THE HOGUEPROPHECY REPORT SPECIAL: Predictions for 2024 – A Crossroads Year for the Future of Humanity / CELESTIAL PORTENTS: Crossbars Eclipse 8 April, Mabus Comet & More! / EARTHTRAMA TRAVAILS: Carbon Sinks Sunk & a Glimpse of The Age of Capricorn 4000-6000 AD / THE WORLD WAR III REPORTS: (1) Israel-Iran Theater; (2) Ukrainian-NATO Theater; (3) Peace plucked out of the Jaws of Armageddon? / The Palestinian Genocide / A Late Great Planet Earth or a US Hegemon? / Economic Axis Shift East to the BRICS & the GLOBAL MAJORITY / 1848 Revolutions? Meet the Revolutions of 2024 when Neptune is Again in Pisces! / Vaccine Plague / Bitcoin Ascendant / POLITICAL KARMIC COMEUPPANCE: the Zelensky Curse / Goodbye, United Nations “of America”—Hello, Community of Sovereign Nations / Go East Young Men & Women: A New Manifesting Demographic Destiny / THE US ELECTIONS: Either Democracy’s Reckoning or “Wrecking”? & FINALLY: Everything “Doesn’t” Happen for a Reason

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DATELINE: 01 January 2024

Japan; Inrō-MET_13_67_69_O3-Rogers-Fund-1913.CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

Case (Inrō) with Design of Dragon among Swirling Clouds – Japan, Nineteenth Century. Metropolitan Art Museum (MET, 13.67.69). Location: Asian Art. Rogers Fund, 1913. Source Photographer, © Creative Commons.

This is the Year of the Green Wood Dragon!

The Year 2024 Defined

155px-Richard_Wagner_als_Dirigent-LeftOn 1 January 2024, I wrote the following:
How to define the new year? I will start by saying this about 2024. Nothing we have experienced already in these “Roaring” 2020s will compare to its upheavals, its sudden changes of humanity’s evolutionary, political and economic course. The first three years of the 2020s was a build-up to 2024 as the Year of Reckonings. It is the year of Pluto’s final “wrecking-ball” pass over its position when the United States of America was born on 4 July 1776, beginning an epochal process of clearing away what is old and rotten in preparation for America’s rebirth, as a post-Hegemon, equally unique in a community of sovereign nations.

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

There are seven passes of Pluto, back and forth over that birth position. It began in January 2021 with the inauguration of what will be remembered as the worst US president in American history. On the second pass in March 2021 Big Pharma’s rush out of Covid vaccines, they began to show signs of serious side effects, even though this revelation was greatly suppressed by governments and Big Pharma itself. On the third pass, late February 2022, NATO began a war with Russia using Ukraine as the bait and as its proxy. Thus began what will be known as the Third World War. The Biden Administration finished planning then executed on the fourth pass in late June 2022 the mining of the Nord Stream Pipelines, setting them off in September while still under the transit’s near-exact influence. The fifth pass (December 2022-January 2023) logged the beginning of the end of the US dollar’s economic control of the world when Saudi Arabia declined to continue backing it with its oil.

Pluto’s sixth pass exactly touched its US natal position on 10 October 2023, three days after the Third World War spread to the Middle East igniting the Israeli-Hamas theater. What followed was an Israeli Zionist genocide inflicted on the Palestinian people and enabled by US weaponry, without which it could not happen. I had years earlier wrote in September 2020 that a President Biden, with his afflicted mind and astrological chart, would start a new war, possibly the greatest war!

It began in Ukraine, and now is poised to ignite Western Asia. There’s a real chance of nuclear weapons being used by a desperate Israeli Zionist regime. Hence, 2024 opens with the US and Israel further widening the war taking on Yemen, then Hezbollah, and ultimately Iran. Even Egypt could go to war if pushed too far by Israel to take the Palestinian civilian non-combatants into Sinai it hasn’t murdered.

UPDATE 10 February 2024: OSINTdefender reports, “Following the deployment of troops, tanks, armored vehicles, and air defenses by the Egyptian Military towards their border with the Gaza Strip, senior Egyptian Officials are now threatening that, if the Israel Defense force launches its planned ground invasion of the Southern Gaza Strip and the City of Rafah, it will likely cause a massive surge of Palestinian Refugees towards Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula, then they will be forced to withdraw from the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty of 1979.”

On 10 February, Netanyahu has ordered the attack of Rafah to forcibly “clear” out 1.4 million Palestinians who had fled there under Israeli fire, the Israeli’s calling it a “safe area.” The Egyptian Army is massing on the border! See Netanyahu’s order.

And we haven’t even suffered Pluto’s seventh and final pass yet. It comes just before the US Presidential Elections, foreboding a constitutional crisis.

I predicted in September 2023; US Congress will not fund Ukraine’s further financial existence. What has been Russia’s slow and plodding war of attrition will at some point during the First Quarter of 2024 (ending 1 April)—or a little into the second at the latest—achieve the sudden collapse of Ukrainian defense lines. Zelensky will be overthrown in a coup. The Ukrainian “Nazi” General Valery Zaluzhny will replace him.

There will be no stalemate of this conflict. The slow grinding war will suddenly become lightning fast and will end only on Moscow’s terms. Ukraine as a political entity could shrink as small as Western Ukraine. The rest will go back to the Russkiy Mir (the Russia world) where it had been for centuries. The failure of Ukraine as a nation state experiment can be solely blamed on the rise of Nazism inside of it in 2014, aided on by the US.

