THEMES OF THIS eMAGAZINE: •Queen Elizabeth II is Dead. Long Live King Charles III? •Nostradamus and the Future of the Royal Family Revealed. •Saturn-Uranus Square, the Nastiest Square in Astrology Closing a very Nasty Year 2022. •A Blind March of Insanity and Folly: Ukraine’s Desperation Offensives Thus Far. •The Tale of Two Flag Raisings at Mt. Suribachi in February1945 and at the Ukrainian Village of Vysokonillya in September 2022. •Ukrainian Victory Stolen by Incredible Domestic Corruption. •The Ukrainian State Assassination of Russian Journalist Daria Dugina: Are you also on the Ukrainian State’s Hit List? •How Zelensky’s Reality-Show Government may Face a Coup because of Bad TV Ratings. •The Final Ukrainian Offensives from September into November: Zelensky plays Pyrrhus to Putin Playing Kutuzov. •Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962? Meet Ukrainian Missile Crisis of 2022 where the NATO Proxy War with Russia ends. •A “Samson” Option Looms as Losers of Conventional Conflict Consider Atomics? •“And ye shall hear of Dirty Bombs and Rumors of Dirty Bombs…come to pass.” •The Winter of 2022-2023: An Ecomedy of Economic Errors! •Comparing Apple-to-Orange World Wars. •Who Bombed Nord Stream I and II: who benefits? •“It’s Done!” James Bond Style. •How Far will the Biden White House go: US Boots on Ukrainian Ground? •And finally, this is a “Dry Ice” HOT Cold War.

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DATELINE: 19 September 2022


The young Queen Elizabeth II (left). Photo Lee Haywood, © Creative Commons.


What therefore will be the Future
Of the Royal House of Windsor
And the Reign of King Charles III?


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Queen Elizabeth II is dead! Long live the King, Charles III!

Thus was the somber and traditional salutation announced on 8 September, after she peacefully passed away in her beloved Scottish retreat at Balmoral Castle not two days after executing one of her few political powers as a constitutional monarch, following the lead of her advisors of course, to appoint or dismiss ministers Parliament has chosen, all the way up to the British Prime Minister. Of course she accepted the new PM, Liz Truss, greeting this commoner with ever-steady kindness. Even though this particular British politician, cut from the cloth of present times, was made of the fiber of lesser humans than the queen had known in that august role, such as Winston Churchill. Truss would be Prime Minister number 12 to be ceremoniously appointed by the queen in her long reign of 70 years, 215 days, and I predict Liz Truss will achieve one “superior” quality over the eccentric man with the blond mop she replaced. She will be a greater clown, not fit to lead Britain than Boris Johnson had been. [Update 26 October 2022: Prime Minister Truss was sacked by the Conservative Party little over six weeks later when it became painfully clear that this goof was utterly unsuited for the role.]

Great pageantry followed, leading finally to the queens royal funeral. It was so reported that 37.5 of Britain’s 67.22 million royal subjects and nearly half the world’s population, nearly four billion, watched the somber, though grand, proceedings on Monday 19 September 2022.

The final act, 11 days after her death, her scepter, orb and crown were removed from the coffin and were placed on the altar of St. George Chapel at Windsor Castle. The coffin now was draped only in the royal flag of British monarchs with the broken staff of the Lord Chancellor tucked in a fold of it, his duties serving the monarch done. Next the coffin made its descent, sinking slowly out of sight through the floor into the Royal Vault. Even at this moment the camera seemed to revert its single and unblinkingly black eye from this encounter with the finality of death descending. Or perhaps, maybe it did not linger a long look because of the way the royal flag was arranged, draped over the coffin. It displayed many symbolic creatures, the crowned lions etcetera, but perhaps the camera gazed too long broadcasting for all the world to admire the topless Irish female harp-harpy element representing Northern Ireland, in a rather un-Christian, pagan mood, displaying one of her ample golden breasts in a field of blue completely exposed, her nipple pointing to all watching the way downward to Elizabeth’s final resting place… Amen…

Elizabeth just four years short of outliving a century, became queen in 1952 at age 25 in certainly the longest reign in British history and one of the longest reigns of any royal in human history. It seems appropriate that she passed in the “Roaring 2020s, a decade promising great changes, the end of eras, a decade that will sever humanity from much of its glorious, as well as inglorious, past to what future, if any, beyond this decade be known.

With her demise there greatly thins the thread-connection of memory of ancient times and traditions when royals ruled the world. And we are left with a handful of royals, mostly in the Middle Eastern monarchies of Jordan, the Gulf States and primarily the Royal House of Saud in Saudi Arabia, where a king really has autocratic powers of yore. Even a Crown Prince of the throne can declare “Off with his head!” to a critical Saudi reporter Jamal Khashoggi, as well as cry, “off with his limbs!” “Off with…”

Well, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is not officially the king, but he rules the land of Arab warriors and camels no less. And he rules the fate of the US petrol dollar. Now that’s true royal power!

And who knows? Prophetically speaking this future Saudi King is now the lead figure who might end up being Nostradamus’ third and final antichrist after Napoleon and Hitler.

We’ll see…

The thrill of European royalty at least is gone. Long live the dramas of Kardashian Hollywood “royalty.” No prince or princess left unburied underneath European chapel stones will match Queen Elisabeth Regina in celebrity, in witnessing the great feats and tragedies of the twentieth, and the early twenty-first century. We will not see again that strange but adorable, staid wave of the hand swiveling back and forth upon that royal wrist that all parade queens do their best to mimic.

Elizabeth was living continuity with the past. Steadfast. Right as the mail used to be before governments in the West started their decline. Right as the rain used to be before the climate started changing in preparation for the advent of Planet Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Event soon to be apparent to all who live and who survive the next difficult 20 years. As a princess she had done her royal bit in the Second World War, giving maintenance to military vehicles. As Queen, she departed this world at the onset of World War III.

I’ve never known a world without her, have you, reader? She’s always been in the background watching us as Queen since before I was born, as I’m a few years shy of seventy. The same could have been said about her constancy by my late mother who was born in 1928 just a few years after Elizabeth. She was a first-generation English American, her parents immigrating to the United States through Ellis Island, New York in 1923. I’ve had nearly 70 years to see the queen. My mother only knew the living Princess then Queen Elizabeth as part of her world until the queen outlived her. My mother died in the middle of her 88th year in 2016.

At last her first-born son, the patient Prince of Wales, becomes King Charles III. The newspapers and media are abuzz about his future. And once again by death’s inevitable decree the future of the British Royal House in general is the subject of forecasts just as it happened when the Princess of Wales lost her father to become Elizabeth Rex. But her father, George VI had not by funeral’s call passed into kingship but through one of the most sensational blizzards of newspaper articles marking the scandal and the abdication of his elder brother King Edward VIII renouncing the crown to marry an America divorcee in 1936. Another “divorced” ex-Princess of Wales, Lady Diana’s kept the papers and astrologers presaging up to her tragic death by auto accident in Paris (1997). And now at last Queen Elizabeth passing by natural causes, summons Fleet Street yellow journalists in Britain to once again make Michel de Nostradamus come forth from his resting place behind a church wall in Salon-en-Provence, France, to rub his bones together and let pass through his lipless skeleton mouth, a report of visions he most likely never had intended, but Fleet Street reporters baked stuff up anyway, in the name of this famous sixteen-century Sage of Salon.

In this article I will apply my long years of Nostradamian scholarship to present for the first time all the most interesting four-line quatrain verses of Nostradamus that have the best chance of being visions of the British Royal House of Windsor.

We begin perhaps with a general prophecy that one might submit as a summary of the life of Queen Elizabeth II written 4.6 centuries ago in the late 1550s:

10 Q19
Iour que ƒera par royne ƒaluee,
Le iour apres le ƒalut, la priere,
Le compte fait raiƒon & valbuee,1
Par auant2 humble oncques ne feut ƒi fiere.

The day that she will be hailed as queen,
The day after the benediction, the prayer,
The reckoning is right and valid,
Once humble never was one so trustworthy.

1Leoni says it is an “unsolved etymology, or corrupted text. Le Pelletier suggests valable [Valid, good, live (claim); available].”
2Apheresis for auparavant, before, formerly, previously; once humble.

Pick any good queen on her coronation day. Thanks to the obscurity we have centuries of queens to choose from. The first candidate would be Elizabeth I of England, who was newly crowned after the death of the childless Queen “Bloody” Mary. Our prophet, however, rarely had anything good to say about Mary’s Protestant successor. Today’s Elizabeth II could just as well be crowned with this flattering prophecy for she earned it 4.6 centuries later in her historically long reign.

One of my long-time and best sources for accurate forecasting of world affairs, Alexander Mercouris, “the Oracle of London,” as friends and fans lovingly call him, said about the Queen that she had been a kind of bridge to a once powerful Britain, still an empire when she was crowned in 1952. Still a place where an MP would publicly resign if he later found out that what he earlier lobbied hard before the House of Commons for their consideration to vote upon, turned out to be untrue. That today is an unheard-of act of integrity for truth and honesty compared to the lot we have sitting in the House of Commons in the early 2020s. That was a Britain of honor and integrity, wherein she began her long rule. Certainly I must add here that the past always looks rosier in reflection than it was. We tend to remember the good and forget the bad. And yet, even if there is much myth that Elizabeth represented, then I would say the myth is stronger, its values that it aspired to perhaps greater, than the factual outcome. With that said, the Queen by her very presence did embody the royal aspiration of earlier times down the seven decades Britain slowly forgot its past.

“The Queen,” mused Mercouris, “in a kind of a way, she remained that. She continued to follow the ethos of the world of the kind of Britain that she became Queen of in 1953. She never evolved, if you like, out of it. And people, British people, looked at that, they looked at the stability that she represented, and the continuity with that British past. And I think they greatly respected that fact that she retained those values, which to a very great extent, British society since then has lost.

“So, quite apart from anything else, quite apart from the fact that they liked her, that they admired her, that she came across as a person of great dignity, there is that sense today in Britain of loss of connection with that Britain that had existed before and which is now completely gone.”

Put it in other words, set down 4.6 centuries earlier by a devout French royalist from the sixteenth century who possibly may have foreseen her. That young and beautiful princess at age 21, just four-years shy of her coronation in 1952. She was broadcasting to the world on radio while touring South Africa, saying, “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service.”

On her coronation day in 1953 she reiterated, “I have in sincerity pledged myself to your service, as so many of you are pledged to mine. Throughout all my life and with all my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust.”

On the balcony of Buckingham Palace on the last day of the Platinum Jubilee (February 2022), she said, “When it comes to how to mark seventy years as your queen, there is no guidebook to follow. It really is a first… I remain committed to serving you to the best of my ability, supported by my family.”

It might have been too hard for the royalist-loving prophet to overlook this English rose of a monarch and hence presage never was one so trustworthy a royal in that long-lived pledge.

Nostradamus may have seen tragedies for this great queen to come. “Like all the best families,” Queen Elizabeth once reflected, “we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and of family disagreements.”

Next is an ill-starred marriage of her son Charles, then Prince of Wales, a divorce and the final fate of Princess Diana:


Prince and Princess of Wales at Prince Andrew’s wedding 1985. © Elke Wetzig/CC-BY-SA, © Creative Commons.

10 Q55
Les malheureuƒes nopces celebreront
En grande ioye, mais la fin malheureuƒe:
Mary & mere nore1 deƒdaigneront,
Le Phybe2 mort & nore1 plus piteuƒe.

The unhappy marriage will be celebrated
In great joy but the end unhappy:
Husband and mother will scorn [disregard] the daughter-in-law,
The Apollo dead and the daughter-in-law more pitiful.

1O.F. (Old French) nore, daughter-in-law.
2Latin Phoebus, Apollo.

It is hard to know which royal husband we’re talking about, given my being privy to some insider information. Was it the Prince of Wales (and future King Charles III) or another husband? I don’t know if Queen Elizabeth II, privately scorned or slighted her daughter-in-law Princess Diana, although Princes Di at least in her tell-all moments before the press implied such. The spirited and thoroughly modern woman rubbed against the royal grain of the stuffy and staid traditions of the job and her new relatives-in-law.

The French desdaigneront in future tense used here has several more subtle meanings beyond will despise or will scorn. From what I heard from Diana herself in her carefully worded public complaints to the press about life with royal husband and his family, if true, would lean more towards her being isolated from her family relations and the Queen. In other words, they will “disregard” her. Certainly Diana felt very alone in their cool and quietly displeased company.

In the autumn 1994 I was in London doing a book tour for Nostradamus: The New Revelations. It so happened that the publicity offices hired a photographer, a kindly man who had a sweeping and large handlebar mustache, a smooth bald pate with hair swept outward from his temples, all in a quite charming though eccentric way. He was hired to shoot portraits for my publicity package and posters in a beautiful, bricked neighborhood somewhere in northern London. I was informed by the publicity agency that he was court photographer of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband. The portrait he took of me was quite beautiful (see below).

During the shoot we got to chatting and the topic of the dreadful marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales came up. Though stiff upper royal lip was ever present in public ceremonies, in private, the photographer said that the royal family was to their wits’ end about what to do with Diana. I recalled he said that Philip particularly despised Diana for her untraditional and most unroyal behavior. The photographer did not directly speak about the Queen’s attitude.

One autumn later, a broadcast Panorama interview Diana did on 20 November 1995, she spoke openly about Charles’ affairs and that she didn’t think he was suitably capable of being a king. That set in motion the Queen, and her Privy Councilors advising Charles and Diana to seek a divorce. It was finalized on 28 August 1996 thus bringing the royals one big step farther into the present-day world after 1936, when Charles great grandfather, Edward VIII, abdicated his throne to marry the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson. Sixty-years later, a sitting Prince and Princess of Wales sought a divorce, their royal marriage joined the modern trend that witnesses so many marriages in modern times legally severed.

Diana died in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris on the night of 31 August 1997. Possibly she asked her driver to speed up and leave flash-camera firing paparazzi around the limousine on motorcycles far behind. Diana, her new lover, Dodi Fayed, and the French driver all died in the resulting tunnel crash.

