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The Confederate Flag and the Black American Intifada

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“Oh what a loss in learning and letters!” said Nostradamus in his Epistle to Henri II in 1558, observing how people of modern times, despite their breathtaking inventions, which he categorized, would be functional illiterates. This prophet foresaw the invention of submarines, space travel, and a man landing on the moon and even the taming of electricity to make it speak on the very air itself as radio and as television. What is chest thumping on electric light and sound waves through the atmosphere and into our cellphones, radios and televisions is a whole lot of low-browed “loss of learning” dribble out of of the mouths of mainstream mass media. They simplify fact to promote the idea that the red flag with the Southern Cross studded with thirteen stars is the national flag of the Confederate States of America that valiantly fought and lost the US Civil War (1861-1865).

Detractors call it a symbol of slavery and racism. Supporters—universally white Southerners—call it a symbol of their proud heritage of a people upholding states rights against federal intrusion. In either case, neither side seems to know what this flag factually represents. One thing it is not. It is not the national flag of the Confederate States of America.

It was the “battle flag” carried by gray clad Confederate southern cavalry and infantry units in battles with the blue clad Yankee armies of the Northern states. So, technically speaking, what the organizations of white folk in the south claiming ancestors who fought in the Civil War are saying is in fact correct. This flag is a symbol of their heritage and their family’s sacrifice on the field of battle for their states rights.

I wonder when a few more brain cells will be found in the heads of US reporters so that they might spark a truly hard question “about that heritage”, like:

1.) What was your ancestors’ way of life that was so threatened?
2.) What where these battle flags defiantly defending to the death as a way of life, based on what socio-economic foundation, without which that way of life could not survive?

The South’s cotton industry in the mid-nineteenth century was to clothes exports what Saudi Arabia today is for oil, the mecca where most of it was grown on planet earth. That cotton crop was planted and harvested by an estimated one third of the total population, according the US Census of 1960, which was 9,103,332, including 3,521,110 African American slaves.

The past repeats its misunderstandings and mistakes in the future. The ancestors of rebel flag defenders today that mostly filled the Confederate armies were poor, white sharecroppers, most of which couldn’t afford their own slaves. They fought and they died by their hundreds of thousands for “the right” to become slave owners someday. They’re just like working poor people of our times who will support political parties that defend the financial excesses of the modern gentry because they ridiculously hold onto a hope of becoming members of the wealthy class someday.

Now I hear my Southern readers about to have that cow over what I just wrote. Y’all please hold on, and listen. Here’s the fundamental point that no protestation of States Rights has yet answered adequately, so I give you all a rifled musket shot at it. In most cases this point isn’t even addressed, perhaps because it is too ubiquitous to recognize.

The Sufis (Muslim mystics) say, “The fish in the sea are not thirsty.” That’s because they take for granted the all-encompassing reality of water through which they swim by which they breathe through their gills.

So then, my southern readers, I’m taking away the ocean, as it were, and laying the Confederate “way of life” high and dry on the beach in this following challenge. I’m taking away the ubiquitous thing that your “way of life” swam through and breathed to exist.

Consider this.

What if Americans had no need in any business model for a slave workforce? What if there were enough poor white sharecroppers, free men, to work the great plantations which were the core of Southern culture and economic power, just like there were ample free white men up north to work the factories for their way of heavily industrialized and urban life?

I’m talking about an alternative future where no men in bondage existed North or South. Everyone is free to work wherever they like and both Northern and Southern ways of life have bountiful employees, therefore they do not require a slave labor force to run the factories and the plantations. I mean, one of the reasons why slavery rapidly vanished in the northern states wasn’t because of noble designs of abolitionists. The immigrants flooding in made slavery an unnecessary economic expense because unlike the southern states, the northern states had ample manpower to fill its workforce needs.

Not the South. Their economic system needed slaves to sustain itself right into the 1860s, making their corner of America part of the last modern democracy on Earth that still made slavery legal.

