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DATELINE: 26 June 2023

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Lessons Learned?
While Russian Red Lines
Are soon to be Crossed
Causing accelerated Escalations

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

Three days ago (23 June) I had “the Prophetic heebee jeebies.” That something very ominous was arising concerning an escalation by the West taking the US/NATO’s “Proxy” war with Russia in Ukraine one big step closer to a direct war between NATO and Russia this summer. Possibly it will happen after a pivotal NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, scheduled for 11-12 July. On two days I had already felt that the fate of humanity’s future might be decided.

There are two manifestations, starting yesterday, an issue of NATO long-range missiles crossing a red line for Moscow. But the root of my psychically dreadful feeling arising out of my core was the patently insane act of the figurehead of the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC), Yevgeny Prigozhin, launching a mutiny (in sheeple coup clothing, perhaps) against the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu who has become the source of Prigozhin’s unhinging obsession to hate. Whether that was all a show to take Shoigu down to take out Putin next, I don’t know. There’s been particularly good speculation about that from sources like Simplicius the Thinker, John Helman and Alexander Mercouris of The Duran.

I will get into more details in a moment, but for starters, what we do here at HogueProphecy is tell you the future trend the mainstream media will not anticipate. Prigozhin’s rash act is feeding a Western narrative which is false about Russia being weak, a pushover, a gas station pretending to be a country, etc. Like the others above, I would not rule out his being turned by either Western friendly Russian or Ukrainian Oligarchs or the CIA. Prigozhin’s speech launching the Mutiny almost read like it was written by the CIA spewing out a whole lot of factual absurdities about Shoigu running the Russian armed forces into the ground, that Russia is weak and ready to crumble, that the shelling of Donbass for years never happened. In short, stuff that would be brought to you by speech writers in Langley Virginia’s CIA swamp that the mainstream media dutifully apes with no journalistic verification.

Certainly this mutiny could deliver great harm to Russia’s reputation. So far three-quarters of the world are siding with Moscow against the ever-shrinking collective West. Some nations of the Global South and Eurasia still sitting on the fence will begin to question whether Russian governance is stable after reviewing the crazy events on 3-4 June. I’m here to say now that this Wagner mutiny will rapidly make Russia stronger in reality and in the eyes of three-quarters of the world moving closer to Russia and China removing themselves completely from the shrinking, collective West. Prigozhin expected a lot more support would flood in from Russian nationalists, oligarchs, governors and mayors. He expected his Wagner officers and 26,000 Wagner PMC soldiers would snap their heels and join the occupation of the Southern Russian Command based in Rostov and the 13-hour drive north to Moscow to occupy the Ministry of Defense or fancifully surround the Kremlin.


In the end this Mutiny hasn’t weakened Russia’s leader and government. The fact is, it proved to be a stress test showing how strong and united all levels of the government, the army, the Ministry of Defense, the security forces and the hundreds of thousands of Russian troops and their officers on the Donbass and Zaporozhye fronts actually are. Prigozhin got NO SUPPORT from anybody outside of about 8,000 Wagner troops out of 30,000 that tagged along with their warlord. Except for one officer NONE of the Wagner officers supported him. He didn’t factor in the Russian people’s historical distaste for coups. Though Russian people love the Wagners, and even Prigorzhin, the people were not for how Prigozhin was using them. There was no national uprising, because Russians, especially in a time of war will unite behind their government leaders and not a man clearly suffering from PTSD, given earlier and shocking videos where he’s railing and cursing Shoigu and Chief of the Russian General Staff, General Valery Gerasimov before a bloody heap of his own slaughtered men during the Battle of Bakhmut.

By the second day, he realized the show was up and while the Mutiny advanced north on Moscow there were already many calls being made negotiating an end to the Mutiny and Prigorzhin bartering to save his skin but also to save his men from trial and prison too.

The coming danger for humanity is sourced to the neocons surrounding an “absent-minded” 80-year-old US President. The neocons in the US State Department, and the mainstream media propaganda organs, will take away from this mutiny a deeper strengthening of their false narrative about Russia that will possibly embolden them to believe in their own fantasies that the Russian state is about to collapse, so let’s go all the way into this war. Drop the “proxy” mask. Position NATO troops side-by-side with the Ukrainians.

This is exactly what President Zelensky and his Kiev regime has always wanted. It is the only card they can play in their brain-moldy deck. Without NATO going all-in to this conflict with Russia, Ukraine will collapse as a state, along with its bled-white armed forces by the end of summer. Kiev’s goal is not to defeat Russia but to drag NATO in to defeat Russia for them.

This will not save Ukraine. Instead it will set the stage for something I’ve been warning about since the spring of 2021, a “Cuban Missile Crisis 1962” moment in 2023—what I have foreseen as the “Ukrainian” Missile Crisis. It will be orders of magnitude more dangerous than what happened in 1962. The West emboldened by this mutiny will only feed and strengthen their delusions and escalate to a point where the United States and Russia step beyond the threshold that Kennedy and Khrushchev, as rational men, never dared tread. The West will toss a few tactical nukes to see what the conventionally victorious Russian, their armies advancing across Ukraine, will really do next.

The West believes they will run away.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) during the Mutiny of Wagner PMC gushed their feverish love and support of this body of men that only earned virulent condemnation from the same news anchors for years until the Mutiny began. After the last cold war, in this new cold war America fulfills the prophecy that it will become more like the Soviet Union had been and Russia would become more democratic. The US news anchors sound like Soviet communist state organs of the past, going completely over the top about Russia’s imminent collapse with headlines like: Russia Slides into Civil War, The Decolonization of Russia, The Battle of Rostov-on-Don, on and on, etc. They “done gone gas-station country” crazy with hyperbolic-bollocks unzipped!

Then came the MSM buzzkill on 24 June.

Mutiny/Coup over, like it never happened.

The Wagners are going back to their barracks. Prigozhin exiled to Belarus. Shoigu unfired, so far at least, Putin not deposed. A civil war became a fizzled war. The MSM one moment was singing their “Wouldn’t you like to fly my High-per-bolee, balloon!” just as it floated into a large pin prick of Reality.

Maybe there is enough titillation residue left to keep the delusion flying. Hope is hard to fade from neocons who have no reverse gear. This mutiny-turned-farce did give Western warmongers that will gather at the NATO summit enough food for mistaken thought to believe that the Russian State has its fragilities, even though time and events on the ground in Russia show how quickly Prigozhin the Buffoon’s Mutiny balloon burst. Life goes on ever since on the streets of Russia like it never happened.

Moreover, I share, more and more now, a feeling, it could be wrong, that the West had something to do with this Mutiny. And as time passes since the Great WENT of this mutiny, I share the same view that Simplicius the Thinker wrote recently. I can’t help but sense that maybe, just maybe, Simplicius’ theory is on to something about this Mutiny: “The entire production was in fact an oligarch-funded, perhaps Western-backed coup that was meant to topple Putin. Shoigu and Gerasimov were merely the cover to convince Wagner troops to march on the Kremlin. You see, Shoigu provides a brilliantly convenient target because troops are disgruntled with him. So all Priggy had to do was tell his troops we’re going to take out Shoigu and hand over the reins to Putin and it was easy convincing.”

Simplicius went on to explain that perhaps the Wagner rank-and-file weren’t even told by Prigozhin where they were gearing up and going to. And then, by the time his armored column of upwards of 8,000 Wagners drove from Lugansk barracks to Rostov-on-Don, he realized his plan wasn’t well thought out. From then on Prigozhin was trying to negotiate a way out, via the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko as go-between him and Putin; or, as Simplicius relates:

“Once he reached Rostov, he may have realized the plan was unworkable. For instance, the Russian MOD [Ministry of Defense] did release a statement at some point stating that a large portion of the Wagner troops actually laid down their arms and returned to their positions because they realized they were misled. You see, it turns out—according to the MOD, at least—that Prigozhin lied to a lot of the troops and told them that they were going to protect Belgorod and where simply being re-routed there through Rostov. They reportedly didn’t even know what it was they were partaking in.”

He cited Alexander Khodarkovsky, the Vostok Brigade founder as his source of the above, who also is the source of the story that most of the Wagners hadn’t been told anything about a “mutiny.” And when they found that wasn’t so, they were “quite surprised.”

So, in the end Simplicius concluded that the “mutiny” had very few men actively involved in it. Not enough to make it successful.

The Wagners suffered no losses; however, Mikael Valtersson on Twitter reported the Russian Federation’s loss of “six helicopters and one Air Control Il-18… Three of the helicopters were scarce EW Mi-8 helicopters. All in all five of the seven aircrafts were unarmed. Eleven pilots and eight others (on the Il-18) died. See Videos. Alexander Mercouris in one of his finest assessments I’ve watched thus far, vetting him for over a decade, brings together the views of John Helmer, Simplicius and his own take posted at The Duran yesterday. Please watch it if you want further information on the Western coup/Mutiny theory.

So here’s how it stands for the fate of Prigorzhin and the Wagners that followed him into his coup called a “mutiny.” He is exiled to Belarus. All the men and officers that stood down, and further all the men who he deceived about where they were going and what he wanted them to do, will be given contracts to renew the Wagners into a closer interaction with the Russian Army. Those who openly partook in the Mutiny will not go to prison, but their service in the Russian military is forever over. Such men cannot be trusted to serve. And if they wish they can also go to Belarus, stated the Russian President. By being exiled, Prigorzhin will not face criminal charges There are rumors that Prigorzhin may leave Belarus and travel to a new home in Africa. We’ll see. And HogueProphecy will follow further developments in the post-Mutiny story.

Wagner PMC has been disbanced in Ukraine. it may have an in Africa. Doing what it does really well, ending terrorist threats.

