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Predictions for 2007 – Part 3

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In 2007, we endure the final and dangerous nine-month travail of Saturn’s bellicose transit through Leo—an important astrological configuration that revolves the world every 29 years towards times of escalating wars.

Under Saturn’s transit of Leo in 1947-1948, British India was ripped apart by partition into two new states, the Hindu dominated India and an Islamic Pakistan. The birth was bloody. Sectarian violence and ethnic cleansing displaced tens of millions and killed at least a million people. Israel was born in war with its Arab neighbors under this aspect back in 1948. Once again, more ethnic cleansing ensued. First, the Arabs tried to push the Jews to the sea and failed. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled from their lands now taken over as part of Israel. There were massacres committed by both sides, though small in comparison to what had happened in India.

Grim Saturn has been over us in Leo since July of 2005 and the stellar clock chiming the time for war has followed him. Since then, the shadow of his sickle overshadows the Middle East. It was in July of 2005 that the Iraqi insurrection began turning the tide against the Americans occupying Iraq. That was the beginning of a sharp escalation of sectarian violence between majority Shia, now in power after the fall of Saddam and the Sunni Iraqis from power.

War keeps spreading under the influence of this transit. Israeli on Palestinian fighting began again last summer (2006) and now it becomes a low-grade civil war of Palestinian on Palestinian in Gaza and the West Bank. Last summer under Saturn in Leo’s spiked power under a conjunction with the planet Mars, Israel went to war with Hezbullah in Lebanon, and with Hamas in Gaza. The Iraqi Civil War–long smoldering–fully erupted and now the US occupiers and Iraqi security seem unable to put out the fire. It is about to go out of control.

The purveyors of failed military strategies in the White House are deaf to criticism. Indeed, they only change the phrase and continue to push harder down their paths to “stay a course” to blunder. Such is what I warned would happen in bulletins years ago about how Saturn in Leo would shorten tempers, foment stubbornness, and sharpen dismissive reaction to constructive criticism in our leaders.

The final transit of Saturn through the last ten degrees of Leo begins this June and ends in September 2007. That is when the winds of war will run hottest. Mars enters Aries in mid-May 2007 and stays there until late June. Mars will trine (positively aspect) Saturn in Leo and thereby magnify their powers from 9 to 14 June 2007.

Will Mars be magnified as a God of War, or a God of new and happy enterprise? Neptune, the spiritual ruler of the Zodiac is in Aquarius. It will exactly oppose Saturn. Thus, Mars magnified with karmic Saturn, will strap on his armor and intolerance as a self-deluded God of war. When Neptune is opposed Saturn, the ruler of spiritual enlightenment becomes the vessel of unconscious desires for irrational violence and war. Leaders do not reason but march with open eyes into catastrophe, never completely knowing why. Leaders with a potential for delusions of grandeur or those suppressing a messianic complex could experience fervent fantasy visions of divine transmission while locked in emotional states of prayer. God, they think, comes to them, speaks to them about going to war. A leader and nation can fall into a collective martyr complex–there is a lot of that going on in the Middle East these days.

Astrologer Frances Sakoian gave good advice for any seeking a way to turn the Mars-Saturn trine to diplomatic advantage and avoid war when she said: “The virtues of frank and aboveboard dealings should be cultivated, since a conflict which is openly discussed can often be worked out. In extreme cases [people born with this aspect] are cunning and deceitful, or are victimized by others who are.”

In short, a diplomatic solution also has its best chance at a few minutes before the midnight-mare of a US air strike on Iran this summer, if diplomats on both sides can cut through the cunning and saber rattling crap coming out of Teheran and Washington DC and use reason to forestall a war.

The US President’s natal chart also has Neptune squared his Sun. A president with this ill-favored aspect can be under the delusion of a messianic complex. He would believe a higher power talks to him. He has openly admitted to talking with God and making decisions God wanted him to make.

When the Mars trine Saturn’s opposition with Neptune passes over the head of the astrologically afflicted and delusional US president in mid-June, he may yet again “think” God has told him, to strike Iran (if the president has not already done so before then).

He will decide to launch his air strikes on Iran, if he has not already done so, as soon as March 2007 in concert with Israel.

We will be living in a different world when the first US bombs fall on Iran.

