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Health Care Reform Passing in March?

Barack Obama's Natal Birth Chart. Source:

Yesterday President Obama reached out to Republican legislators in the House and Senate with one last velvet glove stroke for collaboration in a bipartisan effort to reform Health Care. Today (03 March 2010), before an assembly of doctors and nurses in the White House, standing behind the golden curtain cast in the sunshine Leonine color of his Sun sign Leo, the president gave the opposition a pounding with his chain mailed fist. He issued marching orders with all his presidential authority to his own Democratic Party legislators to do it or get off the pot. Give him health care legislation to sign in two weeks.

Something has happened to the president at the end of February. He seems to be stirring from a yearlong political brain fart I forecasted in Predictions for 2009. The last and loudest hot flatulence about change rather than doing change happened in his State of the Union address at January’s close. Obama seemed unfazed and shameless about delivering almost verbatim the same upbeat gospel of change and airy bromides from a year before, reading from prompters, smiling his best Jimmy Carter toothy grin-through-the-false-start-failures to produce jobs, bank reform, Tort, Tarp and diddlysquat on a number of messianic campaign promises. It didn’t settle well with the American people, his putting on the happy face of change a week or so after he and his party got politically blasted with both barrels. I speak of the special election held in late January to fill the ponderous place of the late Ted Kennedy’s Mass. Senate seat. It went to Scott Brown, a former 1980s male beefcake pin-up nude-cum-Republican, fresh faced with angry voter support from a Massachusetts Tea Party having an irritable ballot movement.

The loss of the Donkey-sacred Kennedy seat to a new highflying Dumbo was politically equivalent to Atheist Comedian Bill Maher succeeding Pope Benedict XVI to the throne of that big and saintly Peter. Those who gave Obama a landslide in Massachusetts in November 2008 sent a message. The message got louder all across the United States in February that the invisible majority of American Independents voting Obama and his party into office could just as easily vote them out of the House and Senate in 2010 and out of the presidency in 2012 if do-do talk kept replacing “do”.

Something has turned around in Obama as last month ended. The lost year of 2009 may not repeat itself in 2010. Astrologers have already been writing in about it. There has certainly been a lot of 12th-house, subconsciously motivated stuff hiding under the Neptunian fog for all of us in the first months of the new year. By mid-February, the Sun (ego ruler) and Venus (relationship ruler) joined Jupiter (expansion, or self righteous ruler) and Uranus (ruler of change or chaos) in the Piscean 12th house.

It has been very woo woo about who we are inside right now. Not just things floating behind a veil of spiritual dreams but also lurking there is our subconscious mind’s inner enemies we either choose not or cannot see. To some degree, health care has been in this astrological-funky place because of all the planets crowding Pisces in opposition to Health Care issues and Obama Care’s house of Astrological significance. The House of Virgo rules health. Obama’s natal Pluto (his connection to the masses and mass movements is in Virgo. Virgo in his birth chart is in the seventh house of communication, relating, talk. His change initiator planet, his natal Mars, is also in Virgo and been under the influence of dream talk over relating and communicating substantive change to the nation. The current transit of Mars since mid December has been making a retrograde pass over Obama’s natal Ego and Mind ruling planet positions (the Sun and Mercury) in Leo. When the retrograde slows down nearly void of course, he can get what needs review about why he lost a year on Health Care reform and other initiatives.

Mars, the ruler of enterprise moving backwards through the sky right now, is giving the president time to assess his missteps. In the second half of February as Mars slowed to a near stationary position in Leo, I believe Obama began seeing his mistake. As you may know from reading me over the years, I forecast that Obama winning the presidency in 2008 could be cause for tragedy and a failed destiny because he had come to his destiny four-to-eight years too soon.

A first year of missteps, empty promises, muddled back door political negotiations seem to support my forecast. He wasted his first year being the 101stSenator legislating whilst sitting in the White House. As Mars stands still in the sky, the Senator in Chief is showing signs of privately confronting that mistake and now we see signs of the former US Senator in Chief becoming the US President in Chief at last. Obama held his historic conference on Health Care at the end of February. Now, today, as Mars sits in 0 degree, waiting to progress forward by 10 March, the President has made his risky political move to make Health Care Reform his bill and not something he bargains and cajoles and compromises out of legislators, as if he was still just a Senator in the crowd. His seat as president, not senator, is now on the line with all the weight of momentum that gives him as the most powerful third tier of government after the Congress and the Supreme Court.

Oddly enough, more odd to me than anyone reading this, my “oracle” continues to see the much-anticipated mid-term retaking of the Congress by the Republican Party as less a reality than a dream. That prescient conclusion makes no logical political sense to me and I will be the first to declare that I am misreading my oracle. Still, I have to report this wild card vision in a year of wild card prophecies — many of which have already transpired since I laid down the forecasts on 1 November 2009 for the eBook Predictions for 2010. Reading the oracle’s weather and natural disaster prophecies has been especially accurate so far. The judgment is still out on whether I am accurately reading the oracle’s political weather forecasts.

One forecast is clearly on track after Obama lowered the gauntlet today. Here is what I logged off back on 1 November for Predictions for 2010:

The Health Care cure will be passed in late 2009 or early 2010…With health care reform’s passing begins in 2010 the long struggle of the people to have provided a healing system free from a care-less business of illness. Legislating reform was relatively quick and easy. Corporations putting monkey wrenched loop holes in the language, far easier. The people of America will have to fight for their health care rights battling special interests every step of the way long after President Obama has left office

I would add that I recorded for the record on several radio shows in January, that I foreseen the Health Care Bill’s passing without the need of a so-called super-majority of 60 seats in the US Senate, “by March.”

Well, March has come and Obama after today’s command to get it done and passed has just given Congress their March-ing orders in the month ruled by Mars after the official start of Spring.

Time for new beginnings and new enterprise.

We may see Health Care passed before Easter. If you haven’t already read Predictions for 2010 you will see how I describe, in detail, how Health Care’s passing, seven months before the mid-term elections influences a Democratic resurgence. This is a result of their being less a party of political jackasses and more a consequence of the Republican Party in 2010 going further down the extreme right wing path of charging rogue elephants — charging away from mainstream voters.

There may be little significant change in who rules the House and Senate in November 2010 except that many old posteriors will be replaced in both parties by new posteriors. Some of them will be independent derrieres warming a direct rebellion against the Demo-Republican duopoly strangling US Democracy. The days of this duopoly are numbered. The revelations coming in November 2012 with its scheduled presidential election may be more significant in our lives than anything widely expected and misinterpreted by end time or new age hysterics for the following month when pies in the sky start hitting the apocalyptic fan as the Mayan Calendar reboots on the winter solstice of 2012.

John Hogue

(03 March 2010)

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