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THE HOGUEPROPHECY REPORT: End of April into May 2024 ___WORLD WAR III PREPORT-PART ONE_THE ISREALI THEATER: The 20-Day Missile Crisis in April. Israel Crossing Iran’s Red Line / April Fool’s Doomsday: Israeli strike on Iranian Embassy in Damascus / Iran Strikes Israeli Back! / Clarification for Westerners why Iran Struck Israel / Iran Braces for Israel’s Expected & Massive Response / Israel’s Big Nothing Burger Attack on Iran / Pepe Escobar Drops a Thermonuclear Bombshell! / A Story Full of Holes: Does Pepe Escobar have Answers? / What did the F-35 be Pack? Pepe Escobar’s last Words on the Matter, Scott Ritter Debunking / What Did Iran Gain, what did Israel Lose in the April Missile Crisis? ___WORLD WAR III REPORT-PART TWO_THE UKRAINIAN THEATER: The Russians are Coming! / US Congress Pats Itself on the Popo: $61 Billion thrown down a Ukrainian Money Pit to Armageddon? / Bullet Point Prophecies for Both Ukrainian & Israeli Fronts / Conventional World War III is About to Go Nuclear? / Russian Bear has had Enough – Scare the Collective West Straight!

LIKE FACEBOOK PAGE * Join Free Newsletter RSS Links * Hogue’s Author Page Support HogueProphecy GET AN ONLINE READING WITH JOHN HOGUE Email him at Put “Hogue Reading” in Subject line He’ll send you times, prices and information. DATELINE: 25 April 2024 APRIL FOOL’S DOOMSDAY The Missile Crisis Begins With Israel openly attacking Iranian […]

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