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Iran War, Drought 2012, Greenland Ice Melt, Dark Knight Mind Plague and Coast to Coast AM

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(DATELINE: 10 August 2012)

Introducing the Foreword to:

Nostradamus: The War with Iran – Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse


At this moment, I am in a writing and editing marathon to bring this new e-Book into the world sometime at the end of August before Middle Eastern fireworks may spark an incident in the Strait of Hormuz between Iranian patrol boats and US Navy ships.

This morning, a dear friend of mine, Bhagawati, a fellow traveler on the path of meditation, reflected on my process writing this book asking: “Not a very happy topic – war – is it?”

My answer will become the Foreword to the forthcoming second edition of my Nostradamus the War with Iran e-book. I wish to share it with all of you:


No, war is not a very happy topic. Strange that I am compelled to be its messenger. And the book has evolved from its 70,000 words written in the first edition five years ago to 100,000 words in this new edition.

It is strange to write a book that with every word you are making an effort to prevent nearly every thought in it from becoming a reality in the near future. Yet it must be written. A cautionary tale. A future one must clearly picture, explain and thereby undermine with understanding, with foresight, so that we don’t stare back at it, wiping our tears from our eyes in war’s aftermath of bloody hindsight and loss.

This confrontation of three nations, America, Israel against Iran, is but a facade of a deeper confrontation between three anti-life lies, cloaked with and sanctioned by holy scriptures that are wholly false projections of saintly sleepwalkers. The reverend, the rabbi and the rasul of three religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – for thousands of years, have programmed their flocks to subconsciously expect a collision of their presumed good against the other’s presumed evil. Three great religions of sleepwalkers guided by their somnambulist shepherds, head for the abyss that is their personally imagined spin on Armageddon prophecies thinking the other will drop in the pit and they will walk on air over it, chosen, forgiven, “saved.”

They are all in for a very nasty surprise.

So, I am compelled to comment, to warn and to help readers understand these prophecies from beyond the blinders of faith and foolery that motivate their misinterpretation. I do so by summoning a king of prophets, the 16th-century seer, Michel de Nostredame, known by his Latin pseudonym, “Nostradamus”, because his vantage point on history’s timeline of a war to end all wars in the Middle East is closer than those who wrote down the prophecies of the New Testament, the Nevi’im and the Qu’ran. He provides sharp details, names, riddles begging to be unraveled before it is too late, because he knows when this war can happen. He has marked it by the planets and stars for a specific time window that approaches soon.


For more information about the e-book and how you can reserve a direct download, click on jihad watch. On that page you will notice I have two books coming out soon and both look at Nostradamus’ take on Iran “and” 2012 predictions.

(UPDATE 10 August 2012)






I like to offer a heart felt thank you to the flood of new browsers still coming in from the Coast to Coast AM website link. Back on 1 August 2012, George Noory and I covered a lot of ground about what is coming next in the final five months of 2012. Below is a detailed sample of many of the themes we  discussed for three hours. Soon I will insert their overview of the show on this page and my additional comments and elaborations.

Wednesday (7 August 2012) I densely packed an interview with William Henry, a regular guest radio show host for Revelations” posted at Whitley Strieber’s If you are intrigued to learn more about the strategic and prophetic connections drawing the West and Islam into a clash over Syria and Iran, do check out the show, click on Syrian Civil War.

Check out Mark S. Hankins’ article in part inspired by my new definition of the Great Recession.

For those new to, this website is, what you might call the Huffington Post of Prophecy. We explore how current events meet prophetic trends and forecasts, both ancient and modern. Not only do I offer my own forecasts but we provide the newest, up to the minute interpretations of seers like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Osho, Gurdjieff, St Malachy, as well as hundreds of other visionaries and seers from a wide range of Western, Eastern and Native traditions from around the world.

HogueProphecy is critically acclaimed for its ability to cut through the social, religious, and nationalistic projections of prophets and their interpreters to find threads of insight they all share. We document every prediction made on these pages since the website began a dozen years ago. Check out our Archives menu button and peruse over 400 articles posted there. And please join our free HogueBulletin newsletter so I can keep you informed of seminars, workshops or when I will be on Coast to Coast AM again. I will soon appear on upwards of five  new television documentaries coming this fall for Canadian television as well as History Channel and National Geographic Channel. Members of my newsletter will be the first to know when they air.

I also have new e-books under construction, which makes me want to ask you a question: Do you remember 2012? What a year that was! We all lived it a dozen years ago when the quickening of history and the fever of climate change began. We are well into the death and renewal of ages miscalculation marks for the coming winter solstice and all books and experts so far have overlooked the real year that was “2012” and Nostradamus’ direct connection to it.  Read more about this new book, click on Nostradamus 2012.

Now, I will return you to the article first published on 22 July, but because of busy and momentous events I have been refreshing and enlarging this blog page almost daily as I am doing today (1 August 2012). Check out all the new material and your comments which I post and often answer as soon as you submit them. Don’t be shy.

Now back to the blog page:

Once we cross the climate line, great agriculture industries will wither on stalk and vine. Oceans will rise inundating the rice fields and arable lands. It’s not surprising to me that many a prophecy of Nostradamus speaks of a great die-off of humanity from famine, rising oceans and biblically intense droughts from the Sun becoming a “fire in the sky” boiling fish in stream lake and sea.

2012 should be a wake up year to all of this. There’s still time to become a grown up civilization, preventing rather than curing this oncoming catastrophe.

Predictions for 2012
Chapter 6:
Nature’s War on Humanity
Year Three – Upheaval and Flood

While 61 percent of the United States is under scorching drought conditions, my cool little corner of the lower 48 states, the Pacific Northwest, experienced a rare and spectacular rash of lightning storms and rolling thunder last weekend for three days and nights. When nature had spent its fury there erupted to the northwest from a nearby naval air station the round-the-clock rolling thunder of Super Hornet US Navy Growler fighter jets, punctuated by the air-displacing drum beat of Navy helicopter blades. This human thundering is a precursor to a large reinforcement of Navy air units to potential war zones. Perhaps the Sixth Fleet is on station now in the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria and the squadrons of jets and helicopters are preparing for deployment there.