The following, brief interpretation of this quatrain appeared in Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies in 1997, published just before her death. What I got right and wrong about her future bears examination. The brackets are inserted today, a quarter century later for clarity:

Certainly the current Prince of Wales and his mother, Elizabeth II, scorn her ex-daughter-in-law Princess Diana. And if this is intended for her—and I must stress again “if”—her future and that of the British royal family looks dismal. Her princely Apollo of the wedding ceremony is now the toad of her dead romantic dreams. In the 21st century Princess Di becomes a pitiful survivor of the shipwreck that was the British monarchy. Yet it seems she will survive her ex-husband who may be the last king of England.

With the death of Queen Elizabeth, what royal can match what now is sadly missing? She was the presence that held the royal family together. Though Diana died and never saw the light (or the darkness) of twenty-first century Britain, her memory lives on for she was much loved by the British people. I would even say that her funeral engendered more emotion than that of the Queen, which I dare say speaks to something about the lack of perspective of today’s historically illiterate British youth, gone short-term memory-holed as British subjects who seem to have lost the thread of a greater past as they stumble into the coming darkness of Britain’s future where no Queen Elizabeths or Winston Churchills are waiting to sustain them through difficult times. Rather, far lesser royals and leaders rule.

I do hold to what I published in 1997, that Charles will be the last King “of England.” It’s funny that I didn’t call him then the last king of Britain. It could have been an oracular Freudian slip of things to come and prophesy. Charles III, now king of the Britain will be the last king of the United Kingdom when it breaks apart during his reign requiring a change of his title to “the last king of England.”


A stylization of John Hogue’s portrait, photographed by Prince Philip’s private photographer in North London in October 1994. The exposure here is a bit more over exposed than the original for mood effect.

During one of the proceedings the Queen’s coffin atop an artillery carriage surrounded by the British military entourage in dress uniform proceded by foot from Buckingham Palace taking her to lie in state at Westminster Cathedral. I watched the adult children of the queen, marching behind her casket in resplendent uniforms. In the first row was King Charles III, Anne, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. The sons of Charles III followed in the second rank, William, now Prince of Wales in his Royal Air Force uniform and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, the wayward son, bearing a family disagreement with his duties. He therefore no longer participates in them. He does his best with the Duchess of Sussex, his American Actress and wife Megan Markle, to become—I really don’t know what. Perhaps a Duke of Woke-Windsor of Hollywood? Harry lives in the world now, no longer performing royal duties as part of the “Firm” as the royal family calls itself in private. Therefore Harry wore no uniform but formal mourning attire that day.

I was watching them all, vibing them all out, especially the old, “new” King Charles III at 73, long prepared for the job. He seemed to uphold his royal carriage well under the mournful military pomp and circumstances, marching off the miles down the streets of London from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Cathedral, as did his sister resplendent in uniform, Anne, the Princess Royal, the first time a woman royal participated in the funerary rite. Like their mother, King Charles and Anne are passionate horse riders, which I predict will afford Charles a longer reign of health and duration than most expect for a male Windsor heir, not so long lived as the Windsor women, however. His mother passing at 96, the grandmother Elizabeth the Queen Mother passing in 2002 at 101.

Next to them marched wayward Prince Andrew, also sans Royal Naval uniform but stepping out like an old master at it. He had lost the military “rite” of wearing his uniform and was stripped of most of his other royal duties as punishment for stripping and bedding underaged girls, brought to light by his associations with Jeffrey Epstein, whom I maintain, was one of Mossad’s pimps with a mission to compromise the rich and politically famous with photos. All kept hush-hushed, of course, as long as he, and other notables like former US President Bill (slick willie) Clinton, continue to support Israel financially and politically.

Beside Andrew was the well-behaved Edward Earl of Wessex, the youngest of Elizabeth’s adult children. He had a uniform.

That brings me at last to William, the new Prince of Wales, and the next King William V to succeed his father, Charles III.

Will he?

He marches as well as his father ahead. He has a royal carriage about him but there’s something missing. Ever since he was born, I’ve received hundreds of letters asking me what Nostradamus might have foreseen about him as a future king. I’ve had to face it, that my “oracle” sees nothing like that for him. He may walk like a king and talk like a king and mechanically do his duties like a king. But there is no “king” there.

Charles III will give his son a kingdom that may no longer be a United Kingdom. First Scotland will depart for the EU, then Northern Ireland being reabsorbed into the Irish Republic and finally William’s son George, may be Prince of Wales in title only. The days of “King” William V will be that of royalty (in little England now) as “diminished” and irrelevant as all the other royals of Europe, more a fashion show of royalty than having any power or influence, something like the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II. She recently stripped her flock of grandchildren of their titles. She called the downsizing a “future proof” decision. Only her heir, her eldest son’s four children will keep their royal titles. If a similar shrinking is waiting for the British royals, perhaps little George will become the last Prince of Wales after William his father.

The death of the Queen is one of those moments, like the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame on 15 April 2019, where the world drags out Nostradamus, and everybody takes a shot at putting their hand up the back of his long scholar’s robes and finger the head to bobble and wave the arms. Make that Nostro-puppet spout prophecies you want him to make.

On 13 September, four days after the death of the Queen, News Punch published an article entitled, “Nostradamus Predicted ‘A great Uprising’ Against King Charles III – A series of chilling predictions by Nostradamus about the Queen’s death in 2022 – and the sudden abdication of King Charles III – have been uncovered.”

The interpretations in the article are claimed to be those of late Mario Reading, taken from his book published in 2005 concerning what he said about Century (Volume) 10, Quatrain 22.

“This quatrain will come as no surprise to the British people, and it has wide implications, “Mario Reading wrote. “The first is that Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 2022 at the age of around ninety-six, five years short of her mother’s term of life. Prince Charles will be crowned in her stead, and become ‘King of the Islands’, the implication here being that he is no longer king of the other regions in the world over which his mother reigned – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. – which will have, in the interim, become republics. Prince Charles will be seventy-four years old in 2022, when he takes over the throne, but the resentments held against him by a certain proportion of the British population, following his divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales, still persist. The pressure on him is so great, and his age so much against him, that Charles agrees to abdicate in favor of his son. The question is, which son? For in the last line Nostradamus makes it very clear that ‘a man will replace him who never expected to be king’. Does this mean that Prince William, who would have expected to succeed his father, is no longer in the picture? And that Prince Harry, by process of default, becomes king in his stead? That would make him King Henry IX, aged just thirty-eight”

Neither News Punch nor other news sources aping it seem to know “how” Mr. Reading came to these conclusions.

I do.

We both appeared as experts on the 2015 History Channel documentary Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed where he detailed his belief that ALL the quatrain indexing numbers stand for years and dates. So I marveled at the immense working out that Reading had to do to tame these quatrains to conjure up dates, or perhaps stretch credulity of interpretations to make them fit numbered dates he uncrunched. Sadly, from my own long experience of certain pitfalls of interpretation that Nostradamians get caught in, Mario Reading, an able Nostradamian, trapped himself in one of the oldest mistakes made over the centuries by people trying to translate and interpret the prophet. They think that Nostradamus’ cloudiness, and chaotic language somehow hides a secret order, or a “one theme fits all” symmetry. I contend they can’t see his nebulous ways as they are, a chaos that sometimes gives up random patterns that one can follow for a while.

Many quatrain indexes indeed do hide dates. However, I claim that my staying power in this field spanning nearly a half century interpreting Nostradamus is aided by the shared wiring of my brain being at least as dyslexic as the prophet’s had been. There is no hidden order, say I, a dyslexic. If Chaos is the mother of Order, then there will be signs of patterns of order in chaos, but they are random and should not be construed as being a key to unlock ALL the verses as dating the future, and ALL of them following one comprehensive secret ordering.

Poor Mario Reading expended immense efforts getting himself lost down a rabbit hole chasing a prophetic wild goose. He believed that Quatrain 22 stood for 2022. I can at least admire a good guess he had that the Queen would die in 2022. But don’t take a premise and force a quatrain to comply to your belief that the dating is the thing and therefore all quatrains must apply themselves to it. Once you’ve put yourself laced up in that straitjacket concept, you might find yourself either having to explain and thus ignore important revelations that don’t fit your dates, or you try bending the verse to stray far beyond what Nostradamus’ words can correctly translate.

I would agree with Reading that this is a quatrain about a famous scion of the House of Windsor. But not in our near future. It is one from the past. If you MUST make it for 2022 as your jumping-off point you can’t contradict your theory, no matter what. But if one simply puts aside this being a dating for the Queen’s death and the fates of Charles III and his sons, let’s be skeptical enough of that idea to stress test this quatrain standing for another figure called the “king of the isles.”

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The former Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson newly married after the abdication of the king in 1936. Photo: Vincenzo Laviosa.

10 Q22
Pour ne vouloir conƒentir au diuorce,
Qui puis apres ƒera cogneu indigne,
Le Roy des Iƒles ƒera chaƒƒé par force
Mis à ƒon lieu que de roy n’aura ƒigne.

For not wishing to consent to the divorce,
Which then afterwards will be recognized as unworthy,
The king of the [English] Isles will be driven out by force
One put in his place who will have no sign of kingship.

Nostradamus presents us with a modern concept far beyond the sixteenth-century mind: an English king who abdicates the throne for a twice-divorced commoner, not wishing to remain king without the woman he loved and therefore another put in his royal place.

Edgar Leoni in Nostradamus and His Prophecies (1961) might be the first to steer our search for a near contemporary English king, he writes, “since 1558 with even the remotest potentialities for fulfillment [being] Charles I, Charles II, James II and Edward VIII.”

He added that “in the first three cases, the divorce must be taken figuratively, as the divorce of royal title and power, and in the last case [Edward VIII], which involves an actual divorce.”

Both Leoni and I, along with Erika Cheetham, believe Nostradamus intended a literal divorce. I would add that then takes us to the 1930s and to Edward, Prince of Wales. He was considered one of the most eligible bachelors of the 1930s. But in Parliament and the higher echelons of London society, many disapproved of his nightclub outings, first in the company of an attractive, dark-haired American socialite and her English husband, then later without the husband. The prince’s father, King George V, was dying of cancer and soon Edward would be king. He was also to become the moral defender of the Anglican faith, which required that he marry a girl of suitable blood and moral integrity. The twice-divorced Simpson would not do!

When, as King Edward VIII, he continued to see divorcée Wallis Simpson, Parliament sent him an ultimatum: drop Wallis or relinquish the crown. He therefore made a choice to be driven out by force of Anglican proscribed morality

Millions heard the king announcing his abdication on the radio. Edward declared he could not continue his responsibilities of office without the woman he loved. After his abdication cut his rule to a mere 327 days, he was given the title “Duke of Windsor” and left England for a life of exile. As soon as she had finalized her second divorce, he married Wallis Simpson (see 10 Q40). Edward and Wallis did live mosty happily “ever after” his abandoning the British crown until he died in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris in 1972 at age 77.

The one put in his place with no sign of kingship is not Charles III but Edward’s younger brother George VI who had a terrible stutter and avoided public speaking like the plague until he hired Lionel Logue to help him manage his stammer to some degree. More “seen” on newsreels than “heard,” George did attain wide popularity as a king who shared in the people’s hardships during the Second World War. George was somewhat sickly, his health suffering much from the stress of the war years with heavy smoking steadying his nerves. He suffered from arteriosclerosis and Bueger’s disease. He would rule for 15 years and 72 days passing in 1952 at the relatively young age of 56, dying in his sleep from a coronary thrombosis in Sandringham House in Norfolk. He was succeeded by his daughter Queen Elizabeth II only 25 years old at the time.

This interpretation fits rather nicely to the events of Edward VIII’s abdication and replacement. Mario Reading’s interpretation relies on a lot of very imaginative predictions to force Charles III into it, one being that resentment for divorcing Princess Diana could get him pulled off the throne. Two decades have passed since Reading made that interpretation and it would seem that that public anger has mostly abated. Moreover, it was not Charles who decided to divorce Diana, it was the beloved Queen Elizabeth herself who counseled them both to get a divorce. One might even say the British people will later warm Charles III for his kingly behavior during the funeral proceedings.

Anyway, for the Mario Reading interpretation to work, Charles needs to abdicate to William V, but what does one do with that final line? He has to be replaced by a royal that never expected to be king. First off, Reading is stretching the credulity of translation of line 4 to make it so that Prince Harry could become King Henry IX. The sixteenth century French of line 4 (Mis à ƒon lieu que de roy n’aura ƒigne.) just doesn’t translate into “A man will replace him who never expected to be king.” There is some wiggle room but not enough to squeeze Prince Harry on the throne to make it all work. Cheetham will replace a missing “et-and” which one can do to make the translation more grammatically smooth English as in “And one put in his place who has no sign of kingship.” Leoni is more literal, closer to the French, saying “In his place put one who will have no mark of a king.” And there’s my reconciliation of both versions: One put in his place who will have no sign of kingship.

Currently Prince Harry, married to the mixed race African/Caucasian American TV and movie star has surrendered (abdicated) all his royal duties to make his way in the world. He’s a royal dropout. He wasn’t even allowed to have “ER” (Elizabeth Rex) stamped on the ends of his shoulder boards of his uniform when he was at last permitted to wear it taking turns standing watch over his grandmother’s coffin, like his brother Prince William and his uncles and he looked most unroyally grim about that, more than grieving the loss of his grand mummy. “Errr…!” He was having a childish pouting fit about those missing, golden ER letters!

Even in 2002 when Reading made this interpretation, Prince Harry has been the problem prince, reacting against tradition. Then he married Markle who was even more difficult with living under duties, service to the traditions and mores of being a princess of the British crown. She was a major influence in dragging her husband out of the House of Windsor to make it in the world.

I contend that Mario Reading before dying of cancer lived long enough to amend his translation of line four to the right translation because if Harry becomes a man who would be king rather than William, he certainly fits the bill as one who has no sign of kingship.

