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9-11, the NFL Kickoff, and Nostradamus’ Weird Cloud Prophecy

Strange clouds resembling UFOs (or giant diaphragms) or halos, or whatever your mind would like to project, were seen over Moscow on October 8, 2009.

The dumbopublicans wannbe candidates for president debated on Wednesday. Today the donkeycrat president will try to give us another lack luster speech of regurgitated Barack Obama-bromides to soften the indigestion of his jobs plan just before the kickoff of the NFL season. However, what is going to drive the news media into a myopic obsession for the latter half of this week onto Sunday 11 September 2011 is that Sunday stands as the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

As a medium of prophetic news, I too will have something big planned for posting on your computers, iPods, iPads, and cell phones Sunday morning about September 11th as it may have factored largely in the prophecies of the 16th-century French prophet, Nostradamus. If you are not already getting my free newsletter announcing when blogs are posted, please sign up here.

In the meantime, I would like to play Monty Python Pythia of prophecy and suggest, “and now for something completely different…”

A man with three butt…

Well, you Pythoners know the rest.

All seriousness and 9-11-one too many early overdoses of media comment and documentaries aside I would like to present Nostradamus going nebulous in a whole new way.

I return today to the “animals-falling-out-of-the-sky” auguries with prophecies about the clouds wherein they emerged.

(Click on the following link to find a pathway to other “AFOOTS” articles:  Mass Animal Deaths.)

When you lie down on the grass, gaze upon clouds and tell friends beside you what shapes are described in the billowing mists, you are attempting to practice the divinatory art of Nephelomancy. The next step in a study of the clouds and their various formations requires using the shapes for foretelling future events.

Some of you have written me about weird cloud formations out of Russia back in October 2009 looking like flying saucer UFOs. Another nebulous phantasm of mist and ice crystals punched a hoary beard-wisp opening through a ceiling of wholly pack formations over Oaxaca, Mexico, in early February 2010, just before a 5.9 temblor rocked that coastal region.

Coincidence? Well, no quake hit Moscow under its nebulous fairy ring in the sky.

I must say, that I have gazed in wonder at clouds all my life. I find that for the most part people around me are nearly always looking dully ahead eyes veiled in their own monkey mind chatter while glowering downwards before the path trodden. People trapped in their minds do not gaze aloft very much. They miss how often the sky paints itself in many wild shaped clouds. Once in awhile the sleepwalking sheeple catch a particularly unusual formation in their digital camera and you find these thus portrayed as some important “sign.”

Real nephelomantic signs are very rare. There is one famous heavenly event foreseen by Nostradamus in Century 3 Quatrain 11, fifty-five years before it happened.

Les armes battre au ciel longue saison,
L’arbre au milieu de la cité tombé:
Verbine, rongne, glaiue, en face tyson,
Lors le monarque d’Hadrie succombé.

The weapons fight in the sky for a long time.
The tree has fallen in the middle of the city:
The sacred branch is cut by a blade in front of Tison,
Then king Henry falls.

After the nine catastrophic French Wars of Religion had burned themselves out, Henry IV dedicated himself to guide France through sixteen years of healing and rebuilding. However, in 1610, while his coach was stuck in congestion in the rue De la Ferronerie in Paris, a red-haired wild man named Ravaillac jumped up on the wheel and stabbed him three times with a dagger.

According to Guynaud, a story that appeared in Mercure Français in 1619 described a phenomenon witnessed by several hundred people sometime before the assassination of Henry IV of a spectral army of 10 to 12,000 ghosts marching through the skies over Angoumois until sunset.

On page 154 of Jerry Dennis’ book on weather phenomena entitled It’s Raining Frogs and Fishes, he describes a rare atmospheric effect known as a Fata Morgana, named for King Arthur’s sorceress half-sister, Morgana le Fay, who is said to have conjured images of castles reflected in the clouds. Temperature layering of the air will cause far-off images to appear “grotesquely magnified, elongated, and much taller than they are.” A layer of cold air pressed between layers of hot air works like a magnifying glass to create a spectacular mirage. It is possible that the citizens of Angoumois did see actual columns of troops marching miles away, their reflections magnified in layers of atmosphere to make them appear like spectral armies.

It is with this omen of Henry’s death — or a mere atmospheric phenomenon — that Nostradamus begins his prophecy: The weapons fight in the sky for a long time. Henry, the great powerhouse of a monarch, is poetically described as a fallen tree.

He is the sacred branch of the Bourbon royal house, cut off from life by a fanatic’s knife. On face value, Nostradamus the royalist calls him sacred because a king was believed to rule through divine right. A secret jibe from the anti-Huguenot prophet could also be hiding in the word verbine, which can also be a cryptogram for vermine. Rather than a sacred branch Nostradamus is saying that a vermin — in other words, a “rat” — is cut by Ravaillac’s blade. Henri who was the last heir left standing for the throne of France won the civil wars by converting to Catholicism. “Paris is well worth a Mass,” he infamously said. Did Nostradamus fore-smell a rat switching faiths and sides for power?

The rue Tison is not far from where Henry fell. Bardo Kidogo comes up with an intriguing word play on Tison, which can mean a firebrand, or a revolutionary or internal conflict; and its Greek and Arabic roots can t render it as typhoon. The Hermetic mysteries tell us that Tiphon (Tison?) is the dragon representing ignorance, perversion, and unconsciousness. He is the devourer of souls.

Henry IV of France.

In prophecies concerning the French Revolution, Nostradamus uses the metaphor of a whirlwind to describe mindless rebellion. If Kidogo gives us the right read for Tison then Nostradamus correctly foresaw an oncoming string of rebellions after Henry’s assassination starting with those fought between followers of the Prince de Condé in 1614 and 1616 with Queen Regent Marie de Medici — a distant relative of Nostradamus’ chief royal disciple, Catherine de’ Medici. Condé sought and received Huguenot support in second rebellion 1616.

After Condé there followed a series of Huguenot rebellions across France, starting in 1621, requiring bloody suppression, yet these are minor, compared to a whirlwind of rebellion and war that initially missed France but visited an apocalyptic religious hecatomb between Catholics and Protestants, killing half the population of central Europe — The Thirty Years War (1618-1648). There were no clouds of spectral armies presaging that tragic conflict unless the atmospheric phenomenon seen in the skies over Angoumois presaged it too.


That is the end of my Nostra-geek moment.
Are you ready for some football?!!!

John Hogue
(08 September 2011)

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