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THE HOGUEPROPHECY REPORT, 30 November – 12 December 2023. World War III Report: THE MIDDLE EASTERN THEATER / PART 1: Pause to Reflect on an Alternative Israeli Future, Before the Plunge / PART 2: a Comedy of Apocalyptic Israeli Errors / PART 3: “Ships Melted and Sunk by the Trident (Nostradamus, 1556) / PART 4: IDF’s Dumb and Dumber Army in Gaza—all Hamas needs to do is Survive to Win / World War III Report: THE UKRAINIAN THEATER: a Hogue Prophecy Vindication? Ukraine’s Fall by a US Money Cut Off? / SOME NEW YEAR’S PROPHECIES and Things to Ukrainian Come, Plus More… / THE KARMIC ECHO REPORT: National Socialism, Past and Present leads to the Same Results requiring the Same Outcome to Give Peace a Chance / EARTHTRAUMA SPECIAL REPORT: The Summer of 2023—A Climate Crisis in Review

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DATELINE: 30 November – 11 December 2023


(The Middle Eastern Theater)

A Pause to Reflect an Alternative Israeli Future
Before We all Draw a Last Breath, Before the Plunge!

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

November 2023 ended with the Israeli-Hamas War just finished enjoying its first “count-to-ten “Time Out!” What was agreed to be four, ended up a seven-day “pause” in the fighting, the dying and the Israeli lust for genociding the Palestinians by the tens of thousands. The chief Zionist Supremacist in his speeches, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, can publicly “think” out loud and even make threats of “Amalek,” a fate for the Palestinians waiting comparable to an act of biblical genocide, chapter and verse, from the First Book of Samuel, but while no one was looking, Netanyahu’s gang of Greater Israelites were in secret talks with Hamas using Egypt as a go-between to set up this first pause in the hostilities.

So, what does this pause mean?

Perchance it to mean that even though the genocidal violence will continue, Israel has forever lost the moral high ground with its continued and wholesale slaughter of innocents as it continues to horrify the world and implicate Israel’s handler, the US and the Biden administration, as genocide’s enabler.

During the week’s pause, I could feel the threat of a wider war diminish a bit across the region, that could drag in Hezbollah, the proxy of Iran, then the full might of Iran. Once the week ended, Israel doubled down as December opened and hostilities resumed, uglier than ever.

Israeli Zionists are already losers in this war of the moral high ground. Zionism, this extreme nationalistic obsession aiming to clear Palestine of Arabs and make it a land for Jews only, will never be able again to get away with silencing its critics by calling them anti-Semites after what they have done—and what Zionists in power in Israel will continue to do—to cousin brother and sister Semites and their innocent children.

The world will NEVER forgive Israel for this horror committed by the genocidal hypocrisy of Semites who were once the victims of Nazis, now acting like them, against others whom they deem to be subhuman beings. The ugly face of Zionism is at last exposed as its mask of being civilized drops. They have become in our time, the new face of fascistic wars of racism taking a further step than Hitler had on his road to hell. They have fallen upon and victimized their own cousin brothers and sisters of the exact same seed of Abraham, the ancestor of all Semites.

If you are a sadistic hater and killer of Semites, who then, is the anti-Semite now?

The Israelis themselves have changed the definition of “anti-Semite” with this war, now and forever. They no longer own the persecution cover when they become greater persecutors of other Semites.

Zionist Israel has become the new South African apartheid state on steroids. It will now face white supremacist South Africa’s fate and diminish like Johannesburg’s white supremacist government had. It had tried to separate South Africans to co-exist toxically in a “two-state” solution with the whites in control dividing themselves from the subservient Indian “coloreds” and Black African majorities they policed and suppressed. The world was against their Apartheid regime, banning South Africa from the Olympics, putting them under heavy economic sanctions as a pariah nation.

The pressures put on South Africa by the world eventually exhausted the White Supremacy regime into making peace starting in 1990 with South African State President F.W. de Klerk lifting the ban on the African National Conference (ANC) that year. He then released its leader Nelson Mandela after he was held in prison for 27 years. Negotiations followed to end Apartheid and by 1992 the white electorate approved further negotiations. In 1993, de Klerk opened bilateral discussions with Nelson Mandela to affect a transition of policies and government and by 1994 the impossible happened, universal elections of all adult South Africans of all races. The ANC won by an overwhelming majority, and it has since been in power up to the present day. Mandela would become the first black President of post-Apartheid South Africa.

Israel under Netanyahu has also become like South Africa was once, an Apartheid state where Jews play the white supremacist Afrikaners to Palestinians playing the Blacks, segregated into two states—two enclaves—of separation inside one. One of these enclaves is guarded by the master Jews with machine gun towers behind barbwire walls comprising the Gaza Strip. It is an open-air concentration camp, a “ghetto,” but with Jewish guards this time rather than SS German guards patrolling its perimeter. The 2.4 million Palestinians inside are imprisoned since 2009. They cannot leave it. They can only fish a few miles beyond its shores. Some have work permits to work in “Massah’s” Jewish plantations, as “house Palestinians,” in subservient jobs for their Jewish Supremacists.

The second enclave is the West Bank where a larger population of around 3.5 million Palestinians find themselves pushed into smaller and smaller “townships” just like the South African Blacks, with ever a heavy-handed police presence of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) patrolling, while at the same time, the Palestinians are often terrorized and under the merciless whims of the hundreds of thousands of fully armed Zionist Jewish settlers. These repeat the role of heavily armed Afrikaner white South African vigilantes. They even have the power to clear Palestinian families out of their houses and lay claim to them if the mood grabs them. If there’s a dispute, the Jewish settlers can even shoot them point blank in cold blood.

In both enclaves live the descendants of most of the 700,000 Palestinians that were ethnically cleansed after the First Arab-Israeli War of 1948 to the then Egyptian held Gaza Strip and the Jordan-held West Bank until the Six Day War of 1967 saw Israel militarily seize both enclaves for itself.

Around 2008-2009 the occupying Israelis of the Gaza Strip abandoned settlements there and it then became what it has been ever since, the concentration camp for Palestinians run by Hamas since the Israelis backed them as a wedge to divide the Palestinians politically in their Gaza and West Bank enclaves. Hamas began a setting up their radical resistance in Gaza, while the Fatah, the Palestinian Authority became a completely corrupt organization with many of its politicians using the aid to Palestine to mansions and play lap dogs to the Zionists.

There were also Palestinians who risked staying in their homes in the Jewish areas in 1948. They are around 1.5 million Arab Israeli citizens, mainly living in majority populations in and around Haifa and Acre along the northern Israeli coast since 1948. However these Israelis do not have equal rights shared with their Jewish neighbors. Hence, these Israeli Palestinians play the “coloreds” mimicking the South African Apartheid model. They are a less persecuted set of subhumans as long as they don’t make waves with the Knesset, where some token Palestinian parliamentarians have a few seats and form virtually powerless parties.

640px-SubaRuins-SRC-Doron, cc3.0-share-alike

Ruins of the Palestinian village of Suba, near Jerusalem, overlooking the Jewish Kibbutz Zova. Suba was one of 700 Palestinian villages destroyed in The Nakba (the Catastrophe) of the Palestinians cast out of their homes by the victorious Jews of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Photo: Doron, © Creative Commons.

I became aware of South Africa’s intractable stalemate of races starting when I was seven years old in the early 1960s after the premonitions of the Cuban Missile Crisis manifested making its life-time indelible mark. From then on after the crisis ended on my seventh birthday (29 October 1962) the shock of awakening it caused produced in me a great and lingering interest in what was going on around the world. Early on after seeing photos of White South Afrikaner police shooting down a peaceful demonstration of Black men and women, I ever continued to observe South Africa’s dark path, going deeper and deeper into racial division and suppression. Frankly, by the time of the late 1970s into the early 1980s, I could not believe the tension of these two-states in Apartheid would ever end. It seemed entirely impossible. That meant to me that some great and bloody destruction of South Africa was its only fate.

And yet, after I returned to American in 1990 from my travels and life lived in India in my Master Osho’s ashram, I was in wonder at what South Africans of all races achieved. A miracle! They resolved to live with equal rights, undivided, in a one-state solution.

