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Midterm US Election Forecast Updates! Khashoggi Assassination and is MBS Mabus, Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist? What is the Zeitgeist-turned-ZeitDemon of our Times? Astrology will Answer

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DATELINE: 27 October 2018

John Hogue’s Midterm Election Forecasts

Hi John, your last epistle was as long as a book! Can you see more clearly now what the outcome of the elections are?

Click on this link and read my detailed astrological predictions for the coming US Midterm Elections.

Click on this link and read my detailed astrological predictions for the coming US Midterm Elections.

Yes it was. That’s why I called it A Tsunami of Articles. I will add a few more articles to it and publish the set as a book in the near future. If I don’t write for a while the creative “magma” builds up into a literary eruption. For instance, in late September I was away in Red State land, in Little Rock, Arkansas, enjoying visiting the America upon which my blue Democrat West and East Coast friends rarely tread or try to understand. I was invited to lecture and do 40 private readings, the first in 26 years at the Arklantis Convention at the DoubleTree Hotel along the banks of the beautiful Arkansas River in Little Rock.

I sometimes leave my perch in the blue West Coast demographic archipelago to dive into the sprawling red demographic sea of Republican states. There I find many wonderful Americans who are kinder, more civil, and more able to listen to my progressive views then most beloved blue meanies of my liberal, Yellow Submarine Land think.

In my direct experiences outside of where “we all live in a Yellow Submarine” mindset, I generally enjoy the company of good people who are ready to find common ground with blue democratic Americans. They are willing to TALK where many of my blue friends will not. May the so-called “progressive” readers progress to that more civil state of being. Perhaps one of the reasons I can so successfully talk with people of the “Red Republica Sea” is that I am neither left or right-wing identified. I am a “free wing.” Therefore I can find common ground because I seek it.

Seek it and ye all shall find, I predict.

Now I’ll answer Vavi’s question about the Midterm Election:

I don’t see much of a change in what I wrote in January of this year in Ten Predictions 2018: Plus the US Midterm Election Forecast.

My forecast from January faces the test of time and events in 11 more days. There will be a narrowing of the gridlock but no great political axis shift of US Congress to Democrat control. Perhaps the Democrats get a political dog-leg up with a handful of extra-seat slim majority in the House but it will not matter much because the Democrats have no vision for the country. Just hate and destruction of the president.

I’m almost hoping for their sake and political future in 2020 that they don’t have a landslide in the House. It would be a battle won in 2018 in the war with Trump but by 2020 they could lose the war altogether because with political power they will feed their search and destroy corruptive temptation. They will persecute and censor.

The Democrat Party leadership of the resistance is senile, politically speaking. Take for example what just happened with the Kavanaugh hearings. The Democrat members of the Justice Committee could have taken this candidate for the Supreme Court down by bringing up his two counts of perjuring himself the last time he tried to be picked for the US Appellate Court. Senator Patrick Leahy was present for that. He tried to get the rest of the Democrats on committee to take Kavanaugh down, but no.

Instead they went to the “he said, she said” rape-as-a-teenager approach. That was purely done to rouse the women’s vote in the mid-term election at the cost of Kavanaugh breezing through to a lifetime post, perhaps putting women’s rights under threat for the next 20 or 30 years—certainly taking down what’s left of worker’s rights while siding in every future case on the side of corporate America. Thank you very much, you short-term thinking Dumb Dems on the Justice Committee.

There is no love of truth in this Democratic leadership’s ploy. Just a desire to get votes and in so doing sow the harvest of polarity in ways no less repugnant to me than what Bush’s brain, nicknamed “turd blossom” by the former president, did to divide the nation in the 2000 and 2004 elections. Karl Rove is pivotal in deepening the polarity of the nation in the first decade of the twenty-first century. Now the Democrats in the “resistance” movement will try an even harsher effort to divide and conquer today in 2018 that I predict will catastrophically fail tomorrow in 2020 handing Trump his second term.

I often keep secret possible futures foreseen until my Oracle senses they are gaining enough momentum of potential fulfillment requiring I render a warning.

Time for that warning…

I am not hedging. I am facing the facts of future gazing.

Yoda may be a fictional character but his statement is true: “Always in motion is the future.”

If life is dynamic, the future it echoes is also dynamic. My job, therefore, when necessary and compassionately timed, is to sometimes give you more than one potential outcome when the people’s confusion warrants it. I then state which one feels more inclined to be fulfilled without denying that the second outcome may turn up successful. In murky times as these, the future is more crowded with surprises. I sometimes can illuminate these potential surprises.

So with that said, what if the Democrats get what they wish for, a big takeover of the House “and” perhaps a slight one in the Senate?

In that scenario I see two years of hysteria taking power in the US Congress.

I see a two-year period of a new kind of McCarthyism coming as a karmic echo. Not from the right. This time the lessons unlearned by Americans possesses the left with the demon ghost of Senator Joe McCarthy. The so-called progressives become purge promoters and witch hunters.

The darkness from the right that Sen. Joe McCarthy unleashed on America in the early 1950s will, like a zombie, live again as a clarion call of rampage from the Left.

Let me say it again, I see the more likely scenario being a slight lead of Democrats in the House only. Yet that second potential has gained enough momentum that I must reveal that outside chance.

Even if the Democrat’s take the House by a slight majority of seats, a more watered-down McCarthyism is coming. They will then run all committees of both houses and start investigations into un-American activities that will destroy many lives and work to shut down free speech even faster than what the Dumbopublicans controlling Congress are currently doing.

By the way, Trump will survive any “Dementor-Crabby”-House attempt at impeachment. He’d even survive a Republican loss of the Senate too because the Democrats will not have enough votes for impeachment in either scenario. The Resistance from the left has no power to take Trump down. Only the Deep State can do that—the state of our nation where corporations rule—not you, not me.

If the Dems win a slight majority in the House, witch hunts in general will be less, ye new witch hunts to stymie, or keep alive fantasies, like Russian Hacks, will keep such “nothing burger” fishing expeditions running long after the Mueller Investigation is soon to be dead, buried and forgotten. Polarity will still deepen across the red and blue political spectrum of America. More violence will be coming too and acts of domestic terror attacks by both left and right leaning extremes will happen.

The “resistance” taking back the House could lead two years’ hence to the Democratic Party’s worse nightmare, Trump reelected in 2020 by a landslide that includes the Republicans taking back the House and Senate giving them time and power to bring the Supreme Court–and in effect how the US Constitution and your rights are interpreted–completely under multinational corporate control by a 7-2 supermajority.

The beginning of the end of this democracy started in 2010 with the US Supreme Court partisan corporate creep. By 2020 it will be made complete with a generation of partisan judges interpreting constitutional rights for, of and by the “people” they magically created in 2010 called “Corporations.”

History, I predict, will blame the noble opposition that turned off the light of its intelligence and thus darkened the House of Congress, attracting thieves from the left and the right.