In 2024, Ukraine vanishes as a political entity, but this in the long run will bring prosperity and peace to its peoples as they become a part of a new and thriving Russia.

Not so for Europe. Winter will be unnaturally cold. The US act of terror on Nord Stream will reach its karmic consequences undoing European political and economic stability. Imagine it: NATO disbanding, the EU breaking up. It begins in 2024.

In early April 2024, the US will have visited upon it the second of two lunar eclipse shadows. The first shadow slash on 25 August 2017, the second 8 April 2024 with an “X” crossing out the lower 48 States. Expect earthquakes and economic quakes to follow in the rest of 2024. There will be heightened seismic events in North and Central America, especially in the American and Canadian Pacific Northwest and in Mexico.

In the First Quarter’s end, America confronts the approach of the Greatest Depression. It will initially impact Europe even harder, but Eurasia, given that it is leaving the collective Western economic system and its dollar, will weather it and eventually thrive.

155px-Richard_Wagner_als_Dirigent-RightIsrael, gripped by its own Zionist fascism running rampant in acts of genocide, equally threatens its political existence as a nation before the first quarter ends.

These are the times that try people’s souls in the travails of 2024. They are necessary birth pangs of a new world coming!

The above first appeared on 4 January 2024
In The Michigan Church News
Courtesy of
Rev. Paster Paul Demyanovich
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DATELINE: 04-05 February 2024


America in the Crossbars
Of Great Changes Coming!
The Mabus, Third Antichrist Comet!
The Seventh and Final Pass of Pluto’s Return!



The top Map from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center shows the shadow “bar” pass of the Great American Eclipse on 25 August 2017. The bottom map, also from Goddard, shows the shadow “bar” of the coming 8 April Great American Eclipse. Note how they both cross each other where the southern tip of Illinois, the Southeastern tip of Missouri and the Northeastern corner of Tennessee converge right over the New Madrid Faultline. The shadows crisscross out the United States, portending great upheaval and change coming for the United States of America in the days, weeks, months, and up to the next six years after 8 April 2024.

This may also foretell a cross-out of the lower 48 lentiginous US states, setting into seismic motion, days, weeks, months or several years later the advent of massive earthquakes and equally massive aftershocks not seen at this convergence over the New Madrid Fault since hardly anyone lived there in 1811-1812. Today it is a heavily populated central Mississippi River region including Memphis, and Metropolitan St. Louis that, given New Madrid’s habits of centuries of calm before the tumble, could strike an area teaming with tens of millions of people, severing major bridges connecting Western with Eastern America along the Mississippi. The buildings in these urban areas are entirely unprepared for quakes and aftershocks if these parallel something similar that shook the area 214 years ago when a smattering of American Indians and only a scattering of a few hundred trappers inhabited a handful of cabins along the Mississippi.

In the Great American Eclipse, I wrote:

Back in 1811-1812 the New Madrid region was wracked by a 7.5 to 7.9 estimated magnitude quake with a powerful aftershock of 7.4 following the first temblor on 16 December 1811. Two more upheavals of magnitude 7.3 to 8 magnitude hit on 23 January and 7 February 1812, one of which changed the course of the mighty Mississippi and rang church bells in Boston Massachusetts over 1,000 miles away!

The latter event created temporary waterfalls on the Mississippi caused by the sudden uplift along a segment of this reverse fault at Kentucky Bend. The floods from blocked tributary streams created Reelfoot Lake in what is currently Lake County, Tennessee. Though sparsely populated at the time, the areas impacted where the entire Missouri boot heal all the way north collapsing many houses in what at the time was a small frontier trading post of 1,500—later to become the present-day St. Louis, Missouri, metro area, teaming with 2,811,000 souls.

Another area severely impacted were the few cabins destroyed that lined the Mississippi coastline where the present-day Memphis metro area stands with a population of 1,341,000 in Western Tennessee.

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency in November 2008 warned that a serious earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone could result in “the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States.” If a 7.7 magnitude quake or greater should erupt it would cause “widespread and catastrophic” damage across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Mississippi. They emphasized cities, towns and infrastructure in Missouri and especially Tennessee would be knocked to pieces. The resonant and deadly seismic waves would roll across a wide area of the heavily populated Mississippi basin flattening the mostly brick-and-mortared unreinforced buildings of the Memphis metropolitan area all the way north to St. Louis, Missouri.

Hopefully none of this will happen. And yet, Great Rome, capital of an Empire for centuries overtop a long dormant seismic Italian Peninsula, did not experience its first massive earthquake until the Empire began its decline and fall. History shows that quakes and other natural disasters seem to uproar more frequently when Empires are collapsing from the weight of their own hubris, economic inflation and military follies. I do predict that 2024 is “Crossbar Time of Shadows” for this Hegemon. On 8 April they finish the “X”-ing of eclipses marking the beginning of the final days of the Late, Great American Empire… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 05 (and updated 19) February 2024

Devi_and_Vishnu-SRC-CC01.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

Instruction of Devi to Hari. © Creative Commons.

Instruction of Devi to Hari. © Creative Commons.


This is the Year that Carbon Sinks are Sunk
This is the Moment when a Glimpse
Of the Beyond-Time Consciousness Might,
Right Here and Right Now,
Give us the Solution from Ourselves
Living the Timeless Time
That We accidentally Discovered
In the Age of Capricorn
Thousands of Years, not from
—But “of”—

So, the organs of Earth climate sustainability aren’t collapsing. To even use that word is a bias presuming they are in trouble and not “We” who our pollution is merely altering making trouble for us. They’re just adapting to what we are unconsciously doing to the climate, and they have no mind or care for or against us one day dying out or not, because our extinction void will be filled by critters in the new hothouse world coming who are better adapted to live in a warmer world we have accidentally created.