Last Thursday, Batman fans across the United States lined up for many hours early to secure a good seat at scheduled midnight showings of the third and final installment of the Dark Knight movie series early Friday morning. News came that day of a bomb taking out the heart of the Syrian regime’s defense team that included General Daoud Rajiha the defense minister and General Assef Shawkat, top security chief and brother-in-law to President Bashar al-Assad and a member of the dictator’s inner circle. The third fatality was General Hassan Turkomani the deputy defense minister. It was a huge blow to the dictatorship and there had been no sign of al-Assad on television for days. He would soon appear on Syrian state television appointing new ministers to replace the dead.

News also reached me on Thursday of fighting raging in the heart of the al-Assad regime’s power base, Damascus. The first major attacks on the capital were part of what the Free Syrian Army (FSA) calls Operation Volcano. So alarming was the rebel offensive that elite Syrian armored units were pulled off the Golan Heights where they stare down Israeli armed forces for decades along that disputed border. They now advance on Damascus.

If that was not enough terrorism for Thursday into Friday, a busload of Israeli tourists went up in a suicide blast in a resort town in Bulgaria. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu implicated Iran and their ally in Lebanon, the Hezbullah organization.

The US jets rumbled and thundered northwest of me on Thursday, while your emails flooded in asking if a war with Iran was imminent.

My Oracle continues to say, “no.” As of last week there finally is empirical evidence to support my Oracle’s bold prediction. The moderate Kadima Party left Netanyahu’s grand coalition on 17 July 2012. Elections may be coming in September because of this. Add an Occupy Israel movement of sorts where many thousands of Israelis for months now are demonstrating on the streets protesting the lack of housing and you will not see a Netanyahu government launching one jet or missile against Iran unilaterally any time soon in 2012. Nostradamus’ astrology in his predictions about war with Iran sees that possibility is still at least three years off. Click on Nostradamus Iran 2012.

Talking heads on TV try to out do each other with hyperbolic gushes that the al-Assad regime is about to fall. To this I say, soon but not yet. The Uranus (ruler of chaos) squared Pluto (ruler of government establishment) is only getting started. Its biggest and sudden regime-toppling surprises are going to peak in September-October 2012.

If Bashir al-Assad should fall from a pyrotechnic takedown like Humpty Dumpty blown off his wall, you might want to gather what’s left of the Syrian dictator’s horsemen and all the Syrian dictator’s men and put Bashar al-Assad back together again. Otherwise, what will fill the void will be a mess of jihadists, Muslim brotherhoods, al-Qaeda operatives and Sunni on Shia nation-wide massacres that will follow when you cannot put Humpty Dumped-out-of power together again.

Thursday night into early Friday morning in the Northwest, the same cut-off low from last weekend came floating over us again for another round of exceedingly howitzer-loud blasts of sharp crashing thunder over my island in the Puget Sound. Around the same time in Rocky Mountain Time, excited fans of the caped crusader piled into every seat of a movie theater at the suburban Century Theater multiplex in Aurora, Colorado, to see the first showing of the The Dark Knight Rises. Thunder over my rooftop matched ear-splitting thunder just after Midnight in Colorado rolling out of movie speakers stirring fields of ear follicles that must be as stunted as Colorado corn in Super Drought 2012.

The people crammed in that Aurora cinema were ready to escape into air-conditioned fantasy from weeks of triple-digit heat waves in skies smoked by mega fires, the worst in Colorado’s history. Up came moody images on big screen and the opening salvoes of music, to which they bared their ever more insensitive ears and let infiltrate through eyes-to-subconscious ever more exaggerated, agitated and CGI mega-pixilated violent images of opening action in the Dark Knight Rises. The Batman series is famous for its highly intense action sequences that must keep ahead of the numb-down effect of an over decibel-shredded and photon flicker-flashed and growing insensate movie going public.

I was trying to sleep in the Pacific Northwest, my dreams filled with a deafening symphony of thunderclaps. Others sat in a Colorado theater, many with children curled beside them, well past their bedtime, prepared for a different deafening. I can imagine in the dark theater some of the young kids grabbed their ears because unlike their parents, their ear follicles were still fresh and felt the assault of the invisible fist of displaced air from cranked up movie sound systems.

The rising noise and lurid images set to entertain and bestir a failing sensitivity of American theatergoers is one of the reasons I do not often go to theaters. When I am not writing, I am a singer and composer. I have been careful to preserve my hearing in an ever more deaf, de-sensate and over-stimulated civilization. Moreover, I do not easily tolerate the mass-mob, psychic “white noise” of mind energy pouring out of theater crowds in stuffy spaces, while sitting stunned and fish-eyed by escapism, especially when it is stirred to dump junk psychic energy into the etheric watching gratuitous violence. If sugar, mixed with cream in coffee gives one a toxic buzz, many of the movies made today produce a mass-toxic psychic buzz in the auras of movie-going audiences.

Adults and kids in the Aurora theater might not have initially heard the first “pop-popping” of a new sound effect. It lingered, like the smoke effect, too many moments after the opening action sequence on screen had ended.

Sometimes the buzz goes so deep that even when fictional gunshot and smoke mixes with the horror of fact, the audience under a movie’s hypnotic toxicity might not at first separate fantasy from real horror. Batman, the masked man in black body armor and cape, on the screen in a bewildered moment is not too different from the masked and helmeted man in a gas mask dressed in black body armor with the automatic weapon and shotgun who came bursting through the theater exit door. He threw tear gas canisters and peppered a captive audience with lethal fire.

