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The Present’s Message to Past and Future. Tale of Two Plagues: The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Greater Pandemic of Fear and Hysteria—Noah’s Ark of Consciousness is the Antidote. Wrath of Hurricane Ida, a Global Warming Pearl Harbor Wake Up Call. The Storm has Arrived—A Native American Prophecy. Your Cup of Milk Matters. Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11 a 20-Year Anniversary. A Prophecy Black Swan: the La Palma Eruption and Tsunami Potential. A New Nuclear Industry Option: Thorium Reactors and Finally Nostradamus Earth Changes Prophecies: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions and A Great Asteroid Strike Coming! But When?

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JohnHogue-BrownWoolHat-WIzardBrightEyed-76kbDATELINE: 02 September 2021
The Present’s Message to Past and Future:

It is quite something to see these times coming for forty years. I’ve written about it. I’ve talked about it on Coast-to-Coast AM, first with Art Bell starting in 1994, then with George Noory for the last 18 years-and-counting. I told the world how a new form of corporate fascism would begin its open tyranny exactly in the year 2020.

Now it is here.

The doom of human beings is that they first forget their past. Therefore, they can’t recognize that past when it returns unconsciously projected and regurgitated as a false “future.”

Only when one lives in the eternity of the present does the true nature of the future appear, entering each new moment as virgin potential that can therefore be responded to spontaneously in the moment. When this effortlessly happens, the past is remembered but not as an identity storehouse of backward-looking habits and sentimental hooks dragging

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

“what was” along like a burden. In the moment-to-moment eternity, past knowledge is only summoned when the moment needs it and then lets it go the next moment when it is not needed. Memory of the past then serves as a context to understand and predict the tragic course of the false future of others who do not live in the eternity of the present.

I know this from experience whilst witnessing the past-called-repeated-future from the eternity of the present. Though I am known around the world for my future forecasts, they are only a device to help those who yearn to live free of the burden of identification with the past which is “no more” and the future which is “not yet.”

To be free of that burden takes understanding. Understanding only comes when you “inner-stand,” relaxed and witnessing the world along with witnessing your body, mind, and emotions, in the Eternity of the Present.

Do that here and now and your future will be forever changed.

Forever new.

Forever open to Infinity’s possibilities Present.

DATELINE: 17 October 2021

The “Two” Plagues that are Ever in Pandemics
Past, Present and Future:

—The Germ of Disease and the Fear Dis-Ease—
The Noah’s Ark of Consciousness is the Antidote

There is a quote going viral since early 2020 that is attributed to my friend and teacher, Osho, that answers the question “How to avoid a pandemic?”

Some people previewed it on Facebook saying Osho said it nearly 40 years ago answering a questioner about the AIDS plague, yet the source appears to come from earlier than the AIDS epidemic. I had Bhagawati, who is a writer and researcher for Osho News, check for me whether this passage can be found in the archives. This is part of what she wrote back to me, “I remember when some kind of text attributed to Osho circulated through social media. Keen to find out what Osho really said, much research resulted in finding out that this text was from a Hindi discourse probably translated by the person who floated it. It was a poor translation.”

Bhagawati added, “We had a new translation made and published an excerpt in Osho News. I have looked through various search engines and couldn’t find any source of the text you have pasted below. Either Osho said this in Hindi, or he didn’t say it at all.”

The link she gave me to the new translation from Hindi is on a similar theme but has no association to the passage that went viral. That passage does sounds like him to me. But then, he wasn’t doing Hindi discourses by the time AIDS became an issue.

Osho’s spontaneous discourses have been published in around 700 books, 400 of which are originally in English, the rest originally in Hindi. The following is most likely some passage from the hundreds of Hindi tomes.

I will print it anyway, whether it is from Osho or not, because in my experience I agree with it 100-percent and what it says is presciently applicable to the deadly plague of hysteria that politicizing Covid-19 has spread around the world. I will attempt to clean up the moments when the Hindi translator produces awkward English phrases, like “Understand this fear, otherwise you will become an alive dead body before your body will die.”

Better to write “Understand that fear, otherwise you [live only at the minimum of life] before your body dies.”

So here’s that question and the answer:


How to avoid an epidemic [or pandemic]?

You are asking the wrong question. The correct question would be, how to avoid fear of death caused by an epidemic?

It’s very easy to avoid the virus, but it’s very difficult to avoid the fear of yourself and the world around you. People die from fear much more than from an epidemic. There is no virus in the world that is more dangerous than fear. Understand that fear, otherwise you [live only at the minimum of life, zombie like] before your body dies.

“It has nothing to do with the virus. The atmosphere of fear you feel in these moments is a collective madness.

This has happened thousands of times and will continue to happen. And I will continue [to speak on this] until you understand the psychology of crowds and fear.

Stop enjoying the juiciness of fear.

Usually every human being enjoys fear a little bit. If they don’t have fun in fear, then why would they go to watch movies?

Understand this juiciness within you; without understanding it you cannot understand the psychology of fear…

You usually keep your fear under control, but in a moment of collective madness, your consciousness can be completely gone. You won’t even know when you lost control of your fear. Then fear can make you do anything. In such a situation, you can also take your own life or others.

So much will happen soon. Many kill themselves and many kill others. Now the energy of the whole world has become irrational. In such a way you can get caught any time in this black hole. Sitting in the boat of meditation you can avoid this.

Sheela in her “Popessa” get-up. The second edition of the little book of “Rajneeshism.”

Sheela in her “Popessa” get-up. The second edition of the little book of “Rajneeshism.”

And Bursting Sheela’s Soap Bubble of Rajneeshism

The “boat of meditation” may be an early allusion in this Hindi discourse translation from the seventies about what Osho would evolve by 1983 into his famous “Noah’s Ark of Consciousness” prophecy. It is about our present times.

I’ve never presented the complete prophecy at until now. The bracketed parts where it says [we accept] are my inserts to replace the phrase “Rajneeshism accepts…” Osho earlier identified his work as “Rajneeshism” as one of his temporary spiritual devices.

He soon after abandoned the term Rajneeshism once it had served its purpose to do something no enlightened master had ever tried. Osho allowed an organized religion called Rajneeshism to be formed while the was yet alive. From 1983 to 1985 he allowed it to grow like a soap bubble for popping. This “religion” was the inspiration of his secretary Ma Anand Sheela to illuminate her power trip and show the community how dead religions are born out of well-meaning disciples of a dead teacher. Sheela wanted to be the high priestess, the “Popessa,” of this new mainstream religion.

Usually after the enlightened one leaves the body; the disciples end up corrupting the teaching with their own unconscious projections. But for the first time in the history of Enlightenment, this teacher just blissfully watched the show play out, encouraged it by even helping Sheela design her “Popessa” costume, while he still was alive. Osho let Sheela do what he often did with all his devoted friends and fellow travelers, lovingly let our ego’s soap bubble illusions grow to their full size until the littlest thing made them “pop” into nothing before our startled consciousness.

Sheela’s bubble finally burst and her small gang of Rajneeshees of Rajneeshism that had taken control of the commune then just left our commune on their own accord in late September 1985. The “pop” came because Osho began to publicly speak again in 1984 and what he was sharing about his vision just didn’t match or harmonize with what Sheela and her circle of the Rajneeshee Cult were doing as the leadership of our commune. They were power tripping and the ultimate bubble of this abuse was Sheela taking on the mantel of Popessa. There she was in her special robes created to make herself the high priestess of Rajneeshism even as Osho now speaking daily would sometimes remind us all that any “ism” is ugly and should be dropped.

In the reality of Osho’s vision she and her sycophants could no longer bear staying in our commune. After they left, I heard Osho explain why Rajneeshism had to happen while he was still alive. It was a lesson on how not to let such a false religion be raised in his name once he had left his body.

“I am not a politician,” Osho explained sitting before the entire commune just two weeks after Sheela and her gang departed. “I am not a religious leader. But Sheela, while I was in isolation, had created a few things which have to be withdrawn.

“First, the book of Rajneeshism is not my writing, nor my discourses; it was Sheela and her group’s creation, so it should not be printed again. There is nothing like Rajneeshism—because then it becomes again another Christianity, another communism, another Hinduism. I have been fighting my whole life against all “isms,” and these people made an “ism” out of me…!

Osho lovers at the commune preparing for the burning of Sheela’s Book of Rajneeshism copies.

Osho lovers at the commune
preparing for the burning of
Sheela’s Book of Rajneeshism copies.

“So now, there are no longer any Rajneeshees. You are individuals, totally free individuals. Out of your freedom and love you are here. There is no bondage, there is no contract. There is no surrender, there is no faith…

“I don’t know whether tomorrow I will be here or not, so it is better to do it while I am here and make you free from any other possibility of such a fascist regime.” (From Bondage to Freedom, Discourse 12, 26 September 1985)

Shortly after Osho said that we took all of Sheela’s Mao Zedong-style little red books—All first and second edition red and white and purple books respectively entitled Rajneeshism—to our aesthetically beautiful, open-air crematorium. We then burned the mountain of books with Sheela’s Popessa robes atop the pile in the open furnace as we danced and celebrated the end of Rajneeshism before it could metastasize.

So here is Osho’s prophecy from a few years before Popessa-ego-popping-Sheela happened where he evolved his vision of the “Boat of Meditation” into “the Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.”

I’ve altered two sentences. The first: “Rajneeshism accepts the challenge” now reads “we accept the challenge.” This required the linking verb “is” to become “are” later in that same sentence.

The second bracketed change replaces “Rajneeshism is creating…” with “we are creating…” That means Osho and the people who love him and have taken his challenge to arise out of their state of sleepwalking through life to full and awakened conscious living and loving.

Nearly 7 years after delivering this prophecy, on the night of 19 January 1990, Osho was carried out of Buddha Hall after he peacefully left his body from complications of being poisoned four years earlier in the US. He had been arrested without an arrest warrant by President Reagan’s US Justice Department and was poisoned while incarcerated for 12 days in the US penitentiary system. They gave him the heavy metal Thallium while imprisoned in a cell in Oklahoma County Jail. It is considered a poison of choice used by the CIA to initiate a slow and creeping assassination of Osho’s rebellious spirit of a conscious human being. In the four years left to live, Osho aged 20 years, but despite this celebrated and shared his love and vision with us, luminous to the end. One can even see that “light” emanating from his body in this photo as we took him to the burning ghats for an all-night celebration around the fire.