So cheer up. Earth is just doing fine. Earth isn’t threatened at all. It’s been here before, suffering unnaturally sudden changes of the balance of nature, like back during the Fifth Mass Extinction event when a meteor wiped out what the what the Siberian Traps, a sustained volcanic activity for centuries hadn’t eradicated, that was 75 percent of the flora and fauna of Earth at the end of the Metazoic Era, including the Alpha species, the dinosaurs, 66 million years ago.

And hey, we humans are doing our inadvertent bit to usher in a Sixth Mass Extinction, that since 1950, geologists have rewarded us by creating a new Geologic Age named after man, the Anthropocene Era (age of man era). Our age also achieved some of the fastest alterations of the planet that, in the timeline of Geology, are like the blink of an eye. Maybe we are being watched by a more advanced, galactic civilization—or an even more strange possibility of interdimensional “weird”—we are watching ourselves, not yet even knowing how we did do or can do that which we are currently doing to change the planet’s natural balance at our future peril.

Perhaps these humans we mistakenly believe are in our future, according to our linear misunderstanding of time only appear to be living in our future where they have learned our lesson for us because they “are” us, a human race that evolved beyond linear time into a circular inter-temporal state of being and technology.

Where we walk a line fixated on holding onto what we think is a past that is no-more, dreaming or fearing a future, that is not-yet, whilst forgetting the portal into eternity that our future selves on some point on the linear timeline we currently believe we live on, broke free from linear timing, somehow. And at forever present into the Seventh state, the Akashic Record’s state, they have also become a timeless consciousness that can witness the past-present-future as all happening at once.

Maybe they’ve already solved our problem that destroyed the human civilization in the twenty-first century by 2050 ending Century One of the Anthropocene Era?

Maybe they are speaking to us right now.

When they passed through the Ever Now Advent. They’ve already seen everything humanity would have done, did, and will do, not in a line but in a circle including all the potential possibilities all seen at once through a state of inner eye “Spherical Insight.”

This probably won’t happen in the Aquarian Age timeline, but later beyond 4000 ad, when humanity transcends the last age of flesh and earth, climbing the symbolic mystic mountain that represents the Age of Capricorn (4000-6000 ad) that follows the Age of Aquarius.

Once one is in Akashic Consciousness (Akashic is Sanskrit for the “Sky”), the barriers of identity that divide the experience of past-present-future vanish. So in that same moment that we all live eternally in whether aware of it or not, our future selves were living it under the illusion of it being a point of present in the far-off Age of Capricorn, that, in that moment collectively lifted the illusory veil of time from their collective human perception.

The last question asked by Humanity before they broke free of time was this: “How did we manage to survive ourselves in all the myriad ways we were hell-bent on destroying ourselves especially after humans entered what geologists of their day honored them by naming an Geologic age after them?”

And the second question: “Why the geologist praise with an extinction level punch? They could have called it the Dodo-proposcene if Dodo birds had caused a climate change that marked them for extinction at its opening.

Questions never find answers. They just fall away suddenly on their own accord when no final answer to all the questions is forthcoming.

Answer suddenly happens. It is immediate, because it never seeks itself, wandering through time questioning, questioning.

Shit no! Answer always happens now. So somehow, we of present past will in the future present drop all needless questioning and discover a vast ANSWER.

We will then discover immediately that there’s ever been a library of ANSWER. It dwells in Akashic timelessness. Humanity is Free, not to become free or have been freed. Not woke in the past tense.


Humanity will have, it has already had, that moment in some illusion of time, sometime in the Age of Capricorn. They won’t disappear from the timeline either. A part of their Wholeness is that horizontal timeline that went on living on the timeline, like a wave is never severed from an Ocean that shapes it in time. They just rediscovered what has always been ordinarily so, in the deepest heart connected to all of them that allowed them to see the infinite possibilities before-and-after in Ever Now… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 09 February 2024


Armageddon. Photo by Kelly from Parsons, Kansas. Source: Flickr, © Creative Commons.

Part One

The Israel/Iran/Western Asian Theater

This is the most documented genocide in human history and not everyone has just got their nose to the cellphone watching it while their feet are in search of a manhole. Yes, the manhole that is robotic entertainment habit has claimed most of the technologically illogical race of the Tik-Toc brain-drained. At least that is what the mainstream media would like to keep promoting, especially in the US, given that US news and entertainment media—a creature with two heads but the same body—is the pet of Israeli interests, of AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee). The US media, Hollywood, and the government are not America’s anymore! The Western media serve their Zionist master in West Jerusalem.

And how ironic it is that the Ansarullah Houthis of Yemen have done something the United States hasn’t done since the Second World War, “officially” declare a war against a fascist nation that is killing the Semitic race in a Second Holocaust. Conversely, the US bombs them in an undeclared war, as usual, illegal, according to the US Constitution for war with the Houthis has not been declared by US Congress. The US under the Biden administration supports the new form of Nazism that is Zionism in our era, while the Yemeni warriors have a sense of moral outrage that the US government has been bought off by AIPAC money picking and choosing the winners of US congressional and presidential elections. Thanks to AIPAC’s influence in the US, Israel even has control over the USA’s Nuclear reactors, election infrastructure, dams, hospital infrastructure including CISA, (US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency). See video from Redacted with Clayton Morris.

