A Hopeful New START Treaty Extension by President Biden. Followed by a Historic Diplomatic Gaff of an Empty Man goaded by his Cabinet handlers. Putin is a Killer? Putin has no Soul? Is the New Cold War about to Have its “Ukrainian” and “Taiwanese” Missile Crises? Trump’s October 2015 Prophecy Fulfilled. Ancient Hermes foresaw Modern Planetary Climate Catastrophe. The Future is Not Written in Stone—just Prophetic programmed Dogmas. How does Hogue Put up with all the Haters? And Finally: The Amazing Nostradamus Accurately Foretelling Dates and Periods of Time from 1555 to the Present. And the Near Future?

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DATELINE: 02 April 2021

640px-The_military_parade_in_honor_of_the_70-th_anniversary_of_the_end_of_the_Second_world_war_04From the Cuban Missile Crisis of Cold War Past
To Simultaneous Ukrainian and Taiwan Missile Crises
of Cold War Present

I was going to write about these rapidly developing, life-changing, world threatening events in my April Article Wave, but I insert it now in the March Article wave being published in early April because these potential crises are developing FAST!

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PRE-ORDER this fully-illustrated PDF eBook version of this new 270-page work scheduled for release on May Day 2021 with your payment of $4.99 or a little more to HogueProphecy.com. Put New Book in the PayPal Memo line. If you don’t see the line, just send the message by email to hoguebulletin@hogueprophecy.com. I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. You can also send me a snail mailed US check or money order payable to “John Hogue” to P.O. Box 666, Langley, WA, 98260. Be sure to put “New Book” written on your check and send me your email address to send the book to you.

It started so promising on 5 February 2021. Time did not run out that day on the last nuclear arms reduction treaty still standing, the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). Biden extended it five more years. Two months later on April Fool’s Day, this day isn’t a joke, readers. This April Fool’s Day stands for real fools in the Pentagon and in President Biden’s cabinet that appear to believe a “limited war” can be waged by the US with China over Taiwan’s independence. At the same time the US backed and armed Ukraine seems to be ready to do something incredibly stupid as a pawn of Washington’s need to make its new cold war with Russia so cold it could go hot. This third-rate Ukrainian Army is poised to take back by military force the Donbass breakaway Republic made up of the Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts (provinces) populated by ethnic Ukrainian Russian citizens. The Pentagon gave Ukrainian forces the green light to use their ample supply of US Javelin antitank missiles against Russian tanks. These are amassing along the Donbass frontier and the Russian held Crimean Peninsula.

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to HogueProphecy.com and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

As I write this, US Naval forces are heading for the South China Sea to reach the ocean approaches of Taiwan. Maybe they’re planning another circumnavigation of that breakaway Chinese Province first making a show of might passing US warships through the 81-mile wide Taiwan Strait close to the Chinese Mainland. Beijing for its part followed the last cruise of US warships with one of its new carrier strike forces following in its wake a few days later. On 31 March Beijing began flying its air force jets around the island nation just off its coastline.

The military brass and Biden aren’t saying it outright, but actions in the Ukraine and the US naval advance towards China’s side of the Pacific are saying it loudly. And I’ll dare to say it: these five-pointed-headed, Pentagon fools believe they can fight and contain from escalating a limited war with Russia and China. As one of my sources pointed out, the Guns of August 1914, that unexpectedly escalated into the First World War now meets “The Guns of April” 2021.

This could go out of control and become a Third World War!

In astrology April, is dominated by the Sun’s transit through the sign of Aries—a Greek god better known by its Romanized Latin name “Mars”—the God of War. The reason being that April has been since classical times, the first month of the war season. Where nature brings life to our world in the northern hemispheric spring, humanity often started the last 5,000 wars waged in the last 3,000 years in the month and sign named after a divine warmonger.

In my January wave of articles posted in early February, I warned about two years, 2020 and this new year 2021, each powerfully defined by a lingering astrological ill aspect of Saturn. 2020 had endured Jupiter’s conjunction with Saturn defining it as the year “everybody shut down” thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic. That’s what happens when the ruler of optimism and higher mindedness (Jupiter) embraces the ruler of restriction of dreams when they don’t match reality (Saturn).

2021 is dominated again by Saturn no longer in Capricorn, moving through Aquarius squaring its ruler Uranus in its fall in Taurus throughout the year into 2022. Thus I define this year as “everybody SHUT UP!”

This year is a time of intolerance, especially influencing the hasty and unreasonable decisions of ideologically driven politicians and political parties who think their belief projected upon the world can change its reality through force.

You don’t like that? Shut up! You’re cancelled! Thus spake Saturn squared Uranus inharmoniously set against his rulership of Aquarius like a hanged humanitarian man by the feet.

This is the malevolent square that makes people act on their wild beliefs, like some thinking they can cancel or deprogram half the US voting public. Like the Pentagon brass and the US president and cabinet unrealistically believing they can keep kinetic wars limited with major powers like China and Russia. They won’t start conventional then go nuclear because we didn’t put that option in our plans. To ignore it is enough.

