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Beards, Fashion, Fascist Statements and the Future

“Lou” from Australia wrote the following comment/question on 18 September 2011 under the title Hirsute by Choice:

I stumbled across your 1998 Almanac [1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium] in a most profound and inordinate way. I was duly impressed by your formidable effort to produce this catalogue and more so by the contents and their correlations. I believe you to be a man in awe of the Creation and its Author, a man with a passion for the conversion of knowledge to reverent wisdom, thereby paving the way for truth and justice to stand unopposed. For this alone I raise a hardy, bravo!

With deep respect for your individuality and the privacy that it commands, I ask in all seriousness a question that on the surface seems quite benign. My reason for prying into your psyche is one of maligned ego perhaps, nonetheless my curiosity requires taming as I feel your response may align with my own deliberations as to the subject matter.

My question, if you care to answer… “Does wearing a beard have particular significance to you and if so could you elaborate?”

As you are no doubt aware, the wearing of a beard is obligatory for men of certain faiths and although I myself am a devout Christian, I concur with the dissertations of these faiths in relation to the nature of mandatory beards as a mark of respect for natural processes bequeathed by the Creator and duly sported by His earthly incarnation, Jesus. Your view?

Dear Lou. I love your question, so much so that I will share it and my response to the entire Hogueprophecy Internet community.

It is natural for a man to have a beard, just as it is natural for a woman not to have a beard. Why should one do violence to one’s face by cutting across it each day? Moreover, if you grow your beard long enough, you will not even feel it on your face, whereas, when you shave all the time or wear a short beard you will always feel its scratch. At a certain point I felt it ridiculous to do further violence to my face so I stopped shaving in my early twenties and have never shaved since.

The other advantage to having a beard in a world of shorn men is that I always know if people see “me” – what lies underneath the physical. Some people are immediately exposed as being “skin deep” when they can’t get beyond the way I look. Some people aren’t even skin deep. They are so imprisoned by their imposed cultural habits that they can’t see down even to my skin. They see the beard and stop there.

There’s also something to say about how many mystics all over the world often have beards. I think it comes from the general thread of thinking or feeling that to be mystical is to be relaxed, venturing inward and thus that relaxedness inwards shows itself in a let go into naturalness outwards. The mystical men and women I’ve known are often natural. The men don’t shave; the women don’t shave their underarms and short hairs. Why do such violence to the body, especially in such tender places?

Some will say one should shave for the sake of hygiene. Some will use the “H” (hippie) word like others look at black people and use the “N” word. It’s the same. It is prejudice hiding behind the name of hygiene. I for one have known many “hairy” people and they were all very clean and hygienic. They also didn’t have infected faces, underarms and panty lines from shaving burns and razor rash. They didn’t wear the sickly stink of aftershave and perfumes. They didn’t paint up their faces like clowns using makeup.

I have no problem with clowns who shave and wear colognes and perfume, other than these things making me sneeze and bringing tears to my eyes. I don’t mind that I have to wash my face when I kiss them because their clown makeup came off on me.

I try to live as best as I can naturally in an unnatural civilization without disturbing the robotic habits people are forced to adopt when being conditioned to be functional cogs in the wheels of societal thinking. It isn’t their fault or mine that we have been conditioned to take on the mask of being creatures of cultural habit. Meditation has helped me see my conditioning and begin a rehabilitating return to living in a natural state appropriate for my unique equality to all other unique beings.

People have their own timing to change. I wouldn’t force a person to stop being society’s costumed, groomed clown until they are ready in their own good time to pull the false eyelashes off, the false clown faces and put away the razors, etc.

Then I think, if Jesus wore a beard and was OK with it, why not me? Why not every clean-shaven Christian?

Did you know that the image of Buddha in the statues is not the way he looked? He was a bearded holy man. The image used for Buddha was that of clean cut and shorn Alexander the Great who had invaded India a few centuries after Buddha lived. Up to that time the symbol of Buddhism had been a Bodhi tree. Isn’t it strange that an egoistic man opposite to meditation and enlightenment in every way would become the image of millions of idols of egoless Lord Buddha?

In my book Messiahs I wrote a whole essay about how we put upon the face of authentic masters our phony names and egoistic images. Yeshua becomes Romanized with a fake name, Jesus Christ. His people call themselves even today by a derogatory name the pagan Romans gave them, Christians. It means “mini” or “little christs”. Cult pigmy Christilites.

It is an “N” word, folks. And you who call yourselves Christians have adopted this N word and pray to your master addressing your prayers to a completely bogus name that is also good for cussing.