That’s what happens when no vision is replaced by merely a lust to destroy what is in power with nothing in mind or vision to fill the void. The depth of denial in the noble opposition is so deep that it seems it has lost its mind since 8 November 2016 when its heir apparent, Hillary Rodham Clinton, lost her anticipated political coronation as President of the United States. The Democratic leadership is stuck ever since in a catatonic state of 8 November 2016 limbo.

I’m reminded of Miss Havisham of Dickens’ Great Expectations. She’s the eccentric old lady, jilted by her finance at her wedding, who had since worn her molding wedding dress and one shoe for decades after the tragic wedding day. Since that day nothing in her cobweb and dust-covered rooms at her mansion have been altered or cleaned.

On Election Night 8 November 2016 the people and electoral college “jilted” Hillary Clinton’s expected “marriage” as president. Ever since, she and the Democrat leadership suffered a Havisham-shocking setback and have stopped their political lives from moving on, moving forward. Havisham literally sat in her room for decades becoming moldy. The Democrat leadership have gathered mold in the mind. They cannot take one step forward for two years and counting.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment can’t take responsibility for losing.

They have to find some Miss Have-a-SHAM-mythical unicorn explanation instead. Therefore they cannot learn from their mistakes and live in a full-stop mentally, standing psychologically frozen still.

So deep is this insanity that if the Democrat establishment wins the House back, who knows? My harried crystal ball can, even now, countenance something incredibly silly happening: the Democratic Party driving bravely forward with its collective head up its “rear-view mirror, gazing sentimentally at a frozen past, hopefully, at Hillary Rodham Clinton stuck in that past running in 2020 to exorcise their shared demons, Trump and the GOP in power.

A psychological re-set on Election Night, 3 November 2020 that looks just like 8 November 2016 is possible. The lost shoe put back on the other foot. The “wedding dress refreshed.” Mrs. Hillary-“Havisham” Clinton gets her dream come true with the American people, put on hold for four years, by Trump, Putin, Wikileaks, Sponge Bob, whatever.

The potential of this future reminds me of the classic definition of insanity: do exactly the same thing you did in 2018 in 2020 and expect a different outcome.

The Democratic Party has no other figure of world fame and pay-to-play connections (AKA Democrat establishment corruption), who can make the money to buy a primary election once again and buy enough corporate influence to beat Trump.

Just look at your potential candidates.

Geriatric Joe Biden?

An even more ancient Socialist-turned-Democrat, Bernie Sanders? The Democratic establishment machine flipped him and Democrat progressives the Bernie “bird” in 2016.

That leaves you genetic-test challenged Elizabeth Warren.

For two presidential cycles-and-counting I have predicted she’s run in 2020, but I’ve yet to see her rise to the status of a serious—and “national” uniting candidate. Since November 2016, the Democratic Party’s “Resistance” mania has weakened Warren’s ability to win in 2020.

I see her chances fading to nothing, as long as the Democrat leadership stays stuck in tough-titty TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

The Kavanaugh caper has backfired on the Democrats. If anything I see the Republicans have a better chance now holding their ground and keeping the House of Reps even better because of this hysterical move to try Kavanaugh as a teenage rapist rather than present-day perjurer.

Here are some facts that the anti-Trump side of the corporate media are not factoring into the outcome of the midterms. Trump’s approval rating is higher than President Obama’s was when he lost the House and Senate to the Republicans in his first midterm election in 2010.

The Trump “outrage factor” of his tweets and bad behavior is not undermining his growing support in red states. I said it in 2015 and I say again, do not underestimate the power of 40 million evangelical voters supporting Trump. The Kavanaugh savaging has galvanized these holy rolling voters to roll into the polls to vote a few weeks from now on 6 November, like they did in 2016.

Politics is about the power of perception, not fact.

The perception is that the economy is getting better, unemployment is lowering. The euphoria of the tax cuts is still in play up to and through the Midterms and I predict the hike in prices coming from Trump’s trade war with China will not hit hard until a few weeks after “Tax Day,” 15 April 2019.

Trump is winning the Supreme Court.

Trump has won the NAFTA upgrade.

Trump has increased military spending and deregulated EPA and other regulations for big business. He’s bugged out of the Paris Accords and I could cite many other accomplishments that, despite those being resisted by the Washington elites, Trump promised to deliver and he has delivered to his voters.

Most importantly is this. Trump is on a speaking marathon two weeks before the Midterms to rival what he did two weeks before his presidential victory in 2016. Then as now he is stuffing the venues to capacity. Then as now, his approval rating is up in Red America. That will turn more House and Senate seats to the red color than expected by CNN and MSNBC anchors.

Then in 2016 as now in 2018, the aura of Clinton’s negativity is again becoming a factor. She’s buzz-killing Democrat hopes. She’s Miss “Have-it-her-way-shamming” as if its 2016 and she’s still campagning against Trump. This has-been, molding, past-oriented, divisive political figure just won’t go back into her political tomb. Her musty, cobwebbed presence is also galvanizing Republicans to vote.

Elizabeth Warren is also becoming a liability with her badly timed and needless obsession about answering Trump’s “Pocahontas” pokes with DNA tests that in the end “don’t” prove she has any significant Native American heritage beyond the general genetic background noise of any red-blooded melting-potbellied American.

Let me state again. I am not siding with any of these perceived realities.

My work is to look at your politics from a place of fact and a point of view the future humanity will enjoy in a society, unlike ours, that practices politics based in love, compassion and meditation—not ego, fear and divisiveness.

If one can step aside from their own political views against what he’s getting done, it is a fact that Trump is accomplishing more and faster than any first term president I’ve experienced since Nixon and Johnson back in the 1960s early 1970s. He’s also getting a lot of his political promises passed, despite great resistance from establishment Republicans and the Washington political class in general, left or right leaning.

Click on this cover image and read more about my third and most climactic book on Trump, still under construction that will look at his future "beyond" the Midterm Elections of 2018. Get on the waiting list to receive a personal notice when it is published early in the New Year.

Click on this link and read more about my third and most climactic book on Trump, still under construction that will look at his future “beyond” the Midterm Elections of 2018. Get on the waiting list to receive a personal notice when it is published early in the New Year.

Like my first and second Trump books, I intend the same balanced approach for the last book on Trump (for release “after” the Midterm Elections by spring of next year). I will continue to be fair and not pull punches about his negative traits or deny the positive potentials of Trump.

We’ll see in two weeks what happens, but I’m holding to what I’ve felt will happen since I wrote my first essay on the US Midterms last January. The Republicans will hold on to a lot more seats than anticipated by the Democrat-biased media outlets.

Trump and the GOP are not going to lose a landslide of 30 or 40 seats in the House of Reps to the Democrats.

I see their maximum potential majority gain of around a dozen  more than the Republicans.

The Senate could slide stronger to the GOP by at least two more seats. Without the Senate there will be no impeachment of Trump by any Democrat Party Resistance movement, period.