The Middle East will suffer three full-blown civil wars: Palestinian versus Palestinian, Lebanese versus Lebanese and Iraqi on Iraqi with US troops in the crossfire.

America and Israel will be at war with Syria and Iran.

Saddam Hussein will have two of his worst predictions fulfilled: His “mother of all battles” will begin in the Middle East. Pulled like a moth to the fires of that battle, the US president will push ahead with the “Stalingrad” Option in Baghdad. Saddam will get his prediction fulfilled, though years late and fought by others rather than his own forces during the American invasion in 2003. The city will become the “Arab Stalingrad.” Sadr City will be its chief urban battleground.

Before the Shia dominated government of Iraq hung Saddam Hussein he prophesied that with his death so dies Iraq. He will be proven a prophet this June through September of 2007. At that time, Iraq will begin its breakup into what will eventually become three nations. It will be bloodier than the partition of India during Saturn’s pass through Leo in 1947. Mars conjoined with Saturn in Leo at that time as well. Mars was with Saturn in Leo when the first Arab-Israeli War broke out in late November 1947. Because of the war, the United Nations reported 711,000 Arab and 800,000 Jewish refugees were created. This time the aspect could displace millions of Sunni, Kurd and Shia Iraqis, slaughter far many more people than the Indian Partition and topple a Middle Eastern nation. When the dust settles and the blood runs dry, three shattered nations will there be in the place where “Iraq” once was. They will be divided upon ethnic and religious grounds.

There will be Sumer, the name of the new Shia Theocracy that was once South and Central Iraq. It will be a satellite of Iran.

Next will be Kurdistan, the most Western sympathetic and least failed of the new states. It may soon find itself imperiled by war when Turkey invades from the north in an attempt to suppress Kurdish independence spreading to Kurdish minorities across Turkey’s eastern provinces.

The third and most failed state born out of the mother of all Arab civil wars will be the “new Babylon”, that was once the Sunni Triangle–the city state of Baghdad. A haven for terrorism.

The city of Baghdad will be divided for generations, just like Jerusalem had been when barbed wire and sporadic fighting divided its Arab and Israeli citizen from 1948 to 1967. What is left of Baghdad will be divided by the Tigris River–the Shias on the east bank, the Sunnis on the west bank.

No one in public office has at the time of this writing, dared to openly entertain the next and unavoidable reality facing Americans in Iraq, except US Senator Joe Biden. If in the end he becomes president, or H. Clinton or Giuliani, they will all have to face reality and forge new relationships with the remains of Iraq by 2008. Of course, this prophetic reality of Iraq’s breakup may take longer to fulfill itself in time, but its time is coming. The sowing of its bitter sectarian harvest is at hand.

Another potential president, Senator McCain, has grasped what the US needs to do to win the war and keep Iraq unified.

The McCain Plan to flood Iraq with US troops to garrison every population center would be the right strategy to end the insurrection. If Iraqi rebel forces found themselves leaping out of the frying pan of a troop ramp-up in Baghdad only to find themselves jumping into the gunfire of another large US buildup in any neighboring urban center, they would be destroyed. Under the watchful and tight security of hundreds of thousands of extra US soldiers in Iraq, you would see a horde of construction and infrastructure projects across the beleaguered country move forward. The power grid would be restored. The oil would flow. The successful model of US protection of Iraqi Kurdistan would spread under such a massive US reinforcement across large tracks of the Sunni Triangle. When there is restored infrastructure and street security, there will be prosperity and jobs–the greatest weapon against the spread of radicalism. Order must be restored before the Iraqis can be trained to govern and police themselves.

The McCain Plan will lead the way to victory and the way out of Iraq for US troops.

Pity that happy future, for it will never happen. The time to give birth to that future is gone.

McCain’s bold and brave stance has come too late. The right solution has come too little, too late. If it had come in 2003–2004 there was a chance of success in sustaining the concept of “Iraq” as a united, ethnically diverse nation with an economy revived by enough security to guard its greatest export, the third largest global source of oil. The oil would have paid back the US its half-trillion investment in nation building. There would be troops on the Iran-Iraq border blocking Iranian insurgents, arms and money for Shia militias. There would be US Marines blocking Sunni and al-Qaeda insurgents sneaking over the border from Syria.

