A New and Greater Recession Comes Early. Coronavirus is now a Pandemic. Panic Supply Crisis to Follow. The Needle that Popped the False Boom Economy, Upending Banks. Democratic Primary Predictions: Joe Biden surging in votes and Symptoms of Dementia. Edgar Cayce foresaw Russia as “The Hope of the World”: Is this Putin’s Russia? EarthTrama Watch: World’s Tropical Forests are Shifting from Carbon Absorbing to Carbon Emitters. And Finally, Is the “Anybody but Trump” Hysteria choosing Alzheimer’s Candidate for President?

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DATELINE: 15 March 2020

Nostradamus (1503-1566) Painting by Cesar de Nostradamus.

Nostradamus (1503-1566) Painting by Cesar de Nostradamus.



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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to HogueProphecy.com and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. Put 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

Hopefully sooner than later, this is how humanity contains this highly contagious virus. Actually it is one of the things the famous plague doctor and prophet Michel de Nostradamus did when for 270 days he single-handedly fought the Bubonic Plague ravaging the city of Aix-en-Provence in 1546-1547. He had the city government order everyone to stay at home and not gather in crowds. One of the reasons why China’s current infection rate is rapidly declining is because they shut factories, restaurants, public and sports events retail stores—anything where people gather and infect each other in a massive quarantine of Wuhan city and Hubei Province.

It’s working!

Starve a contagious COVID-19 virus for a month from human contact, and we might break the back of this pandemic.

Italy is doing something like this, albeit very late. Too late. But better late than never. The entire country of 60 million people are told to stay home for a month. Spain has joined this strategy. Many more countries will follow suit in the coming days.

In this decision only food and medicine stores are open and the necessary government services are manned and kept running. People cannot travel for a month, beyond their need to venture out to receive food and water at the open stores or go to the hospitals or pharmacies for medicine. The entire Italian national guard, police and fire services and the Italian Army are activated to police this.

I have friends in Italy telling me that when they leave their houses they are approached by soldiers or police inquiring what they are doing and where they are going and if it is for food, water, medicine needs, they are permitted to pick these up.

This activity and form of quarantine and emergency rule is as old as Nostradamus at Aix-en-Provence plague combatting stories. His advising the civil powers of that city to do the same against a far more deadly contagion than the Coronavirus. Likewise he advised the same caution about avoiding filth, refuse, bad water and promoted hygienic practices that were for his time quite advanced, even though he was only following more stringently what the fathers of modern Western medicine, the Ancient Greek Hippocrates and Ancient Roman Galen, had theorized were the best ways they knew to combat pestilences in a time thousands of years before people knew about viruses, germs or had the antibiotics and vaccines to control them.

Less than a decade later, Dr. Nostradamus wrote a most remarkable medical prophecy about the discovery of germs and named the man who invented Pasteurization outright that took place 335 years later! In Century 1, Quatrain 25 written around 1554, he wrote:

1 Q25
Perdu trouué, caché de ƒi long ƒiecle,
Sera paƒteur(1) demy Dieu honoré:
Ains que(2) la Lune acheue ƒon grand ƒiecle,
Par autres vents(3) ƒera deshonoré.

The lost thing is found, hidden for so many centuries,
Pasteur will be honored as a demigod:
This happens when the moon completes her great cycle,
He will be dishonored by other rumors as foul as farting.

(1)Pasteur = a) Pastor of a church; b) Louis Pasteur, the pioneer of immunology and microbiology. Nostradamus only uses the word twice: here and in 6 Q28, where the latter is clearly for the pope, “the great Pastor” of Rome. (2)Old French Ains que = before. (3)Winds (16th-cent. colloquialism) the foul farts of evil rumors.

To combat the plague, Nostradamus used medical techniques that were centuries ahead of his time. One prophecy in particular has caused much speculation as to whether or not the 16th-century doctor utilized his prophetic skills to save lives. Louis Pasteur’s discovery that germs pollute the atmosphere was one of the greatest milestones in medical history, and he was called a demigod by his contemporaries. Until his theories were proved beyond a doubt, he endured vicious attacks from influential colleagues in the medical academies of his time. Pasteur is not only named by Nostradamus, but the prophet also correctly dated the establishment of the Institute Pasteur. He achieved this by reference to the last great lunar cycle in astrology, which began in 1535 and ended in 1889, the year the institute was created.