And yet…

The winds of revolution have only just begun to blow in the direction that Pluto goes, away from the spot in the sky where it was when the United States was born 248 years earlier. It will then be on a heading towards mass demonstrations spreading against genocidal Israel playing the Nazi genocide card on the Palestinians, their cousin Semites. As I introduced earlier, Pluto for much of this new year is testing from 22 January through 22 September what is a prelude of things to come when this planet of generational eras fully enters its transit through the constellation of Aquarius for 20 years—as an “end-time generation” of the world as we’ve known it, on the crossroad of either extinction or continuation. This generation period will decide a future of humanity or its end, beginning 15 days following the US Presidential election on 20 November 2024 that will last for the next 20 years, unit it ends on 19 January 2044.

Twenty years of revolution is coming! And the world will be turned upside down and utterly changed! My first “Overture” article gave you a taste of what the following articles had to sing. I’m writing this on 9 February 2024 and good gracious look how many things have happened already in this new year. History is coming at us dense as Marmite spread on Fate’s bread of possibilities and none of us, nose-to-cellphone or not, will have nothing else to take a bite and eat on future history’s menu… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

 DATELINE: 20 February 2024


Circa 1728, woodcut author, unknown, Public Domain.

The “Genocide” Report

Despite Being Surrounded by 411 million Arabs
And 81.8 million Iranians,
According to a Tel Aviv University Poll,
Ninety-Five Percent of Seven Million Israeli Jews
Support a Mass Genocide Being Prosecuted
Upon 2.4 million Palestinian Civilians
Of the Gaza Strip “Concentration Camp”

Moshe Dayan’s famous eulogy for a fellow and beloved member of the Nahal Oz Kibbutz (commune), Roi Rutenberg, was murdered by a group of dispossessed Palestinians at the Gates of Gaza in 1956. Dayan’s words honestly and eloquently celebrate a very dark point of reality. He is openly admitting to the Zionists invading and stealing the land and homes of Palestinians that, at the time of this eulogy were eight-years-and-counting living in the squalor of refugee camps that would become the Gaza Strip. Seeing their farms and villages seized or replaced by Jewish settlements where their ancestors had been buried for thousands of years would only make these dispossessed people burn with hate being perpetually under the jackboot of Jewish occupiers of Palestine who consider themselves a superior race of Semites. Come May this year, the dispossessed of the Gaza Strip, their seething and suffering, with mark 76 years and counting.

Dayan back in 1956 is making the case for Zionists to forever face that hate and use it to be ever armed, ever on the alert for they are, and indeed should ever act, as the superior aggressor race, because Zionists will forever live like a small island in an angry sea of Arabs. Suffer, therefore, the strain of military vigilance. Do not let yourselves refuse to look squarely at your fate and see, in all its brutality, the destiny of your Zionist generation.

Dayan wishes to transform this toxic crime of brutal robbery, massacre and dispossession into a Spartan warrior “tonic” to keep the Zionist as masters forever ready for conflict. This hand-full of a master race of God’s chosen ones. Peace with the Palestinians is your enemy. Rutenberg succumbed to inattention through it. Peace got Roi Ruthenberg murdered by those we must face in perpetual struggle. Let it be your struggle, my struggle, in other words, Mein Kampf in German.

Moshe Dayan likes to skip over uncomfortable details about what outrages and crimes ended up putting Palestinians in refugee camps watching their stolen lands and the villages where they and their fathers dwelt, being transformed into YOUR Zionist estate, by force. The assembled group at the eulogy know the criminal story. They hide from their conscious minds the suppressed fact that out of Ten Commandments, every Zionist in Israel is culpable for enabling, or looking the other way to profit from, breaking nearly half of the ten commandments upon the two stone tablets given to Moshe Dayan’s namesake, the Prophet Moses, when they seized much of Palestine for themselves in 1948.

Let us bring to the light what Zionists suppress or excuse away… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 10 February (updates from 18 & 26 February) 2024

421px-Saint_George_iconSRC-public domain in Russia

Saint George slaying the dragon, fourteenth-century Russian Icon. Public domain.

Part Two

The Ukrainian/NATO Theater

Even if this war ends without a clash of NATO with Russia, lands once belonging to the Hungarians, the Romanians, even perhaps the Poles, but less so, will go through a negotiated process of reclaiming lands taken from them in the Second World War. In Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Putin in the Kremlin, Putin made it clear that lands could be peacefully returned through negotiation. He’s telling the truth, and it is high time that the US, the EU and NATO leaders of their various lands and raving medias stop talking themselves into a direct NATO war with Russia that Russia has no interest in threatening upon them, and NATO no longer has the ammunition and combat experience to fight.

So, like with the tripwire of Israel getting the US to fight its war with Iran, we have the great danger of humanity’s future coming from the West, incapable of accepting its defeat by proxy of NATO, enlarging this war into a direct clash with the Russians, which could end what I call this “conventional” phase of the Third World War going nuclear and potentially out of control.

With that in mind, this subject of a US/NATO-Russian clash came up for discussion in Tucker Carlson’s interview:

Tucker Carlson: One of our senior United States senators from the State of New York, Chuck Schumer, said yesterday, I believe, that we have to continue to fund the Ukrainian effort or US soldiers, citizens could wind up fighting there. How do you assess that?

Vladimir Putin: This is a provocation, and a cheap provocation at that.

I do not understand why American soldiers should fight in Ukraine. There are mercenaries from the United States there. The biggest number of mercenaries comes from Poland, with mercenaries from the United States in second place, and mercenaries from Georgia in third place. Well, if somebody has the desire to send regular troops, that would certainly bring humanity on the brink of a very serious, global conflict. This is obvious.

