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A Second American Revolution Foreseen–2

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I have received many letters since I posted The Stack Manifesto on 18 February 2010 that express authentic anger (expletives included, vulgar as they are) Americans feel for their government.

Anger must be expressed and released so that this poison is purged from the soul and clear headed solutions and clear heartfelt compassion can resist, reform and revolute this nation. So, with that said, forgive my presentation of this very angry letter from “Chris.” I will answer it in detail to explain why anger needs expression, but not as the engine of this revolution to come. Otherwise, with violent anger as the engine of the masses, the future will be awash in blood. This kind of revolution will lead ultimately to a dictatorship in America. This land has another destiny in the Aquarian Age: to be the cradle of a new and worldwide religiousness of a new and enlightened humanity.

Before demon-anger can transmute to divine understanding, let us examine a frustrated and volatile point of view many Americans share with Chris:

Live long and prosper, Joe Stack

Joe Stack will do neither. Perhaps it is true that we take with us beyond this veil of life what we identify with. As most of our identifications are unconscious, they lead us like a magnet to a new birth into this misery-go-round Wheel of Samsara (wheel of unconscious life). In other words, if you live a slave of your anger, it will launch you into a new and miserable life framed by that anger. That is my sense of what happens as one who has faced death three times and possibly has had a glimpse of the other side.

I have come back from those experiences motivated to understand and thus transcend my attachments. Otherwise, I will return to my own soap opera, life after life. I know the fires of profound anger. Joe Stack was so completely identified with this anger that he committed an insane act of violence and now dwells between lives in the hell of his own making.

He is in limbo in the lower astral right now with only his anger and insanity as comfort. And remorse his only friend. Remorse for what he did to the gift of life given by existence and the gift of freely ending life that he perverted. In the future, a more evolved humanity chooses when to leave life. Only when life is beautiful and fully lived can a human being come to the pinnacle of life, which is death, and chose that path. That freedom will be an inalienable right in the society of the new humanity coming. However in that free and responsible future, no one has the right to maim or take anyone else’s life when you check out.

If Joe Stack had had enough, fine. Yet, Joe Stack burned innocent people and killed at least one person. I sense that he feels remorse for that now, and remorse for the wife and daughter he traumatized and left behind homeless by his own hand, burning down their house.

Joe is 100% correct. For all of my adult working life (40yrs) our self-serving scumbag politicians have benifitted more from the fruits of my labor than I did. Violence and revolt ARE the only answers.

The government is an expression of us. We are responsible for the government and politicians we elect. Even if you do not vote, you are allowing others to usurp their power by vote over you. The government is symptomatic of the collective health of a democratic society. The American Democracy at this time is adrift and ailing. Making the IRS or any other government body your boogey man is throwing the responsibility away from the source of the problem.

You are all the problem, American people. You have the government you deserve right now. Change your consciousness and you will vote wiser governance in the future.

The Bolsheviks, Castro and his guerillas, Robespierre with his guillotine, agree with you, Chris. Violence and revolt are the only answers. Look what they gave us? An orgy of mass mob violence, the Great Red terror of Lenin and Stalin that killed 30 million people, the Great Terror of the guillotine that beheaded tens of thousands in revolutionary France. In the end, most of those executed were the revolutionaries who let slip the whirlwind, Joe Stack style. Violence as an end-all only consumes all that is good in the revolution as well as what it intended to overthrow.

Once this mayhem-mass mind has exhausted itself, do you think people like you, Chris, will be running the new America? Violent revolution will devour you as well as it did Robespierre, Trotsky and Kirov, even the ailing Lenin — who Stalin poisoned. The Stalins, the Castros, the Napoleons and the Hitlers step into the bloody void your mindless anger creates.

In Alexander Soljenitsins Gulag Archipelago, he described a club of revolutionaries who wrote just like Joe Stack and you, Chris. They were believers in anarchic violence as the alpha and omega of answers to their grievances. They were thought to be even more radical than the Bolshevik Party and a greater threat to the Kerensky controlled Duma (Parliament) that took over Russia from the Czar in February 1917. When the Bolsheviks took down the Kerensky government in their October Revolution of 1917, guess who were the first people lined up against a wall and shot? That club of revolutionaries. That is what will happen to the future “Joe Stacks” if mad rage guides the next American Revolution.

And another thing, this country is literally crumbling around us. The federal gov’t should be creating jobs to rebuild our bridges, roads, tunnels, dams and sewer systems. Its a crock of bullshit that there are not enough jobs to go around.

I would not disagree with any of what you said here. These are the problems and our elected officials are not listening to us.