Apparently Reading, stuck inside his “All quatrains as dates” straitjacket, had to overlook a parallel a second quatrain that resumed the Edward VIII abdication theme adding the “not-ready for prime-time kingship” successor story.

The second verse is 10 Q40, only 18 quatrains ahead. A lot of quatrains that continue a story find themselves often clustered before and after the first discovery. This has fostered a theory among Nostradamians that Nostradamus had written each quatrain on a slip of paper. Then he flung them up into the air for Monsieur Chavigny, his secretary, to gather up mostly out of sequence the fallen quatrains across heavy wooden floor. A lot of times when one randomly throws cards up in the air, members of the same suit can be close together as much as they can become widely scattered by chance.

Here’s the second piece of the puzzle in verse:

Adolf Hitler greeting the Duke and Duchess of Windsor at the Berghof in 1937.

Adolf Hitler greeting the Duke and Duchess of Windsor at the Berghof in 1937.

10 Q40
Le ieune nay au regne Britannique,
Qu’aura le pere mourant recommandé,
Iceluy mort londole1 donra topique,2
Et à ƒon fils le regne demandé.

The young heir to the British realm,
Whom his dying father will have recommended,
The latter dead, London will dispute with him,
And from the son, the realm is demanded back.

1Erratum for Londres, London.
2O.F. topiquer, to dispute, quarrel (Roquefort).

Before the events of Edward VIII’s abdication in 1936 to marry a twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson, many interpreters, most famously Le Pelletier, believed this prophecy covered the fates of the Royal House of Stewart, Charles I and his nemesis, Oliver Cromwell. Le Pelletier couldn’t figure out the enigma londole in line one except to say that it spelled out the Greek letters meaning to destroy. Chas. Ward in 1891, as Edgar Leoni wrote, “has a much simpler solution: it is a phonetic anagram for Cromwell’s nickname Old Noll (Ole Nol).” But really now, this is almost a variant retell of a foretell about the abdication of Edward VIII of England in 1936 we saw in 10 Q22.

Parliament and high society could not tolerate their king, the defender of the Anglican faith, marrying an American divorcée, Wallis Simpson, and for his part Edward could not bear ruling without the woman he loved. After he abandoned the throne, his brother, the Duke of York, next in line, succeeded him.

Nostradamus’ opinion of George VI is not flattering. Perhaps he disliked the new king’s stutter, which he heard in his visions. It was believed—particularly by George VI’s wife, the Queen Consort Elizabeth—that the king was unprepared for the stressful job and consequently, suffered a premature death. We may therefore infer from Nostradamus that a different and better future for the British royal line would probably have come from Edward VIII. As the prophet saw it, the pressure to force abdication upon him would later be viewed as unworthy (10 Q22).

If Edward’s love had been accepted by Parliament, he might have ruled until his death in the early 1970s. This alternative future might not have prevented Elizabeth II from becoming Queen of England, since Edward and Wallis never had children. As first in the line of succession Elizabeth, daughter of the Duke of York, might have ascended the throne in middle age in the early 1970s, and we would have never enjoyed the magical images in the 1950s of the fetching beauty receiving her crown.

Now here’s something fanciful that “might” apply indirectly to King Charles III being a bit of a mystic who may have been tempted at one time in his younger days to shrug off his duties as Prince of Wales and become a disciple of the controversial Indian mystic Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh).

3 Q16
Vn prince Anglois Mars à ƒon cœur de ciel,
Voudra pourƒuiure ƒa fortune proƒpere:
Des deux duelles l’vn percera le fiel,
Hay de luy, bien aymé de ƒa mere.

The English Prince Mars in his heavenly heart,
Will want to seek his prosperous fortune:
Of the two duels one will pierce his gallbladder,
Hated by him, well loved by his mother.

Now to another plagued royal, one of our own times: the Prince of Wales. Mars in his heavenly heart could make Prince Charles an innocent bystander in the Eight Clues Theme where Nostradamus attempts to unveil a world-significant, future mystic from the East who would find great numbers of followers in the West. Mars is the symbolic color and energy of the new religious revolution foretold as coming to the West from Asia. The higher aspect of Mars in the occult scriptures is not that of a war god but of a Hermetic magician who changes base metals of human unconsciousness into the gold of enlightenment. Mars therefore could stand for a spiritual master coming from the East and link this quatrain to others in Nostradamus’ Eight Clues to future spiritual teacher theme.

But how do we link Prince Charles to an important Eastern guru? Through his royal cousin and friend, Prince Welf of Hanover. Welf was a grandson of the last German emperor. His mother was Princess Sophia of Greece, sister of Prince Philip of England, Charles’ father. Welf’s father, Prince George Wilhelm von Hanover, was the brother of Queen Frederika of Greece. The two cousin royals become friends early on during numerous royal holidays spent together. Charles and Welf studied at school together at Gordonstoun in Scotland. By the mid-1970s Prince Welf dropped out of his royal obligations to seek his spiritual path in the East. He wound up in Pune, India, putting on the orange robe of a sannyas (spiritual disciple) and the name Swami Anand Vimalkirti, under the guidance of the controversial guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (better known today as Osho).

Juliet Forman, who was a friend of Prince Welf, relates an intriguing story of a meeting between Prince Charles and Vimalkirti just prior to the latter’s untimely death from a brain aneurysm. On pages 187-88 of her book Bhagwan: the Buddha for the Future, she writes:

In December of 1980, Prince Charles arrived in Bombay [Mumbai]; Kirti and Turiya [Princess Welf, Vimalkirti’s wife] went to see him. Turiya remembers Charles as being somewhat envious of their freedom to do as they wanted with their lives. Warm and intelligent, with a healthy sense of humor, Charles had duties he felt obliged to honor. He wanted to remain open to the diversity of causes and approaches to life that he encountered in his work, so felt he could not ally himself to any one in particular. However, he took Kirti’s locket in his hand at one point during their meeting, and, studying Bhagwan’s photograph, commented on how intriguing his eyes were.


499px-Vimalkirti_in_Poona_Being_outfitted_4_mag_aritlce 01

Left: Vimalkirti and Turiya at their wedding. Center: Vimalkirti in orange and mala modeling at Osho’s Ashram. Right: Vimalkirti in meditation during an Osho discourse.

Left: Vimalkirti and Turiya at their wedding. Right: Vimalkirti in orange and mala modeling at Osho’s Ashram. Bottom: Vimalkirti in meditation during an Osho discourse.

With this in mind, let us return to the quatrain. Line 1 sees the English Prince Charles meet his cousin Vimalkirti in Mumbai. Kirti is dressed in a long red-as-Mars robe as the disciple of a guru (the Magus of Mars). Vimalkirti was a personal bodyguard of Osho while living at the ashram. He was well trained in the “martial” arts. Those who knew Kirti remembered his tall and graceful body and his soft, silent eyes. Those who loved him could easily characterize him as a warrior Mars with a heavenly heart.

There is a double meaning possible for prosperous fortune. In this case the fortune could be spiritual. Forman’s account would strongly suggest that Prince Charles was tempted to follow his cousin’s spiritual path. In later years he would be unfairly criticized by the press and the spiritually prejudiced for his mystical bent; there was something eccentric, they said, about the Prince of Wales’ love of aloneness, silence, and meditation.

Charles’ indecisiveness and eccentricities may stem from an ongoing spiritual crisis. He seems to be a man divided between fulfilling his duties as the heir to the British throne and following his mystical heart. Duty would require he marry. One could say that line 3’s duel is more poetic than literal for his ill-starred marriage to Princess Diana. The piercing of his gall bladder might be figurative as well for the bile vented by both the Prince and Princess of Wales at each other and mercilessly reported in Fleet Street tabloids, in what could be called one of the ugliest public breakups of the twentieth century. Fortunately in later life Prince Charles did at last happily marry his first love Camelia Parker Bowles (Duchess of Cornwall). Out of tragedy, he became far closer to his two boys after the loss of their mother Diana. Now, at the time of this writing, they are grown men, married with children. The new Prince of Wales, his eldest son Prince William might someday become King William V. But then, I wonder now, as I did back in 1996 when I finished this quatrain’s interpretation, writing:

The second duel—between Charles and those who would not have him become King Charles III—may be yet to come if the reported meeting between Charles and the Rajneeshee Prince Welf is true. Charles, unlike his dominating mother, Elizabeth II, will grow to detest the politics and constraints of being a crowned head of Britain. The final line may give us a forecast of the reign of Charles III, characterizing him as the embittered—and perhaps last—king of Britain.

There are further variations in Osho News of the Prince of Wales meeting with his cousin the Prince of Welf and his commoner wife in Bombay. Osho had his own account posted there:

Prince Charles is deeply interested in meditation. He is also interested in exploring the inner world. But in the West, unfortunately, such people are thought to be a little crazy—a little loony.

His statements—that he talks to his plants to help them grow—have created almost a scandal all over England. They don’t think that their future king should talk such nonsense—although it is not nonsense. But from a man from the royal family, and particularly the man who is going to be the king, England must be feeling very insecure. His going alone in the desert or to small villages to find peace of mind is very disturbing to the British traditional, orthodox Christian; it is disturbing to his family, to the queen and to his father, Prince Philip.

When he was in India, he had specially called Vimalkirti and his wife, Turiya—they both were my sannyasins. Vimalkirti was one of his cousins. Vimalkirti was the great-grandson of the German emperor, and he was directly connected to Prince Philip; Prince Philip was his mother’s brother.

He talked for hours about me, about meditation, about what is happening here. Vimalkirti and Turiya, both invited him to come; he was very interested, but very afraid of the royal family. He was specially told by Queen Elizabeth not to go to Poona. He went to see the Shankaracharya, he went to see Mother Teresa, but Queen Elizabeth was more afraid of Poona than anything.

In the East, kings were sent—particularly future kings—to the great seers and mystics to learn the ways of inner life, because a king is not of any worth if he has no contact with himself. If he is just an extrovert, he cannot be a blessing to his people. For years in the East the princes used to sit at the feet of the masters to learn silence, to learn compassion, to learn meditation, to become aware of the mysteries of existence. The king should not only be aware of the mundane world, he should also have his roots in the sacred—only then is he a complete man. And only then can he look after his people in all aspects of life. But in the West, it is totally a different thing.

Prince Charles is being thought of as if he is a little crazy, and England is worried because he is going to be the king. He has already started throwing his weight; he insists on his way of life…”

Osho, The Golden Future,
Ch 35 (29 May 1987 am in Chuang Tzu Auditorium)

Charles in combat fatigues with “Wales” as his name. I find that kind of funny. Perhaps it shows his humor. This was taken in Wellington, New Zealand, on 7 November 2015. Photo, New Zealand Defence Force. © Creative Commons.

Charles in combat fatigues with “Wales” as his name. I find that kind of funny. Perhaps it shows his humor. This was taken in Wellington, New Zealand, on 7 November 2015. Photo, New Zealand Defence Force. © Creative Commons.

I’m also a little crazy and a little loony meditator. Perhaps I see that quality in Charles III. It may not be kingly to some, but in Charles I see a king of the inner heart of an eccentric Rex. Maybe it is time to redefine what is “royal”? I think he might, that is, if there is enough innocent heart left in his people as they descend into a dark future tunnel, the end of which is not even hinted yet.

Upon this issue about Charles and Britain’s future, The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris mused at the end of their special on the change of British reign:

CHRISTOFOROU: What kind of king…(pause) Will Charles be?

MERCOURIS: Nobody knows, but my impression of Charles is that he is a well-meaning person. I think he still has something of the Queen’s sense of obligation. But I think that he lacks her extraordinary dignity, and her tact. And her knowledge that sometimes saying very little, or even nothing, is the most effective thing that a queen, that a head of state, can do. So, I’m afraid I think that he will be… You know… He will get along and manage to be king, but he will never have the degree of support, the degree of respect, that his mother had.

And, I also have to say this. I’m afraid that after Charles is gone—and remember now he is an elderly man—so he won’t be king as anything like as long as she was. After he is gone, I have to say that I am very skeptical that this institution will be able to continue, because the royals that follow Charles don’t seem to me to have anything left of those qualities that are needed to make a monarchy succeed: a constitutional monarchy of the sort that Britain has. And I will regret that. I will regret its passing, but I think that’s most likely what we’re going to see happen.

CHRISTOFOROU: You mean William?

MERCOURIS: Well I mean William, absolutely. I mean William or anybody that succeeds William. I mean I think the Queen, I’m going to say straightforwardly, the Queen was the glue, that held the monarchy together. And held the United Kingdom together increasingly. I mean, there was huge respect for her in Scotland, in Wales, in Northern Ireland. She is gone. None of her successors look remotely convincing by comparison with the Queen herself. I think with that glue gone, you’re going to start to see both the monarchy itself and ultimately the United Kingdom, I’m sorry to say this, I think you’re going to see the monarchy unravel.

CHRISTOFOROU: This complicates things for a new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

MERCOURIS: Absolutely. Of course it does.

CHRISTOFOROU: And the timing of this is pretty astonishing.

MERCOURIS: Yes, yes, it is. And it’s happened of course of time when the mood in the country is already very bad, as we’ve discussed in many programs. And this is going to make it worse, because, Liz Truss, the one thing she did say which was right is that the Queen was the rock of stability and now that rock is gone. And I can remember for example during the lockdown, all the politicians were just all over the place. So the queen came out and made a very short broadcast and that calmed the situation. Of course, she is gone, and that will make people feel a lot more nervous about the future.

CHRISTOFOROU: Yeah, I mean it’s a, something is over, and something is new, is beginning. You don’t know if that new is going to be good or not, or what we have in store. It will be definitely a major chapter in our civilization, our “Western” civilization that is, feels like, it’s closed.

MERCOURIS: I completely agree. I mean she represented; she embodied the West that we used to know. Now, I mean, your quote, your comment, is very close to a very famous quote by [Antonio] Gramsci, a Marxist philosopher by the way who might generally dislike [the Queen], but this quote he made is a very powerful one, and a very good one. He says, “The nature of the crisis is that the old is dying, but the new cannot be born. And in that interval a lot of morbid and ugly symptoms will appear.”

