A Gift for a Gift — Nostradamus: The New Millennium

And the New Millennium
(Thorsons-Element Books, 2002)

This is an updated and expanded version of John Hogue’s ground breaking international bestseller Nostradamus and the Millennium published in 1987 (650,000 in print in 10 languages).

This critically acclaimed new edition is considered one of the most comprehensive examinations of the world-renowned predictions of this enigmatic 16th-century prophet.

This is new millennium edition of this superb full color book that has already fascinated and terrified readers all over the world with its consistently accurate, controversial and daring interpretations of the king of prophets. This is a book you cannot afford to ignore.

Many of the newly interpreted predictions have been previously thought ‘too hot to handle’ and are sure to create widespread controversy! Many have already come true.

Hogues Nostradamus is enlightening and highly readable…Whether one is a believer in the prophecies of Nostradamus or a cool skeptic, The New Millennium is a detailed study of a man whose writings continue to haunt the imagination

Geoff Slatterly, The Melburnian

Comprehensive interpretation of the prophecies of Nostradamus.

Publishing News, London

The author is no tabloid tub-thumper for Nostradamus. He notes frequently how the prophets obscure references to minor historical characters — and his clever sprinkling of all-purpose generalities — leave his prediction stanzas vulnerable to broad interpretation.

John Hanchette, Gannett News Service

A wonderful coffee-table book with 300 full-color illustrations…This version [of Nostradamus prophecies] is the most interesting one I have seen so far.


Controversial and compelling, like the prophet himself.

Deborah Deasy Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

This is your essential guide for the coming years.

Moving Words

Nostradamus: The New Millennium is really the most definitive, evidential and carefully researched work about Nostradamus and his prophecies, and a must-read for anyone who is seriously interested in our future.

Professor Dr. Hans Holzer: Author, Television Producer, Parapsychologist.

The most complete rendering of the prophecies we have to date.

Publisher’s Weekly

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    I am on a limited income. Send me/email me your snail mail address and I will make a donation. It will not be 100.00 dollars but it will be more then 5. thank you

    Thank you, Tom. Every donation is precious to the continuance of Hogueprophecy. As Yoda used to say, “Size matters not…”

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