You cannot expect a seriously wounded country to get up and run after the right destiny. Iraq is grievously wounded by decades of dictatorship, war and a conditioning that is pre-programmed to be inherently indisposed to democratic ideas. Iraqis needed the time to heal, recover, deprogram and regroup. What have they from us? An undermanned US occupation cannot stop an insurrection from punching and picking at Iraq’s wounds. Thus, the country of “Iraq” has neither the time nor the energy to heal. Its wounds break open. It bleeds, while the US president these days says something akin to, get up and run for democracy. Why are you limping along?

There are many futures stillborn by wrong-headed decisions.

If the Bush administration had sent a half-million troops for two years’ occupation time in Iraq after the invasion, there was a chance to save Iraq

I said on radio shows in November 2006 that an anemic shadow of the McCain plan will be offered by Bush. It will hasten what Biden has already foreseen–that “Iraq” is an illusion.

The year 2007 will see America caught between “Iraq” and a hard place.

I have already said in Part’s 1 and 2 of this bulletin what needs to be done. All constitutional pressure must be brought to bear to stop a self-deluded president from the United States from dragging us into the opening stages of a generations-long Third World War. The magic key is in the words of diplomacy not the weapons of war. It is time to end US addiction to fossil fuel, while we take a decade to slowly, and painfully, withdraw from the Middle East, while we help Iraq to make its breakup as soft a crash as possible.

The main reason why America’s leaders and it peoples will suffer one world disaster after another is that Americans have lost their timing with history. The sooner the voters and the leaders they vote into office understand this, less in number and intensity will be the blows coming from playing catch-up history with tardy McCain-like plans.

Is a wider war therefore unavoidable?

The war will come. Almost nothing seems capable of stopping it. Perhaps it must come. There is a time for war and a time for peace, says King Solomon in the Bible. The will to war assuaged may bring about a will to peace. When all the players in 2007 are confronted with spilling the infernal first blood of what will become the world’s closest brush yet with biblical Armageddon, maybe the shock will wake them up. Mars energy, the God of War energy, can also become a force of creative, life affirming, and daring enterprise. Mars rules the explorer as well as the warrior. What could we explore beyond wasteful warfare? Mars is the high priest holding the caduceus rod of the healer. What are we ready to heal?

Strangely enough from 2007 through 2008, as the Middle East gets far worse than we have ever seen before, it is closer to getting better. The horrors of war, even war using weapons of mass destruction, could shock the world out of ever using them again. When the warring neighbors set close in physical proximity and enmity should at last abandon themselves to their repressions, lash out, and devastate their shared neighborhoods in the community that is the Middle East, they may see their folly. They may reject their doomsayers who led them to this. No Messiah will come to save them from themselves, be they Jewish, Christian, Sunni or Shia Moslems. They will have to save themselves, and open God’s eyes when their eyes open. Feel God’s love when they love one another. How can God not be blind and loveless in the world when we are blind and loveless to each other?

When the Middle East erupts this year, the regional quagmire will become the world’s quagmire. The whole world will HAVE TO HELP end and heal the strife there. The effort to venture out of hell will begin in 2008. It may take a whole long and dark cosmic night to complete the healing process by 2044.

It will happen.

There is another future timeline. There is a solution. This year as war approaches and the consequences of a Second Holocaust loom for the Jews in Israel. The Persian Armageddon of Ahura Mazda also threatens Iranians. We will begin to see some brave Israelis, Arabs and Iranians and perhaps even a few American leaders dare expose what has caused the danger, and what must be done by the whole world to prevent it, or at least soften the coming blow.

There are two repetitive rules in military history about arming for peace: If you build them, they will come to be fired. If you seek security through introducing WMD (weapons of mass destruction), your enemies will make them too.

America made the mistake Israel has made with the atomic bomb. When America fashioned its first bombs there were none in the world. When Israel built its first A bombs none existed in the Middle East. America started building hundreds of bombs when no other nation had them. They created the arms race, compelling the Soviet Union to catch up for its own safety. By the time the Soviets built their first Atomic bomb America had at least 250. That is about as many as some weapons monitors conservatively estimate Israel now possesses as Iran struggles to catch up with its own weapons program.