So Mr. and Mrs. American sheeple, be directed and driven by the qualified ignorance of beliefs of our unwisely fearless shepherds activating aggressive military postures and moves against Russia and China in 2021, happy in their blind faith that no miscalculation, no nuclear war, is possible because “we choose to believe it won’t happen.”

The greatest military blunders in history often rest on an assumption, a belief, uncritically embraced. For instance Hitler’s belief was enough that he could take the Soviet Union starting late in the war season on 22 June 1941 already deep into Russia’s short northern summer, poised to end in the first snows of early October. He didn’t prepare millions of his men and thousands of tanks and vehicles for that winter when it came with a vengeance freezing the oil in engines and the grease that made German guns locked and unloadable. Hitler’s three-million man invasion ground to a halt by February 1942. In those eight months he lost 1.1 million killed and wounded, 250,000 of which were laid low or crippled as combat ineffective by frostbite.

In August 1914, a similar gaggle of dumb generals and politicians after a rare 40 years of peace in Europe, the most blood-soaked continent in history, confronted a sudden trip-wire escalation pulling the reluctant European Empires from a limited Balkan war into a European-wide war.

They wanted to believe this wider war also would be a limited one, only a few months duration. Neither side’s politicians and generals wanted to consider how the great industrially-efficient advances in war weapon lethality that they now possessed after 40 years of peace had ended might upset everything they expected from the war. They believed that when faced with the advances of rapid fire machine guns and howitzers and even millions of combatants on both sides shouldering new infantry rifles with vastly improved and accurate firing ranges, and no fog of war to hide targets because of the invention of the new-fangled smokeless gunpowder.

Things that should make one go, “Hmmmm…?”

Nope… No need to change noble and arcanely operatic battle tactics. Let’s gather the herding millions of mobilized men dressed up in Napoleonic-like pretty uniforms, with even colorfully clad cavalrymen with lances topped by flapping pinions. The men of France won’t hide their courage cloaked in camouflage. Advance into that deadly space of glory with your scarlet caps, your blue overcoats and those perfect targets: big and scarlet baggy pants. March ye doomed men. Forward! Give them the bayonet charge shoulder-to-shoulder, completely exposed in the open, advancing into the mechanical spray of Maxim machine-gun bullets. Get blown to bits by the rapid fire of high-explosive artillery shells. Don’t worry. You’ll all be home with great tales to tell by Christmas.

Were they in for a nasty surprise.

Through March 2021 and especially in the last 36 hours, a new 1914-like madness seems to be percolating in the lame-brains of politicians and generals, mostly of the West. The Ukrainians goaded by US support, have spent most of March amassing on the Minsk II ceasefire line that separates Ukrainian soldiers from the militias of Russian Ukrainians living in their breakaway Donbass provinces. For the most part the ceasefire line monitored by the OSCE (Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe) halted sustained hostilities in Ukrainian Civil War since 2015.

The Russian Federation along its Ukrainian frontier responded to the Ukrainian build-up of 25,000 men and hundreds of tanks amassing a far larger and better trained armored and mobile force of 35,000 personnel, with top of the line tanks heavy mobile artillery. This oncoming “limited war” may see direct combat by American and Russian militaries. The reason being that Kiev just gave the OK for US and NATO air force assets to fly over Ukrainian airspace—that airspace includes Crimea and the Donetsk/Lugansk provinces that Kiev does not recognize as legally separate and independent.

That’s right, US and Russian warplanes may be crisscrossing each other’s potentially deadly paths over Ukrainian, Donbass and Crimean skies as April showers bring May flowers to stick on a whole lot of graves.

How did we get here?!

In brief, the Donbass breakaway secession followed the Maidan Revolution of late 2013-early 2014. The US under the Obama administration were caught read handed picking and choosing a Ukrainian government in early 2014 half of which consisted of neo-Nazis who wanted to ethnically cleanse Ukraine of all its Russian citizens. One of the key people picking this US puppet government of anti-Semitic, anti-Russian Ukrainian Nazis is currently the third most powerful cabinet member of President Biden’s US State Department, neo-con Victoria Nuland.

In my April 2014 book A New Cold War, I explained the following:

The standoff between Maidan demonstrators crouched behind flaming barricades constructed of cast-off tires pitted against the ranks of shield and club wielding riot police, dragged on through a frozen autumn into a frigid winter. By February, tensions came to a head. Ukraine was a national and economic basket case, ready to implode. No longer was it able to pay for Russian natural gas imports and the EU became worried its own imports might be siphoned off the Russian pipeline that transits Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s government had actively negotiated with EU counterparts for a shared aid program worth $16 billion euros from each side to keep Ukraine going through the winter of Maidan discontent. On 21 February, Russian diplomats and EU mediators, along with Maidan leaders and President Yanukovych, signed a political deal pledging to restore the Ukrainian constitution drafted during the Orange Revolution. Reforms would be completed by September 2014 with early presidential elections held no later than December 2014. It was agreed to allow the Council of Europe to stand with the opposition and investigate accusations of government corruption. The Yanukovych administration would veto the state of emergency, grant amnesty for all protestors arrested since 17 February only as long as protesters would vacate all public buildings, give up their weapons, and dismantle barricades on the Maidan Square.

