone who is reading this now. We all do this. The question is, can we become awakened to this habit and transcend this mindset trap?

Betty, you share a certain pattern shared by others, like Kenneth, in this matter. I’m wondering if you can step back from it and look at it. Those who are locked into their opinion are very emotional about it. They gather all those who don’t agree with their view as “you people” grouping them in a disposable category rather than respecting their individual states of humanity. They talk about people’s blindness and not being able to listen, but they themselves seem unable to see or respond to the questions and comments that provide a view that’s alternative to their own–thus they are blind and not listening to the others they condemn as blind and not listening.

The other common pattern is almost a complete inability to provide evidence or to understand that nothing objective, nothing you could take to court to win a case, has been provided by the authorities or promoted by the media. The believer only has their belief and their way of turning groups of people into “Trump lovers” or “Republican assholes.”

Why is it that believers cannot answer questions or comments without slandering people and turning them into generalized, dehumanized categories? The constant defensiveness, the repetition of ranting the same thing again and again, louder each time it is questioned, just smacks of the believer deep down in their unconscious, knowing that they are standing on merely an emotional conviction which they in-eloquently and often abusively promote. Then they throw their own stuff back at others not able to see or listen to how they themselves are acting exactly as they judge others.

Betty I’m expecting that you will do exactly that next when you respond to this, unless you can come out of this positive feedback of illusion that is ultimately reinforcing a very negative and isolating mindset, of which you are completely unaware.

In the end, Russian hacks or hoaxes are just a trivial trigger to feed the ego with the flesh of your soul. Nations rise and fall, but if the witnessing soul is eternal, why does it seem to get trapped each life in these straight-jacketed believe habits that do fundamentally nothing to help us remember the most precious treasure: that we “are” and “are-not”, that we are Love, are Compassion and an eternal luminous awareness. We are the “are-nots”, boundless and unlimited. Free of all the lies of projection called Betty, John Hogue, Kenneth, Russians, Americans, assholes and saints. Are these not passing shadows outside of the light eternal?


After this statement I haven’t seen a response from Betty by the time this goes to press. She did make a try at questioning what Nefri epically and expansively explained about how the Podesta emails issue. There are many very rudimentary ways beyond a Russian hack that his messages could be collected. Perhaps that is why neither any one in the government speaks of it publicly, nor does their sympathetic media expose why they haven’t told the public this in nine months and counting beyond fomenting the “Big Lie.”

Thank you Nefri, for this explanation!

So listen. My husband and I both work internet security. I know what I am talking about. The “Hillary emails” were PHISHED. That means they were obtained by someone who sent an email to John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, and in that email the phisher said, “Alert! Your computer has been compromised. Send us your email password to verify who you are.” We have all been sent those emails. They can come from literally anywhere.

John Podesta typed his password in. His password, we now know, was “PASSWORD”. This is the most common and least secure password that anyone in the world can have. So really, no phishing or hacking was necessary at all.

When an email is sent, the IP address of the person who sent it is left behind. This gives us a long number that identified the sending computers location. This IP address would be PROOF POSITIVE of Russian hacking if they would release it. But they won’t release it, because they know it’s not Russian. And too many computers in between would not match the fake number they give out as “proof it was Russia.” This is why they won’t tell us what their proof is.

John Podesta emailed the phisher his password. You can find this info on the web, though they don’t explain it well in layman’s terms because they don’t want you to understand that Podesta fell for the most elementary trick in the book.

So the phisher copied all of Podesta’s emails, and sent them to journalist Assange. He published them.

Turns out, this was all very fortunate, because the emails proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Democratic Party rigged the primary. There us a lawsuit against the Democratic Party going on right now that you can easily follow on a Facebook page called “DNC Fraud Lawsuit”. So far, the DNC admits they cheated, but says they have that right. This is what the democrats don’t want you to know, so they keep your head full of fake Russian espionage.

Every one of us who now understands the truth of the situation started off thinking the “Russians hacked the election” … a phrase that actually doesn’t make any sense if you think about it, since the election is not a computer. But now we see what’s going on.