I do see a blue shift to the House in the Western half of America, while the East side of the House congressional districts will get redder.

Is Trump going to stop the caravan of thousands marching toward our border, just like the Muslims marching into Germany.

If the Mexican government doesn’t stop them at their southern border, of course Trump will stop them at his. As I publish this it sounds like the Mexican government has not prevented the caravan.

Note this future potential.

This caravan, it will be discovered, actually was financed and motivated by the Democrat political leadership and it will backfire upon them.

Remember what I say, the “caravan” is timed to reach the US border by early November to have the greatest, propaganda impact on the Midterm election.

The Democrat Party opposition don’t seem to get it how much this timed caravan—pulling the “immigration” race card ploy—plays to Trump’s white-and-frightened base going out to vote on 6 November. This Caravan political caper might negatively impact my forecast of more House seats going blue in Western, especially Southwestern border, states.

It is like how women were exploited to get out to vote in the Kavanaugh caper. This horde of 7-to-14,000 refugees are being exploited for votes. Central Americans may be injured. Some may even die, just to get votes. And I predict it will backfire politically for the Democrats.

The demonstration of refugees at the border is a good thing if your press is responsible and balanced enough to tell the full story why they are there. They are refugees because of decades of Republican “and” Democrat controlled US congresses and presidents committing mass murder supporting right-wing guerilla insurrections in civil wars (in Nicaragua, Guatemala and San Salvador). These people are fleeing from bipartisan efforts of  regime change in Central and South American countries to put fascist dictators in power,  overthrowing democratically elected governments in Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Americans, look at a half-century of bipartisan crimes committed against human beings that has brought increased violence, economic degradation and collapse to Central and South American society, sending multitudes towards your US southern border today.

It is frightening to think of America’s future. I hope your [resumption of private] readings are helping you get closer to the resources you need to keep up your work.

It has been slow but with times turning in the direction of dire evolutionary crisis, I expect I will be busy and my work will gain more attention—that is if I’m not silenced like so many alternative media voices where in a Facebook mid-October purge not long ago.

HogueWBloodMoonbyCynthiaCampbellMy work privately and publicly will gain more attention exactly because the gathering stupidity in the future will become ever more dark by a contrast to the truth of what I’m sharing. I will continue as long as I can, firing up that light I represent that only gets brighter when the world turns darker.

That’s why it is good to open more backup ways to access my work if Facebook erases my page completely or I’m banned from YouTube. Here’s three things I ask you to do:

1.) Join my free Newsletter List. If you haven’t received the four bulletins already published this October, that means censoring algorithms have unfriended you from the list, not me. Re-subscribe now and do the other two things too:
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The more doorways you can establish with me, the less chance the lights will be shut out by those who would like to silence me.

DATELINE: 27 October 2018



US threatening to Back out of the INF Treaty: What are the Future Consequences?

I have often said that Trump is a kind of karmic echo to President Ronald Reagan. He is a catalytic return of unlearned lessons Americans as a nation need to experience again.

This process often returns in reverse image.

What Reagan proposed and signed with Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev in December 1987 to effectively destroy an entire genus of US and Soviet medium range nuclear-tipped missiles was the beginning of the end of the First Cold War. Last Saturday, while on the midterm election campaign trail stumping for Republican hopefuls, President Trump announced that he was going to take the United States out of the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty. In effect, what Reagan and Gorbachev proposed, Donald Trump could dispose.

I believe his declaration is a first move of his style of shock and sometimes awe-inspiring awful negotiation technique. Yet, if this high-risk game doesn’t negotiate a new INF treaty with a new twist, including China, then the Cold War Reagan and Gorbachev ended will be fully restarted by Trump and Putin.

Source: Gage Skidmore.

Source: Gage Skidmore.

Trump wisely gave himself cover by reminding reporters that the previous Obama Administration had also complained of treaty abuses committed by Putin. Being President “Kirk” to Obama’s cerebral President “Mr. Spock” he’s James T. (for Trump) Kirk taking-action. The threat of leaving the INF comes a few days before Trump’s NSA advisor Bolton, bolted off to Moscow to match nose with white walrus mustache to Putin’s pointed Dobbie nose in hard-nosed talks.

Where the Democratic Party establishment wants to go to war with Russian and thinks it can without ending the world, some pundits speculate that Trump might expand his trade war to a shooting war with China. I for one predict Trump wants to weave a negotiated deal but he could push too hard and get himself in a shooting war he doesn’t want none the less. I see a trip to China in Bolton’s future coming quickly because I believe Trump is opening another front of hard-nosed negotiation with China beyond trade wars to risk deepening this second Cold War. China is not a signatory of the INF, so they have no legal binding qualms creating a nuclear missile arsenal that consists of 95-percent medium range ballistic missiles.

Donald J. “Kirk” is going to have more than a little trouble with Tribbles in Beijing proposing they eliminate 95 percent of their arsenal. That tribble doesn’t only bite, he don’t hunt, Mr. President.

Trump is spot on about the Russians violating the INF Treaty, by the way. I have no doubt that John Bolton got a lecture from Putin in Moscow about how bugging out of one important treaty after another changes the way other interconnected nuclear weapons treaties are honored. Bolton in his career as an important advisor in the G.W. Bush NSA and later as US Ambassador to the UN, is an avowed treaty breaker. Bolton in 2002 bent his influence on Bush to unilaterally take the United States out of the ABM treaty, effectively giving themselves the green light to surround Russia and China with anti-Ballistic Missiles.

The mainstream US media avoids telling you this, but because ABMs can be easily converted into medium range nuclear-tipped missiles, the Russians are right to point out that by leaving the ABM treaty America has already open the door to nuclearizing all those ABM batteries at any moment. That is why Russia started expanding their medium-range arsenal as a deterrent.

Atomic attack on Mt. Redoubt in Alaska in 1970? No. Tis' a mixed metaphor for our mixed up future where two threats may extinguish the human race: carbon released by humans added to natural releases such as volcanic eruptions as one example, lead to global warming. Compared to what the earth releases each year it is quite small, but it is like the straw that broke the back of the climate's balancing act. That this eruption forms an almost perfect hydrogen bomb mushroom alludes to the other threat to human existence. At no time, even in the last Cold War are we moving so perilously close to a thermonuclear war than now, so says my Oracle.

Atomic attack on Mt. Redoubt in Alaska in 1970? No. Tis’ a mixed metaphor for our mixed up future where two threats may extinguish the human race: carbon released by humans added to natural releases such as volcanic eruptions as one example, lead to global warming. Compared to what the earth releases each year human CO2 pollution is quite small, but it is like the straw that broke the back of the climate’s balancing act. That this eruption forms an almost perfect hydrogen bomb mushroom alludes to the other threat to human existence. At no time, even in the last Cold War, are we moving so perilously close to a thermonuclear war than now, so says my Oracle. USGS.