In the end, the Israeli State has brought nuclear weapons into the Middle East region. If they had not done so, there would not now be an arms race in the Middle East. Israel has built its own nuclear oven for the Second Holocaust. When enough Israelis see this, they will start dismantling the oven. If they do not see it, the world will have to make them dismantle it.

This year you will begin to hear people dare propose that securing safety in the Middle East secures the further survival of modern civilization. A use of any WMDs in that region could shut down the flow of oil that fuels just about everything the world needs to survive. It is not just an Israelis against the Muslim world issue. WMD possession by anyone in the region directly affects you, wherever you all live.  If the oil flow stops the engine of supersystems that flies the planes, drives the trains, propels the ships that transport your goods, your food and dry goods imports will stop. If there is a war between Iran and Israel even you living in America could suffer famine. WMDs in the Middle East threaten the whole world. A solution to their existence there must come from a world united against such weapons being there at all. No one near or standing over the source of civilization’s industrial lifeblood should possess these weapons.

Beginning this year, you will hear the first calls for a worldwide sanctioning of Iran “and” Israel. The voices will be few. They will be persecuted. They will be called anti-Semitic, but actually, they are pro-Semitic. They aim to keep every Jewish and Arab “Semite” from dying in a nuclear holocaust. Eventually more will join in their call. More will find courage.

This is what they will propose:

If Iran does not allow invasive and permanent inspection of their nuclear industry by the United Nations then the whole world should boycott all Iranian oil exports. If Israel does not allow UN inspectors in to monitor the sequestering and dismantling of its estimated 250 to 400 nuclear weapons then the whole world should cut off all aid and economic ties with Israel until it complies. It is a fact that Israel cannot function without the aid it receives primarily from America. Iran without its one true export cannot function if no one, like Europe and China primarily, buys its oil.

Sooner or later, an end to the danger of Armageddon in the Middle East will require the rest of the world’s intervention through embargo of these two belligerent states–one actively seeking, and another already piled high in doomsday weapons.

No man or nation is an island, completely unto itself. We live in a community of the Earth. What may start as a compassionate intervention in the Middle East by the rest of Earth community may yet succeed and widen the call to dismantle all WMD weapons across the planet in the coming 36 years.

It sounds Utopian.

It is!

I predict that only the Utopians know the way outside the doomsday box. Their solutions will not sound so far fetched when they are the “only” good options left.

One last prediction.

In the next 24 months, my bulletins to you will change their focus somewhat. Now that we have entered the sunset over the childhood time of humanity, the rocky road of adolescent civilization is before us for the next 36 to 100 years. My “oracle” will pour more solutions into the mix of dire soothsaying because at last the times are trying enough that a critical mass of people want to “see” and “hear” solutions foreseen to all of our present problems.

History is the chronicle of time. Prophecy, when it is most helpful is more than a scrying game foreseeing future times. It is about visions dispensed with the right “timing.”

Many of you will wonder as the pace of travail quickens and the times seem to darken further how humanity can survive, let alone spiritually transform. You will look upon humanity and despair. However, I predict as times darken, many of you will move your soul attention beyond this despair and darkness because you must. The hidden blessing of dark times makes it imperative to look within to something undarkened, untouched by the times, indeed, untouched by “time” itself. Many of you will begin to understand “because” of the momentous events taking place with greater speed around you that humanity does not and cannot transform itself to a higher conscious and loving nature.

Only you can do this.

Only individuals make this transformation.

You can make this transition from being a part of the old and negative humanity to becoming the human being of the future, right this moment. If you do this, that will be enough for humanity, because if your transformation from old to new human is authentic, you will have an atmosphere of peace and love around you. It will draw others into your space. They will then work to attain the same transformation. The light will be passed to others by example and being, not by “doing” it. Then it begins on its own, passed from individual to individual. The light flame of consciousness passes to the unlit candles of other human individuals until one day, we look around and see a revelation: humanity has transformed.

The way to lighting candles in yourself and others is called “meditation.”

I can share with you the meditations that help me light my own candle to bring light into these darkening times. Say the word and I will present them as my New Year’s present to you.

Happy New Year–Happy new human!

John Hogue
(08 February 2007)

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