My husband is a software engineer, 30 plus years and sees this stuff all the time. It is a little more complicated than you said….but you are basically on the right track Nefri, and YES the democrats cheated and the Russians hacked them……2 wrongs do not make a RIGHT, so now we are stuck with Delusional Donald! Hillary Clinton is also a cheat and a liar, I loathe politics and not one to really follow any of it because my TV would be trashed! They are all liars and cheats!

But we have no proof that the phisher was Russian. The KGB (or whoever) would probably use a less tradable means of hacking than sending an email directly to the target. That is easily traced. There is zero evidence of actual hacking, but the Dems have admitted to the phishing. So why don’t they release that IP?

Here they try to blame it on a lowbie….…/310234-typo-may-have-caused…

And remember that Hillary’s private basement server at her house had no password and ZERO ENCRYPTION

Plus, add to all this Hillary was using a non-secure Blackberry to answer govt emails while she was Secretary of State. No hacking necessary. The whole system was WIDE OPEN. Surely if the Russians were listening the while time, and you know they were, they wouldn’t advertise that with some dumb unnecessary phishing email.

[Next came Ken presenting an equally unsubstantiated claim believed by the Trump camp that millions of illegals voted in the election giving Clinton a false popular vote count.]

If you take out the illegal votes (estimates I’ve seen have ranged between 3 million and 8 million, either way it’s a LOT) and Hillary didn’t win the popular vote. Illegal votes should not count but, they did count them for Hillary. This was encouraged by Obama on national television.

Ken, it doesn’t matter if you cannot prove the illegal alien conspiracy as fact. The Trump people can run blindly on mere belief as much as the Clinton supporters go on and on about unsubstantiated Russian Hacks. I am fair and equal in my investigation and criticism of both sides. Trump supporters need to PROVE this accusation is true, otherwise it is just another “big lie” until it is proven true.

It has been proven, just not to what extent.

Please Ken. Don’t insult my intelligence or your own. Just saying “it has been proven” is not proof. All I know from what you’ve written here is merely that you believe it is proven. You don’t back up your statement with the evidence. You might as well be saying, “It is proven that Unicorns crap delicious ice cream” because you saw it on the Internet. (Actually there’s a great live action/cartoon interface of exactly that on the Internet. Very funny but you and I know it ain’t so until it is proven.) OK?

Fine. No need to get all fired up. I’ll look for sources. I’m not on either side but tired of hearing all the bull from both sides. Please, calm down. I’m writing this trying to help shed light, not to stir up the pot.

I never write angry, but often people project on my words their own reactions, like you are doing right now, Ken. Remember that. Don’t come into my Facebook page half asleep or you might find my compassionate totality framed in my words have thrown some cold water on you. If you want to, as you say, “shed light, not to stir up the pot” then don’t write some half-sleepy, unproven statement with no back up like ‘It has been proven… (cricket sounds…) Peep, peep, peep…

That’s exactly you stirring up the “BS” pot like the others who come in here with unsubstantiated beliefs pretending to be fact, OK? So, I’m glad my words shook you up a little. It was necessary. Now I look forward to you providing the facts rather than adding to the “Bull from all sides.”

I’d also like all my Trump readers to provide me with tangible evidence because if what you’re saying is true, it should be exposed. But please no hearsay. I measure what you put on my Facebook page with equal eagle-eyed criticism as I do the Democrats. Let’s find out what’s true beyond “belief.”

That word is one of the ugliest in the human language.

Belief is a qualified ignorance made empowered to keep us all blind and stupid. Human religious and social evolution remains retarded because of it. There is no word I hate more than Belief and what it has done and goes on doing to all of us.

Don’t believe. KNOW.

Experience first hand. And if you do not yet Know, never fall into the cowardly habit of believing. Be brave and embrace no-knowing until you know. Embrace also the “Unknowable” for that is the very atomic truth in the center of us all, watching and experiencing the changeable, mortal world and Universe. Find the facts rather than retard your intelligence with an ugly word, like Faith.

Intelligence and wisdom comes from within us. All stupid things, such as Faith, are borrowed.