These nuclear war preventing treaties are like legs to a peace table. Break one and you destabilize the others. One leg was broken by the US in 2002 with the ABM backout. Leg two, INF, is next. Leg three may not be broken but the NPT (Nuclear Proliferation Treaty) gravely weekend when all signatories prepare issues for review and upgrading in spring 2019 with a full-scale review set for 2020. The NPT at 50 is suffering a midlife crisis of sorts, what with so many nuclear powers not yet signed and ratified in volatile areas, such as Israel, Pakistan and India in Near and Central South Asia and North Korea in the Northwestern Pacific Rim region. It may survive the review but with other nuclear treaties falling NPT’s power to stop the spread of nuclear armed states may be failing by then.

Then comes the last leg to possibly fall, the most fundamental: START (the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) that works to greatly diminish the US and Russian nuclear arsenals that include over 95 percent of all nukes on the planet. Every indication is that Trump will back the US out of that too when it runs out in 2021. Moreover, if he isn’t re-elected, I don’t expect the party of warmongers and Russia haters, the Democratic Party, if in power in the White House, will be any less predisposed by 2021 to renew it.

I can imagine what Putin said to Bolton when they met this week in Moscow, cordially of course but pointed. Something that essentially fell down the lines of these points: “You Americans started this descent into a Cold War and we’ve responded in kind with deterrents to defend ourselves from the shadow arms race you began with backing out of ABM in 2002. With that move you began creating a missile system that aims to shoot down all of our retaliatory capabilities if attacked. We will build more missiles and do the second thing. We’ll build unique defensive weapons, on a financial shoe-string too, that make your anti-missile arms race increasingly irrelevant.”

Putin said as much on his 1 March address to the Russian Nation.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on this link and read how this future can be changed.

Prophetically speaking, all of these developments lead to my continued effort to find just when Nostradamus’ short and long countdowns to a Second Cold War going nuclear begin. We know one is 3 years 7 months, the other 13 years long. Since April 2014 I began seeing Cold War Two emerge in the near future. Putin’s speech on 1 March may mark its official beginning in 2018.

As we get closer to fulfilment, things become dangerously clearer. ABM in 2002, to INF in 2018, to a weakening of the NPT and a complete end to the START treaties make 2021 the latest time to begin this countdown to doomsday at 3 years and 7 months or 13 years.

I can sense that he Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board will be adjusting the hour arm of their Doomsday Clock even closer to the nuclear war than the current two minutes before midnight hour. The threats of US-North Korean war had put it to that closest point in 2018, not seen since the US created hydrogen bombs in 1953. It has never been closer in the past, but I dare say between the end of 2018 and 2021, it will go to one minute, even within one minute to Doomsday.

Stay tuned. And while you do that, read my book A New Cold War.

DATELINE: 27 October 2018

MBS (MABUS?) and The Khashoggi Assassination Effect

150707-N-GR120-015 ARABIAN GULF (July 07, 2015) Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Second Deputy Premier, Deputy Crown Prince, Minister of Defense Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, speaks with Rear Adm. Andrew Lewis, commander of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 12, aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Theodore Roosevelt is deployed in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations supporting Operation Inherent Resolve, strike operations in Iraq and Syria as directed, maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the region. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Anna Van Nuys/Released)

ARABIAN GULF (July 07, 2015) Prince Mohammed bin Salman  (now Crown Prince, of Saudi Arabia), speaks with Rear Adm. Andrew Lewis, commander of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 12, aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Anna Van Nuys/Released)

First let’s clear the air about just who Jamal Khashoggi was beyond what you usually hear on US corporate news, which by the way, has A LOT of Saudi Arabian money pouring into it. He was far more than just a US resident Saudi citizen and slaughtered Washington Post reporter. Mark Sleboda, who is an international security and affairs analyst, described him on RT’s Crosstalk on 22 October as, “the journalist-slash-intelligence affiliate…”

Sleboda explained, “He’s been a fervent member of the Muslim Brotherhood—something that if you mention it, [on mainstream US news] you are part of the right-wing, whisper-smear campaign against him.

“He was a player. He was involved with the CIA, and… the protégé of…Saudi [Arabia’s] head of intelligence. And since the [2011] Saudi fall-out with the Arab Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood, [Khashoggi] was excised from power and became a Saudi dissident.”

Geopolitically speaking, the death of Khashoggi is a loss for the US and Israel, said Sleboda, “The big beneficiaries are Turkey, which is in a type of rivalry for neo-Ottoman influence in the Arab World with Saudi Arabia.”

That would pit Turkey as a “kind of the non-monarchist, political Salafist…the Muslim Brotherhood” in a strategic struggle to dominate the Middle East with “the Wahhabist absolutists” of the Saudi Kingdom.

Sleboda concluded, “And also by being de facto allied with Turkey now against Saudi Arabia, Qatar benefits. And I think you could say Russia and Iran are sitting in the background laughing.”

Part of the Turkish-Saudi power struggle included Turkey protecting Qatar since last year, putting a Turkish garrison at the border of the Qatari Peninsula to thwart a threatened Saudi invasion and occupation. (See my Qatar article).

Qatar has since been cut off economically by the Saudis, and several other gulf nations along with Egypt. Qatar shares with Iran the Middle East’s largest gas deposits in the Persian Gulf and now is sliding into Iran’s sphere of influence.

But that’s just real news.

Let’s get back to good ‘ole, corporate American “eyewitness,” eye-witless news.

By accident, the witless networks backed themselves into a ratings-grabbing sensational story about one journalist’s murder with unintendedly truthful consequences. At last the American people are learning more than ever before (there’s nowhere to go but up) about all the other individual and mass-murdering done by the current Saudi regime.

AT LAST the Beast of Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (AKA MBS) is getting unwanted  American and worldwide attention for what he is really like, the young and ruthless power behind the throne of his stroke-ridden father, King Salman. Starting last year I began writing about MBS as a new and perhaps the most formidable candidate for Nostradamus’ Antichrist I’ve ever encountered since being on the trail for candidates since 1983.

I published a Hogueprophecy Article posted on 16 November 2017 about him. Readers scarcely noticed. It took the lurid murder of a Saudi journalist, critical of the Crown Prince, going into the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey, to receive a license to marry his Turkish fiancée, yet he never left the premises, except for a Saudi agent wearing his stolen clothes.

Caught on Turkish intelligence CCTV cameras was a motorcade of 15 hit men commanded by a senior official of the Saudi Secret Police and personal agent of MBS going into the embassy before Khashoggi was seen on camera walking through the front door. He never came out but  the motorcade of 15 hit men drove away within the hour heading in the direction of a nearby northern wood where it is believed they dumped or buried the remains of Khashoggi’s dismembered body though some reporters speculate that was a ruse. His body parts zipped up in diplomatically protected bags may have been flown to Saudi Arabia for incineration.