A century after his death in 1895, a new scandal threatens Pasteur’s posterity. Princeton historian Gerald Geison, in his book The Private Science of Louis Pasteur, finds a self-serving and sloppy scientist hiding behind this legend of scientific discovery and altruism. His source is a careful reading of Pasteur’s original lab books.

Pasteur’s notes do show that he tested his rabies vaccine on a 9-year-old boy bitten by a rabid dog, as is popularly believed, but they also overturn his public claim that he had done thorough tests before making a child his lab mouse for experimental treatments. Whether Pasteur will be dishonored or this book will be viewed as foul rumors is left for the future to decide.

Nostradamus wrote at least 53 prophecies about future plagues and pandemics and I will soon be sharing with you all of them in my next wave of HogueProphecy articles for my full-access subscribers. Donate $60 or a little more and you will receive full access for 12 months to every article I write including this current wave AND my forthcoming Nostradamus and the Coronavirus Special wave of articles, sent directly to you as a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. Put 12-months in the PayPal Memo Line.

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DATELINE: 15 March 2020

The Needle that Popped the Bubble of Boom to Burst
And a Coronavirus Plague
Upon the Economy Starting by April and Why

On 11 March 2020 the WHO (World Health Organization) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared the COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) outbreak was now a pandemic. In the last few weeks of aggregate crash and burn of the Stock Market—despite a few 1,000-point dead cat bounces as temporary pauses of Federal Reserve tinkering with lowering interest rates—the Stock Market was down, down, down. The Dow Jones had dropped as of Thursday 12 March, basically crashed, with the single greatest single day loss in its history, 2,352.60 points, equivalent in value to the crash of 1987. And I must emphasize this important point. During Thursday’s crash the Fed began the first dump in the banking system of a half trillion dollars. The market rallied when that happened for about 30 minutes and then crashed even steeper down, down, down!

The Fed’s dead-headed dolt might as well be pissing into a firestorm wind. It is completely wrong headed. People aren’t buying things, or manufacturing things. People are hunkering down in a Pandemic. I’ve heard it said that throwing money at your sick child, raising his allowance, is not going to heal the sickness. By Friday the 13th President Trump declared a national emergency, timing his press conference well to nudge the market into the green by over 1,000 points. We’ll see what the sell-off Monday and Tuesday of next week bring.

The befuddled Fed turned that firestorm smoke and mirror trick by magically printing another half-a-trillion for bank liquidity on Friday the 13th. They’ll do it again on Monday. After 1.5 trillion in three days has been dumped, they then plan to dump a trillion dollars into the banks EVERY MONTH with no end, ad nauseum.

Brace yourself!

The Fed is going to drop to ZERO interest rates next week too.

You might believe this is the fault of the Coronavirus pandemic but it isn’t.

Hogueprophecy has presaged for years that what has been touted as a new economic boom is only a huge bubble. It has since grown larger than the one which burst in 2008 without any actions to correct 12 years of systemic flaws over which the financial system has thrown fiat quantitative easing at by the trillions, while people in America, the largest economy in the world, continued to enlarge their public debt to $23 trillion and their personal debt to $40 trillion.

The walls of this bubble-boom grow thin like ventricles of a frail, enlarged heart. A bigger heart in your chest is not something to celebrate, by the way, as a boom-da-BOOMing pulse of “growth,” finally busts, or just simply suffers heart failure.

This Boom is a “big” and expanding bubble of hypertense debt.

Fear of the pandemic shutting down global commerce and China’s quarantine shutdown of factories producing most of the goods for the world are certainly major bubble-stressing pressures. Add to this the psychic stress of global uncertainty degrading confidence in its resilience.

Who has not heard of the phrase, you are worrying yourself sick?

