June-through-August Articles on Current Events and Prophecy include the Following: US Russian Summit Future. New Naftali Bennet/Yair Lapid Israeli Government. PANQUAKE! The future of Social Media. The Future of Iran after the Iranian Election. A Summer of Astrological squares. When will the US Dollar Crisis Begin? Democracy is Dead, so says Legolas the Elf and Katy Perry. Bojo the British PM Clown almost started WWIII in Late June. My 2013 Afghanistan-Vietnamistan Prophecy is now being Fulfilled. The South African Meltdown. Proof that Global Warming IS human made. Of Langley Bunnies and No Global Cooling’s Return. The End of Forests. The Quickening of Carbon Sequestering Engine Collapse? The Legal de-Carbonization of Fossil Fuel Companies. And Finally, Nostradamus and the Climate Change Prophecies: Droughts, Megafires, Superstorms and Rising Oceans.

A U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III safely transported approximately 640 Afghan citizens from Hamid Karzai International Airport Aug. 15, 2021. U.S. Air Force courtesy photo.

A U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III safely transported approximately 640 Afghan citizens from Hamid Karzai International Airport Aug. 15, 2021. U.S. Air Force courtesy photo.

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DATELINE: 20 August 2021

Fortelling the Fall of Afghanistan in 2013

In a prophecy documented eight years and three months ago on 9 April 2013 for Predictions 2013-2014 and also appearing in The Obama Prophecies, I described a vision I had of the last days of US troops in Afghanistan, starting with a little overview about how the US just can’t help itself but get in the crossfire of other people’s civil wars ultimately destroying nations to save them. At the time of that writing America was getting involved in the Syrian and Libyan civil wars, to which I wrote:

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to HogueProphecy.com and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

Libya’s Gaddafi regime was easily overthrown. Can one believe the post-Gaddafi regime chaos of tribal conflicts and weak attempts at democracy is a “change we can believe in” working? A weak and teetering federal puppet government will replace a dictatorial regime whilst the real power descends into the hands of tribal, dictatorial warlords.

That’s Libya today, Afghanistan tomorrow. A civil war interrupted by US forces bruising and meddling their way into another man’s civil war only delays the eventual resumption of that war. Look what happened after a decade of fighting in North and South Vietnam’s civil war. US forces lost 58,282 killed and 303,644 wounded from 1963 to 1973. The US after the Tet Offensive in 1968 saw defeat written on the wall, initiating “Vietnamization”—the training and arming of South Vietnamese forces to take over as the US started troop reductions. Once the US was out of there, North Vietnam resumed its battle with the South and achieved its strategic victory uniting the Vietnams under one communist regime by 1975.

The Taliban will do the same in Afghanistan. The US sees defeat written on the wall. They launch what I call a “Vietnamistan” project, to train and hand over the war to the Pashtuns siding with the Hamid Karzai regime. US and NATO troops are sent home. Let me say for the prophetic record, the US is leaving Afghanistan and you watch the history of this insane US habit repeat itself from 2014 through 2016 when the Taliban, like the North Vietnamese will absorb Afghanistan back into their black-flagged caliphate erasing 13-plus years and counting of a failed US adventure in another man’s civil war.

Click on this link and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

The Obama Prophecies
Subsection: Super-Fly in the NeoCon Ointment

Read the full article below: My Afghanistan-Vietnamistan Prophecy.

DATELINE: 26 June 2021

Source, © Creative Commons.

Source, www.Kremlin.ru, © Creative Commons.

The US-Russian Summit on 15 June 2021
Does it “Warm” the New Cold War
In a Good Way?

A LOT IS HAPPENING on many fronts June through July. I’m trying to keep ahead of historic moments when current events turn into Prophecy. So for starters we’ll look at 10 prophecy news flashes from around the world. Then five more EarthTrauma Reports of significant developments in Climate Change then turn to my Nostradamus’ “Pre-cognitive” news about climate change written clearly 4.6 centuries before it came blazing and flooding to our doorstep.

