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Alarm Bells sounding Unsustainable Global Food Distribution, even on NBC

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A second cyclone in as many weeks crashed into Australia uprooting trees in Darwin with sustained winds of 70 mph. A record 339.6 mm (13.37 in) of rain fell in just 24 hours fell the city, the highest 24-hour rainfall in the city’s history. Cyclone Carlos after brushing Darwin has moved back out to sea in a westward direction where it will strengthen to Category 2 and pummel the coastline of the Northwest Territory. In January, Category 5 Cyclone Yasi went down in Australian history as its second costliest tropical cyclone after Cyclone Tracy (1974) causing at least $3.5 billion in damage.

Bardarbunga, the largest volcano in the Vulcan geologic playground that is Iceland continues wagging the finger pencil of seismographs to scratch quake swarms indicating lava continues welling upward for an imminent eruption.

I would sense that such an eruption, if it were happening soon would vent the first ash clouds sometime between now, the full moon on the 17th or a week after the full moon, as lunar gravity tides nudge earth-side eruptions.

This week, seismographs also recorded a moderately large earthquake on the Mt. St. Helens caldera, just a little over hundred miles south of where I live in the Pacific Northwest.

Since my last posting on 12 February, storms and eruptions of a social and political kind have spread across the Middle East from Egypt, to Yemen. As I finish my newest blog on 17 February, bloody crackdowns of protesters in the Gulf State of Bahrain, Dictator Qaddafi’s Libya and especially in Iran rage on. I predicted the revolution wave would there, explaining it in detail in my last two blogs (click on Revolution in Egypt and Tahrir Square).

Signs of a year of upheaval in many dimensions gather like darkening clouds in a growing thunderstorm. The first rumbles have been heard of what is to come in a thickening, electrically charged and heavy silence of anticipation of much larger thunderclaps to come. This year is described in my introduction to my book of prophecies for 2011, as a matrix of colliding destinies out of which we must untangle a positive future path. So it is with a mixed feeling of vindication and increased concern that I witnessed the mainstream US news media two nights ago (15 February 2011) catch up with my oracle, raising the alarm of an oncoming crisis that is and will continue to be the root cause for rebellion and revolution on streets across the world in 2011. Not just in Egypt but perhaps just outside your doorstep even in affluent, developed nations.

Last Tuesday night, NBC news anchor Brian Williams opened a nightly news broadcast across the United States reporting something has been writing about weeks in advance as a trigger firing off revolution across the Middle East: the sharply rising cost of food. Americans sitting down for dinner, watching the television learned of the World Bank report that global food prices rose 29 percent in 2010 and there was more increases to come in the next eight to ten months.

Williams warned of huge spikes in commodity prices are reaching dangerous proportions that could plunge millions around the world into poverty. Then he added that American viewers were not exempt at home in what could be one of this year’s biggest news stories. Everything this relatively affluent nation consumes as products, fuel and especially food will go up — the latter being slammed the hardest. It was then implied that the hardest hurt would be the millions of unemployed, the working poor, the under-employed and millions more driven down poverty levels.

The mainstream news finally had to report something I have warned as those of you who read HogueProphecy or have read my books well know. I have alerted you for over 20 years and counting that a collapse of food sustainability foreseen in Nostradamus and other prophets is the most potentially immediate threat to all of us in every corner of the world — more so than nuclear wars or storms.

Recently I escalated my warning.

In my newest book Predictions for 2011, I pinpointed the year 2011 as the time when alarm bells of unsustainable habits of humanity begin to ring. Chief among these is human disruption of the ecological balance of nature causing climate change upsetting food growing and distribution to feed the multiplying maw of the “other” alarm-bell-ringing milestone in 2011: the birth of a hungry 7 billionth child-and-counting. In my closing chapter, I made the following prediction, documented on 21 December 2010:

The year 2011 marks the crying advent of the seven-billionth child. The time the mainstream world will begin to experience the first inklings of a supersystem collapse to come in the 2020s. Supersystems are those interconnected mechanisms of a modern global civilization keeping it functioning, such as the global transport system, the worldwide web feeding us information, keeping us connected. The agricultural system sustains nourishment for our exploding population… The world currently is powered by a fossil fuel supersystem that fuels ALL economies.

All of these supersystems are super-overstressed.

You will recognize some of these fundamental systems showing undisputed symptoms of structural trouble ahead starting in 2011.

We have a global civilization that cannot sustain itself. Prices are rising on all commodities but the more potentially volatile commodity going higher primarily are food prices. NBC is the first but certainly not the last alarmed mainstream news network letting Mr. and Mrs. America in on what corporates can no longer suppress. News anchor handlers will not let them say climate change and specifically global warming are the cause. NBC in their piece did have to admit that weather is working like a tipping point for an oncoming food crisis because of droughts and fires in the wheat fields of Russia, monsoon and cyclone fed floods drowning the farmlands of Australia and most recently large-scale crop failures in another leading grain exporter, China.