The human immune system and the economy’s are not immune to worrying both sick.

Still I say, the pandemic is a passing crisis. By the summer Coronavirus might have done its worse passing through the lungs of the worldwide human community and perhaps visiting a weaker reprise through the next flu season with far less impact, disappearing completely by the spring of 2021. Long before that the engine that manufactures most of humanity’s stuff will be fully back online by mid-summer at the latest.

I predict Humanity’s health recovery will not bring a corresponding recovery of the world economy.

The stock market that came so close to reach a sunlit Everest peak of 30,000 points not too long ago will be far down the trail into the shaded valleys of the big bad bear market in a Greater Recession than anything suffered in 2008.

Since my last article in February, I now know exactly what needle has popped this global economy.

The three step sequence down the next several years that will ultimately take down the fiat economy, floating off nothing of value, has come early.

Astrologically speaking, in previous articles I have given you the earliest window for its start between the rare conjunction of Saturn-Pluto through to March-April 2020. Although I thought these warnings in the spring and around November of 2020 would be ominous signs of things to come in 2021-2023, the power of the future under the current Uranus transit through Taurus in its fall from Aquarian Age grace can and HAS suddenly undermined civilization’s supersystems, such as the global economy with its nasty surprises.

In my most recent wave of articles in early February 2020 I still held hope that the signs of a supply disruption and panic because of the Coronavirus might have only given a recessionary hint, with localized industries related to travel, such as the airlines, cruise ships, and many tourist economies, some dipping briefly into a recessionary funk, a few even succumbing to a short term “depressionary” slump for the next few months. I thought these could still recover some of their dramatic losses as the pandemic passes peak infection because I sensed what kills the economy is not the Coronavirus.

I saw the needle pop the illusory economic boom bubble Monday, 9 March 2020.

It popped all cuddly beliefs that the economy has never been better, that people are really enjoying a booming employment, et cetera, that sounded to me back in 2019 into early 2020 like the same pie-in-the-sky, soon to become pie-in-the-face, repeat of sunny bunk-meister economists and presidents back in 2007.

I remember that year rife with bubble economic projections, Fanny Mae becoming fanny-asinine, stretching credulity to extreme vulnerability. Until the 2007 bubble’s thin membrane of growth burst in autumn of 2008 into the last Great Recession.

This time around, the needle plunged itself right into the global oil production sector on Monday, 9 March 2020.

The media, ever getting perspective wrong blamed this on a pricing war between Russia’s President Putin versus Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. Actually Moscow offered the Saudis an extension to the OPEC+ offer to extend the oil producing cut deal beyond its 31 March deadline, so Sputnik reported.

The new Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated a fact the US media ignored, declaring, “I would like to note the following. Firstly, it was not we [Moscow] who initiated the withdrawal from this agreement. On the contrary, we offered to extend the agreement on current conditions till the end of the second quarter as a minimum or the [end of the] year.”

The Saudis under Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) wouldn’t have it. The cuts in production keeping prices higher in the $50 to $60 area immediately tanked below $40.

It was MBS sticking the Great Recession needle into the economic voodoo doll representing the US oil and gas fracking industry.

The US Fracking industry and all of its cousins spreading around the world is absolutely the point of easiest pricking of this economic bubble.

Fracking is the US fossil fuel industry’s boondoggle behind which it pretends to sustain America’s energy independence as the largest oil exporter in the world these days. Yet like the ballyhooed Tesla cars, frackers do not yet make a profit on its own success. The industry is a cash and flow negative creature. What the news and the president tells you is a profit maker sees ALL those profits disappearing paying the interest on the debt of the loan of major US banks.

Fracking is tremendously expensive, causing a lot of damage to the ecology of a region that covers the hopes and potential collapse of six US state economies with oil wells that often only last months rather than decades.

A normal oil well makes a profit by pumping for a long, long time—decades—with low overhead, like proven oil fields do. The fracking process of using high pressure shattering of oil shale rock to make substandard crude not only makes earthquakes in places never known to have them and poison water tables to the point where you can light off water coming out of your faucet with a match, is lucky if the money pit of a well lasts a few months, requiring the ecological plague and earthquake frackers move on like locust to drill and destroy other lands.