We start in the Ides of June with this summit held in Vienna between President’s Biden and Putin. It took place with the year-defining Saturn (Aquarius) Uranus (Taurus) square at two degrees exact orb of intensifying influence. I have said before that as bad as this square can influence the mob mind and nationalist identity to do rash, intolerant acts. (see in Article (8) what Prime Minister Boris Johnson did when the square was just one-degree orb, just eight days later!)

The ramp up to this Summit held in Geneva caused a media feeding frenzy of anti-Russian projections and Joe Biden slurring-up-a-boasting-mumble how tough he was going to be taking Putin to task. Before the summit, Putin on the other hand fielded a relentlessly attacking NBC interviewer for over an hour staying centered and diplomatic. It’s quite worth watching to see just how much the Western media will avoid telling you the Russian side, which is well thought out and makes me at least think hard about US and NATO in this New Cold War being driven more by ideology and projections that just don’t fit with the reality of their self-made target in the Kremlin.

Putin was trying hard to share his side to a national American audience even saying a few times to Keir Simmons, NBC’s chief international correspondent, how he knew why he was constantly interrupting him because he didn’t want to hear his answers because they weren’t the answers NBC wanted the American people to hear. That it didn’t fit their projected narrative of Russia and him. The reporter was hurling one accusation after another, getting frustrated by Putin playing a “What about you?” game as his response. Putin in my view was not brushing aside, so much as he was trying to smuggle past the ideologically editorializing NBC fellow, stuff you never hear on the US airwaves. The whole world, especially Russia, sees a very different America behaving beyond its borders and it is not what NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and FOX are peddling.

Why not let the American people hear it?

What are they afraid of, that you might start questioning the nightly pablum you’re being served?

Putin’s “What about you?” approach was just fine. It is really time for the accusing American mainstream media to get it thrown back in their self-righteous faces. The American media cult need to stop preaching and see their own dirty ego laundry reflected back in the mirror held up by others. So I cordially invite you to test my statement. Watch the interview and see if you agree with me or not.

As it turned out at Summit time, Biden was all gentlemanly and polite throughout the three-hour meeting as was Putin, even though Biden’s press conference afterwards specifically held without his opposite, had Joe drone and grind teeth all grim, following his script about givin’ Putin a tough time. At Putin’s separate press conference the Russian Federation President stood and evenly answered all the hard questions the press conference slung at him without a controlled set of scripted questions and pre-approved questioners. At least in this situation, it would seem the Russian President is more democratic with the press and Biden more “Soviet” and totalitarian.

At least something good happened that the Saturn-Uranus Square didn’t sit on. The US and Russian ambassadors and diplomats are going back to their embassies and consulates across Russia and the US. A good, itty-bitty start. Lots of nice opening platitudes with only the littlest accomplished, even though there was some in that thing.

In the Summit, Putin wanted a cyber agreement, but Biden wanted just to talk about it. Oh there was lots of “We’re going to talk about all this stuff in the next few months.” Promises, promises mostly coming from the US side.

So what did the Russians take away from all this cordial glad handing?

I think the general view of Putin, his government and foreign ministry is pragmatic, they hope for the best and wait for the worst out of American politics. It doesn’t matter what administration occupies the White House to them. Their view, I predict, is that the Summit gave them a grace period of six months in this Second Cold War—more likely three months, before the cold war gets colder again. Hence by being pragmatic, this summit bought time to prepare for the severance that is coming from Washington in mid-September 2021 at the soonest, November, the latest. The Nordstream 2 pipeline will be completed long before then. Russian cheap natural gas will be flowing into Europe as autumn chills begin. Ukraine will no longer be stealing Russian gas through the old pipeline, thus Kiev further loses strategic agency with the EU and NATO the latter of whom it most desperately desires to become a part.

By September the Russians will be ready to face another wave of US economic sanctions, such as Washington playing the “nuclear” economic sanctioning option that could really hurt Moscow’s foreign transactions, bumping Russia off the Swift Exchange system.