What NBC didn’t add but being a futurist I must add into the mix is a “growing” concern that huge orders of winter wheat to stave off further food riots in the Middle East and developing world are being stunted by the string of record blizzards and freezes rolling across Nebraskan and Kansan grain belts. Perhaps their promised yields will fill fewer bags by the bushel than expected and desperately needed to stop the next wave of revolutions I foresee coming this spring.

What NBC did report is something you have long read coming from crop yields will be down as a wave of affluence stresses the system with unprecedented new demand from emergent middle classes in India and China that can afford to consume more products and eat more food. I would add that Chinese and Indian affluence produces more effluent pollution to heat the air, poison the water and make garbage out of earth just as record-pressing demands of this consumer boom cannot be sustained.

One of the best examples of why it cannot be sustained came in the NBC report when Dan Basse of Agresource Company based in Chicago explained. He said if everybody in the world ate like Americans it would require another two worlds to accomplish or produce as much food as we really need.

Two more Planet Earths!

I would add that we will never get to that point because stress to the system at a far lower threshold is already coming to civilization’s door in just a few years when another estimated 300 million people around the world adopt American high-energy, high-waste, high-“waist”-bulging, butt ballooning caloric habits in the developing world. We do not need to find another two worlds before a food apocalypse unfolds. Just add another United States-sized super-sized population of over-consumers in the next five to ten years. That will be enough.

Last year global food prices rose 29 percent as stated by the NBC report. Brian Williams’ TV prompter did not forecast how much more it will rise this year, yet I predict food prices could jump another 30 percent in 2011. A large part of this rise is artificial, as Frederick Kaufman, a contributing editor to Harpers Magazine stated in the NBC report. He warns that commodities markets playing and preying on speculation to make a huge cash haul will drive prices even higher in a market Kaufman complains is “totally out of wack!”

For the prophetic record, I think it is time to add something about Wall Street that I earlier decided not to put in the book. It was a casualty of my own prophetic bias because I just could not bring myself to report it. Since Predictions for 2011 was posted online I have not felt good about going against my oracle’s surprising forecast of just how high Wall Street stocks will rise in 2011, yet now I must bear witness to its prophecy while the year in forecasted question is young. So, here is the spirit of what I did not sign off on the 21st of December last year, even thought that is when I was given the message.

You will see some people make a profit, even on civilization-threatening speculation. The Dow Jones will reach beyond 14,000 points this year, even as large portions of the world go hungry because the hoarded and uninvested profits of a few starve the many, even in developed countries like the United States.

Employed and working American waste lines, bodies by Budweiser, sweet roll buns and fanny packs are going to get thinner.

That is a good thing. You are lucky. But if you are poor, if you are among the 15 to 17 million American unemployed, buying food may be approaching as hard for you as it will be for billions of poor people in the developing world who already spend 80 to 90 percent of their daily income on sustenance for themselves and their families.

In the next eight months, especially in the autumn months, tight budgets will meet the tightening pain of hungry children at home. You will see the food prices and the hunger pangs bring on Egyptian-like Tahrir Square rebellions and demonstrations to streets and squares across the developing world and perhaps even to a street nearest you in the developed world.

Food demonstrations, people and police instigated rioting will range over the neatly paved and manicured streets of America and Europe. Governments as well as economic recoveries in America, Europe, perhaps China and India too, can also topple from hunger riots outside the Middle East.

Do not despair when reading this alarming article. Do have a care, though. Do dare to change. Be “aware” of what does not work in our society and “prepare” yourself by stockpiling basic foodstuffs. Start right now so that when riot and revolution over food can push your government to change, you can have the energy to “declare” what that change in the food policies of your nation and the world should be. I foresee that you can be a part of a global, socially networked movement born this autumn to pressure world political and corporate leaders to change the food pricing system so that a standard can balance profit with civilization’s sustainability.

Crisis is fraught with fear and fires of anger and destruction, as it is equally overflowing with abundant opportunities to brake on the past and invent anew a better world. That is why my oracle sent the following message recorded for posterity — and to help create your future prosperity in all dimensions — on the winter solstice of 2010:

The challenges of food, water and population sustainability in a globally warming world will directly take all of us out of our idle, iPhoned, 3-D bob-tailed “blue ray” comfort zones. A world under threat will change the attitudes of scientists and techies. They’ll begin a comeback into real R and D. That is, if governments and the private sector in 2011 have enough foresight to forebode what approaches.

Predictions for 2011

John Hogue

(17 February 2011)

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PSS — If you are new to HogueProphecy or if you have been sitting on the fence about reading Predictions for 2011 now is the time, while there is still time, to consider an alternative future to global famine. It may save your life. It may give you a way to untangle the future and make tomorrow better than today.

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