Thank you Nefri for your explanation about phishing 101. It is the kind of level of investigation I expect from those of you with an opposing view rarely leave on my Facebook page, though I wish you would rise to the objective challenge if you would just temporarily put your emotional investment in beliefs aside.

What I think folks everywhere are not grasping is that our globe is no longer run by countries or governments. Fearing the Russians is misplaced. We should be fearing Nestle, Shell, Coca-Cola. Those are the evil entities hacking our leaders through lobbying and dark money. They are the ones to watch at election time. They pick the candidates. Not Putin.

Yes, this is the theme I develop further in President Trump Predictions:

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out soon after Inauguration Day.

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out soon after Inauguration Day.

And also on an international scale in Predictions 2017-2018:

Click on the cover to read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get on the list to get the expanded edition.

Click on the cover to read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get on the list to get the expanded edition.

Before I can finish them there’s a powerful new version of the astrological annual predicitons book I’m completing in a few weeks:


Click on the covers of all three to access information about them and get on the personal notification list.

"For Madmen Only: Price of Admission, Your Mind" was my first read of Osho's one-on-one counseling of devotees. Pay with your mind sounds like brainwashing? I hope so. Since I read this book back in 1980 I've been trying to wash my brain each moment of all the identity, conditioning and crap society has put there with Osho's meditations. It's good to be clean.

“For Madmen Only: Price of Admission, Your Mind” was my first read of Osho’s one-on-one counseling of devotees. Pay with your mind sounds like brainwashing? I hope so. Since I read this book back in 1980 I’ve been trying to wash my brain each moment of all the identity, conditioning and crap society has put there with Osho’s meditations. It’s good to be clean.

DATELINE: 14 May 2017

Meditation witnesses the thinning Bridge of Attachment when Attacked?

In this second article I want to share this following answer I gave to John B, about the initial and slanderous attack that launched an ongoing prodigious discussion and debate on my Facebook Friend page. I would have had more to show you of the initial encounter with Kenneth by my readers, but he chose to erase the conversation stream to hide his tracks. For that cowardly act, I blocked him from entry into my Facebook page. I will block anyone who does that. Stand up for your views, no matter how much we may disagree. Don’t be a coward. Be the other side of the coin of cowardice—be brave. I love you either way you turn out to be, but my Facebook page is open only to the brave to write there. It takes courage to write on my Facebook page. I have a lot of intelligent, questioning people in my international community. Be mindful of every word you write there in my gauntlet of Truth.

Sorry that Kenneth guy on FB attacked you. I tried to calm him down and reason with him, but it was not to be and he wont listen. I can see meditation works for you, otherwise in dealing with people like that day in and day out you might have to self medicate. Blessings

HOGUE: I have my “happy hour” after dinner. 🙂

Thanks, John for standing up for me. A lot of others went after Kenneth too. I’m grateful for that. When people are in a state of hysteria, they can’t see reason.

The interesting thing with Mediation, is that I still feel everything—perhaps even more deeply and sensitively than before, but I notice that the real pain maker, or better, the bridge to pain, bringing it into my soul, is identification with feelings. Identification sticks one into giving reality to a presumed feeling and then the mind and heart is pulled into a tangle with others that presume their ideas, personality and feels are actually their own.

One can’t stop it because who is going to stop it? The thing that’s making it real out of nothing. It is beyond to mind to understand something Osho’s been showing since I became a disciple in India in 1980. One simply watches the whole affair without being for or against whatever comes up, whatever goes by in the emotions or the mind. That’s it. Then understanding is there and if it goes deep, the think you were doing drops on its own. Nothing was done. No one did anything.

It is like stormy weather. You stand in the wind and rain of people’s attacks. Your body gets cold and wet. Your mind wants to chatter about how much it hates the cold shoulder and the biting breeze of people’s prejudices. But a remembrance, moment-to-moment strengthens in these many years of meditation. An awareness “awares” a witnessing consciousness that can never get wet. It stays still as the body-mind shivers. It watches the monkey mind and in some completely passive attention, the mind acts like someone being evenly stared at. It becomes self conscious. The mind quiets down.

The weather passes. The sun comes out and the body dries.