By September or a little beyond, Russia will make good its abandonment from the Swift Exchange for they’ve nearly completed the creation of their own foreign exchange system.

This autumn could see a significant and historic exodus from the US dollar, staring a slow but inexorable and accelerating landslide of nations abandoning the dollar and Swift over the next three years. It is Washington’s self-inflicted wound, the karmic comeuppance of the Obama, Trump and now Biden administrations weaponizing Swift and the US dollar, even sanctioning friends and allies. That will result in the dollar losing its unique status as the world’s reserve currency.

Why should the world use it if it is weaponized against them and their sovereignty?

In short, Putin got what he wanted, or what he thought might be the worst he expects, even though he’ll be quite open to really get some adult supervision happening again in US-Russian relations. Someone wrote today at RT that a return to the old cold war way of doing things would be an improvement to the mess we have now. Time to create red lines, sober policy, etc. and not do what Britain’s Boris Johnson eight days later nearly made the world go “BOOM!” (see Article 8).

Putin is probably the most significant world leader of this time period. He sees what’s happening to Biden’s mental health. What he’s watching closer is who in his cabinet is pulling Biden’s stringed-out brain. The Blinken crowd, the Victoria Nuland neo-cons, Susan Rice? He’s in a position of strength, not being tied up identifying with expectations of the other. He’s stated his boundaries, he’ll see what the American puppet masters dangling Biden’s stringy brain before him will do

DATELINE: 26 June 2021

The Naftali Bennet/Yair Lapid
Coalition Israeli Government: One Month In

The era of Bibi Netanyahu as Israeli’s longest ruling Prime Minister (since 2009) is over. Naftali Bennet has become Netanyahu’s successor as I predicted at the beginning of Netanyahu’s era. Not surprising me, given what an extremely and theocratically right wing man Bennet is, his new government coalition launches strikes on Gaza not two days into his new administration destroying Hamas-run factories making balloon incendiaries floating in the wind on Tuesday 15 June setting fire to Israeli farm fields. In short, ever since the ceasefire was broken, there’s been a low grade testing of the waters between Hamas and the new Israeli prime minister with a few Palestinians killed here, a few Israeli farmer fields burnt there. And a steady harassment of West Bank Palestinians being forced out of their homes by Jewish settlers keeps going on.

Sean’s questions inspired some forecasts about the new regime in Jerusalem.

Another though I had, in terms of the new PM of Israel, firstly I see what you mean that the new guy in many ways is worse than Netanyahu, and the fact that, it is already a tenacious coalition, but I wonder if the fact that it was formed during a Mercury retrograde will mean that it could collapse as suddenly as it formed, or if it is going to fall apart.

I don’t know how it can stay together for its whole reason for being is fundamentally wrong. The coalition slapped together in the Gemini Mercury retrograde in a near-exact square of Saturn (Aquarius) Uranus (in its detriment in Taurus) has Arab MPs, Right of Center Jewish MPs and extremely, religiously right-wing Jewish MPs and a PM are just glued together for now by the one thing they can agree on, not just take him out but keep Netanyahu out of power.

It is classic Saturn-Uranus Squared behavior. Practical realities brushed aside. Oppress those who disagree with you. Pledge unity but in fact be inconsistent and contradictory once the anybody-but-Netanyahu is achieved. I foresee egoism, hypocrisy, eccentric ideological projecting going on in this creature of a coalition government born with a malefic Saturn-Uranus square with muddled minds of Gemini Mercury in retrograde.

This government will lose friends on both Arab and Jewish sides. It will suffer great and sudden reversals, misfortune, wrong-headed unthought out moves. Bennet is a natural born dictatorial ego, set in a coalitions of chiefs who all wannabe where he’s sitting at the top.

I think if this government survives the transit of this dreadful square past next March 2022 it might sustain itself for a year, but I really doubt it. I expect by the time of atonement, the celebration of Yom Kippur, it will be in a crisis and—who knows—Netanyahu might be Naftali Bennet’s successor, so I impossibly predict.