Dmytro Yarosh, skin-headed leader of the ultra-nationalist “Right Sector” Party responsible for most of the violent clashes with riot police in the Maidan, rejected the agreement out of hand. On 22 February, Yarosh gathered support from other right wing elements in the mob of protesters and threatened to violently unseat Yanukovych from power. Skinheads set on fire the houses of pro-Russian parliamentarians and leaders. Right Sector thugs broke into Ukrainian Army depots and armed themselves. The police abandoned their posts guarding the Presidential Palace.

Snipers positioned on the roof of a burned out government building being used as a Right Sector’s headquarters began shooting down demonstrators “and” police alike. So said Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet in a phone conversation picked up by IBTimes with EU High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. Paet cited surgeons working on the dozens of wounded as his sources. He later denied the opposition was involved. Daily Beast published video and photos implicating the Russian trained Ukrainian Security Services. Russia Today televised videos of Right Sector members, armed with sniper rifles, firing from the roofs. Hennaidiy Moskal, former deputy head of Ukraine’s main security the SBU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported in the Ukrainian newspaper Dzerkalo Tizhnya that “snipers received orders to shoot not only protesters, but also police forces. This was all done in order to exacerbate the conflict, in order to justify the police operation to clear Maidan.”

Since writing the above, videos and forensic studies using the angle of bullet wounds received to locate all the over 100 people shot down and killed in the Maidan square came solely from Right Sector snipers taking their shots from the roof top of a burnt out government administration building overseeing the square that was their headquarters throughout the Maidan revolution.

Nuland’s chosen government of Ukrainian neo-Nazis went right to work on their ethnic cleansing goals to cleanse Ukraine of “Muscovites” in the Donbass,

A lion’s share of the adult Donbass voting population voted in a referendum to stay in Ukraine but allow each province the autonomy to do business and trade with either the EU or in their case trade with the Russian Federation. Kiev’s answer was sending in the Ukrainian army, including 600 foreign mercenaries hired from Academy, the new name for the dishonored Blackwater soldiers-to-hire company notorious for massacring Iraqi civilians during the US occupation of Iraq (2003-2011). There were also a sizable number of neo-Nazi Right Sector and Svoboda militias advancing on the Donbass. Russian Ukrainians were massacred in Odessa and Mariupol by early May. The people of the Donbass formed their own militias and successfully fought back, later with extra assistance of Russian troops, tanks and artillery removing their Russian flags, stars and insignias.

Russian Federation Sukhoi T-50 Maksimov. Source ©Creative Commons.

Russian Federation Sukhoi T-50. Source: RussianPlanes.net. Photo: Maxim  Maksimov, © Creative Commons.

Since the spring of 2014 to the present, overall 13,200 Ukrainians and Donbass ethnic Russians have been killed with 31,000 wounded. Upwards of one million Donbass citizens fled as refugees into Russia. At least 3,350 civilians were killed, mostly in the Donbass cities regularly and indiscriminately shelled by Ukrainian artillery.

The other region densely populated by ethnic Russians faired far better in the Crimea Peninsula. They broke away, protected by the Russian naval and army already based there permitted by an post-Cold War One lease agreement. Crimean Russians thronged the polls in a landslide referendum vote to secede.

Crimea had been a Russian province for three centuries. It only became a part of Ukraine for 58 years without the choice of the citizens. That’s because the Soviet Premier Khrushchev, who love vacationing in Crimea, innocently decided to bring it into the Ukrainian SSR state of the Soviet Union never imagining the communist empire would implode in 1992, long after his death in 1971.

Ukraine became an independent state with a very Russian Crimea remaining attached. Many forecasters worried—me included—that someday this uncorrected map shuffle by Premier Khrushchev back in 1956 could be the cause of another Cuban Missile crisis—maybe a third world war.

In 2014, after Russian forces based in Crimea blocked entry of fascist Ukrainian militias at the Crimean isthmus choke point and Kiev turned off electric power, oil and water lines to the new Crimean province of Russia, Putin had a bridge build from the Russian mainland east of the Crimea which at this moment, rumor has it, is now closed to civilian traffic and is filled with Russian tanks, trucks and mobile artillery heading into the peninsula to prevent a new Ukrainian thrust across the Crimean Isthmus. So far the footage I’ve seen from civilian drivers along the Crimean bridge indicate that the automobile part of the bridge is open. The train section is packed with flat cars carrying an endless-looking line of Russian tanks, mobile artillery and armored personnel carriers heading into Crimea. If hostilities begin, I wouldn’t be surprise if the bridge is closed to civilian traffic for it will be a prime target for aerial attack as it contains the electric, oil and water lines to Russia.