The witness doesn’t get dry, or wet. It doesn’t chatter about nasty storms then chatters happily about sunny wonderful weather. All of that when watched from inside seems to be getting farther and farther away.

Someone is neglecting the misery bridge. The bridging of identity thins and thins. The witness watches and from THAT which watches is a whole other reality. It is beyond all that changeable stuff, all the storms of mind thrown at it from Hogue’s own head, Facebook or elsewhere.

Such attacks have all the stomach sinking and sickening qualities like before but the bridge to bring all that mind-fuck and misery directly into my soul isn’t working like it used to. Meditation is taking the energy the ego needed to feed the bridge’s stability so it could sustain the passage of hate, anger, misery right into the heart of me. That bridge is looking more like the rickety, US “third-world” infrastructure that Trump probably will never get to fixing at least until latter 2018 and then he might not even be in office at that time.

Writing about this is hard, because the words just can’t rise to something higher, deeper. I talk like there’s a kind of process—a qualifying A to B to C. None of that is true, really. There’s no bridge. To even talk about it is feeding its illusion. I will continue to stumble on weaving what is a lot of inadequate words about something beyond words. I’ll talk about “stages” about going “deeper” etc. I might as well be playing with my own shadow forgetting that which makes it is nothing that’s in a stage or gradual. Remember that as I walk off the abyss of words like The Fool in the Tarot.

Time to play with the shadow:

At least at this stage of meditation, “understanding” of the suchness of people and of things in the world, does not make me less sensitive to all the beautiful and ugly things daily coming my way. I feel sadness and joy but they’ve become more transpersonally expressed making these feelings strangely deeper than before but not in a way that I feel personally attacked or identified with joy or sadness. And I notice that my anger is losing its magnetic attraction to attachment.

Whatever that all means, I simply let it be there, accept it, and allow the witness to watch and reflect it in its eternal mirror. And I accept that what I do and the truth I stand for will go against a majority of people, except the few who deeply understand—those that understand more deeply than I can right now.

Even a majority of those who love what I have to say, love it because it, by chance, resonates positively with their projected views and biases. That’s why it is always a special teaching moment when a longtime Hogue Reader suddenly is shocked and disappointed with me when, for instance, I talk about Trump’s true and innocent, childlike core during my recent radio interview broadcast across North America and the world on Coast to Coast AM.

People in their minds immediately jump to projected, subconscious conclusions that “Oh! He’s a Trump lover!” There’s some truth to that but running with a half-truth as they do is more dangerous for them strengthening a misunderstanding. I love Trump, yes. I love Kenneth, who was slandering me today on Facebook. I love you, John. I love Jesus and Kim Jong-Un.

I love the abused child, tortured by his father—who I also love—who later became Adolf Hitler.

I’ve come to understand that all of us contain all that is possible for human beings to fly or fall in their lives. When you go inside yourself in meditation and start seeing this deep connection to everyone, you become aware that you are everyone. I am Kenneth. I am Hitler. I am devil/godliness, or love/hate, or life-death. The separations begin merging. The contradictions become complementariness.

The illusion of separation and identity becomes weaker and I am less effected inside even as the voices of hatred of me are raised louder and more threateningly. I have now less identification feeding the negative people, giving them power and influence in my life far more than the many who love and support me and this work.

Perspectives begin to settle and change with a new light shown upon them. The light of deepening witnessing.

Thank you for inspiring these comments with your support and your comment about the attacks from earlier today, John.

I will share these observations with my Facebook and hogueprophecy communities.

DATELINE: 14 May 2017

Dimitri Shostakovich.

Dimitri Shostakovich.

Responding to a Comment about my Recent Coast to Coast AM interview and stories told in Music, by another kind of Russian novelist: Russia’s great Classical Composers?

Here’s an overview of my two-hour interview back on 10 May 2017 courtesy of Coast to Coast AM:

Considered a world authority on Nostradamus, the occult, and parapsychology John Hogue returned to analyze the quatrains of the great sixteenth-century prophet Nostradamus and how they pertain to current events, specifically prophecies warning of how a precipitous escalation against Syria, and a sudden, full-scale war in the Korean Peninsula, might quickly bring on a nuclear war between the United States against the Chinese and the Russians. Hogue referred to a Nostradamus prophecy of “two Eastern Kings” represented by the symbol of the eagle (Russia’s coat of arms features a double-headed eagle and of course the U.S. is symbolized by the bald eagle) who would conquer or be in conflict with a “Mongolian” leader, who he believes refers to Kim Jung Un.