Now then, if in my alternative history of America, there was no need to ship human chattel stolen from their homes in Africa to work your plantations, what then would be the mounting tension between North and South from the birth of America to the early 1860s?

Would there have been a Macon-Dixon line drawn so that all new states stretching west in the future should be divided into “slave” and “free” states as some compromise to keep the North and South in the union with two different “ways of life”?

Please explain how there could have been a problem, a division, a civil war between the north and the south if there had never set foot on our shores a single black slave from Africa?

The answer is simple, as it is categorical: the Southern states’ rights depended entirely on an economic model that needed slaves to sustain itself just like a fish needs water to exist.

The abolitionists in the North and the anti-slave Republicans who voted in Abe Lincoln as president were a direct threat to the future of that “way of life” dependent on “slaves.”

Which brings me back to the Rebel Flag leading Confederate soldiers in many bloody battles of the Civil War. It is a symbol of that way of life founded on slavery and thus it is a symbol of evil as much as it is a symbol of brave men who laid down their lives to uphold their state right to become wealthy enough to buy and work slaves.

What’s brought all of this flag controversy to the forefront is what my Oracle accurately foresaw would be the evolution of police brutality tyrannizing poor African-American city centers—another kind of racism, like slavery, that is, for many white people north and south, a “way of life.”

Storefronts in Ferguson, Missouri, are boarded up as if this was Mississippi bracing for Hurricane Katrina. There is a hurricane coming to the ghettos in the inner cities and it may spread beyond what will be called the “Thanksgiving” Riots across America about to break out. November 2014’s initial riots are just the beginning. In 2015 there will visit a nation-wide firestorm of protests that in the extreme future scenario could see black, Latino neighborhoods treated more like the ghettos of Gaza, and the West Bank of occupied Palestine. It will be called the American Intifada. Many lives will be lost and I only hope that what will be gained is AT LAST a serious civil rights dialogue that will end this plague of fatal shooting of citizens of color.

Ferguson Grand Jury Finding and
And the American Intifada
(, 24 November 2014)

My Oracle enlarged what that discussion and process might look like in the following passage from Predictions 2015-2016, posted five days earlier than the above on 18 December 2014. The brackets are inserted today for clarity:

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Click on the cover and read more about this bestselling, epic book about the next 18 months.

Yet those responsible for dialogue will need to look at this police-versus-African American conflict in the three months of the Saturn-in-Scorpio final pass [June-September 2015] like King had once done. Racism is one dimension. Poverty, the other, and finally the militarization of domestic life at home. I foresee many policemen protesting against the Pentagon, imposing heavy surplus hardware on the shoulders of police departments. They might start finding common ground with those on the opposite side of the police riot line.

The direction of the dialogue and reconciliation will best succeed if it follows what Saturn in Scorpio illuminates: the economy (i.e. poverty), and what kind of inheritance will we give to the future (i.e. civil rights in a civil society). Invest in that future. Restart the war on poverty with money from a scaled down military budget.

Click on the cover and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on the cover and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

The issue is this: Do we want to create an America divided by a new form of racism that defines equality and respect by who belongs to the “have-nots” versus the “haves”? Discrimination in the future reaches beyond the color of our skin. The balance in our bank account, or the lack of an account, defines our racial status.

Confront this issue now, or enter a decade of class warfare in 2015.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Four:
All the Presidents Memes
(Subsection: American Intifada)

Parts of this chapter and much more appears in a shorter eBook entitled The Obama Prophecies—The Future of U.S. Politics, 2015-2016.

The newest casualty in this civil rights movement of our times is the Confederate army battle flag. Since the civil war ended, it has become the ensign of white racism for the Klu Klux Klan in the South, and other white supremacists organizations around the world. Moreover, as much as you white folks from the southern states would like to white wash your red and blue banner of all connections to slavery, in a way, if you do, your are not completely honoring your ancestors who are Confederate veterans of the Civil War. Why should big government in Washington or a bunch of Yankee states tell you you couldn’t categorize one race of human beings as subhumans slave laborers? Without those subhumans working your cotton fields there would have been no Southern “way of life” fueled and motorized by the bent back of people deemed less human than you, yet are fundamental working stock sustaining your way of life’s economic reality.