Wagner PMC has been disbanded in Ukraine. It may have an a future life in Africa. Doing what it does really well, ending terrorist groups. Prigorzhin might find himself once again doing “purgatory” work, helping the Wagners train and help Russia’s many and growing number of African nations learn how to fight terrorism not to sustain a war on terror forever like the profit-oriented strategies of the United States Military Industrial Complex. If the Americans started the War on Terror, the Russians (Wagners) will end that War on Terror.

Russian leadership hopefully will learn that some of what Prigozhin ranted about may be things that should be fixed in Russian command. I will finish the first half of this article with some sage advice from two Russian experts that posted the following on The first is Dmitry Trenin, a research professor at the Higher School of Economics and a lead research fellow at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations:

The Prigozhin mutiny was an extraordinary event. Military coups and revolts are rare in modern Russian history…

The mutiny could not have come at a more difficult moment for Russia, exposing its internal divisions and giving plenty of opportunities for the enemy to exploit.

[Trenin then shared three main things the Russian government and military must learn from this Mutiny:]

One is that independently-run military organizations [like Wagner PMC], particularly in a country like Russia, represent a clear potential threat to political stability. The state’s monopoly on armed force and the use of violence ought not to be diluted even one iota.

The second is that playing games with semi-independent actors that are partially controlled (think Frankenstein) carries the risk of things suddenly getting out of hand at a most inopportune moment…

Thirdly, and most importantly, whereas the Prigozhin mutiny cannot be justified in any way, the issues which fueled it are real and serious. So, this needs to be treated as a wake-up call and the underlying problems must be acted upon. Otherwise, the Wagner revolt may be a bad omen of things to come.

Vladimir Bruter, an expert at the International Institute of Humanitarian and Political Studies, frames well several fundamental concerns that have also been mine for a long time:

I don’t believe that, inside Russia, the consequences will be significant. Generally speaking, the incident has been settled. But in the international sense, this situation has demonstrated to the world that there are deep contradictions both within the Russian leadership and among those who are responsible for the ongoing military operation. This is undoubtedly how the collective West will see it. And the situation will be exploited. However, the question is not what they are going to do, but rather what we are going to do about it. It’s not about them, it’s about us. We should force our agenda on them instead of waiting to see what they offer us…

The biggest question now is whether Russia’s military leadership can implement a single consistent plan to achieve the goals of the military operation. The key lesson of this conflict is that we can’t say that Russia has unlimited time for military action. Objectively speaking, the situation at the front looks frozen.

Saying that we are going to wait and the enemy will eventually get tired and then we’ll win is too optimistic. The past year and a half has shown us that this doesn’t work. Moreover, there’s no indication that the Ukrainians are growing tired. Yes, they’re suffering great losses, which even forced the US State Department to issue an official statement, saying that an offensive always comes with casualties. But for Washington, the Ukrainians are not a drag. And the loss of military equipment is only a financial hit, which they can print dollars to replace when they ship new equipment to Ukraine.

It is clear now that the Ukrainians willfully are allowing their countrymen to be decimated and the United States is glad to encourage them to even now be drafting a FOURTH draft call for around 100,000 more recruits. Yes, the Russians have perfected their slow and patient war of attrition, but as time passes I can see the US is also perfecting their war of sacrificing Ukraine now, perhaps Poland and the Baltic states a little later, then finally Romania perhaps to the last of each nation’s manhood, to wear the Russians down, not on the battlefield but put a strain on the problems that these Russian experts have listed, flaws in the governance and military command systems. I’m starting to see how NATO might yet win this war by destroying its own.

I’ve not said this enough, I will not make that mistake again about the power of irrational leaders—in this case the US and NATO leaders—willfully open to doing the unthinkable, encouraging entire nations to destroy themselves at their pleasure just to draw this war out another two years, when as Trenin rhetorically asked: Is the Wagner-Prigorzhin incident a wake-up call or a bad omen for Russia’?


ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System.

Now we move from the weirdly confusing to the ominously clear.

We’re now entering the two most dangerous months in human history thus far. The “Ukrainian” Missile Crisis” is upon us. It is very different from the Cuban version in 1962. As I stated earlier, it could go a step beyond where Kennedy and Khrushchev tread, given that the Biden Administration is projecting its intentions on the Russians. They are talking themselves into a direct US-NATO war with Russia.

To put it in a Cuban missile context, it would be like President Kennedy approving the Pentagon’s plan to bomb then invade Cuba and wait to see what the Soviet Russians do about that, rather than implement the “Quarantine” of Soviet vessels sailing for Cuba.

I’m hearing reports that Biden has approved shipping ATACUMS MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System to Ukraine. They have a far longer range than what’s been fired so far using US HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) launchers already in country. I know the Pentagon is reporting that sending them is a bad idea. That’s what they said about the HIMARS last year. Then they buckled and sent them. I see no difference in their habit repeated in the future. They first complain, then deny it will happen and then at last they dutifully ship an escalatory shipment of weapons to the Ukrainian theater of war.

The Russian Defense Minister Shoigu has been hinting that there is a point when NATO constantly crossing Russia’s red lines will go beyond their restraint to decisively respond. A year ago ATACUMS got the same warning and the US held them back. As usual Biden and his people eventually escalated anyway. Again, it has been the only thing predictably consistent they keep doing.

Now the game of “Chicken” is on. If Russian radars pick up the launch of just one ATACUMS or one British Storm Shadow cruise missile penetrating deep into Russia and Crimea airspace, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu stated clearly that Russia will immediately launch on two underground “command and control” bunkers in Ukraine. I would presume they launch two hypersonic Kinzal (Dagger) missiles, coming in vertically from high altitude at MACH 12, cutting through hundreds of feet of earth like butter to slice into and kinetically extinguish the reinforced bunkers filled with US and NATO officers. One center may have already been vaporized outside of Lvov, Western Ukraine, a few months ago.

The US brass situated in these final two underground facilities oversee many screens tracking and remote controlling the HIMARS-launched missiles helping the Ukrainians guide them to their targets wont escape. They will be liquidated before the ATACUMS reach their targets. One can hide US and NATO’s direct involvement in this “proxy” war deep under the Ukrainian earth, out of sight, but they cannot hide it from Russian intelligence.

Most concerning of late is the Kiev regime so desperate to distract the world from its disastrous offensive, that it is now going back to projecting their own desire to hit the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (ZNPP) and blame this false-flag attack on the Russians, who occupy and carefully guard the ZNPP’s safety from regular shelling by Ukrainian artillery. Given the prevailing winds, most of the radiation would pass over what the Kiev regime still controls of Ukraine, the fallout pressing on to shower down on NATO’s buildup in Poland. And that is what Kiev wants. This Nazi controlled regime would ever irradiate its own citizens and the citizens of its NATO patron nations to drag NATO directly into the conflict.

Crazy is in the driver’s seat.

What could go wrong?

I will repeat here what I have long foreseen that the forces of what is “Antichrist” in the world, has a name: Stupid with a capital “S.” However, there are still men of reason in Moscow and Beijing. At least one side in this karmic echo of the Cuban Missile Crisis are rational men who understand that their opposites in Brussels and Washington are irrational. May they yet find a way to tame this wild anima of madness.

320px-RAF_Museum,_Colindale,_London_SRC-GNU Free DocLicense

Storm Shadow missile, RAF Museum, London. Photo: Rept0n1x, © Creative Commons.

DATELINE: 26 May 2023


The very bright comet McNaught and Paranal Observatory, pictured in January 2007. Author S. Deiries/ESO. © Creative Commons, Source:

A New “Mabus Comet” Candidate Coming in 2024
And this Might be It!

Before I begin, a brief introduction. This eMagazine’s is a potpourri of 19 articles that a lull in the war in Ukraine allowed me the time to write and catch you up on many other future-trending subjects in mostly shorter-length articles. This time I will give my Ukrainian War report at the end. It has significant predictions not to be missed. Now to the first article:

Astronomy circles are abuzz since the beginning of 2023 about a new comet that was discovered in January. Many comet watchers are measuredly hopeful, given ever more data coming in as it comes currently closer, approaching at the moment crossing Jupiter’s orbital line, that this comet “may” be brighter than Hale-Bopp in 1997 and given its angle to Earth and what that might do to make it even more brilliant. Well, we could all be seeing it become by September-October of 2024 a great comet of the century. And this, like many other stellar candidates before it down what will be by next year, my half century mark studying Nostradamus’ prophecies, will have its chance to prove itself to be the “Mabus” Comet. In other words, the portent “from the stars” (or in Old French, desastre) illuminating the man who would be Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist that, in 2024, setting into motion the following prophecy:

2 Q62
Mabus then very soon will die, [next] will come,
A horrible unraveling of people and animals:
Then instantly one will see vengeance,
One hundred, powers [nations], thirst, famine,
when the comet will pass.

Napoleon (Napaulon Roy—King Napoleon) was the first. Hitler (Hiƒter) became the second. The days of the comet marking the advent of the third and final Antichrist may be approaching.

Lauren Sgro writing for SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) opened her article writing, “Earlier this year, shortly after the excitement of comet C/2022 E3, astronomers found another icy visitor grazing through their images. This comet, C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinan-Atlas), was discovered independently by ATLAS in South Africa and Tsuchinan Observatory in China—and given their namesake. But will this one be the great naked-eyed-widening comet of the century we’ve been waiting for?

“Luckily, observers with the SETI Institute/Unistellar Network, consisting of Citizen Astronomers armed with their smart Unistellar telescopes, are meaningfully contributing to science by watching the comet. So far, they have helped SETI researchers to see that comet C/2023 A3 might make all our comet dreams come true.”

One advantage is its perigee, its closest pass by Earth, brings it much closer than Hale-Bopp, less that 0.5 Earth-Sun distances (AU) on 13 October 2024 just after it hopefully survives making a swing around the Sun, its Perihelion, on 24 September.