Although there is “nothing written in stone” in regards to prophecies and those of Nostradamus in particular, Hogue says that it indicates the possibility exists for a war with Russia is highest between now and November of this year. He also sees a way out of the situation if the U.S. chooses to honor the terms of the original armistice with North Korea, which Hogue says would involve a military withdrawal from the South, in addition to ending war games in the region, among other concessions. Hogue says that Nostradamus is “one of the most pessimistic prophets” who wanted to “scare people straight.”

Now to the comment:

I enjoyed your edifying comments on C to C the other night….and was so greatly relieved to finally, finally hear an intelligent analysis of Trump, N. Korea, etc. People are so disinclined to THINK deeply or even to think at all.,,they just believe sound bites half the time. As for Russia: one way to understand this complex country is to read their literature. I for one am so sad and confused by this demonization of Putin, & Russia. So, again, thanks for your well thought out and smart interpretation(s). You will get naysayers, of course…that is to be expected if you’re courageous and ahead of the curve.

Thank you, Jaime. It is true what you say, reading Russian literature would open up the minds of many on these pages as it has done mine over my lifetime, and more than this, is a “higher” language that many Russians have also mastered, liturgical and classical music. Russia has given us Glinka, Glazunov, Stravinsky, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, and the masterful Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. And yet, America's greatest prophet, Edgar Cayce foresaw the Russia would become "the hope of the world." Can world war III be avoided? Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. And yet, America’s greatest prophet, Edgar Cayce foresaw the Russia would become “the hope of the world.” Can world war III be avoided? Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

The latter composer, Dmitri Shostakovich, I consider a Leo Tolstoy writing great epic narratives about life during the Soviet times with musical notes for words. He captures the tragic whirlwind of history and all true and vulnerable humans beset in the storm like characters in Tolstoy’s War and Peace with an honesty of Dostoyevsky, and a sometimes satirical bent like Gogol.

It concerns me is the dangerous extent of American ignorance of the depth and complexity of Russia and Russians. That we would even entertain such enmity and even dance on the edge of nuclear confrontation with them and soon, not knowing how much we share and common interests and were destined by prophecy to be brothers and sisters and help them become, as Edgar Cayce predicted, “The hope of the world.”

I love this picture (below) of Shostakovich with his two children, Maxim and Galina. It might have been taken during the latter days of World War II, not long after he wrote the 7th Symphony. Here is the final climax to the last movement. In it is all the pain and loss of 27 million people as it rises, rises to the impossible turning of the tide that saw the Russian people who were nearly destroyed by Hitler’s invasion who got to the gates of Moscow, but they turned the enemy back all the way to Berlin. You can almost see in the vast harmonic breaths of the orchestra Berlin burning and the Nazi stone eagles being knocked down by Soviet rifle butts to crash on the ground. The lowering of Nazi battle flags and pictures of Hitler set on fire.

Shostakovichs-Dimitri-Maxim-GalinaOne can “see-hear” also, in the rising “people of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) theme, his prophecy in music for his beloved home city, and their final liberation, breaking what would be a 900-day siege. You can hear the celebration and hear the tears of joy and the hugs!

Shostakovich foresaw the end of the greatest siege in history, where 1 million out of 3 million Leningraders did not survive it. This symphony was played in the darkest days of the siege when many of the orchestra players and the people coming to listen, dodged German artillery shelling and literally were dying from starvation on the way to the concert hall. After the celebration music comes the final sounding of the “liberation to come” theme with its dark and consequential final expression. It organically contains all the courage, effort, loss and the great accomplishment of an impossible victory, while it propels my imagination to see Berlin on fire in the final battle of the European theater of the Second World War as the Russians (and other Soviet peoples) fought and vanquished the last vestiges of Hitler’s evil empire.

You can hear the whole symphony here:


Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Also Available on:

Also Available on:
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