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The New Human being in Prophecy

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On May, 27, 2001, I will appear at the Pacific Northwest UFO/Paranormal Conference at the Double-Tree Hotel next to Seattle/Tacoma airport from 11 AM to 1 PM Pacific time. For the first hour I will speak on prophecies that look beyond the messianic projection of a savior coming to save us from ourselves. I will present predictions from prophets ancient and modern that foresee the coming of a new humanity that will save itself. Such a collective vision comes from visions of doom and destruction popularized by mainstream apocalyptic traditions. I will cite prognostications of such a new, and spiritual-materialistically harmonized humanity being born out of the challenging times ahead of us in the first half of the 21st century.

Rather than a messiah, we await the coming of Homo Novus, the “new human being.” Osho, one of the new humanity’s chief proponents, defined them in the following way:

“The new humanity will be a meeting of individuals, where individuals are the masters, and society is to serve them. It will have many different aspects to it. It will not have so many religions, it will have only a religious consciousness. It will not have a despot God as a creator, because that implies the slavery of man. It will have godliness as a quality of ultimate achievement — a quality of enlightenment. God will be spread all over — in everything, in every being.

“The individual, for the first time, will not be programmed; he will be helped to be himself. He will not be given any ideals, any discipline, any certain pattern; he will be given only a tremendous love for freedom, so that he can sacrifice everything — even his own life — but he cannot sacrifice freedom. The new individual will not be repressive; he will be natural, with no inhibitions, expressive of everything that he has; just the way plants express themselves in different colors, in different fragrances, each individual will be the same.

“The new individual will not have the false idea that all human beings are equal. They are not — they are unique, which is a far superior concept than equality. Although the new individuals will not be equal, they will have equal opportunity to grow into their potential, whatever it is.

“There will be no marriage; love will be the only law. Children will be part of the commune, and only the commune will decide who is capable of being a mother and who is capable of being a father. It cannot be random and accidental. And it will be according to the needs of the Earth.

“The new humanity will have an ecology in which nature is not to be conquered, but lived and loved. We are part of it — how can we conquer it? It will not have races, no distinctions between nations, between colors, casts. It will not have any nations, and states; it will have only a functional world government.

“The new man is an absolute necessity. The old is dead or is dying … cannot survive long. And if we cannot produce a new human being, then humanity will disappear from the Earth.”

Osho (1986) Beyond Psychology
© Osho International Foundation

I will end the first hour’s talk by posing that such a humanity is not “coming” in the future — that future can only be born today. This will not be an ordinary meeting. I intend to move from words about a future humanity to offer the audience a sample of active and passive meditation experiences that might help them witness the birth of that new humanity in themselves.

We are in a new and challenging era. According to my understanding of prophecy, human civilization must change or it is foreseen to collapse in the next 20 to 30 years. With the dawning of a new and dangerous millennium, the time for talk about a better future is over. I believe we have to create that future together, and right now. A better future and a new humanity can only come from individual transformation.

I hope you can come up to Seattle and participate in the experiment with me.

If you cannot attend, or you discover this essay long after the Memorial Day weekend NWUFO conference has ended — yet you would like to arrange for such a workshop in your area — please feel free to email me, and we can see what we can arrange.

John Hogue
(21 May 2001)

I would like to share information on my meditation techiques. Contact me.

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