The gunman, 24-year-old James Holmes, killed 12 and wounded 59 moviegoers in the largest mass shooting in US history. The dead included a 6-year-old girl. A four-month old baby was in extreme respiratory stress from tear gas and gunpowder fumes. I will rhetorically ask what the mainstream media misses: what were young children doing up so late, past midnight, watching a violent movie, getting their delicate ears damaged? What kind of parents do this?

Holmes was arrested outside the theater at the blood-soaked terminus of his own blurring of reality with fantasy. He graduated from University of California, Riverside, in 2012. He had a bachelor’s and master’s degree in neuroscience. This honor student abandoned adding another degree, a PhD, to the list because his college education during the Great Recession only got him a job flipping junk food burger patties at McDonalds.

The Batman movie geek seemed to have slipped into his own inner movie as he slipped out of the Batman movie, prevented the exit door from closing, went to his parked car nearby, donned black body armor and SWAT-style helmet to become his own “super-antihero” in a black combat costume. With his own bad ass Bane bad guy mask over his face he perpetrated a real criminal act of public mayhem similar to those that are a signature of this Christopher Nolan directed trilogy. Holmes in reality, spraying bullets in a crowd became just as diabolical as the fictional Bane of the The Dark Knight Rises or Heath Ledger’s Joker in the previous movie The Dark Knight.

Fantasy can eat away at reality in the overly entertained over stimulated human mind. Global warming is just another movie on flat screen in the news. The fictional people made of light and shadow on a white wall, are little different than their spectator audience in denial of the terrible consequences of their actions RIGHT NOW projected upon a real screen of Earth’s atmosphere on real skies in a drought across the central, eastern and Rocky Mountain states of America.

Sixty-one percent of the USA is under drought conditions and growing. This drought covers more acreage than any other in the last half century. One-third of the US was under heat alerts in mid-July and the fire season in the Rockies is already one for the record books months before winter rains or snows put out the flames – hopefully. Right now, with some of the hottest weeks of summer still ahead at the end of July through August this has already become the worst North American continental drought since 1956.

In my prophecies for 2012 published at the end of last year, my oracle warned that what happened across Russia in 2010 would happen to the United States, especially across the grain and corn breadbasket of the world in the Mississippi River Valley. There would be a drought so long lasting that severe crop damage could threaten American agriculture just like the 2010 drought destroyed in 500 brush fires and months of the blazing sun one-fifth of the Russian grain crop, taking Russian exports off the market so that its domestic beef, poultry and dairy industry livestock could eat what was left and survive.

Climate watchers in Boulder Colorado just up the road from bloody Batman massacre in Aurora working for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict we are not even at the peak of this historic drought. The Rockies will continue to dry out. Extreme dryness will reach out west to forests, meadows, ranch and farmlands into Nevada, Arizona and Idaho. Episodes of mega fires will spread. Cattle populations will dwindle. Right now in the later days of July, cattle populations especially across Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma are at the lowest numbers in 60 years. The grass has gone and ranchers are selling their herds for slaughter.

The arid conditions will get worse. NOAA scientists also forecast the drought’s vast high pressure dome of dried air will spread northward into the grain fields of North and South Dakota and Canada. It will draw Minnesota and Wisconsin underneath its moisture scarce inversion layer. Already the Wisconsin Dairy industry milk production dropped 20 percent. In the central plains states a third of the US corn crop is threatened. The torrid air will spread east over farmlands and heavily populated cities of the US Atlantic states. NOAA predicts the dehydration of the North American air mass may linger well into autumn harvest time, past Halloween.

America, the bread basket of the world…America, the Saudi Arabia of food production that feeds a significant and famine-vulnerable majority of a world marching towards 8 billion mouths to feed in a dozen years is suffering already the worst crop yields since 1988! Prices will rise this autumn and winter as hunger around the world will rise. Right now corn has jumped in price by 30 percent. This will have a direct social and political impact on America’s southern neighbors where corn is the staple food in Mexico, Central America and much of South America. The Arab rebellions we saw in 2011 initially triggered by rising food price hikes when Russian drought prevented Russian exports reaching North Africa and Middle Eastern countries will launch hungry people into street demonstrations across South America, South East Asia and we will even see food riots in China in 2013.

Add to this oncoming price hike the debilitating effect of drought upon the main roadway for North American food exports to the world. As predicted by my oracle in December of 2011 the Mississippi River is bottoming out:

The Mississippi floods of 2011 become a Mississippi Valley drought not seen since the…1980s when water levels of the great river artery of floating US commerce dropped so low that it threatened shipping…

Predictions for 2012

River levels near Vicksburg are now too low to allow water traffic and more areas might see water levels shallow out because NOAA predicts the drought will linger into October!

Prophecy would have us step back to see the bigger picture. It would point to a background of a kind of psychic pollution, a madness foretold in a shared vision of a time when humanity would pollute its psychic, etheric atmosphere as much as it does its physical atmosphere. A time when too many billions of semi-conscious, desensitized people chose to walk in dreams rather than reality, noses buried in screens of social network toys, texting while taxing the world’s finite resources. They covet sustaining the parasite’s illusion that this planet can further sustain their energy demands and their pollution when it is estimated this current humanity would need several Planet Earths to satisfy it.

They go to theaters to watch someone else on a flat screen live their flat lives, make love and do heroic things. They belong to a mad mass of humanity escaping global warming and life. They hide for a few hours in theaters to watch people be shot up on screen or are shot up themselves by those even less able to weather the psychic storm growing around our etheric, inner atmosphere.

A more meditative, balanced, future humanity will remember us as victims of the Great Mind Plague of the 21st century.

I have been writing about this Mind Plague ever since humanity’s population cleared five billion in the late 1980s. Not only did we pass a red line beyond which the ecological planetary system can completely recover but also we passed a line sustaining the health of the etheric ecology of the human collective mind.