Stories are spreading that the secret police tortured him, then cut off his fingers and finally beheaded him. It is said his Apple watch audio-recorded the torture and murder though it hasn’t been publicly released at the time of this writing. The Turkey President Erdogan says his government has the audio tape from the Apple watch.

For many of you this may be your first experience of the medieval barbarity of this ugly and evil Saudi regime.

It’s about time that salacious ratings hounds in the US corporate media brought these horrors to your attention for the sake of your clicks on their Facebook and Google pages and audience share. Now you know what outrages your nation’s number one ally in the region, after Israel, are doing. This is the first candidate for Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist that enjoys full political support and military funding by the US military industrial complex “and” an alliance with Israel. Hundreds of billions of your taxpayer dollars have already armed MBS to the teeth.

MBS wants to get the US into a war with Iran as much as Israel does with the BS story that Iran is the world’s primary bank roller of terrorism. In fact it is the Saudi Arabian Kingdom with its Wahhabist fanatical and heretical brand of Islam that is the financier and spiritual source of the funding and religious philosophies of al-Qaeda and ISIS and other Salafist jihad groups—not the Iranians.

MBS’s anagrammed possibilities as Nostradamus’ code name for this Final Antichrist “Mabus” are as rich as his crimes are immense but few in the West were even told of his Yemeni holocaust inflicted on the Northern “Houthis” Yemenis before the Khashoggi story. After three bloody years and over 100,000 killed, mostly civilians, MBS is on the verge of killing more Yemenis through blockade, starvation, cholera and indiscriminate bombing (completely with US help) that another year of it might find 12 million Yemenis starving to death in a Yemeni holocaust that killed twice as many as those murdered in the Jewish holocaust.

MBS is an evil beast but he’s your beast, Mr. and Mrs. America. Your US Air Force fuel jets rendezvous over Yemeni airspace to fill Saudi jet bombers that daily bomb what are 50-percent civilian targets. They’re flying your manufactured jets and blowing men women and children up with bombs “Made in the U.S.A.” That makes you are unconsciously culpable for MBS’s war crimes even if your media doesn’t tell you about it.

How odd it is that it took only the dismemberment of just one of his hundreds of thousands of victims to get world news attention AT LAST. This is good, even though the truth hurts. You all need to know what you all are becoming indirectly responsible for—a new holocaust. This also goes for my many British, French and German readers whose countries sell billions of euro’s worth of armaments to Saudi Arabia. I guess it takes the grandchildren of the moribund Third Reich to do the right thing. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has withdrawn arms contracts with the Saudis over Khashoggi’s murder where none of the others, like France, Britain and the US have. Still, She’s riding a politically expedient wave, cashing in on Khashoggi sympathy when German weapons have been killing Yemeni kids and mothers and aiding MBS’s plan to starve out of existence half of Yemen’s population for three years. Whatever the reason, the cowardice, the hypocrisy of politicians like Merkel, I’ll take it for the Yemeni people’s sake.

Hogueprophecy regularly lets you know about these things going on in your nation and your world as well as gain some prophetic insight into where it goes from here and what positive solutions you can access to change the future for the better.

I’m glad to see many of you at last asking me about the Saudi Crown Prince and his ties to Nostradamus’s Antichrist prophecies. Therefore here again is part one of that November 2017 article. It reads like it was written today, but it is nearly one year old now:


DATELINE: 16 November 2017

Candidate for Third Antichrist, Muhammad bin Salman, begins his Takeover of Saudi Arabia. Saudi War with Lebanon imminent. War with Iran with US and Israeli Help Next?

Mabus very soon then will die, [next] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
100 powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Nostradamus (1555) Les Propheties, 2 Q62
From the “Mabus”-Third Antichrist Prophecy

On 4 November 2017 (Saudi Arabian Time) a long-range Burkan 2-H ballistic missile was fired out of Yemen just minutes after 8 pm. A few minutes later in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, 800 kilometers away, air alert alarms sounded and the launch of US-manufactured Patriot anti-ballistic missiles lit up the evening sky. There was a loud aerial explosion. Saudi military sources said the offending missile was hit and its broken remains harmlessly fell east of the King Khalid International Airport with no reported casualties.

Al-Jazeera was contacted by the Houthi rebels in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa who claimed responsibility for the missile attack, adding, “The capital cities of countries that continually shell us, targeting innocent civilians, will not be spared from our missiles!”

The Houthi rebels made good their spokesman Muhammad Abdul Salam’s threat a month ago made to Al-Jazeera that they would “escalate operations on the Yemeni-Saudi border and target deep inside the Kingdom.”

From a prophetic angle, we have here a possible action, a missile falling out of the sky on the Saudi capital, an event perhaps foreseen by a man from the pre-industrial mid-sixteenth century. He might therefore describe a rocket in his vision of a fantastic weapon from the future appearing in the night sky like a flaming tail, of a “comet” passing or running across the sky to its target. This “comet” on a flaming run to Riyadh may mark a significant, even history-altering action, setting into motion reactions that will affect everyone reading this—everyone in the world—in the weeks or months to follow.

This may be the first “comet”-like shot of what would be, and what Nostradamus may have foretold, is the greatest war the Middle East has ever suffered. This could be the war to end all wars in the so-called Holy Land behaving, as usual, most unholy: a region-wide conflagration of war that might attract like moths to the fire the United States and the Russian Federation into a nuclear crisis because of a new contest between America’s unruly Sunni Muslim and Russia’s Shia Muslim vassals.

TrumpAndbinSalmanOvalOfficePillarsBlood will flow because of [the US and West] absolving,
A young dark man filled with evildoing.

Nostradamus (1555) Les Propheties, 3 Q60)
From the “Third Antichrist” prophecies

I have been warning you of late about a new candidate for Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist. He may become the most formidable and dangerous of them all, because, unlike the other’s who have had their Arabic names easily convert by laws of Nostradamian anagram to the prophet’s code name Mabus, this one is not fighting the United States. He is Washington’s most significant Arab vassal and ally. He is a young man of 32 years that Washington has and will go on “absolving” for his many crimes, such as aiding and abetting terrorist factions in the Free Syrian Army during a bloody six-year civil war, and the systematic devastation of Yemen now approaching mass genocide. He is absolved of these outrages, including even his secret financial and armed support of al-Qaeda, because his kingdom sits on the oil the US needs to keep its hegemonic military running. He’s absolved because he’s the most powerful Sunni leader in the world that both the US and Israel support in their proxy wars against the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran. Khamenei is the most powerful political world leader of the minority Shia Muslim sect predominant in the Persian population of Iran, a regional superpower contesting Saudi Arabian regional hegemony. Khamenei’s allies are fellow Shia Arab vassals in the Middle East, such as those running the al-Assad Syrian regime and Cleric Nasrallah’s Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon.

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this link.