Your ancestors knew that, moreover, they were proud to publicly defend slavery and their right to racial supremacy. Indeed, William T. Thompson the designer of the Stars and Bars, the Confederacy’s first of four national flags, pretty much spoke for many of the Johnny Rebs who marched off to die for “the Cause.” He explained why his flag design just had to display a white middle horizontal bar.

“As a people, we are fighting [to] maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.” (23 April 1863)

This was the Confederate States national flag from 1861-1863. Other variants came afterwards that put the battle flag in the upper left corner first with a completely white flag--standing for the white race--and later a white flag with a red strip for the sacrifice of white blood.

This was the Confederate States national flag from 1861-1863. Other variants came afterwards that put the battle flag in the upper left corner first with a completely white flag–standing for the white race–and later a white flag with a red strip for the sacrifice of white blood.

When it came to blows in the 1860s, the final judgment on the South was delivered on the battlefield of truth, for by then there was no other way for Yankee and Johnny “Reb” blooded white Americans to settle this matter. The South’s greatest general, Robert E. Lee understood the South’s defeat was “God’s will” that the South’s way of life had to change and Americans had to come together as a united nation.

A few weeks after the war ended, Lee returned to the burned out shell of central Richmond, Virginia, the former capital of the defeated Confederacy, to pray at Sunday services held in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Richmond. An unheard thing happened. A young African American slave recently freed—and one might describe, joyful in the light of Christ—stepped up to the chancel bar to receive Holy Communion in the “whites only” section before the priest.

An audible gasp followed by deep silence issued from the segregated congregation, many of whom were wealthy white gentry and former leaders of the Confederacy sitting with their wives and families. In short, key members and former slaveholders of the ruling elite of the defeated South who now had lost their slaves. All looked toward the priest who was stunned and didn’t quite know what to do with the young black man kneeling on white church territory.

It was at that moment of high tension that Robert E. Lee, dressed in his grey suit, no longer adorned with general’s stars and insignia, rose from his seat in the back of the church and walked down the main aisle. All eyes were on him as he stepped up next to the black man, and kneeled to take communion alongside.

Historians from the North and South dispute what message, if any, Lee was making. Was it a proto-civil rights statement, by Christian action, accepting the will of God in defeat that required the white South move beyond its stance of racial discrimination and superiority? Or, was Lee for the sake of proper deportment coming to the aid of the perplexed priest to help the gentleman get on with the service and just passively and serenely accept the intrusion of the nigger. Just give him, give me, and the other waiting whites the wine, wafer and blessings of Christ and not make a fuss?

In my heart, the former is more appealing yet in either possibility Lee by his action that day was clearly saying to the aristocracy of the defeated South in that Church “it was time to move on and move forward.” Change was coming. Be Christian and graceful about it.

We are entering another time of great change. Old icons, like the Confederate flag, are all becoming suspect and targets for iconoclastic acts as we enter a century of revolution. Be graceful as you move on. Never once disrespect those of the Confederacy who waved their flags crisscrossed by southern crosses on red fields waving charging into the flame and smoke of Union cannons and rifled musket volleys to their death and maiming. Honor these men, but before God, ask forgiveness from Christ for what these good men were fighting for, because it was slavery and it was the evil core of their way of life that led to this most terrible reckoning in blood.

So how can all Americans find an equitable solution to this flag controversy?

Seek to legally petition the taking down of any Dixie flags wherever they fly in the commons, in public places and government properties—state or federal because white and black Americans share these. That’s the price the majority of white Southerners must pay for losing the Civil War and they must respect the feelings of a sizable minority who are only living in this country because they were wrenched from their homes in Africa, naked and in chains, to the white plantation concentration camps of America as slaves.