Because of that I have been forever changed in my view of intractable stalemates between two seemingly irreconcilable peoples, like Israelis now suffer with the Palestinians. And just like South Africa, Israel is also heading towards its utter destruction if this racism-based two-states of being among Jew and Palestinian continues. If the White South Africans could at last see no future in their Apartheid solution, then even the racist Zionist “Lions” of Israel will have to lie down with the enslaved, Palestinian lambs, or in their devouring of these lambs they will also cease to be.

That’s the hidden beauty of a terrible future, so black and all destructive of a life, so burdensome to the torturer as it is to the tortured. The masters of slaves live forever in fear of them, because they know deep down, that they are doing a great wrong to those whom they judge as lesser human beings in both communities nestled together in the same close quarters. The Master is also a slave of his compulsion to master others.

The profound feeling of no end in sight can suddenly make one drop everything that is endlessly bleak. At last the “master race” that has established it, finally lets go of playing the burdensome master. He may by long habit tighten his fist vowing never to stop Apartheid in Israel, but I have never seen a fist trying to keep itself tightened forever. With time it simply relaxes its bones, tendons and muscles even as the fist wielder’s brain still registers the feeling of the hand tightened. Yet his eyes, at first disbelieving, finally face visual FACT. The hand of mastery has released its grip even if the thought of gripping remains lingering a little longer. This idea too will pass as the dark future, impossible to resolve, is just dropped altogether. The word “resolve” becomes an anagram for “re-loves.”

Nothing like what suffered South Africans and suffers those races dwelling in Israel can be resolved. The bleakness just reaches a critical mass. It drops on its own accord. You can’t resolve or temper Apartheid. You can only drop it. And then, once dropped in the heart, it is then freed is the mind. The mind at last can reason to fill the void with something mutually better than before, like de Klerk and Mandela did.

Frederik_de_Klerk_with_Nelson_Mandela_-_World_Economic_Forum_Annual_Meeting_Davos_1992-SRC-WEF-cc2.0-Share alike

Frederik de Klerk and Nelson Mandela shake hands at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos in January 1992. Imagine that! Globalists in this venue doing good for a change. Source: WEF. © Creative Commons.

I started feeling around 24 November that the change in Israel’s future course had been “conceived” deep in the collective roots of its people. The shaking fist of the racially supremacist Jews against the subjugated Palestinians has begun its imperceptible loosening of its grip. A tide of destiny had turned on the 24th. The impossible may become possible for the clenched-fisted Zionists. Not a two-state co-existent ugliness they are already in, with no end to the two-state solution lipstick put upon that piggish racism. They feel the doom of it now.

The doom will then suddenly drop, because the Israeli genocidal demon has hatched out in the open with all of its full ugliness exposed as a cathartic reaction to the Palestinian resistance to it, who will not budge. Who will not be sent into the Sinai Desert. They will not suffer another Nakba (Catastrophe) of being cast out of their homeland. Therefore, the Israeli Zionists will have to murder them all if they dare before the eyes of the world. The Nazi Germans were able to mostly hide their genocide of Jews, but in modern times, those Jews who aim to wipe out Palestinians will suffer doing it in the full sunlight of instant media’s witness, and the world’s judgment upon them will be immediate and “biblical.”

The Palestinians will not be cast out into the Sinai Desert!

End of story, Mr. Netanyahu. And your regime will have to kill ALL 2.4 million of them, then round up another 3.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank and kill them all too. You’ll have to match the Nazi body count of Jewish Semites, around 6 million. You Zionists will have to prove you are capable of equal evil as them.

You’ll have to turn the West Bank into your second Warsaw Ghetto open prison as you turned Gaza into a Warsaw Ghetto, slotted for annihilation. The price of these crimes will be having no seat, no acceptance living with the rest of the community of nations. You will be pariahs, outside of human commerce and love. Abandoned to your “unholy” land by your crimes against humanity as a Zionist nation, a future so bleak, that…

…Maybe you’ll simply drop being Zionists though your fists be clenched in opposition to it, and your brains though they feel like fists of defiance, your eyes will see your physical fists soften and release this collective, master-race mental illness, that you’ve long suffered dragging its ball and chain on and on.

The Zionists will fail in this mass murder because they will be forced to face the fact, the reality of their sins against a people, whose land they robbed in 1948, but whose spirit and existence they cannot completely destroy. Hitler failed to wipe out the Jewish race, so will Jewish Zionists utterly fail in wiping out their own cousin-brother and sister race of Semite Palestinians.

Zionism has no future now.

But Judaism does.

I predict something far reaching that at this moment seems as impossible as South African Apartheid ever being defeated. By its actions, Zionism has already defeated itself as an immoral perversion of humanity, therefore like White Afrikaner racists before it, Zionism will pass away, as will the two-state solution.

I foresee a day, because of the horrors unleashed since this Israeli war of Palestinian genocide began on 7 October, where Israeli and Palestinians Semites will at last live in one state, with equal rights, with love and respect for each other and in peace.


Hamas fighters, morning of 7 October 2023, pulling a dazed Israeli Tank crewman out of his burning tank. © Hamas.


So, with that prophecy laid down before us in this first of four reports on the Middle Eastern theater of World War III, the next three articles will otherwise write about all the ways Zionists and their Washington DC neocon handlers in the Biden Administration will work hard but ultimately fail to make wrong my prophecy, even unto their failing attempt to take the world with them, when Zionism is defeated.

If I’m reading the signs right about this, then you will see Zionist violence against Palestinians get worse, even more sadism is coming with the world witnessing it like it never has been able before. A war to eliminate a race of people is on your cellphones, these many billions of little windows to the world, vivid and immediate as genocidal crimes are committed, live!

Even the handlers of the zombie US president will have to have him sit Netanyahu down for a “time out, count to ten (days)” of a new pause, sometime very soon. Then more war will follow with more and more pauses, ultimately bringing great pressure upon the US leadership that has held Israel’s leash since 1948 to pull back hard the Beast framed in cellphoned, TikTok-ing, Rumble-ing, free speech X-ing, hourly revelations.

The US conditioning by generations of Israeli lobbying runs deep and bipartisan robotic in the halls of the US Capital. Perhaps not even economical pressure, or even domestic voter pressure in this oncoming end and beginning coming to America in a pivotal new election cycle, can make American elites move from just talking threats to taking actions that will sit on Zionist Israel once and for all, rather than enable it.

American politicians in 2024 national elections will suffer a “Hobson’s” impossible set of “choices.” On one side, the American Arab vote has abandoned the Democrats and their president “Genocide Joe” Biden, as he’s often called on the streets of the world. That means they’ll be losing in Michigan, Minnesota and other critical electoral battleground states, swinging the election to the Republicans and the “evil orange man” Mr. Trump, who campaigns as blindly pro-Israel. On the other side is AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) run mostly by Israeli Americans with dual citizenship with Israel, who are “NOT” registered as foreign agents of Israel, as are most other overseas lobbying groups. AIPAC constantly makes offers of money for campaigning politicians to be pro-Israel, right or wrong, that most Democrat and Republican legislators cannot refuse. You either give your first allegiance to Israel first, America second, or they’ll threaten to “primary” you, by backing your opponent with enough money to get him or her elected instead.

AIPAC would also like Americans to believe that Zionism is synonymous to Judaism. A majority of Jews in the world who do not see themselves as synonymous with the Zionists. I used to believe that it was the same view in Israel, that there was a slim majority that also have abandoned Zionist Israeli leadership and wish to deny it further US military or moral support. That was my illusion. This war has at last opened my eyes, especially through the eye-opening things Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone laid out when interviewed by Anthony Napolitano of Judging Freedom on 11 December 2023.


Some of the hundreds of Palestinian men that the IDF forces grabbed, stripped and falsely portrayed them as young, fit “Hamas” fighters. © Hamas.