Perhaps that is why one can yell “Oh Jesus Christ!” but one can’t gain the same angry satisfaction yelling “Oh, Yeshua!”

Perhaps this is because the first is a phony name. The second is the true name of the purported Son of God. I mean, try it. “Oh Yeshua!” just doesn’t make as good a cathartic expletive as “Oh, Jeeesus H Chriiiist!!!”

If God named him Yeshua, who are you Christenettes to call him by an Imperial Romanized name unless you are part of a Roman religious cult?

The Roman Empire never deposed the religions of the conquered. They Romanized the people, their goods, their gods, their messiahs and religions. The Romanization of Yeshua into Christ is perhaps their greatest pagan achievement, because after two millennia so few Christians seem aware of this spiritual compromise.

Again, it is not your fault. You’ve been had by your societal conditioning to misname yourselves and Yeshua. Now that you have become aware of this, perhaps you can rediscover this beloved one in a fresh and new light. Your prayers can ascend with a new enlightenment to the right source.

This is my hope: if you are offended by what I have said just now about the name Jesus Christ and Christianity, consider for meditation that it may be your conditioning that is offended. Perhaps this anger is not coming from the true “you”. It is coming from an emotionally robotic program imposed in your subconscious by others who trained your mind to be as utterably in the dark as they are about what glory and light lies trapped underneath the mask of ego.

Truth cannot be offended by anything. Only illusions take offense. What we call our selves is often a cloak of illusions imposed by others who in turn had delusions coated over their souls. Strangely enough, it is no one’s fault. It simply happens. Hell is synonymous with unconscious Happenstance.

Which brings me back to the bare faced lie of Lord Buddha being worshipped in the image of a fascist world conqueror of the 4th century BCE. In the Messiahs essay I compared this to having the image of Christ worship be that of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Have you ever noticed that all the great Fascist societies such as Imperial Rome, Napoleonic France and the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, want their men cleanly groomed with no long hair or beards?

One could say that shaving is not only a fashion statement but also a “fascist” statement.

No more the blond and bearded barbarian. Hitler’s new German barbarian was clean cut and groomed on the outside, yet a hairy savage Nazi stormtrooper on the inside.

Look how modern society, especially American society, is lurching towards the Fascist right. The short-cropped democrat president Barack Obama governs more like a neo-Richard Nixon Republican moderate. Heck! Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be elected in a Republican primary these days.

Even sexuality is becoming cleaner cut Fascist.

Look at the intimate erotic fashion popular these days with young women on the prowl for a man. They bare their little trimmed Adolf Hitler pubic mustaches to the Nair smoothed and unfrocked follicle member of a prospective mate for a frolic.

Let’s be fair though. Yeshua wore a beard but also Osama bin Laden wore a beard. Buddha was a vegetarian, so was Hitler and Yeshua ate meat. A beard being mandatory in certain faiths and theocracies is just as Fascist an idea as making it obligatory to be clean-shaven in others. Dogma is ever a shallow minded phenomenon. It makes the religious fixate on the surface look of things, bald or hairy-pated. They miss encountering and exploring the soul, which has no beard or clean-shaven original face.

How the human mind is programed to take the natural or the unnatural in twisted ways says less about the virtues of being clean cut or being natural and says more about the collective human mind’s current state of unconsciousness and insanity. And if at this point some of you are asking why I am going on about this subject at length in a prophecy website it is good for you to know that the generally unconscious state of your minds make the future what they will, rather than your suppressed souls under a mind’s sway. If we are unconscious to our insanity and do not bring humor and meditation’s light to shine on it, the future will be as un-funny dark and hairy as my beard rather than as clean as Kirk Douglas’ dimpled chin. The Latin  sanus is the root of the English sanity, and health. Sanus is also the root word for “clean”, for sanitation.

Being Clean or natural is the same as being sane.

So let us have a good brain washing.

Our brains are full of crap borrowed from others to cake a dark ego coating over our luminous souls. Let meditation give our minds a good moment-to-moment cleansing so that they can be sane, clean again, with naked, naturally intelligent innocence.

So look at yourselves and at others beyond the shaved faces, the beards, the bald or bushy underarms or the Hitlerite lean to hippy lush short hairs. Look deeper than the beard on my face. Look inside at the insanity that is the motor of our dire destinies. Wake up. Get sane and see your futures turn golden.

John Hogue
(29 September 2011)

PS—I can freely share the techniques of meditation I use to get sane again. Just Contact me and ask for “Meditation”.

PSS—September has a few days left in it. I will assess my Seven Temblors for September predictions in early October. Trick or Treat!

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