And I think that is exactly the situation that we are in. With the Queen’s passing, I’m afraid we have even more sense now that the old is passing, but the new that is coming, we can’t yet see it. It doesn’t look very comforting. And in the meantime, lots of morbid, lots of morbid symptoms are going to go on appearing.

CHRISTOFOROU: Any other thoughts?

MERCOURIS: I’m just going to say this. She fulfilled an incredibly difficult role. She never said a thing wrong. She never put her foot wrong as queen. She understood very well her constitutional limits. She got on with most of her prime ministers. She won the support of the Labor Party. And I’m not talking about today’s Labor Party, which, the Blair-rites actually had lots of issues with the Queen, but the old guard, social democrat, working class Labor Party, got on very well with the Queen. It’s often said that her favorite prime minister, the one she got on with best, was Harold Wilson who was the Labor prime minister in the Sixties. So, she had that skill of bringing people together and at the same time never stepping beyond her bounds. I doubt that anybody else can. And I doubt that anybody else that Britain throws up will have the kind of international respect that she had. So, we’re diminished as a country of our international profile is now diminished as well.


 That brings me to yet another Nostradamus quatrain that might be about the fate of King Charles in the early twenty-first century, and not the fate of French king Louis Philippe of France in the 1848 Revolution:

4 Q64
Le deffaillant en habit de bourgeois,
Viendra le Roy tempter de ƒon offence:
Quinze ƒouldartz la pluƒpart Vƒtagois,1
Vie derniere & chef de ƒa cheuance.

The defaulter in bourgeois garb,
He will come to try the King with his offense:
Fifteen soldiers for the most part Outlaws
End of his life and chiefly of his fortune.

1O.F. ustaige, pirate, corsair; in general, bandit, outlaw.

Prieditis sees this for the bourgeois King Louis Philippe. I would think it is a more literal description of a king, fearful of suffering the same fate as Louis XVI. He dressed himself in bourgeois garb under the alias of “Mr. Smith, escaping Paris in an ordinary “bourgeois” horse-driven cab. Fontbrune conjures up a few more details to justify interpreting it as a bloody incident during the French Revolution of 1848 when a group of demonstrators (bandits) gathered on the Boulevard des Capuchins and fired on units of the French National Guard. The latter returned fire, killing 15 and wounding 50. There is a classical allusion here. There are illustrations and paintings from 1848 depicting an armed mob pillaging the Tuileries Palace like the Vƒtagois-Visagoths Outlaws did to Ancient Rome at the fall of Rome.

I have said in the mid-1990s that “this is so general that it could apply itself equally to some future defaulting king. Maybe it is for Britain’s future Charles III or his heir.”

Given that I set this interpretation down on 17 September 2022, with a new King Charles III just beginning his reign when Britain, like the rest of Europe, is on the verge of a complete financial collapse, all self-inflicted by waging a sanctions war with Russia that has blown completely back upon them for shutting off Russian oil and gas to spite their own civilization. The days of the “last” King of England are in play.

Such times as these at this moment and unto the end of the year are written in most challenging aspects of the planets Saturn and Uranus. This square coming to its exactitude October 1 through October 12 and remaining a powerful message to confront fears, blind spots, until it eases just before a greater generational aspect, Pluto’s pass over its US Birth Chart position as the uncertain New Year of 2023 comes at all of us. The influence of this Saturn-Uranus square is the binding theme to all the 18 articles in this eMagazine. We are all transiting through a death of the past order as we have known it and plunging into the travails that birth a new historic age. If you avoid astrological squares, they bite you. If you do not avoid, but face and understand them, gain wisdom from them, there is no better astrological aspect than a square in one’s chart, or a nation, or a great square challenging the whole world’s charted course to change so it can better grow. If a nation ignores such a square, it will be swept into the dust bin of change.

Here is a link to the final farewell to the Queen as her coffin is lowered into the Royal Vault at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Many poignant moments: the bag piper wandering the chapel halls fading off into the distance as the Queen’s coffin is lowered into the vault. One of the most touching moments was when Charles III stood to receive the assembled congregation’s and Chapel Chorus’ beautiful singing of God Save the “King.” He stood there, regal, eyes misting slightly. A fading afterglow of greatness, the future’s twilight royale.

DATELINE: 31 August 2022





(August to December 2022)
The Nastiest Square in Astrology
Will Close out One of the Nastiest of Years: 2022

Mark this. There will be a powerful influence on world events through Saturn in Aquarius, retreating in retrograde, passing into a square with Uranus in Taurus, the ruler of Aquarius, in a dungeon of detriment. Those in power will turn their humanitarian feelings, and revolution itself, against the people because the latter prefer dependence on leaders rather than being responsible for their freedom and intelligence.

If one high or low seeks a dream reality, you would merely be doing your own misery, your own wars, your own economic collapses guided by the contrast of true reality that Saturn rules.

The way to understand our current times, and adapt to them, the way to at least understand the blows coming to all of us if we cannot avoid them, is to understand Saturn’s tale of two-time realities. In Greek Mythology, Saturn is Chronos, Father Time. He moves the Wheel of the Zodiac, the Wheel of Dharma, the Wheel of Time.

There are two times. One that appears to move but goes “nowhere.” The other that is the eternal present that moves not and is ever “now here.” There is nowhere to go but here and now. Yet in the time that moves rapidly from birth to death, trying to get nowhere really fast, we are trained to forget the eternity of the moment. We move into egos, the competition of personalities. We call our borrowed habits us and create hubris. We become Sigmund Feud’s ID of IDentity of the IDiot moving the Wheel of Saturn’s time cycles because all idiots are under the illusion of being separate from the whole Cosmos in constant competition with it.

We believe we are these idiots and make ourselves suffer.

Real time does not move. Real time witnesses the spinning wheel of transitory time without expectations and regains the forgotten wisdom of an eternity-timelessness incarnate. This “Itness” is the invisible “axle” upon which the illusion of the Wheel of Time is fathered to spin and spin, around and around. When we are born into the world of the Wheel of Time, we come with the potential to remember at any moment this freedom of Consciousness and Love without a cause, because THAT is the axle Time of Eternity. We “are” it.

The Mystic Prophet, seeing this, living this, remembering, can watch the predictable ways the Wheel of Time repeats its misunderstanding making history appear to repeat itself in cycles of war-and-peace, hunger-and-satiety, or economically flush-to-flat cycles. Movement on the wheel of time can bring one back to the blissful no-movement, the invisible axle of witnessing.

Wheel of Time around THAT axle, riddle me this!
August begins with Saturn in Aquarius returning and ever tightening its malefic square with the Aquarian Ruler trapped in Taurus. The square defined the short-tempered intolerance and cancel culture of the year 2021. If the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction defined 2020 as the year of “Everyone shut down” Saturn’s square with Uranus defined 2021 as “Everybody shut up!” With the ruler Uranus of Aquarius in its Taurus detriment with “Reality” (Saturn) in Aquarius, expect those countries, primarily in the West, to deepen their misery by not seeing the Reality and wanting at all costs their false projections to go on ruling the word. Saturn sits on Aquarius’ throne at 90-degrees odds with Uranus the humanitarian, the revolutionary Uranus the ruler of sudden changes of insight, new ways to govern, think and invent. In the name of these virtues it will act opposite to them.

The European-centered world under this intolerant malefic influence cannot WILL NOT merely watch adapt and grow wise from the approaching end of a half-millennium of European-world dominance. The more they go to war and sanction to keep it, the faster it will collapse. The more they try to cut off Russia and Eurasia’s economies, their Pound and US dollar, and Euro will collapse.

They will cut off cheap Russian gas to spite their own people this autumn and winter thrown out into the cold. In the name of economic revolution the Green movement will deindustrialize Europe making it impossible to manufacture a Green-based new economy.

The Eurasian-African-South American two thirds of the world are rightfully using this square as a growing point, to dare make the difficult but necessary divorce at last, away from US-European Western, colonial, domination.

Brace in the West for a great economic crisis that can and will overturn many governments, see mass strikes and shutdowns. The powerful in the so-called democracies will make brazen attempts to suppress and overthrow their own constitutions and laws. For instance as the Saturn-Uranus square began to intensify the FBI raided a former president’s mansion, even cracking a safe. FBI at Mare-a-Largo, anyone?

The astrology of Everybody Shut Up! will see a real attempt to shut up and shut down political opponents from running in 2024 in October when Saturn moves in forward motion again. In this square the government has turned revolutionary forces against the people. A new kind of “shut the F! up!” banning, censoring and now arresting people high and low will come. The ruling party will attempt to manipulate the vote in the US Midterm election and deny a landslide of Americans rejecting those in power. It will be the worst abuse of the US Constitution ever seen in America’s history thus far. Moreover, the big Republican power shift presumes that the Democrats failures will be enough, but without a clear alternative to the Democrat Party agenda, what do you Dumbopublican leaders of the party have as a vision to replace them? So if there’s a muddled midterm, I see both party elites—Democrat by commission of their warped vision, Republican by omission of any clear alternative vision—is also in play, and it may keep the Senate with the Donkeys in Blue and perhaps a slimmer House win for the Dumbos in red.

[UPDATE, 09 November, the Day After
the US Midterm Election:]

I had a struggle with this prediction above, set down on 31 August 2022. I felt confused about it. Started thinking too much and not just let things be. And for the record I did indeed amend it in a few of my public media moments heading up to the election getting caught up in the “red wave” thinking. Well, there certainly was no wave. If anything, I got lost in my own Saturn-Uranus Squared moments, it is definitely bearing down hard on my Twelfth House Ascendant-Venus-Saturn conjunction! Beware ye of thy own hidden enemies that put doubts about something one never should do when making forecasts: Always follow your first intuition.

Never amend that. And the proof in the pudding mess of our era, is that the above prophetic passage seems to be turning out to be the accurate forecast that I started publicly contradicting and amending right after writing it. There wasn’t a Red Republican wave at all. Rather there was a significant early balloting Woke wave, if you wish, that had decided before debates were held a major vote on party lines

The “tight fist” metaphor, picturesque as it was, had no reality, unless, these wacky times might see the Republicans take both houses of Congress “without the red wave.) More on that in a moment:

Think of it as those in blue power from Oval Office to the floors of the House of Representatives and the Senate in a panic by 1 October, starting to squeeze that square for the next 10 days of exactitude as if it was in their hands tightening grip, tighter, tighter! Saturn is moving forward now, bringing a stark reality to them since 23 October slowly by degree. On the 23rd it already had a one-degree opening from exact square with Uranus. By election day itself it will make that two degrees! Watch then how the blue grip slips. The blue gripper’s brain still feels the vice of its grip still clutching, but the eyes betray Saturn’s reality. The fingers are releasing even though the blue brained FEEL the fist hasn’t relaxed.

If you think this is mere metaphor, try grasping your fist forever. In about 5 to 10 minutes of gripping, you’ll see for yourself the reality not matching the nerve endings telling your brain that the grip is still on. Your mind will keep gripping and you’ll feel the grip as you watch your hand relax on its own accord.

That is the surprise coming to Woke Washington DC Democrats in federal power, as well as key governor seats going red in swing states, at least two out of three of these.

There was no red wave, but at the time of this writing on the evening of 9 November 2022, neither blues or reds have won either the House or the Senate. Who gets a paper-thin majority in the Senate comes down to three seats. Republican Laxalt of Nevada has at the moment an 18,000-vote lead on Democrat Masto. Dem. Warnock of Georgia and GOP. Walker will do a recount in December. Warnock has a 35,000-vote lead over Walker. In Arizona Dem. Kelly has a 95,000-vote lead over GOP. Masters, but there’s still 30 percent of the ballots to count there.

Here’s my “first impressions.” Right or wrong, I won’t contradict them with second thoughts. Laxalt in Nevada will win US Senate seat “50” for the GOP. Kelly in Arizona is going to be senator of Arizona, that’s seat “49” for the Democrats. Once again, it is going to come down to a run-off election in Georgia that I predict Warnock will win. So the Democrats will get their seat number “50.”

Unless my dyslexia is blinding me seeing these three key elections counted right but if its GOP. Laxalt at seat 50, and Kelley-Warnock as Dem. seats 49 and 50, I predict a fixed-to-be tied US Senate!

Which makes the following phrase in my “contrary” pro-red wave prophecy begin to haunt me: Watch then how the blue grip slips.

The Republicans get the House and the Vice President Kamala Harris becomes President of the Senate who can’t break tie votes because Senator from West Virginia Joe Manchin will swing vote Republican.

[Assessment UPDATE 13 November 2022. Kelly has won his Arizona Senate seat, but Laxalt is losing to Democrat Masto. There will be a recount. So for now the Democrats have 50 seats. The outcome of the Alaska run-off either way will add a Republican in seat 50. The runoff election in Georgia on 6 December becomes more critical than ever. If either Republican Walker or incumbent Democrat Warnock win, no more tied Senate. [CORRECTON 22 November 2022: Walker can only tie up the US Senate, Warnock wins a 51-49] It goes to 51-49 and the Senate by the thinnest of margins squeaks to one or the other party. The margin will be equally thin in the House going Republican. I have NEVER seen America more polarized. I still hold that Warnock will win in the Georgia run-off, which adds a compounding prophetic riddle to the first riddle (Watch then how the blue grip slips), with the closing statement of my Wheel of Time prediction (So if there’s a muddled midterm, I see both party elites—Democrat by commission of their warped vision, Republican by omission of any clear alternative vision—is also in play, and it may keep the Senate with the Donkeys in Blue and perhaps a slimmer House win for the Dumbos in red) My prediction is that Warnock will give the US Senate to the Democrats. Now I return you to the predictions and commentaries I wrote back on 31 August:]

And what is set in motion by this square after it has lost its grip? Civil strife in the collective West will be unprecedented, especially in Europe as its leaders’ inability to talk, negotiate and adapt the Western world to the new Eurasian and Global South Reality, that abandons the Euro and the US dollar. They will have completely lost the war of sanctions and the ground war in Ukraine. They will rush into a new crisis over Taiwan, but the Taiwanese will rebel against Washington warmongers seeking a negotiated, long-term process of unification with China.