Nearly 7 years after delivering this prophecy, on the night of 19 January 1990, Osho was carried out of Buddha Hall after he peacefully left his body from complications of being poisoned four years earlier in the US. He had been arrested without an arrest warrant by President Reagan’s US Justice Department and was poisoned while incarcerated for 12 days in the US penitentiary system. They gave him the heavy metal Thallium while imprisoned in a cell in Oklahoma County Jail. It is considered a poison of choice used by the CIA to initiate a slow and creeping assassination of Osho’s rebellious spirit of a conscious human being. In the four years left to live, Osho aged 20 years, but despite this celebrated and shared his love and vision with us, luminous to the end. One can even see that “light” emanating from his body in this photo as we took him to the burning ghats for an all-night celebration around the fire.

Nearly 7 years after delivering this prophecy, on the night of 19 January 1990, Osho was carried out of Buddha Hall after he peacefully left his body from complications of being poisoned four years earlier in the US. He had been arrested without an arrest warrant by President Reagan’s US Justice Department and was poisoned while incarcerated for 12 days in the US penitentiary system. They gave him the heavy metal Thallium while imprisoned in a cell in Oklahoma County Jail. It is considered a poison of choice used by the CIA to initiate a slow and creeping assassination of Osho’s rebellious spirit of a conscious human being. In the four years left to live, Osho aged 20 years, but despite this celebrated and shared his love and vision with us, luminous to the end. One can even see that “light” emanating from his body in this photo as we took him to the burning ghats for an all-night celebration around the fire.


Man is now living in his most critical moment, and it is a crisis of immense dimensions. Either he will die, or a new man will be reborn. [We accept] the challenge and [are] making the only worldwide effort to transform human consciousness—so that man can die, and the superman can be born out of his ashes. It is going to be a death and resurrection. Unless human consciousness changes totally man cannot survive. As he is right now, he is already outdated.

The period of this crisis will be between 1984-1999 [*See note below]. During this period there will be every kind of destruction on earth including natural catastrophes and man manufactured auto-suicidal efforts. In other words, there will be floods which have never been known since the time of Noah, along with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and everything else that is possible through nature. The earth cannot tolerate this type of mankind any longer. There will be wars which are bound to end in nuclear explosions, hence no ordinary Noah’s ark is going to save humanity. [We are] creating a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. Remaining centered exactly in the middle of the cyclone.

I say to you that except this there is no other way.

Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bombay etc.—all these cities are going to disappear, and the Holocaust is not going to be confined to certain places, it is going to be global so no escape will be possible. You can only escape within and that’s what I teach. I do not teach worship of God or any other ritual but only a scientific way of coming to your innermost core. (Osho [1983])

Nine years, 3 months and 4 days before Osho died from poisoning, here is yours truly, at age 25, the moment I was initiated into Neo-Sannyas by Osho at 7:20 pm, in Pune, India, by coincidence on Nietzsche’s birthday, 15 October 1980.

Nine years, 3 months and 4 days before Osho died from poisoning, here is yours truly, at age 25, the moment I was initiated into Neo-Sannyas by Osho at 7:20 pm, in Pune, India, by coincidence on Nietzsche’s birthday, 15 October 1980.

*A NOTE ABOUT THE TIME PERIOD: It is theorized by disciples of Osho that the work he and they did to bring more consciousness into the world from 1984 through 1999 may have bought us a few extra decades of grace. I, however, am on record in my books and articles set down the year Osho left his body in early 1990 forecasting the times of unraveling would begin by the year 2020. It would seem, without me wanting it, that these are indeed the times of unraveling Osho tried to warn us about back in 1983.

Nine years, 3 months and 4 days before Osho died from poisoning, here is yours truly, at age 25, the moment I was initiated into Neo-Sannyas by Osho at 7:20 pm, in Pune, India, by coincidence on Nietzsche’s birthday, 15 October 1980.

For my book The Spiritual Rebel’s Manifesto (2017) I republished the following, and quite prescient it would seem, interpretation on Osho’s Noah’s Ark of Consciousness Prophecy that I first set down in 1999 intended for the 2020s:

The mother of all travails is unavoidable. There will be famines, plagues, and global disasters, whether seers have used the gift of true providence to forewarn us of signs of the end times or have conditioned us to make the end times happen. A tribulation is coming, whether it is the end of the world or the birth pangs of a new age. The year 2012 will come and soon be forgotten as we advance deeper into a century of revolution and upheaval. The 2010s will pass into the Roaring 2020s that will see unprecedented stress brought to bear on human civilization and Earth’s ecology. There will be wars, global warming and unrest. By the 2020s there will be billions of young people expecting a better future, but their own excessive numbers will disenfranchise them. They will see the job market and the world’s resources collapse. The basics for happiness in life will be denied them. They will not enjoy a good education, or a roof over their head. They will be denied food, water and hope. The young will be prime targets for the harangues and hate mongering of not one but dozens of messianic Hitlers preaching an apocalyptic solution.

If only they could catch a ride on a Rapture cloud—if there were one. The more practical person might dig a survivalist’s ditch and wait out the tribulation to come, but escape may not be possible when the whole world is going to feel the pain of this multifaceted travail. If food runs out during a protracted global famine, the survivalists will be the first doomsday moles rooted out of their holes by the desperate who are digging up the last of the hoarded supplies.

No one will escape.

You may choose to abandon the rising, flooding coastlines of California for a religiously pure and safe area like the desert town of Sedona, Arizona; but rather than drown from rising oceans, you may desiccate when the potable water in that New Age Mecca runs out.

The coming decades of the early twenty-first century could see all of us writhing under an Internet of history’s first global emergency. No region, no nation and no person on Earth will be exempt from the effects of another person’s misuse or overuse of the planet. The next 30 years will endure floods not seen in recorded history—if not directly from weather, then from rising coastlines.

Prophets foresee earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even many scientists predict natural disasters of a scope and magnitude never encountered. Earth appears to be rebelling against a humanity that chooses to remain retarded while it waits for the saviors to fix them.

Nostradamus and other seers have predicted a plague of 70 wars across the world, triggered by the breakdown of water and food resources caused by rampant overpopulation. A few of these wars will end in nuclear explosions and the unleashing of biological and chemical-weapon plagues.

Attempts to escape may not only be futile but also result in a missed opportunity. A major theme promoted by more renegade redeemers—those mystics who do not toe the mainstream anti-life and pro-afterlife line of the Second Coming Syndrome—is that you cannot escape from yourself. No matter how high the Rapture carries you into the clouds, no matter how many Himalayan mountains you pull over your head to escape the disasters in your survivalist hole, the problem comes along for the ride.

You are the problem.

And you could be the answer.

The answer to averting the tribulations to come may arise out of each individual understanding and transcending the problem he or she has become.

Individual salvation requires something else entirely, a totally new vector. Though some continue to wait for rescue by an Ark or a New Jerusalem to mothership them out of harm’s way, there are visions that act like irritating flies dancing on the nose of such deliverance dreams, disturbing their reverie. These visions buzz with images of a travail from which there’s no escape. They say that the coming disasters will force all people to stand face to face with a heartbreaking and dream-breaking reality: No saints or saviors are coming to save us from ourselves.

We will have to become our own saviors.

One of the renegade mystics, Osho, believes the next Noah’s ark needed to save humanity is a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. It is not a UFO mothership of nebulous construction built for one to wait out the seven years of tribulation behind a comet’s tail. It isn’t a cave city for survivalists. It is a hideaway so secret that you’d never guess how close it nudges against where you live even at this moment. It hides right behind the source of your existence.

This haven is a place that spiritual survivalists retreat to.

It is the Ark of Consciousness within each of us.

The pathway to this ark can be found by remaining silent and centered exactly in the middle of the cyclone of the coming times.

A Spiritual Rebel’s Manifesto:
Climb Aboard the Noah’s Ark of Consciousness
Chapter 2: Subsection: The Prophecy and the Messenger

Taken from a 1999 passage of fully illustrated coffee table prophecy book:

The Visions and Prophecies of the Second Coming

Part Two:
The Apocalypse of the Awakened Ones:
Noah’s Ark of Consciousness


I’d like to paraphrase Winston Churchill’s famous quote reviewing the victory of Britain against Hitler’s Luftwaffe in the air Battle of Britain in 1940. Less than a thousand British pilots defeated Hitler’s massive air forces prompting Churchill to remark, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

My reflection paraphrasing Churchill is about Covid-19’s impact on the human civilization: “Never in the field of human pandemics was so much personal freedom lost by so many to so few politicians exploiting the death of so few.”

So few dead you say???

Wait… To those who might instinctively react, to those who have felt the loss of loved ones from this Pandemic—indeed I have lost friends and loved ones to it—I want you to do what I’m doing now, what is all about. I want you to rise above personal feelings and look at the bigger picture. When the bigger perspective is ignored or lost, a journey begins down the trail cut by the darkening collective blindness of masses of people into the greater psychic plague of hysteria that is potentially more lethal than the pandemic itself.

This plague is manipulated by those few in power who are so cynical that they would even use a pandemic tragedy as an opportunity to become a plague upon your personal rights and freedoms. They would make you frightened, divided and confused. They would shut down your lives for your own good, by politicizing the scientific view that is ever changing as with time and discovery we know more about COVID-19, how it infects. Even now science marches on rapidly discovering how many of the unilateral actions of politicians without constitutional support are equally, scientifically flawed compared to what is newly discovered.

How do so few in power over us respond to that?

They suppress the science that is categorically proving their tyrannical approach to eradicating Covid is based on ideas that are not supported by scientific FACT.

For example, this idea descending into blind dogma that shutting down and closing civilization and that these vaccines and boosters will completely eradicate the coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally flawed. The SARS family of viruses are sourced to pools of animals. Certain species of Rhinolophus bats are pool carriers of SARS-COVID variants, one of which mutated, possibly through a natural transference into a pangolin animal source before it infected humans, but more likely from a human mutation manufactured and accidentally released from the Wuhan lab in China either by the Chinese pathologists, or the American working there, or both working together.

Either way, be it a manmade Frankenstein virus, or sourced from the bat population to pangolins, we will NEVER eradicate this virus.

Even if you managed to give a jab to EVERY human being, Covid-19 still exists in the animal pool of bats and possibly pangolins. Indeed it exists in a new animal pool known as human pets, like dogs and cats who had caught it from us.