Fracking’s “faux” boom began not long after the last recession when oil prices per barrel were very high. The banks invested huge sums into it believing oil per barrel might never drop in price. That brings me back to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, MBS for short. Prophetically speaking, he is a particularly interesting candidate for Nostradamus’ “Arab Prince” who may yet become his third and Final Antichrist after Napoleon and Hitler, whom he code names Mabus.

And these are the times of sudden unraveling of the world of people and animals that Nostradamus said to look out for as a background to his arrival.

Consider this:

MBS = Mabus =. M(a)B(u)s,

This is an example of the many ways Muhammad bin Salman’s name decodes into “Mabus” according to Nostradamus’ rules of anagrams.

He is “the” catalyst for fracking up the oil supersystem!

Anyway, come back with me to the mid-2010s. MBS came to power behind the figurehead of his stroke-ridden father King Salman. He began flooding the oil market with Saudi oil with the intention of temporarily lowering prices long enough to kill the US fracking industry. The US banks poured more money into fracking companies believing the Saudi’s could not keep up this strain without severely upsetting their own profits. Given that the Saudi economy to grown needs a minimum barrel price of $83 their banks and the US banks incurred an “oil boom” of unserviceable debt. MBS had to stop. Oil prices per barrel rose above $50.

A real boom is not a bubble. It has substance. Call a bubble something of economic substance and you stretch it, exposing it to a number of potential pop-goes-the-needling.

I few of us saw the signs of some undisclosed super banks running into trouble. The needle started playing with the thin membrane of the bubble back in August 2019 when $1 trillion dollars of stealth quantitative easing since that time was needed into, overnight, almost every night by $150 billion a poke to hold up the US banking system’s bank-to-bank nightly repo market.

The needle stopped playing and sliced the bubble “poof!!” on Monday, 9 March 2020. The clueless hand of that Antichrist “prick” MBS in Saudi Arabia pricked the banks that sustain the US and other global fracking industries into a bankruptcy crisis many times greater in magnitude requiring a bailout in 2008-2009.

Frack it all! Those mother “frackers” can’t pay off the loans!

Banks will go down and that’s why the stocks are plunging since 9 March 2020.

A meaner Great Recession than 2008 has arrived.

Beyond being an idiot, it is hard to know what short-sightedness motivated the Saudi Prince of Antichrists to break the fracking-financing US banking system. I might note that Nostradamus’ other two candidates for Antichrist were also famous for making military and economic blunders. Napoleon waged war with Britain (1803-1814) with a continental economic blockade that never worked. It required he invade Russia and destroy an army of 600,000 soldiers from 20 European nations.

Fast forward 129 years later to Adolf Hitler. He rebuilt and rearmed Germany, putting everyone back to work on pure credit. His economic intent was to sustain this parasite fascist economy through invading and robbing the rest of Europe of its economic wealth. The biggest prize was Soviet Russia. He invaded it with 3.5 million men on 22 June 1941 (almost on the same day Napoleon invaded Russia on 25 June 1812), and in the next 3.5 years lost five million men killed and wounded with the Russian steamroller completely destroying him and his Third Reich.

MBS, as charismatically clueless as Napoleon and Hitler ever were, may have just popped the debt puss welt that holds his and the entire world’s economy together for no apparent strategically profitable reason.

Just for the prescient record, I will muse a few strategic possibilities coming from unintended strategic consequences and advantages for others that this Third Antichrist candidate unconsciously set in motion.

If my Oracle is onto something, the Saudis have undermined the US petrodollar that keeps American military and economic hegemony alive.

The collapse of petrodollar liquidity brings a collapse of the US hegemonic world dominance militarily and economically faster than you could watch the sudden imperial implosion of the Soviet Union, in a few years.