Vladimir Putin with the help of the French President Holland and German Chancellor Angela Merkel negotiated two attempts to stop the Ukrainian civil war at neighboring Belorussia’s capital of Minsk. The first ceasefire line failed, requiring a crushing Donbass and Russian Federation military response routing a Ukrainian winter offensive, thus leading to a more successful but never perfect cessation of violence called Minsk II, agreed to in 2015

I’m getting all kinds of reports that indicate hostilities have resumed along the OSCE monitored line ceasefire line. There are reports from sources I’m seeking to vet that villages in the crossfire are on fire, that the ruins of Donetsk’s Prokofiev International Airport is once again a Stalingrad-like urban battleground.

What you’ll hear in the corporately owned Western Media, the same media that is also owned by a lot of money from the US war industry, is that the Ukrainians are advancing in answer to a buildup of Russians on the Donbass border. That’s topsy turvy from the truth. The Russian Army began to collect there only after sizable Ukrainian forces not seen since the fighting of 2015 began to assemble on the ceasefire line, making ready for an offensive.

In the articles below I will elaborate how President Biden’s poor use of words in March brought all this brinksmanship on. And it’s not just US proxies in the play. There’s been a cat-and-mouse game in the skies over these disputed lands in Ukraine and over the Black Sea with US B52 and US B-1 bombers (nuclear capable) buzzing the frontiers of Russia.

There are an unprecedented number of US and NATO ships in the Black Sea. Also in the Baltic sea NATO warships and submarines are harassing the pipe layers of the Nord Stream II natural gas pipeline heading for German shores from Russia. This is after the US began recently threatening Germany, its chief NATO ally in Continental Europe no less, with economic sanctions if Berlin doesn’t dump the pipeline plan to receive affordable natural gas from Russia. Washington would rather demand they purchase its highly expensive liquid natural gas shipped over the Atlantic. The German and EU people don’t want the LNG from America. And anyway, American ship builders would have to construct a few hundred LNG tankers to ship enough across the Atlantic to manage a supply the European Union demands for natural gas.

This whole crisis that’s being propagandized by the Western media as a Russian pushed crisis is actually US-Ukrainian pushed. Ukraine was former Vice President Biden’s baby as quasi-Viceroy of Kiev appointed by President Obama after the US-created puppet government took over there. Now as president he has been in contact with President Zelensky by phone promising to support Kiev “defend” itself against Russian aggression. The Biden brain trust in the Oval Office is putting a truss of words in Biden’s aging head to “support” the following strategic goal: A) convince the Ukrainians to invade Donbass; B) support them doing it; C) force the Russians to defend the Donbass Russian Ukrainians from being massacred; D) rout the Ukrainians in so doing it; and finally E-for EU) scare Berlin and Brussels out of completing the Nord Stream II by using Ukraine’s defeat as proof that ties with Russia should be further severed and Moscow further isolated from the West. In conclusion, Cold War Two gets colder, the US Military Industrial Complex gets bigger and more profitable “containing” Russia in this cold war that unlike the last has only one side fighting an ideological struggle with the other, and it is NOT Russia. It is the neo-Liberals of the West.

Biden’s brain-ganglia handlers are hoping all it will take to end Russian gas supply to the EU is promise far more military aid than will actually be given to that idiot Ukrainian President Zelensky, who will charge into Donbass where the big bad Russia bear will crush his offensive.

Bad! Bad! Build-back-Bad-Bear Better, Mr. Biden! But there’s a catch, Gazprom reports record breaking sales in natural gas in January to Europe and Turkey, up 45.5 percent! Zelensky can supply a war in Europe to satisfy Washington’s weaponized Russian conspiracy hoaxers, but natural gas demand in Europe is not going to diminish.

Team “Brain-for-Biden” apparently are ideologically predisposed to selectively forget some historical facts. During the last Cold War, even in its darkest days, Europe and the NATO alliance members there, where regularly supplied by Russian (Soviet) natural gas.

That is not going to change. It is not that Berlin wants to go ahead, it NEEDS to keep the Russian gas flowing, whatever happens in Ukraine. It is the only gas the EU can readily afford and is easy to supply.

Adding Identity-ID-insult to idiocy, Washington for years has been buying record-breaking amounts of Russian oil! They don’t want you to know this little embarrassing fact as they saber-rattle up a potential World War III with Moscow. It is the result of US sanctions on neighboring Venezuela, now cutting off its cheap and high quality crude source to American markets. Indeed before US hubris stopped the flow of Venezuelan oil to America, it was its chief importer in the world.

You might say the snob nosiness of US sniffing in displeasure at Caracas for its socialist government has cut off America’s source of quality crude to spite Washington saving face by replacing all that affordable nearby-oil to instead pay Moscow premium price shipping their oil by tankers across the Atlantic to replace all that cheap Venezuelan oil.

