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Osho’s Noah’s Ark of Consciousness Prophecy

This observation I sense many of you have thought to send, have felt to send. It comes to pass that “Brian” frames best the words some of you could only feel but not verbalize, but definitely wanted to ask me all the same.

Hi John, I have a bit of a quandary and maybe you can shed some light on it. Does any of this really matter? By “this” I mean all of the horrible stuff occurring in the Middle East and Africa as well as the political and social stupidity happening in the USA and Europe.

I find myself detaching from these events.

I don’t want to get wrapped up in the fear and anger that inevitably surrounds these things and is promoted by the corporate run media with its 24hr news.

What can I do about them?

Surround them with love and live my own life as presently as possible.

That’s what I’m trying to do anyway.

What do you think Osho would say about living in these times?

Hi Brian,
Your comments and questions are so significant and fundamental that I will do my best to share an answer to you and to my worldwide Internet community at large in this article.

To those new to, Osho has been my meditation since 1980. If you find something inspiring in my words you may thank me but I must bow down and thank this dearest and most beloved friend and spiritual mentor for helping me get out of my own way to send these messages. If there is anything of true insight coming through me it is thanks to his meditation techniques that I have been practicing for 31 years and counting. They are tailored to the modern human being and not attempts to force such beings to do a thing most cannot do, simply sit and watch the breath.

Lord Buddha taught such a technique, which he called Vipassana to his 10,000 disciples. Its effect was aided by simpler times 25 centuries ago; his disciples lived agrarian, pre-industrial, pre-internet lives. They did not have as much on their mind, or saw as much outer stimulation of their minds as you or I endure.

To simply sit and watch the breath was possible for them.

For us, Osho suggested, we need help with more active, cathartic dancing and playful meditation steps taken before settling into such a mind watching, breath-by-breath state of meditation can happen.

Never has there been a time more distracting, loud, vulgar and over stimulated than ours. Never has there been a civilization where silence and stillness is avoided like the plague by endless entertainment and hectically paced toil at work, a frantic insatiable desire for more things, more stuff crammed in our homes, thoughts crammed in our heads.

And yet, what Osho and many other great mystics of the past have witnessed prophetically about out times is that our only salvation from a civilization-wide breakdown of humanity is a breakthrough that rediscovers the still, silent point of the witnessing and eternal consciousness. By reconnecting with this presence threading through all the moments of our lives in action and inaction, we might guide our destiny, this moment, every moment, peacefully and intelligently forward.

With the advent of the 21st century, we have entered the age of breakdowns. The age of the old humanity approaches its crash.

A new humanity is like a potential trapped within the dead seed shell that will not yield to the light, to the flowering for many centuries, up until now.

The shell of the past is cracking. I see it all around in the turmoil, in the traditions and dogmas I was trained to blindly believe in and follow. I cannot be so blind anymore to the sights and sounds of dead seed shells cracking all around.

The world of the old humanity is a husk of habit coming undone and crumbling all around us. It must happen. It is right. How else will the seed of our greatest destiny, to become a spiritually and physically balanced human race, happen unless the seediness of the past breaks down?

I feel that Osho spoke to this process of global breakdown leading to global breakthrough when he issued this prophecy 28 years ago:





Osho in Greece, 1986.




Man is now living in his most critical moment and it is a crisis of immense dimensions. Either he will die or a new man will be reborn…It is going to be a death and resurrection. Unless human consciousness changes totally man cannot survive. As he is right now he is already outdated.

…During this period there will be every kind of destruction on Earth including natural catastrophes and man manufactured auto-suicidal efforts. In other words there will be floods which have never been known since the time of Noah, along with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and everything else that is possible through nature. The Earth cannot tolerate this type of mankind any longer. There will be wars which are bound to end in nuclear explosions, hence no ordinary Noah’s ark is going to save humanity.

…The Holocaust is not going to be confined to certain places, it is going to be global so no escape will be possible. You can only escape within and that’s what I teach. I do not teach worship of God or any other ritual but only a scientific way of coming to your innermost core.


In 1999, I published the following commentary inspired by Osho’s prophecy. It might be good to review it today, five days before the next Earth Day celebration and review it once again, especially the day after Earth Day that happens every 22 April since 1970 in America and when the Earth Day celebration became an international phenomenon in 1990. Since that time, people all over the world come together to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. When all the tree hugging festivals celebrating the natural world and offering demonstrations of eco-friendly solutions to sustain our common future have partied out on Earth Day, 22 April 2011, on will come the Earth Day After. It will come shorn of pomp and circumstance, parades and parties and all the propagated tricks to hold a momentary collective attention around the world to the greatest challenge set before us every Earth Day after day: to sustain our continued future on this Earth without destroying its ecological balance.