Israeli TV and its Prime Minister Netanyahu have made a big deal about the Hamas Jabaliya Division surrendering en masse, broadcast to Isreali viewers. It is a complete fabrication. For one thing, Hamas fighters do not surrender. They follow the path of Shaheed, (Martyrdom), victory or death when fighting. These videos and photos of middle-aged Palestinian men, stripped to their undershorts were forced to pose for these photos in Northern Gaza City streets after Israeli forces stormed into UN schools being used as shelter. They threatened them by beating their wives and children then sent them away, after which they stripped the men and marched them away to play in this charade pretending to be Hamas fighters.

Really? Does the IDF think we’re that stupid? Yes, they do. These are not physically fit and young Hamas fighters. They are clearly for the most part flabby, middle-aged men. “Bakers and electricians, just regular guys,” as Max Blumenthal described them, citing the video now made famous of a middle-aged guy with a five-o’clock gray shadow stubble on his shaved head and shaved face. Blumenthal names him and his profession. He owns an aluminum shop in North Gaza. He walks out from a line of near naked prisoners holding the ammo clip and AK-47.

He looks at the Israeli soldiers off camera inquiring with a pause and look at them where to put these. He’s directed to the gun and clip on a pathetically small pile of guns the Israeli soldiers had arranged. Why do I say that? First off, if he wasn’t a civilian he would know where to drop the gun and clip and not be uncertain. Moreover, the pile of guns doesn’t look like a “division’s” worth of captured guns to me. I saw only three. Why would a man stripped to his shorts still possess his gun and full metal jacket of ammo? (You just can’t make this IDF stupid shit up! LOL!)

The Israeli public relations are the dummies here. They filmed this staged affair, editing together two takes of that same man emerging from the line of men to lay down the gun’s magazine with one hand and the weapon in the other, but in the second take the ammo clip and gun keeps magically changing hands! See the split shot video here!

Netanyahu actually went on Fox News and lied to the world about this being a great victory against Hamas. These videos of potbellied, middle-aged men with man boobs, and graying-hair, some of them identified as Palestinian journalists no less, are Netanyahu’s “young men” of fearsome Hamas, meekly giving up.

Netanyahu? You are a liar in chief of your toxic, ethno-supremacist country! The whole world is watching.

The Netan-yahoo! My definition from a cartoon by Ranan Lurie. © Creative Commons.

The Netan-yahoo! My definition from a cartoon by Ranan Lurie. © Creative Commons.

America is the last friend Israel has in the civilized world. It has backed Israel up since 1948. That’s a long time. Why should that end now?

Answer: Do not, Oh Israel, assume that blind devotion to your virtues and denial of your sins will forever continue.

America is destined to change, and it will not cover your back much longer.

Do not forget, American leadership has a solid and documented reputation of pledging forever it’s support to an ally until that ally is no longer serving America’s political interests or its survival.

Do you get that, people of Europe?

Who loves you enough to blow a hole in your gas pipelines to keep you down economically, freezing your behinds this coming winter?

Who said they’d never leave Afghanistan in the lurch? Then, when funding and attention was needed elsewhere to support a “new” and fresh friend called Ukraine, nearly 20 years of promises to the Afghan people suddenly evaporated, leaving them destitute and starving!

Do not be fools, oh Israel, thinking that America can never abandon you. That you can continue to buy the US legislators and presidents to blindly aid and abet your genocidal demons. Netanyahu more than once during his very long political career has told his Israeli supporters how the Americans because of their idolization of Israel will continue to arm Israel and sometimes thrown its young into wars to die for Israel’s strategic need to weaken its more powerful Arab and Iranian neighbors and keep them down. Netanyahu also foresaw America’s decline and how Zionists aimed to exploit it.

I would use the Russian analogy that says, “the fish always begins to rot from the head,” i.e. America’s body-politic “rot” is also starting from the head of state and its political elites. Yes, they’ll really start stinking but Netanyahu and the Zionists like to believe that a weakening American world power, in a panic, will make them even more malleable than before to Zionist interests.

They will say “stop!” but you’ll double down on your long planned ethnic cleansing, even genocide, if need be, of the Palestinians writ large in the statements of the Zionist nationalist movement leaders from its founder Theodor Herzl (d. 1904) to Netanyahu today.

Remember, nothing lasts in this world, not even the US watching your Zionist backsides for over 74 years. Your racism has had a remarkable run, this war you are prosecuting upon the Palestinians will bring an end of US support.

Netanyahu wants the Palestinians to “think Amalek” as their genocidal fate. Zionist Israel, I’ve got a message for you, “Think Afghanistan!” Who said they’d support Ukraine unto victory however long and whatever it takes?

Now they’re pulling the plug on the Ukrainians, and it looks like that sick joke of US support to Ukraine fighting the Russians “to the last Ukrainian” is soon to become a literal reality. Millions of military-aged young men left Ukraine for Europe in the spring of 2022 after the Russian invasion started. The last of a long string of bad jokes is coming from the former comic-turned-president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, before he completely bombs on stage and is hook-dragged into the wings. He’s calling for a final mobilization consisting of hundreds of thousands of teenage boys and now hundreds of thousands of young women to be sent to die at the front.

Israel, listen up. America political elites always abandon their friends because actually America has never been your friend, any more than Ukraine or Afghanistan has been America’s friends, or even America’s European allies are its friends.

No. All of you are just necessary evils to exploit. You are at best subservient vassals, made to think otherwise. You are mere subservient thralls to nourish the power appetites and needs of US elites.

Through propping up Israel, you had become a permanent land-aircraft carrier and base for America in the Middle East. That’s all you matter for.

All of you “friends” of America are tools of this failing hegemon, and it can, and it will, at any moment, abandon you faster than you can yell “Afghanistan!” Or scream, “Nord Stream pipelines!” Or cry, “South Vietnam!”

Face this hard fact, oh Israel, you are not a sovereign nation. You exist to commit genocide because America allows it. If Americans turn away, and cease supporting Israel, or those political parties that back the American political elites up, are voted out of office in 2024, even long before that, Zionist Israel could vanish like a bad dream gnawing at Western Asia since 1948, if America bugs out of Israel just like Kabul, with Afghanis rushing for the airport exit under a rain of people desperately holding onto US Air Force jet transports, before falling to earth!

Yes, Jewish Zionist lobbyists of AIPAC think they have bought and own American politicians but not its American citizens, and finally, maybe before Christmas even, the genocide of Gaza and this war will wind completely down like all the others before it, albeit this one being the most inhumanly disgusting and horrible of all the outrages Israeli Zionism has inflicted on Palestinians after they robbed their lands and cast them out taking their homes and villages in 1948.

What else was Jeffrey Epstein but an Israeli Mossad asset using cameras in bedrooms filming American leaders banging under-aged girls on camera?

President “slick willie” Bill Clinton got good sex at last, but at what a price. Who knows who else in American power circles, the rich and infamous, got filmed and blackmailed as documented, cam-corded sex offenders to assure Zionist Israel of their constant (or else) and loyal support of whatever outrages Israel does to others?

It is time for Americans to demonstrate in their millions pressuring the Biden administration to show who is a sovereign nation and who is not. Biden won’t turn his back on the Zionists because he has any moral integrity. He is an empty shell mentally, but even a zombie politician has an instinct for political survival if nothing more noble was ever there. Watch his human conscience disappear into a brain fogged cell of dementia causing his cognitive capacities to descend below even that of an animal. But worry not, the “political” animal instinct is still there. It may instinctively kick in to even play the morality card and disown Zionists hellbent on destroying Israel with US weapons and aid.

Biden will be advised to sit on Israel and his instincts will kick in and obey. He’ll even make a deal so that Netanyahu doesn’t go to jail for his many crimes of government corruption when Biden’s puppet masters force him to retire. That’s why Netanyahu is poised to escalate this war as long as he can get away with American enabling, believing he has a pretty strong bet running that the American leadership is well AIPAC-ed in his pocket and won’t find their sovereign spine before the Palestinians are eradicated.