Lauren Sgro further explains a rare positioning of Earth to the comet and the sun that could make its glow spectacular at perigee and perihelion.

“Interestingly, both of these points in the comet’s orbit will position it between the Earth and Sun. This ‘forward scattering event’ may bolster the comet’s brightness. In this case, sunlight coming from behind the comet, according to our perspective on Earth, is scattered off of dust particles in the comet’s coma towards our eyes. As a result, the comet could appear brighter than we would expect, but there is a caveat—its sandwiching between the Earth and the Sun means the best viewing will occur during the evening or morning instead of the darkness of night.”

These events are still a long way off, but Sgro says astronomers are already “placing their bets despite some key issues that are still not yet known but will be known as it passes closer to Earth,” like how large is the comet? What kinds of gasses will it emit? These factors will greatly either enhance or limit its brightness.

Unfazed by the unknown, some astronomers are betting the comet in late-September-mid-October will have a “brightness to outshine the brightest stars, like Hale-Bopp had achieved. More pessimistic forecasts think you’ll need binoculars, and not your naked eyes to even see it.” Sgro goes into great an informative detail about several computer models based on what is already known, and for the moment the conservative estimates are being outshined, if you will excuse my pun.

“As long as it survives its trip around the Sun,” says Sgro, “comet C/2023 A3 is bound to ignite a spark in the new generations on our planet. Even Graykowski’s conservative estimates, shown in yellow, place [in his chart in her article] the peak brightness at -0.1, which is still brighter than all but a handful of stars in the sky.”


There are a number of milestones in 2Q62 that candidates must pass through to head the list of candidates for Third Antichrist. Since I began this detective work in 1983, all the candidates that covered most of the clues and could see their names hidden in the anagram “Mabus” ended up leaders of countries or leaders of terrorist organizations in the Middle East. But the hardest two clues are, 1) being a significant world leader and influencer; and 2) having their advent or death fulfill the final line’s mention of the passing of a comet. Given that Nostradamus had no telescope or binoculars, the comet had to be a “Great Comet,” on his sixteenth-century terms, so bright all could see it clearly with the naked eye. Such was the Great Comet of 1812 that presaged Nostradamus’ First Antichrist, Napoleon’s disastrous (“from the stars” desastre) invasion of Russia later that year.

Up to now now all the Third Antichrist candidates have not shaken the direction of human history. Most candidates were terrorist leaders except for Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq. Less a pawn of other more powerful leaders in the West, Saddam did have a date with a comet. He was hung by the neck in the wee hours of the morning on 31 December 2006, the day Comet McNaught became visible to the human eye, and then within weeks burned as a particularly bright and great comet.

There is a current and relatively new candidate for Third Antichrist I’ve been watching since 2016. Although he is titular head of a medium sized powerful nation, through his executive decision since the Ukrainian War began, he has caused an axis shift of change in the geopolitical and economic future of the world. Now we await next year’s cometary portend. Does Comet Tsuchinan-Atlas C/2023 A3 do a fizzle, an “Atlas” shrug, or does it blaze brightly as the great comet of 1812 this time for the Third Antichrist? If it does, I think I have my man. World shaking leadership is one milestone no candidate for the Third Antichrist as thus far achieved until Crown Prince and future King) of Saudi Arabia, Muhammed bin Salman.

He chose to take Saudi Arabia off being a commodity backing the US petrodollar. Without it, the US dollar as a global reserve currency is over. MBS has moved Saudi oil east to combine with Russian and Iranian oil making a far more solid commodity petrodollar that will be the basis for the new economic/political block of the Global South uniting with Eurasia around the core alliance of the BRICS nations and its new reserve currency.

Not even Napoleon or Hitler changed the economic and political world so suddenly and completely like one decision by MBS has.

An equally important linguistic hurdle MBS also achieves

All of MBS’ names (Muhammad and bin-Salman) convert easily to the code name Mabus via Nostradamus’ rules of anagram.

To convert Muhammad into Mabus, first drop the junk letter h:

Mu(h)ammad = Muammad

Then reduce the redundant repeated letters and reverse the d to b:

Maaud = Madu = Mabu

You can only add one missing letter. In this case, missing s replaces junked h:

Mabu(s) = Mabus

Now to the name Salman. First you turn any letter upside down if it makes a new letter, like n becoming a u:

Salman = (n – u) Maaus(l)

After you reduce the repeated a, cut the junk letter l. Replace it with the missing letter, which is b:

Ma(b)us = Mabus

In Arabic, bin is a qualifier for being the son of Salman the Saudi King. We could incorporate the qualifier. We could transfer the b of bin over to Maaus, replacing the second redundant a = Ma(b)us. Flip the n in bin into a u making it redundant to the u already there in Mabus. Toss the i in bin. It’s junk.

Absorbing bin works so why do it? Junk it entirely since Salman and Muhammad gets you the same lettering, according to the rules.

Even Nostradamus’ game of dropping vowels to mask a name works perfectly: Mabus = M(a)B(u)S equals Muhammad bin Salman’s world-famous acronym, MBS, to help the press who can’t pronounce his long name.

Now the one question I have left is what kind of Antichrist MBS is.

Is he more like Napoleon or like Hitler?

There is little virtue in Hitler. He was the personification of evil. However, I think Nostradamus, the royalist, protests too much about his first Antichrist, Napoleon. Yes, he certainly had people executed and did evil things, but Napoleon is a mixture. He’s also a great statesman, bureaucrat, a champion of freeing Jews from anti-Semitic laws across any nation he absorbed into his French Empire, including the source of anti-Semitic policies, such as crowding Jews into Ghettos across the Papal States (ruled at the time by the Vatican and its popes and cardinals).

Napoleon abolished the Inquisition and freed the prisoners from their dungeons. Napoleon created the Code Napoleon which along with the US Constitution is one of the great steps forward in a modern code of justice and laws. Napoleon, like MBS is not shy to be ruthless and to violently crush coups, or have ordered the murder of enemies, like MBS did to Saudi journalist Khashoggi that made him infamous. But like Napoleon had a dream of unifying Europe, Muhammad bin Salman has a greater vision for the Middle East, especially since the changed the world game by pulling his oil out from propping up the United States as a global hegemon. MBS wants to see the Middle East at last free of Western colonial influence and suppression and to rise in peace and prosperity as the “new Europe.”

I am this year working on an update of my book Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. I will expand one chapter on the Caliph of the Islamic State, Abu al-Baghdadi, and will add a completely new chapter to cover all the ways MBS stands at this moment as the most significant candidate for the Third Antichrist, or at least as Nostradamus’ biases might project upon the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, as much as his biases and hatred of Napoleon overlooked the good the latter also achieved hand-in-hand with the evils he did commit.

At the moment the pendulum of my take on MBS is that he’s more “Napoleon” than Adolf “Hitler.”

This is my updated cover for my new, Third Edition of this book coming out this summer. When I picked this image years ago I never knew how closely it would resemble the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman AKA MBS—the most significant candidate for the Third Antichrist I’ve ever encountered since I began my search 37-years ago.

This is the design for the new book cover of my update of this 2016 book.

I plan to have the updated third edition of this book published by the end of Summer. Get on the list to be the first informed when it is out as an eBook and printed book by going to this link Contact Me. Put just one word in the subject line: Mabus. I will put your email on the list and you’ll be among the first to hear when this important book and its important updates has been published.

DATELINE: 22 May 2023

Meet Nostradamus’ three Antichrists:

Napoleon, Hitler and MBS?





Set in Century 5 Quatrain 19
Promises Peace being pulled

From the Jaws of Armageddon
Brokered by none-other than
The Current Chief Candidate

For Mabus, His Third and Final Antichrist!
How can someone Nostradamus foresees being so Evil
Yet in the End do so Much Good?

I’m freely sharing with you an important and updated revelation, set down in Century (Volume) 5 Quatrain (verse) 19, that I first present here today. You’ll be first to read it before reappears in two other published books: the first, my long-awaited update of Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named Mabus, scheduled for later this year.

The second and last appearance will be four years hence in 2027 in my epic, final testimony of my lifetime work on Nostradamus that will be released, starting in 2026 in three 750-page volume serializations of what together will comprise, 2,250-pages in the ultimate translation and interpretation of Nostradamus that no Nostradamian scholar has yet pulled off in 4.6 centuries. I will present at last my final translation and interpretation of ALL of Nostradamus’ vast life’s work of prophecies.

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And now, please read the first of two premier interpretations of two important prophecies of Nostradamus:


5 Q19
Le grand Royal d’or, d’ærain augmenté,
Rompu la pache, par ieune ouuerte guerre:
Peuple affligé par vn chef lamenté,
De ƒang barbare ƒera couuerte terre.

The great Royal one of gold, augmented by brass,
The treaty broken, war opened by a young man:
People afflicted by a lamented chief,
With barbarian blood will the land be covered.

Back in the mid-1990s when I was first trying to make sense of this quatrain’s obscure Gordian knot of meaning I wrote that one could settle on any interpretation you like. That is true about so many quatrains. It is also true that when some of these presaging puzzlers are approaching their fulfillment, potential leads to what, or who, is coming into our near future attention clear things up. And if not, at least the plausibilities become more entertaining and intriguing.

A whole lot of history has happened since the mid-1990s. There is also a recognizable word bridge to the Third Antichrist theme—something I did posit back then—that might pick up the word bridge clue of the final Antichrist being Middle Eastern and come to power quite young, as in 3Q60’s young dark man [or king] filled with evil doing.

The “young man” could be Muhammad bin Salman (MBS), who at the time of this writing, 17 May 2023, is currently Crown Prince and future King of Saudi Arabia. By the time this quatrain is published in 2027 in the second serial volume release of three, I predict he will have become King of Saudi Arabia by then because his frail father, wracked with strokes, currently at age 87, would be 91. MBS is already de facto king since becoming Crown Prince at an unusually young man’s age of 34.