The “absolved” young dark man America and Israel support against the above is the Saudi current Crown Prince and soon-to-be future King. He is the infernal darling of US military industrial complex, its number one purchaser of US arms, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

Following the Yemeni missile strike on Riyadh—or, “the comet passing”— Muhammad bin Salman (we’ll abbreviate his name to MBS for the rest of the article) has spent the week following the attack making decisive domestic and foreign political moves. These are bringing clarity into my Oracle’s focus about the shape of the great Middle Eastern war to come—the potentially apocalyptic conflict I’ve been warning would proceed soon after the defeat and destruction of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Click on the cover to read more about this important book and how you can purchase either an eBook or Printed Edition.

Click on this link to read more about this important book and how you can purchase either an eBook or Printed Edition.

Last Sunday, the morning after the 4 November missile strike on Riyadh’s International Airport, TV Ekhbariya reported that the deputy governor of Saudi Arabia’s southern Asir province and several colleagues died in a helicopter crash while they were taking a tour of an area near the coast in Asir, close to the Yemeni frontier. At first it looked like an accident, but in the following days of MBA’s sweeping purge of rivals to the throne, the deaths by copter crash took on a more sinister possibility.

Mass arrests of businessmen and members of royal family ensued, ostensibly as the Crown Prince’s next step in a crackdown to eradicate rampant corruption—along with any significant figures who might contend his ascent to the throne once his ailing father dies and soon. A number of senior ministers and nearly a dozen princes were “detained” for interrogation by MBA’s new “anti-corruption committee.” The luminaries are telling. They include the leading member of the late founder of al-Qaeda’s family, Bakr bin Ladin, owner of the Binladen construction group with a net worth of $7 billion; Waleed al-Ibrahim, owner of the MBC Media Company (net worth $6 billion); Saud al-Dawish, former CEO of Saudi Telecom; Saud al-Tobaishi, Head of Royal Ceremonies and Protocols. The anti-corruption witch-hunt dragged into interrogation the Minister of Finance, Ibrahim al-Assaf, worth $390 million.

After the BinLaden Group, the committee put under investigation a further three family heads of powerful Saudi family-run businesses and some more high cabinet officials, such as Adel Faqih, the Minister of Economy and Planning, Kaled al-Towaijri, former Chief of the Royal Court. Al-Towaijri had already been summarily dismissed when the previous King Abdullah had died, succeeded by King Salman and his son, the real power behind the throne.

I imagine many of these people will find themselves under house arrest and soon. They will be stripped of their holdings and wealth such as the designated Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, whom MBA removed to clear the way for his own succession in July 2017 along with al Waleed bin Talal. Talal with a net worth of 16.8 billion was one of Saudi Arabia’s most influential international media shareholding billionaires with a large stake in Twitter, 21st Century Fox, NewsCorp and Cititgroup. Locked away in the gilded cage of luxury of their own palaces under guard since July is the former Governor of Riyadh Turki bin Abdullah, along with fired Minister of the National Guard, Mitaab bin Abdullah and Turki bin Nasser, the former Head of the Saudi Air Force.

I mean is it just me or is this much more than a sweeping up of the corrupt Saudi elites.

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Now I take you back to three more free articles below:

DATELINE: 27 October 2018

Nostradamus (1503-1566) Painting by Cesar de Nostradamus.

Nostradamus (1503-1566) Painting by Cesar de Nostradamus.

A brief word about my Association with Philip Dunn (AKA author Peter Lorie) and the travails of Decoding Nostradamus

A Facebook friend made the following comment that was a catalyst for discussing some personal experiences and professional advice I gave to authors who try to code-bust Nostradamus’ obscure verses.

Hello John Hogue. We may have communicated before. I was initially interested in [your 1994 book] Nostradamus: The New Revelations. He was a man with an enigma!
Other occultist interests: books by a man named Peter Lorie…?
Many thanks…

Hi Robin, few people know this but that beautiful coffee table, fully illustrated book Nostradamus: The New Revelations was the original version of my first book with all the things that “Peter Lorie cut out of it in 1987 when he was my first publisher and editor. It appeared as my first book Nostradamus and the Millennium. It was restored along with new material in 1994 when I started my long and positive relationship with Element Books (1994-2003). They were responsible for publishing some of my best written and most beautiful-looking books like New Revelations, Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies, The Last Pope, Messiahs and the third, expanded edition of my original book, Nostradamus and the New Millennium. I can thank Philip Dunne (who used the pen name, Peter Lorie) for publishing my first bestselling work that got my foot through the impossible-to-open book business door into world attention.

I cannot, however, thank but do forgive the late Philip Dunn for the terrible things he did to me and my first book that at last got rectified when I published with Element Books the same tome in 1994 under a new title Nostradamus: The New Revelations and put to rest in the publishing industry the slanderous rumor Philip was spreading that he wrote my first internationally bestselling book.

Case in point: the subsequent books Philip wrote under the pen name Peter Lorie that kind of looked like what I’d call “John Hogue cloned” books on Nostradamus themes but in the end did not achieve the same popular success. I would contend that they lacked my research and authentic legacy of accurate predicting.

The three books he wrote, two of which in tandem with other writers, are without question as beautifully designed as my first book Nostradamus and the Millennium.

Click on the cover.

Click on this link to access an overview on this nearly 1,000-page epic work.

I  included the Valery Hewitt (Nostradamus: The Key to the Centuries) that Lorie published and co-wrote in my twentieth-century review of Nostradamus books that appeared in the 1997 edition of the first full translation and interpretation of all of Nostradamus’ work entitled Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. This is a book I’m currently updating and should release in the next few years.

Rather than five stars I gave five-hands clasping feathered pen awards for what I considered the best, and one feathered pen for the worst.

Five gave one the kudo: “Excellent scholarship. Innovative and open-minded interpretations, and a good balance of metaphysical theory and skepticism. A grade of A to B+.”

The Hewett/Lorie book received a one feathered pen, meaning: “Amateurish research. At best a work by a dilettante. At worse a book burdened with biases and somewhat unconvincing (and at times downright loony) New Age theories. A grade of F (Fail).”

I never slam authors without explaining why, so in the opening of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies in the “how to interpret” segment, the spurious elements in the Hewitt-Lorie book had to be addressed directly in an essay called Code-Breaking Nostradamus.

One of the earliest editions of Nostradamus' work.

One of the earliest editions of Nostradamus’ work.

I wrote, “Some of the most entertaining books on Nostradamus boast about discovering some secret code. For instance, in 1991 authors Peter Lorie and V.J. Hewitt boldly claimed that they had made a complete scientific de-codification of the prophet, from his chapeau of anagrams down to his syllable toes. With such a marketing hook I wondered why the promised “detailed” and scientific instructions were tucked away in the back of the book.

“The instructions brazenly asked the reader to comprehend Hewitt and Lorie’s scientific theories by taking a leap of faith beyond objectivity. The book boldly declared that Hewitt herself was foreseen by the prophet as the one who would unlock his secrets. So far, their book is remarkable only in its remarkably detailed failures, such as Prince Charles’ failing to become King of England in 1993, George Bush’s failing to win a second term as president of the United States, and California not sinking into the Pacific Ocean at exactly 7 pm on 8 May 1993.”