Ironically the New Russia that rose from the Soviet ashes, though it tried to extend keeping the price of oil lower, has kept its debt spending very low and might weather this rash act better. It only appears to be a Russian-Saudi counterattack to the economic warfare the US has engaged Moscow in since President Barack Obama started this current Cold War 2.0 back in April 2014. At the very least, I foresee President Putin’s handed a strategic aim in oil price pain could gain leverage with Trump to lower Cold War 2.0 tensions.

Crashing the economy of the planet is certainly not what Trump wants happening during an election year. A Greater Recession than the last also meets hair-trigger tensions between Russia, China and the US over the Middle East that economic volatility can only worsen. For example, last week when 14 missiles were fired into a US base 29 kilometers outside of Baghdad by Iraqi militia, killing 2 US and 1 British soldier, wounding 12. Pentagon Chief Esper got the green light to violently retaliate. US aircraft bombed five Shia militia targets in Iraq for the Camp Taji attack.

Here we go again!

Perhaps another potential military escalation that could turn into a full-blown Iraqi insurrection to throw 5,000 US troops out of Iraq for killing Soleimani and the same Iranian-allies of the Shia Kataib Hezbollah militia (KH) the US earlier bombed in January for killing a US contractor in a base near Iraqi Kirkuk. In fact KH “did not” kill Americans. ISIS did it, but US impulsive attacks nearly dragged Iran and the Americans into direct warfare with Iran and Iraqi militias. This time around, bad US karma comes around. Iran may have backed off but KH, after being needlessly attack in January is clearly starting up a guerrilla war with what it sees are US Iraqi occupation forces—no longer allies in the war waged against ISIS.

Now I understand why there was so much thunderous noise from US air assets passing over my house on Whidbey Island last week from the NAS Whidbey naval base in the Pacific Northwest, heading east. All the way to the Middle East, perhaps? To Iraq?

It was the same level of thundering jet engines heading east when the NATO attack destroying Libya took place a week later back in 2011.

It is hard to keep up with all the moving parts of this potential Armageddonomic unraveling of our world.

Click on this link and go to my page expanding upon this important book and how you can receive a speciall PDF expanded edition for supporters of Hogueprophecy.

Click on this link and go to my page expanding upon this important book and how you can receive a speciall PDF expanded edition for supporters of Hogueprophecy.

Welcome to the ROARING 2020s!

I believe the coronavirus and economic downturn has made the future trajectory of trade disputes hit the future’s wall. Trump and China will have to end the trade war for now. Open up the markets again to try necessitating global commerce under this new recession.

Trade wars must cease.

I see Putin maneuvering Trump if possible to more than a summit on nuclear weapons that may take place at the United Nations in New York City by September’s end on the eve of presidential elections. (More on that future in articles below.)

MBS, however, may be using this fracking industrial attack to resume playing the US against Iran in Riyadh’s attempt to establish a détente with Iran that US drone missiles assassinated when they killed Iran’s second most powerful leader, General Qassem Soleimani. He had flown in from Tehran to Baghdad in early January to read the letter Riyadh had sent through a back channel, in the hand of the Prime Minister of Iraq.

After landing at Baghdad’s international airport, Soleimani was by a US drone missile to send the Arabian Crown Prince a message: don’t play sides.

I believe it just made MBS play harder.

I foresee MBS’s economic attack on the US’s weakest link in its banking system, supporting a wastefully expensive fracking sector, could be an intentional Saudi response that never intended the economic bubble of the US and world economy bursting. This idiot Antichrist candidate also believed the economy was booming not bubbling.

The Saudi’s are far more vulnerable to their own self—inflicted economic damage if they keep the oil prices well below $40 a barrel than Russia, who can sustain this strain for a much longer time, perhaps even a year. That’s the misread by the US media who currently promote Russian/Saudi actions is a fight between MBS and Putin, or so I presciently contend.

What is happening is a direct attack on the US petrodollar that has sustained the world order as we’ve known it since 1971.

This bubble burst has set in motion portentous times.

Eras ending.

What if I tell you this could potentially lead to the Saudis getting off selling their oil using US petrodollars?

What if this has set in motion Saudi Arabia shifting economic allegiance to the Russo-Chinese sphere of influence?