The far more dangerous pandemic potentials of H1N1 are no different. It is still lurking in bird and swine populations. It may someday mutate again and become a pandemic that in the current human population might carry off 800 billion people, given that when the Spanish Flu carried off 100 million, the world had just under 2 billion people in 1918. In the 2020s we can expose an additional 6 billion people to infection. And I assure you, either by natural mutation via birds to pigs or vice versa, or by gain-of-function experiments taking place in Wuhan or in 14 bio labs across the USA, H1N1 will emerge again.

Politicians make it sound like we can eradicate this current pandemic when we can’t. They stoop to being pied pipers of medieval-level hysteria, especially in countries like America, Australia, and New Zealand. The political idiots from Canberra, OZ-stralia, to Wellington NZ and Washington DC are showing the medieval way to others in how you suppress civilization. They can NEVER eradicate pandemics this way, but they can plague this civilization with a nightmare of hysterical fear, based on the irrational, not upon reason.

The only thing such politicians-turned-Church-Inquisitors can achieve is the destruction of the quality of human life. They can transform humanity into a masked and freaked out species, and set human beings against each other, such as those masked and vaccinated against those who do not vaccinate, the latter becoming secondary humans, treated like Jews in Nazi Germany or witches in the Dark Ages. A human being’s basic sovereignty, to be the mistress or master of their own body, free and responsible for what we eat, what we take as medicine into our bodies, IS NOT a power of others to trespass.

If the state owns our bodies, then freedom to live our lives embodied, outside of that eternal consciousness within our bodies, is DEAD!

It is your individual choice if you want to take a vaccine for protection, just as much as it is another person’s responsibility and individual choice not to take the vaccine, risk getting sick and achieve in the outcome an immunity that may be upwards of 29 times more naturally effective against further Covid variants than the jab.

You are free to choose to ignore mounting evidence that the variants may be caused by the virus adapting to your DNA reprogramming through the jab, speeding up its mutations.

You are free to cover yourself up in masks that may not stop the COVID virus from penetrating them because the virus, unlike the common cold and flu, is infinitesimally smaller in size.

It you feel physiologically protected by wearing two or three masks, that is your choice. It is equally your choice to ignore a scientific fact that one germ of COVID touching your eyes is enough to infect you so maybe you could purchase a diving helmet and oxygen tank to be “completely” safe.

If you are an anti-vaxxer who listen to or watches hair-on-fire pandits of YouTube and TV tell you the vaccines are going to kill everyone from their complications a few years down the road, well, you are the other extreme, but I respect your personal choices. It is your body, not my property. I will not suppress you. In a free society, I will attempt to enlighten an extreme anti-vaxxer as much as I try to enlighten equally fear-plagued folk wearing the mask like a child clutching a security blanked to hide your face imagining it protects you.

I would like to see more people skeptically inquiring in the true sense of this word so misused. To be skeptical has no negative front-loading bias. The very word means “to investigate” without any bias. Similarly doubt has no front loading. To doubt is not negative. It means that you will go into it yourself. You’ll see what is true from your own experience and inquiry. Doubt means “Inquiry.”

So I ask you to “inquire” into the following example of a growing concern that political official-wokedom running nations across the world, in this case in Germany, do not want you to consider. There are real doctors and scientists out there that are finding disturbing things about how many people are dying during the first or especially after the second customary jab from most COVID-19 vaccines. It was at least enough to alert the curiosity of one of Germany’s most respected pathologists.

Dr. Peter Schirmacher, serves as Director at the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, and he is sounding the alarm on fatal vaccine injuries. This summer of 2021 he performed upwards of 50 autopsies on people who had died within two weeks of receiving their COVID shot just to see it there is any correlation.

The German daily, Augsburger Allgemeine (1 August 2021), reported: “Schirmacher assumes that 30 to 40 percent of them died from the vaccination. In his opinion, the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccinations is underestimated—a politically explosive statement in times when the vaccination campaign is losing momentum, the Delta variant is spreading rapidly and restrictions on non-vaccinated people are being discussed.”

His public statement engendered a flummoxing fury of criticism that included Chancellor Merkel’s senior immunologist from the Paul Ehrlich Institute, Thomas Mertens, to declare Schirmacher’s conclusions, “incomprehensible.”

I find that a little surprising. The lack of Mertens’ scientific curiosity. He hasn’t looked at the findings. He isn’t a pathologist but… A pathologist serving politicians is a theme we will return to shortly.

Anyway, Schirmacher currently leads a state-subsidized autopsy project which until recently has been opening and having a look-see at hundreds of German citizens to better understand how Covid-19 killed them. Now he’s deepened his body probing to include autopsies on people who died after being vaccinated. In this he is rare. In America families requesting an autopsy after their loved one suddenly fell sick and died hours, days or a few weeks after taking the final jab of a Covid vaccine are regularly denied one.

Merkle’s administration may rankle but Germany’s Federal Association of German Pathologists has come to defend the respected pathologist, supporting the urgent scientific interest and medical inquiry to perform more autopsies on deceased vaccinated people.

A lot of regular people are supporting this inquiry. They aren’t anti-vaxxers either. They want to know. Don’t politicians from Joe Biden to Chancellor Angela Merkle want to exactly know if there is some trend of harm going on?

I’m being repetitive here for emphasis:

Dr. Schirmacher carried out over 50 autopsies on cadavers of those who had inexplicably died within two weeks of their vaccination. He didn’t just assume it was old age or some pre-existing condition. He opened them up, took a look and with alarm discovered in 40 percent of the cadavers the same telltale signs of Covid-19 blood clotting in these recently vaccinated people that he saw in over 200 bodies he examined of those who had died before there was a vaccine available.

You can read the entire report here at

Schirmacher’s alarm matches a growing concern in science that people dying from complications of having the vaccine may be much higher than what we accept are rare cases of death from people being jabbed for the common flu each winter flu season.

Let us now turn to another troubling case that mainstream media is suppressing. I will simply copy and record this for you to read, with the footnotes listed at the end of the following findings of Dr. Peter McCullough. He is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and a full professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas and is the editor of two medical journals and published hundreds of studies in the literature. He’s also among those brave and courageous persons speaking out about the dangers of Covid-19 jabs and putting his medical license and future livelihood at risk.

McCullough appeared on an episode of Perspectives on the Pandemic that he did with Dr. Joseph Mercola, another much-maligned physician, vilified by the State, but he is very careful to establish his stories with copious sourcing. With him you can always read the studies sourced, unlike on the mainstream media who quote “studies…” unsourced.

In the interview McCollough is relating to Mercola the current witch hunting of state medical boards tracking down doctors and threatening revocation of their licenses based on the spreading of unidentified “misinformation.”

“There’s a hunting that’s going on here that’s very disturbing,” said McCullough. “This is absolutely astonishing that this is happening over a fair exchange of ideas.”

What is Dr. McCullough sharing that you deemed too infantile to hear?

It’s about COVID-19 injections and, to sum it up Dr. McCullough is concerned that, “It’s not working and it’s causing tremendous damage.”

Mercola when introducing McCullough to his readers explained that the latter believed the experimental jabs might be safe, when about 70% of his patients had received one by December 2020. But by March 2021, he became uncomfortable with what he was seeing.

Then after December, starting from 14 December 2020, through 8 March 2021 to be exact, he observed that more than 92 million doses of Covid-19 jabs were administered in the US. He was checking data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database, which showed that during that time, there were 1,637 reports of death in people who had received a Covid-19 jab. The CDC and FDA said none of them was related to the jab but, according to McCullough, by January 22, 2021, 186 deaths had been reported—more than enough to reach the mortality signal of concern to stop the program.

“With a program this size, anything over 150 deaths would be an alarm signal,” McCullough said. The U.S. “hit 186 deaths with only 27 million Americans jabbed.” McCullough believes if the proper safety boards had been in place, the Covid-19 jab program would have been shut down in February based on safety and risk of death:


Dr. Mercola added that “Such was the case in 1976, when a fast-tracked injection program against swine flu was halted after an estimated 25 to 32 deaths.” (Ibid.) Yet, despite a much larger death toll, Covid-19 jabs continue. As of August 6, 2021, VAERS COVID-19 data showed 12,791 deaths related to the jabs, according to McCullough, and tens of thousands of hospital and clinic visits:


“In an analysis of Covid-19 vaccine death reports from VAERS,” stated Dr. Mercola, “researchers found that 86% of the time, nothing else could have caused the death, and it appears the vaccine was the cause.” See:


“The researchers noted, ‘The sample contains only people jabbed early in the program, and hence is made up primarily of those who are elderly or with significant health conditions. Despite this, there were only 14% of the cases for which a Covid injection reaction could be ruled out as a contributing factor in their death.” See:

(9) Ibid.

Further research shows, McCullough stating (and this is a very important point that I want you to understand and remember) that 50% of the deaths occurred within 48 hours of getting the shot, while 80% occurred within a week. An informal survey on Twitter, to which 10,000 people responded, also asked whether respondents knew someone who died after a Covid-19 jab—that’s 1,200 reports of death out of 10,000 people polled!

Mercola: “Twelve percent said they did. ‘When people see others in their circle dying, you can’t stop that type of organic COVID jab hesitancy,’ McCullough said. Other confirmed adverse effects of the COVID jabs include myocarditis and blood clots.” See:


I want to get hypothetical, to the point as sharp as a hypo-injection needle:

What if a government made up this time of Anti-Vaxxers came into power and they prevented people from taking the jab?

What if they went to the level of tyranny to give citizens anti-Vaxxer passports, without which you, a pro-vax jabber, couldn’t enter restaurants or indoor businesses, or take your kids to school, or even be able to go to your neighborhood grocery store unless you had this passport proving you DID NOT take a jab and if you did, such politicians would exile you as among the outcasts that can’t even feed themselves directly?

My needling is not talking hypothetically about the grocery store point. This is the way the pro-Vaxx tyranny is treating people in Canada. I had a Zoom reading client from there the other day. He lives in British Columbia. He’s elderly though quite healthy, but I wonder how good his health will remain because in his little town north of Vancouver BC, they’re now going to start carding people from entering grocery stores to gather groceries, let alone go to restaurants.

No vaccination? No food for you!

Where do you think that goes?

A victim of a crime against humanity, I would propose.

Maybe they should sequester all the unvaccinated in a ghetto, like the Nazis did to second-class “Jewish” human beings in Warsaw and build a wall around them. Are Joo-anti-Jabbish? Where is your mask today?