This is the nastiest square in Astrology. It breeds conflict between one’s conservative and radical tendencies. It opposes change at all costs and sees security suddenly vanish like someone turning the Russian gas off with the lights and warmth disappearing into darkness. Leaders act against a nation’s values with blind egoism and obstinance. As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will soon experience, they have few friends other than the false and the manipulative. They lack common sense and they can’t adapt to change.

They predict Russia losing, Putin overthrown, Ukraine winning the war, when in the next three months the Donbass will be liberated with Russian troops occupying Ukraine up the Dnieper River with all the former Oblasts (provinces) along the Black Sea Coast absorbed into Russia.

In the rough notes from early August outlining this article I wrote:

A FALSE RUSSIAN HOPE: Russia thinks it can win this war just fielding a peacetime army to do the fighting.

REALITY: A call-up of Russian Reserves is coming.

[UPDATE 27 October 2022: the Russians have since completed the mobilization of 300,000 reservists and an additional 80,000 volunteers. Signs are that the mobilization is continuing which might mean that this number is doubling with troops ready to spring out of their defensive lines during a Great Russian Winter Offensive in early December. Something big is definitely coming, but I wouldn’t expect a Russian breakout, as such until the final stages of the war. Back to what I wrote and published on 31 August:]

While the West falls into the economic abyss through its own self-destructiveness, watch carefully when the Ukrainian currency reaches a parity of value with the Russian Ruble. A sign of a better life and prosperity living in a ruble-dominant Russian world will see many Ukrainian provinces that aren’t even yet occupied, elect to join the Russian Federation in 2023. What is left of Ukraine by then will be a rump state around Kiev with Lvov and Western Ukraine eventually going back to Poland.

Uranus squared in this way equals sudden reversal of political fortunes, even a “sudden” widening war. Taiwan might be a further distraction, but again, I see Biden administration being undermined by the Taiwanese people on that front. A majority of the Taiwanese are not in favor of his forcing the issue with China through a war.

DATELINE: 11 September 2022

Poroshenko National Guard, June 2016 in “happier” times. The pre-24 February 2022 army has mostly been either killed, wounded, or captured. © Creative Commons.

Poroshenko National Guard, June 2016 in “happier” times. The pre-24 February 2022 army has mostly been either killed, wounded, or captured. © Creative Commons.


A Blind March of Insanity and Folly
As August Faded into September

For months now, we’ve heard rumors incessantly drummed into our heads by the Western Media and from in Kiev that a major Ukrainian offensive was being prepared to explode on the scene and push the Russians off their bridgehead on the Dnieper River in Kherson Oblast (province) in South Ukraine no later than the second half of August. We heard of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers being trained in the United Kingdom sent back with only a mere three-weeks of basic combat training to swell the ranks shoulder-to-shoulder with scarcely trained territorial units and whatever half-destroyed veteran units could be scraped together from a long war of attrition fought along the Donbass entrenched front with the Russians.

The lack of days left in August pressed heavily on the Zelensky government that is basically made of TV people, actors and producers. They promised us a big show, the optics of Ukrainians turning the tide in August. Stay tuned folks! It’s coming. The BIG PUSH that would kick the Russians out of Kherson, then out of Crimea! We’re on Tom Cruise control to Top Gun the Ruskies flying into the “danger zone”! (Even though we have nary a jet and helicopter air force left flying.)

Not to worry, in our Hollywood fantasy world, a handful of Ukrainian knights led by Gandalf riding Shadowfax the great white horse can scatter a million Russian “Orcs.”

If you believe you can fly on cocaine, without wings, like the Ukrainian President does every night, well… You get damned sick of your buzz kill clutch of Ukrainian generals lead by Valerii Zaluzhnyi who just rain on your white powder, snortin’ parade.

If there is ever a consistent wag the dog-gone way the Zelensky reality show will go, then the number one priority is OPTICS, good ones. This offensive will turn the TV news back on to Ukraine as people grow tired and weary of the months of grinding war going no good “where” for Ukraine after emptying NATO’s surplus military arsenals to keep it from losing, or worse, the EU and NATO leaders losing face for supporting it. That optic can’t happen and the NATO-EU elites are ready in Europe to run their civilization into the ground first before admitting this proxy and economic world war with Russia is lost. Time to negotiate.

No! Over 1,000 years of European civilization’s dead body!

No more “buck up” Mr. Zelensky, it’s show time. NATO even rolled in Bo-Jo Prime Minster clown, Boris Johnson to play pretend Winston Churchill’s bastard and dumber brother one more time before he lumbers off forever out of power at Number 10 Downing Street. He made his pilgrimage to Kiev and ordered up the offensive NOW! Show the West that the Ukrainians can seize back the initiative, or… who knows what will happen to their support of Ukraine’s future existence and Mr. Zelensky’s coke habit.

And so the Great Kherson Offensive began AT LAST, before August was as dead as a history book. The offensive rolled into Russian drone and binocular view along a wide front. Hundreds of tanks and armored personnel carriers emerged from the Ukrainian lines out of a strategic reserve force claimed to number 30,000 Ukrainians. The infantry supporting the armor huddled like sheep behind several hundred precious few remaining armored vehicles and un-mothballed and out-of-date NATO tanks still standing. The force spread out upon the fruited Ukrainian flat-as-a-pancake steppe with hardly a Ukrainian artillery gun firing a token shot to cover their advance. Maybe there were several helicopters and Ukrainian fighter bombers left to cover the advance toward Russian lines over which flew an umbrella of protection, an air force of hundreds of Russian jets, and helicopters and an aerospace force poised to launch hundreds of missiles.

I saw Ukrainian tanks rolling out of their staging areas towards the Russians. Their comrades standing by parked tanks, mostly Polish T72 Soviet era in origin, along the roadside, waved and cheered the Ukrainians off, some taking cellphone movies. All these brave, well-armed and happy men with their blue and yellow arm patches over earth-colored camouflage and helmets, were advancing at last out of months in static trench lines.

Then it came to me.

I was watching thousands of men getting in line and rolling away in their armored columns set to be ghosted in the next 48 hours.

Not only rendered ghosts departing their shattered bodies forever by the thousands, but equally ghosted by a US and Western media that cannot bear to explain REALITY to their teaming millions of viewers nursed on the milk and honey of their fantasies and lies.

I imagine the Russians watching the Ukrainian advance must have marveled at this blind courage of fools. The Russians regarded a terrifyingly fruitless gesture no less magnificent and strategically stupid than what the US Marines and Army soldiers faced when fighting the Japanese in the Second World War. I’m thinking of what eventually happened at every island-hopping battle at Saipan, then Iwo Jima, and at last Okinawa. After weeks of slow and violent grinding down of the Japanese holed up in their claustrophobic caves and bunkers, the defenders finally emerged and amassed in the open for a ceremonial Samurai “Lemming” run to the slaughter. They charged screaming “Bonsai!!” into a hailstorm of US artillery barrages, Navy ship gun and air force bombing. Those few left standing reaching the US lines were piled in heaps before American 50 caliber machine gun nests. The Japanese charge would see 15 to 20 men cut down to just to get at and kill or wound one American.

And always after these Bonsai/Kamikaze human wave attacks grounded and gored themselves out, the American’s dared allow themselves a feeling of relief anticipating rightly that each wasteful, fanatical Bonsai charge left the Japanese hard-to-crack underground defenses easier to secure once the nuts popped out into the open and were crushed.

When it all started in the last two days of August, Western media rang loud and hard announcing the great Ukrainian offensive had begun, like this was going to be a reprise of Allied troops landing on the beaches of Normandy in 1944.

Then there was silence.

Time to redirect audience somewhere else. Go back to that old standard distraction, stories feeding Trump Derangement Syndrome, like the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid, and report and get your talking heads experts bobbing and babbling about other more midterm American election madness.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense the second day of the Kherson offensive announced they would not be giving daily reports during this offensive or mentioning towns and territories liberated from the Russians. Suddenly the spin-doctors around Zelensky, like his chief propaganda minister Oleksiy Arestovych, were cautioning people not to expect great gains in a lightning war of liberation, like they had been promised for months up to now.

They memory holed the human wave attacks. Prepare ye for Ukraine’s slow grind to ultimate victory and, Oh! don’t worry. We will achieve all our previously impossible goals like eventually taking back ALL the territory Russia has occupied since the Russians took Crimea in 2014.

Be patient, my dear sheeple.

I started hearing from Ukraine propagandist sources something that also hadn’t escaped many of my accurate sources, like Scott Ritter, and the Greeks of The Duran. What I was hearing explained by Ukrainian leadership was that some “parity” has finally been achieved with the Russians. That Kiev’s human waves, charging over open ground, being blown to bits by an endless supply of thousands of Russian artillery rounds each day would, in the end, find the Russians running out of artillery shells long before the Ukrainians ran out of men—the cannon fodder—to feed them.


Because, in the end, when the Russians expel on average 70,000 artillery shells spent per day in Ukraine, they have got to run out of shells, and soon, right? They must run out before Ukraine runs out of men to feed the hungry Russian guns.

At the dawn of the 30th of August 2022, the second day of the offensive, thousands of Ukrainian civilians were lining up at the hospitals across Nikolaev and Odessa heeding the request to give blood to the tens fo thousands of wounded choking the makeshift triage areas like this was Scarlet O’Hara’s moment in the movie Gone With the Wind. There she is, in her faded red and pretty summer dress, stepping over the tracks in the train yard where the Confederate wounded covered the earth, waiting for water and medical assistance. Our eye follows that red dress and large, yellow straw hat in the camera’s frame as the crane shot pulls up and away to reveal a great gray and blood-soaked human mass of needless suffering lying in agony on red Georgia soil waiting for assistance.

Now there’s some Hollywood optics!

Maybe Zelensky can go black face as a slave attending his propaganda minister Arestovych in drag playing Scarlett O’Hara. I imagine he could lift his skirts so daintily to tiptoe over the Ukrainian wounded crowding the halls of hospitals in Odessa, Nikolaev and Zelensky’s hometown of Krivoy Rog. The men might be in different uniforms from different times, but the video below reenacting the field of crying and moaning human wreckage in the Battle of Atlanta in July 1864 is a reality that now also crowds the hospitals of Southern Ukraine in late August 2022, and I’m hearing from Military Summary Channel that more cars and ambulances are being called to move the wounded out of the war zone as far as Poland to make room for what is expected to be many more wounded men piled in the hospitals either screaming or in a wounded torpor, waiting for medical assistance and blood transfusions.


Here is the iconic scene from Gone With the Wind:

Here is the iconic scene from Gone With the Wind:

The MSM, Ukrainian government and military have surrendered the media war to the Russians at this “great moment” of at last going on the offensive, and the stilled then stunned aftermath of pathetic excuses speaks volumes to anyone who has honed their instincts to read “what isn’t told you” in the media when the fantasy theme is something disastrously slipping off the kitchen table with a heart-stopping crash. After six months of checking the reports of the Russian Ministry of Defense, they might not report a Russian setback, that I eventually uncover. However I can confirm that they do accurately report in detail on Ukrainian military losses naming the units rendered combat ineffective, or gored by daily and nightly, 70,000 rounds of artillery pounding per 24-hour period along the entire front. Moreover, since May, the Ukrainian government hasn’t been able to stop its own men gathering before video cameras making pleas to stop slaughtering them like cattle, stuck in their holes, or explain why their nerves are shell shocked in a severity and in numbers not seen since the Western Front of the First World War. At least back then troops got cycled in and out of trenches, but not Ukrainians under days, weeks of Russian artillery fire with no respite, no time to retreat and rest from it. Those who aren’t dead or carried out crippled are already psychologically wounded for life.

It is all true, and I have been reporting and sourcing these Ukrainians soldiers backing up what Moscow is daily reporting about their dire straits. There are hundreds of these videos out there, but you will hardly find them on YouTube. You can find them on Telegram.

The comic turned Ukrainian president responds to this by sending more men to the slaughter, enforcing call-ups of all men between age 16 to 70, asking the Poles to arrest and send back some of the millions of draft age male and even female Ukrainian refugees escaping the meatgrinder. The women I am told will soon face mass call ups inside Ukraine.

Now, in Kherson, the Ukrainians are going on the offensive without air or artillery superiority and in the initial first three days of “offending” military wisdom, they have lost at least 2,000 killed and 6,000 wounded with a great loss of military hardware, tanks, APCs, transport trucks, along with the many civilian cars and trucks they’ve mounted guns upon, Mad-Max-movies style, to replace the original array of 3,500 Ukrainian tanks with a few thousand more NATO surplus cast off tanks, they’ve already rolled out for Russian destruction.

This NATO proxy war, thanks to all the NATO nations stripping their arsenals bare of Soviet era tanks end their days on the Ukrainian battlefields blazing, turretless from the ammo explosions, the chassis stuck in the black Ukrainian earth.

Some of my sources like Alexander Mercouris, believe the offensive is winding down because of the enormity of the losses. Being a rational man he can’t believe people can keep doing such insane things like the Ukrainian leadership does, gambling that their human numbers will outlive the ability of the Russians to kill them with more and more artillery shells. The irrational mind will put its faith in a blind hope that the Russians will magically exhaust their artillery stores and that the surviving Ukrainians left standing over the heaped mass graves of hundreds of thousands of their brethren, will then be able to take everything back from the Russians, including the Donbass and Crimea.

Note this Russian infra-red footage filmed in early September during further Kherson campaign advances. Watch the line of advancing Ukrainian soldiers glowing with whitish heat signatures on a wide open field, running and diving for cover with only waist-high grass for protection under large artillery explosions, then picking themselves up again to advance in lesser numbers under even more brutal Russian artillery barrages as the gunners get their range: Ukrainian charge.