It’s just like the “anybody but Trump” crowd over here, held together by a negative TDS derangement. Perhaps NDS (Netanyahu Derangement Syndrome does same over in Jerusalem right now. A very weak place for the Israeli government to govern. I foresee a level of political crisis coming to Israeli that the Jewish nation never experienced before in 73 years of its existence.

[UPDATE 7 July 2021: five members of Bennet’s coalition broke ranks to vote in a deadlock 59-59 vote to rescind the law that allowed Arab spouses from the occupied territories to extend their Israeli Arab citizenship. PM Bennet upped the political stakes before the vote saying this vote by the Knesset should test whether there is confidence or no confidence in his coalition government. Add to this former PM Netanyahu as leader of the opposition Likud Party who voted for the law earlier, this time had his MPs vote it down. This could also come back to bite him if Naftali Bennet’s coalition collapses, and he tries to form a government once again. The greatest political crisis in Israeli short history of 73 years and counting is here.]

DATELINE: 26 June 2021


The Future of Social Media
Free of Big Tech Twitter-pated Tyranny
Lee Camp Interviews Suzie Dawson

This is the Social Media Platform that WILL change everything. Panquake is under construction and constantly being attacked by the big tech platforms because it will do what goes against their business model of using you as a product, selling all of your private information, and censuring your freedom of speech. Everybody watch this interview by Lee Camp with the founder of Panquake, see the Show here. In this interview she explains all the advantages of using it. Your audiences won’t be shadow banned or taken off Panquake. Algorithms are not jimmied to take most of your viewers out from finding you like happened to Jimmy Dore and others—and by the way “me”! This is the revolution in cyberspace that serves a public commons. Join Panquake.com. Donate by Stripe.com not PayPal, which is holding donations sent there like they did against Wikileaks. Development is nearly over and launch time is coming SOON!

DATELINE: 18 June 2021

Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.

Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.

The Future after the Iranian Election 18 June 2021

The end result of crushing US Sanctions over the last decade bearing down on the Islamic Republic of Iran killed the moderate political movement in Tehran and as I long predicted the hardliners are back in power with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Council’s choice as Iran’s new president, the ultra-conservative clerk Ebrahim Raisi, the former Chief Justice of Iran. The outgoing moderate President Rouhani will be replaced by the “hanging” judge (literally), especially when severely punishing corruption in Iran as Prosecutor General of Iran.

Raisi is the protégé of the Supreme Leader, the real boss man in this theocracy, Ayatollah Khamenei who oversees the totalitarian Council of Elders, to which every “democratically” voted-in president and parliament must submit. Khamenei made his election almost certain by scratching out hundreds of moderate candidates and narrowing the Iranian people’s choices to more hardliners. Perhaps that is why the turnout was the lowest since the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

I predict that hardliners in power will not undermine the further progress towards the JCPOA treaty being resurrected because Ayatollah Khamenei wants the treaty restored along with the economy when all sanctions are lifted. Raisi may slow that down, barter harder a bit, but it will happen. However, are there going to be US-Iranian talks scheduled about Iranian missiles being dismantled?

Forget it!

You will see in this new hardliner era in Tehran and I add with some hopefully prescient surprise, more détente among nations surrounding the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Sheiks will recognize that Iran is not going away and they’ll have to do some “breaking of bread” with the Iranians. Short of Israel or the US doing something rash—I think that is at least slightly doubtful for now as Biden is withdrawing his interest in keeping troops in the Middle East—a major Gulf War against Iran may be put on hold. That is unless US withdrawal from the region freaks out the Israelis into doing something, rather rash.

DATELINE: 26 June 2021

A Summer of Astrological Squares

My friend Melodi in Ireland gave thought to a summer of squares with “a crisis every day. ” Let’s check that out.