ASSESSMENT 18 October 2018:
Time and events ever are the honest judge of what we interpreters of prophecies predict. Since I wrote the above and published it in 1997 here are some more “great prophetic successes” the Lorie-Hewitt “decoding” of Nostradamus were expected to fulfill between “1995-2010.”


Genetic breakthrough in cure for AIDS
Plague decimates India’s population
General Colin Powell elected as US Vice President
Venus colonized
Children given the vote
[Steven] Spielberg revives the British Film Industry.

ASSESSMENT 18 October 2018:
Nope, none of that happened by 2010. Not even close. Maybe the back cover will establish some—any—credibility to Hewitt’s claim that she’d decode Nostradamus in the future. I’ll list first out of sequence those so generalized that they could happen in just about any future year, like Australia ravaged by fire because Australia is ALWAYS ravaged by fire every fire season.

So these are cleverly vague enough to be called low hanging fulfillment fruity hits, like:

The Universe Explained
Communication with Dolphins
Australia Ravaged by Fire
A Return to Paganism
Communications with Dolphins
European Industry Transformed

ASSESSMENT 18 October 2018:
Yes, a lot of people are explaining to us what the Universe is every year. And there’s hundreds of instances when man wags fish at Dolphin and Dolphin eats fish, ergo “communication.” Australia burns up every year and a return to paganism has been ongoing for generations past, present and no doubt people will be going pagan in the near future up to and beyond 2010, unless the authors meant the world would drop organized religions for Paganism—which is a failed prophecy.

Now to the bolder declarations hewed for us by Hewitt:

House of Lords Abolished
Intelligent Life on Other Planets
The Death of NATO
Third World Unites in Brazil
Gravity is switched off
John Major Threatened by Coup
TV powers the Mind
Iran and Jordan make Nuclear Deal
Lasers replace Manual Surgery
Schizophrenia A Food Allergy
Youth Restored to the Elderly
Earth Conquers the Solar System
London Flood Menace
Political Rights for Animals

ASSESSMENT 18 October 2018:
As hard as it is to get prophecy 100-percent right, it is an equally hard “achievement” to get your prophecies 100-percent completely wrong. Not one of these things happened between 1995 to 2010 and eight years after the dateline they remain completely unfulfilled.

I ended my review of their book offering the following advice:

“I would cordially suggest to Hewitt, Lorie, and any future code-busters that they submit their claims to an impartial test. Anyone who believes he or she has decoded Nostradamus’ quatrains should send a selection of decoded quatrains, with down-to-the-day-and-minute declarations for the coming year, to a reputable metaphysical organization such as the American Society for Psychical Research. After one year those interpretations can be unsealed before an audience of debunkers, journalists, and true believers to test their veracity. Once the predictions are verified, then, and only then, should that author publish his or her book claiming to decode Nostradamus.”

Elsewhere in Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies I proposed that if you actually “have” decoded Nostradamus, don’t hide the instructions in the back of the book. Moreover, don’t start your countdown of accurate prophecies 18 months after publication; otherwise, it looks like you’re hedging your bets on the average life cycle of interest a book enjoys after publication that is about 18 months. Perhaps such decoders hope to cash in on a “prophet” in the “profit” margin before 18 months of average interest runs out before “accuracy” goes down the toilet.

Here’s a further few words from 1997 about code busting with the updated year numbers in brackets from today:

Contrary to the claims of many imaginative dilettantes [authors like V.J. Hewitt from the past] and a few sincere theorists [authors like Mario Reading, who I contend tried and utterably failed to connect the index numbers of Nostradamus’ verses to date all of his prophecies], no one has yet found the key to any single all-encompassing code that unlocks [Nostradamus’] secrets. After [44] years of study I conclude that a magician of Nostradamus’ intelligence would not be so stupid as to forge a weak link in the chain of his future legacy. At best there may be random devices and codes, but as we will see, even unlocking a random code conjures up more questions and mysteries than answers. It seems to be Nostradamus’ rule to keep’em guessing.

DATELINE: 27 October 2018

Henry Gibson's "poetry" moment on Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-in" late 1960s.

Henry Gibson’s “poetry” moment on Rowan and Martin’s “Laugh-in” late 1960s. (Public Domain)

What is the Zeitgeist-turned-ZeitDemon of our Times? Does Astrology give us a Sign?

I wish to share my answer to Norma’s question for everyone. It was inspired by statements I made on in a Coast to Coast AM interview on 3 October 2018. I feel the deep and heartful need for this to be answered. It is the question many of you harbor in your hearts about these direful times.

Thank you for letting us know. So many things are happening in the news today. What’s most puzzling is the degree of MIS-COMMUNICATION, lack of TOLERANCE, a low level of UNDERSTANDING throughout the world. As you, John, are an expert in astrological interpretations, is the planet Mercury `misbehaving’ ? ……….. In quick words: What-the-hell-is-going-on

Mercury, being one of the inner planets of the solar system, like Venus and Mars, can have influence to spice, sweeten and/or sour those planets that bear far greater influence on the transpersonal, the collective fate of humanity. In general though, Mercury’s influences are brief at best and like Mars and Venus, more concerned as rulers of the inner signs, the personal signs with faster-moving and more transitory moods and movements of the personality, the ego.

I would also add, Norma, that your question implies something to do with Mercury Retrogrades. These do exert more influence on the collective humanity because they come on for three weeks at the end of every four months of direct Mercurial course to challenge everyone from the most powerful to the humble with communicating with others outside and reviewing the last four months of mental activity inside in preparation for moving forward in the next four months. Contracts, and especially negotiating treaties can be negatively impacted.

There is no Mercury retrograde happening at this time. Nor does a Mercury retrograde affect the Midterm Elections because it doesn’t begin until 15 November, when Mercury is in Sagittarius. It lasts until 6 December 2018.

Goldie Hawn and Ruth Buzzi of Laugh-in use a divination rod to divine the future? Maybe not.

Goldie Hawn and Ruth Buzzi of Laugh-in use a divination rod to divine the future? Maybe not. (Public Domain)

The main astrological “culprit” for the collective world’s intolerance, might have Laugh-in’s Fickle Finger of Fate award go to Uranus the revolutionary, the innovator, the spark in genius, the master of chaos. I’m talking about Mr. Surprise mired in his astrological “Fall” in the mud of a very earthy sign of Taurus. Uranus is trying to move ass-backwards out of the mess of a long retrograde motion that will actually take yUr-muddy-Uranus-ness all the way out of Taurus back into Aries on 6 November 2018.

Yes folks, it happens in the afternoon of the US Midterm Elections.