RT Reports, “In 2019 Russian refineries have produced a total of 285 million tons of oil products, including a still hefty 47.3 million tons of fuel oil (the all-time high was 77.7 million tons in 2014). Of this, a little more than 4 million tons remained in Russia for domestic usage and 43 million tons went for exports. Attesting to the increasing role the United States’ market plays for fuel oil exports, deliveries there have doubled year-on-year in 2019 to an aggregate of 12.6 million tons, i.e. almost 30% of the total. The overwhelming majority of Russian fuel oil exports to the US are Atlantic – there were only 7 cargoes that loaded in the Far East ports of Vanino and Nakhodka (they went to California and Washington), whilst a whopping 110 cargoes were supplied across the Atlantic Ocean.”

From Ukraine to China we go.

I speak of that blinking Anthony Blinken’s diplomatic fiasco in the latter weeks of March in his Anchorage Alaska summit with the Chinese Foreign Minister. The American host had invited them to sit in the United States only to face a severe berating for six minutes about Chinese human rights abuses. That prompted the Chinese Foreign Minister for the first time ever, to break with the six-minute protocol and speak for 20 minutes straight, listing all the hypocrisies of the US and their own human right abuses, starting with the racist treatment African Americans suffer at home. In short, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the American leaders were hypocrites, listing in detail a litany of crimes against humanity that American governments commit around the world. Wang included the long list of democratic elections around the world in the last half century that the US government, ever preachy about democracy, manipulated and overthrew democratic elections abroad. Wang “wanged” them also about all the nations America had destroyed and is destroying to save them since Vietnam and the wars they keep perpetuating around the world, in Syria, in Yemen, approaching 20 years and counting in Afghanistan, that never end!

China is on the rise as an economic world power as the US is in decline. Russia has recovered from the times of troubles when the Soviet Union collapsed and the day has finally come when these world powers will only be treated by Washington as EQUALS. The days of a succession of preachy neo-conned and neo-liberal holier than thou American presidential regimes is OVER! The American hypocrisy will no longer be tolerated and every point of hubris will be illuminated and dismissed.

US Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, dropping flares. Source, © Creative Commons.

US Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, dropping flares. Author: Mizzoujp. Source, © Creative Commons.

America’s response to this return of the Thucydides Trap is all too predictable. The term was named after the ancient Greek historian and general Thucydides which theorized that the Peloponnesian Wars (431-404 BC) was an inevitable outcome of Athens, the regional superpower in the Hellenic world under threat from the rise of Sparta’s growing economic prosperity and military might.

China is that emerging power today, frightening the declining American hegemon losing its hold on global economics and political influence. Or, to put it in American political scientist Graham T. Allison’s words published in the Financial Times in 2012: “Thucydides’ Trap refers to the natural, inevitable discombobulation that occurs when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power…[and] the resulting structural stress makes a violent clash the rule, not the exception.”

April begins with ominous movements of military American naval might into the Western Pacific. Washington is breaking from what it signed and agreed to with China back in 1979, that Taiwan is a province of China, not an independent state. Heck even the Taiwanese, unlike the US Southern States during the American Civil War, consider themselves part of the Chinese Union of provinces, but not pro-communist like the mainland. Taipei even believes they will convert Mainland China into their political-economic island model, where the remnants of the Chinese Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek based themselves after the Communist won the rest of China in October 1949.

The Trump administration began sending Taiwan offensive weaponry by the billions of dollars—a red line crossed in the view of the Red Chinese giant. Biden seems to be no different than Trump in his Asian foreign policies. America moving naval assets of late toward the South China Sea and Taiwan has been answered in the last few days by regular flights of Chinese Air Force jets buzzing Taiwan’s north, west and southern coastlines—meaning, they are demonstrating that they may shoot down or strike any US air or naval assets that come too close to Taiwan.

I have long warned here at HogueProphecy and in my books over the last 20 years that Taiwan is the Cuba of the Western Pacific and if the US should base offensive missiles or units upon that island nation they’ll have a Cuban-turned-Taiwan Missile Crisis on their hands with all the clear and present dangers of it expanding to a Third World War, a potential that Kennedy and Khrushchev faced in October 1962!

That potential has come back into our lives. It may be upon us this April.

And this time not one but potentially TWO CRISES of equal civilization-ending stand-offs over Ukraine and Taiwan.

My second article, completed on 31 March 2021, was meant to lead off my March article wave published and released by Easter Weekend. In this article I will present to you the ways Biden’s stumbling words, stumbling on purpose perhaps, took all the hope of peace out of his positive restart gesture to the Russians by extending the New START Treaty. That’s all ruined now by one of the strangest, I would say staged interviews, ABC did with a US president. It has caused a historic game change in Russian-US foreign policy to the extent that war has never been closer between these two nuclear powers with 90 percent of the nuclear weapons on this planet. The guns of August 1914. Meet the nuclear Guns of April 2021, perhaps?