Stay attentive, humanity at large, on these 364 uncelebrated days each year since 1970 that mark a year from one Earth Day to the next. Keep your awareness constant; come collectively together in the work to sustain your future on this imperiled planet. This world will long survive you, but it is in doubt whether you and your civilization will survive Earth’s response to human abuse.

Osho’s Noah’s Ark of Consciousness prophecy was first published at Rajneeshpuram in 1983. I was there 28 Earth Days ago. I published my comment below in 1999, twelve Earth Day celebrations ago. I print it again just five days before Earth Day number 31 commences.

The coming decades of the early 21st century could see all of us writhing under an Internet of history’s first global emergency. No region, no nation, and no person on Earth will be exempt from the effects of another person’s misuse or overuse of the planet. The next 30 years will endure floods not seen in recorded history — if not directly from weather then from rising coastlines. Prophets foresee earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even many scientists predict other natural disasters of a scope and magnitude never before encountered. It will be as if the Earth were rebelling against a humanity that chooses to remain retarded while it waits for the saviors to fix them. Nostradamus and other seers have predicted a plague of seventy wars across the world, triggered by the breakdown of water and food resources caused by rampant overpopulation. Many of these wars will end in nuclear explosions and the unleashing of biological and chemical-weapon plagues.

Attempts to escape may not only be futile but result in a missed opportunity. A major theme promoted by more renegade redeemers…is that you cannot escape from yourself. No matter how high the [Christian] Rapture carries you into the clouds — no matter how many Himalayan Mountains you can pull over your head to escape the disasters — the problem comes along for the ride.

You are the problem.

And you could be the answer.

The answer to averting the tribulations to come may arise out of each individual understanding and transcending the problem he or she has become.

Individual salvation requires something else entirely, a totally new vector. While some continue to wait for rescue in the form of a new ark of a New Jerusalem to mother-ship them out of harm’s way, there are visions that act like irritating flies dancing on the nose of such deliverance dreams, disturbing their reverie. These visions buzz with images of a travail from which there’s no escape. They say that the coming disasters will force all people to stand face to face with a heartbreaking and dream-breaking reality: No saints or saviors are coming to save us from ourselves.

We will have to become our own saviors.

One of the renegade mystics, Osho, believes the next Noah’s Ark needed to save humanity is a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. It is not a UFO mother ship of nebulous construction built for one to wait out the seven years of tribulation behind a comet’s tail. It isn’t a cave city for survivalists. It is a hideaway so secret that you’d never guess how close it nudges against where you live even at this moment, every breath you take. It hides right behind the source of your existence.

This safe haven is a place that spiritual survivalists retreat to.

It is the ark of consciousness within each of us.

The pathway can be found to this “ark” by remaining silent and centered exactly in the middle of the cyclone of the coming times.

The path I follow to a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness is meditation.

Osho began teaching me these meditations in 1980. If you would like me to share information about Osho’s meditations, Contact Me.

Brian at the opening of this blog had asked, “What would Osho say?”

My answer is this: I think he would say meditate and be in the herenow. Before, during and after Earth Day, celebrate life in all its dimensions. Every day is a Day on Earth where one can be available to be a clear and consciously compassionate witness of the body, the mind and the world. Relax into that still point. That is the Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.

John Hogue

(17 April 2011)

PS–Earth Day approaches and Mother Nature is already sending us a message with violent, record breaking winter storms double the intensity and the frequency of 2010, rolling across the US every week through January into March. Now in April record floods hit the Red River in North Dakota and the grain belts of Canada a third year in a row. Winter storms become springtime phalanx after phalanx of super cell, globally warmed spring thunderstorms marching across two thirds of the United States every three to four days.

The most recent charge of thunderstorms ravaged wide areas of the US Southern states from Thursday through Saturday (14-16 April), killing over 40 people. The worst death-dealing destruction happened yesterday (Saturday) when Raleigh, and a number of other towns in North Carolina were smashed by a battle line of thunderstorms armed with tornadoes crashing across the Carolinas, Virginia, Delaware and southern New Jersey before heading out into the Atlantic. The season is early and already over 200 tornadoes have been reported, many of which are scouring a new “tornado alley” through states on the US-Canadian border, hundreds of miles farther north than the climate in previous years has allowed. Earth Day next Friday may very well be Mother Nature’s day of rage against human behavior towards the Earth, its oceans and its climate as I foresaw in weather predictions for 2011, such as this one, published back on 21 December 2010:

There’s a war on. A war against stupid.

In 2011, we enter year two of World War Three, Mother Nature’s war on us. This isn’t some pagan voodoo threat. The natural world is ill. It’s fighting back madder than ever in 2011. Her fevers will be hotter this coming spring and summer, her chills colder this winter, her flood of monsoon tears and cyclonic rages will redouble from what was seen in 2010.

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