Uranus is ill-starred in Aries. It defines itself in Taurus a whole lot like the climate of our times on approach to Election Day, PVC-phoney pipe bombs this week and all. The retrograde in motion in Taurus does that. On election day it wants to return to a review of its transit of Aries one last time.

Ah, the vibe of Aries transits past. Dial back to 1928-1934,

The stock market crashed and burned in 1929. Then FDR was inaugurated president of the USA in early 1933 and he reformed the banking system. Franklin Delano Roosevelt set the nation on an initially rocky road to recovery through the hard years of the Great Depression to resurrection of the US economy through World War II. You can thank Uranus in Aries for the upset of systemic economic stresses crashing and a “New Deal” restoring the land.

But that’s half the story.

Aries in Taurus had defined the election of Trump at 21 degrees on 8 November 2016. The last time Uranus was 21 Degrees Aries, Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, as Chancellor, thanks first to forming a minority government, followed by a false-flagged terrorist emergency, the burning the of the Reichstag (parliament). That lead quickly after to the parliament handing Hitler “enabling power” in a national emergency that enabled him to crush unions, and political opposition altogether by the time Uranus left Aries for Taurus in June 1934. Thus was born Hitler’s dictatorship of the Grossdeutsches Reich (The Greater German Reich).

Echoes of a rhyming future approach. A rhyme of Fascism is coming back to the world in a new cycle, under a new guise: multinational corporate tyranny (Taurus Uranus playing around with Saturn in Corporate Capricorn—harmonious to the desires of completing the corporate destruction of US democracy). It started in January 2010 when a partisan SCOTUS judged in favor of a PAC group Citizens United and established like Gods creating life, that corporations are ALIVE. (Just the self-delusional idea SCOTUS could entertain when Uranus was finishing its foggy passage through Pisces).

By June 2010 when Uranus entered Aries, Uranus the mad magician had “POOFED” corporations with his magic wand turning them into people. Gee, Dr. Frankenstein, corporations are alive…It’s ALIVE!!!!

This inhuman monster now had equal right to express its “free speech” and contribute money to candidates.

Now I don’t know about you but my pockets are pretty shallow compared to Frankenstein’s Mr. Exxon-Mobile, or Mr. Koch Industries, or Mr. Raytheon of the military industrial complex.

The pocket pressed fast and near empty to my naked shank has little value to politicians when Daddy Warbucks has pockets as deep as the Grand Canyon when it comes to moola.

Tiny Tim successfully hand-shake crushes John Wayne on Laugh-in. All in good fun as we "tip toe through the tulips" in falsetto voice like he used to sing it with his Cooky Ukulele.

Tiny Tim successfully hand-shake crushes John Wayne on Laugh-in. All in good fun as we “tip toe through the tulips” in falsetto voice like he used to sing it with his Cooky Ukulele. (Public domain)

So, before I disappear like so many alternative media voices have, because they’re bringing attention to this creepy coup of Corps, listen up.

Before another Zuckerberg purge of hundreds of Facebook pages is coming, I suggest you all look at what hasn’t happened since the last Uranus in Aries/Taurus transit when simple German citizens slowly found themselves step by step drawn into a fascist dictatorship. Take notice that in the early stages of totalitarianism’s stranglehold, when people like me suddenly “disappear” from your online access; or, as thousands of you have already experienced, that you don’t receive my HogueProphecy Bulletins.

You might think I just stopped sending them.

Never did.

I have ten-thousand people currently on the list and since 2010 I’ve lost nearly as many and I expect most of you did not unsubscribe on your own choice.

I’m being slowly silenced by fascist programmed algorithms to make me and my messages to you “disappear” before I might disappear.

For instance, if you haven’t received any of the first four Hogue Prophecy Bulletins sent in October, that means robots have taken them away from your reading. Go then and resubscribe HERE.

Next came a letter from Terry where he started by asking, “What the hell is going on?”

Answer: Fascism is overtaking this American Democracy from both political parties. Both of them serve the new Superhuman fascist beings I call, “Corporations HUMANified.” With Uranus’ and Saturn’s help, in the next two years their takeover of America will be complete.

That’s what the hell is happening my friends.

You need to wake up to this danger while there’s time.

Now to Terry’s Neptune Return question:

[On] Neptune’s Return. The Republican Party is having a Neptune return experience. I assumed it would either dissolve OR enlighten the organization. I didn’t expect it to ruin the DNC, though. Can you reflect on this? Thanks, Terry

The Neptune return I focus on is that which began back in early 2011, when Neptune returned to its home sign of Pisces, and, like the last time that happened in 1848-49, we had a “European Spring” of revolutions across Europe similar to the “Arab Spring” revolutions that spread across North Africa and the Middle East. These struggles then in 1849 as happening recently in 2011 during this current Neptune transit through Pisces until mid-decade 2020s, is essentially the same struggle of revolutionary but leaderless mass “spring” movements. They are people-mob-movements against established rule and order, political and corporate.

This means your expressions of political establishment, Democrat or GOP are not serving you. You will eventually have to overthrow or abandon these tricks and traps of establishment control that are used, along with their propaganda organs the corporately-owned media, to keep you divided against yourselves in this BS identification with Blue and Red states in geography that are really only states in American collective mind—illusions made manifest by hypnotic, corporate press suggestion.

So, I would say, Terry, that your comment belies how your mind is still under the illusion that the system of control called Democratic Party is actually there for you. It is no more supporting your freedoms and constitutional rights than the GOP is for others.

Waking up.

That’s what this Neptune transit is about.

Dissolve your attachments to these hidden establishment enemies and their mind manipulation.

Enlighten yourself, Terry, and everyone reading this.

DATELINE: 27 October 2018

1.aJohnHogueHatShadeFaceFrontRelaxedEyesLuminousJohn Hogue’s Discounted Thanksgiving Holiday Private ONLINE Reading Marathon, 21-26 November

Starting from Wednesday 21 November, Thanksgiving Eve until Black Monday 26 November, I will give nearly one-hour long Online readings at Thanksgiving Holiday Discounts on Zoom. The process is really easy. When the reading starts at the top of the hour, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Zoom meeting by link. Click on the link and you see me on your screen.

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I’m looking forward to sharing this milestone return in my life to private readings and have you be among the first to receive one.

Sincerely and with blessings, John Hogue

MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION: What kind of things do you cover in a private reading?

ANSWER: All and everything, without any expectations or being in the way of what comes. I step off the cliff of the familiar like the Fool in the Fool Card, in a state of innocent and intelligent Trust. The reader lets go after the reader has taken you and I into a quiet space where silence descends and deepens. There is nothing set, though usually the person being read has issues and questions that come up and we dissolve them with “answer.” I do not do “fortune telling” but what often flowers is Awakened-One rediscovery. In such a space questions can dissolve into Answer. A center long forgotten re-membered. A wheel of peripheral living can rediscover its lost, witnessing “axle.” The eye of conscious witnessing can open in the center of cyclonic life.

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