Netanyahu is the epitome of what Torah Jews define Zionism as, only a nationalist political movement without any spiritual holiness that uses even the scriptures it doesn’t respect or will even summon a God it doesn’t believe in, unless using such can propel their Greater Israel built upon the bones of Palestinians. Hitler and Goebbels would invoke God when it suited advancing their version of Greater Israel, a Greater Germany, built on the bones of Jews. Just find your spine and save Netanyahu’s sorry ass from serving a life sentence for all his corruption deals, Mr. Biden. You know what that’s like, the money cut “for the big guy” from you son, Hunter Biden’s, acts of grift feathering the bed of the Biden nepotistic clan. Give Netanyahu his golden parachute and prepare you own, for you as well are about to face a possible, congressional impeachment investigation. Time in the Negev Desert sand dial is running out for both Genocide Joe and that Bibi Nutty-yahoo.


I close this first of four Middle Eastern Theater reports with the following rough and ever-changing estimate of the numbers of casualties, human and of property, as they stand updated from 28 November 2023 with some updates from early December:

20,030 civilians killed (my early December update), 8,176 children killed, 4,112 women killed, 7,000 people unaccounted for, including more than 4,700 children. A total of 36,350 civilians have been injured with 1.73 million displaced (Source—other than my one death toll update—Human Rights Watch/UN Human Rights). Given that most who are unaccounted are probably dead or dying under vast stretches of rubble, one could say that the full death toll is approaching 30,000! [Update 2 December 2023. On the first day of the resumption of hostilities 109 Palestinians were killed by Israeli snipers and bombing. However I’m getting reports that Hamad Towers in Khan Younis (southern Gaza) were flattened by Israeli missiles with potentially anywhere from 300 to 1,000 Palestinians killed that aren’t on this butcher’s bill of a list, above.] At least 130 United Nations aid workers and administrators have been killed by Israeli carpet bombing, the highest number so far in any war.

Now to the overwhelming property damage. This information is from 10 November 2023.

83 mosques were completely destroyed, and 166 were damaged by Israeli warplanes in the besieged #Gaza Strip since the beginning of the brutal aggression. •#Israel cutting off water has created a public health crisis in #Gaza after more than a month of Israel’s blockade, that also further included catastrophic cuts in fuel, electricity, food, and medical supplies. The lack of clean water is resulting in “grave concerns.” WHO had reported that only 10 of Gaza’s 36 hospitals are still functioning. [As of 03 December, all the hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip are no longer functioning.] Sources: #FreePalestine #DefundIsrael #BDSMovement #BoycottDailyWire #NoOilForIsrael #BanAIPAC @UN @UNHumanRights @netanyahu @IntlCrimCourt @CIJ_ICJ and the Palestinian Health Ministry.

How much of Gaza is well on its way to being flattened in 2023, like the Warsaw Ghetto had been reduced in 1943? Here’s what was recorded nearly two weeks ago as of 03 December. It is certainly higher since:

50% OF BUILDINGS IN NORTHERN GAZA ARE LIKELY DAMAGED! Percentage of buildings likely to have been damaged between 7 October and 18 November: NORTH GAZA 40% to 51.4%, 18,300 to 23,500 buildings; GAZA CITY 39.8% to 50.5%, 24,600 to 31,300 buildings; DEIR AL-BALAH (central Gaza Strip) 8.8% to 12.6%, 4,400 to 6,300 buildings, KHAN YOUNIS (Southern Gaza Strip) 7.8% to 11.6%, 6,400 to 9,500 buildings; RAFAH (south Gaza Strip) 4.9% to 7.8%, 2,400 to 3,800 buildings. SOURCE: Corey Scher of CUNY Graduate Center and Jamon Van Den Hoek of Oregon State University (for the Financial Times). As of 03 December the Khan Younis and Rafah destruction has soared since the week long pause had ended on 01 December.

Now to Israeli losses. The numbers are hard to confirm because there is a cover-up going on; therefore, the estimates are either somewhere hiding between mere hundreds or even thousands of killed and wounded.

Jackson Hinkle on X reported, “Though Netanyahu won’t admit it, Israeli journalists write that over 2,985 Israeli soldiers have died since October 7th and 11,600+ have been injured. Israel has walked into a trap.”

X’s fact checkers added context to Hinkle’s statement. They thought people might like to know (All of these “readers” left unnamed and unsourced) said, “The source of this claim, shared extensively during the last week, is not from Israeli journalists, but a fake report published on November 12 in Arabic by a Egyptian self-described “Social Media Influencer” Mohamed Fathy.”

In either case, at the time of this writing neither of these X fact checkers, or Hinkle, provide clear sources. The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) official death toll began to BS the number down initially to 35. That is way too low. I’ve seen makeshift refrigerated morgues at the end of the first week that have more than that number laid out inside.

Megatron on X elaborating on the higher numbers, had a further “Readers added context” with no source I might add, that put the “official” death toll since the Gaza Strip invasion by the IDF as “about 350, and this includes 44 police officers and 46 soldiers killed in Gaza.” The rest died, I suppose under fire from Hezbollah positions in South Lebanon along the Northern Israeli border.

I will make this prediction. The numbers of Israeli dead and wounded, the numbers of tanks destroyed, are far higher than reported by the Netanyahu government. The hospitals in Israel are filling with wounded. And if you want to know the real trend of Israelis placed six feet under by their Gaza invasion, just interview the grave diggers of Israeli military cemeteries. Watch this video. Here is a translation and what he is saying in Hebrew:

A worker at an Israeli military cemetery exposes Israeli lies regarding Israeli losses, which clearly contradicts the official announcements made by Israeli occupation forces: Now, we are in a very difficult period. A funeral every hour, a funeral every hour and-a-half. I was supposed to open a huge number of graves only in the ‘Har Hertzl’ cemetery. We buried more than 50 within 48 hours.

AS WE GO TO PRESS (11 December 2023) the newest Report on IDF injured. Megatron reports: BREAKING: The Israeli newspaper Haaretz about the real number of injured Israeli soldiers: About the false figures of the occupation army spokesman regarding the number of injured people in Israeli hospitals since the start of the war on Gaza.

Army spokesperson’s data so far on 1,593 wounded soldiers since the start of operations:

The newspaper revealed the following: •Barzelazi Hospital (Beersheba) treated 1,490 soldiers. •Assuta Hospital treated 178 soldiers. •Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv treated 148 soldiers. •Rambam Hospital in Haifa treated 188 soldiers. •Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem treated 209 soldiers •Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem treated 139 soldiers •Soroka Hospital in the south treated 1,000 soldiers •Sheba Hospital in the south treated 500 soldiers

A total of 3,852 wounded soldiers, according to Israeli hospital data, plus slightly injured in military mobile hospitals, Which can easily lead to over 7000.

(Back to the numbers from 28 November 2023:)

There is also an exodus of Israeli citizens with dual citizenship leaving the country. Sprinter Monitor on X reports that since 7 October as many as 350,000 have departed, and I would add perhaps for good. For a small country with nearly eight million Jews, this is a significant number. Also Sprinter Monitor added that the Israeli “budget deficit has grown. The shekel fell 15%. Shares of Israel’s five largest banks fell more than 20%. Fifty-thousand foreign workers left the country. Tourism also stopped altogether. After mobilization, the labor shortage increased. Another one million Israelis [are internally displaced]. They have fled their homes or are forced to remain close to shelters and away from economic activity due to the risk of conflict.”

Zionist Israel? We become the things we hate. Move over Hitler Youth, Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone shared this video of Israeli children singing the a Jewish youth song to annihilate everyone in Gaza in this example of a “genocidal war anthem,” says Blumenthal, “This Nazi-esque ethno-supremacist propaganda was published by Israel’s national broadcaster, @kann_news, and subsequently deleted.” Via @intifada. Also check out this promo for a documentary movie called Israelism.

I will end this prelude giving the last word to Norman Finkelstsein, a Jew—not a Zionist. He has been a long-time source, a man with the patience of Job, who has ever spoke each word with weight, slowly… and carefully…so that his views can deeply absorb into us. Here he speaks about the many times the concentration camp keepers, the Zionists guarding over the Gaza Strip and its Palestinian inhabitants, periodically every few years down several decades, need “to mow the lawn” made of human beings rendered more worthless than grass. He is asking a string of rhetorical questions to his interviewer, Candace Owens, what she feels about them as a woman, a mother, and I believe from what I know, she was heavy with her second child soon coming to full term when he asked her these rhetorical questions.