But I say this to young black men. Don’t go trespassing on people’s property and stealing whatever flags they wish to fly there. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, when you run up your banners to Martin Luther King, or the NAACP.

The American Intifada is entering a potentially more violent stage this summer of 2015. Blacks have protested well and made their point about police brutality and racism. Now there will come a white terror supremacist backlash.

Upon reviewing my written material on the American Intifada, I came across my Oracle’s future-dated time window for “massacres” of black men and women and it made me shiver on a hot summer’s day. The focus of the segment was on the future reckoning of police brutality causing an incident that could make Americans pause and reflect on the dire state of civil rights. Although national reflection certainly has arisen since I wrote this in November 2014—I can think of the Baltimore protests over the death of one black male in police custody, there was no massacre of many that caused it. The tie-in to the police causing a massacre in “June 2015” was off, but not the dating of the massacre that did transpire.

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Click on the cover. Read more about Amazon’s number one bestseller for one month straight in Prophecy/Divination.

The massacre that got the nation talking was in June 2015, committed young white supremacist who killed nine African Americans in one of the oldest Black Churches of the South, in Charleston, South Carolina. He would play the catalyst for seeing Confederate flags lowered from South Carolina state capitol. The taking down of Confederate flags from public places in turn became catalyst for many black churches burned across the South.

Here is that passage. Please note the underlined:

In the 1770s, King George III sent thousands of his red-coated riot-police “soldiers” playing cops, overly armed and cocked to “Ferguson” the streets of Boston. They lined up and advanced down the New England cobblestones as the monarchial establishment’s occupying army to “restore law and order.”

“Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

Yet they fired on unarmed civilian protestors in what became known as the Boston Massacre—a watershed moment sparking the American colonial rebellion.

You may have already seen such massacres of demonstrators by June 2015. Certainly no later than that, there awakens a perception in the masses that the modern “redcoat” wears body armor and military gear. He rides in armored personnel carriers, and he sometimes shoots to kill citizens assembling in their streets.

On 17 June, a 21-year old White male, Dylann Roof, entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, shooting and killing nine African American parishioners, including the senior pastor and state senator Clementa C. Pinckney. Roof wounded a tenth victim who survived. The FBI recovered from his website an unsigned manifesto with Roof’s racist diatribes against Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and East Asians as well as a collection of pictures, including an image of Roof posing with a handgun and the Confederate Battle Flag.

The slaughter of nine black people in the South Carolina church by a hateful white man who liked to wave the rebel flag—as it is often celebrated as a symbol of white supremacy—is only beginning.

As I stated earlier, now we have young black men cellphone filming themselves vandalizing Confederate flags off front porches of homes. They are feeding hate, doing this.

I ask young African American men, do not start vandalizing flags on people’s private property. You don’t change hearts this way, you harden them. You are playing catalysts of reprisals. You are setting into motion very bad and potentially escalating karma. Stop it. Two of you have filmed yourselves. The World Wide Web knows who you are. So go to the police and under their escort and protection, take those flags back to their owners, apologize and reimburse them for any damages. Perhaps if you soften your heart you can soften the hearts of others.

Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


In a few days, I’ll post two articles about Greece and the historic nuclear agreement with Iran and where these are both going next. In the meantime, you can read my comprehensive account of what may come in the future by reading Predictions 2015-2016. Though peace agreements are at last solidified, the work towards peace, the real hard work, that is, has just begun. Special interest groups on all sides want to shoot this peace deal down—literally! That’s why the fulfillment of Nostradamus’ in-the-clear prophecies about potential war with Iran are still quite possible, especially starting in late September 2015 through August-September 2016. Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse exposes these dangers as much as it predicted long ago that only Barack Obama had the destiny to either drag the US into the worst war yet experienced in the Middle East, or brings, “Peace on earth for a long time.”

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