Here’s a hypothetical dialogue between Avi an Peevi: A.V. the anti-vaxxer and P.V. the pro-Vaxxer:

The masks don’t work, you say? Our fearless leaders declare your science is wrong! No, we haven’t read the paper on the noted Danish experiment convened by the Copenhagen University Hospital from 2020 that had one control group spend weeks wearing masks going about their lives and the other group not wearing masks.

Did you know that after one month, 1.8% of the people wearing masks had been infected, while 2.1% of the people in the control group that didn’t wear masks had tested positive. This is what the Copenhagen University Hospital said in a press release:

“The study does not confirm the expected halving of the risk of infection for people wearing face masks. The results could indicate a more moderate degree of protection of 15-20%, however, the study could not rule out that face masks do not provide any protection.”

What do you say to that?

PEEVI (more peeved than before)
No, we didn’t read the conclusion that those wearing and those not wearing masks caught Covid-19 in virtually the same numbers. We don’t HAVE TO read or think about that. Our fearless leaders know what they are doing. So no mask, no food, mister!

I wonder what happens next.

All this destruction of our civilization will not eradicate Covid, but it will destroy our civilized behavior. It will end personal sovereignty over our bodies. It will end free choice, a man and a woman’s right to choose vaccination or not, faster than you can scream “don’t overturn Roe v. Wade!!”

Ladies? What if the government decided you do not have the right to choose an abortion? It is your inalienable right not to have the government decide what potential poisons it wants to test you like a lab rat with.

And your sovereignty will be replaced by a greater plague that I contend is worse than death, a dark totalitarian age, worse than Orwellian where the STATE controls your body, not you. If they can get away with it with Covid, without a public fight, but rather your docile compliance, do you think the State will stop there? We cross that line, and we surrender our bodies to the State to have jabbed or implanted whatever they want to do with our bodies.

So what do we do with this plague?

If we can’t eradicate Covid-19 like the common cold or influenza can’t be eradicated, how do we go on with our civilization without making such a civilization not worth living in because it is a global police state where we have no rights, not even over our own bodies?

There is a model that has worked against Covid-19.

It is a model that people chose in one country that decided early on to follow science over politics, evidence that was already out there, herd immunity evidence that was correct. Indeed they decided to not go the way the rest of the world went, the one hatched out by the Pontiff of Ex-Cathedra, infallible declarations on what people in America can and can’t do about protection from COVID, Dr Andrew Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (HIAID) started pontificating in early 2020.

They looked at the science as one country and followed it, such as masks don’t give one assured protection from catching Covid-19. That you can get infected through the eyes, etc. In short one country in Scandinavia, Sweden to be exact, followed Dr. Fauci’s advice very early in the outbreak in January 2020 when he was still talking science rather than politics. It was the one and last time Dr Fauci remained a medical scientist first before his far greater, political instincts overtook his scientific side.

All that attention he was getting on TV got to his bureaucratic head, kicking in the political instincts that has kept Fauci the highest paid public employee on the US government’s payroll since 1984. Being more a political animal than human physician, Fauci began his infamous flip flops, one of the first being contradicting himself about masks being useless against Covid-19.

He went on to try to make science fit the political will first of President Trump, then President Biden. That’s how you keep your cushy job playing politician in the science lab since 1984. You also keep that job by spending many years using your government agency to fund gain-of-function experiments turning SARS and other viruses into human-infecting viral monsters so you can also come up with remedies if such appear “naturally” in Nature, so that you have a heads up if it happens.

It is possible; indeed, I predict it will come out, that Covid-19 was a virus monster his funding of the Chinese “and” American virologists in Wuhan and across 14 other US labs, helped create and accidentally release into the global human population from Wuhan labs.

The Swedish government ignored Fauci. They didn’t force people to wear masks indoors or outdoors. They didn’t shut down their Scandinavian civilization. Life went on. People went to work. Children went to school who weren’t vaccinated because the science showed it was unnecessary. They took care to give protection and sequestering to high-risk groups. They quickly started testing the entire population to sequester only those who were sick at home or in hospital. In short, the Swedes practiced herd immunity theory.

Ooooooh! The evil Swedes!

Boy did they get chewed up and spat out by the mainstream media for doing all of that starting in the spring of 2020, especially those mainstream media and social media outlets that have big pharma advertising financing them and controlling them.

Were the Swedes right to go against Dr. Faucism?

Well, I won’t untangle that Gordian Knot with my fingers. Like Alexander the Great, I’ll just take the sharp edge of swordlike FACT with one strike and cut that hysterically tangled knot the media and big pharma want to twist truth into that stifles scientific discussion and debate.

Just go online on Google and read the numbers of the respected Wordometer Coronavirus update that reports the number of deaths, the infected, the severely infected, etc. and compare those numbers to the United States tallies of same. You will find that the Swedes, without mass shutdowns, attempts to jab everybody in their country, without closing their economy, etc., were only slightly higher in the most infectious time of covid during the Spring of 2020, like a few percentile points higher than when the US was piling up the bodies by the tens of thousands every day. The ration was quite similar to what the Copenhagen University study showed up (above). And now, (as I’m signing off on completing this article on 17 October 2021) if you visit wordometer you’ll find that Sweden’s numbers of infected and dead are consistently and significantly lower than the US.

17 OCTOBER 2021:
USA (#1 Infected/Most Deaths/Most PPE used:)
TOTAL CASES: 45,779,726. NEW CASES: +5,551. TOTAL DEATHS: 744,390. NEW DEATHS: +5. TOTAL RECOVERED: 35,353,604. NEW RECOVERED: +1,261. ACTIVE CASES: 9,681,731. SERIOUS CRITICAL: 15,344. TOTAL CASES/1M pop: 137,268. DEATHS/1M pop: 2,232. TOTAL TESTS 668,410,324. Tests/1m pop: 2,004,193.

17 OCTOBER 2021:
SWEDEN (#34 Infected Nation, not following US lead in prevention 🙂
TOTAL CASES: 1,161,933. NEW CASES: 0. TOTAL DEATHS: 14,916. NEW DEATHS: 0. TOTAL RECOVERED: 1,130,020. NEW RECOVERED: +996. ACTIVE CASES: 16,997. SERIOUS CRITICAL: 26. TOTAL CASES/1M pop: 114,133. DEATHS/1M pop: 1,465. TOTAL TESTS 12,879,376. Tests/1m pop: 1,265,106.

The key figures here to take in are not the disparity of population size between Sweden and the USA but the ratios of cases and the total deaths per 1 million population:

Mass-Masking, Sequestering, Interior dining preventing, sports events closing, long shutdowns of economy, schools and people sequestered at home for long periods, etcetera…:

TOTAL CASES/1M pop: 137,268. DEATHS/1M pop: 2,232

No masking mandated, no sequestering except for those tested positive for Covid-19, interior dining allowed, sports events allowed, no shutdowns of the economy, or the schools, and no mass sequestering of the population:

TOTAL CASES/1M pop: 114,133. DEATHS/1M pop: 1,465.

Math wins over WOKE political suppression.

The Swedish herd immunity model wins out. They let the disease pass through their population and give it immunity. Because of this the numbers are also showing that the new Delta Variant is not impacting the mask-less Swedes like it is the masked-up Americans.

So why therefore, is their death rate per 1 million consistently lower than the worse die-off of any nation, the United States?

Why is it that despite all the draconian shutdowns, especially in the blue US state like New York, New Jersey, California, and Oregon, did these states suffer some of the highest death rates per million in the world, even when compared to the anti-Vaxxer states like Texas and Florida?

I’m not saying these red states didn’t have less infections, they had more per capita. And yet look at the death rates to infection rates, and you’ll see that the blue states still lead the way, the ones with the most dictatorial governors like former Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

He resigned from office less from the army of women complaining about his groping and grabbing their privates at work. He stepped down to avoid enduring perhaps the largest manslaughter cause in New York State history. At the peak of the horrors in New York City with fridge trucks choking the approaches of hospitals stuffed with the dead, then-Gov. Cuomo thought it prudent to avoid giving Trump political kudos for setting of the Javits Center to take in thousands of elderly Covid sufferers. Cuomo instead sent them back to their retirement homes to infect and kill off 15-to-17,000 people.

The red states’ death rates are lower than the blue, perhaps because by intent or accident, their populations are gaining herd immunity by letting the disease pass through their populations.

I will predict something quite shocking to many of my readers, but my augury is based on current and troubling scientific trends. It could very well be that the Delta Variant and other variants to come are a direct result of the mass jabs.

We rushed into mass use scientific theories that had never been carefully tested. We rushed into reprogramming human immune systems jabbed into half the blindly trusting arms of the human race.

We did this without the bare minimum of 4.5-to-10 years to observe how it affected a control tested population to see if there are ill effects in forcing the body to artificially make immunity for a disease it hasn’t yet caught.

From what I’m seeing in the science, I predict that these variants of Covid-19 are the cause of our mass vaccinations speeding up the virus’ ability to mutate and adapt.

I predict we’ll be responsible for making more and more people vaccinated get Covid again!

Right now the trend in variants is that they get more infectious but less deadly. What if some day in the near future a variant mutates into a strain that is more infectious and 15-times more deadly than Covid-19?

I call it “Demon” Covid-666”, a biblical plague to rival if not exceed the death toll of the Spanish Influenza by at least a billion victims or more.

As I point out in my forthcoming book Nostradamus Coronavirus and the Pandemic Plague, Covid-19 is one of Nostradamus’ foreseen “blood plague” pandemics. In this case it kills people through producing blood clots.

I may have to amend the final draft of my book for its release at the end of the year. Rather than Covid being a prelude to a future and greater blood plague, mass vaccinations of the human population may be turning it into the greater blood plague about which Nostradamus the sixteenth-century plague doctor had warned.

To try to save every life through forcing the entire human race to get vaccinated might be setting humanity up for a die-off not seen since the Great Bubonic Plague of the 1300s.

But no, don’t foretell such things, Mr. Hogue.

Let me bow to Pope Doctor Fauci and those who vent a righteously beautiful sentiment as humanity marches forward blind to the looming dangers shutting down our civilization, forcing vaccinations for the sake of not losing even one single life to this pandemic—even if you now know it cannot be eradicated by continuing to suppress the quality of life on Earth for human beings and that perhaps your vaccines, rushed out too soon, could cause an astronomical loss of live as the result several years from now.

I will close this article with a comprehensive response to those who say, “the loss of just one life is too many!”