Let’s see how he might fit into this line-by-line:

Line 1: MBS is the Royal one, one step from being king. And forgive Nostradamus using an archaic description that he is a Royal one of gold, augmented by brass—even though it is Saudi Arabia’s “black” gold of oil that pays for all the gilding and brass ornamentation of Saudi Royal Palaces. Brass also points to MBS’ “brassy,” ostentatious and forceful way of talking. It is not coarse, but it intensely begs one to be attentive as it comes from this large and tall young man, made more striking by the cut of his royal robes, and Kaffiyeh head dress of a Sheikh of the desert. When he speaks, his deep and charismatic voice is raised with authority and declamation, even in one-on-one interviews.

Line 2: The treaty broken might be one past and one future in possibility. Past, if we’re talking about the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 known as the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), the Iranian nuclear deal that Iran had signed in autumn 2015, and when enacted in 2016, the Iranians honored it, as the UN watchdogs officially concurred. However it was broken by US President Donald Trump just walking away from it in 2018.

That set in motion a potential clash between the Persian Gulf regional oil superpowers with what may have been Saudi and Iranian tit-for-tat sabotaging of Saudi tankers, and British and American temporary seizures in retaliation of Iranian tankers in 2019. Cruise missiles would be fired, but it isn’t clear by who. What is clear is that they were Iranian built cruise missiles that surgically attacked the vast Saudi ARAMCO refineries in the early autumn of 2019. The US build Saudi radars didn’t source their origin. The US built Patriot Missile batteries were once again living up to their consistent reputation—that is, consistent in not downing most of the incoming missiles. Yemen had a stockpile of Iranian missiles. They claimed the attack as part of the ongoing war with Saudi Arabia since 2015 that the MBS foolishly started just after becoming Crown Prince. Those were the days when he was younger, and hot headed. He is hotheaded no longer.

It was most likely an Iranian attack.

That’s when back-channel messages from Tehran to seek some kind of détente with the Saudis started in secret. Tehran publicly stated they had not been the ones firing cruise missiles. Privately, being ancient masters of rhetorical diplomacy, the Iranians added that “whoever” fired those Iranian cruise missiles, showed how useless the US weapons and pledges of US defense had been. Moreover, if it came to blows and if Iran were next time to fire upon the Aramco oil installation, they could be wiped out in one night, if the Saudis were goaded by the US to attack Iranian oil refineries to no one’s profit. The Persian Gulf would be returned to the sands if war broke out between them. So, let’s talk and establish a future détente rather than be manipulated by the US to wage a devastating Gulf War that would render both nation’s key oil infrastructures into scrap and tar pit fires.

Hence Trump’s breaking of the US treaty with Tehran only hastened the two Gulf powers to seek a state of détente. The work started in early 2020 and by early 2023, paved the way for a historic first, in the absence of US diplomacy, the void was filled by President Xi of the People’s Republic of China. Not Washington but Beijing successfully brokered a reproachment between Riyadh and Tehran.

Line 3: The lamented chief could be MBS’s dead father King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud; or, if we cross the Gulf of Arabia to the other shore where they call it the Persian Gulf, the lamented chief could concern the passing of the equally aging Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Sayid Ali Hosseini Khamenei, (he would be 87 in 2027). In either case, they would both be given a great national funeral. In the Iranian case it would be an epic pageant of mourning of tens of millions crowding the streets of Tehran and later the Holy City of Qom, to rival that of the funeral Khamenei’s predecessor the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had in 1989, if hopefully not with a repeat of an incident were the mourners got so carried away that people broke open his coffin and tried one last time to hug the white, shrouded corpse.

Line 4: (With barbarian blood will the land be covered) is an open-ended and ugly potential word bridge to 5Q78, and the tale of the Great Brothers of the North, also known as the Aquilonaires, the “Eagle Kings if the North.” These kings are in modern terms two presidents of two northern hemispheric superpowers. They are identified by Nostradamus by their presidential seals displaying eagles: the Bald Eagle of the United States of America, and the Double-Headed Eagle of the President of the Russian Federation

The two might go to war started by the rebellion of one of their Middle Eastern vassals causing a catastrophic loss of life on both sides. The vassal is called Barbare (barbarian) in a code-named anagram in French for d’Arabe (of or from [the] Arab).

So, if we’re talking about an Arab leader rather than an Iranian, then it is MBS, the man who would be king of Saudi Arabia, who has already and greatly rebelled in 2023 against the US by pulling Saudi oil out of being bought and sold solely in US dollars.

King MBS will unite his Arabian petrol commodity, with those of Russia and Iran—the three largest producers of oil—to back a far more financially solvent world reserve currency planned by the BRICS alliance. This in two years could completely strip the US dollar of its weaponized power and thus rapidly see fall the US hegemonic control of the world. Could the Deep State of the United States, when watching power over the world begin to slip out of their hands, choose direct war with Russia, perhaps also in the Middle Eastern theater, if the Saudis and MBS are to be militarily punished—MBS’ rule “decapitated” (see 2Q62 and 8Q77). Will that be the doom of MBS the Barbarian d’Arabe as Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist?

Perhaps we’re already seeing the steps for such a direct clash looming either in Ukraine as early as the latter half of 2023 or with China over Taiwan between 2024-2027?

Quatrain Indexing Date: Q19 = [20]19. This was the year of the Iranian missile attacks on the Aramco oil refineries that set-in-motion a long hard road between the Saudi and Iranian governments to a peaceful solution as has happened in early 2023. Whether it is sustained depends on whether the perpetual Deep State regime that truly rulesUnited States goes down gracefully into that post US Hegemonic era that will happen in the next two years.

DATELINE: 26 May 2023


I translated this from German into English from a tweet by Georg Pazderski @Georg_Pazderski: “Luisa and her climate crusaders probably didn’t expect that 85% would vote NO or not vote at all. Will she treat herself to a long-distance journey by plane to recover from the shock of the failed #referendum?”

From Hippies to Greenippies We Go
With “Alice Through the Looking Glass”
Reverse Images of the same Fate
A Political Movement, A Counterculture
That did—and that will—Fail

Henry from Germany, one of my subscribers to the HogueProphecy eMagazine as well, sent me Tyler Durden’s article for Zero Hedge, entitled, Body Blow to Activists: Whopping 82 percent of Berlin’s Voters refused to support Net Zero 2030 as Referendum fails.

The referendum must have been composed by a pie-in-the-sky Pollyanna, a new low, with legal teeth this time, from the children, perhaps, of those elites who in 2016 established the UN Paris Agreement. This agreement on climate change has no legal teeth, just the power of peer pressure shaming—like all the other useless climate change agreements. The accord expected most of the leaders of the world who signed up to it to pledge to reduce by 30 percent their nations’ fossil fuel emissions and carbon footprint by 2030.

That’s kind of the cart of a goal before you had a “horse” to trot you cart there. The motive force of your industrial base is based on fossil fuels, so you just start cutting anyway at that by 30 percent, like Germany just recently strived to do, proudly switching off its last nuclear reactor plant.

Great! You’re getting closer to the carbon footprint goal by dismantling the industries (i.e. slaughtering the horse) you’ll need to create alternative industries free of carbon (to move your cart). You’ve taken a clean source of non-carbonized energy away in the name of lowering the German carbon footprint but now you have to stoke Germany’s fossil fuel use even more, down and Industrial-Aged dirty too.

Why? Because you never figured that cutting off clean nuclear energy means you’ll have to fire up your long-idle coal furnaces and coal generator plants to keep people from freezing in the winter. You got rid first of the bad nuclear danger, never open to rethinking nuclear technology to build a better, non-melting down, safe nuclear reactor system.

No, whatever you do: Think binary.

Nukes bad, no-nukes…GOOD. And now getting rid of your nuclear plant “horses” there you sit, on your stranded cart, looking up to sadly regard the return to a sooty, industrial-aged yellow-tinted pall over German cities and towns. It took you a century to wash all that black carbon grit of the Industrial coal-fired centuries off your palaces, cathedrals, and old European centers of town. And now, you’ll make them dirty with globally warming soot once again while your reactors sit and rust.

But hey, it could have been worse than the UN Paris Agreement. Like this Berlin referendum made law, not a peer-pressuring of Berliners—bared, legal teeth.

The Berlin upper class kids who campaigned hard for it just didn’t factor in what their even more extreme “Support Net Zero 2030 Referendum” aimed to do to Berlin. Make it a carbon neutral capital in seven years’ time. The rich kids of Berlin did even less thinking about the consequences of that. Oh fey passion of youth! They ignored the mentally grounded and mature scientists who do consider real life consequences.

Seven years? You’ll be lucky to keep your affluent civilization and make Berlin carbon neutral in 50 years!

Spoiled rich Kinder-kids of Germany, I know you don’t want to take the slow and steady path. You want it now! Well, you’ll not get that future the way you are voting about it without taking a detour to cold and coal fired, pre-industrial days in Deutschland. Fortunately you kiddie brained young and pampered adults aren’t going to get your way. The young and beautiful upper-class German greenies of climate change suddenly got a rude awakening from the greater German middle classes and working classes that made Germany the economic dynamo it once was. (More on that in a moment.) A vast majority of men and women on the streets of Berlin shot down your referendum with a resounding NEIN!

You rich kids of Berlin can’t believe what happened.

You’re not likely to understand because you rich twenty-somethings have the money to live a comfortable life while the middle and working classes have to earn theirs while they are being crushed by a recession—in part self-induced by shutting down those reactors. Next they watched their government join the fools in the EU sanctioning Russia’s Teflon economy, thus having the sanctions acting like thrown eggs bouncing back into their faces creating a new and soon Greater German Recession just as the next, and very nasty winter I foresee begins. And that recession was further hastened by Germany’s “friend,” its NATO “ally” the US, blowing up German industry’s only source of affordable natural gas piped from Russia through Nord Stream pipes.