DATELINE: 30 November – 11 December 2023


Israeli soldier in the West Bank, manhandles a Palestinian child.

(The Middle Eastern Theater)
—Part Two—

A Comedy of Apocalyptic Israeli Errors

There are a lot of good reasons why we’re fixated on Gaza, those of us via Internet granted a front-row seat outside of the open-air concentration camp where Zionist Supremacists do the Nazi death’s head dance as anti-Semitic as one can be, to 2.4 million brother-sister Semites in the Gaza Strip. They do it with care-free cruelty and lethality—mowing the lawn like never before—that even transcends what the German SS troops did to yesterday’s Hamas of a handful of armed Semites fighting in the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. How can we not be drawn into the madness of an information age of 2023, unlike anything possible in 1943, where a Zionist Israeli government doesn’t even hide or measure its words of rabid genocide? What the Waffen SS worked out in their secret meeting at Wannsee in 1943, to launch the “final Solution” of the Jewish problem in Europe, if they had our advanced media technology and global access, would be writ bright-eyed-bushy-hell and glaring in our instant Internet war coverage. It is out in the open, posted either too evil or too stupid to not care about the consequences when this all blows over, and it’s time to have a second “judgment at Nuremburg trial” moment.

It took years of reporters filming and writing on paper for people to absorb years of Nuremberg trials to at last document and show the world the full horrors and the guilty behind them of that last Holocaust. If those Nazis had our advanced media access watching current crimes against humanity in this new world war and holocaust, imagine how it would go down for all to hear and see if just one cellphone with the “recording button” on at meeting in the Wannsee conference filming the who’s who of SS commanders of the final solution of the “Jewish Problem” went viral on X and all over the world, all secrets hanging out there!

Move over IDF defense minister, Yoav Gallant and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. Get a load of how hard-hearted Reinhard Heydrich really was and how disturbingly blasé and bureaucratic was Adolf Eichmann calculating Jews to be transported efficiently in box cars as if they were a flow of consumer products rather than a shipment of people heading to their expected destination to be gassed and then consumed in ovens? And it’s all available on X for the whole world to tweet and incriminate.

Gaza, move over on X for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, LIVE on every cellphone. No holds barred. It’s all hanging out there and bleeding. The war crimes openly planned, chapter and verse with open activation too, all exposed faster than a flasher at a children’s playground, these “shortcomings” of human beings.

Move over German race. This time it is a minority of the Jewish world community currently heading the Jewish Apartheid State of Israel. They have either no qualms or myopically no understanding what Tik-Tok and X can expose about their “final solution” to the Semite Palestinian question. Publicly declared intent openly became actualized slaughter, like Yoav Gallant proudly declaring All Palestinians are “animals” anyway, so their water is cut off and food too, starving and thirsting out all who live in Gaza, forward marching in full-Hitler-retarded scale, in implementing this collective punishment of a race of Semites—AGAIN.

It gives “never again!” a whole new perspective!

The Palestinians are “animals” to be ethnically cleansed, killed by weapons with a greater mass destructiveness than rained down on the Warsaw Ghetto. No Nazi subtlety, no delay of years to find out later. We see their war crimes committed almost live and in livid gore-stained color of innocents, of children, of babies by the thousands and the world watches, live.

And guess what? We have quickly found out a revelation gone viral that the Zionists aren’t even personally targeting where the carpet bombing of Gaza goes next. They are letting a lifeless machine do the infernal calculating of killing the living!

Maybe when the Zionists face their Nuremberg 2 trial date, rather than saying that pathetic Nazi phrase, “I was only following orders!” The Nazi Zionists will say, “I never killed anyone. A.I. the artificially intelligent did it!”

As stated in my last article, the United States enables the Apartheid, Zionist government of Israel the opportunity no other country has, of buying the allegiance of our United States Congressional legislators and even a US president via Israeli AIPAC lobbyists. Add to that the schizophrenic oath of duty to “two” countries. Case in point, President Bush’s “dual-citizen cabinet of neocons past, Biden’s cabinet with its “dual citizen” present-day neocons serve…


Just who does a man or woman with allegiance to dual countries serve, especially if by serving one you are openly betraying the sovereignty of your other country?

I wonder.

I pledge my allegiance to Washington or to Western Jerusalem?

Who serves the utter trashing of America’s remaining credibility when its government devotes itself to a greater love for Israel, or worse, when it blurs the reality making the foreign and military policies of the United States “and” Israel, unquestioned as synonymous?

The last neo-conned cabinet of President George Bush under dual-citizen advice proceeded to take out one of Israel’s chief and neighboring rivals in a US war of aggression, with an Israeli blessed, unilateral invasion of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. That was the crime against humanity de jour in 2003-through-2011. It killed a million Iraqis and over 7,000 US soldiers and mercenaries too. Who did they die for? It was Israel’s strategic needs, not America’s.

Fast forward to 2023, a new generation of dual citizen Jewish American/Israeli neocons pull Biden’s neural brain strings charging forward with eyes wide open and hearts hardened, shutting out their souls, as culpable servants of Israeli Zionist genocide.

And as the mainstream media obsesses upon the war in its one-sided, “pro-Israeli, right or wrong” way, they avoid as much as they can filming the global backlash from a majority of the human race. They avoid reporting about the tens of millions of people on every continent, except that inhabited by the Penguins down in Antarctica, that crowd the streets of many a city, demonstrating in America, in Europe, and all across the 1.3 billion people living in the Muslim nations and indeed all nations protesting this genocide.


A montage of pro-Palestinian, anti-genocide demonstrations in London, Turkiye, Indonesia, Rome, Paris, Kerala (India), Berlin and America.

That’s the blessing of Internet in action in our times. It took hours, not years, for the world to erupt in disgust at the crimes against humanity that the current Israeli regime is practicing since the Hamas surprise attack of 7 October ignited this new and potentially most dangerous battlefront of the Third World War in the land where Armageddon was named and eschatologically expected.

Internet allows us to see Hamas breaking out and rampaging through Southern Israel taking their hostages back into Gaza. It also exposed Israel political and military leadership completely caught with its pants down. Israel’s “Pearl Harbor” surprise, shocking in the suddenness and swiftness of well-trained Hamas commandos. It quickly became even more shocking when just a week or so into the war, sources on the alternative media made it widely known that the vaunted IDF can’t shoot or think straight.

We’re watching them live, improvising their response to the surprise attack of 2,000 Hamas fighters breaking out of the Gaza Strip concentration camp to spread mayhem and capture hundreds of hostages with 2,000, no, 1,700. Nope, let’s leave it at around 1,200 Israelis killed, most of which were Israeli men and women soldiers. We know this because the Israeli government showed us the list of their dead but didn’t think twice about how anyone on X (Twitter) can instantly copy it and highlight so many of the dead being active Israeli soldiers or reservists rather than Israeli civilians. It’s proof that Hamas had effectively surprised and routed a holiday undersized posting of the Israeli Golani Brigade defending Southern Israel, taking out at least 44 IDF killed with over an estimated 200 wounded.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that “over the past year, the IDF spotters situated on the Gaza border in command posts monitored all their cameras along the Gaza Strip perimeter. These women soldiers of high I.Q. serving in Intelligence Unit 414, had been warning their superiors that something unusual was happening. Those women who survived the 7 October massacre “are convinced that if it had been men sounding the alarm, things would look different today!”

For weeks before the 7 October Hamas attack, the chief intelligence officer of southern command (his name not mentioned in the article) kept hearing these women’s warnings that Hamas was planning a breakthrough of the Gaza Strips’ barrier defenses. They even knew where the breaches were planned. Preparations were logged on videos of Hamas commandos training to capture a mock-up of one of the Israeli fortified Kibbutzim. They identified the Hamas special forces units being prepared for the breakout. The women even reported Hamas commandoes undergoing motorized paraglider training, but that chief officer regularly dismissed their reports deciding that they were sending him an “imaginary scenario” so he did nothing. I would remind you all of what I said in my last HogueProphecy “Emergency” Report at the end of October about the Israeli higher command’s complete disregard for human intelligence, over Artificial Intelligence, preferring to let their computers create intelligence reports that they regarded as more valuable than human eyes and living minds watching the line.