Do the United States need this? What for? Thousands of miles away from your national territory! Don’t you have anything better to do?

You have issues on the border, issues with migration, issues with the national debt – more than 33 trillion dollars. You have nothing better to do, so you should fight in Ukraine? Wouldn’t it be better to negotiate with Russia? Make an agreement, already understanding the situation that is developing today, realizing that Russia will fight for its interests to the end. And, realizing this, actually return to common sense, start respecting our country and its interests and look for certain solutions. It seems to me that this is much smarter and more rational… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more

DATELINE: 31 January 2024


Part Three

Plucked Out of the Jaws of Armageddon?

Here is the final list of bullet-point prophecies I shared with 20 million people across 650 radio stations across North America, the Caribbean, Armed Forces Radio and the world at large on Internet during my appearance on Coast-to-Coast AM on 2 December 2023 about the future of 2024:

  • Peace is possible, a peace that would put an end to the War Business. And we might see the money squandered in war be at last used for spreading peace and stability in the world. There is a high chance of this succeeding if we begin this work for peace in 2024, for it will be needed, a work to set forth stability in the world.
  • Our greatest prophet in America, Edgar Cayce [in 1944], foresaw that Russia would be the “hope of the world” in our times. What is that hope?
  • Russia’s concept of a new security architecture that ends the nuclear threat coming from NATO or Russia.
  • These wars of the West against the East, as Nostradamus called them, were set to happen when a great pandemic heralded them. That was Covid! Now the war of the West on the East is here!
  • And yet the war the West started will now be the unraveling of primarily its Western economy because its sanctions on Russia blew back into it, causing the current “Greater Recession” that will become the “Greatest” Depression primarily for the West in 2024. There is a derivatives crisis coming in the financial markets, and soon.
  • MBS pulling Saudi oil off from backing the US dollar has started the rapid end of US hegemony. It has but two years left to make its rapid fall, starting in 2024. This will with time be a blessing for America to come home, rebuild and redefine itself after its Military Industrial addiction to war is too costly to continue.
  • The eclipse of 8 April 2024 will finish the crossbar shadow over the United States marking the great Portent of TWO US eclipses of 2017 and 2024. It will be the beginning of the end of the US hegemonic era and start the difficult but ultimately positive rebirth of America, in its constitutional “restoration.” Though the near future looks grim, I predict America’s greatest days are ahead of it as a member of a multipolar world that the BRICS nations are creating.
  • The BRICS nations will soon include three/fourths of humanity leaving the West isolated. They will create in two years a new currency not used by any national currency. No more US dollar dominance but a new transactional currency that all other currencies use to do transactions with. It will make sure that no country will dominate all others by weaponizing the global reserve currency as the US mistakenly did, thus finally losing the world using the dollar.
  • The world must begin to re-arrange itself beyond a uni-polar to the multi-polar community of individually sovereign nations if it is going to solve the planetary problems looming upon humanity.
  • The year 2023 has become the warmest year since records were kept. The world must unite in community to see our future existence through this Sixth Mass Extinction looming. It must also unite against those who would make machines and A.I. our masters. That is human suicide.
  • None of this can be possible until we first end the war business of the USA, establish a multi-polar world of sovereign nations that work to bring peace, stability and interaction for mutual benefit. Only when the world is working together rather than being divided by a chaos driven US hegemonic war power, does it have a chance of facing and solving the great challenges before it.
  • In 2024, we have entered the revolutionary times I have foreseen coming for decades, when you will hear the roar of storms, or change of rebellion against censorship, wokeness and fascism that is the LION ROARING 2020s. Now watch the end of US hegemony, NATO, the EU, and nearly everyone in Western governments that set us on the verge of nuclear destruction.
  • This decade is the decade that opens the Hopi Prophecy of the Great Purification by the fire of a hotter and hotter world, nuclear war, or the fire of a purifying awakening of love and consciousness in humanity. The Hopi Fourth world is dying. Let it die, so that the Fifth World of peace and love can be born out of its end. That is what the year 2024 brings… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 04 January 2024

Apocalypse_Now_Logo-Public-Domain-Author-Christian Flores

Logo by Christian Flores, (Public Domain).

The Late Great Planet Earth?
Or the Late Great Hegemon?

Armagettin’ Together
Final Battle Forecasts for 2024, But…

Remember, the Closer the Danger,
The Nearer is the Moment the Danger
Can Potentially Pass

Equally dire, on another front, will be the US backing Israel and attacking Iran between early January and late June 2024, seeing its fleets defeated, if I’ve read my Nostradamus right. That would truly end US hegemonic power in the world for it has hollowed out its economy and ability to repair or rebuild its fleet. It cannot match Russia’s renewed military and industrial might. The US economy like the Soviet before it had been hollowed out by too much of its capital and resources trying to sustain the military burden of empire. And with most of the world by end of June 2024 having abandoned the US dollar as its reserve currency, the American hegemon will financially begin to fall hard and fast, unable, like the Soviets, to economically afford its huge military expenditures. Hence like them, the US military shuts down, and has to withdraw from its 800 bases around the world where the sun once upon a time never set on a US weapon for the last 32 years.

There is a grave danger to the future of humanity that the US leadership, since it cannot conceive of losing wars, will go to all-out war with Iran or escalate to war with Russia and China to avoid facing defeat like the Soviets had.