I defined this little discussed collective prophecy of a pandemic mind “broil” in the book Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming, published in 1999:

Native prophetic traditions the world over generally share a vision of the world’s physical and psychic energy fields rising a third or more in intensity in the coming century. They contend that the Earth’s energy band began its increase between 1983 and 1991, and will attain to its higher vibration around 2012. It is said that this new frequency of energy will be a blessing to those who can embrace the unknown, and who are open to innovation, adventure, and meditation; however, the native seers and shamans warn that those who hold onto fear and contraction will find life after 2012 hard to endure. Some will enjoy mind-liberation while those who cannot change will suffer a mind-broil. Those individuals who cannot abandon fossilized ideas and traditions will be so subconsciously terrified by the new energies of new times that it is said they will drop dead from their own fear.

Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming. Available at HogueProphecyStore (click on the cover and read more).

Tribal people will tell you that thoughts are things and that modern humankind uses the subtle forces of thought most irresponsibly. When there were so few of us, this did not have a serious impact, but now the unprecedented appearance of unaware and mechanically conditioned humans contributes more aberrant and unconscious thoughts than ever before. When the critical mass of so many unconscious thoughts may cause a foretold psychic trauma, only the ark of a silent mind may keep its cool in the brainstorms to come.

From the Chapter:
Noah’s Ark of Consciousness:
The Coming Mind Broil.


Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

2012 is here and the challenge to find a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness has never been more needed. Now that we enter the high season of mass un-high-mindedness, my bulletins about this Mind Plague and ways to individually cure you of it will be more frequent. If you are not already a member of my free newsletter list and want to get reports of a psychic condition that few out there understand or adequately report, this would be a good time to subscribe.

This would also be a good time to heed a call from a fellow traveler in consciousness, to learn the ways you can become immune to mass madness by finding your true “individual” self – your “Undivide-you-All” – through meditation.

Just ask me, and I will send you information and links that can aid you on this path of the blissful, witnessing eye in the mind storm of coming times. Contact me at this link. Put the word meditation in the subject line.

John Hogue
(22 July 2012)

(01 August 2012)


Iraq Erupts in Violence in the Second Half of the Year

In December 2011 I was drawing up a blank on what was coming next for Iraq. The last US troops were leaving in long dusty columns crossing into Kuwait in the dead of night. Logic would dictate that without a US military presence the last American soldier leaving the place might slam the door and the entire rotting and teetering experiment in Iraqi democracy might come crashing down. Thus I wrote the following for Chapter 3 of Predictions for 2012:

I don’t know if it’s prophetic fatigue overtaking me today, but I don’t see anything that dramatic happening in the new Iraq’s first half year free of US occupiers. The people are tired of war and chaos. Some of the worst any modern nation has had to endure since the Second World War ended almost 70 years ago. Perhaps we can hope what terrors haunting Iraqis from the recent past will sober all ethnic and religious stripes with enough force forbearance to find concord, though I remain a hopeful pessimist.

For the Segment: Between Iraq and a Hard Place Back Home

As it turned out, most of the sectarian violence one expected to explode between Shia and Sunni Iraqis erupted instead in Syria for the first half of the year. Now, as of July, Iraq has suffered some of its worst terror bombings and death tolls since the dire days of 2007 when their sectarian civil war was at its height. Time magazine in its article entitled Ashes to Ashes reported that on 23 July a series of coordinated bomb attacks and mass shootings across the country struck government building and security forces in 13 cities, killing at least 103 people and wounding 200, making it the deadliest day of the year since US forces withdrew seven months earlier. I would specify what Time did not, that most of the government targets where Shia and that the attackers were Sunni. It is believed by the Western press that al-Qaeda elements are using the chaos in Syria as cover to infiltrate into Iraq. I predict that the terror has less to do with al-Qaeda and much more to do with home grown Sunni militias who have long prepared for a showdown with the Shia dominated al-Maliki government once the Americans departed. The Shia leadership has been inexorably marginaling and suppressing non-Shia populations and political leaders across Iraq. What started in Syria will not stay in Syria, as the coming events will show for the latter half of 2012.

(26 July 2012)

The Greenland Meltdown

Just reported today by NOAA, 64 percent of the United States is under drought conditions, up by three percent in just a few days! St. Louis passes through four days and counting of temperatures above 105 degrees! Much of the US will get a “respite” from the drought, however, in this new “abnormal” your “cooler” temperatures for many heat stricken farmlands of the US breadbasket of the world will only drop down to the low 90s and upper 80s Fahrenheit before the next dome of high pressure will quicken and strengthen next week.

These hot air masses have to go somewhere and they apparently have passed wave after waves of heat northeastwards into the Arctic. The temperatures certainly are much cooler in comparison to the North American sojourn but they have been enough to melt the upper layer of Greenland’s entire gigantic ice sheet in July, to the complete shock and surprise of sober climatologists.

In 30 years, the average area affected by melt never exceeded 55 percent. July so far has experienced 97 percent of Greenland’s ice surface sending cataracts of flood into the Atlantic!

Scientists have never known the entire sheet to affected by melt and is seen by scientists as a dire signal of global warming approaching a cascading meltdown of Earth’s landlocked glaciers.

Such meltdowns of landlocked ice are significant because they are directly responsible for the raising of ocean sea levels and the desalinization of the oceans that alter oceanic currents that disrupt the global weather.

Droughts spread in the hinterlands of great continents, drying out the glaciers feeding the great rivers of East and South Asia’s teaming billions creating tomorrow’s era of the Great Thirst Be prepared for cold and snow filled winters to suddenly shift into greatly warmed meltdown floods.

Predictions for 2012
Chapter 5: Nature’s War on Humanity
The First Two Years (2010-2011)

The US Northeast

Unique to this historic super drought are the way lingering high pressure domes cooking the central and eastern US states reluctantly move off punctuating triple-digit swelter with powerful straight wind thunderstorms causing widespread damage and power outages. Today (Thursday, 26 July 2012) at least 18 states are targets for the potential of historically damaging thunderstorms and winds in a line stretching from North Texas, through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, New York and New England. Thirty-six million Americans, including those in Minnesota and Michigan and in major metropolitan populations of Philadelphia and New York City are under the threat of moderate to severe thunderstorms with the chance of tornados.