I heard further stories on X (Twitter) that some of the women soldiers risked reporting their observations to that intelligence officer’s superior and were severely reprimanded for breaking the chain of command being further warned that if they did it again, they’d face long prison terms.

That is how the war began, from willful ignorance and a blind faith in A.I., spiced perhaps with a little macho IDF male misogyny. Furthermore, these women solders were not issued arms to defend themselves. On 7 October their observation posts were surrounded by Hamas. Most of them were killed, unable to defend themselves. A few were captured.

Still, it is easier in our times, given open-source information that’s available, for those who know how to access it and rightly assess, to piece out the IDF’s intelligence failures much quicker than ever before. For instance, Scott Ritter related on Judging Freedom on 01 December 2023 the following to host Judge Napolitano about what the Israeli government did with what the women observers reported when they broke chain of command protocols.

“They knew everything,” said Ritter, “Here’s the problem. They had all that information, but the men above got the reports from the women and Israel is a very sexist society, and the men went, ‘oh, they’re not, they’re overreacting, they’re not…’ And they didn’t check on it. And if they did they wrote it up and sent it up to the top.

“What we do know is this. On the night of October 6th, the heads of Israeli Intelligence the heads of the military had a meeting in the Prime Minister’s office. They were all meeting about these reports, because the reports are saying that Hamas is getting ready to come across tonight. And they met, and met, and met, and say, ‘it doesn’t make any sense. Hamas wouldn’t do that. These people have to be wrong because we believe Hamas is committed to, you know, taking these 20,000 work permits and getting the money…’

“And what they were being asked to do is have everybody go on alert. Call the military and say ‘get everybody out of the barracks, get everybody online. Stand to! Stand to! Get ready. Bring people back from the holidays. Just in case.’

“They didn’t do any of that. They let everybody sleep. They let everyone stay on holiday. They didn’t put a warning out at all. They said, ‘We’ll reconvene in the morning,’ but when they reconvened in the morning, it was already too late. And this is criminal. And this is Netanyahu.”

Ritter continued, “This steely-eyed commander, you know. this Minister of Defense out there (Yoav) Gallant… Dude you didn’t do the right thing. You were asleep at the wheel. All these generals talking tough today, where were they on October 6 and October 7? They failed!”

That is why an open Internet is ever under threat of shadow banning or de-platforming, because it makes it very hard for the powerful elites to keep concealed their improvising a self-inflicted disaster, like the Netanyahu’s government is doing. These aren’t the days of Watergate where it took years to pin the conspiracy on President Richard Nixon. Political mediocrity and double-dealing is exposed in just days, hours, or in an instant, that, in the case of X and it makes you look more the fool when you try to erase your blooper of a tweet.

Case in point, the IDF spokesman’s “show-and-tell” silliness down in the darker rooms of the Al-Shifta Hospital in Gaza City after Israeli soldiers stormed into the hospital pushing aside the terrified thousands of Palestinians huddling in and around the hospital grounds that had been bombed and killed by the thousands from Israeli missiles and artillery fire. In came the heavily armed killers into Al-Shifta after laying siege to it, forcing the Palestinians to flee to the South of Gaza, to safer areas where once the ceasefire had ended, Israel would begin bombing them again there, killing thousands more.

“But hey!” Israeli officials told us, “It is a necessary evil of war that there is collateral human damage, because Hamas had a really HUGE underground command post hiding right under that hospital.”

The Israelis knew this because they helped “build” Al-Shifta Hospital, including a command-and-control center for Jewish soldiers back when Gaza City was occupied and directly patrolled by them in the early years of the new century. That is how it was explained by the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barat, to a gob-smacked Christina Amanpour on CNN. She was so incredulous that Amanpour had to ask him again. “Did Israel build it, and not Hamas?”

The basic rule of international law is that you have to first prove beyond a doubt if a hospital is being used to hide a military headquarters target before you proceed with full intent to fire upon that headquarters in the hospital. The Israelis got the sequence ass backwards. They fired on the hospital first, killing and wounding heaps of civilians and children, “then” they went in sniffing around to prove the shelling and gravity bomb blasts were a necessary and legal evil of war.

So in they came into Al-Shifta hospital to broadcast on pro-Zionist news outlets their evidence, but within minutes of making their videotaped case, their game was exposed for all its “goofs” and “gaffs” in credibility going viral across the world’s open-source Internet outlets.

First, they never showed the former space that Israeli’s used as a command bunker. There wasn’t a real-time use of a camera moving into the hospital without a video break, going down into its basement areas, like anyone with a real story to prove does.

Nope, just “poof” like movie magic, the show-and-tell just begins in rooms that we’re told are in the hospital’s basement. Nothing is even done on tape to prove it was rooms in Al-Shifta. It could be “any” hospital in Israel let alone Gaza because that seamless and live walk-through the hospital down to the basement never happened on camera. So this public relations IDF officer didn’t even know the rudiments of reportage.

We’re shown Hamas military “go packs” full of ammo with one AK-47 assault rifle packed in it, sitting behind an MRI scanner in the sprawling MRI room of the hospital—not a headquarters at all. Everything in it is so neatly placed too. And the weapons are all so clean and even the Hamas head bands are set out all tidy and folded for display with one headband placed face up for a perfect shot on camera. A Hamas soldier would have had that folded not displayed. He knows what the headband looks like and where they are stored, if indeed this was his underground base. Heck the PR guy could have brought in all that paraphernalia, including the weapons and go packs, from captured stock of Israeli intelligence.

Then we are taken to a row of neatly set laptops on white tables. We are told that these are Hamas laptops still turned on, it would seem, laptop screens open and glowing as if Hamas had to bug out of there, without these laptops, when the Israeli soldiers were approaching, leaving all the data backups and computers running. One would have expected thinks being left so neatly arranged. Hamas knows what the Israelis were doing when they laid siege to Al-Shifta Hospitals. They would have cleared their gear and computers and backups and taken them down the labyrinth of their tunnels—none of which were displayed actually connected to the basement areas of the hospital. There was one IDF film attempt but at the key moment when the hospital should have met the tunnel, the camera was shut off. Then it was turned back on in a tunnel…


There is information posted on the laptop screens. The PR IDF guy pointing at the screen of the last Hamas laptop. Neither he nor his camera person seems to be aware that the freeze-picture displays a bunch of people in the tell-tale olive drab uniforms of the IDF with a blond female IDF officer prominent on the screen.

This is a “Hamas” laptop?

Yes, the PR guy is saying it is a Hamas computer. Why the Jewish assembly of soldiers? Why Jewish woman officer? There are no women serving as officers in Hamas. What the hell is going on here?

Suddenly that “show and tell” disappeared off X. A few hours later it returned to X, re-edited. Now there’s a blur-out of the last computer screen but you can still make out the IDF female officer still there if you had seen it before the blur was imposed. Gosh if they were a bunch of Hamas officers, you’d think he’d want to zoom in on them all at work in their once-Israeli now Hamas command center.

So either the IDF PR guy was lying or just too uninformed to play his own tricky game. Also I noticed that in this update other things had changed. Hamas must have magically added a second AK-47 into the go pack behind the MRI machine because now PR man was showing two, pulling them out.

Two guns in the same “go back” when the first version had only one. I wonder how Hamas managed to sneak that second gun into the go pack behind the MRI machine when the Israeli IDF soldiers were all around. Yes, from the tunnel entry point the show-and-tell never showed us with an uninterrupted filming as proof positive it existed.

We’re told by the PR guy that a BBC crew came to the show and tell, but as can be seen in one segment, the time on his watch proved it was filmed a few hours “before” the BBC came to film. We don’t see the BBC crew in the camera shot because they weren’t there yet, but his watch time doesn’t lie like its master.

And finally the biggest farce of all. Why would metal guns, bullets, and weapons, be parked anywhere near that room and around any MRI machine?