The summer born on 20 June Summer Solstice has the year-defining Saturn (Aquarius) Square Uranus (in its Fall in Taurus) in a one-degree near-exact orb of intensity. Read “intolerance,” short tempers, my way or the highway politically, cancel culture, deplatforming speech you don’t want to hear if it doesn’t fit your politics or views. So, by having the square in the season birth sign defines this as the summer of hot tempers and perhaps record breaking heatwaves, megafires in the US West breaking last year’s records. All of which might take 2021 into an even hotter year than the tie of 2016 with 2020 as the hottest years on record, or so I predict.

Hot atmosphere equals hot tropical waters, and perhaps some significant and early major hurricanes in July’s North Atlantic Hurricane season. And of course, the plague of shootings and riots may return again in this hot-tempered summer, hotter astrologically speaking than the last. I also predict catastrophic hurricane and fire seasons this year, sorry to report. The world is rapidly warming and Mother Nature is trying to get our attention to her rising fever.

A week or so after the Solstice is the first significantly powerful set of squares and oppositions to vex us from late June to mid-July. Mars in Leo (planet of new beginnings, impulse and war) explosively puts fire on the Saturn-Uranus Square whilst in opposition with Saturn in the Uranus Square in Aquarius. Mars empowers the tension to break something and add some rash action either in global moves of Russia and the US or more likely at home on America’s streets because the Square has Saturn (stuffy establishment) sitting in Aquarius, the sign of revolution and the humanitarian squared its ruler Uranus trapped in its fall from grace in Taurus. In short: revolution turned on its ear by an unfeeling establishment limited in its humanity and humanity getting more pissed off about it as prices of basic commodities rise higher and higher. That is the formula of many a revolution starting if food eventually becomes too costly to buy.

I don’t think we’ll go that far in early summer, but by mid-July, the issue of inflation will be on everyone’s minds and even the Mainstream Media will have to pull their head out of the place were true journalism never shines and report it.

Venus in Leo, the negotiator falls victim to hot fiery passions and words when in early July it also joins Mars in the same opposition and squares to Uranus and Saturn respectively (the humanitarian and restrictor/reality rulers, respectively.) I sense that mending the Russo-US relationship that Biden and Putin tried to launch might even suffer heavy stresses before it pretty much started down the diplomatic road, first baby steps in July. I read “non-starter” in these planets. Sad. Hope I am wrong.

The Saturn-Uranus square remains in potent 3 to 4-degree orb of intensity for the rest of July where a further squaring heats things up end of July through the first week of August with Sun in dog day summer Leo squared Uranus in Taurus exact 14 degrees. An earth change moment, Fire and Earth, perhaps a volcanic eruption and quaking of some significance in the later days of the first week of August, or something more subtle, such as a financial earthquake with the US dollar and the growing, mounting inflationary spiral upwards and upwards. The potential for a financial dollar crisis in August is possible (more on that below).

Perhaps a US military issue with China or Russia again?

A bit of good news. After the rough first fiery week of August, the Saturn-Uranus square weakens its hold on us. Saturn in Aquarius is in retrograde, more reflection and meditativeness about what has so far happened this squared summer is possible, certainly possible for the individual. The reason is this, squares generally try the collective unconsciousness of the mob-minded. However, for truth seekers this year-defining square can let drop the false to see glimpses of eternal truth abiding in those that can live with all life and love and awareness in the present eternity of the moment.

We have an important anniversary coming up on 15 August 2021, the fiftieth anniversary of the “Nixon Shock”, the day Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard and thus began our current 50-year experiment in fiat economics, floating all currencies off a limited, and therefore precious, standard, like gold.

Yes, a floating currency is free, free at last, from limits, like the limit of Reality. If value is no longer limited to something scarce, it eventually blows a big fiat balloon full of inflationary air and goes–POOF! A lot of economists foresee the fiat US dollar not making it to its 50th anniversary on 15 August without a major fiat “poof” crisis in value.

What do the stars on 15 August say?

At first glimpse the Ides of August dawns a little Virgo Earth sign muddy. True North at seven degrees Gemini (ruler of the mind’s intent in Capitalism, which means “from the head imagined”).