I have a more triage approach to plagues. You cannot save everyone. Shutting down civilization to save one life will (has actually) killed many more people to save that one life. Never in history has the entire world gone on lockdown during a plague. It has prolonged the suffering of this plague, preventing herd immunity to happen. It has ruined millions of lives, put hundreds of millions of day workers on the streets across Africa, South America, South and East Asia without jobs. Shutdowns have raised crime in America, raised metal disorders, and raised murder and suicide rates to record levels.

The only one life I would save above all others is the life of a living Buddha, because only his or her life is significant for what the buddha can show to others, the sacred “context” that all are buddhas if we but look in. That there is no death, even for that just one victim you want to save from Covid.

I do not save the life for the Buddha for the Buddha’s sake, for he knows he needs no saving from death. She knows that death does not exist. But for all of us who falsely identify with this dream called “Death,” his life lingering with us as long and as healthy as possible will help us understand that there is no death for any of us. That instead it is important to LIVE one’s life and not be concerned for how much time you have embodied but to see in the temporary form a treasure waiting in the Eternity of the Deathless Present.

What makes the loss of life a tragedy is not Death, but a life not Lived. A life not lived cannot enjoy Death as the culmination, the pinnacle of a blissful life!

Therefore, the unconscious Zombie world is now trying to save that one life and take a wrecking ball to its own civilization, lowering the quality of life for the living. If anything, this fear of facing death, and understanding it is now taking humanity closer to more death, more civil unrest, and even war.

The past lives I’ve lived as a doctor and a soldier are speaking through me now when I say this. You cannot save everyone, but in the sentiment to try, you can lose everyone. This is evident in the recovered memories of many lives: You can save many more lives by not trying to save “every” life.

Some of my most beloved and closest friends cannot let that understanding in and I love them no less for it. One of these has an anti-Vaxxing friend, she is also an Osho disciple like the woman relating this confrontation to me. Her friend insists that the Covid Pandemic wasn’t really a pandemic and therefore no one needed to be cautious about a threat to their health.

Shocked by this stance my friend went home and went into meditation and asked her spirit guides if this really was a pandemic?

She shared with me her visionary experience, writing, “I was shown a long line of covered corpses, stretching in a big curve to the horizon—and I heard, ‘To each one of them, it was a pandemic. And each of their souls is as valuable as the souls of those of you still living.’”

She added, “This landed in my heart like a clear bell —and stayed there so.”

This is my response to her and to the rest of you at large:

I respect your view, love, and support your right to have it and live by it. But what you are saying is no longer my experience.

No soul has a greater value than any other soul, living or dead. I cannot mourn any longer for the passing of thousands of waves back into the ocean and set myself against the waves still rolling across the great Soul Oceanic.


Because what has been lost? A shape of wave is a passing phenomenon. The Oceanic inside the wave, is ever living.

A shape of wave has disappeared back into the ocean.

The shapes are trillions upon trillions, coming and going, living and dying, thinking they are separate souls when that is not possible.

They are Ocean.

They forever have and will be Soul-full Ocean.

They never were born. They are never dying.

They only suffer because they believe that the shape of wave is who they are, living or dead.

This is a misunderstanding of what it is to be “never born or never dying.” The transitory “shape of the wave” is merely a container of Oceanic waters. We are taught by society to think the container of ego that shapes the water is alive. The ego personality falsely lives this illusion through being identified with the container and falsely dying in identifying as the container.

I recall a friend once asking me, “Will Existence exhaust its ability to make souls?”

A response came effortlessly, something I never imagined before.

I replied, “Can the ocean ever run out of waves?”

In my experience now, there is only One Soul.

It is Existence itself.

I can no longer hold the separateness illusion of the “shapes” and containers of waves being different souls.

It is the One Soul pretending not to be. Just like what Osho said, that we are all Buddha’s, some Buddhas are pretending to be buddhas, and most are pretending not to be buddhas.

To me the shape of things rising and falling contains an Oceanic One-Soul, completely free in a state of Aloneness, at play with its passing shapes of waves all thinking they are separate from each other, competing, lonely, and isolated in identity. All of them dream of love completely unaware that they have been nothing other than an Oceanic and Eternal LOVE. But the waves move on to try to find another wave to love and be loved by. Such is the suffering of being shaped as wave forgetting the Ever Oceanic that is within every wandering longing and lonely wave.

To the disciple of Osho who denied this Pandemic is real, this is my answer:

It is a pandemic. Not a very deadly one either for all its high contagion, the death rate is thankfully very low. Only 4.9 million out of 7.8 billion have died from it. One-hundred million died from the Spanish Influenza in three years (1918-1920) when there was just under 2 billion people on the planet, so if it happened now, it would have killed 800 billion people!

If one of the other SARs bugs the Wuhan lab technicians were playing Dr. Frankenstein with had been released that was 15 times more deadly than the SARs-Covid-19, we’d be talking about just under 73.5 million deaths right now, not 4.9 million.

The current form of the Covid-19 (not its potentially lethal mutation in the future caused by the jabs) will probably never reach an official count of 10 million before it is through, but I tell you, the damage done by a “plague” of fear and overreaction will have reverberations for the next 20 years in loss of human freedom, a greater descent of totalitarianism around the world by those politicians who would use this real plague emergency to increase their power and control over people.

Here is just one example of many I have collected that could point to thousands more dying from the “cure”:

Back on 10 September 2021, WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit News posted the following invitation to their fans across Michigan on their Facebook page:


The response was an avalanche! You can see the conversation stream here. I hope it won’t be blocked by the time I post this September/October Article Wave in the second half of October, although I see many people are data capturing it just in case. The report sent to me was from HumansAreFree. I verified their claims that the Detroit News TV station indeed had the Facebook page I linked up just now still active (as of 17 October 2021).

The HumansAreFree pointed out a month earlier on 17 September in their title for the article what indeed is fact, “The local Detroit TV asks for stories of unvaxxed dying from COVID—gets over 180,000 Responses of Vaccine Injured and dead instead.” The article said it is a clear indication that they are getting desperate to find these stories and are having a difficult time finding them.


I don’t know if they got any such stories through direct messaging, but the post on their Facebook Page, as of the time I’m finishing and date tagging this article [17 October 2021] a further month has swelled the numbers to over 57,000 various emoji replies, 255,000 comments, and 226,000 shares! Most of the comments are about those who have lost or heard of those who lost loved ones after receiving a COVID shot.

Many of the comments ask the news station why they are not covering this story. I did check the WXYZ-TV archives for any hint of a story about this public backlash over the first 18 days after WXYZ proffered the invitation (above) on 10 September.

Not a video byte, not a sound byting “peep” was registered.

Thousands of people were politely telling the news people on Facebook that they had to change the direction of their story and for the sake of free speech tell the people of Michigan that most of the deaths are from being vaccinated, not from being unvaccinated.

Just in case WXYZ removes the page, here is a picture of some of the currently 255,000-plus responses I perused on that page! And this is just Michigan. Imagine if every news station put out a similar call to their viewers about unvaccinated deaths? They’d get a similar and unwanted response about all the newly vaccinated who had fallen sick with blood clots, strokes or died a few days after taking the jab that are not being reported.

The Covid “Hysteria Plague” could also become the source of many wars, perhaps even a brush with a Third World War between the US and China and the plague overreaction of shutdowns has hastened the coming worldwide economic collapse of the global economy, starting in 2022 through 2024.

I have studied pandemics (and remembered pandemics I’ve lived through and even fought against in past lives) and now with Covid in this life too, I have seen it again, what Osho may have said in the quote I first introduced to you at the beginning of this epic article

Fear is the greater plague overtaking us. It is greater than the actual plague itself. To be careful about the actual plague is a must, but I see clearly how a greater care and awareness about this fear of the actual plague is unconsciously indulged. That fear can kill.

That we are never born, and never die can only be forgotten by an identity with the peripheral shape of being a wave which is a passing fancy, forgetting the eternal source within.

Love to you all, for-“ever” and no-“ever” because there is only an Oceanic and Ever-Now.

DATELINE: 02 September 2021

The day after remnants of Hurricane Ida merged with a stationary front over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut to unleash unprecedented flooding over the heads of 20 million or more Americans, © Creative Commons.

The day after remnants of Hurricane Ida merged with a stationary front over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut to unleash unprecedented flooding over the heads of 20 million or more Americans. Source: Flooding in the Bronx. Photo: Off-line for a while — Jim Griffin, © Creative Commons.

The Wrath of Hurricane Ida:
Another One of Global Warming’s
—Pearl Harbor Moments—

WAKE UP Humanity
To Planetary Climate Change

My friends bear witness to this. When Hurricane Ida was still far from US shores in the South Caribbean, I immediately knew that the name “Ida” would be retired. I told my friends that Ida would be a historic storm, the “first” (but not the last) of this catastrophic hurricane season. I even told all my subscribers to HogueProphecy Articles that the 2021 North Atlantic Hurricane Season would be “catastrophic.” Here is the quote:

I also predict catastrophic hurricane and fire seasons this year, sorry to report. The world is rapidly warming, and Mother Nature is trying to get our attention to her rising fever.

A Summer of Astrological Squares, 26 June 2021

In forecasting, the medium for such visions always hopes for the best but equally waits for the worst, not exactly knowing what “worst” looks like. It still surprises me when visions are fulfilled in detail.

I had my friend Robert (Diwamani) visiting the island a few days before Ida slammed into Louisiana set on the twentieth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on 28 August 2021. Ida had just cleared Cuba entering the warm Gulf Waters following a path of very warm and oddly enough straying into an unusually deep layer of warm Gulf of Mexico waters. I would call it a hot-water road drawing a lane right to Louisiana. Ida drove herself speeding down that hot-water road beginning as a Category One at the time I told my friend what I foresaw might happen, a repeat of what Hurricane Michael had done to the Florida Panhandle in 2018. I said Ida would suddenly jump from Category Two to Category Five hurricane just before landfall.

I went to bed the night before Ida hit and it was still a medium Cat Two. Eight hours later at 7 am Pacific Time I arose, turned on the television as it was coming into Louisiana at a windspeed of 150 mph. My oracular prediction missed fulfilling Category Five by just seven miles-per-hour. Ida was a borderline Cat. Five!

A day before landfall I was fielding emails from my friend Melodi, a US expat living in Ireland. She remembered my 1998 prophecy published in 1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium (HarperSanFrancisco).