I must respectfully remind Alexander Mercouris and all of you that Ukraine’s government has been overtaken by a fever of irrationality like Germany’s government was in the Second World War, and by fanatical old-school Ukrainian Nazis no less, pulling the strings.

Nazis are irrational. If not total victory achieved, they expect total destruction of themselves and their nation. When I publish Hitler’s prophetic musings from his private conversations in a forthcoming book, you will hear him telling his generals before he started World War II exactly that: total victory for Germany, or the death of Germany to the last man and woman.

This variation of a Nazi SS flag is used by various Ukrainian Nazi units such as Dnipro I and II, Aidar, Cracken and of course the Azov brigades. @Creative Commons.

This variation of a Nazi SS flag is used by various Ukrainian Nazi units such as Dnipro I and II, Aidar, Cracken and of course the Azov brigades. @Creative Commons.

The Nazis are back and they are Ukrainians in this new “World War cycle.” They have no reverse gear, as Alexander Mercouris often and rightfully reminds us, but even he, a sane man, can’t countenance what I see coming. These offensives will spread along the front lines from Kherson to the northern front around Kharkov, and by Ukrainian orders this March of Folly will kill Ukrainians at a rate not seen yet in this war.

Even the extremely pro-Ukrainian Washington Post had to publish the very alarming realities the Ukrainian wounded soldiers confessed in an article, entitled Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers reveal steep toll of Kherson offensive by John Hudson, 7 September 2022.

The soldiers said to the Washington Post that “they lacked the artillery needed to dislodge Russia’s entrenched forces and described a yawning technology gap with their better-equipped adversaries…

“‘They used everything on us,’ said Denys, a 33-year-old Ukrainian soldier whose unit fell back from a Russian-held village after a lengthy barrage of cluster bombs, phosphorous munitions and mortars. ‘Who can survive an attack for five hours like that?’” he rhetorically asked.

“We lost five people for every one they did,” confessed Ihor, a 30-year-old Ukrainian platoon commander, he injured his back when the tank he was riding in crashed into a ditch. Another injured soldier said that Russia’s Orlan drones exposed Ukrainian positions from more than a kilometer above their heads. They never heard the buzz of the aircraft tracking their movements.

A wounded Ukrainian soldier named Serhii, 30, recovering at a medical facility in southern Ukraine, said, “Russian tanks emerged from newly built cement fortifications to blast infantry with large-caliber artillery. The vehicles would then shrink back beneath the concrete shelters, shielded from mortar and rocket fire.”

The Russians possessed advanced counter-battery radar systems. These could automatically detect and zero in on Ukrainians “who were targeting the Russians with projectiles, unleashing a barrage of artillery fire in response.

“Russian hacking tools hijacked the drones of Ukrainian operators, who saw their aircraft drift away helplessly behind enemy lines.”

Another soldier who lost his arm in the Kherson offensive said “[The Russians] were just hitting us all the time. If we fire three mortars, they fire 20 in return.”

Many of the soldiers admitted that they had to carefully ration their use of munitions but even when they did fire, they had trouble hitting targets. Often the coordinates were off because the equipment they used dated back to the last Cold War, in 1989.

The Wapo article related that “Russian electronic warfare also posed a constant threat. Soldiers described ending their shifts and turning on their phones to call or text family members—a decision that immediately drew Russian artillery fire.

“‘When we turn on mobile phones or radio, they can recognize our presence immediately,’ said Denys. ‘And then the shooting starts.’”

A number of the wounded soldiers interviewed spoke of the devastation of their company units, of which almost were all killed and wounded. Even the cheerleading Washington Post had to consult Rob Lee, a military analyst at the Foreign Policy Research Institute about it. He said, “Ukraine must make sure it retains a fighting force large enough to fend off Russian advances in the east, given Moscow’s far larger armed forces.

“‘If they’re taking heavy casualties and it continues for a long period of time, it can be a problem,’ Lee said.

But there is good news for the Ukrainians. These disaster offensives in Kherson were followed by Zelensky finally listening to his generals, who advised him to start an offensive up north in Kharkov where the terrain is favorable and the Russian picket forces around Izyum, thin. What then happened changed the whole nature and tempo of this war!

DATELINE: 09 September 2022



Top: Ukraine claims this shows its soldiers hoisting the flag over Vysokopillya, in the Kherson region, on Sunday 4 September 2022. Bottom: the official flag raising photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal on top of Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, 23 February 1945. This copy also contains the signatures of surviving flag raisers Keller Rockey and Harry B. Liversedge. Source USMC Archives from Quantico, USA, © Creative Commons.


The Flag Raising on Mt. Suribachi and the Flag Raising on a Roof at Vysokonillya? There are famous flag raisings that are earned with toil and blood. There are other flag raisings unearned that end with toil and blood

There are moments where “optics” define an era, such as Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photo taken the moment six Marines hoisted the American flag tied to a rummaged Japanese steel pipe as makeshift flag pole atop Iwo Jima’s Mt. Suribachi volcano caldera on 23 February 1945. The US Navy fleet floating all around the island began hooting their horns at the sight. This was the first victorious step in taking the island in one of the most vicious and bloody island battles of the Pacific Theater fought by the Americans and the Japanese in World War II.

Rosenthal’s photo, perhaps the most famous picture from the conflict, would be the only photo to win a Pulitzer Prize. It’s almost too perfect to believe, like it has been staged. Fortunately for the photographer, beside him was a Marine camera team capturing the same exact moment his camera framed proving it was not staged at all.

The hell-on-earth battle for “Sulfur Island” (Iwo Jima in Japanese) was only beginning. The famous second and larger flag Rosenthal photographed and others filmed happened on Day Four of a battle that lasted one month and one week. It would kill 6,862 and wound 19,709 US Marines, army soldiers and US Navy sailors, that’s 27,071 total casualties for the 110,000 members of the US assault force—a little over one in four killed or wounded.

The Japanese garrison of 21,000 suffered 18,375 killed, 215 captured with 3,000 holdouts continuing the fight, most of which, around 2,000, would surrender in a few months. Of the six Marines in the photograph, three would later be killed. It was later determined that one of the killed in action, Harlon Block was misidentified as Henry Hansen. Both were killed in combat six days after the flag raising. The three surviving flag raisers became celebrities traveling across the United States speaking at drives to raise US War Bonds to pay for the war.


On 4 September 2022, during the Kherson offensive, a photo was taken (depicted above) of Ukrainian soldiers tying the Ukrainian flag atop the highest roof in the village of Vysokopillya for all to see. It was posted the following day on Facebook by Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of President Zelensky’s office. Samuel Ramani, an associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies also posting it, said on Twitter that the flag was raised on a hospital roof in the village.

President Zelensky said Ukrainian forces had recaptured two “population centers” in Kherson, one of which would have been Vysokopillya, which before the war was inhabited by 4,000 people.

“Ukrainian flags are returning to the places where they should be,” Zelensky said in a video address.

The Washington Post reported that “A group of Washington Post journalists who traveled within three miles of Vysokopillya, in northern Kherson” the day after the flag raising, but “were prevented from entering the village by Ukrainian troops and could not ascertain its status. A local official said Ukrainian and Russian forces were still battling for control.” Actually this would have been Russian allies of the Russian Armed forces of the Donetsk militia.

Alexander Mercouris related that Zelensky’s “spin doctor” TV propagandist Oleksy Arestovich came out saying the Ukrainian made significant gains in several offensives in Kherson and Donbass regions but as usual never gave specifics. Mercouris had seen Ukrainian soldiers in the empty streets of Vysokopillya in the southern Donbass region being interviewed by Ukrainian television crews making the appearances of a “successful Ukrainian attack.”

Mercouris afterwards collected a lot more information about the “town” in question taking looks at it from satellite shots as being a significant only in that it is a very small village. It looked uninhabited, backing up reports Mercouris got from the Russian side that said the “village is completely deserted.”

“Nobody actually lives there anymore,” reported Mercouris, “all its inhabitants have fled. Moreover this village was never under Russian control…it was [located] in what the Russian’s and their Donbass allies refer to as The Gray Zone [i.e. a No Man’s Land], areas between the two sides which nobody controls in which nobody fully occupies. Sometimes fighting takes place there but overall these places in the Gray Zone are either contested or unoccupied by either of the two armies.”

Mercouris thus concluded that, “what appears to have happened is that the Ukrainians, in order to perform what I can only describe as a stunt, sent a small number of men to this deserted village, deserted both by its inhabitants and unoccupied [by the enemy] and they raised the Ukrainian flag there. And then its seems that they immediately retreated back to their own lines.”

Not before getting their TV close up in an interview, I might add.

Mercouris then reminded us of the several bloody misadventures of Ukrainians trying to retake Snakes Island in the Black Sea. Neither side occupies this little piece of rock since both sides can blast it with land-based artillery (Ukrainian) or sea based Russian guns, missiles and fighter bombers. The Ukrainians tried to occupy it suffering great losses of men, speed boats and helicopters, but were forced to retreat yet not before they photographed themselves planting the Ukrainian flag upon the island. They’ve seemed to have repeated the farcical optics of flag planting at the no-man’s land ghost town that is Vysokopillya.

Their little optics stunt was not successfully prosecuted without cost. “Because it seems that the Donetsk militia,” explained Mercouris, “dominate the area around this village. They are located in heights near this village, a wooded area and they have their artillery there. And of course they detected the movement of these Ukrainian groups as they were raising their flag, and somehow or other, they had shelled or shot at these troops, presumably as they were withdrawing, and there are now television pictures that show two of these Ukrainian soldiers were killed—I have seen these pictures,” Mercouris added. “SO! What was a publicity stunt resulted in the deaths of these two men.”

Mercouris paused for a moment and then concluded, “Now, that suggests to me… Again, that at least for part of the Ukrainian ‘high command’ this war is being conducted increasingly as a PR exercise—an exercise giving the impression that progress is made even when, more often than not, it is not being made.”


At least at Iwo Jima, the American Marines really did take Mt. Suribachi away from the Japanese in hard fighting. Iwo Jima’s airfields would soon be rebuilt and save thousands of American airmen as an emergency landing field for damaged B-29 Stratofortress bombers returning from raids on Japan that were too damaged to make it all the way back to their airbase on the Marianas Island of Tinian. The island taken by the Americans saved many crews from having to splash down and often become lost at sea.

As I pointed out in the previous article, the Ukrainian Offensives were more for showing the US and NATO arms suppliers and trainers of the Ukrainian Army that they could gain back some territory and “show” off some kind of positive results, even though the loss of life and wounding of Ukrainian forces may have exceeded the casualties the US forces suffered on and around the waters of Iwo Jima that numbered more than 27,000. That’s just the initial Ukrainian offensive starting in Kherson region at the end of August. Further Kherson and Kharkov pushes in September through to the end of October possibly added to that 27,000 exceeding Iwo’s total casualty butcher’s bill of 45,000, killed, wounded and missing.

DATELINE: 18 August 2022


Say Witnesses inside the Country
Relating Stories of the Incredible Corruption
Ending All Chance of Ukraine Winning this War

Grayzone has published American Journalist Lindsey Snell and veteran cameraman Cory Popp’s account and it is a must read because I doubt you will find it anywhere in other media outlets. You will also find that Snell and Popp’s reports make these two one of the few journalists who just don’t go to the war on the Ukrainian side aping the Ukrainian propaganda, but expose how the Zelensky regime is at the top of the pyramid of the country’s culture of corruption.

Because of this pilfering of resources the Ukrainians soldiers, are under-supplied, immobilized, hungry, and fighting often without body armor, because it was sold to the highest bidder on the black market, Ukrainians are dying five-to-10 for one Russian! The Ukrainian army is more numerous than the Russian. The Russians, however, have in this Special Military Operation redefined the rules of a war of attrition. They are not fighting this war on the clock. They don’t care if it takes a year or two. Because the Ukrainian leadership has stupidly surrendered the battlefield initiative by trying to hold every handful of earth, without any power to strategically maneuver. The Russians, therefore, stand back, roll up their endless supply of missiles and artillery rounds and shell Ukrainian trenches and bunkers day and night, sometimes killing 60 percent of the dug-in units. Shell shocked survivors retreating from this living hell often say they never even saw a Russian soldier in combat. Others saw them and their armor systematically flush the trenches with a carpet bombing of their TOSS 1 thermobaric rockets, laying down literally a wall of fire that sets the air in deep trenches and bunkers on fire.

You will see in a selection of interviews in this article that these men have another enemy behind their backs. It is corruption from their own government and society. It is placing every Ukrainian soldier into harm’s way, fighting a mighty military often having to pay their way in bribes to get to the trenches where they get slaughtered. See: Dead Ukrainian soldiers that failed to escape a Russian artillery barrage. Advancing Russians made this video as they pass the remains of Ukrainians sprawled on the grass (Warning! Do not watch if you are too sensitive). It makes me weep for brave men who are so poorly cared for and poorly lead in a war long ago lost going toe-to-toe with a military superpower, and as I foresee in the coming months that Russian superpower hasn’t even begun to unleash what it can do yet!

[UPDATE 3 October 2022. The rules of Russian engagement will dramatically change as a limited mobilization of 300,000 extra troops will now give the Russians the numerical advantage to roll over these trenches, breakthrough and encircle the entrenched Ukrainians as early as the mud season solidifies with the coming snow around Mid-December at the earliest. Back to the 18 August report:]

Snell is a journalist covering conflict and crises in the Middle East and North Africa, especially in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Tunisia. Popp is a director, DP and camera operator whose work has appeared at HBO, Discovery, Travel Channel, National Geographic, TLC, MTV, Animal Planet, Fox Sports and PBS.

Here’s some excerpts from the Grayzone article. The two American journalists traveled across Ukraine documenting many witnesses. They even spoke to American medical people and a US serviceman fighting with the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine.

Most of the names have been changed (I put these in quotation marks) to protect the innocent from the guilty in the Ukrainian government that might take retribution.