What I hope instead is that Nostradamus’ “in the clear” prophecies about Iran are not fulfilled for that is the point of warning about this danger more in the open then usual when he wrote it back in the 1550s so that a Nostradamian scholar might correctly interpret it. Nostradamus as well as I, are trying to scare you all straight to an alternative future. I started warning you about his prophecies of “Persia” (Iran) being the trigger point to a nuclear war starting as far back as 2006 and have kept warning you up through the 2020s where the potential fulfillment of the unthinkable is on our collective threshold… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 05 February 2024


Logo of BRICS 2023 meeting in South Africa: © Creative Commons.

Put Aside Prophecies of a Shift
Of Planet Earth’s Axis!

All Brace yourselves and then Happily Run with
Humanity’s Great Monetary Axis Shift

From the US Dollar
To the New BRICS Monetary System

The prime target of this bank heist is Russia. And this is what President Putin had to say about it in his 9 February interview with Tucker Carlson:

You know, to use the dollar as a tool of foreign policy struggle is one of the biggest strategic mistakes made by the US political leadership. The dollar is the cornerstone of the United States’ power. I think everyone understands very well that, no matter how many dollars are printed, they are quickly dispersed all over the world. Inflation in the United States is minimal. It is about 3 or 3.4 per cent, which is, I think, totally acceptable for the US. But they won’t stop printing. What does the debt of 33 trillion dollars tell us about? It is about the emission.

Nevertheless, it is the main weapon used by the United States to preserve its power across the world. As soon as the political leadership decided to use the US dollar as a tool of political struggle, a blow was dealt to this American power. I would not like to use any strong language, but it is a stupid thing to do, and a grave mistake.

Look at what is going on in the world. Even the United States’ allies are now downsizing their dollar reserves. Seeing this, everyone starts looking for ways to protect themselves. But the fact that the United States applies restrictive measures to certain countries, such as placing restrictions on transactions, freezing assets, etc., causes grave concern and sends a signal to the whole world…

What did we have here? Until 2022, about 80 per cent of Russia’s foreign trade transactions were made in US dollars and euros. US dollars accounted for approximately 50 per cent of our transactions with third countries, while currently it is down to 13 per cent. It was not us who banned the use of the US dollar, we had no such intention. It was the decision of the United States to restrict our transactions in US dollars. I think it is a complete foolishness from the point of view of the interests of the United States itself and its taxpayers, as it damages the US economy, undermines the power of the United States across the world.

By the way, our transactions in Yuan accounted for about 3 per cent. Today, 34 per cent of our transactions are made in Rubles, and about as much, a little over 34 per cent, in Yuan.

Why did the United States do this? My only guess is self-conceit. They probably thought it would lead to a full collapse, but nothing collapsed. Moreover, other countries, including oil producers, are thinking of and already accepting payments for oil in yuan. Do you even realize what is going on or not? Does anyone in the United States realize this? What are you doing? You are cutting yourself off…all experts say this. Ask any intelligent and thinking person in the United States what the dollar means for the US? You are killing it with your own hands…

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DATELINE: 12 February 2024

BIG-Ereignisblatt_aus_den_revolutionären_Märztagen_18.-19._März_1848_mit_einer_Barrikadenszene_aus_der_Breiten_Strasse,_Berlin_01-SRC-public domain


The tower of babeling Brussels burning surrounded by striking farmers-flipped


1848? MEET 2024!

The Decline and Fall Begins
Of the Globalist FascistElite
With a Return of the European Spring

Neptune in Astrology rules Pisces. The god of oceanic changes and earthquakes is at home in the Piscean Twelfth House, the last in the Zodiac, a final stop for something old to be transcended by the new. Pisces rules hidden enemies without and those from within, be they fifth columnists or the suppressed “enemies” of egoism, fear, or unconscious emotions ready to be triggered, not only individually but with Pisces, ruler of the deep underneath of the collective unconscious, when Neptune comes home to it, house and planet can become a catalyst of mass revolution on the streets, or in the arts, down the next, roughly 15 years Neptune passes through Pisces.

People too-long suppressed by their elites can suddenly burst collectively forth, like a great storm wave, charging to the barricades like they did in 1848-1849 across Europe, demanding their petitions, their rights be heard. This is exactly what Neptune in Pisces is doing in early 2024. Farmers have united en masse across Europe, driving to their capitals in a great host of thousands upon thousands of tractors and other rolling farm contraptions capable of hurling manure on government buildings of the globalist elites across Europe to be heard, to be smelled, giving a whole new realism to raising a stink.

1848 and 2024 share a common history, repeated in Spring Revolutions. It takes Neptune 164 years to tour around the twelve signs/houses of the Zodiac back to its home sign of Pisces. Neptune is currently finishing its transit through Pisces right now. It started with Neptune making an initial, temporary dip into Pisces in the spring of 2011. Then it stayed a long while starting in 2012 without interruption until 31 March 2025. On that day, it will dip ia few degrees in and then out of a recognizance of its next transit through Aries. Next on 23 October 2025 it will withdraw from Aries for one more short tarry in Pisces, until it advances fully into Aries in late January 2026. It will begin another 164-year transit through the Zodiac houses not to see its home sign again until around 2191 ad.

So there is still a whole lot of Pisces influence to start up revolutions in nearly two years left in its current transit of Pisces, stirring up deep currents of collective discontent to the surface this winter into spring of 2024, just like it stirred collective desires of the masses ready for a change of rulers, reform, or full-on revolution back in February 2011. That’s when Neptune last returned to Pisces heralding revolutions suddenly arising spreading out of Tunisia, across North Africa and then into the Arab states of the Middle East with a flood of humanity demonstrating in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, millions “inundating” the city streets and squares of Syria, and eventually wetting the whistle of Arab aspirations across the Arab world. They called this people wave of protests the “Arab Spring” Revolutions.