Neptune in Pisces brings great torrents to remind you that all is not new normal in 2012 and onwards to the brink of the next decade. Moreover, the floods Neptune brings are not only of water. We are drowning under the deluge of human beings in a population explosion that demographers around the world seem immune to factor into their projections of food and water demands.

Predictions for 2012
Chapter 6: Nature’s War on Humanity
Year Three (2012) – Upheaval and Flood


This theme could stand as an article on its own, but Sandra’s comment was triggered by much of the above article published on this page on 22 July (sans the additions on Greenland and thunderstorms added today, though I am sure these would freak her out as well).

Here is her comment and my answer posted on 26 July 2012. If we can get past the snarkiness that undermines her points, she has important observations that deserve my response.

You know what, John? Your website has become nothing more than an abode of negativity and hopelessness. You continue to go on and on about how awful everything is and focus exclusively on problems. You know what? A great deal of us knows what the problems are. We are not that blind and ignorant. What we want are SOLUTIONS. Going on and on about how global warming will cause famines and a great die off of humanity without presenting any solutions to the crisis is nothing but a disservice not only to humanity, but to the planet itself.  If your Oracle is so aware, wise, and knowing, why don’t you ask it what realistic solutions to the global warming crisis are in terms of technologies and changes to our 1% serving world economy? Just rambling on about overpopulation and global warming isn’t going to solve this crisis we are in.

This is the comment that lurks in many of your minds. I thank Sandra for at last giving this wound some air; framing this wounded expectation with carefully composed and emotionally charged worlds so we can dress it with my “addressing” her expectation.

I give solutions in nearly every article I write. I gave a clear solution at the end of this Batman massacre article.

My solution is fundamental.

It is meditation.

It is a solution to the root problem.

You will find many websites out there that will offer you technologies and suggested changes not only suggested to the 99 percent but also to the 1 percent of humanity with the money, power and influence to make these changes.

Ever since 1987, and included in thousands of articles, 10 printed books and 9 e-books, I have provided readers with thousands of pages of solutions and suggested technologies and suggested how humanity can fix its world on all levels of life from the practical to the spiritual and even beyond both.

What my Oracle does share is a solution that can hardly ever be found in other book or Internet sources. This solution requires your direct participation, your “yes” to receive my gift of meditation techniques.

It requires your action. Action is commitment. I could just list my information and links to the meditation teacher and techniques that have guided me since 1980 but the idle mind in us is like the swine that will just gobble up these pearls of transformation and forget them like the mind gobbles up most of the information in a state of gluttony to keep itself occupied. Your action has the potential to be something beyond the mind. Action can be from the soul.

I do not offer my meditations to the idle swine mind. I offer these peals to human souls.

A real walk upon the spiritual path requires decisiveness and a recognition of deep spiritual urge, an urge that has a life or death intensity. I do not recognize that urge in Sandra’s words, just yet. I do not see it crystalized in her statements. I hear spiritual pride in her words.

Sandra said, “A great deal of us know what the problems are.”

My answer is: No, Sandra, you don’t.

The problem is not outside of you. Every time you look for an answer, Sandra, you are taking yourself far away from that problem.

You say, “What we want are SOLUTIONS.”

The solution has been given many times in these pages and it is simply, fundamentally this:


Meditation can help each of you become THE ANSWER.

What I offer as the solution to the word’s dire present and future is the most fundamental solution there can be. You will not find it in all those other websites that describe solutions to outside symptoms of the problem, such as overpopulation, global warming, food and economic sustainability, etc., etc. These solutions to the world’s problems are out there, addressed by leaders constantly but do you see any of them being enacted? Do you mobs of people demonstrating in the streets as members of the 99-percent against the 1-percent achieve any change?

You cannot achieve any transformation in the world unless you first transform yourselves. This writer and his “Oracle” addresses this root problem where most other websites and writers do not even know beyond mere intellectual understanding what this problem is.

Intellectual understanding is worthless. Because all that is intellectual is rooted in the stupidity of identity that we as children have been taught to borrow. Other people’s parrot squawk becomes our own cherished diddlysquat.

The problem is, that there is no such thing as this “Sandra”. It is a personality, a mask, imposed on a miraculous mystery of being. Society does this to each newborn. It turns our birthright of innocent intelligence into a mechanical and mediocre cog in a civilization of sleepwalkers. Perhaps our fascination with fictional zombies stems from each of us being programmed to be zombies.

We have been trained to dream that we are awake, that we think and feel for ourselves, that our assumptions about the mysteries of life and religion are our own when this is patently not the case.

Sandra, you do not exist.

Your true, bright, compassionate and intelligent reality that could not only find solutions but shine as an example to other unlit candles to relight their wicks of awareness, is buried under the dirt of a personality, a national identity, a religious superstition, a dream that really is a nightmare of conditioning.

Human conditioning in all of us is the motive unconscious force that had made all our solutions to the world’s problems fail to bring light, love and balance to human affairs for thousands of years.

Our solutions have all failed because in all sincere attempts to make a better world good people were conditioned to engage the problems of humanity by looking away from themselves and their state of dreaming and ignorance.

You cannot help humanity if you are unconscious of your own suppressed human spirit, lost under a coating of false personality, borrowed knowledge, borrowed emotional triggers and the many ego survival games you were forced to acquire to survive in an egoistic, unenlightened world.

What I offer here in my life’s work is a solution that goes to the very heart of the problem – YOU, no one else.

It goes to the very source of solutions – You, no one else.

Meditation exposes this most fundamental of all conspiracies, that you are a sleepwalker dreaming that all you think, feel and believe is actually true. When certain techniques of self-observation are practiced, you get a glimpse of what is false by awakening inside a witnessing consciousness that is eternally true, eternally “you.”