There’s “Ivan” a Ukrainian veteran soldier, in the fight since 2014. He stands alongside his smoking car riddled with fresh bullet holes. “‘The turbocharger died in my car,’ he said, panning his phone toward the front of the vehicle. ‘My commander says I should pay to repair it myself. So to use my own car in the war, I need to buy a new turbocharger with my own money.’”

He later admitted that “We, the Ukrainian soldiers, have nothing… The things the soldiers have been given to use in the war came directly from volunteers. The aid that goes to our government will never reach us.”

There is “Illya,” a 23-year-old Ukrainian soldier from Kiev: “If I had known how much deception there was in this army, and how everything would be for us, I never would have joined,” he said. “I want to go home, but if I flee, I face prison.”

There is the US doctor Samantha Morris (her real name), part of a team of medical professionals from the United States come to train medics in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Sumy listing more acts of theft and corruption that she could even count: “‘The lead doctor at the military base in Sumy has ordered medical supplies from and for the military at different points in time, and he has had 15 trucks of supplies completely disappear,’ she said. Snell added that ‘the military first aid kits [Morris] had intended to give to soldiers once they graduated her training program were stolen. She saw the same kits for sale at a local market days later.”

Snell packs her article with many more of these jaw dropping stories of graft and cruel disregard for the brave Ukrainian soldiers, none of which are new for me. It is endemic. I’ve already wrote in my summer eMagazine article thread how Ukrainian troops are sent into combat with AK-47s with only 16 or 30 rounds in them. But these testimonies make it clear that many a brave Ukrainian solder, as brave as any Russian they fight, find even their bullets to defend themselves and win this war are stolen and sold on the black market.

Here are more outrages of Ukrainian corruption. This one reported by RT comes from Ukraine’s anti-corruption agency NABU. It isn’t the planet where Jar Jar Binks and Princess Amidala of Star Wars fame resided, it is a wing of the SBU, the nation’s successor to the Russian Soviet KGB since independence in 1991. The city of Zaporozhye, capital of the Oblast of Zaporozhye, the latter mostly now under Russian control, is a major supply hub to the Ukrainian eastern Donbass and southern Zaporozhye and Kherson fronts. NABU made a major raid on Ukrainian officials in the city who have allegedly stolen massive amounts of humanitarian aid. RT reports that “the raids targeted the Kiev-appointed administration and members of the city council, according to the SBU and NABU. The agencies also reported confiscating what they believe to be narcotics and illegal firearms while searching the premises.”

A more detailed account than the nebulous official government statement came from Ukrainian public figure Evgeny Shevchenko, known by local media as an “unpaid agent for the NABU, to which the agency confirms he has worked with them.

“According to his post on Facebook,” said RT, “the suspected grifters made off with “almost all humanitarian aid” sent to the region, selling the goods through local retail chains. The total volume of what was stolen amounts to 22 sea transport containers, 389 freight train cars and 220 trucks, Shevchenko claimed.” The activist further named several senior officials in the Zaporozhye region as suspects “and shamed them for posing as Ukrainian patriots while profiting at the expense of the country.”

A year before Shevchenko was himself arrested on allegations of being involved with an illegal militia. This came shortly after Shevchenko accused the office of President Vladimir Zelensky “of derailing an intelligence operation aimed at luring a group of Russian security contractors to Ukraine and detaining them.”

Shevchenko thinks his arrest was Zelensky’s chief-of-staff, Andrey Ermak taking his revenge. In his Facebook post about the raids across Zaporoshye region he tied the suspects of mass corruption directly to appointed officials of President Zelensky and Ermak.

As the old Russian proverb states, “The fish always begins rotting first from the head.” The “heads” of government, including President Zelensky are rotten. For instance, it is said he enhanced his $40,000 a year salary as President of Ukraine with hundreds of millions of ill-gotten gains, making a profit off his own country, his own people and the men dying for it. If the rot is at the top, the end of Ukraine as we’ve known it, perhaps as even a political identity, has already started at the top and will leave the concept of Ukraine politically at least, just as meatless as the bones of a fish.

What’s done in Vegas “doesn’t” stay in Ukraine.

There has been a vast NATO weapons sale on the Dark Net of a plethora of weapons sent to Ukraine. RT reports that “The Ukrainian traders claim to offer not just small arms or body armor there, but also such sophisticated hardware as Javelin and NLAW anti-tank systems or Phoenix Ghost and Switchblade explosive drones.”

RT contacted one of the Dark Web sellers by agreeing to purchase for a price of $4,000 “a Phoenix Ghost loitering munition, which had been developed by the US especially for needs of the Ukrainian Military… Complete reading this article and get full access to all 18 articles by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 18 August 2022

Humanitarian aid from outside of Ukraine often never gets to the people who really need it in Ukraine. Humanitarian aid from outside of Ukraine often never gets to the people who really need it in Ukraine. © Creative Commons.

Humanitarian aid from outside of Ukraine often never gets to the people who really need it in Ukraine. © Creative Commons.

Part Two:

Say Witnesses inside the Country
Relating Stories of the Incredible Corruption
Ending All Chance of Ukraine Winning this War

The undercover reporters were also offered an expansive selection of old Russian- and Soviet-made arms, including AK-47 rifles, handguns, grenades and sniper rifles. You could also purchase British-made NLAW anti-tanks systems for a relative pittance on the Dark Net for $15,000. Doing a legal transaction might cost you $30,000 to $40,000…! Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 August 2022


Daria Dugina (right) with her father, Russian Nationalist philosopher Alexander Dugin.


Time for a Factual Debunking of a New Conspiracy Theory
About yet another Real Victim crossed off a Global Hit List including 80,000 People, targeted by the not-so-Secret Ukrainian Secret Service that allows its Publication—Call this State Sanctioned Terrorism anyone?

Right after the funeral of Dugina a new conspiracy theory spread. Like most conspiracies, so I contend, it was born from early accounts getting the bombing details wrong. Rather than check updates, conspiracy buffs just ran through grabbing fragmentary data they perhaps unconsciously wanted to find. The funeral, honoring Russian Orthodox tradition had an open coffin with Dugina’s corpse from head to lower chest showing, and her face undamaged. Now then, with a car set ablaze hotter than a crematorium, and RT reporting her burnt body was pulled out of the flaming wreck, how could there be anything left of Dugina to have an open coffin funeral, the face untouched…? Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 11 September 2022


President Zelensky on day-trip visiting Izyum on 14 September 2022, recently retaken by Ukrainian forces after the Russian Army made an orderly withdrawal to strong defensive lines. This is one of several photos shared by Zelensky on social media about his “victory” trip there. The soldier directly behind him on guard displays on his flak vest the SS Totenkopf “Death’s Head” symbol. It comes from the Nazi elite Waffen-SS Division fighting on the Eastern Front during World War II. The Death’s Head division lived up to its totem, committing many atrocities and crimes against humanity. Detachments of SS-Totenkopf also guarded Nazi death camps. This popular symbol of racist hatred is worn by neo-Nazis and white supremacists around the world. Such a strange world we live in these days when Nazi’s guard a Jewish born, ethnic Russian Ukrainian President. They guard him now, the actor, the puppet Jewish President as long as he’s useful, but what about later?


How His “Reality” Show Government
Could Have its Plug Pulled “Howard Beal Style”
Because of Mad Mouthings and Bad Ratings

President Zelensky didn’t start as a respected news anchor becoming a prophetic clown. He was a comic, a Ukrainian clown that played a respected president of Ukraine in a hit TV show called Servant of the People. The show ratings were so successful that Oligarch Ukrainian billionaire Kolomoisky invested in moving his show, the entire cast and his producers, directors and writers, off the TV stage and into the “real” Ukrainian Palace of the President. With Kolomoisky’s money and campaign hype, Zelensky was elected president of the Ukrainian people… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 10 October 2022



Left and right: King Pyrrhus of Epirus (born c. 319 BC) replying to his officers congratulating him on winning yet again another in a string of costly victories in his attempted conquest of Rome. Victory? Yes! The kind that gains territory at the expense of bleeding out your army. Bottom: Ukrainian soldier giving first aid to a severely wounded comrade.

If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined.


Against Ukraine’s “Victorious” Offensives
And Advances of September into October

An exodus of thousands of Russian Ukrainians followed the retreating territorial guard forces and Russian forces northwards into Russia proper. Yet many could not escape and thus people who hoped to be returned to the Russian motherland, as was Ukraine for centuries being an equal part of that motherland, they now found themselves under the control of forces and a government in Kiev that since 2014 had turned extreme nationalist, defining Ukrainians as those who were the pure type from Western Ukraine and not the tainted type of Russian Slavs “who had Mongolian blood” impurifying their veins, as I’ve heard many a Nazi Ukrainian soldier and commander confess on videos and documentaries that they themselves produced.

In this war, when the Russians occupied Russian-speaking lands they offered food and help to the citizens. When the Slav-white-supremacist Ukrainians “liberate” from Russia their lands, and territories, they don’t hand out bread, they hand out orders to appear before tribunals, get beaten, get shot for helping or collaborating with the Russians. The Russians offered their hand of help to even “pure” Ukrainians who stayed behind. Indeed many of these pure Ukrainians without family ties to Russian Ukrainians chose to stay in the new Russian-controlled Ukrainian lands in which they were born and lived, like around Izyum. You never hear Kiev official announcements say they are taking back territories “and” liberating their people under Russian occupation. Zelensky will constantly say when Ukrainian flags are hoisted on reoccupied territories that “Ukrainian flags now fly where they should be.”

Flags, territories, are OK, but not the people living there. Zelensky even before the war in speeches said that if Russian Ukrainians don’t like what’s going on in Ukraine “they should leave!”

I’ve tracked thousands of hours of videos and documentation, names given, stories told, especially Patrick Lancaster’s documentation over eight-and-a-half years of this war. It is a damning testimony I’ve heard too many times from 2014 to the present what Russian Ukrainians share that falls into these general points: “I never thought of myself being anything but Ukrainian, until this war started, and I was told by my own government in Kiev that my Russian language was banned and I was not wanted in this, my country. And then they started killing us. They want the land, not us. They hate us literally to death. If they can’t flush us out, they wipe us out!…?” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 15 October 2022



Just as Saturn and Uranus Square
His Midheaven, Jupiter-Venus Opposition
And True North Node!

We’ll start with Venus. It is in Putin’s First House position where it excels in social expression, the romantic pursuits. It implies that Vladimir Putin could be polyamorous at times. He did stay married to his wife for a long time. I have no doubt that he has had and still has at 70 plus, discrete love affairs. The Libran with this Venus-balanced-Jupiter optimistic and idealistic opposition makes him very attractive to the ladies. I would say he is less romantically obsessed and would strive for higher ideals in a love relationship, even unto the abstract. For instance, his love for Russia is truly deep and patriotic, and he has followed his high sense of that ideal with the pedantry of his fundamental career, being a KGB lawyer (not a spy master as so many in the West falsely believe) to present any move he makes based on legal viability “to a fault.” Whatever international moves he makes, Russia’s president would meticulously present his arguments as being legal according to international law, such as how Russia interprets the United Nation’s Charter.

I say “to a fault” because his being a stickler to every military move being legally sound is not always the right way to fight a war. His top generals have been pleading with him since June to do a partial or full mobilization because the Russian forces were undermanned, in a war with the Ukrainian army that was three times the Russian forces engaged. But no, stay the course with the SMO, do a variation of what Russia did throughout the long slog and frustrations but to patient, ultimate success of Russian operations in Syria during the Siege of Aleppo. The Russian army pussy footing about in Ukraine, careful not to harm civilian infrastructure, civilian lives, trains, cellphone and telecommunications all gave a larger, though lesser competent, Ukrainian army advantage, even though it sided well with Putin’s careful and balanced legal mind’s attempt to make this war a de-Nazi, and de-militarization of Ukraine without making it a devasted desert too.

This is where he shows a weakness that the Saturn/Uranus transiting square can exploit of being risk adverse. His Venus “ideal” is to wage war like a leader who is a better manager president than a war president. Wars are messy. He likes things ordered and just so. This Libran heart hates all the killing. Rather than follow the US moto “to save a village/nation by destroying it” Putin wanted to legally “save” a Ukrainian village/nation by destroying it as little as possible, even though the Ukrainian army took advantage at every step, using the village, the nation’s urban areas, to hide their troops and tanks right next to their own civilians forced to play human shields.

By being careful not to be too brutal to Ukrainian civilians and their infrastructure, while being equally careful not to put more Russians mobilized into the war and into harm’s way, hadn’t provided the amazingly small Russian invasion force of 150,000 fighting in a land the size of Texas men and material to increase the tempo when needed. Yes, it is all well and good that you are not in a hurry, but your enemies are in a great hurry to fight back and you have given them ample time to do massive mobilizations and NATO the opportunity and the means to flood Ukraine with weapons and give training to potentially defeat Russian forces.

Russian civilians have died in Russia proper from US and NATO rolling in long range artillery and rockets from the West on the Ukrainian rail system that Putin didn’t want to destroy. These roll across the many bridges over the Dnieper River that Putin preserved intact where they can come east and fire on the Russian homeland. The slow war of attrition saves Russian soldier’s lives while it kills Russians civilians in Belgorod, Kursk, and Ukrainians with US oversight targeting Russian infrastructure and civilian targets… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 17 October 2022


Left Photo: Members of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) march during a protest against the U.S. action over the Cuban Missile Crisis, on October 28, 1962, in London, England. Source, Getty Images. Right Photo: Peace demonstration on Shrove Monday/Rosenmontag in Cologne on the war in Ukraine. Chlodwigplatz, via Severinstraße and Cäcilienstraße. ©Raimond Spekking, © Creative Commons.

Top Photo: Members of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) march during a protest against the U.S. action over the Cuban Missile Crisis, on October 28, 1962, in London, England. Source, Getty Images. Bottom Photo: Peace demonstration on Shrove Monday/Rosenmontag in Cologne on the war in Ukraine. Chlodwigplatz, via Severinstraße and Cäcilienstraße. ©Raimond Spekking, © Creative Commons.