No one can wear metal of any kind in that room, otherwise all the AK-47s and their bandoleros of bullets will start flying from all shelved-away directions and hurl out from go-packs to stick themselves magnetically into the MRI donut where people are supposed to lie very still to be scanned.

Within a few hours after the go packs were tucked away behind the MRI machine, some examples of what happens when you turn on such a machine surrounded by metal chairs and objects appeared on X (Twitter). I saw metal folding chairs fly across the room flying at another MRI machine in the UK or the USA once switched on with people present marveling at how the machine acted like a gigantic magnet sticking metal chairs on the MRI machine’s surface as fast as a pie thrown into a human face. CRUNCH!

Hmm… What next…?

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DATELINE: 30 November – 11 December 2023


Israeli soldier in the West Bank, manhandles a child.

(The Middle Eastern Theater)
—Part Two—

A Comedy of Apocalyptic Israeli Errors


Megatron Reports that Israel will issue an ultimatum to the Lebanese government to begin negotiations to force Hezbollah beyond the Litani River Allegedly, Israel will give Lebanon a short-term ultimatum to begin discussions regarding a diplomatic agreement to force Hezbollah to retreat behind the Litani River according to UNSC Resolution 1701. If Lebanon does not comply, the IDF will launch a military campaign to destroy all Hezbollah infrastructure in Southern Lebanon up to the Litani River. Report originates from Kann, the national broadcaster of Israel.

WARNING: As this HogueProphecy Report goes to press on 11 December, I’m hearing a disturbing warning being passed around by good sources on X (see caption above). I do not know if it is true, so I’m still looking to verify this. Also I started feeling a dangerous premonition of escalation, earlier today. I have to respect that as well. The Israeli clown leadership is warning Hezbollah to abandon their positions on the Blue Line and retreat a few miles back to the United Nations approved line, and withdraw there in less than two days, or Israel with invade Lebanon.

I’m hoping that by the time you are reading this in two days that this is just another red-herring rumor brought to us from the fog of war. If it is true, it will be Israel that will suffer a military disaster for Hezbollah is far better armed, trained and has rockets now that could lay waste to Israel in a few days.

Then what?

Make a thermonuclear display of an Israeli nuke set off in the Lebanon Hezbollah defensive lines, that is, if the wind is favorable for the fallout to cover Lebanon? Then Iran enters the war with a conventional rain of regional ballistic missiles taking down what is left standing in Israel? American naval assets fire upon Iran, Iran sinks these, and the prophecy of Nostradamus written in 1556 that opens the next chapter is then engaged…? Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 November – 11 December 2023


The Iranian Flag.

(The Middle Eastern Theater)
—Part Three—

“Ships Melted and Sun by the Trident!”
(Nostradamus, 1556)

Look at this picture of the Iranian flag. Look at the tulip centered in in it. Do you see the Trident centered between the hovering half-moons/rose petals?

The ships are melted and sunk by those of the Trident Iranian flag.

When their time comes to swarm into the Persian Gulf, there is no doubt in my mind that most of the Iranian Navy will be destroyed. So die the Iranians, who in their minds are martyrs. Nostradamus saw them racing through the water in suicide attacks. Fluttering on the stern of each vessel—from the largest frigate to the smallest speed boat or zodiac inflatable—a large Iranian national flag with that hidden trident only a prophet like Nostradamus would use as a clue.

At least 20,000 Iranian “Kamikaze” sailors, Revolutionary naval guards and marines may die, but they might take two carriers, their escorts and 20,000 US sailors and marines with them as sacrificial decoys when Iran’s “Divine Wind” of sub, supersonic and supersonic ballistic missiles blow.

Nostradamus: The War with Iran
Chapter 13: Ships Melted and Sunk by the Trident…

Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 November – 11 December 2023


A bottleneck of destroyed Israeli fighting vehicles and tanks caught by Hamas RPG rockets in the trap of a narrow street in Gaza City. © Hamas.

(The Middle Eastern Theater)
—Part Four—

While all that Hamas must do is Survive Them to Win
Plus Visions of the Post War Peace Keeping to Come

This war will end as, once again, another paradigm shift taking the world forward and away from US hegemonic chaos and division it has long sown in the world to keep it under its control. It will be another blow to US imperial prestige, and hopefully it can be a chance for Americans, high or low, to confront and recognize that their domination of the world has ended. A new team of nations fills the US imperial void, taking power away from those who would dominate the world through war and chaos, like America has. This new force guarding peace will replace it with those who wish to help world peace and prosperity by providing humanity with a multi-polar, world “commune-nity” that is founded on creating stability among nations.

Once again, I recognize yet another fulfillment in play, Russia leading the way with China and the BRICS nations, bringing what Edgar Cayce so long ago predicted that Russia would be in our time, “The hope of the World.” Now Russia brings that hope to the Middle East, seeking to help Palestinians and Jews there live in peace.

It is going to be a long hard road to tread before we get to these potential peaceful future scenarios. In article seven of the eight presented here, I’m going to set down for the prophetic record the nitty-gritty of what has to happen in Israel to end its US allied part in preventing peace in Palestine happening for our times… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 Nov. – 07 Dec. 2023


Exhausted and beaten Ukrainian Soldiers from the military disaster that was for them the Battle of Bakhmut at the end of last year. Now a looming Ukrainian military disaster is being repeated for the end of this year in the Battle of Avdeevka. And by the end of 2023 the fall of Avdeevka will be a far greater strategic defeat for Ukrainian arms and it will rock the foundations of the Kiev regime in a political crisis and coup.

(The Ukrainian Theater)
—Part Five—

A Hogue Prophecy Vindication?
Ukraine’s Fall by a US Money Cut Off?

In a previous Hogue Prophecy Report published on 30 September 2023, I ended it with the following about the sixth return of Pluto over its natal position in the US birth chart. Each time that has happened it has rocked the United States in ways that further and rapidly ends its era as a world hegemonic superpower. Here in brief is what each Pluto pass forward and backward over the US Pluto position did in the first five passes.

First Pass, Jan-Feb 2021: Inauguration of Joe Biden as perhaps the worst president in American history.

Second Pass, March 2021: after US Big Pharma’s rush out of Covid vaccines, they began to show signs of serious side effects, even though this revelation was greatly suppressed by governments and Big Pharma itself. The side effects hit the United States the hardest, as did this country suffering the highest loss of life in the world from Covid. Both these dilemmas exposed how dysfunctional is the US health supersystem. And since March 2021 to the present Sixth Pluto pass on 10 October 2023, documented evidence of the vaccine’s harm to humanity at last cannot be suppressed. It shows that with each new year there increases the concern that the cure for Covid, might kill over time more people in the US and around the world than Covid itself!

Third Pass, February 2022: Russia invades Ukraine to pre-empt a Ukrainian military strike on the Russian-speaking Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine. Thus ended Cold War Two (2014-2022) and began World War III, the conventional phase, pitting the Russian Federation and US/NATO via Ukraine as the former’s proxy. The US act of freezing the Russian Central Bank’s foreign assets causes a backlash in European and American economies that includes the world quietly beginning to abandon the US dollar as the global monetary reserve, a death knell for future US hegemony!

Fourth Pass, late June 2022: the Biden administration secretly placed explosives on the Nord Stream Pipelines under the cover of the annual BALTOPS-22 NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea near the submerged pipes. These would be exploded on 26 September when Pluto’s pass over its natal position on the US chart was still almost exact! Astrologically speaking, the consequence of this act of US terrorism against its “friends” will reverberate for decades to come when the truth cannot be suppressed any longer that the United States attacked its own allies in NATO and in the EU to economically hobble them to keep them under its unravelling control.

Fifth Pass, late December 2022-January 2023: Western media spin can’t keep up with Ukrainian war realities. The first ominous signs that the war was going badly for Ukraine appeared from the meat grinding Battle of Bakhmut. Reality began its ever relentless and inexorable breakout from all the fake news that Ukraine could win this war for US/NATO.