DATELINE: 31 March 2021

President Biden extends a New START Treaty
Then in an ABC Interview extends
A Colder Second Cold War:

Whenever I can—and I certainly hope it will be often—I will cite anything the new president of the United States does that can potentially alter the dire direction of the human future to something more positive, intelligent or loving. In my November-December 2020 Articles for subscribers in the R.I.P. Stephen Cohen article, I wrote about the importance of Joe Biden as president renewing the last nuclear war deterrent treaty with Russia left standing after Presidents Bush and Trump dismantled all the others. It’s called New START, or The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, that renews the two largest nuclear powers holding most of the civilization-ending weapons pledged to reduce their intercontinental ballistic missile arsenals by half in the next five-year period.

In the article I wrote:

Nostradamus also shared with the future two timelines for the Cold War Two becoming World War Three. One is short, only three years and seven months. The other is 13 years. As usual, Nostradamus gives very accurate periods of time in his history of the future but makes a point not to tell us when to start counting.

We have to find that starting point ourselves.

Are we already in the middle of both counts with the shorter coming very soon and suddenly?

We have four years to discover that and hopefully prevent that too. Biden could do something very early in his first term to give us positive signs just weeks into being president that war might be prevented. He could extend the deadline or renew with Vladimir Putin the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, known as New START.

It is the last pillar of nuclear deterrents still standing that President Bush and Trump haven’t unilaterally thrown in the trash. It was Obama that renewed START with Russian President Medvedev, becoming New START in 2010. If this is Obama’s shadow third term, then I hold hope Joe Biden will play the medium for Obama to renew the New START at least.

It is scheduled to run out on 5 February 2021!

Biden could either let it run out two weeks and two days after being sworn in as President on 20 January 2021; or, he could bust a move that might begin a process that busts my prophecy recently presented in John Hogue’s 2020 Presidential Election:

“In these unique, even biblically powerful, [astrological] aspects are the dangers of social and economic upheaval, civil violence and even nuclear war potentials packed waiting to either happen or be avoided in the next four years. For the Sun, the collective ego state of the American people on Inauguration Day (I-Day) is sorely afflicted because of one Midheaven grouping of planets with magnified conjunctions that are seized upon in ireful abandon by a second grouping of planets around the day’s Ascendant by gargantuan squares

“The first conjunction to look at is at the highest ascending aspect of this chart, the astrological engine behind 20 percent of US presidents, the most protected in the world—presidents with the finest medical care—mostly shot and some dying in office from ill health elected every 20 years from 1840 to 1980 when the Curse [of Tecumseh] expanded its scope to seize the democracy and the entire American people in election 2000 and now its climactic aspects in 2020 with the following positioning on Inauguration Day that has never before happened in the history of America!

“Again I say, here goes “everything…!

“This Great Establishment Conjunction gathering anchored to the Midheaven at highest ascendancy is squared the Moon in Aries conjoined in a cusp Grand “Upheaval” Conjunction with Mars and Uranus in the Twelfth House. That is the house of finishing great cycles in a nation’s history as we indeed are finishing the first Pluto-Orbital transit era of the United States now come to the end of what it was, the death of what it was, in the next four years and perhaps through that death a rebirth. I would like to see Biden make that move…”

Bless Joe Biden, he did make the move. He extended New START for five more years on 3 February after Putin and his government officially extended the treaty the following day after Biden and Putin’s two-hour phone meeting on 26 January. A very good start on the geopolitical stage. But here was the caveat I had to add because of just who are our caretaker president’s cabinet picks, possibly picked by someone else. I resume the quote from the Steven Cohen article from the end of 2020:

I would like to see Biden make that move, however, as we’ll see [in this November-December article wave, there] is a more weaponized return of an Obama third term with a serious “eyes wide shut” approach to Russia and China that could inadvertently fulfill Stormberger’s prophecy, “With open eyes will the people of the world enter these catastrophes.”

That he puts them in plural seems to indicate one catastrophe potential is World War III, the other, Planetary Climate Change.

George Szamuely for RT reported makes what I think is a sage point a lot of journalists have missed, agreements between Russia (as the Soviet Union) and the United States during the last decades of the First Cold War worked because both Washington and Moscow actually wanted to lower tensions between each other. This is not happening now in the early stages of this Second Cold War. The wintery relations are fresh and cold like the early days of the First Cold War.

And it just got about as cold as it can get so far thanks to a rather staged and scripted-looking exclusive interview President Biden recently taped with George Stephanopoulos for ABC News… Complete reading this and get full access to all SEVEN ARTICLES by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 31 March 2021

DATELINE: 31 March 2021

President Biden extends a New START Treaty
Then in an ABC Interview extends
A Colder Second Cold War:

Gurdjieff-old-looking-to-rightWithout self-knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

Except for mankind, the earth is one.
And it is only a question of raising human consciousness…
Nations can disappear, religions can disappear, discriminations can disappear; and with that, much crap will disappear.
Politicians will not be of any use; priests will not be of any use;
churches and temples and mosques will not be of any use.
There are millions of people who don’t have homes,
and God—who is just a lie—has millions of houses for himself.
We have lived in an insane way, and now it is a choice between insanity and sanity. If insanity wins, there will be no life at all.
If sanity wins, life will become for the first time free from all superstitions, all boundaries, all divisions—one humanity, one earth;
freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom to choose where you want to live.
It is our earth.