When “Proxy War” Drops and US-NATO stops Pretending that Ukrainians are the Cannon Fodder of their direct War with Russia

It’s ironic, that with improvements in construction since the Second World War, the flats like in Leningrad during the siege are now gone, or now have modern appliances. Gone are the iron stoves that burn something to keep some warmth to survive the siege and to cook meager rations. Leningrad’s apartments were rarely more than five to ten stories high. Now modern, post-Soviet Era apartments from St. Petersburg to in Kiev have replaced the five to 10 story, with 30 or 40 story buildings that have no burn-it-yourself stoves. Take out the grid and the modern stoves have no gas or electricity to light them. The people in high rises are living in traps for cold winds, dead elevators, and people physically unable to climb 40 flights of stars.

It’s a real mess coming. A tragedy.

In his press conference in Astana, Putin spoke now in the past tense that “Russian had not sought the destruction of Ukraine. His new commander of the combined Russian forces waging war in Ukraine, General Surovikin (aka nicknamed General Armageddon), stated that Russia must seek “the total capitulation of Ukraine.”

What I’m about to say, I’m not taking sides here. I would take these hints from Putin and Surovikin to mean that there is no negotiation possible with the current Ukrainian Nazi-driven government in Ukraine…

How far do the Russians advance…? Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 September 2022

360px-BLW_Samson_slaying_a_philistineSRC-art_traveller, cc2.0

Samson slaying a Philistine. Photo Art_Traveler, © Creative Commons.


In All Three Cuban Missile Level Crises
Potentially Coming in 2022-2023:
In Ukraine Looming Now
Over Taiwan Later?
And Israel’s Strike on Iran, a Surprise!

I don’t rule out that a build up for a major Russian “winter” offensive is scheduled not only to gain Russian forces their historic weather advantage as winter fighters (think Battle of Moscow, and Stalingrad). I recall also that the first wave of SARMAT hypersonic Intercontinental Ballistic Missile systems, far more advanced than anything the West currently possesses, are scheduled to be fully operational early this winter as a nuclear deterrent or a nuclear response to Europe or America using such weapons in this war. The Western leaders should pause and reflect that this system gives each SARMAT, meaning the good Samarian from the New Testament (though code named “Satan” by NATO) both conventional and multiple nuclear warhead capability. They fly at hypersonic speeds crossing over South Pole, approaching their targets coming out of the south where NATO and US radar cannot track them. Anyway, at multiple MAC speeds no antimissile or electronic defense system can track, scramble electronics, or destroy them when the main SARMAT missile detaches ten hypersonic missiles with multiple warheads as a deterrent for NATO “not” to go, or even “think” of going, nuclear in the Ukrainian War.

What the Western press and leadership would otherwise project as Satan or “Satanic” is the mirroring they really want to do: these devils for first strikes.

NATO leadership and US satellite aid has helped the Ukrainians fire their long-range artillery rounds, and they have not dissuaded the Ukrainians from doing what their own eyes in space prove to be so, shelling that Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, the largest in Europe, which, by the way if one or all six reactors went into meltdown the pall of nuclear fallout would mostly blow back on Ukraine and Europe! Maybe that is implied in Putin hinting: “Those who are using nuclear blackmail against us should know that the wind rose [since risen] can turn around…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 24 October 2022




See that ye be not troubled:
For all these dirty bombs must come to pass,
but the end is not yet. (Matthew 24:6, circa 90 AD)

With a few Updates… (Hogue circa 24 October 2022 AD)

[UPDATE, 10 November 2022:]

The actual next move of the Russias reminded me of another “Kutuzov 1812” retreat to victory move. The announced evacuation of Kherson yesterday reminds me of General Kutuzov saving lives rather than holding territory, even avoiding fighting a battle for Moscow. Like Russia’s Moscow, jewel of cities, Kherson has been evacuated of most of its civilians. Where the French had anticipated a last battle to defeat the Russians under the walls of Moscow, like Kherson, the Ukrainians will get nothing except an empty city that they’ve already partially destroyed from their own US donated HIMARS missile and Ukrainian artillery fire.

And their supply lines will lengthen.

A large mass of them must remain guarding it because the Russians could cross the river in force. The Russians again walk away, taking hope of a great victory away with them, burdening the Ukrainians with more front to protect. The Ukrainians will move into the bridgehead and when they do the Russians will kill thousands of them on the far bank that they abandoned, standing off on the further shore firing barrages of missile, drone and artillery fire. And like what so often happened, Ukrainian soldiers die, their brigades shredded by artillery fire, come to ruin without seeing or firing a shot at the Russians.

I foresee Kherson’s abandonment will strategically trap a lot of Ukrainians on a line on the further shores of the great Dnieper River, that they cannot bridge. Russian lives have been saved. The flooding of the Dnieper that Kiev was planning will not drown thousands of civilians just to wash away those Russian pontoon bridges. There will be no dirty bombing false flag attack on Kherson. The pontoons will be pulled up. The Russian Army men and material saved, to appear on another part of the Ukrainian imperiled front. Perhaps a few hundred thousand Russians with all their vast weaponry pay a visit to the Donbass sector? Perhaps they block a rumored Ukrainian offensive planned to cut the land bridge to Crimea via the Zaporozhye bridgehead. Now it would be the Ukrainians’ turn to press a whole army to cross a vulnerable bridge to fight the Russians on the Dnieper’s east bank with their backs to the river.

Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 17 September,
(Updated 15 October/11 November 2022)

economic crisis stock chart falling down business global money bankruptcy concept


“Ursula” van der “Crazy” gives a whole new meaning to “bear” market. Photo, European Parliament, © Creative Commons.


The Future of the US and EU Economy
This Autumn and through the Winter of 2022-2023
The Winter of Cold Crashing Discontent


No! Let’s slip on a banana peel rather than follow your bananas ap-peal.

“Vee are like da garten of eeden. Da world outside is a big jungle out der,” so says that rather homely Josep Borrell, the ersatz foreign minister of the European Union.

I must say, he is such a homely figure and face of European stock. I think Borrell likes to use that thinly veiled and racist jungle metaphor too much, and say Europe is the garden answer to taming the jungles of humanity it sees sitting below its superior civilization of euro-pinkies mistakenly labeled euro-whities.

Frankly, Borrell sometimes looks to me like a great white ape.

Maybe he’s on to something about jungles too, but then, where did Europeans over the last 500 years get a taste for the slave trade and colonization of “lesser humans” they hunted down in those jungles to be their enslaved, colonized labor force?

Where did they begin building their high-fluting hanging-garden civilization by exploiting and stealing the resources from the jungles of African, South American, and Asian peoples?

Oh, and I just forgot, Russia has been on that list for enslavement, breakup and exploitation by one after another bloody European invasion marching or tank rolling out of the West: Charles XII in the early 1700s, Napoleon in the early 1800s, Hitler in 1941 and now a US-led NATO talking itself into using nukes in 2022 while it upholds a myth that Russia is only a gas station pretending to be a country.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d rather have a real gorilla running the EU foreign ministry or become any one of these EU presidents and Prime Ministers. Because I know from direct experience that the Gorillas, I watched at the San Diego Zoo when I was growing up during the last Cold War would NEVER build nukes. And since Darwin understands that every human is a monkey’s uncle, let’s beat our chests and say “Ook! Ook!” let’s not nuke, nuke ourselves.

Ponder upon what Jesus had said, “Consider the gorilla’s eating the lilies in the field, how they grow HUGE; they toil not, neither do they wear anything: yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these great big apes who’d never drop an atomic bomb on anybody. They don’t even know what it is.”

Back to my childhood experiences visiting the San Diego Zoo… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 15 October 20

Red_Apple-SRC-Abhijit Tembhekar-Mumbai-India-cc2.0Orange,_orange_peel-SRC-Dmitry-Makeev-cc4.0


Photo (left) by Abhijit Tembhekar, Mumbai India, © Creative Commons. Photo (right) Dmitry Makeev, © Creative Commons. Photo (center) a “plush” mushroom cloud by istolethetv, © Creative Commons.


To Define exactly what is this New, and Third, World War

As I pointed out, the First World War, the Central Powers didn’t turn on their own economies to dismantle them from the start, whilst waging a war. It took four years. This is the dilemma of our Third World War. The leaders in Europe are not only mediocrities like they were in 1918, but they are ideologically unbending and willfully self-destructive. I know from my contacts in higher levels of the British and EU continental powers, that many of the powerful simply don’t see revolutions and political upheaval coming. It took the First World War leaders of the Central Powers four years of fighting to see it coming. In WWIII it is coming early and fast, perhaps as soon as mid-December—definitely by early spring 2023. And I fear that the plan of the insane in power is to escalate the war with Russia, make it a direct NATO-vs-Russia kinetic conventional war to silence political dissent, set up martial law, and suppress the peoples of Europe by emergency order to shut up and take it, because of the national “emergency” of war that their own insane leaders created.

Didn’t this scenario get a dress rehearsal with the Covid shutdowns?

Didn’t the people docilely comply…? Will they comply again like worker drones and serfs, servicing their lords and ladies of Globalism…? Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 28 September 2022



The Nord Stream 1 and 2 Pipeline Sabotage

On 27 September 2022, two primary pipelines that feed Russian natural gas to Europe each suffered two large, underwater explosions releasing pressurized methane boiling the Baltic Sea surface close to Denmark. The Western press calls it an act of sabotage. The Russians call it an act of state-sanctioned terrorism, and a direct attack on the infrastructure of Europe.

That night I appeared on Coast-to-Coast AM. I talked about it in my opening statements of a two-hour interview with host George Noory. My message was broadcast over 650 Premier radio stations and affiliates across North America, the Caribbean, US Armed Forces Radio and across the world on Internet. Millions were listening in as I tried to ask the question, “Cui Bono?” Who Benefits from setting off underwater explosions not far from the Danish Island of Bornholm that in one violent act ended all hope for Germany and Europe at large receiving a steady and dependable stream of natural gas from these Russian constructed pipelines to power and light their continent…? Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 October 2022



Miss Truss? You Don’t know
How far “Doing” Nord Stream 1 and 2 will Change
The Future of the EU, the Euro Union, the US
And the United Kingdom?

Kim Dotcom…said: “Liz Truss used her iPhone to send a message to Secretary Blinken saying ‘it’s done’ a minute after the pipeline blew up and before anybody else knew,” he told his nearly one million Twitter followers.

“Dotcom, who was born Kim Schmitz in West Germany, suggested the data was obtained through an iCloud hack.

It’s not just the Five Eyes that have backdoor admin access to all Big Tech databases,” he said.

Russia and China have sophisticated cyber units too. The funny thing is Govt officials with top security clearance still prefer using iPhones over their NSA & GCHQ issued encrypted shit-phones.

It seems hard to believe that the then standing Prime Minister of Britain wouldn’t be more careful and not use her iPhone, given the discovery would unleash a huge scandal in Europe, perhaps a political crisis and potentially be grounds for Russia to declare Britain by this act of state-sanctioned terror fair game as a co-combatant in this war. Moreover, that she called the US Secretary of State about it moments after the pipelines blew. It proves my point. The boss is the Biden inner circle. Britain played its slavish role as bomb chucker to the Biden Administration neocons.

America is “boss man co-belligerent…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 October 2022


Joe and Jill Biden walking down the red carpet after his notorious “Maga”-aren’t-true-Americans Speech delivered to the nation on 1 September 2022. The presentation was a public-relations disaster cast in Satanic lighting turning Liberty Hall, Philadelphia, where America was born in 1776, into some Satanically possessed, haunted house bathed in blood-soaked scarlet lights and broodingly dark blues, as if the “Red” Maga, vs. the Blue Democrat Woke of a future civil war was the theme. I’ve never seen such a presentation and such a negative-mongering presidential speech like this! It was chilling. It was further proof that the mind of the cat at the top in the Oval Office has gone away and the various groups of Clintonite and Obama-ist cabinet member-mice are left to play with the presidency as “Joe and Jill, went back to Capitol Hill, to fetch a pale of voters any which way they can, even if they believe a new war will rally America around the demented president.


Even if that Means Moving US Forces into Western Ukraine
In a Kinetic Clash with Russia?

My oracular instincts flashed red lights when Christoforou speculated that US troops could make a move into Ukraine outside of NATO jurisdiction, like they did in Syria, to occupy a hunk of Ukrainian territory, like they did in Syria to freeze the Syrian civil conflict. Time to get “in country” establishing a similar buffer zone to prevent any further planned advances of the Russian armed forces into Odessa, or to dissuade by occupation of American forces any dramatic move the Russians might make invading Ukraine from the north out of Belarus in order to cut all NATO supplies off to Ukraine’s forces. And I would add, America’s kid brother in imperial moves is toddling along, perhaps UK forces will join them in the Ukrainian theater of…? Containment? Of freezing this conflict too, maybe?

Mind you this officially is not a NATO presence.

Just some regurgitation like Iraq of a “Coalition of the Willing” when most of NATO didn’t want any part of G.W. Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq from 2003 unto the burden being passed from Bush over to the Obama Administration until the occupation ended in December 2011 with the Americans sneaking out of Iraq to Kuwait under cover of darkness… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more

DATELINE: 30 September 2022


The Tsar Bomba explodes over the Russian Arctic in this 30 October 1961 test. (Image credit: Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation)



This is a hybrid Cold War. At once something far colder than Cold War One (1948-1989) and equally far hotter at the same time…

It reminds one of that fusion-furnaced illusion of cold blue light of distant stars. They only appear cold from afar but get close enough and these blue giant stars are known to burn hottest in the Universe.

Consider the fond memory of Russian natural gas burning in a blue ring of hottest tipped flame on your European stove.

EU leaders shut it off to spite their own people. In their effort to hurt the Russians they drew down instead a Cold Iron Curtain across Europe made of unlit, endarkened gas stoves, shut down cold factories, businesses, locked pubs, and your daily, hot nerve-ending, and sudden shock of taking cold winter showers… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

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