No skin off your affluent German youngsters’s behinds. The elites can afford their carbon footprint through the cost of impoverishing the middle and lower classes. You seem to forget that they outnumber you. They can still vote and you kids just got creamed at the polls with their resounding landslide “no” vote from people who live in the real world and build real worlds.

So dry your tears, bury your idealistically idiotic dreams. Go release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere out of the nearest airliner flying you down to a nice vacation in the Greek Isles, or sun your sad selves on a beach in the French Riviera, while real people are starting to wake up to green-idiopids in politics. At last they’re beginning to push back.

Henry sent me the article about the Berlin Referendum and left the following comment about things I’ve foreseen in the past. He said that the body blow the vote of regular people gave the German greenies, “Perfectly illustrates your point that the climate activists are their own worst enemies. Greta grates on us. Being of German descent, the following also applies: You can always tell a German, but you can’t tell a German much. Your latest submission is absolutely terrific. Thank you.

Henry was praising my previous, and epic, eMagazine released at the end of March. I’ve been receiving so many rave reviews from my subscribers about it that I’m going to turn it into a book.

This was my response to Henry, that I will share with all:

Thanks for this Zero Edge article. I might comment on this matter of how being politically nasty doesn’t win voters. The “A-Holy” Greenie-Meanie Approach is killing an intelligent debate about Climate Change.

It is almost like these people are the new hippie reincarnates come in Karmic echo of the self-righteous counter-cultured past. Sixties hippies believed solving things was just to make love not war and put flowers into the muzzles of US National Guard guns. Just tune in, turn on and just drop out of the culture that even then had a middle class that was affluent enough in those days to indulge their grown-up children’s “back to naked nature, post-hygienic, lifestyle, going bush.”

So too do these upper-middle-, and high-class Greenies echo a future rhyme of Hippies past. Let’s call these new Hippies “Eco” Greenippies.

Make love not war has become the reverse image of their motto: Make Shame not Concord with the people they need to join their movement, like, the vast majority that use fossil fuel and nuclear power.

The Karmic Echo always comes in an “Alice in the Looking Glass” reverse image. In this case Greenippies are all clean, tidy and pampered youth from the more affluent classes dreaming of going aux naturally green, trying to vote-in their zero net carbon emission reductions, with an acid-tongued trip lashing the real people of Berlin. If the rich kids had won the vote, by 2030 down would go their upper-class lifestyles into Hippie style rags and tattered communes, digging for roots to eat.

At least hippies from the Sixties came from parents who worked for a living. Hippies rebelled but didn’t have their servants make the communes for them as they sat there looking on. The hippies of the sixties got their hands dirty like the rest of their bodies trying to figure out how to make communes and sustain them. In most cases they failed. The reverse image of this looking glass karma will turn out like this: where Hippies could live “off” the society they rebelled against, if politically successful, the Greenippies will destroy that society and make themselves unable to live “off” of its corpse.

The Hippies after age 30 dropped the nature-love children play and became uber-Capitalistic players in the financialization of economies. They became stockbrokers, Wall Street people in suits and ties. Make Love became Make Money, not war, unless you one-time naked and body painted hippies presently made your money in the MIC-key Mouse Military Industrial Complex.

What happens to Greenippies of today, so puritanically righteous and shaming the fossil fuel cynics and nuclear industrialists, when they pass the age of 30?

Where Hippies just memory holed their love child days, I predict that Greenippies will turn on the Green Movement if in the end THEY felt the pain of their industry and wealth destroying activism.

See those German rich kids in the picture opening my article that Henry sent me?

They look with dismay into their phone screems with first sour register of discovering how completely the people of Berlin answered their righteous preaching with an 82 percent “no” vote.

Berlin won’t become a fossil fuel neutral by 2030. That’s as ridiculous a solution as putting a hippie flower in a National Guard gun would have prevented the Kent State massacre.

Greenippies got their first shock, their first hard disappointment, like when Kent State national guardsmen shot down flower petal-brained students way back in that currently karmic echoed day.

There will be a string of green disappointments coming up to and beyond the arbitrary 2030 deadline that will eventually see this Greenippie generation drop out and memory hole their green agenda. They’ll do a one-eighty, becoming staunch fossil fueled-up Capitalists of the future.

It takes fossil fuel to have any ‘culture’ after all. So before the Greenippies go too far, destroying their affluent society that they made a show abandoning, they’ll drop the Greenippie game far quicker than the more dedicated Hippies did.

Maybe it’s good. Maybe they will show a little more intelligence than Hippies had, snapping out of their green crusade fantasy they might understand, indeed they might join with others in a process towards a climate balancing that cannot happen without there being an alliance between Greens, Natural-gas-and-oilers, and the new and improved reactors of a new nuclear power movement I foresee, using Thorium Reactors. (I’ll catch you up on the latter with planned articles coming for my August-September eMagazine.)

Perhaps with age, some of the Greenippies will see their mistake, grow wise and seek concord rather than discord with industries they once hated. The Green kids are a negative reaction, and not a positive “Response” to humanity’s greatest future challenge—Climate Change.

Losing will be good for them. Once they lose, then they might win, attending more to the bigger picture than just shutting down reactors and fossil fuel-based economies expecting that without them, you can build a different world. That is off track with Reality. This is going to be a long-hauling project of many generations. We’re not bringing back a Carbon-Neutral civilization seven years from now in 2030.

We won’t get there even in seven hundred years.

I have often forecast that humanity has set in motion a recovery that if it took a millennia to restore the climate’s balance with nature like we had before the Industrial Revolution it would be too blessedly soon.

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DATELINE: 27 May 2023


Sudan Civil War, map of clashes April 2023. Controlled by Sudanese government territory (pink). Controlled by Rapid Support Forces (green). Checkered red and green icons stand for contested areas. The green jet icon represents airport or air base. Author ElijiaPepe, © Creative Commons.

It will soon Lose another with Potentially Far-Reaching And Positive changes Coming

So that’s the situation in Sudan, but the good news is, the spread of some new fronts in this World War III conflict, are also going to be peacefully negotiated and resolved by Chinese and Russian diplomacy. Even back in the Soviet days, the people of Africa looked to the Russians as trying to help them break free of US and Western colonial tyranny. That will answer a lot of my readers’ questions why the Africans seem so ready to jump “US dollar” ship after all we’ve done for “and two” them. The new Russia after the end of the Soviet Union is now dedicating itself to help Africans and Asians break the burden and last vestiges of centuries of Western colonial abuse and exploitation. So look for a great expansion of Russian diplomatic and special forces coming to Africa to wage a war to end the cancer of all terrorist cells that the Americans keep alive and lingering so it can make money off terror and misery… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 May 2023


A piece of Nord Stream pipe on public display in Kotka, Finland. Author, Vuo, © Creative Commons.

Twenty-First Century Wire
Backs Seymour Hersh’s Bombshell Exposé
With a Fascinating, Fact-Checked Data Dump

The Search for “Who Did It?”

This brief article is a prompt, an invitation, for all my readers to, firstly, be introduced to a great source of mine, 21st Century Wire. I want to invite you to click on these two links below and examine the work of one of the Wire’s reporters, Freddie Ponton. He’s produced a two-part follow-up investigation in what the Wire states is “a deeper dive into the Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage story,” first revealed by Seymour Hersh back on 8 February 2023. Ponton identifies in detail the diving team, their equipment, “as well as those parties who benefitted from what many are calling ‘an act of war’ against European infrastructure…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 May 2023

GMT308_EHDC1 Files_1160

Clouds protrude above the North Atlantic Ocean, with the Sun’s glint beaming off the golden-hued waters, in this oblique photograph from the International Space Station as it orbited 262 miles above just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Source NASA.

The Heating of the Oceans
May be Reaching a Singularity:

A Critical Mass of Heating
Where the Oceans can no longer Absorb
Global Warming

Climate change deniers have it upside down about the scientists.

Rather than reporting alarming and far sooner thresholds to panic up more financial support for their research, scientists consistently low-balled the figures to “gain” more financial assistance. To tell the truth scares financing away as it does a lot of my subscribers signing up for a dose of reality they did not expect or want to confront. Yet my remaining readers are ever the brave ones, continuing to face prophecies I’ve written over the decades that eventually, though the factual realization is coming late, it is supporting to these more dire visions of mine, sorry to say. It is not the best-case estimates that 3 Celsius won’t be passed until 2021; it is the worst-case scenarios that are and will continue to be backed by mounting evidence in the near future… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 25 May 2023

Edward-Snowden-FOPF-2014-SRC-Freedom-of-the-press-foundation-1-2-2014, cc4.0

Edward Snowden, circa 2014. Source: Freedom of the Press Foundation. © Creative Commons.

From Whistleblower Edward Snowden to Ponder
Appearing on Redacted

I wanted to make you aware of a segment that was broadcast by Redacted back on 14 February 2023, hosted by Clayton and Natali Morris. They’re one of my newer sources that I’ve vetted for a little over a year. And since this show aired on St. Valentine’s Day, I’ve got to add that I love their seasoned husband-and-wife chemistry since they married in 2010 and had three children. Their occasional and spontaneous breaks from news with “married couple” banter are wonderful moments of levity when dealing with the ever more intense developments in the world.