In it I made the following prediction:

The Destruction of a major southern US metropolitan area [such as Miami or New Orleans] by a global warming enhanced superhurricane will take place in one of the first five hurricane seasons of the new millennium.

John Hogue, in 1998.

John Hogue, in 1998.

It happened to New Orleans when winds and storm surge from Hurricane Katrina broke through The Big Easy’s levees in Season Five (2005) of the new century.

Melodi mused that perhaps Ida hitting New Orleans could finish the job, making this a multiplane prophecy. This is a kind of forecast I often seen Nostradamus doing where he blends the events, for instance of the First and Second World Wars as one vision of one war.

Fortune favored New Orleans’ rebuilt levees on the 28th. They held the floodwaters back, leaving the city to only partially flood from torrential rains that its many pumping engines soon alleviated However, New Orleans itself did suffer widespread wind damage. The roofs of its neighborhoods reminded me of the half-destroyed roofs of San Juan, Puerto Rico after Cat 5 Hurricane Maria did her worse there a few years ago. At the time of this writing (02 September) much of East-Southeast Louisiana’s grids and roads are down with Lafitte, and Grand Isles Parish towns reporting all structures suffering some damage from high Cat 4 hurricane force wind and water damage from a storm surge of 16 feet. Of all the structures impacted 40 percent are a complete loss, especially on Grand Isles. Survivors there say it is going to take perhaps months before there’s power and a half year to rebuild and recover some modicum of normal.

The devastation reminded me of what I wrote about concerning a new abnormal of suddenness of land-falling hurricanes jumping four categories in a 24-to-36-hour period. For instance, there was Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian, held by high pressure north of it, that sat stationary over the northernmost Bahamian Islands in 2019. The year before Hurricane Michael jumped to Cat 5 at landfall and buzz sawed through the Florida Panhandle deep into Georgia, as Ida at present in 2021 dug deep into the Mississippi remaining a hurricane swath buzz saw deep inland. These odd occurrences are examples of exactly the pattern of abnormal behavior I warned below that I hope was not the new apocalyptic pattern of future storms, yet here we are!

The first time I heard of Dorian it was a little tropical depression surrounded by dry air who the meteorologists on The Weather Channel presaged would most likely break up into scattering thunderstorms on the eastern mountains of the large Caribbean Island of Hispaniola. If the world’s oceans were not being cooked by the equivalent of lighting off over 400,000 Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs every year for decades, little Dorian might not have drawn strength from these warmer waters to literally push aside the drier air from its own gathering rotating strength and in a few short days park itself as a high Category Five hurricane, completely stationary over the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands of the island nation of the Bahamas for 40 hours. In that time, it dumped feet of rain, rubbed most of the homes and businesses of 60,000 Bahamians down to debris piles, with an unrelenting storm surge of 23 feet pushed by sustained 180 mph winds with gusts above 200 mph.

Dorian slowly buzz-sawed northward the following week off the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, making landfall cutting a swath along the coast of North Carolina, not yet recovered from last year’s hurricane damage and floods from Hurricane Florence… Much of the damage Dorian inflicted on North Carolina came from a surprising number of powerful tornadoes in the hurricane’s rain bands as it strengthened again to a strong Category Two after losing much of its punch sitting over the Bahamas for so long that it literally sucked all the hot tropical water underneath it into its storm system and began drawing up deeper, colder water weakening it eventually from a Category Five to One to rise again to Cat. Two hitting the Carolinas before it sprints across open waters sending severe thunderstorms through the northeastern US states. It then slammed into the Canadian province of Halifax laying thousands of trees flat and taking down the provincial power grid…

In the era of Hurricane Abnormal you will now regularly see tropical storms suddenly strengthen as they hit landfall, like Dorian, like Michael (2018) crashing into the Florida Panhandle. Dorian just missed taking down Puerto Rico’s threadbare and fragile power grid again where a third of the roofs are still made of blue FEMA tarps with the peak hurricane season still young for more chances of landfall. The frequency of storms will increase. The time to recover and rebuild will shrink until whole areas of coast populations will become climate disruption refugees.

The hurricane season’s final chapter is still long from being over. I predicted to George Noory on Coast to Coast that Dorian was the first of THREE hurricane disasters to hit between now and end of October during this North Atlantic Hurricane season. Places already devastated and taking years to rebuild like the Florida Panhandle after Cat. 5 Michael and North Carolina after Cat 4 Florence and remnants of Michael (2018), the Caribbean Lesser Antilles, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands from Cat 5 Irma and Cat 5 Maria (2017), let alone the millions still recovering in Houston, Texas from Cat 4 Harvey (2017). Harvey also flooded Louisiana and then flooded again in 2019 by Cat 1 rainmaker Barry. Add now the Bahamas to the growing hit list of areas suffering what I call “Serial Disaster” from global climate disruption.

More frequent and slower moving storms will pack longer lasting storm surges, higher and sustained winds, more tornadoes, and lightning because the science rightly forecasts it. This is the result of fossil fuel pollution creating greenhouse gases that don’t allow the sun’s heat to escape back into space. The oceans store and strengthen their storms with that trapped heat. It takes time for what destructive power has been baked in the ocean storm system to manifest before our disbelieving eyes.

The New Hurricane Abnormal: Dorian Stationary over the Northern Bahama islands “rubs out” more than 3,000 people

[UPDATE, 2 September 2021: It was impossible to make a count but the number of missing persons indicate the possibility that Dorian killed between 8,000 to 10,000 Bahamians! Most of them unrecoverable, carried out to sea.]

(, 18 September 2019)

Ida, the fifth largest hurricane to ever hit the United States was not through with North America, not in the least. Once again it backed up something I warned my readers that was going to catch weather forecasters and normal folk off guard, that whatever the category, whether just a tropical storm or depression, or the remnants of a hurricane, DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. Global warming has increased the capacity of the Earth’s atmosphere to contain water vapor. And this is a positively negative feedback loop. The warmer the world gets, the more it grows the atmosphere’s capacity to contain moisture. The moisture contains more and more heat making it contain more moisture. Water vapor is the food of catastrophic storms and their equally catastrophic remnants. Everything therefore in whatever the categories of storming will be more robust, more unexpected.

I wrote about it last year during the previous hurricane season:

In my 29 June EARTHTRAUMA REPORT for subscribers entitled Did the Shutting down of the Global Economy for two Months cool Global Warming (see free sample), I forecast three catastrophic hurricanes in 2020 measured by strength, loss of life and property. This is above and beyond the extensive damage of so many tropical storms in the season. I wish to also note the 2020 weirdness of eight tropical storms and hurricanes passing over Louisiana.

That brings me to the first of these evil three: CAT 4 Hurricane Laura making Louisiana landfall on 27 August 2020. If Laura hadn’t wiggled its eyewall 20 miles or so west of Lake Charles, LA, doing its worse nearer to the Texas-Louisiana border, a storm surge of 20 feet would have raked through Lake Charles. The fortunate change of course to less populated counties spared hundreds if not thousands of lives there because, as it turned out, few citizens of Lake Charles inland from the landfall thought they needed to evacuate. They got wind blasted terribly but not drowned by Laura’s storm surge, was a real biblical killer “Able” of this Hurry- “Kane.”

A signature of climate warming was in the wind and wet loins of the US landfalls displayed by the significant and general strength of these storms whatever their ascending or descending categories. The tropical storm landfalls were more generally damaging than in the past even if their wind speeds did not earn them being called hurricanes.

The hurricanes kept their hurricane status deep inland, reluctantly, defiantly relinquishing their diminishing fury even as strong tropical storms and depressions down to post-tropical storms. That’s what happens when you make pollution that warms the waters and atmosphere of the world to increase the fuel of storms—more sustained moisture in them.

Moisture is food. Moisture is strength.

Your basic tropical showers to monsoon showers, your basic tropical depression to storm to hurricane in their categories will be extra brawny. Indeed I noted throughout this epic hurricane season that the meteorologists of the Weather Channel consistently failed to anticipate in their forecasts how much faster storms can rise from tropical storm Cat 4 or 5 hurricane as a regular occurrence and symptom of global-warmed superstorms.

Five years ago Weather Channel anchors were still careful not to mention global warming. That has fortunately changed. I hope it doesn’t take another five years for them to get their CAT forecasts rising CAT-astrophically right. Thousands of lives might be saved by evacuating inland before it is too late.

Human Climate Terraformed La Niña
Hurricane Season 2020?
Wait Until You See Hurricane Season 2021!
(, 8 December 2020)

Looking north at Bethesda Terrace and Fountain in New York City's Central Park, partly still flooded after the Hurricane Ida fragments’ flood waters lowered by some two feet or half a meter. © Creative Commons.

Looking north at Bethesda Terrace and Fountain in New York City’s Central Park, partly still flooded after the Hurricane Ida fragments’ flood waters lowered by some two feet or half a meter. Photo: Jim.Henderson, © Creative Commons.

I write this article on 2 Sept, the morning after the “remnants” of Hurricane Ida hit the northeastern states with catastrophic rainfall setting off unprecedented Flash Flood Emergency Warnings across 170 miles from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island to Massachusetts. The tri-state area had already been well saturated by record breaking rains from Hurricane Henri. Now Ida! Watch the breathtaking devastation on this Weather Underground Link.

It flooded NYC’s subways. They are shut down last night because of it with people having to be saved from flooding subway trains. The rain was coming down on average 3.5 inches an hour for seven hours!! Philadelphia is flooded, New Jersey State and NYC metro area flooded. Many tornadoes raged across New Jersey!

All of this has impacted 20 million people in the densest populated area of the United States. The death toll early on has exceeded what Ida did in Louisiana. I expect the toll will rise into the hundreds.

I predict that the damage New York and Jersey Cities and states suffered from Ida as a mere “remnant” of its former self will exceed the flooding, the property damage and death toll the same tri-city area felt from its last “Pearl Harbor—wake up and smell the Global Warming world—moment, Cat. One Hurricane Sandy playing her tricks and treats at the end of October 2012 through a early November, in a late season landfall into New York City and New Jersey.

The 2012 event converted many into believers that Global Warming was a real threat to humanity’s future.

Time for more shocks.

Ida is another wake-up call, another Pearl Harbor moment to shock the world into awareness about Mother Nature’s war against human stupidity and join her rather than be the parasites besetting her terrestrial body, oceans, and skies.