What is its “true” direction on that day?

Square the ruler of Gemini, Mercury the Messenger, transiting Virgo 5 degrees in a two degree, powerful orb of intensity with True North. Read this to augur a true direction will be muddy, cloudy, and confused.

Can Venus come soften and bring together clarity and discernment rather than reaction? She’s 28 degrees Virgo in tug-a-war opposition with the mass messenger of the unconscious, Neptune, 22 degrees Pisces. More confusion.

Sounds like central bankers unable to understand what they have led the world to in 50 years. A full economic stop, maybe?

Perhaps only just a taste of things to come in 2022, but that’s another story of a Greater Recession becoming a Greater Depression by then.

End the anniversary emotionally upheaving! For the Moon is 14 degrees Scorpio squared Saturn turning innovation and revolution upside down in Aquarius. The square of Uranus in its fall—read falling like a stock market crash?—is exact the Moon in Scorpio at 14 degrees Taurus!

At least the square of Saturn and Scorpio—like the Scorpio Moon square is hitting at a five degree orb. It’s still strong, on the edge of it but at least not inside a five-degrees orb of influence. The square will relent a bit in September to a 7 degree weak orb of influence.

But then LOOK OUT October-November!

It’s back to under five-degrees and tightening near exact by the second half of December into New Year’s Day and not out of our astrological hair until March 2022. That will be a new year astrologically defined by the pendulum-like wrecking ball moves of generation death-and-rebirthing Pluto, swinging retrograde to direct course, ding, dong, ding, dong, starting to break with backward strikes what the forward strikes left still standing on through 2024. Pluto on a pendulum of direct and retrograde swings most likely will take its wrecking ball motion to demolish the fiat economy, if not also many systemically flawed political and social established ways of making history for the past 20 centuries, ending the night of the Piscean Age with an the Aquarian revolutionary sunrise.

DATELINE: 26 June 2021

When will the US Dollar Crisis Begin?

I need not have to tell any of my American readers this, but the cost of essential commodities, like food and gas, are steadily rising. We are in an inflationary spiral upwards. Some economists think (they hope) it is a temporary problem that will be rectified by people at last getting back to full employment and stop staying home because of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the next few months.

It is important to note that there is no free lunch in economics. The bill eventually has to be paid. If waves of quantitative easing and lowering interest rates were bad enough, the largest printing increase of US dollars to give people hand-outs during the last 15 months of lockdowns and economic shutdowns have perhaps helped the initial shut down of 20 million at the beginning of the pandemic (now 9 million) formerly employed to staying home in the short term. In the long run, and soon. this habit of the Federal Reserve and politicians in Washington just printing money to abandon rather than spend money allotted through taxes, is a stealth “tax” upon the American people, mostly the middle and lower working classes.

If you print $12 trillion flooding the market with dollars the result is weakening the US dollar’s purchasing power. That means prices for everything will increase.

Don’t blame it on Covid-19 shutdowns. The signs of a Greater Recession were already on the horizon when I warned in articles published in August 2019 about the REPO banking system beginning to  blast through a stealth QE to infinity printing of money to keep the US banking system from collapsing. Then came the oil barrel crash starting 9 March 2020 that for a time saw oil prices drop into around a -$30.00 devaluation. Many heterodoxic (but presciently accurate) economic experts I rely on like Michael Hudson and Alasdair Macleod of Goldmoney.com expect the beginning of the dollar crisis beginning on or around the 50-year anniversary on 15 August of the birth of the Fiat economy when currencies got off the gold standard… Complete reading this article and get full access to all EIGHTEEN articles by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 26 June 2021

When will the US Dollar Crisis Begin?