The US in 1971 started floating its currency off the gold standard, starting the current Fiat economic era.

Mind you, it did have something tangible backing up the dollar, Saudi Arabian oil. President Nixon immediately after floating the dollar made a treaty with the House of Saud that they would ONLY buy and sell their great resources of oil in US dollars.

We may be seeing in these initial disruptions of the global economy well distracted by a new pandemic, the beginning steps to a rapid collapse of US empire, completely falling before mid-decade by the undermining of the US petrodollar that sustains it.

So, in review. I contend that the Coronavirus, as world upsetting and economically depreciating as it is, is not what I needle point you to look at for what is coming in three steps: the collapse of the Fiat economy as we’ve known it since it began in 1971.

STEP ONE: The “pricking” of that balloon began last Monday on 9 March 2020 when the markets dropped the biggest single-day decline in history: 2,013 points, then broke the record again with a 2,352.60-point plunge on Thursday.

Get used to it.

The bottom might be as deep as 6,000 points. March 9th is when the little economic oil war began with oil falling below a fracking investment  sustainable $40 a barrel. You might say the Saudis and Russians pushed a falling oil price already because airlines and cruise line industries can’t fill their planes and ships as everyone stays home to weather out this pandemic. Half the fracking companies currently over drilling and under producing will go bankrupt in the next several months, taking down the economies of SIX American states that rely upon those stupid frackers.

The OPEC+ deal is over. Saudi and Russian oil production resumes, the UAE and Iraq have joined them. Thus prices go down, down, down. This is where the Coronavirus Pandemic offers a sneezed in, helping hand. Although cheaper gas will help global transport, no one is flying and soon no one will be doing much business for the next few months, or driving to see Broadway shows, NBA games and college March Madness playoffs. The baseball spring training and regular season put on hold.

Thank you record low prices at the pump, but cars remain in the garage, and that lower oil price per barrel dropping below $35 dollars, will first kill the fracking industries and second kill the banks that propped them up. The Federal Reserve might delay it by ballooning the US debt through making up funny fiat money even unto the end of 2020, only making things far worse by 2021.

That is what a very unwise and impulsive assassination of Soleimani on a peace mission with Saudi Arabian princes has wrought. The Iranians today have also pressured the US to end sanctions that have ruined their health care industry and are directly responsible for the fatal spread of the Coronavirus across Iran, one of the worst in the world.

What bad karma you send going around sanctioning Iran, comes around taking down the US banks.

Thus the fracking oil business caught a plague of another kind. Many fracker companies can’t service their debts. In short, the Coronavirus coughed and the oil market caught a cold that launched this historical and massive sell-off at the Dow Jones Industrial.

This isn’t temporary. This is the big US banking ball buster of a new and Greater Recession.

STEP ONE happened 9 March. Trump can blame it all on the Coronavirus for the next six months or so. However, the next window of foreboding economic things to come is September 2020 in my presaging estimation. It is when the pandemic has eased but the economy remains mortally compromised, wounded by a crisis in banking that sustained fracking to the point of US banking bankruptcy crisis. An even more onerous banking bailout paid by US taxpayers, or worse, the first “Bail-in” where US citizens find their savings “garnished” to save the banking industry by 20 percent. Either of these potentials threaten Trump’s future in the White House more than anything that happened before.

With that said, I do not see intelligent economic solutions offered. Rather I see the Fed trying to bury this problem with dumping money like the economic crisis is a toilet about to overflow with a stinking debt. They will print and stuff money by the trillions down a toilet bowl hoping it will clog the flood. Instead Debt will “overflow” this toilet. It is only a question of when, not if. It could be slowed into next year, or not.

The most likely future scenario—albeit one I recognized weakening as a potential each day—is that the debt toilet won’t flood for all to see and economically smell until after the election in November 2020.

Plan for desperate last ditch Quantitative easing without end that will flood in unbacked funny-money like we’ve never seen printed before, creating astronomical debt increases that can’t be paid off.