You awaken to your real inner and forgotten light, your true IN-nocent intelligence, you IN-significance, and that helps one better live IN-security in uncertain times with ecstasy and love.

It is hard to recognize my solution, because thousands of years have conditioned all of us to act upon fundamentally false presumptions programmed into us under the mask we cannot even see – personality.

A mask called “Sandra”. A masked called “John Hogue.” Ego is a programming that is automatically, habitually set to overlook and even deny my solution.

Ego makes many of you who agree with Sandra’s criticism overlook my constant call to the solution that ends now almost every article I write for a few years now.

Ego is like color blindness. As long as it is under control of us, we cannot and will not recognize the subtle rainbow of my offered solution — meditating.

Now, I will address Sandra’s comment point for point:

You know what, John? Your website has become nothing more than an abode of negativity and hopelessness. You continue to go on and on about how awful everything is and focus exclusively on problems.

One thing meditation can help one understand, and by understanding begin becoming free of this ego habit, is how are language reveals the moment when emotional outrage blinds us.

For instance, when an ego is stuck in the head, it makes intellectual understanding synonymous to real understanding. I say love, and you presume you know what love is. Many of you reading my words and agreeing with what I am proposing to Sandra are stuck in the “head” understanding. You intellectually agree with the picture I am painting here, completely mindless to the essence of what I am proposing here. The word “water” is not the plunge into the rapids in which I wish to send you of an exciting swim.

Another ego center is the gut, the Hara, or the kinesthetic projection. It is a gut feeling that you “like” or reactively “dislike” what I am saying to Sandra. Your liking or disliking reaction is unconsciously impulsive, not an insight into what I am sharing here.

Now to Sandra’s dominant ego trait, this is behind her comment’s words. You can always recognize in yourself and in others the moment one is possessed unconsciously by the emotional body of ego. Take for instance, when words contain sweeping, simplistic generalizations, such as Sandra’s, “Your website has become nothing more than an abode of negativity and hopelessness!”

This is a projection of emotional disappointment. She is angry and frustrated with the content of my website. Her mind magnifies the negative and puts on blinders to the positives. Once that button of ego is pushed, the robotic personality in us violently brushes all possible evidence against its intent off the table. The table is made clean of anything but the sweeping emotional reaction as judgment of the other.

You know what? A great deal of us know what the problems are. We are not that blind and ignorant.

If Sandra knew then why is she reading Hogueprophecy? Go out and fix the world, NOW. And who is she to speak for others knowing or not knowing what the problem is?

Who are “you” – Sandra – to assemble this abstract gang of knowers? And if your gang really knows how to solve the world’s problems, why do they continue to remain unsolved?

I contend that Sandra, like many of you, are completely blind to the core problem, otherwise how can Sandra or many others who resonate with her use such language? Make such presumptions? Your words are my evidence that you do not yet know the problem.

I contend that your perception of the world is borrowed from others. Your true perception is buried under a false persona all people are forced to adopt and adapt to from early childhood onwards for survival in a deeply egocentric civilization. The fundamental root problem of this egocentric programming of each individual, of each generation to sustain human misery is overlooked.

The world and its history of altruistic attempts to make things better is proof of it. Uncounted millions of people have thought they knew what the problems were. Millions courageously strove to solve these problems.

Why then is the world not getting better?

You are not the first to presume knowing what the problems are or the last, but there seems to be no change. Could it be that we are fundamentally missing something? Are our solutions the problem, or is the problem the one who identifies with them?

What we want are SOLUTIONS. Going on and on about how global warming will cause famines and a great die off of humanity without presenting any solutions to the crisis is nothing but a disservice not only to humanity, but to the planet itself.

I present the problems and ever give you the solution, which is the science of self observation. Moreover, your comment above is another indication of what ego programs in us do, jump to sweeping, emotional judgments made in ignorance. Judgmental statements cannot exist unless the vector of ignorance carries their infections.

Still, I am grateful that you have sent me a challenge. Do I, John Hogue, offer solutions to the dire futures I forecast?

Those who have actually read my books already know the prodigious extent of objective as well as subjective solutions I offer.

If your Oracle is so aware, wise, and knowing, why don’t you ask it what realistic solutions to the global warming crisis are in terms of technologies and changes to our 1% serving world economy? Just rambling on about overpopulation and global warming isn’t going to solve this crisis we are in.

The best subjective answer to the snarkiness of a programmed personality is to see things beyond the reactive, divisive, disempowering personality placed over our intelligence. Meditation can help you at the source. It is the deeper medicine.  A remedy for answering a peripheral judgement cast on my work the best medicine is fact.

So Sandra, I take your challenge and celebrate that you offered me the opportunity with your emotionally charged comment to share these links and facts with you and my readers around the world

Here are the facts and I ask those of you so quick to judge my work to explore the 400 articles archived at Hogueprophecy using the search engine on the right upper corner to type in “global warming”, or “overpopulation” or “solutions” or any other themes about world problems. You will find that I have given many objective solutions to outer problems as well as meditative techniques to understand why we have yet to successfully access those objective solutions and how each of us, one individual at a time, can break free of programmed unconsciousness that makes our future dire rather than divine. Click on Archive and best books 2012 to read my articles and books.

Here also, are specific articles and books dealing with SOLUTIONS. Click on these themes:

The difference between dogma and religiousness: click on Jesus.

Understanding what is false and true about celebrating Earth Day.

Occupy Wall Street. See Predictions for 2012, Chapter Three: The American Spring.

Ride the new Neptune in Piscean wave of creativity: Click on Neptune in Pisces.

See the spiritual horizons and hopes beyond new age sewage.

The past and future cycles of Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements as forecast by astrology: click on 99-percent.

The Future of Food. Click on prophecy.

Predictions about Occupy Wall Street, click on the Occupy Wall Street Declaration.

How to create a new Earth friendly and harmonious economy. See Chapter 9, Predictions for 2011, click on economic predictions.