Here’s the overview of what the show covered that they posted on their YouTube page: NSA whistleblower and American hero Edward Snowden agrees with us here at Redacted that all of this UFO talk is just a distraction to take your mind off of what’s really going on here. Take your mind off Seymour Hersh’s bombshell report that the US blew up the Nord Stream pipeline. Distract us all from the coming WW3 that NATO is actively pulling us into… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 May 2023

Crowded_New_Delhi_street_(Unsplash)SRC-Igor Ovsyannykov-ccO.1.0-Uni-Pub-domain

A street full of auto rickshaws in New Delhi, India. Photo: Igor Ovsyannykov, igorovsyannykov, © Creative Commons.

The “Population Bomb” has gone off
But neither in the way the Original Theorists factored
Nor the current Observers who now Misread
That it didn’t happen

Jonathan Watts back on 27 March 2023 for the Guardian UK reported that, “The long-feared ‘population bomb’ may not go off, according to the authors of a new report that estimates that human numbers will peak lower and sooner than previously forecast… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 May 2023

640px-Former_Sears_Department_store_at_Salem_Mall,_Trotwood,_Ohio-Photo-Nicholas Eckhart-cc.20

Photo: Nicholas Eckhart from Elyria, Ohio, United States of America. © Creative Commons.

Some Scientific Revelations
Changing Future Destiny Trends

Perhaps they haven’t yet picked up on what really is the “bomb…” On the other hand, maybe back in the mid-1990s they read what I read in Worldwatch Institute as a sustainable population ceiling goal to achieve that was set down by its founder, Lester E. Brown. Brown, by the way, was not one to consider their sinister de-population ideas of the Darths of WEF. He was merely, as I understand it, estimating what kind of use of the world’s resources would adjust our ceiling the population growth. He calculated back then that if humanity was dirt poor as Indian day laborers and their large families, its population could be sustained up to, but not beyond, 8 billion… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.



DATELINE: 25 May 2023

Kamala Harris isn’t a President Yet,
But she has just become
The Tzar of A.I.
(Artificial Intelligence)

Here’s why I think
She is a Great Choice

Next to the president in pampers who might do better with his cognitively declining brains if they turned President “Joe” into a “Lobe-bot” from Star War, this very artificial Californian is just the new thing, to end idiotic human beings who think intellect is wisdom, from manufacturing humanoid things in every way that gooses their egos like Dr. Frankenstein did only to stitch together something bigger, stronger, and meaner than their egoistic, narcissistic selves.

So, how will Kamala fare…? Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 26 May 2023

407px-Affiche_Miss_Dollar_-_André_Messager_1894-SRC-Affiches V. Palyart & Fils (Paris)-cc2.5

Ooh la Lah! Affiche (1894) de la première du ballet «Miss Dollar» de André Messager, livret: Charles Clairville & Albert Vallin, © Creative Commons.

Let me Count the Ways
That Everyday Americans Will Eventually Enjoy
A Far Better and Happier Future
Because of it!

[Here is a prediction, shockingly presient. I forgot that I made it 16 years ago in June 2007:]

And finally, the debt bomb is coming from another flank at the US hegemon through the abandonment of the Saudis, the Iranians, the Russians and Chinese and what will soon be three quarters of the human race that turn their back on the collective West and its US dollar reserve currency perhaps sending the US dollar into a hyperinflationary hike for a few years before it can settle to stand alone as just another currency out there… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 25 May 2023

A Cure also for Parkinson’s Dis-ease
And the Need We All Have to Awaken
If Humanity is going to Thrive
In the New Aquarian Age

That is the missing anchor to science, a missing grounding. The scientist doesn’t know the subject, himself, his eternal consciousness, the Witness of the inventions and especially “the inventor” himself. Without knowing this inner, eternal light, the scientist harnesses nuclear power to light the world and equally destroy the world with it. He has no center, so when he creates an artificial extension to human ego called A.I. he does without knowing that “missing” science of meditation that will help him understand that intellect is not “intelligence” or “wisdom.” Ignorant of this, he has just created as a machine. Wisdom is not a conclusion resolved by thought. Wisdom is Witness. It is an inner-standing of reality beyond words. Therefore the one-dimensional scientist will most surely see his artificialized ego projected into machines that will predictably do what egos do, narcissistically crowd out the creator-competitors of imposed ego trips that built it, that believe they can pass their ego intelligence as a false extension of the center of human beings into machines… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 22 May 2023


Source, Greenpeace.


Thanks to Technical Advances aiding Research on the Internet
That wasn’t available to me the last Time I wrote an Interpretation of Century 5, Quatrain 88

One of my greatest joys as a writer is happening right now, whenever I can put aside my article writing and other book projects to steal a month here or there to refresh all the predictions of Nostradamus. I haven’t renewed all of their interpretatons since the mid-1990s, when I put together and published for Element Books my 950-page Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies in 1997.

Back then I was a beast of an interpreter burdened by spending 18 months of 18-hour days, maybe ten or twenty days did I not work on that Element Books project because of the deadline given me. It was the hardest work I ever did made more so by the fact that at least half of my time in those 18 months was wasted by coming and going to libraries, or dusty archives, or sitting before microfilm screens, or hauling and turning the pages of all sizes of books that fell upon my feet and made me sneeze, suffering all to that just to find the intimate details to match the intimate tales of Nostradamus who saw, heard and smelled the history of the future…

In 1995 through 1996 I was a beast of scholarly burden, but not anymore. My researching now is quick and easy thanks to all the technical advances in media research, the Internet, the easy access to on-line TV documentaries at home. Gone are days driving everywhere, hunting down documentaries in video shops, hauling them home and back to a video shops. All of that is gone now. Things that took me weeks to track down, even leads that I had to give up tracking down, now I can find the details sometimes “IN AN INSTANT…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 06 May 2023

586px-Hitler_and_Stalin._Wonder_how_long_the_honeymoon_will_last-SRC-Cartoon 9 Oct 1939 byCliffordK. Berryman (1869-1949

“Wonder how long the honeymoon will last?” Clifford Berryman. The Washington Star, 9 October 1939.

The Source of Russophobia’s
Misread and Downright Inaccurate Myths
About the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
Being the Cause that Started the Second World War

If the past has been revised, we are doomed to project a falsehood that will gravely influence a threat to our continued human future. That is why it is time to clear the air about some growing myths that are being used to collectively blame a race of people in this current opening of World War III that rhymes with racial myths that helped start World War II… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 25 May 2023


The Answer to Cow Farts Warming the World?
Lab-Grown Cultured Meat!

Back in the day living at the Ashram in Pune, India, in the late 1980s I recall reading an imaginative study, published by an Indian scientist, whose name I am sorry I cannot remember. Well this Indian scientist concocted a way to tap a new source of bounteous energy that, given there were so many ungulates (hooved livestock animals) in India well, holy cow! Why not?

He drew out a diagram showing how one could put a sheep on a truck bed and with a trough of grains to feed it, while lashed on that truck bed, the sheep could power the truck. He designed a special “harness” suction device to cover the sheep furry bottom with a hose sending the gas down the side of the truck to be ignited in the truck engine. I recall that the scientist said one could get 40 kilometers on one full “stomach” of grain-eaten sheep farts… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 01 May 2023




(Top) Richard Wagner, circa 1864-1867. (Middle) Walt Whitman circa 1860-1865, photo by Matthew Brady. (Bottom) Elon Musk, present day. Photo by Duncan.Hull, The Royal Society, © Creative Commons.

Riding the Contradictory
Tiger of Genius

“Hi John, in regard to Elon Musk—he is a globalist and I do not trust him for the following reason: Twitter is not and will not be a “return to free speech” because I cannot link my videos on Substack or Musk will limit my Twitter account. This is not freedom or a demonstration of free speech.”

All true, Joe.

Also what Musk is doing to Matt Taibbi is not right. This pressure to make him take his work completely over to Twitter and abandon his Substack audience already subscribed to read him there.

Joe reminds me to remind myself and all of you, of the cautionary tale of Genius. Indeed, when greater is the genius, the more genius tends to be contradictory… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 01 May 2023

Dawn_in_Bray,_Co.Wicklow-Ireland-SRC-Kentiekem, cc4.0

Dawn over Bray Head Hill in Bray town, County Wicklow, Ireland. Author, Kentiekem, © Creative Commons.

Could lead us down the next 150 Years
To a World where every Human Being is Equal
To the Sovereignty of Nations Past

The 150-year journey before us, to individual sovereignty, begins with the multi-polar world we’re seeing begin to form before our eyes with two thirds of the world turning its back on the US dollar weaponized tyranny of this farcical “Rules Based Order” to a “Fair Based Order” that leaves nations alone in their social and political development. Call it a Fourth Amendment of respecting privacy, not in a globalist one-world governance but in a community of Earth’s nations, an “inter-nation-all” global community of village nations… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 21 May 2023


Monty Python’s “Loretta” Prophecy
The Comedy Skit that Presaged Today’s
Artificially Engendered Gender Controversies

Brilliant humor requires a heterodoxic intelligence that utilizes unexpected shocks for yuck-yucking effect. Case in point, one of my own jokes:

The existentialist groom had just consummated his marriage with his bride, but afterwards he lay there naked and brooding. That wasn’t an unusual condition for him, the brooding that is.

“Such a serious man I love” dreamily whispered the naked and satisfied bride into his ear.

“My love?”

“Yes darling, what is it, my darling.” asked his bride.”

“I’d like to do that with you again, but I’m wondering about the first time.”

“What are you wondering about, I loved it, it was WONDERFUL!”

“Well,” said the brooding groom, “Before we, do it again. I have to ask you. Was it as good for me as it was for you…?” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 5-to-6 June 2023

Vremevka-Salient-RussianFPV drone destroys a Ukrainian armoured vehicle



An Offensive of Folly Begins

The Russian Federation forces have spent a year erecting and crowding into the Ukrainian theater with around 800,000 men, 2,500 tanks 5,000 AFVs and a few thousand heavy mortars, GRAD rockets and barometric armed Toss-1 thermobaric rocket launchers. All of this force, by the way, has already swept most of the Ukrainian air force out of the skies and has virtually destroyed Ukraine’s once dangerous Soviet-era air defense system, except for a few holdout batteries in and around the capital of Kiev that may include only one surviving US Patriot battery manned by Ukrainians.