(The Rebellious Spirit, Ch 12, Q 4)

I call all of you to meditation. I’m willing and lovingly ready to send you freely an email with links and information about the meditations I have used since 1980, created by Osho, that are specifically tailored to the needs of modern human beings in an overly mind-amplified society. Just Contact Me here. Put in the subject line: Meditation. I will then email the information directly to you.

Osho-Close-up-smiling-intimateMan is now living in his most critical moment and it is a crisis of immense dimensions. Either he will die or a new man will be reborn…It is going to be a death and resurrection. Unless human consciousness changes totally man cannot survive. As he is right now he is already outdated. …During this period there will be every kind of destruction on Earth including natural catastrophes and man manufactured auto-suicidal efforts. In other words there will be floods which have never been known since the time of Noah, along with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and everything else that is possible through nature. The Earth cannot tolerate this type of mankind any longer. There will be wars which are bound to end in nuclear explosions, hence no ordinary Noah’s ark is going to save humanity. …The Holocaust is not going to be confined to certain places, it is going to be global so no escape will be possible. You can only escape within and that’s what I teach. I do not teach worship of God or any other ritual but only a scientific way of coming to your innermost core. (Osho [1983])… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 March 2021

Trump’s October 2015 Prophecy Fulfilled
In Early 2021!

If he was about to appear in one of his crowded outdoor rallies in September 2015, all the networks dropped their programs to televise LIVE, the Donald’s rambling, sometimes honest—iconoclastically so—often outrageous populism. Trump! TV can’t live with him, can’t live without him for the coming five years. It was the Truman Show-cum-Trump Man’s Show. The media built him up and made billions.

Then, like the usual fame cycle you see in Hollywood, a place that births its stars then eats their own, this holly-wooden-headed habit settled in especially at CNN and MSNBC after their ratings star became president.

Let’s keep the ratings gold rush going by trying to DESTROY the blond haired, orange spray-tanned Oompa Loompa monster we created, Dr. Frankenstein—or, should I say DR. Jeff Zucker-stein who was made by Trump into a successful CNN chief executive star—a star now fallen with the exit of his media monster replaced by a new president with all the excitement and clarity of chopped, leftover liver… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 March 2021

Ancient Prophet Hermes Trismegistus
Foreseeing Modern Planetary Climate Catastrophe

The prophecies used in this article come from a third dialogue of Asclepius attributed to an author using the nom de plume of Hermes. It foresees and bewails a future in which Christianity destroys all pagan virtues.

One of these pagan virtues regards humans as being guardians and gardeners of the Earth. Is it not more than a coincidence that we face a Sixth Mass Extinction with Christianity in all its 300 sects being the most populous and dominant organized “corporate” religion on the Earth. To what happy faith is Earth to find in a future when so many people, unconsciously programmed by Christian priests and reverends are made to believe the Earth and all that is natural upon it is the dominion of Satan—that this earth must be destroyed before salvation comes…? Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 March 2021

“Courage” Osho Zen Tarot, designed by Ma Deva Padma. It is my Tarot Deck of choice when I do my online Zoom Readings.

“Courage” Osho Zen Tarot, designed by Ma Deva Padma.
It is my Tarot Deck of choice when I do my online Zoom Readings.

A Programmed Misunderstanding People have
That the Future is written in Stone
(A Discussion from over a Year Ago)

One small, and more recent, example: your compulsion to display sarcasm about Biden’s mental condition.

It worked perfectly. It was a loving hit. It moved your energy. And look at what good it has done, my satire on Biden’s mental dilemma. It allowed this very valuable teaching moment which I’m sharing to all my subscribers, which you are a dear part.

I’m sorry for Joe Biden, but I’m more concerned about those among my readers who are suffering a deeper mental hysteria. Their hatred of Trump is so blind that they would pick this poor man who is fading rapidly into dementia to become a man who could wield ultimate power over them. I understand their need to elect someone to replace Trump but this is not the man. You all might as well jump out of the Trump frying pan into a different, perhaps hotter, fire.

So deep is this blindness of people suffering TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) that I compassionately resorted to shocking you all with satires on Biden.

That’s how deep the illusion of him being a mentally healthy and qualified candidate requires: a strong hit. And I gave that hit all I’ve got. (WACK!) Like a Zen stick.

And look how wonderful is the result?

It is no “little” matter. It stung you.

You and I are having this discussion, as I hoped some readers would with me, who, like you, got your programmed-in buttons pushed. Now we can shine a light on your buttons and how we all do the pushing of them unconsciously… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 March 2021

“Thunderbolt” Osho Zen Tarot, designed by Ma Deva Padma. It is my Tarot Deck of choice when I do my online Zoom Readings.

“Thunderbolt” Osho Zen Tarot, designed by Ma Deva Padma.
It is my Tarot Deck of choice when I do my online Zoom Readings.