Go back to 1848-1849, the years that Neptune returned home to Pisces before 2011. Europe for two years erupted with popular revolutions. They started in France, then spread to the German states, to Prussia, Saxony, to Austria. These were called the “European Spring” revolutions… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 21 January 2024

Covid-vaccine-rubber-clots-Photo, courtesy of UK Embalmer Richard Hirshman

Embalmers have been finding never-before-seen and numerous long, fibrous clots that lack post-mortem characteristics since 2020-2021 when the Covid Vaccines came out. Photo, courtesy of UK Embalmer Richard Hirschman.


The Vaccine Plague that Followed the Covid Plague
Many wonder why I’ve been so silent about the Covid Plague?

Now I’ll reveal why. Timing. Prophecy is about timing, and about releasing something foreseen that if released in 2020, it would have been banned. Sometimes prophecy must wait out mass-mob hysterical human storms until they abate for a bit before the new one comes, both of which I interpreted from Nostradamus, the world’s most famous Plague Doctor from the sixteenth century. He had a whole lot to say about plagues, manmade plagues, in our times and I was setting down interpretations of this when I was writing my 52nd book Nostradamus Coronavirus and the Pandemic Prophecies. I began date tagging my predictions for the record first by publishing some of the chapters early for HogueProphecy subscribers to the HogueProphecy Reports, just so you would know I was working on this major project. But when the banning and persecuting started, spirit told me to date tag and wait until the plague had passed on and the world settled down enough for an audience to hear me out. My Window of opportunity to release this book is in the first half of 2024. You will see what Nostradamus foresaw 4.6 centuries ago about Covid, and what I interpreted about it back in 2020-2021, and now that the lid of censorship has slipped, the science is for the moment flooding the Internet objectively proving just how accurate Nostradamus and my interpretation of him about Covid—so I contend—has become when this 130,000 word book on plagues (Past, Present, and Future) is finally released. I will give now for the record a few hints of what that book will reveal in this following list of bullet-point answers to questions people have had: …Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 10 February 2024

Bitcoin_crypto_currency_8K_wallpaperSRC-Satheesh Sankaran-cc2.0-share-alike-Generic

Bitcoin wallpaper. Uploading a work by Satheesh Sankaran at Flickr, © Creative Commons.


Bitcoin Ascendant!
ETF Approval is a BFD!

I often predicted over the last dozen years or so that only when a Great Depression comes will Bitcoin get respect and become established as the first and truly “Aquarian” age monetary concept that makes a rich and rare-to-create mathematical Bitcoin as a Value beyond merely math, but also an economic, mathematical currency of financial value. From Gold to a “Math” reserves we go.

On 10 January Reuters reported, “The U.S. securities regulator…approved the first U.S.-listed exchange traded funds (ETFs) to track bitcoin, its Chair Gary Gensler said, in a watershed for the world’s largest cryptocurrency and the broader crypto industry.

“The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved 11 applications, including from BlackRock (BLK.N), Ark Investments/21Shares (ABTC.S), Fidelity, Invesco (IVZ.N) and VanEck, among others, according to a notice on its website. Some products are expected to begin trading as early as Thursday [11 January], kicking off a fierce competition for market share.”

This means in 2024, the year I foresee a Greatest Depression looming, primarily in the collective West, bitcoin is going mainstream. The Bitcoin ETFs could draw $50 billion to $100 billion in 2024, so forecasts Standard Chartered Analysis. Bitcoin might find itself selling at $100.000 per coin… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.


Volodymyr_Zelenskyy_presents_state_awards_to_Ukraine's_defenders_blurrs_Zelensky–Curse-SRC-Photo-President-of-Ukraine-CC01.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

President Zelensky, Flickr, © Creative Commons.


Through the Zelensky Curse

A Zelensky Curse upon all your EU Parliamentary houses! That’s the message to many an EU government leader and many governments that have already gone down and will go down, mostly consisting of those leaders of Europe that made the mistake of showing off, in virtue signaling pilgrimages to Kiev to shake hands with the Ukrainian comic president himself, star of “Servant of the People,” a Ukrainian TV series that was so popular that the Ukrainian oligarch who produced the TV series, then bankrolled the feisty everyman and comic actor with a little help of some corruption to win his election and play in his next drama. It was a “Reality Show” where Volodymyr Zelensky became the President of Ukraine on 20 May 2019, applying himself to merely “act” like he was running a country. He won a landslide to warm his backside in the leather president’s chair in his office, but mostly cast out into the cold his promises that got him voted in, like promising to negotiate peace with Russia, and put an end to the fighting. Once elected he stopped playing up the fact that he too was a Russian speaking Ukrainian, and a Jew no less in Ukraine’s very “nationalist” government, promising to restore ethnic equality. Now in power, he played the poster Jew president in the first Nazi government in a European country since Hitler came to power in 1933-1934. (Applause! Applause! Sieg Hi-…SHHHHH!!!)…Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.


Sunset_over_UN_building_(Unsplash)SRC-Creative Commons CC01.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

Sunset over the United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA. Photo: Daryan Shamkhali, © Creative Commons.