From Climate Change to a new Manifest Destiny. Click on golden age.

How to save Democracy from Corporate Dominion. See Chapter 1, Predictions for 2012, click on democracy now.

Finding a new Noah’s Ark, click on Consciousness.

How one can awaken and be a part of a New Humanity.

The Future belongs to Spiritual Survivalists. See the Epilogue to Predictions for 2012, click on survivor.

How to gain Peace in Palestine: Chapter 5, Predictions for 2011, click on prophecy scholar.

Click on Empathic Prophecy.

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Looking beyond the Media’s fear mongering about the future, click on Mass Media.

A plan for new and healthier agriculture and food industries: Chapter 3, Predictions for 2010, click on health food.

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The Solar Power industry that will light the world is not of this Earth. See Chapter 6, Predictions for 2008, click on Solar power.

The unbearable rightness of pushing your psychological buttons clears the heart and mind to find creative solutions to the world’s problems. Click on push my button.

How US citizen rights can be restored by ending the Electoral College.

How to build bridges to Utopia.

Celebrate the Unbearable Lightness of Being Ordinary, See Messiahs, click on flowering of human consciousness.

The solution to today’s political problems. See Tomorrow of Blessings in The Millennium Book of Prophecy, click on meritocracy.

Breaking free of the real Antichrist within. See the Epilogue of Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named Mabus, click on, Nostradamus mabus.

The change we can become rather than merely believe in. See Chapter 1, Predictions for 2009, click on Change we can believe in.

Making the transformation from International Security, to Inner and Natural Security. Epilogue for Predictions for 2010, click on essential teachings.

Solution to war, creating a “Humanitary”-Industrial Complex. See Tomorrow of Blessings in The Millennium Book of Prophecy, click on John Hogue.

See the Hopi prophecies of the Great Purification.

Scientific inventions that can save the world. See Tomorrow of Blessings in The Millennium Book of Prophecy, click on future inventions.

How to escape the Misery Field of mind. See Messiahs chapter entitled The Buddhafield. Click on power of now.

Finding thanksgiving in dark times. Click on Thanksgiving Day.

A plan for new Ecopitalistic industries. See Chapter 10, Predictions for 2009, click on Green Collar.

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Message of “Hope” Hopi Elders, click on Hopi Prophecy.

The Revolution of Witnessing Consciousness. See the Epilogue for Predictions for 2008. Click on Spiritual Revolution.



If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the “Contact” email button and I will post them here. I have collected them under the following topics: Dark Knight Rises Shootings; Greenland Meltdown; Sandra’s criticism that Hogueprophecy is negative; and finally, General Comments.


SANDRA (not “the” Sandra who I answered in the blog. Another, I think.)
Hi, I would like to know what exactly did you predicted about the Dark Knight Rises Shooting, I want to buy some of your books but please explain a little bit to me about the shooting and the way you describe it in your predictions, then I will be a believer, thanks a lot, Sandra.

I have explained the shooting in detail and defined it above as part of the collective prophetic visions shared mostly by native cultures. They foresee the energy of the world being feindly caffeined up, if you will, about 50 percent, starting in 2012 and on through until the mid century. Those who cannot handle this energy boost, who live in their conditioned mindsets, who are afraid of change, who move forward in life looking in the rearview mirror, could be swept up in a kind of collective madness. It is the madness that would see parents take their kids after midnight to such an intense movie, shredding young ears and young brains not ready for such a stimulation. The same madness drove Holmes to go flaming red headed nuts and shoot down such moviegoers. Meditation is the antidote to this “Mind Plague.”

Another form of madness is “belief”. Think of it. Why do we automatically adopt and identify with believing something rather than exploring it on our own. Why do we just believe or just disbelieve in the existence of a personal savior, a God and so on? There are all kinds of insanities that will crystalize and hatch out in the collective mindset of humanity. Your need to “believe” in me, Sandra, is just another symptom of that gathering madness.

Please do not be a believer, because belief retards our search for the truth.

Be a Searcher. Ask, doubt, inquire. Never believe my predictions or in me. Search me out. See all of those links above and INVESTIGATE where I am coming from. Then decide. Thank you for your comment.


Hello Mr. Hogue, I am sending you this message as a reaction to your latest article about the latest DNR massacre. The tone of the article comes across as very hostile to not only the DNR Batman movie, but against the movie/entertainment industry in general. I am a strong supporter of the Christopher Nolan Batman movie trilogy these are good movies with good characters and good stories. Yes the movies do have violence but the violence is part of the story. I am very concerned that this latest event is going to be used by various political ideologues to attack the creative freedom of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

I have also watched the Dark Knight series and as a long Batman fan as well as a big fan of the X-Men movies too, I concur that these movies are the finest yet in a long line of attempts to capture in cinema the caped crusader. I think you have misread my tone as against the movie. I am not. What I am against is the unconsciousness of people watching the movie. The unconsciousness of parents who would subject their little children to overstimulation from violent images, and ear-splitting explosions and sound effects.

I am not against violent stories told in movies. Among my favorites are Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates, and Hamburger Hill. All quite graphic in their gore! One of my favorite psychic horror films is David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”. A very scary film!

I would not send my children to see such films until they are older.

I watch movies using a meditation technique where my attention settles on my breathing and remembering the breath going in and out, as I look at the screen. You watch the screen completely open, relaxing with each breath, not shrinking from anything you see, because when you shrink away, you will discover that that is the moment you are letting in the negative experience into your psyche.

I do not watch movies to escape myself. I watch them to encounter myself, what comes up inside, good, emotional or ill. Movies can be a very powerful revealer of why you gravitate to certain films. You might consider doing this meditation next time you see a Batman movie, but please, if you have kids, don’t be so unloving to them by dragging them along after midnight to the flicks.