How Do I Put Up With All the Hate Thrown My Way?
Here is My “Punk TAO” Answer

I saw the leak project show last night…some of the live stream comments were very cruel. Maybe I am just overly sensitive because of what I’m going through…but, how do you put up with such discord? You had excellent points, always poetically spoken.

Hi Ann,
I didn’t read the live stream but I can imagine what kind of things they were saying because I’ve heard just about every kind of “ugly” there is. I could see Rex’s eyes popping out at some that went flooding by. But equally there was much praise. And I would suggest that the nature of praise is a harder thing for people to inwardly illuminate and transcend.

How do I put up with such discord?

I don’t put up or react by putting down. Both are two sides to the same programming of identity that societies condition us to do.

The society starts installing in us buttons to be pushed by others, some make us robotically happy, some make us robotically angry or hurt.

Putting up or putting down is a cycle of Identity habit taught to us.

It is easier to see those who are projecting their negativity than it is to see those equally projecting their positivity.

These are two sides of the same habit as well… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 March 2021

Nostradamus (1503-1566) Painting by Cesar de Nostradamus.

Nostradamus (1503-1566) Painting by Cesar de Nostradamus.


320px-COA_Luftwaffe_eagle_gold_(looking_left).svg5 Q81
L’oiƒeau royal1 ƒur la cité ƒolaire2,
Sept moys deuant fera nocturne augure:
Mur3 d’Orient cherra tonnerre eƒclaire4,
Sept iours aux portes les ennemis à l’heure.

The royal bird over the city of the Sun [Paris],
Seven months in advance it will deliver a nocturnal warning:
The Wall of the East will fall, thunder and lightning,
Seven days the enemy directly at the gates.

1oi∫eau royal = royal bird, in this case the Nazi German eagle symbol of the Luftwaffe, painted on their planes and worn on their pilots’ blue uniforms. 2Louis XIV was known as the Sun King, the city of the Sun therefore is his capital. 3Wall, frontier border; Kidogo reminds us that in the ancient and medieval world walls and borders were often viewed as synonymous. 4tonnerre e∫claire = “thunder and lightning,” a metaphor for Hitler’s Blitzkrieg (lightning war) across France.

Oiƒeau royal translates into royal bird; in this case the Nazi German eagle symbol of the Luftwaffe, painted on their planes and worn on their pilots’ blue uniforms holding a swastika in its talons. The wall is a medieval double entendre for “wall” of a castle and “frontier” of a country. Tonnerre eƒclaire is the thunder and lightning of Hitler’s Blitzkrieg, a German term Hitler used to define his rapidly advancing armies of panzer tanks, motorized infantry, artillery and dive-bombing Stukas waging lightning war.

A six-month lull in fighting after the fall of Poland ensued from December 1939 through April 1940. During the lull, the Luftwaffe flew deep into French airspace dropping leaflets of Nostradamus’ quatrains containing the German Propaganda Ministry’s interpretations of an oncoming French defeat as foreseen by their illustrious countryman. According to Boswell, one German plane flew over Paris as early as 13 November 1939 rendering Nostradamus’ prophecy of seven months applicable to the German eagle being that royal bird of the Luftwaffe.

The great eastern wall falling is the Maginot Line in which France sank its fortunes, hopes, and delusions of safety from a German invasion. Hitler’s new brand for lightning war, or blitzkrieg, rendered the Maginot fortifications strategically irrelevant. His panzer corps skirted the fortification line and French scouts lost track of them near the Ardennes Forest region while German infantry armies attack Holland and Belgium. This was a ruse making the British and French forces mistakenly think that the Germans of 1940 were going to repeat the mistakes of their fathers in 1914, swinging in over Belgium and Flanders to capture Paris.

This was not your daddy’s Wehrmacht!

Hitler, a survivor of the trenches of the First World War had no taste for static warfare. He massed panzer tank and motorized infantry divisions under the hilly and forested canopy of the Ardennes Forest unleashing a surprise thunder stroke out of the woods through Sedan. His armored pincers rolled rapidly to the sea, effectively dividing half the French Army and cutting off the entire BEF (British Expeditionary Force).

After the encircled BEF abandoned its heavy equipment on the beaches of Dunkirk, Hitler’s lightning war turned southwest against the remaining half of the French Army. German Panzers directed in an overwhelming force of arms, artillery, and air strikes puncturing the French line in several places, advancing deep into the rear sectors. The slow-moving and generally non-mechanized French forces were encircled.

The final Blitzkrieg to Paris took only seven days! Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

Email him at hoguebulletin@hogueprophecy.com
Put “Hogue Reading” in Subject line
He’ll send you times, prices and information.

Me with Johnny Enoch and Dannion Brinkley at George Noory’s live stage show held at the Everett Opera House, WA, in March 2019.

Me with Johnny Enoch and Dannion Brinkley at George Noory’s live stage show held at the Everett Opera House, WA, in March 2019.

Books by John Hogue


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