GW [Bush] has pretty much brought us all to our knees, and this new Obama-nation is following in his footsteps.

Yes. Obama is. I am aware many of you reading this don’t like to hear that. I warned my readers as far back as March 2007 almost a year before the presidential primaries for the 2008 Presidential Elections began about electing demagogues who promise you every change under the sun. I was the first person in the world to coin the phrase Obama Nation in that article (see Obama predictions). He has come to his destiny too soon and too enamored with and manipulated by the American power brokers lobbyists and aristocracy of CEOs and corporate moguls. There are great and tragic shocks coming to him that might get him back on track to his greater destiny. Right now, he is off track. That can change if your protest is intelligent rather than mindlessly violent.

When does it end? When is enough going to be enough? does it really have to come down to all us killing each other just to survive? This is supposed to be the greatest country in the world, to me its turning into just another third world country too fucking poor to take care of its own. We import more SHIT from everywhere else because its too FUCKING exspensive to make here. Who are they kidding? I dont think there’s enough people in this country to stand up collectively and say fuck you we have had it.

There aren’t enough yet, but this smoldering mood you honestly and accurately express will spread. The masses of Russia felt powerless and angry, the masses of France did the same. When the critical mass of this suppressed volcano of mass anger reaches a boiling point in a country of 300 million possessing more than 300 million firearms, the revolution unleashed will be far worse than anything seen before on this earth. It will be a mindless blind rage of a monster hysteria swiping and destroying all in its reach: the guilty as well as the innocent will be carried off in the storm.

Revolution is destined to happen, but it is still in our hands to make it a peaceful revolution. We must move beyond anger and free all the genius energy anger devours so that the American people can think clearly, feel clearly, act by ballot and peacefully and courageously protest our grievances until our president, congress and court hear us.

First, find a way to privately express and free yourself from this anger. Don’t be lost in the boiling rage of the mob mind. Were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel or John Adams men who ran wild with their rage against King George’s imperial taxation-without-representation machine? The founding fathers of our revolution where rational, cool, centered citizens. They tried in every way to find a peaceful solution to their problems with King George in England and only chose violent confrontation as the last resort. I’m hoping our leaders are not a stubborn and stupid as that mad king.

You, Chris, in your letter and Joe Stack in his suicide manifesto promote violence as the first resort.

Are we to follow the path of Usama bin Laden or Thomas Jefferson?

Let us choose to emulate people like George Washington, Adams and Jefferson, over Robespierre and his guillotine, which in the end was used to cut off his own idiotic head to end the terror he started. Even Nostradamus foresaw that end for such men when he said:

De gent esclaue chansons, chants & requestes,
Captifs par Princes & Seigneur aux prisons:
A l’aduenir par idiotz sans testes,
Seront receus par diuaines oraisons.

From the enslaved people, songs, chants and demands,
The princes and lords are held captive in prisons:
In the future by such headless idiots
These (demands) will be taken as divine utterances.

He wrote this in 1555 and indexed in Century 1, Quatrain 14. By the way, the storming of the Bastille prison that started the French Revolution happened on the 14th day of July 1789.

I get where Chris is coming from because I share the same dominant ego identity trait. All egos or states of idiocy programmed over our souls possess one overriding trait. Some ego-idiot minds imposed on us are that of the Victim, the Narcissistic Bargainer (that’s Obama), and the trait Chris and I wrestle with, the Anger type.

Strange thing about anger. When you are under its spell actions committed in anger disempowered you. Joe Stack’s actions and domestic terrorism did not change a thing. The IRS goes on about its work now an ennobled victim. Indeed, his act of terrorism has indirectly branded all those with real grievances with the same mark. There will be less listening now in the tragic aftermath of broken families — the surviving Stacks and Joe’s victims — a burned office and a burnt home.

I can share with Chris and the rest of you meditation techniques that can help transform and free much of your life force that is under the grip of anger’s tyranny. Free that liberated energy, think, and feel clearly. Seek then creative solutions and be a part of a peaceful American Revolution.

About that revolution, I close with these two prophecies:

A body of censors will be created who will be responsible for policing the U.S. legislature at all levels.

David Goodman Crowly (1888), Glimpses of the Future

You are those censors and watchdogs.

In the year 2026, the constitution of the United States will be no more. In its place will be an entirely different document, and an entirely new way of governmental rule, I predict that man will live in greater trust and love of his fellow man at that time.

Irene F. Hughes (1974)

Meditation will be the cause of that happy change. Write to me and I will share with you those techniques that help me be a meditative revolutionary.

John Hogue

(21 February 2010)

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