Finally, as to your concern about Hollywood being shut down. I would suggest you have more concern that Hollywood moguls and their lobbyists like Chris Dodd in Washington, will succeed in influence the US Congress to shut down the Internet and free speech there in the name of stopping piracy. Why not write Christopher Nolan and tell him not to support that. Thanks for your interesting comment.


John, Thanks for knowing when to use the scalpel and when to use the sword. And thanks for using them both. Blessings


Thank you for keeping us informed about the future world trends/events as predicted already a long time ago by our medieval French Master and Alchemist, Monsieur le Professeur Dr. Nostradamus.

I AM still waiting for the big world events to take place. Slowly, but surely signs are beginning to emerge about these very big world events, especially in and around Syria and around the Street of Hormuz.

I live here in Australia, Sydney, and hardly anything has been happening here. As you know, we are the “Lucky Country” and part of the old continent of Lemuria to the west.

Are we safe here regarding major earthquakes etc.? Will we be drawn into a large-scale war with our Western Allies in the Middle East etc, ???

Australia is not a seismic zone so I doubt you’ll be seeing much seismic activity unless it is a tsunami from somewhere else, which is a possibility this year from Chile. The issue about the Middle East war is the topic of my major upgrade of an e-book I published five years ago on Nostradamus’ prophecies and astrological dating for a war with Iran. You can check out that book and a new e-book under construction about 2012 by clicking on Syria news. Syria will be an important key to how soon or a little later, this war forecast will erupt with Iran. You can also check out Nostradamus’ prophecies about the Syrian Civil War by clicking on Syria prophecy.

Hi John, What inspired me to check out the Internet was my hearing a short wave radio talk show about Planet X. I wrote a letter to Zechariah Sitchen when he was alive. He wrote back and said that Planet X was still many years away. Now there are some Internet people saying that some government people are claiming that Planet X is near and that it will cause huge tsunamis very soon. What do you know and think about Planet X? Will it devastate the earth soon or many years from now?

I would agree with Sitchen that if there was a Planet X it is not coming for very many years, if at all. One thing I can categorically predict today is that all this talk about Nibiru is illusion and based on misunderstanding data. I will address the Nibiru issue in a chapter of my forthcoming book, which will be the last word on the 2012 prophecy industry. You can check it out by clicking on Mayan Calendar.


John, good work, and I am looking forward to C2C (Coast to Coast AM) next week.

Hi John, I just read that in the Artic, a glacier x 2 the size of Manhattan has broken free. This blocked other glaciers from movement. Now that this huge glacier is floating away, this gives the other glaciers the freedom to move also. The media has not reported this. I just wanted to make you aware of this. Thank you.


Hi John, excellent comments and info as always. I think Sandra’s comments show the expectation of the “old paradigm” to “fix things”. The new paradigm is shifting consciousness, no so simple on a certain level. Sometimes we are to be witnesses to the happenings, and watch things flow by us. We aren’t all on the same path and won’t have the same experience of the shift, whatever that is. Stepping back and taking another perspective helps a lot. Embrace the fear and let it go… I couldn’t get this to post on your regular page…


Just read Sandra’s message and I wonder if she lives with her head up her butt? What is expected from a world where we spend more money on weapons than we do on food for the starving, we spend more money on destroying the planet for its resources than we do on repairing it when we are done, as one of the most destructive forces on this planet we have done more harm than good for it…the only way it will end is bad for us humans, but mother nature will in the end take it all back. Things may evolve differently to what we humans expect it to and we may not be able to survive in the world that will come, but nature will survive in its own way. Your blog has pointed this out countless times and for the many years that I have read your pages you have countless times pointed out to us that we are the problem and the solution. But as the old adage goes…”you can take a horse to water…” All I can say is …Wake up Sandra!!! You are the solution!! Love and peace to you all!


What you’ve written is brilliant, John Hogue. Absolutely brilliant.

Reminds me of something pointed out by Jungian analyst Marie-Louise von Franz in the documentary film about C.G. Jung, “Matter of Heart.” She said, “If benevolent preaching would help, then we would be out of the trouble long ago, because we get a lot of benevolent and reasonable preaching but it doesn’t help. So, the only place where you can really put a hand on it and deal with it body to body — the problem of evil — is in yourself. There, you have the hope to change something. But the hope to change the world is a childish illusion.”

I, being a longtime meditator and Jungian, have a lot more to say about this. I think I will email you privately, John. In the meantime, keep doing what you do. You have been a true touchstone for me. Been listening to you since the Art Bell days.


No matter what, your prophecy is almost 100% accurate, which is more than some of the so-called “psychics” can claim. I only know a few other people who come close. Sorry if Sandra doesn’t appreciate what you tell us – but sometimes things happen whether we want them to or not and other times, if we know ahead of time, we can prevent them from happening. In the meantime, you give a lot of us hope for the future.


I’m a Canadian with ancestral Ukrainian roots and thanks to schooling & my parents, I’m informed of our heritage. Many a time, our flag, sky blue & wheat yellow will have a trident on it – going back to our ancient history (our history dates back further than the Russians). When you mentioned the trident with possible Syrian clashes, it alerted my mind to the fact that the trident symbolized Ukraine (our Black sea history & trident). Just another slant on your viewpoint. All the best!

That is interesting, your comment. Perhaps the trident came into Ukrainian totem designs because of ancient Greeks who worshipped Poseidon (Neptune). They colonized Odessa and other coastal Ukrainian places (the Crimea too).

Thank you for the heads up about this because anything classical can find itself in the metaphors of Nostradamus the Renaissance classicist. I do not believe his tridentale prophecy is about the Black Sea or the Ukraine. I do leave that option open though. Instead, I believe he is commenting on the Middle East, the Persian Gulf in particular because of other elements in the quatrain in question. The symbol is actually something about the current Iranian flag.

It will take a little explaining and I go through that explanation in my upgrade of Nostradamus: The War with Iran. You can read more about that e-book by clicking on, iranian armed forces.

Books by John Hogue

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