So, unlike the Germans in 1943, the Ukrainians are now beginning their offensive with no air superiority, so that all the journey of 30,000 to 40,000 Ukrainian strategic reserves from their exposed bases far behind the lines near all their exposed ammo depots, will be traveling across large tracts of exposed Ukrainian Steppe, flat as a pancake in this part of Ukraine. They pass through some few islands of forest and make traffic jams along tree-lined roads drawing their lines through an earthen sea of wide and totally exposed farm fields.

From where their based, and over the steppes they pass to the jumping off points of their offensive, they are under constant danger of being bombed, strafed, night and day, losing men and materiel hundreds of kilometers from their entrenched enemy, seeing nuclear-sized explosions of their own ammo dumps lighting their way through the darkness of night momentarily bright as day. At last they reach their bombed and strafed jumping off points for their offensive drive.

Then for the first time on 4 June, they pushed off into a gauntlet of barrages from MASSIVE and sustained Russian artillery that their depleted and far fewer artillery batteries can effectively respond to and silence. Unlike Hitler’s SS Panzer Armies at Kursk in 1943, the wannabe-SS Ukrainian Nazi Azov, Aidar, Donbass 1 and 2, Right Sector, the Krakens and Dnipro divisions are being watched every inch of the way by Russian stationary satellites and thousands of Russian surveillance drones. They’re being hunted by hundreds of Kamikaze explosive drones as well, whether positioned far behind the lines in artillery batteries or hiding their tanks and AFVs under whatever sparce cover there is on the Ukrainian Steppe or in the small villages and towns dotting the area…

The Ukrainians are attacking a defender in hard, prepared and heavily mined defensive positions with row upon row of dragon’s teeth anti-tank obstructions, reinforced pill boxes, bunkers of iron and cement that Russian tanks can roll out of, fire, and roll back in safety. The Ukrainians’ task is to break through not one but THREE of these lines without anything close to a minimum attacker’s advantage of 3-to-1 charging men, rolling tanks, AFVs and artillery.

…The Ukrainians can soldier on through all the horrific hurdles I’ve just presented, plus break through three major defensive lines to reach a fourth defensive line across their objective, which is the isthmus of the Russian controlled oblast (province) of Crimea. This Russian populated, one-time oblast of Ukraine dumped union with Kiev in 2014 when Ukrainian Nazis with US help took over the democratically elected Yanukovych government that immediately began to threaten a “de-Moscovitation” of Eastern Ukraine. So they had a referendum and the Russian Crimeans left Ukraine, and if Ukraine wants it back it will have to advance over the dead bodies with an offensive force of 1 against THREE TIMES more Russian men, guns, tanks, and AFVs crowding those defensive lines… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE 06-13 June 2023:

Sunzi,_ie-Sun_Tzu_Author_of_Art_of_War_SRC-Gary-Todd, cco.1.0-universal

Sun Tzu, author of “The Art of War.” Photo: Gary Todd, © Creative Commons.


How to Lose the NATO Proxy War
Before You Started Fighting it

Further Sayings of Sun Tzu:

Foreknowledge cannot be gotten from ghosts and spirits, cannot be had by analogy, cannot be found out by calculation. It must be obtained from people, people who know the conditions of the enemy.

The Russian strategy, in this war confounds NATO leaders, their media, and every president to prime minister of the collective West who have a critical weakness of perception, based on historically long and lingering false projections about Russia and the Russians that made them losers of the NATO-Proxy war with Russia before they even started it. They began to lose when they began their eight-year preparation of the Ukrainian Armed forces to be a de-facto NATO army, following its rules without any understanding of the virtue of some Slavic military traditions—which were thrown out—while looking the other way at the still lingering Soviet-era Ukrainian leadership that NATO trainers either ignored or just couldn’t retrain the colonels and generals to snap out of it.

From 2014, up to hostilities beginning in February 2022, on the face of it NATO prepared, armed, drilled and created the most formidable and the largest NATO contingent out of the Ukrainian Armed Forces—even though they were not members of the alliance. This idea to fight Russia with a proxy has been long planned.

The Russians completely destroyed that Ukrainian army in the first year of the war starting from the very first day, setting it back on its heels by attacking it just as it was gearing up for its own invasion of the Donbass. A new drafted army was mustered by summer and squandered. Now we have a third mustering with few veterans to command or fight alongside conscripts thrown slapped together with only a few weeks’ basic training. Then they’re pressed into ad-hoc brigades, full of courage, but poor in practice time using NATO armor or artillery or learning how to fight in mixed maneuver, and combat operations. A year or two years of comprehensive training is distilled to just a few months. The third army of draftees didn’t even get the eight years that army number one had being trained and armed. And it seems their training was inadequate. The Russians ground them down to graves not six months into the war.

Giving the great commander Sun Tzu a break, let me share with you the wise wisdom of one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mike Tyson. I find him to be a fascinating man, a true original. If he hasn’t read Carl von Clausewitz’s masterpiece of military strategy “On War” (Vom Kriege) he imbodies his genius learned through his own mistakes and observations:

Carl von Clausewitz:
No campaign plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Mike Tyson:
Everybody has a plan, until they’re punched in the Mouth.

[And I would add one more critically important observation, germane to this developing Third World War, so far conventionally fought:]

Fifty years ago the streets of Leningrad taught me one rule. If a fight is inevitable, hit first. (Vladimir Putin)

There doesn’t seem to be a NATO political leader or a general these days who has absorbed Clausewitz’s lessons, whereas, clearly, President Putin, the members of his Security Council and every cadet officer to commanding general of the Russian armed forces, swear by von Clausewitz. He gained much of his education on war from the time spent fighting the first armies of national mobilization invented by the French for fighting in the French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802). He advanced his understanding further observing and fighting against Napoleon Bonaparte’s La Grande Armée in the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815). This was especially so while serving in the Russian General Staff after Prussia was defeated in 1806 as a witness of, and in part contributor to, Napoleon’s greatest defeat, invading Russia in 1812. Perhaps the Russians appreciated the Prussian von Clausewitz even more than the German General fools and Führer who invaded Russia in 1941. They did not heed his masterpiece on war and made an even greater disaster out of the second great European invasion of Russia.

Now we are in Europe and America’s cagey third war with Russia, made proxy by the dangers of direct confrontations between two peer nuclear superpowers, the US and Russia as adversaries, with a few smattering pigmy nuclear powers inside NATO, the United Kingdom and France…

Where hate of a Russian leader is all consuming, no leader elite across Europe or in Washington capitals seems to be listening, seeing or thinking. They are lost in their dreaming and drinking the propaganda of their Kool-Aides like neocon and US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. How can this therefore end up well when the greatest resistance the collective NATO-US leadership can muster up is a stubborn denial of reality, that acts upon a completely false projection of your enemy that doesn’t fit fact?

They hope that Russia’s army is about to break, but in reality the collective Western leadership is projecting. The fact is, the Russian army is getting bigger, stronger, more comprehensively trained. They’re also itching to at last come out of their set-piece trenches and start a major Russian counter-offensive. It is the Ukraine army that’s now so close to being all done in. Their Ukrainian former-comic-turned-president’s in blind willingness is herding his “THIRD” mustered army to be slaughtered before Russian defenses one more time after the Battle of Bakhmut… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE 07-13 June 2023:



The Most Dangerous Moment in War
Approaches when you aren’t yet Aware that you Fight a Shadow of Your Greatest Enemy that is Made
Out Of Your Own Hubris

Further Sayings of Sun Tzu:

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

When wars are being lost, when those who are in power are losing power, they can behave like a wounded, cornered animal. They can lash out in extreme, irrational ways. There was a recent airing on CrossTalk on 5 June 2023, hosted by Peter Lavelle for RT. He had two guests, George Szamueli in Budapest of the blog The Gaggle, and award-winning British journalist Martin Jay in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Here is Peter Lavelle’s lead-in: “Probably the most dangerous dimension of NATO’s Ukraine proxy war against Russia is the issue of escalation. Washington and its allies warn Moscow not to escalate the conflict, while the West has repeatedly done so. NATO’s indifference to escalation puts us all in peril.”

PETER LAVELLE (in Moscow launches the show with his question to George Szamuely in Budapest): You and I have talked, quite extensively about theories of escalation here. And it’s mentioned all the time, but I don’t think there’s a lot of, I don’t think it is broadly understood what’s going on here. So just give us what you think is the West’s theory of escalation, George.

GEORGE SZAMUELY: Well, I think the West’s theory of escalation is that it is convinced that Russia is afraid of escalating. Russia is afraid of extending the war beyond Ukraine’s borders and Russia is afraid of going nuclear, you know, basically using its ultimate weapons. That means for the West, this is “a freebie” that it can do whatever it wants. So essentially deterrents have broken down, because the West says, “Look, we can provoke Russia as much as we want. We can send our most sophisticated weapons to Ukraine. Let Ukraine use their weapons on Russian territory,” as the UK Foreign Minister James Cleverly, inaptly named, said. You know, “fine, that’s OK, because we know Russia will be afraid of escalating because Russia is afraid of going to war with us.

“WE on the other hand, are not afraid of Russia. We on the other hand are not afraid of escalating. And so, therefore, Russia knows that we’re not afraid, so therefore, we can do what we like.” And that’s why it [the West] is on the road to escalation. And everything it is doing is negating any negotiation short of total Russian surrender, and now, obviously, one of the West’s demands, is that Putin be brought to Justice. That means there can be no end to this conflict unless Putin is sitting behind bars at the Hague. And that means it’s just an ongoing thing, just as NATO had an ongoing war with the Serbs until they handed Milosevich over and he was sitting behind bars at the Hague.”

