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Ismail AX: Massacre at Virginia Tech

Design conceived by John Hogue and realized by James St. Clair.

Design conceived by John Hogue and realized by James St. Clair.

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The mindless and cruel killing of 33 and wounding of 29 others by South Korean student Cho Seung-Hui shocked the nation. Police found the cryptic words “Ismail Ax” in red ink tattooed on his lifeless arm. Ishmael is the name of the first Arab ancestor. The axe or cleaver apparently was one of Cho’s favorite chopping weapons. Perhaps Cho used the allusion as some kind of twisted association of his planned mass murder suicide to that of Islamic terrorists. This would be his 9/11 act of terror shocking the nation and the world. There were warnings of his latent pathology exposed in English classes in scripts for plays that aped and transcended the virulent horror of the most popular slash and chainsaw movies so avidly viewed by people who do not see themselves as sick. However, one has to question the collective sanity of a society that regularly views as mass “entertainment” subjects of post traumatic terror making mayhem for “relaxation.” Surf the channels with your TV remote tonight and it takes no prophet to tell you that it will appear as if you are surfing through other people’s nightmares: The killing, shouting, hating, the misogyny, and all the blood and gore. There are the more subtle horrors too: the phoniness, the importance of image over soul substance. The remote’s pause upon these work like dubious rests before another plunge ahead into Hollywood Hell.

Is Cho Seung-Hui just an extreme version of us? The seers of many native prophetic traditions thought so, as do many 20th century prophets who foresaw the necessity of a new humanity transcending our own. We have entered the process of our insanity hatching out. What happened at Columbine or Virginia Tech is but a foretaste of the global catharsis caused by too many people living, feeling and thinking unconsciously. In the coming years enough people will recognize this mass mind disease and turn to the only remedy–a practice of Self-Observation, the science of meditation.

The following is a passage from my book Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming (Element 1999). It starts with an overview of the mass madness coming to the world, and ends with visions and insights mostly derived from prophets of a new humanity.

I highly recommend you explore the links to web sites promoting these prophets, for many of them–especially Osho and Gurdjieff–have remarkable techniques of meditation to share that will inoculate you from the surrounding madness to come.


Native prophetic traditions the world over share a vision of the world’s physical and psychic energy fields rising a third or more in intensity in the coming century. They contend that the Earth’s energy band began its increase between 1983 and 1991, and will attain to its higher vibration around 2012. It is said that this new frequency of energy will be a blessing to those who can embrace the unknown, and who are open to innovation, adventure, and meditation. However, the native seers and shamans warn that those who hold onto fear and contraction will find life after 2012 hard to endure. Some will enjoy mind-liberation while those who cannot change will suffer a mind-broil. Those individuals who cannot abandon fossilized ideas and traditions will be so subconsciously terrified by the new energies of new times that it is said they will drop dead from their own fear.

Tribal people will tell you that thoughts are things and that modern humankind uses the subtle forces of thought most irresponsibly. When there were relatively few of us, this didn’t have a serious impact, but now the unprecedented appearance of unaware and mechanically conditioned humans contributes more aberrant and unconscious thoughts than ever before. When the critical mass of so many unconscious thoughts may cause a foretold psychic trauma, only the ark of a silent mind may keep its cool in the brainstorms to come.

He whose mind is unsteady, who knows not the path of Truth, whose faith and peace are ever wavering, he shall never reach fullness of wisdom.

Buddha Gautama (c. 500 b.c.), The Dhammapada  3:38

The coming …years are going to be of constantly accelerating momentum. They will drive many people crazy because no one will be able to live comfortably, because a great longing will arise in every soul. It will be almost like a fire—it will burn people.

Osho (1977), What Is Is, What Ain’t, Ain’t

In the evil days of the ages full of turbulence
There will be many fears and dangers;
There will be men possessed by devils.

Nichiren (c. 1271)

A moment comes when you start realizing that nothing is going to happen. Then there is the state of anguish. In anguish, only one thing seems to be there: somehow to get out of this circle of life—hence suicide, the increasing rate of suicide. And an unconscious desire of humanity that the third world war happens …”So I am not responsible that I committed suicide …the world war killed everybody, and killed me too.”

Osho (1987), The Hidden Splendor

In the age of Kali, people’s minds will always be in turmoil. They will become emaciated by famine and taxation, and will always be disturbed by fear and drought. They will lack adequate clothing, food and drink, they will be unable to rest properly, have sex or bathe themselves, and will have no ornaments to decorate their bodies. Actually, the people of Kali-yuga will gradually come to appear like ghostly haunted creatures.

The Srimad Bhagavata (bef. a.d. 300)

There are periods in the life of humanity which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of cultures and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture.

G. I. Gurdjieff (c.1916), In Search of the Miraculous

Then the kings will divide the world among themselves; there will be great hunger, great pestilences, and much distress on the Earth. The sons of men will be enslaved in every nation and will perish by the sword. There will be great disorder on Earth.

Y’shua AKA Jesus Christ (bef. 5th century a.d.),
The Apocalypse of Thomas

Leave them to entertain themselves with their desires! (Qur 6:91) …They are seized by the madness of their vain fancies. (Qur 15:72)

Muhammad (c. 620-630) The Qu’ran

No believer has real gratitude towards these messiahs, avataras–no, because what have they given to you? Just beliefs …unfounded, ungrounded. How can you feel grateful to them …On the contrary, if you search within yourself, you will feel anger. You will be surprised when I say that all Christians, deep down, are angry with Jesus. He promised to redeem them, and nothing is redeemed. He promised, and he was saying, “Soon you will be in the kingdom of God, soon you will be with me in the kingdom of God.” And two thousand years have passed, [and] that “soon” has not yet been completed …

There is anger in every Christian against Jesus. And because of this anger he shows too much fanaticism for Jesus, so that nobody knows that he is angry. In fact he does not want to know that he is angry, that he has been deceived, that he has been given a bogus belief, that for two thousand years millions of people have lived with this belief and died with this belief—attaining no growth, reaching nowhere, finding nothing. One is afraid of this anger, this rage. To suppress it, he goes to the church, he prays to Jesus, or to Krishna, or to Mohammed.
But every believer, sooner or later, is going to be frustrated because belief is not going to give him the truth. It is not going to give him the living waters of life.

Osho (1984), From Misery to Enlightenment

John Hogue
(20 April 2007)

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