What I said in my Hurricane Sandy’s Pearl Harbor aftermath prediction nearly eight years ago is even more important for my dear readers to absorb after “Ida” told you so:

There is shockingly good news to tell you.

I will present that news declaring something many of you haven’t heard anywhere else that is equally shocking.

I want to thank you, Superstorm Sandy!

Thank you for upending millions of people from leaders in our US capital with their heads otherwise high and dry in a place where the light of climate crisis never shines in Washington DC, all the way to the fossil fuel-based economy’s capital of the world: New York City.

Thank you, Sandy, for destroying Jersey Shore!

Thank you for burning down neighborhoods in outer bank islands of Queens.

Bless you for placing empty fuel barges left high and dry on the beaches of Staten Island.

Thank you for drowning the New York Subway system.

Bless you for becoming what I predict will be the costliest US natural disaster in history!

Sandy! You are a blessing in disguise.

You are a “Pearl Harbor” moment for America and the world.

A splash of cold storm surge water in our faces, a grave of beach sand burying our dead, a hot breath of global warming awareness set to melt a human glacial stupidity about our part in stabilizing the Earth and its ecosystem and climate.

I long awaited you, Sandy. I welcome the other “Sandy’s”, the other “Pearl Harbor” shocks coming to America and the world that might awaken the sleeping giant of American creativity and industry just like the Japanese attack accidentally did on 7 December 1941.

Back then, Americans were stuck in an economic Depression. The surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet docked at Pearl Harbor awoke Ameri-can’ts. In four short years, they became AmeriCANs, defeating the Axis Alliance, winning the Second World War, then going on from one ascendant decade to the next, rebuilding Europe with the Marshal Plan, waging economic war and defeating the Soviet hegemon in the Cold War. We reached for the stars. We reached to the Moon and created the longest period of prosperity in human history.

That is what Ameri-CANs can do when someone bombs the USS Arizona, and it blows to bits.

Will Mother Nature sending a surprise attack, a superstorm into New York City and New Jersey, taking them temporarily down in one of the worst natural disasters in US history, turn American’ts into AmeriCANs one more time? Will the sleeping giant awaken once again and rise to defeat the oncoming planetary climate crisis, the fascism of fracked-up global warming running amok?

For years now, my oracle has sounded the warning about Global Warming. It avoided the politically correct euphemism of “Climate Change”. It kept providing my readers with the hot breath of raw climate reality.

“Climate change” to WHAT, already?

Change towards a hotter planet, a climate cascade that might undermine human civilization unless a string of unprecedented natural disasters hit our stupidity like a Japanese bomb cutting through the deck and igniting the magazine of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. We need Climate Change to torpedo the equilibrium of our comfortable mindsets, like a capsizing USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor.

We need to be shocked into action, America.

Superstorm Sandy, Climate Change, a Global Warming Pearl Harbor and Nostradamus 2012
(, 4 November 2012)

DATELINE: 08 September 2021

TheStormHasArrived-Chief Oren LyonsThe Storm Has Arrived
Watch this Video from Chief Oren Lyons of the Lakota
And then Share it with as Many People as you Can

Madhuri, who often leaves Madhuri Meditation Moments for my readers, sent this video out to her Facebook friends, writing, “Well, I don’t like prophecies per se—but I liked the gravitas and basic lovingness of this—and it is very strong and very… well, I loved the trees and waterfalls and rivers.”

To which I replied, “My Sadhana for 40 years has been with the prophecies, has been with the visions of the 500 nations of the First Americans and as a conduit to the messages of many other Fourth World prophets as well as other prophetic traditions. Chief Oren Lyons has stated it heartfully, simply and honestly in this video. This is the time.

It begins in the “Roaring” 2020s. For sannyasins (disciples of Osho), this is the time that Osho foresaw on the Ranch way back in March 1983, the times requiring a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness meditation. This is the time of the Great Purification of the Hopi Prophecies.

Thank you Madhuri for posting this. Because of you, I will take Chief Oren Lyons’ statement and link it to my readers. I will quote it in my Climate Change Prophecy book, that I’m currently bringing into the world. The Storm “has” arrived. Time to be blissfully witnessing in the center of the cyclone of the present times.”

DATELINE: 02 September 2021

Mughal Emperor Akbar of India (1556-1605). Subscribers please note that this appears in the free articles section and does not apply to you.

Mughal Emperor Akbar of India (1556-1605). Public domain. Subscribers please note that this appears in the free articles section and does not apply to you.

Need Your Help
Your “Cup of Milk” Matters

Akbar, Mogul Emperor of India had ordered swans taken from Tibet now in transit to his capital in sixteenth-century India. In India there was a belief that Swans being so white-feathered and pure had the ability to separate milk from water when drinking. So, symbolically at least, Emperor Akbar ordered one of his vast wading ponds in the palace gardens to be drained and the waters temporarily be replaced by milk to celebrate the arrival of the swans there to swim and frolic. He ordered the citizens of his capital to come in the night, after it was completely dark and until just before dawn, each with a little cup of milk and pour them into the sprawling wading pool.

The moment after he commanded it, there was cackling laughter coming from the crowd of courtiers before his throne. A familiar cackle from his court jester, Birbal, who in his own eccentric ways often surprised the emperor with his whimsical wisdom. He summoned Birbal fourth to explain his un-mannerly laughing.

Raja Birbal (1528-1486), Hindu Advisor and most beloved courtier of Emperor Akbar.

Raja Birbal (1528-1486), Hindu Advisor and most beloved courtier of Emperor Akbar. (Public domain)

“I laugh, great Emperor, at you,” he said. “You seem not to know human nature. And I will wager you this, when the sun rises tomorrow, come with me to the pond and see it filled with WATER!”

The emperor took Birbal challenge.

Before turning in Akbar on his balcony in the dark listened to the shadowy multitude of thousands of citizens splashing their cups and pails of milk into the pond anticipating that by the early morrow, a milk filled pond would earn Birbal a royal, though loving, slap in the face.

But it was not to be. The emperor walked up to the edge of the pond at sunrise where Birbal was standing looking down at a great pond filled only with water.

“How did you know there would be not a drop in this pond, Birbal?!” asked the emperor.

“Here’s how,” Birbal responded, “summon your guards into the capital. Have them grab and escort back to the palace a few dozen people, a cross section of the city’s castes will do. Take men and women from the poor untouchables, the middle classes, the wealthy merchants as well as grab hold of high-class Brahmin holy priests. Let each come in by themselves, one at a time. I predict that when you ask them why they brought water rather than milk, you will hear them, high or lowly born, make the same basic excuse.”

And they did.

It was this: “Milk is so expensive, and I just thought that with all those thousands of others splashing milk in the dark into that pond, who would even notice my one cup of water in all that massive lake of milk?!”

John Hogue 2002, in his home office. Source, South Whidbey (Island) Record.

John Hogue 2002, in his home office. Source, South Whidbey (Island) Record.

It has been a few years since I’ve told that tale and asked my HogueBulletin Readers to give this work your financial support. This is especially needed again now, because the 40 years of preparing you all for the Roaring 2020s is over. We are “in that challenging future.” That future has become our present reality now. This therefore brings a whole new dimension to what I will predict and what I can share to help you live through these times fearlessly, and blissfully, in the coming test of the entire human species. Either each of you will follow your programmed habits and settle for extinction; or each of you will wake up, grow up, and transcend what the past has programmed us to do so self-destructively to each other, ourselves, and our world. The events that are now upon us that I’ve long written and warned hundreds of millions on various media outlets about since 1987 are HERE and NOW.

This is a full-time job, and it now needs a boost of more freely sampling readers not to sit on the fence anymore thinking the other readers are helping. What’s happening instead is most of the readers are sitting on that fence—or better, most of you are thinking your little cup of water will be lost in the milk of kindness given to financially support this important Work.

I’m not asking you for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, even though if there are some of you who have a yes and can fund this work at those levels, I welcome it. But what I think is far more possible is something far less coming from far more of you, something equivalent to just $60, that’s only $5 a month for 12-months would do for HogueProphecy Articles to continue flourishing.

You’ve seen the free articles that are there to sample at They are like the tip of the iceberg of information and insights I am producing round the clock for my subscribers. Where the tip is freely and gladly given, you have possibly noticed they are followed by little previews of the body of the berg that just a single donation of $60 or a little more will get you the WHOLE iceberg of articles for a year up to and through October 2022.

Do not wait for others to get off the fence and help HogueProphecy. Right here and now, receive full access to these fully illustrated PDF downloads each month of article waves with your cup of milk.

Now is the time. Now it is your time to be informed, to know the trends on current events and the perspectives that the corporately owned media will not give you.

The 2020s are not a decade to pass through blind to what is coming and what is needed to alter the future for the better.

Now is your time to receive Real News with a prophetic angle so that you can become a “Noah” guiding your own inner “Ark” of centered and blissful Consciousness and sail in “within” through the great storm of history coming down the next 20 years.

Begin that exploration now. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you. These usually come in waves of 10 to 20 articles once near the end of every two months. In the coming year I will manually send these article waves of fully illustrated PDF files attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

Put “12-months” in the PayPal Memo Line.

The next November-December wave of articles is coming in the latter half of December before New Year’s Eve.

Your cup of milk does matter to make it so. Thank you.

DATELINE: 11 September 2021


An Excerpt for the Twenty-Year Anniversary
Of the September 11, 2001 Attacks
From John Hogue’s Book:


Here is an overview of an important book, according to those readers who have read it and passionately believe it is one of my best. Today I will give you an excerpt of what is one of my most autobiographical and personal works concerning the mystery of prophecy and premonitions. We’ll start with an overview of this book:

Many people around the world foresaw “9/11”—the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001—not a day, week, or even months, but many years before it happened. In one man’s case, the sixteenth-century seer Michel de Nostradamus, he may have seen the great collapse of the twin towers he called “the hollow mountains” 446 years before it happened!

There are cynics playing skeptical inquirers who boldly proclaim without reading the prophecies of Nostradamus that he didn’t see 9/11 coming, and, if his interpreters ever had discovered in his books signs of the attack and didn’t warn the world the day before it happened, then their inaction is the “textbook definition of evil.” Moreover, they “should be brought up for trial.”

This book answers that challenge and brings interpreters up for trial by facts. The same evidence-based investigation will also put on trial Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame), who made this challenge.

Did Nostradamus have a premonition of 9/11?

Did any interpreters of his prophetic works uncover and warn the world of the terrorist attack on the United States homeland?