Russia will activate its own version of Swift payments and become the first pebble that might start a landslide of countries moving off the US dollar in 2022. If the US is smart it will unilaterally drop all economic sanctions or its own weaponized dollar will cease to be used. That’s the bad karma of sanctioning friend and foe alike… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 26 June 2021

Democracy is Dead?!
So Say Mr. Bloomin’ Orlando Legolas
And Mrs. Katy Parry Back to the Future in 2055

Well, what to do? It is kinda prophecy news. From the Future projected by the present Wokesterdamuses Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. They put together a melodramatic, pro-Democrat ad to propagate a future to avoid, released on 19 June 2021 that is broadcast “back to us” from the year 2055… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 26 June 2021


(Public domain)

BoJo the British PM Clown
Almost started WWIII in late June

You just can’t make this stuff up! The BBC is in possession of 50 pages of classified Ministry of Defense (MoD) documents found to a trash bin at a bus stop in Kent. They were reported missing by a MoD employee. The documents confirm the Russian claim that the MoD was openly planning a provocative move. Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 05 July 2021

My Afghanistan-Vietnamistan Prophecy
Is now being Fulfilled

And why, oh why, President Joe, did you decide upon final official withdrawal on 11 September 2021, the 20 year anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks??? Not a cognitive move, because Biden is tying the US 20-year failure in Afghanistan with that which caused it, the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan two months after the World Trade Center towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC were attacked by al-Qaeda who had a base in Afghanistan as guests of the Taliban. Back when it all started US forces had Usama bin Laden with 300 of his best leaders and soldiers surrounded were holed up in caves inside Mt. Tora Bora, begging for complete and biblical annihilation by overwhelming US force.

Did we have the US Tenth Mountain Division blocking all mountain passes for al-Qaeda safe withdrawal into Pakistan?

Was the 101st Airborne Division dropped on Tora Bora to systematically flame-throw and blast out the al-Qaeda cave network?

Put it this way, did US taxpayers who invested billions upon billions of dollars and generations of US soldier training and equipping these special units see them airlifted to Tora Bora to let slip the dogs of the apocalypse upon al-Qaeda for all the world’s Islamic jihadists to see and despair?

Was a message of annihilation sent to jihadists not to mess with the US or face within two months of your terror attack on US home ground an “end of your world” US military response?

Do you know how many US troops the Pentagon sent to Tora Bora?


Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: July 15-16 2021

South Africa’s Widespread Breakdown
Of Civil and Social Order
This is a Preview of the Great Unraveling coming Inside Many Countries, especially America, in the 2020s

I’ve seen over my lifetime a lot of widespread riots on television, from the Watts (1966) to general Los Angeles riots (1992). I’ve walked through the ruins after a rampage during the hot season in Pune, India in the late 1980s. Tensions between Hindus and Muslims usually peak around the time of the Hindu Maharashtrian State Shivaji celebrations in the scorching 105-degree days of May. I’d pick my way through the wreckage down the street stepping over the debris of smashed Muslim-owned shops to the safety of the Osho ashram. But honestly I have never personally seen an unravelling of social order as epic and rife with wanton destruction than what I witnessed happening in news feeds from South Africa this July. I saw scenes of mass looting of food, then clothes, then even furniture and appliances carried or driven away. Even some of the police joined in, packing their paddy wagons. People amassed unconscious as locusts stripped malls and massive warehouses bare before burning many of them to the ground under great plumes of smoke and fire… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 June 2021

NASA and the UK Met Offices
Have Irrefutable Proof that Global Warming
Is caused by Human use of Fossil Fuels

In the Northern Hemisphere we have entered the Summer of 2021. It has in many places come suddenly hot and record breaking. This will be an ever harder summer to sustain climate change denial as science expands its knowledge about what we are doing to the planet with objectifiable facts. EcoWatch reports that, “In a first-of-its-kind study, NASA has managed to achieve something that has so far eluded scientists: provide direct, global observations that fossil fuel emissions are heating the planet…” Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 24 June 2021

Of Langley Bunnies
And No Global Cooling’s Return

I filed this article on 24 June. I live in the usually cool and wet Pacific Northwest on a seaside village with 1,000 people and 5,000 bunnies—there’s also numerous raptors flying about. They like the bunnies. They like them so much that perhaps the population of bunnies is closer to the human eccentrics that populate little Langley, WA, and its environs.