After the exactitude of this Pluto pass over the US birth chart, and when it was still in a tight two-degree orb of conjunction in March 2023, Saudi Arabia officially stopped backing the US petrodollar! Thus ended 41 years of backing the US dollar as the global reserve currency with its oil commodity. This is unquestionably the death knell for US hegemony happening down the next two years. The rush was on for three-quarters of the world’s nations to abandon using the US dollar in all transactions.

Later Saudi Arabia joined the BRICS alliance which will successfully establish an alternative economic world without the US dominating and financially bullying it. I foresee it as a positive development for the Global South, Russia and Eurasia, a shift of history’s axis not seen since Western civilization began its 500-year domination of the world. Soon all the ways the West had retarded growth and positive development of the Global South and Eurasia will end. America’s reaction though, down the next two years, could be desperate, panicked and an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to force the world back either under its hegemonic heel through violence and war, or at least to settle scores and cripple rising powers like Russia and China as America’s imperial power collapses.

The end of the dollar domination is ultimately a good development for the rest of the world, even though it will face great and vengeful dangers, but I predict it will be suddenly released from threat by the US and its European vassals, because they are soon to suffer an economic crash coming in the first half of 2024 that simply can’t afford paying military bills.

And now to the present and Sixth Pass. It’s exactitude at 0 degrees began on 10 October 2023 when Pluto moved forward out of retrograde motion happening just three days after a second front in the Third World War’s conventional phase began the Israeli-Hamas War. It also marked a serious and potential financial undermining of the first front of World War III in Ukraine. US Congress may deny further bankrolling of Ukraine’s financial existence this autumn into January.

Here is what I forecasted about that coming financial crisis for Kiev published two months ago on 30 September 2023… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 Nov. – 07 Dec. 2023


Dragon Fusuma 1786 Edo Period, public domain, in celebration of 2024 being “the Year of the Wood Dragon.

Dragon Fusuma 1786 Edo Period, public domain, in celebration of 2024 being “the Year of the Wood Dragon.

We Start with a Shakespearian Rant
Of Things to Ukrainian Come, Plus More…
Put Aside an American Revolution
An American “Restoration” This Way Comes

My visions now turn to the year of 2025…

Trump and Putin astrologically get each other and respect each other. Trump loves deals and this will be the biggest, history shaking one he’s ever embarked on. In brief, it would draw back and dismantle all NATO infrastructure of war built beyond the eastern German border since 1997, taking NATO’s encroachment to Russian frontiers away from Russian frontiers. Both the US and Russia would remove all nuclear weapons from Europe. Russia will park them in Central Siberia beyond the Ural Mountains representing the edge of Europe. The US will bring all nukes out of Europe, back to storage on the American continent.

The cause of this war, NATO encroachment since 1992 will have disappeared. I would think that NATO would not long survive this arrangement. That would satisfy Trump. He has already made it clear his disdain for this Cold War One white elephant alliance. NATO will cease to be relevant and break up.

By mid-decade, the EU will follow. Many elections coming in 2024, almost all will see the Zelensky curse take out his last fair-weather friends in the EU leadership and fair-weather friendly European heads of state, their heads, politically at least, rolling from popular uprisings. Europe will lurch to the right, but it might work out to be a more populist, rightful lean. Liberalism has become a woke perversity of our topsy-turvy times.

The grand deal of a new US/European/Russian security architecture is signed in late 2026. It finally puts an end to Western encroachments and invasions since the times of Peter the Great.

No more European invasions of Russia by Charles XII, Napoleon, Hitler, and finally no more of same from NATO.

Will US Congress ratify this 17 December 2021 agreement?

If it was the US Congress of today, not on your life!

But it won’t be this Congress of today in 2026 because great changes are coming to America. American prophets like Irene Hughes back in the 1960s foresaw a new American revolution requiring an update of the US Constitution happening “in the year 2026.” She did not mention if the revolution was either violent or a peaceful one. Let us work toward the latter.

I would redefine what Hughes is predicting.

It is not a revolution; it should be the American “US Constitution’s” Restoration… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 29 November 2023


National Socialism, Past and Present
Leads to the Same Results
Requiring the Same Outcome
To Give Peace a Chance

I would like to disagree with what I’m seeing developing. I’d like to side with some of my best sources, such as Scott Ritter, on the need for all this madness in Israel to end with a two-state solution as was originally agreed to by the United Nations limiting Israel to a state within its pre-1967 borders, and Palestine taking the Gaza Strip and the West Bank for its “state.” However, I predict the two-state solution has no future unless the following “realities” are faced by all sides in this matter…

Abraham, purportedly was given by God in three direct transmissions, a greater Semite “promised land” to all of his seed, from Sarah his wife (Hebrews), and from Hagar, Sarah’s serving maid (Arabs) and though the Semite seed is the same, from Abraham, their father, a fight began between the two sets of cousin brothers and sister Semites, that has developed into an ancient struggle by one to dominate the other as being a more “legitimately” seeded…

Here are the sources of this Semitic controversy, in three purported divine visitations of God to Abraham (Abram) that are derived from the Book of Genesis:

The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” (Genesis 12:1)

The LORD appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring [or seed] I will give this land.” (Genesis 12:7)

On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates—the land of the Kenites, Kunzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites, and Jebusites.” (Genesis 15:18–21)

In the third verse “God” lays out the frontiers of his Promised Land to Abraham. However there is a catch. A divine oversight, perhaps? Can God make mistakes? He could if God personifying the divine in all things becomes an imaginary friend for adults, Abrahamic or otherwise. It could be a divine device at play to bring out the potential wisdom and/or expose the potential racism latent in Semite bloodlines of Abraham for racism’s eventual expunging.

Timing is everything in this ancient dispute of legitimacy.

Exhibit one: God gave Abraham all these promises you read above before the birth of Isak. So, temporal reality check, everyone. Ishmael was the first Semite descendant of Abraham, and these promises embrace him equally as well as the ancestral line called “Arabs” and later unto Muhammad the Prophet of Islam through the Ishmaelite tribes.

Now then, when Isak was born, his Hebrew/Jewish line of ancestry comprises the Israelite tribes of Jews and of Samaritans. Generally speaking, Isak is the source of Jewish Semites equally born of Abraham’s absolutely same seed, as what created the Arabs founded by Isak’s older brother Ishmael.

This is not my opinion or even my philosophy about descendancy, it is biblical. And the way I read it, to say the seed has somehow changed nestled for nine months in Hagar’s womb, making it less Abrahamic than in Sarah’s womb, is a metaphysically racist bias speaking. Abraham himself had no problem penetrating Hagar and sharing his seed with her to give life to his lineage. Why should any cousin brother or sister Jew who came afterwards think otherwise?

If the Bible is to be the judge, then God’s initial three core promises about the Promised Land, with Isak yet to be conceived and born, are a blanket blessing to all of Abraham’s seed—his offspring—to share the Promised Land… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 16 November 2023


Attribution: This media was created by the European Space Agency (ESA). It contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2023, ESA, CC BY-SA IGO 3.0, © Creative Commons.


I’ve been trying to fit this potpourri of climate-changing milestones into the last few reports and then chanced upon an original idea: to insert it now, as my readers “Up-Over” in the Northern Hemisphere are about to enter winter while my readers “Down-Under” in the Southern Hemisphere brace for their share of record-breaking moments of climate change while their summer begins.

Here then is a list of important climate weirding events from the Northern Summer of 2023 that have every chance by themselves of making this year the hottest since records began to be kept. I predict breaking that record is assured through the help of Southern Earth in the year’s final few months. It is still spring Downunder, but the temperatures are already summer scorching for a month-and-counting in Australia. The sunburnt continent braces for a terrible fire season. It is already under numerous bushfire alerts anticipating it.

World War III goes on in its conventional phase and I am guardedly more hopeful that it will not go nuclear, but there are greater, albeit slow-moving and planetary, challenges before us—indeed already upon us. Despite the immediate interest we all need to have about the immediate crises I listed in the first three articles, and our need to solve them, we believe they are our biggest problems to solve. We do not regard in the same way, if even noticing at all, the creeping black panther’s approach of a planetary crisis of a warming climate that is the catalyst of a Sixth Mass Extinction event affecting all life on Earth… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

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