Upon what skeptical inquiry has Penn Jillette based his harsh denouncements?

John Hogue, author, prophecy scholar and respected Nostradamus expert, provides us with his most intimate and autobiographical book yet written. He takes us on a very personal journey into the mystery of recorded mass premonitions foreseeing great, history-changing events.

He will also document how he and a number of other prophecy watchers had not only experienced powerful premonitions of 9/11 years before it happened, but published their findings and appeared on nationally televised documentaries and radio shows trying to warn the world of the danger with the intention of preventing it from happening… Complete reading this and get full access to the book’s excerpt and all 13 articles by choosing one of two options:


Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.

These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. Put 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.


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DATELINE: 11 September 2021

An Excerpt for the Twenty-Year Anniversary
From John Hogue’s Book:


In the Mabus book’s first edition (September 2008) and included in the expanded edition (April 2016) I recounted a story of my visit to New York City in November of 1994 on a book tour for Nostradamus: The New Revelations. I was having dinner with author and noted parapsychologist Hans Holzer at his apartment in the upper West Side when the conversation moved to the topic of Nostradamus’ terror attack on New York prophecies… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 September 2021

A 25th Amendment
Battle of the Plunging Poll Mediocrities:
Is it a Power Grab to Come?

This opposition chief challenge is to end a tug of polarity war between Harris’ conscious will versus her unconscious mind’s hidden repressions, motivations as well as her hidden unconscious feelings.

What helps or hinders her doing that in the I-Day [Inauguration Day] aspects?

A Cardinal opposition crisis in leadership that could upset her at her very unconscious heart’s core. Her Sun in its Fall 27 Libra squares the I-Day Moon 27 degrees Aries—It is exactly a conjunction of I-Day 27 Aries Moon—that anchors the hysteria and collective anger of the Great Upheaval Conjunction poised to take down the I-Day Great Midheaven Establishment that she will preside over that at its core has the Jupiter-Saturn Curse of Tecumseh conjunction. A Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction visiting great atonement, crushing responsibilities in a national crisis to come was in the skies of the Inauguration Day that elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt and on Inauguration Day. It rivaled 20 January 2021’s power with a close conjunction of one-degree orb in Taurus. Roosevelt took up the task and spent himself completely unto expiring fighting the Great Depression and the Second World War.

And now we put “Kamala Harris” in the driver’s seat?

Upheaval will only exacerbate her struggle in the tug of war of polarity between her conscious and unconscious mind’s hidden repressions, motivations and feelings she has no clue are lurking there. So she’s going to be president and this Inauguration birth chart steps right on her most vulnerable struggles and life-ego issues.

She gets no mental break, what with her Mercury 1 Scorpio in a five-degree square with the I-Day Mars-Uranus conjunction the two of whom also conjunct I-Day 27 Aries Moon! Thank the stars that her Mercury doesn’t do that too.

I feel sorry for her. She faces overwhelm. She may even face a nervous breakdown requiring her hospitalization and the invocation of the 25th Amendment… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 15 October 2021


The eruption of the La Palma Island, Cumbre Vieja Volcano in 2021. Source, © Creative Commons.

The eruption of the La Palma Island, Cumbre Vieja Volcano in 2021.
Photo: Eduardo Robiana, © Creative Commons.

La Palma Volcanoes Have Erupted
The Danger of a Super-Tsunami Across the Atlantic
Potentially Returns

There are many other “black swan” prophetic surprises potentially lurking in the 2020s that could change our lives and civilization overnight. Here are four more I’m watching, some of which I will explain in more detail in the upcoming November/December article wave. I want you to know about them now just in case one or more of them happen before I publish those articles around Christmas:

1) The global supersystem of product supply and health care collapsing, accelerated by universal vaccine mandates forcing the firing of thousands of trained pilots, transporters, doctors, and nurses.

2) A winter with a global heating crisis caused by policy decisions around the world not because of any energy shortage. It happens instead because of politicians switching off heat sources from fossil fuels before there is an alternative renewable green energy source to replace them. The politicians are bringing up the cart before the horse, as it were. In other words, retire the horse that pulls the cart when there’s a herd of horses available but no horseless carriage yet invented. As I will state in more detail in article 8 below, we cannot shut down a fossil-fuel based civilization until we have first BUILT its energy grid replacement.

3) Washington is tough talking itself into a Third World War with China and Russia that is completely unnecessary.

4) An unexpected solar flare within the next four years of the new Solar Maximum cycle could be bigger than the Carrington Event in the late 1850s that could burn out half the civilization’s electronics in one day.

Currently for this September/October article wave, we have a new potential black swan event looming requiring an immediate report.

I have anticipated this natural disaster’s potential black swan event’s return. I first began reporting to you about it at nearly a decade ago starting on 16 October 2011 in the article Canary Island Volcano and Tsunami Danger. At the time La Palma Island’s volcanoes were dormant and attention was directed to its smaller neighbor El Hierro Island that was rattling and rolling with an earthquake swarm that ranged from hundreds of 3.5 quakes to one larger 5.4 temblor.

This was my prescient observation about what might happen next… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 10 October 2021

A top-down view of the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Photo: US government, public domain (Wikimedia Commons).

A top-down view of the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Photo: US government, public domain (Wikimedia Commons).

The Resurrection of Thorium Reactor Technology
A “Lazarus” Idea from 1962 that Hogue Predicted would Come Forth again in China

It is wrong for humanity to reject and avoid facing this fact that fossil fuels, coal, and nuclear reactor technologies are already there after long efforts to create vast power. We can’t avoid that there is at least another half-a-millennium of fossil fuel power we can use to create alternatives and slowly, steadily rewire our world. But we should focus our political and scientific will to compel the fossil fuel industry and the nuclear industry to build upon the pollutive foundation of centuries of discovery a new kind of fossil fuel use that sequesters, almost completely fossil fuel emissions.

We need to build upon the foundations of the current nuclear industry a completely new, and far safer technology that can in 20 years take us off the water-dependent majority of nuclear reactors that are water cooled, that are prone to meltdowns. In short, use what you’ve got readily available in a new and non-pollutive way if you would but only stop looking at these energy creations that have sent us to the brink of global disaster differently… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 09 October 2021

Earth Changes Prophecies:

A Great Quake in May
But Where? When?

9 Q83
Sol vint de Taurus1 ƒi fort terre trembler.
Le grand theatre rempli ruynera,
L’air, ciel & terre obƒcurcir & troubler,
Lors l’infidelle2 Dieu & ƒaincts voguera.

The Sun [20 degrees] in Taurus mightily will the earth shake,
The great theater full up will be ruined.
The air, sky and earth [in] darkness and trouble,
When the infidel will call upon God and Saints.

1Sol vingt de Taurus = May 10. Leoni variant: Sun twentieth of Taurus. Leoni explaining, “The twentieth may be to confirm this, or signify twenty days later, i.e., May 10.” 2Infidel, non-Christian; the unfaithful.

Interpretation of this quatrain has become a great controversy among Nostradamus scholars of the past 50 years. It is generally agreed that it forecasts an earthquake that will destroy a major theater or perhaps a stadium at the time of ecological troubles (air…sky…earth). The final line could reveal a sixteenth-century theist’s expectation that the ferocity of the earthquake, perceived to be an expression of divine wrath, would be so great that even unbelievers would return to God.

During the spring of 1988, a majority of published Nostradamus scholars declared that Los Angeles would suffer the long dreaded Big One—the killer quake lurking in the tension of the San Andreas Fault—in May of that year. At that time I wrote many published press releases and even appeared on the Los Angeles television show Eye on LA to declare that my colleagues’ interpretations were flawed, and that Asia and California would be at risk in 1989 and the early 1990s.

May 1988 came and went with a fanfare of hysteria in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, my 1986 interpretations of Nostradamus’ astrology had been correct regarding 1989. A series of six powerful earthquakes rocked northern China’s Shanxi province, 160 miles west of Beijing, and the tremors were felt in suburbs of the Chinese capital. The now famous Loma Prieta quake of San Francisco also took place in October of that year. The quake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale, making it the city’s most significant temblor since the Great Earthquake of 1906.

With that said, in this quatrain Nostradamus sets the stage for interpretive mischief by clearly giving us the date of the quake but not the year… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 13 October 2021

Tsunami 2004 aftermath. Aceh, Indonesia, 2005. Nothing but foundations of a town where once teaming tens of thousands lived. Photo: AusAID. © Creative Commons.

Tsunami 2004 aftermath. Aceh, Indonesia, 2005. Nothing but foundations of a town where once teaming tens of thousands lived. Photo: AusAID. © Creative Commons.

Earth Changes Prophecies:

There is only one, but it was a monster! Perhaps you were old enough to register news about it. Could you even have been one of the millions of people who fled for high ground on coastlines encompassing a great ocean the day after Christmas in the year 2004? In either case you would be the last to know about the quake that caused the great tsunami at the “bottom of Asia.” Nostradamus was the first to see it and set it down on parchment with pen 4.6 centuries before we were alive and hundreds of thousands of us died on that distant day… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.


Earth Changes Prophecies:

1 Q87
Ennoƒigee1 feu du centre de terre.
Fera trembler au tour de cité neufue2:
Deux grands rochiers long tẽps ferõt la guerre,
Puis Arethuƒa3 rougira nouueau fleuue.

Earth shaking fire from the center of the Earth.
Will cause the towers around the New City to shake:
Two great rocks for a long time will make war,
And then Arethusa shall color a new river red.

1Latin Ennosigaeus = the Earth-shaker, another name for the God Neptune, ruler of the seas and earthquakes. This implies a submarine quake and tsunami. 2Cité neufue = New City, or Neopolis for Napoli, Italy; possibly the great new city New York, see 6Q97, 10Q49. 3Arethusa is also the name of a town in the ancient Roman province of Syria.

A lot of potential natural, political, or economic disasters lurking in this quatrain. What first caught my eye in the past was the seismic future slant with great rocks (seismic plates) for a long time making war in California… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.


Earth Changes Prophecies:
But When?

It seems to be a collective vision throughout all prophetic traditions both ancient to modern that with climate disruptions, rising oceans, biblical floods and droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, there are cosmic natural disasters too. From Wormwood the Star crashing into the Earth in the Book of Revelation to these four quatrains from Nostradamus. They are pieces of a puzzle that put together, may describe in chilling detail how large the “mountain” falling out of the sky is, where it landed and what the resulting strike did in a future perhaps not so far from now… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

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