The surviving bunnies have had cause to stretch out their furry, bodily length on what cool grass is around for some daily shut-eye, things you see them do when it’s summer. They’re sometimes trying to wiggle their noses out a confusion this spring when summer came early. Came hot…! Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 24 July 2021

The End of Forests As we have known them?

I’m in my 66th year in this body. I’ve lived long enough to remember a time when forest systems of the world could recover from fires and regrow again. That’s all changing now, right before every open human set of eyes. I was a volunteer bushfire fighter defending the 64,000 acres that made up Osho’s Oregon Commune during the first half of the 1980s. I saw first-hand how summer fires had their part to play in how Mother Nature nourishes and renews the watershed. Back then the fires in one year’s had eradicated the invasive juniper trees that overgrazing had deposited on the countryside, sucking up most of the available water. The fires burned those down, restoring eastern Oregon’s bunch grass and wild flowers.

Like Wildland firefighter Camille Stevens-Rumann interviewed by Alastair Gee for the Guardian UK, I too used to see how her assumption worked, when she said, “We have largely operated under the assumption that forests are going to come back after fires.”

Nearly three decades after I hung up my fire gear for good, Stevens-Rumann starting noticing around 2013 something unsettling. “In certain places, the trees were not returning…” Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 26 July 2021

The Quickening
Of Carbon Sequestering Engine Collapse?

I want you to first count one second:

Hogue Prophecy Readers’ Chorus sings:


Excellent. In the time it took you to count out one second, the Earth’s atmosphere, dry surfaces and oceans have trapped two atomic bomb blasts the size of the US atomic attack on Hiroshima, Japan. So the time it takes you to sing: hit it Chorus!


Thank you, friends. It means that in one year’s worth of seconds, the total being, 365 days equaling one year would equal 365 times 24 times 60 times 60 seconds. That would equal 31,536,000 seconds in a year! Multiply that by two Hiroshima a-bomb blasts—the second flattening whatever building or human being that remained standing, equals this planet’s atmosphere, land and oceans storing a time bomb of civilization overheat equivalent to 63,072,000 A-bomb blasts…! Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 27 July 2021

The Legal De-Carbonization
Of Fossil Fuel Companies
The Lifting of their Climate Isolationism
Has Begun

On a truly positive note, I look at the astrology of this crisis 2020s decade and I put my trust in certain powerful cosmic alignments that indicate shareholder insurrections in the corporate world will be in full swing. Insurrections like what is happening in the board rooms of the world’s biggest fossil fuel polluters… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 20 July 2021

The Climate Change Prophecies:

Nostradamus is among the most prolific forecasters in the history of prophets and prophetic traditions. He shares in great detail what is happening to our world today as it descends into a planetary-wide change of Earth’s climate that threatens the sustainability of our civilization, indeed, our common future. I’m going to divide his prophecies on this topic into three articles categories: 1) more general prophecies about climate change; 2) Droughts and Fires; and, 3) Storms and Floods… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 July 2021

The Climate Change Prophecies:

Where first there’s drought there is later fire. Therefore, we will start with three verses on the general theme of both droughts and fires and follow with the rest of Nostradamus’ “biblical”-sounding drought-igniting-fire visions of a kind that haven’t been seen in human memory waiting in the future because of global warming… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 26 July 2021

The Climate Change Prophecies:

From fire through water we go. Nostradamus saw the oceans leaving their coastlines and names many places outright. Much of his visions center on the region around his homeland of Provence, just like with the visions of fires and droughts. The riddles of the “Swamp of Crystal” vexed by a horrible wind will be revealed. The storms and floods are biblical, often requiring he take up the classical Greek version of Noah and his ark more than once. Almost every ancient people has there variation on the Noah’s Ark, global flood myth. Call these following verses precognitive myths for a new flood not seen since the times of Noah. May our awakening to the danger incline us away from making these precog. myths our reality… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

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