It could yet contain the slipping of the Great Recession (STEP ONE) into a Greater Depression by the end of 2020 (STEP TWO). That’s when the IMF tries making up money to throw into collapsing central banks in the US and the EU by 2022 when we meet (STEP THREE) the complete collapse of the global fiat market in The Greatest Depression the world has seen.

Let us shrink back from that dire consequence and turn my Oracle’s attention in the second half of this article to the immediate future of the Coronavirus’ impact on our lives… Complete reading this and get full access to all FOUR extra articles by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 15 March 2020

From Super Tuesday 1.0 to Super Tuesday 2.0
And the Winner is not Joe Biden
It is Trump Derangement Syndrome

First, some of my prophetic hits and misses. As predicted by Super Tuesday Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg wouldn’t remain in the campaign. Warren was finished as well—and she abandoned her race a few days after. Her campaign has now become a strategy to audition to become Joe Biden’s choice for Vice Presidential candidate. He’s going to need to throw a bone to 30 percent of the party members of the Posse-cum-left-wing, Sanders supporters. It might as well be one of Warren’s bones.

It looks like I was also right about there being only two candidates left standing after Super Tuesday, left-winged Bernie Sanders and a centrist democrat whose last name begins with a “B”.

And there’s where I erred.

Wrong “B.”

Not Bloomberg… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 15 March 2020

Vladimir Putin’s Resolution of the Syrian-Turkish Crisis
Putin’s Big Five Nuclear Power Summit in September

Are these Major Steps Toward Fulfilling
Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce’s
“Russia the Hope of the World” Prophecies?

The two most famous prophets of America and France, Edgar Cayce (d. 1945) and Michel de Nostradamus (d. 1566) are seeing a rare fulfillment in process, what Cayce in 1944 during the terrible final days of the Second World War, called “the Hope of the World” that is Russia.

…Cayce had foreseen a new Russia emerging beyond the Bolshevistic Russia of his day into freedom. Four centuries earlier, Nostradamus called a future Russian leader and American leader “the Great Kings of the North” the “Great Brothers who are not yet brothers.”


…Nostradamus calls them the “Eagle Kings” because each president has eagles upon his executive flag and seal of office. Take note of the bald American Eagle upon its flag and when the president is speaking there will be that bald eagle seal on his podium. The Russian Federation Coat of Arms on his podium and flag of the Russian president display the two-headed eagle of the Russian Federation when he is speaking… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.


DATELINE: 15 March 2020

Amazon on fire shot from space. Source: NASA.

Amazon on fire shot from space. Source: NASA.

A New Scientific Discovery
(Not New to this Author of Predictions)
Indicates the World’s Tropical Forests
Are Shifting from Absorbing Carbon
To Emitting Carbon much Sooner than Forecast

Hubau’s finding that climate catastrophe is upon us far faster than theorized will not be the first marking the 2030s rather than the 2050s or 2100s as a point of climate change spiraling out of control. And he’s correct that monitoring must continue because “our planet’s last great tropical forests are threatened as never before.”

Hubau adds his voice to the litany of other concerned scientists saying that humanity must make dramatic and decisive decisions about how to slow down the rapidly accelerating collapse of carbon storing tropical forests. Unfortunately, they do this in a time where governments and people are getting “medieval” in their blind beliefs and conspiracy theories about why the climate is warning. More people than ever in modern times are taking a dim view of the mountains of scientific findings that say we are the climate tipping point’s cause… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 14 March 2020

Is “Anybody but Trump” Hysteria
Choosing Alzheimer’s Candidate
For President?

Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY but Trump!

Change lobsters and dance, right?

I want Alice and Wonderland entertainment from my president to be, like what Joe Biden said with such marvelous twists of “un-sight” that the Queen of Hearts would crown him King.

…The [transcribed Biden] rant pulled me down the rabbit hole trying to plumb and understand its mysteries. It slipped me through the looking glass like Alice in Bewilder-Land. It sang a’ Louis Carrolling:  “I sing the body electric” becoming “I mumble the mental decrepit!” in full Walt Mind-wipe Whitman… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

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