Put Aside the United Nations “of America”
For a Community of Sovereign Nations

I was watching Michel Hudson being interviewed by Ania K. Hudson, like me, sees the United Nations as another failure and though he didn’t say the following, I think international governance experiments require an initiation through world wars to test the mettle of their dreams of being peace officers of a peaceful, stable world. Now that we are in the Third World War, it is time to assess the dying dream of the United Nations requiring we construct a new foundation. The United Nations tried it. It was born during yet another world war stress test, the Second World War. Then as before it and now after it, leaders have to assess what better constructed foundation is needed to replace the second try in a third… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 11 February 2024


A picture of the view in Red Square in Moscow, taken by an employee of the U.S. Department of State. (Public Domain)


A New Manifesting Demographic Destiny

Americans will become Siberian, Siberiamericans. Many farmers are needed in Russia. You of Europe and America already see the Globalist hand threatening to strangle your sacred profession of farming and feeding the world. These puritanically green oppressors seem to hate life and feeding it, so they hate you the more for nourishing it.

People are moving to Russia to farm. Here is one example of a Canadian farmer and his family moving to Nizni Novgorod to build a farm. You might find that move also appealing. Russian country is vast like America, open. Its democracy is thriving in a Russian way that is far removed from the American Woke or the Soviet Communism. And in a time where liberal radicalism is more obsessed with virtue signaling and shadow banning than promoting freedom and the responsibility of being free to speak, to respect individual sovereignty and traditional values. Heck, in times like these, old values appear radical, even revolutionary ideas. If you resonate with that, go East young Americans, stake your claim to a new Russia, a new Asia that the rise that the BRICS alternative world and economic order will create. Go east young people to a country I lived in, and saw breathtakingly renew itself, the land of India.

The Belt and Roadway goes East.

A day will come when this enlightenment of life will go West again. The sons and daughters of Americans living in Eurasia and Russia, will visit their roots and share their insights and experiences. They will go West again, resurrecting America and Europe one day. Much sooner than you think… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 11 February 2024

U.S. President Joe Biden boards Air Force One after speaking to more than 1,000 service members to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 during a remembrance ceremony at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, Sept. 11, 2023. Biden highlighted continued commitment to defense of the nation and support to allies as an on-going tribute to the lives lost that day. (U.S. Air Force photo by Sheila deVera)

Starting in 2023, President Biden began using the lower, shorter stairs of the cargo bey to get in and out of the Air Force One. On 21 February he caught a few stumbles without falling again. Photo US Air Force, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (public domain).


Either Democracy’s Reckoning
Or “Wrecking”?

So, dare I imagine it? The administration will deny [Biden’s] cognitive decline and avoid incompetent replacements and just keep Biden going somehow, “Emperor’s new clothes” style with naked dementia wearing a magical belief that there’s a mind still good enough to run the land for a second term. Maybe his handlers can keep that farce of “the President’s New Mind” as they hope to keep the war in Ukraine going and talks to bring sense back to Israeli Zionists someday happening right up to, and through the election on 5 November 2024 when Biden, the wars, etc., can be sorted into the garbage later with four more years to fix it all.

The reality will be otherwise unless deep denial in face of realities is victorious, like denying all three pending disasters converging at any moment from now until election day, like Biden’s brain farting out completely, NATO’s utter defeat through proxy Ukraine’s collapse as a state, and perhaps Israel’s utter destruction in its war with Hezbollah, and Iran.

Or something even worse! Biden’s handlers just miss getting Biden and all their looming disasters past his re-election in early November.

Instead I can hear these disasters roaring like their driving down Future Time’s dark freeway, all converging with a fourth disaster, a US economic crisis, and when they pass into mid-September through mid-October, they all collide in the worst timing of all, just before the US presidential election, with brakes screeching, fatally rear-ending the most dire portents of the year—the Mabus Comet appearing, and the seventh final pass of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, over the US birth chart position! Politically speaking, that would cause a catastrophic, night freeway truck-and-car-pile-up, caused by a high speed decent through a sudden wall of impenetrable fog, made of the president’s comatose mind… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 January 2024

640px-Resting_Dragon_Waterloo_Kungfu_Academy_Chinese_Dragon_Dancing_Author-Angus Chan-CC2.0-Generic

Resting Dragon, from the Waterloo Kungfu Academy Chinese Dragon Dancing. Author Angus Chan. © Creative Commons.


A Word about Many of you
That are Firm “Believers”
That Everything Happens
For a Reason

And in so Doing
You Miss the Most Ubiquitous
And Ordinary “Reality”
That is Freedom Incarnate
For it is So Free
That it even is Free
Of Existence Itself

Serendipity cannot exist without Zemblanity any more than luck can only exist without unluckiness.

How would you know you are lucky sometimes without it?

How would you know what love is without its evil twin, Hate?

How can a person say, “I’m out of synch” without there also being its opposite, asynchronistic, opposite polarity to be put turned into balance with it?

The world we’ve been born into is ever changing and transitory, a play of opposites. But if one celebrates all of its play of opposites, and watch how we judge them as the good, the bad, etc., there is something far deeper of which you will start becoming aware. It is a deeper “inner”-standing than the changeable dance of opposites that attract to repel, or that hold onto reason suppressing no reason at all.

This innerstanding cannot be labeled because if you draw up one side of it, the other side is suppressed. For instance, many people would come to Lord Buddha and say, “so, I understand then that your teaching is about all being one. It is about Oneness.”

Buddha would reply, “Better to say it is not two.”

Consciousness is “not two-ness.” It is not either or the or.

You can’t think it.

You are it.

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Click on this link and check out John Hogue’s newest book. Spiritual Suicide is not what you think. It is when your misery jumps over a cliff and leaves you blissfully behind to share this tale.

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