Lavelle agreed with Szamuely’s answer adding that Russia is not bluffing. It said there would be consequences if its security demands were not met. The West completely brushed those concerns off. So Russia launched its Special Operation into Ukraine, pursuing its goals to demilitarize, de-nazify, and liberate Russian speaking Donbass Oblasts of Ukraine and other Russian speaking oblasts if they voted to secede from Ukraine just as they said they would.

Lavelle: “Russia is putting up with a lot, like having a third party attack your country. This is extraordinary for a great power, but at a certain point I still would contend that the Russians are not bluffing, and they will use whatever means to protect their security. Just that they have a different interpretation of how to go about doing it.”

And I would add, “and when.”

He added that the longer this game of bluffing goes on the more the West and its Proxy Ukraine is emboldened.

Martin Jay, said it is not the Russians but the West that’s bluffing, and giving the irrational ways Ukraine goes to extremes, it is a very dangerous venture. It is not only based on the West’s art of the bluff but also an enormous level of Western disinformation “within their own circles…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE 14 June 2023


The European Union kissing Uncle Sam’s shoe.


If You are Your Own Worst Enemy
And don’t know this
Victory can Never Be Yours

Further Sayings of Sun Tzu:

He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.
The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.

On 14 June 2023, Jeffrey Sachs appeared on The Duran with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris. It was truly a triumvirate of great minds, a gathering of some of my finest sources I use for forecasting future trends in world news and politics…

What I took away from his heartful and insightful observations is first that both he and I at a very tender age were transformed and set on our equally unique courses in trying to understand and suggest solutions for humanity’s problems by one experience we both shared—he in Michigan, me in Southern California—the 13 days in October 1962 that changed our lives. Thirteen days of the Cuban Missile Crisis set both of us on our life courses. He was finishing his final days being seven years old, his birthday on 5 November coming nearly a week after the crisis ended. I was finishing my sixth year of life with my seventh birthday falling on the day that ended the Cuban Missile Crisis, 29 October.

That almost became the first day of the Third World War.

Sachs in the interview reminded us of an incident between a Soviet diesel patrol Submarine B-59 and the USS Beale in Cuban waters on 27 October 1962, the same day a diplomatic resolution was being worked out by US Attorney General Robert Kennedy representing the US President. He was passing a message to Soviet Ambassador Anatoli Dobrynin to be wired to Premier Khrushchev. They met in Robert Kennedy’s office at the Justice Department. Kennedy pressed Dobrynin that the president needed Khrushchev’s response by the following day, 28 October at the latest. (Read Dobrynin’s communique to Khrushchev in Moscow.)

The Beale in tracking the Soviet sub began dropping signaling depth charges the size of hand grenades. The submarine, trying to hide in deep waters, could not receive radio signals for days from Moscow. The submarine’s exhausted Captain Valentin Savitsky thought the swarm of 11 American destroyers and a US carrier were launching depth charges to force him to surface. The sub was running out of air. The submarine’s batteries were almost dead. The air conditioning system had broken down. All the crew were beset by high levels of carbon dioxide that might affect decision making adversely. Captain Savitsky ordered the arming of a 15-kiliton nuclear torpedo in preparation to melt and sink the US ships hunting them. Because the Captain’s order concerned the activation of a nuclear weapon, Vasily Arkhipov, the ship’s executive officer, (second in command of the sub but also the Commodore commanding the three Soviet-sub flotilla that included the B-59) would have to concur with that order before it was carried out.

He did not.

This was witnessed by the third ranking “political” officer on B-59. Stavitsky lost his temper but the ever calm Arkhipov reasoned and finally convinced his captain not to activate or shoot the torpedo while submerged, that the B-59 was about to run out of air and further pointed out that the only reasonable choice, since they didn’t know if depth charges or sounding charges had been launched by the Americans, was to surface, open the air ducts and recharge the batteries and radio Moscow for further orders. B-59 surfaced amid the US flotilla and contacted a nearby US destroyer, possibly the USS Beale. After the interchange, the B-59 received by radio orders to return to the Soviet Union.

The crew of the B-59 wasn’t out of danger. The US Navy was making provocative moves that might have seen that torpedo launched in retaliation at last. In 1997 Arkhipov wrote that after surfacing, his submarine was fired on with warning shots by American aircraft: “the plane, flying over the conning tower, one to three seconds before the start of fire turned on powerful searchlights and blinded the people on the bridge… when [the commander] blinked and blinked his eyes and could see again, it became clear that the plane was firing past and along the boat. And the subsequent similar actions (there were 12 overflights altogether) were not as worrisome any longer.”

If that incident had gone nuclear, the US flotilla might have been sunk by a nuclear torpedo launched from B-59. This would have happened “before” Robert Kennedy and Dobrynin met later that night of the 27th. The fog of nuclear war already released might have taken all the following day to confirm that US warships were attacked by a Soviet nuclear torpedo delaying the US retaliatory response coming on Monday, 29 October, meaning that World War III might have started on my seventh birthday… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE 16 June 2023




The Fate of the World to be Decided
On 11-12 July 2023

Alexander Mercouris of the Duran coined the phrase “escalating escalator” for every first denied step NATO refutes to escalate this conflict, but eventually they end of doing. What then is waiting at the top of this Escalation Escalator? Perhaps the lighting of a fission trigger igniting a Hydrogen bomb at the end of this infernal escalator. © Creative Commons.

It is hard to believe. I don’t want to believe it: NATO’s war by proxy with Russia going direct sometime after the NATO summit ends. There are so many things I’ve laid out in the Five-Part Ukrainian War Report that I want to be proven completely wrong about…

This is a point where your author of this eMagazine must unburden himself, oracularly speaking. I hope this will never happen, but I must fully disclose a mounting concern, a suppressed and collectively unconscious charge, I feel hissing, like a lit fuse that no one in the collective Western leadership, or at least no one with enough power and influence to yet pour water on that flame, can snuff that fuse out.

It is like what I’ve experienced in fights I had as a kid. That dreadful moment of pent-up reaction when despite all wise caution with your blood-up drowning that caution, there is a fuse, a reaction that needs to cross the threshold, ignite, blow up.

The fist must meet the others face.

You have to see what happens next, before you either fight or flee from your action.

I feel that the Western leaders, especially in Biden’s cabinet, and especially his State Department which has become the central hub of the Military Industrial Complex, neocon, warmonger business, that moment of reckoning is coming where they take the first, tactical nuclear punch, and only when they see what happens next can they know if the Russians will launch a tactical nuclear counter-punch, making American leadership back up in horror at what has been unleashed.

Many of my military sources, chief among them being Scott Ritter, believe that after the Ukrainians and later the coalition of NATO willing are routed, the US troops on the ground routed too, in full up kinetic conventional combat with the Russians, American soldiers who, I’ll say it here, are no match for the Russians to sustain fighting them conventionally any longer.

To save face and national reputation, to avoid at all costs defeat, there could be a suicidal impulse to launch a tactical nuke at the approaching Russian Army. In a flash of nuclear fire 12,000 Russians soldiers, hundreds of tanks, AFV and mobile artillery are destroyed.

Now, Scott Ritter believes like many professional officers that Russia will not respond with a tactical nuke in kind, wiping out what’s left of, let’s say, the US 101st Airborne division, killing tens of thousands of US soldiers. Ritter believes the Russians once fired on first will let loose ALL of their ICBMs, hypersonic Sarmat II ICBMs, their nuclear tipped Poseidon drone submarines on station in deep water beyond all EU and US ports and in 30 minutes or less annihilate the EU, NATO and the United States—the human race—in a full retaliatory strike.

I am not a military man, but I am a meditative reader of spirit.

I do not see what Scott Ritter and others say will happen.


I do see that in this Ukrainian Missile Crisis will pass through a door of the unknown that US and Russian leaders during the Cuban Missile Crisis never stepped through.

In this “Ukrainian” Missile Crisis, I foresee some nukes being fired.

And in a macabre way, Russia’s retaliation happening with Mac 12 speed in instant karmic retribution upon American forces in Ukraine may be the SHOCK TO ATTENTION that I feel cannot happen to the collective West unless they dare go beyond that threshold never taken by Kennedy and Khrushchev. They’ll take that tempting first and single nuclear punch at a victorious and irresistible “conventional Russian Army. It will be their last and most stupid gamble, their last chance to see if the Russians really will buckle and flee when a tactical nuke is fired upon them.

That’s the US and NATO’s deadliest projected fantasy and no less than playing nuclear chicken with the Russians will convince these neocon-brained fools in Washington—or assemble more realists there to override and remove such doomsday fools—to desist… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE 15 June 2023


From the Osho Zen Tarot Deck

Author and artist Ma Deva Padma’s description

Of the Ten of Rainbows card:

Become a presence of such celebration of life. Be collectively demonstrating to the world, to your leaders, the effect of a Joy not burdened with a cause. The greatest spiritual rebellion that can hold the light of consciousness that all the darkness of ego descending upon us cannot extinguish is to simply be serene with no cause… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE 15 June 2023

OshoMeme-You exist in timebut belong to eternity


Requires An Important Announcement
About Future Articles:

Given these uncharted and civilization-threatening days to come through the summer, I want my subscribers to be on the lookout for more frequent article sendings. They may come as quicker-paced single articles or maybe bundles of two or three.

I’m doing this temporarily because I sense we’re now entering a quickening phase of this war making sudden and dramatic changes to the future. I will thus be making myself available to send more time-sensitive reports to you all until the crisis passes. Otherwise I still plan to produce a full-bodied eMagazine for August-September… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

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